SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 3 May 2020

How much did the Mitterrand government know of the Seychelles exiles activities in London and elsewhere to topple Seychelles government of FA Rene.

How much did the Mitterrand government know of the Seychelles exiles activities in London and elsewhere to topple Seychelles government of FA Rene. 

On account of the Adventist Church Paris Sude, under F Holland government in 2016 refurbishments started , meanwhile the Station F Incubator near by five years on that Church work is far from complete. The Frichot Family business close by. Revamping and rebuilding that SIROP program.

That CORONA virus, I have attended church with them before that SIROP program was initiated actually the reason for this article, the official French government view of the Adventist Church. How much did the Mitterrand government know of the Seychelles exiles activities in London and elsewhere to topple Seychelles government of FA Rene. The future government and Indian Ocean order of the Cold war.

Time and time have tried to explain in the Indian ocean how we work excuse not the black brothers and sisters, them from the French old families and thei Rights.  There are those responsible for Sir James Mancham legacy.  When President F Mitterrand came to office our exile took to working more with then Mayor Chirac and FA Rene closer workings with Mitterrand Socialist government, then Frichot Family in Paris, the Delhomme. The government of Jugnauth in Mauritius , those in Reunion, Comor and Madagascar.

Mr Gerard Hoareau, SNM/MPR Leader was Assassinated in November 1985. I had been staying at the BRC Hostel Claphman Junction and was in the process of Registering UKSCA ex work with Mr Felix Hoareau of Swansea former Head of Prison and Chair of SEA, the argument building the foundation for our community long term in Britain /EU, as against an imminent military action. Those in Paris Knowledge, the Mitterrand people, Chirac, Le Pen FN and those military technicians.  The Horner Family help knowledge, the Monty, the Hooper and the Boule, ex Seychelles police, the migrant community and to some extent Mr Paul Chow  and the Half Way House people. I had when situation presented reminded Mr Gerard Hoareau, Mr Gabi Hoareau , Mr Frichot and Mr Edmond Camille of this unlike our, the British Commonwealth System and the why.

Because of the decision of the Frichot to build their business close to the former Bastille  and Gare d'australitz, in Britain our Community choice. We working our Arcadian Bastille and Royal issues, heritage. Then there is the Gobelin the same. Then Cold War Europe 1985 nobody had thought a Marshal Plan or that SIROP program it was dog eat dog at the time. Safe the Vatican then Pope John Paul ll, very important impacts on Poland.  

Before that SIROP program was written and to write such a  concept what capacity, experience and knowledge it requires. Had been working indirectly with a number of governments, consultant in Europe, Gulf region and Africa, Asia in term of High Interdisciplinary Management the Prof Hofmann and Von Hayak those from L'ena, Milan, Harvard, the German. This included the government on President F Mitterrand.  The Mitterrand socialist economic vision, concept to build their economic situation major infrastructure and the state of then Britain, Germany, and Italy. France had then a very different role in the world and Europe. What the concept and ideas to build that Grand Arch was all about not just what the Wikipedia have publish and British media. We had certain insight and knowledge, understanding of the project and arguments and median as against the interests of our exile refugees community those in Seychelles and Mauritius.

In July 1985 the foundation of the Grand arch was laid - only the way Wikipedia forget to mention the Homosexual debate raging in then Britain and France, the media and that architect design concept. In November 1985 Mr Gerard Hoareau was Assassinated in Hounslow. Come events and development - the SNM/MPR Executive then and those supporter of the DP Minister Joubert and those supporter of Sir Mancham faction. Initiative that SIROP concept as a against a straight military action against the Seychelles government, the complex and complicated issues that had to be look at and linked together to make that program work. This/It impacted some of president Mitterrand main government politic and workings the media, the USA, Soviet, Africa and Britain. Impacted the debacle of the construction of that Arch and other then envisaged projects - the resignation which ensued of the architect and this is not what the media writes. Later that SIROP program on much wider France Economic plans and development and the development of La Defence as they have in London that SIROP program synergy, leverage dynamics and then after the whole synergy became aggressive and driving the big banks and the construction industry and some of the french government major decision and events, politic.

That Grand Arch was inaugurated in 1989 synchronised to work, mark other important events in then Europe, the USSR, the Berlin wall issue, Reunification and changes in then Europe, the Arab world and the USA that is not  what the media  have written those who write history.

