SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 25 September 2016

(UN-NGLS) - High-level Civil Society Event of the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants

This is why we did not go to the UN with that SIROP Program - the Seychelles Nation would have been properly stitched. The change in USSR, COMECON and the rest of the world would not have taken place. 

It has taken the Seychelles exile/Refugees some 25 years to implement half or 60% of that historic program, regional impacts - time and time this last mega summit the issue of failed promises and those who dare not say its terrible benchmark and corruption. Seychelles is a unique ample/example if one chose, look at what it has achieved and contributed to these past 25 years yet the UN and many leading World bodies say there are no exile/refugees from Seychelles and their distorted media articles.  The results of very bad benchmark, the fall out, military  regional and Africa and those again who distort and use English language to suit them if they wish and science. 

A program should be adequately credited for what it brings and can bring - this is not the way the world work others do the dirty work and they take credit - the lies that get spun. 

France, Austria, Italy played a very crucial role in the manner and approach that SIROP program was set up - resulting situation in France last Autumn, the state of emergency and populace relation and to the state today - those who refuse and failed to study, take on board at the core of the building block for that program was French many complex workings, linked to Vienna and Italy. "( We would be prepared to attend any international body to explain how we used that program and then President Qaddafi to lay the foundation for OAU to become the African Union - the many spin and lies,  why is the world scared to question us - this mega issue is at the core of current Africa economic and political social and Institutional functional  and migration woe)"

Had we been helped to put together a small European/International conference we would have done a more important and impressive job and the impact/out come felt immediately - this is our approach.  That program have the capacity to drive example,  Greece core workings all aspects, Libya  and other if/when applied - including the might Turkey, East Europe

The many NGO across the world who will at some point get to read what we have addressed, beside their own acquired knowledge of that program - question /demand, what is really going on - why. The UN, the EU summit have not explained this.

Over the past 25 years our impute in WWW,  OS, Google, Yahoo, very may other IT, Broadband, Telephone development  they have been vital that the global system works at the same time the part and working of the exiles and refugees. We also have a migrant portal how we have contributed to building if not the 1st - 2nd Europe Hosting consortium  and the £80 billion portfolio of the Group we contributed to building, as well a making those entities in the group work  - in Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion those who can understand such working and what it take - why and how we can make it happen. Those in the USA, South Africa who understand what we are talking about. In turn how Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion benefit -the distortion the media and the politician write. 

We have learnt/acquired the capacity using refugees and exiles thematic to drive the global market, the global financial system and develop new structures and products and ideas, Alternative Economic concepts and approach . Without having to refer to the UN many working or bringing them in - even the EU in many instance, debating them and their approval. 

19 Sep 2016 - United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS), High-level Civil Society Event of the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants.

(UN-NGLS) - High-level Civil Society Event of the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants

19 Sep 2016 - United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS), High-level Civil Society Event of the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants.

Summit for Refugees and Migrants - 19 September 2016

The UN General Assembly hosted a high-level summit to address large movements of refugees and migrants, with the aim of bringing countries together behind a more humane and coordinated approach.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Queen Anne of Romania – obituary

We have edited the picture and logo of that  SIROP  program to add the image above the map of the Europe to express,  stress those then Europe, Russia royal involvements, link, associated topic, vested interest  - inspite of the very humble place/office we worked from in 87a Victoria Rd Kilburn Brent

Queen Anne of Romania – obituary

Princess Anne of Romania, who has died aged 92, was queen of a country whose language she did not speak and on whose soil she did not step until she was nearly 70.

Related to most of the royal families of Europe, and wife of the exiled and troubled King Michael of Romania, she was content to live the life of a Swiss housewife. Her great simplicity and adaptability were invaluable attributes in her marriage to a serious-minded man who had been dispossessed of his country and the duties which gave his life purpose.

His career took her from a chicken farm in Hertfordshire to suburban life in Switzerland, and then threw the pair both back into the public eye after the overthrow of Ceausescu in Romania in 1989.