Please have a look at the map of Paris the Bastille, near the 13th district, the Arch de Triumph and that new Grand Arch. There were a great deal of Illuminati and Arcadian impacting issues and none of that is written or recorded anywhere.

note - That Arch is still in its very early age compared to the Arch in Rome, Brandenburg and Arch de Triumph. What bring us back here is those who have tired to describe Mitterrand future views of the world. Europe associated - That SIROP program was associated, linked with those Russian/Soviet  and East Europe, Ethiopian Jews return, Germany Reunification  - the issues of the 10 lost Tribe of Israel. On the Rome arch of Titus the sculpture of the fall of Jerusalem and destruction of the Temple and the religious artifax. The plans and program to return not just the Soviet and Ethiopian Jews other nations to their tribal lands, ancestral home, the Aborigines, the Irish,  the Palestinian, Lebanon,  the Armenians, the Kurds, Afghanistan,  Kashmir, South Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, the Seychelles exiles, the Chagos people, Ethiopia and Somalia, in Yugoslavia the ethnic issues, today new nations and in Czechoslovakia, South Latin America the many exiles communities helped to return  to their homelands, the South Tirol issues, In Cyprus/ the North and South issues, Srilanka north and South , the Gulf War,  Hong Kong,  Tibet, others, dealing with the aftermath of independence and decolonisation 1986/87  - had these been implemented properly, the mega mess Europe is in,  refugees wise would never have happened and the super mess - In working that NEOM those issues ought to be foremost in the minds of the builders and promoters,  not just space ships and technology other wise it will end in madness. This is what we mean by inclusiveness.

President F Mitterrand  did not know we would be working on a topic of NEOM -what this project call for building the $500 billions city. It will have to take into important account the Arcadian history of the region, heritage and belief. It is said that on one of the floor there is the office for Human Rights workings. In the Grand Louvre where Mitterrand build the Pyramid,   a great treasure trove of ancient civilisation and those researching on the lost Ten and Thirteenth  tribes of Israel, not Jews.  Today they are dispersed across the world. May be somebody those financing that NEOM can get together and put a project of the 10/13 lost Tribes of Israel in that Grand arch. We have been in touch with Regus to use their facilities close by for that SIROP program the Holland government. 

Comment - In spite the functioning of the 13th Districts the vibe, buzz and associated issues, the important negative impacts of that satanic rave/rage ln the church functioning and the outcome - meaning.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Please refer to our below thread - this morning there is a very unholy situation developing.

Beside the Parliament Building our impute in building those two Bridges that SIROP program, then French government and the EU high officials and our greater Community issues come crunch time all  those who emphasis the Freemason workings. Then everybody forget,  chose to forget such issues and topics ever existed- we were called to impute.  ( Part of the reason for this blog the Road Maintenance important work - corona-virus)

Please refer to our below thread - this morning there is a very unholy situation developing. It is to do with the gentleman with the big/special moustache in Alsace/Lorraine and that Gardner in Kent with the same moustache and the Head of Seychelles Intelligence newly formed and Mr Moustache also.
We need to go back to then President J A Michel the Presidential election and the National election of 2016, we had gone to Germany/possibly Vienna and Strasbourg then incoming new Team of EU and the Italian designate Commissioner for External affairs the situation with the EU Budget for the next 4/5 years< We had kept our word and helped, impute and the outcome to the EU Budget events in Strasbourg then Holland government and his Officials. .
In France, Strasbourg and Germany and Vienna those who knew we had fully expected when the SNP/LDS won the election and got the majority in the National Assembly they would have taken one moment to address that historic program they completely refused, then Sir James Mancham alive and President FA Rene - come the National Assembly Truth committee the same situation that did not stop, prevent us from lodging our plaint, copy to the ICJ the ICC, African Union, the UNHCR, those leading Justice of Mauritius and the Barreau de France, Britain, Australia, the USA, Canada had they done this the many important world developments and impacts - this is the mad crazy Seychellois with all their big writing on Facebook, may distorted and false publications nobody in the world challenge their dialogues. in the end. That Corona virus would never never have happened. The bloody mess with the Tourist industry and the National economy and the super mess. Then Minister Alain St Ange, The regional situation and the whole world.
Finally come the National Truth Commission our Plaint on that SIROP program of 1986/87 $500 - $800 millions then Cold war today gross worth some $4 billions, the contents of our file, the efforts to get due legal representation to assist us, other events impacted by our plaint before that Truth commission and that Corona virus, the death and the Britexit.
We now have a terrible situation the Britexit crises, the Corona virus and the awful situation with not just Seychelles economy, the region nations and EU, the world the USA. The Gilets Jaunes have tried to share their concern of things in France, those politicians who think they are demi Gods and super smart, they know better. The new Team EU the dreadful situation they are in.
The SDA Community in #strasbourg and the Jewish Community have not helped either.
We are going to post a few photos and will try and transfer this thread to a Blog.

Ambassador of the United States in France, Jane Hartley, was travelling in Alsace this week to celebrate the 150 years of the U.S. Consulate General in Strasbourg. On this occasion, President Obama signed a letter to mark the 150 years of diplomatic relations between the United States and the Alsatian city. Discover the letter here: The Ambassador took advantage of her trip to Alsace and went to the Council of Europe where the United States is celebrating its 20th anniversary as an observer state!.

We may not be living in Strasbourg those who have done everything to prevent and stop us,  the big why forget the Bridge those four pieces of Berlin Wall is the biggest injustice on this earth those four pieces of Berlin wall stand as witness what really happened at 87a Victoria Kilburn Brent importantly linked to one of Europe most important historic event and the why as against the media report, European Justice and that SIROP program.The many emails and letters to the European Human Rights Court and that Seychelles Truth Commission.  

26/4/2020 US First Lady Trump Birthday 

Our reason for wishing US first lady a Happy Birthday loosing the thread and the comment to Mr Paul chow  our effort to share with the public and the Officials the linking issues between that CORONA virus and Seychelles/China  . The British police, government is threatening me with arrest, imprisonment  and death because of our publication and this publication few minutes ago. (We had requested to Wikileaks to publish what they knew and their refusal)

If we were allowed to address the Royal court of Justice given that is the highest instance before addressing the European court. Our call for due reporting on that SIROP program - President F Mitterrand knowledge the untold and unpublished issues of his person and that SIROP program, chancellor Koln knew the situation and many other western Leader including then Lady Thatcher , NATO high officials, then President 'Tito of Yugoslavian knowledge . That was the big why those who do not know why President Reagan came to office,  then politic of the USA and the decision to write that SIROP program very important unpublished issues of then USSR  and that program and the big why, Sir James Mancham knowledge in spite of what he choose  to publish and most of all President F A  Rene knew about that Plan  and eventuality. Why then Pope John Paul  ll came to office, not the Cardinal on decisions/voting, it was to save humanity mankind   - We are putting the article here we trust the Seychelles Truth commission,  the ICJ and he ICC official will take the due time to read it very carefully  in the past we have simply  written that SIROP program helped avoid a third world war, Nuclear war. -


We found our self listening to Mr Paul Chow statement /witness evidence to the Seychelles Truth commission. given that Sir James Mancham is not there to answer questions.

Time and time we have endeavoured to inform the Truth Commission and the National assembly Truth Committee, Seychelles is not unique on that planet, we are not from Saturn or Jupiter - meaning the many nations very aware that their national and regional or international politic is, get impacted by other nations the relevancy and importance.

We have mostly publishes issues with the Mitterrand government. How it was for those wishing to change Seychelles by military means until 1981 May, the very marked difference, the government of the President Valerie Giscard D'astaing and that of President Mitterrand- in France these old military technicians and military adviser who must know and remember. Other Seychellois endeavour to use Military technicians to change Seychelles then.

In Mr Chow statesmen to the Commission, he said " the Plane had refuel in Comore last three person going through Seychelles custom was a French lady and she had a bunch of flowers". Others say it was a gentleman with a bunch of banana. For any serious Military and intelligence operator when planning and implementing such an operation security is never enough. The Red alert that planning anything from London would fail and the why -The heightened rivalry between the then France government of Mitterrand relationship with Fa Rene and compared to that of President Giscard D'estaing Cold war workings, The French intelligence monitored most of the workings of the Indian ocean at least once upon a time they did and any operation of the size Mr chow talked about they wold have known and had some details and other intelligence Services.