Comment - 
Beside presenting our Condolence 

Why is EU in such a terrible situation, what really happened in Romania, that caused the downfall of the Nicolae Ceaușescu, that SIROP program was not jut a Central Europe backed program we needed/required the help and support of those former Communist and Nicolae Ceaușescu had been one of them - those who knew and the lie and the so call history. President FA Rene was well aware the way things were done/negotiated, driven/synergized and bulldozed and put into place . 

Another person who knew very well what was going on was King Micheal of Romania our then Seychelles Royal connection in Europe  to fight and help change Seychelles.  In-spite of the significant benefit  after he was return to power/Office/properties and castles he never bothered to say a thank you or acknowledge the importance we had played by way of that SIROP program - the Mitterrand were well aware too. The approach of the many new politicians and parties their lie and dishonesty. 

The bloody lie that is being publish about how Europe was build and the distortion hence it is on the verge of being destroyed because of lies. 

The daughter of Sir  James Goldsmith will wonder - in  return for  the many contributions and impute help those powerful and kings return to their countries and that SIROP program what we had been offered and the Title - In London those who knew too and they pretended today it never happened. 

She carries/Take with her those knowledge and secrets untold and unwritten. ( The Britexit Referendum Onion we harvested 1/8/16)

Princess Stephanie published a video we ask as many of you to watch it closely.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Brexit loophole? MPs must still vote in order for Britain to leave the EU, say top lawyers

Brexit loophole? MPs must still vote in order for Britain to leave the EU, say top lawyers

Brexit loophole? MPs must still vote in order for Britain to leave the EU, say top lawyers


Parliament must still vote on a bill to allow the UK to leave the European Union, leading lawyers have said.
Geoffrey Robertson QC, who founded the Doughty Street Chambers, said the act which set up the referendum said "nothing" about its impact, meaning it was "purely advisory".

Facebook Comment 
Life oh life sometime - at time - this is the Chamber our Judge Ben Chataway works and Mrs Amal Cloony works - Judge Ben Chataway was informed as our housing lawyer all the thematic about that SIROP program and the BIOT debacles. Had we had the opportunity would have tole him a great deal what the conservative were up to before that Referendum and Mr Boris Johnson - they have way to make appointment difficult for certain reason so that you do not get to met you Lawyer. Because the staff those who control them made it difficult to meet him instead wrote to Amal Cloony and Judge Ben Chataway - copy to the French immigration authority and those managing my resettlement file in anger copy to the Human rights court in Strasbourg and referred them to Racine in Strasbourg. We cited the issues of the conservative some of the ministers, the mayor of London and the Leader of UKIP, USA Intelligence, British, Russian and other would have a copy of the email we sent. President Francois Hollande Office and PM Valls Office and the Interior Minister and Minister for foreign Affairs. Beside the UNHCR This is the Great Britain.

Team Europe failed to do its homework leading up to Britexit referendum 29/6/2016

In several blogs and forum article addressed the issues of the previous leadership of EU then Mr Jose Manuel Barroso, importantly supported by then PM Blair for this post and the link with the global meltdown of 2008 and Europe economy,  Finance and Industries. The election, the corruption report that was patched together, selection of Team Europe and voting. All those involved were very aware of the corruption report contents, current strong undercurrent involving the high office of EU. 

When those who called on us unofficially to help/lend a hand in/with  the EU Budget formulation shortly after the EU election outcome 2014 - a body like/such as EU do not do this unless they have very good and strong reason and the parties coming to lend a hand a very good track record of its/such ability. We did this in the form of travelling to Vienna and Strasbourg 2013/2014, action and issue we worked with  and subsequent events associated with further massive money injection. Those from the Conservative Party, UKIP, Liberal party and Labour others, aware even if they did not take it seriously - the manner they have been doing things /working politic in Britain since 1981 when we decided to request for political asylum in Britain from Austria.  

The very corrupted practice of the British establishment since 1981, their media and reporting - how they use others, manipulate, extract, skim/cream off  information use it/them,  then go to the media and say, purport they acted and take credit. The media written and TV publish and spread the garbage, lies, spins and whatever. Take the bugging scandal and other events, the many many unpublished incident and events , cover-up - the trials and outcome, involving close friends and associate of PM Cameron. Yet if interview they will state all those they hacked and listened in on their phone call/conversation are nobody, lunatic and inane safe them and their thugs, technicians. 