We also listened to his answering that African Truth Commissioner, did he realise the full consequence of his planning/executing a military coup against his Nation - his reply. He refused to say, state those be they French, British, the US , South 'African or Israel then who supported such action - they took the overall role and functioning of then Cold war Seychelles into the equation. Had a Mike Hoare coup worked out that government arrangement with those nations prepared to support its economic plan and diplomacy. This should, ought to have been made very clear to the Truth commission and same the many from the ex SPPF who have been before the Commission and their approach and statements, without the outside powers Seychelles government was nothing most would say. It could not have existed. He also refused to tell , inform the Commission it was after that attempted coup that the vast majority of those wishing to support a coup and its new government headed by Sir James Mancham took their distances. This remain the case until that SIROP program was initiated and promoted in 1986/8. Beside our Ancestral Pirate heritage what this imply in both normal government working and those endeavouring a coup.

Valéry Giscard d'Estaing

1981 Seychelles coup d'état attempt

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Salvatore Mancuso dead, the Sicilian financier was 70 years old. He was among the fathers of the Unicredit - Banco di Sicilia wedding

Salvatore Mancuso dead, the Sicilian financier was 70 years old. He was among the fathers of the Unicredit - Banco di Sicilia wedding

Mancuso was born in Sant'Agata di Militello in November 1949. An internationally renowned financier, he took his first steps with a mess tin in Sicilcassa and then landed in the business world. Passionate about boating and the sea, he arrives at the helm of the Rodriquez shipyards of which he is managing director until the end of the 80s and which under his guidance land on the stock exchange, and then holds the position of managing director at the Cameli of Genoa. In 1994, with the first Berlusconi government , he was appointed to Iritecna , the subsidiary of the state giant for the plant engineering sector. And then the return to the bank: first on the Capitalia board, together with Cesare Geronzi and then the president of Banco di Sicilia where he manages the transition to Unicredit .

As the organizer of the first bank merger in 1989, he handled multiple bank combinations during his twenty-five year tenure as head of one of the most important banking groups in Italy.

UniCredit Bank Austria AG - UniCredit


Saturday, 11 April 2020

In the Seychelles Community in exile in Britain we have lost three person to the corona virus this Ester eve 2020.

In the Seychelles Community in exile in Britain we have lost three person to the corona virus this Ester eve 2020.

 In the Seychelles Community in exile in Britain we have lost three person to the corona virus this Ester eve 2020.

We want to repeat we have address the Vatican on the original Mad Cow/Satanic rage, crack vibe  phenomena in 1986/87 in writing letter we handed to the Vatican Office in London and several letters on that SIROP program contents and events. Yet the major economic and financial benefits the Vatican received from that program,  the office of Pope John Paul ll  knowledge of all the details, the NATO issues, France, Britain,  Italy itself and the USA then /White House,  link to the USSR change, the COMECON change and changes in Poland, Africa, Asia and Latin America. The possibility of new Church expansion in former East Europe and the USSR. The big Italian Banks and the Vatican Bank major benefits.

That St Peter Basilica duplicate in Africa, the building of the new Opus Dei Headquarter in the USA, Vatican new relation with Israel and the Holocaust, the WWW issues and the Vatican - later our contribution that those wrote several books on the Vatican the Illuminati, turned into films. In Vienna the Church knowledge.  

The meltdown of 2007/8 and the economic mess and the Vatican Banks major loss. Our call, plea to the UN, EU help report on that SIROP program. Letters to the ICJ and he ICC  and many others.

Yet when it came to the issues of Reporting their stand.

In Mauritius Cardinal Margeot who knew a  great about that SIROP program and the vast, many issues upon his death the appointment of Cardinal Piat. In the Mauritius media the Pope  visit to Mauritius last year the issue that he could be elected,  eligible for election if the Pope died. What we published.

Upon the Pope visit to Mauritius the Seychelles delegation to Mauritius that Seychelles Truth commission was in place What we wrote. .   Vatican and the Church know about Sins and evil, curse what it means. That Corona virus did not start in January it started in 2019 in Italy, the many letters to the Italian EU Commission and the EU Office in the Indian ocean and the many leading lawyers in Mauritius on that SIROP program and,  the correspondence to the world layers, Justice and officials help us, beside the NEOM . Everybody refuses. That SIROP program had a very  significant Church, belief and faith involvements.

This evening as those celebrate the East Mass - Christ resurrected the state of things over 25,000 death  in Italy among priests and Bishops, the state of Italy economy and society. The important role those Italian politician and their Illuminati had played in that program. Their argument that EU had forsaken them and now they want big financial help - We writing to that Truth commission let us address them the issues as they were it may save the world from a third world War and mega economics mess and they have refused - the recent appointment to serve on that ###Truth commission. In Seychelles this Easter the First time in history they will not have a Palm Sunday Procession and  all the church Lock down and they are supposed be God representation on  earth. They are supposed to be wise and knowledgeable. All the Churches in EU this Easter Sunday Mass. the Image of the dooms Day Tapestry.  They are supposed to know how the Holy spirit works and how God talk to his people for thousands of years - those supposed to shepherd  them,  guided them. .

Cardinals of Mauritius

We have watched, waited and studied Vatican and other world Churches reactions, views to the NEOM Mega City topic $500 billions.  The very important and significant interfaith linking issues the next 25 - 30 years. The Middle East, North Africa and Europe our statement the need for the 13th Tribe of Israel to participate in that mega development and as well as the 10 lost Tribes of Israel who they are and that SIROP program linked to both those topics then  1986/87, then White House of President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul ll. (We have written the need for inclusiveness in NGO terminology,  practice, nation workings)

The announcement and decision to put in place the EU,  Euro 500 billion package to save, help EU. 

Coronavirus: EU finance ministers agree on €500 billion ...

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Friday, 6 September 2019

The Seychelles Rhodesia/Zimbabwe connections, SIROP 1986/87 program

The Seychelles Rhodesia/Zimbabwe connections, the exiles/Refugees,  SIROP 1986/87 program,  events past 30 years. 

Robert Gabriel Mugabe was born at a Jesuit Mission north west of the city then known as Salisbury in what was Southern Rhodesia on the 21st February 1924.
Abandoned by his father, and with both his older brothers dying while he was still young, Mugabe was brought up under the protective wing of an Irish priest; a father figure in two senses.

Descriptions of his boyhood paint a portrait of a solitary, studious youth with few friends, comfortable instead in the company of the books of his school library. He was, they said, a clever lad.

He qualified as a teacher and it was during further studies that he met Julius Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda, the future long-serving leaders of Tanzania and Zambia respectively.

He went on to teach in Ghana, where he was influenced by another of the new breed of ‘Big Men’, Kwama Nkrumah, Prime Minster of the newly independent nation.

Mugabe’s path to power was more protracted. He returned to South Rhodesia in 1960 to take up the struggle against an intransigent white minority government and was soon jailed.

He used his prison time to study, gaining degrees through correspondence courses in law and economics with the University of London.

But one episode indicates the scale of his sacrifice - and the enmities of the times. When Mugabe’s three-year-old son died from malaria in Ghana in 1966, Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith intervened personally to block his petition to attend the funeral.

After 10 years he was released and headed into exile to lead guerrilla forces in the fight for liberation.

Mugabe, left, with his wife, Grace. Credit: PA
It culminated in the 1979 Lancaster House agreement that heralded the end of white Rhodesia and the birth of majority ruled Zimbabwe.

Port Louis Mauritius2–6 July 1976
Between 1978/79, the Research we undertook by UNIDO/World Bank in Vienna then Cold War, the USSR, COMECON,  Warsaw Pact, Australia neutrality then Chancellor Kriesky and then President of Austria.  The OAU, president FA Rene special relation with Tanzania, Zimbabwe then politicians, Cuba and Angola. Those officials at then UNIDO who served/supported the independence Movement /politic of OAU - Africa, the requirement to be very careful when addressing a given topic to the UNIDO in this case the concept for a CARICOM like body for the Indian Ocean, then Madagascar Leadership. We had to take very important note of those officials and individual s views and political positions. Their own important contact connections at the then UN. In Vienna then 1979, the South African Embassy we had addressed many issues of the Indian ocean, the OAU one needed to be well knowledge if one was going to write such a  research , promote or then agenda to change Seychelles One party system,. They also had their Intelligence Networks which monitored the movement and topic in discussions. Sir James Mancham had been deposed and living in exile in London and the many ex Rhodesia military Technicians and then wars/conflicts those who served, worked for either the West or the Soviet/Communist Block, causes. Beside the impacts on the Indian Ocean regional politic we had taken to take the the SADC workings. The workings of the CARICOM  then politic, economy, diplomacy. 

Assembly of Heads of State and Government Twenty-Second Ordinary Session

By 1979 we had been in our second year as a Fellow of Prof Hofmann Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute - in that Summer we were granted formerly the charter for the Indian Ocean those in Vienna, this covered, extended to  aspects of East Africa, South Africa and the gulf Region our Consulate, the Austrian government , other those from the UNIDO, the South African government. The USA officials and French then in Vienna. Then European Economic Forum of Prof Swab. The initiation, process of the research, writing, editing and presentation impacted numerous then Indian ocean regional issues, politic, diplomacy and economy and war/military  issues  - India, Pakistan the Gulf /region, south Africa and this included Tanzania, and Zimbabwe - the West media did not write about these. Those individual head of state their opposition parties like Madagascar, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia  and President FA Rene awareness, knowledge - the Soviets and Chinese or Cuban Officials, Services who monitored those workings. Or  Israel or the French. (Seychelles failed attempted coup d'etat between 1979 to 1981)

In 1981, we were compelled to seek political Asylum in UK travelling from Strasbourg. In London Sir James Mancham entourage, our three/four political System economy and politic. factions and the many colourful underground movement and others in London. All of the Political factions from Seychelles perused a politic of supporting the West  - their respective position, vies of then events in Zimbabwe and the political actors. 
Given the earlier Austrian issues, that CARICOM like concept for the Indian ocean we found our self embroiled in the Zimbabwe political debacle - what the West media were written and some of those  we have termed interventions. The Maxwell papers we had acquainted our self with and contributed, then Lady Thatcher government government officials and many others and the many former big business from Rhodesia including the person of Tiny Rowland, then owner of Harrods. We have had experience in International Syndicate workings , Cartel, Finance, etc., those entities and person we impute in/with form an Interdisciplinary High management , the Prof Dr Hofmann, Prof Von Hayak and those from L'ena, Harvard and Italy counterpart we networked with - British economy, diplomacy , corporate finance. Beside those from the  Seychelles Illuminati then high parties. They had good knowledge of our Seychelles South Africa and Indian ocean politic and the Gulf Region and Asia.  The vast many publications President Mugabe earlier years are incorrect.  The many impute we made and the issues, what was really going on never published, the region and then Pan African Congress. Just like the issue of Mr Al Fayad acquiring Harrods the many unwritten and unpublished issues our impute and contributions.  Sufficient to say Mr Tiny Rowland people benchmark were much to be desired, resulting in the decision of the impute in Harrods Al Fayad taking over and then Zimbabwe. President FA Rene and Sir James Mancham  knowledge of some of the issues and other Ministers. Those ex Minsters of Lady Thatcher today and politician like Sir James Goldsmith knowledge. The South African Intelligence Service,  and former Rhodesia Intelligence and technicians -  The USA and other large embassies in London. All four political factions in exile, in executing  their Plan to form a government, Development plan, diplomacy, regional politic had to work with , be well informed of those issues then , circumstance and development  situation and politician, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa,  Ethiopia - connected. 

Had the Leader of Opposition not been killed and Seychelles changed by force things, events in the Indian Ocean the /region and Africa would have been very very different.  A good deal of the garbage,  the mass media have written on Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia would not have been written.  The UN/IMF and World Bank people. Forget the Commonwealth. Those who knew President Mugabe understood, applied a good amount of what we were imputing as advice and recommendation - their conclusion,  his erratic politic those from the USA Intelligence, the Israeli, Britain, USSR, France who knew others wise and South Africa. 

Come this Monday 9/9/19 the Seychelles Truth Commission etc., will begin hearing - from our prospective had intended to submit request for the Commission to inquire of President Mugabe what he knew of that SIROP program and his leading African colleagues. The media write up about his position with President Mandela and the big why,  what President Mandela knew of our workings. All those involved in the 1986/87 SIROP program conception , changes in the USSR, the COMECON, Warsaw Pact , China,  the Arab world, the OAU , the Indian Ocean,  what they had envisaged including,  then Vatican high Officials,  just a Pope Francis is visiting the Indian Ocean.  For this reason we had wanted the UN or EU to do some kind of reporting on that SIROP program,  just look at the benchmark we are writing this blog,  had we some human resource would have written a more respectable blog on this important topic.  President Mugabe was close ally of President FA Rene,  as such many important issues,  they collaborated and worked it out together involving that SIRIO program and changes in Seychelles and Africa. Many of the joint economic issues and UN/world Bank and IMF and the USA and later Europe and Russia and China or Latin America,  Asia.  Given those who knew these issues,  they have requested that,  we impute intervene to change the economy of Zimbabwe and some of the important events and issues - South Africa new Nation - President Mugabe knew a great deal of the reason,  argument to give OAU, Africa some of the same status as the European Union. We had to work those issues with him and then Libya President.  He knew of British government PM John Major mess  of the first Gulf war and Iraq and the Second Gulf war and PM Blair government - He knew of the issue of PM Blair election and the big why, the Blair politic, New Labour  and his own politic and economy, he knew a great deal of our emphasis to get the EU to work more intensively in the Indian ocean Region take greater responsibility, he knew a great deal of the BIOT debacle and the core reason for that SIROP program, the USSR Nuclear issues and he USA and South African Nuclear issue and Israel, Pakistan and India -  -  -Zimbabwe Embassy in London. The impacts of the Blair politic on South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, South West Africa. 

 The many aspects and impacts of that SIROP program on Africa and Development , the Broadband introduction, linking Africa to the rest of the world and the big why including Zimbabwe, the process and our contributions and impute. The very debacle of the Sovereign Fund for Africa, and the Russian/Chinese BRICS conception, politic arguments 2007/8 his own county economy and politic -, linking Africa by high speed transport/train system --  He knew of the reason President FA Rene had to step down. The government of President J A Michel, that SIROP program, his New Seychelles and the big why,  what was being written and said,  be they in Africa, Seychelles and the African Union , and President Danny Faure - he was very well informed of our Mauritius Indian Ocean all the political aspects, the COI Secretariat and RIM Association impacts, the Stock Exchange to the Ebene debacle and the big companies and the new light Railway system.  and the crap that get written in the Mauritius media.  Finally the NEOM issues and his handing Power - we,  from several prospective we involved contributed and the current Zimbabwe government. 

Protesters clash with riot police in Zimbabwe capital Harare

Rest in peace, Robert Mugabe: Hero, villain, human

Robert Mugabe helped build Zimbabwe and helped destroy it.

Robert Mugabe: Former president 

of Zimbabwe dies aged 95


Please refer to above comment - the critics of how President Mugabe managed the economy, affairs and nation  of former Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. We have forgotten at what age we became a fellow of Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann IMI Vienna and granted the charter for the Indian Ocean, one year later we were very young to be invested with such high responsibilities. 

The many Heads of state of Central , East Europe and across the world who worked, help implement the issues of that SIROP program as such the notion of accountability . In our case the Indian Ocean both former French Head of state their institutions the amount of energy, resource and time they invested in our regional and nation workings compared to other nation, importantly the many families in the region of French roots, in France , Europe the America, Australia and south African the leveraging of this important heritage in very many aspect of nation building. 

Among one of  the technological thematic of that SIROP program was the development of the high speed Train, Transport  system in France and the revamping of the old French railway, transport systems - events and progress, the technology transfer in Europe,  China today, the USA, Russia  and Africa North, the Arab world. 

In Seychelles those who bark/loudmouth economy and environment saving the planet- the project of the light mono rail planned in 1986/87 -  the way President FA Rene implemented that program directly and those from Sir James Mancham side how they would have helped/contribute to implement that program. That light Transport system. The first Train arrived in Portlouis on 29/9/19 as the body of President Chirac was exposed at the most famous of France building for the /its dead. This morning those, some 30 world leaders who will be attending the transfer of his remain to his final resting place. The mega debacle at the 74th UN Summit over Climate change and the respective argument. Somebody pointed out over the week end that SIROP program issues then before President Clinton Vice came to office - What if Seychelles had managed to build that light transport system, the impact on its ecosystem, economy and nation. President FA Rene like President Robert Mugabe had access via that SIROP program to major leverage financial,  economic and mechanism leading to nation development and they did, have not applied it wisely. Over the past 5 years the working and leveraging of Africa Transport politic involving that SIROP program those of South Africa, West Africa, North Africa and Kenya. 


TRC Episode 74, Part 05

In 1981 a bunch of South African-backed mercenaries tried to overthrow the Seychelles Government. The full story of South Africa's involvement has never been told, until now.