The contents we publish online 2012 about that SIROP program is very incomplete - the fact that we were force, compelled to manage and work this historic program from London - again the utter dishonest, corrupted, criminal and crooked way they do things in London - then turn round and lie, deny, cover-up and spin about events and incidents and those who after long debacle state these as history and truth, reality. The public  and many others,  even if they know and have taken part just go along and accept the version of so call reported and publish history, facts.  We have warned and keep warning one Day something terrible will happen is bound to happen and the complex muck-up/cock up,  leading to the Britexit is such a time and incident. Beside the practice of harvesting and using information applied gathered on the hoof some may say - the application of that infernal Satanic Mechanism we choose to use. Those who argue this is English Culture, benchmark  and values. 

Mr Barroso inspite of having been a PM Blair man - the jargon used when working such complicated global executive - we share a great deal of information, thematic relating to past EU working, Officials and world workings. Meaning we had filled him with the missing information about working practices in Britain and the why's and the political cobwebs- from a high Interdisciplinary Management discipline working. 

Because of our training and field of work/interventions,  then prof Dr M Hofmann and Von Hayak others from L'ena, their Italian counterpart and those form USA in this case prof  Dr Hofmann Harvard,  how they work and do things, impute and contribute. In London back in 1981 when we applied for political asylum those who knew our connections and past involvement. The person of Lady Thatcher and her Cabinet were very aware - load, mass of event and issues as reported in the media and TV as fact are not - those who would prefer to say spin from a High Interdisciplinary management working specially- Austrian improper, incorrect we have maintained this in-spite of some 39 years working experience in Britain. We found our self in instance providing highly important thematic discipline, knowledge and required complex synergies for her very Cabinet and decision making process -  and at other moment having to oppose and go against her wish and objectives. These are the working and responsibilities of those who work high interdisciplinary management disciplines. 

In as much we had to work, compel to work with all colour of politics and personalities - we would get taken away  and become overly embroiled, the issues of the two David and the joining, merger  of the Liberal Democratic Force/Party in Britain and long list of defection and changing of sides and ideology. Those we became  unofficial acquainted with from 1981 onward and contributed to many highly important development and events of their life in British, politic and parliament work - media debacles. Those in London and Britain who knew and have known of these and our abilities leading to the Britexit referendum. 

In spite of we coming to support and help, Mrs Thatcher with many of her difficult challenges and economic, idea, Program and project - she and her official could/would turn round and savage my person,  be utterly ruthless and nasty - hence we had to make/develop deeper workings and associated connection with many leading politician and individual and one of them was Sir James  Goldsmith, then Cold War, Britain decolonizing process and those big personalities involved from Africa and Gulf Region involved, the lonrho plc , the Al Fayad, those from Hong Kong, them Scott Families. Equally important my obstinate French connections working, nobility -  then President F Mitterrand his Officials, the Italians, Germans, Spanish, Dutch, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal, Austrian, Monaco and Swiss beside Scandinavia. Time and time we have stated had we not seek political asylum in London the political landscape and today's Britain.  We have stated that individual like Sir James Goldsmith knew a great deal more about that SIROP unwritten content, working as what have been publish - the Jewish lobby, working of British politic. Again the many who knew and how thing were done/worked out. Indeed what helped and made it possible for us to put that program together  and those who knew what,  the many highly important connections  we had in British politic and those personalities involved. 

We stressed and have been stressing of the need to get the UN/EU, African Union to help report or set up a parameter for reporting on that SIROP program - the reason, because the outcome would have been used by the many world official and institutions  as fact - the current situation, they are extracting information, linking issues and topic working them under the carpet or reinventing topics and linking them with it and this led to some of the major problem and the three global crash we had. Today EU Team would have had a so call official version of what took place and many complex event and incident impacting the EU and affecting their politic, policies, thinking and enlargement plans and those in Britain well aware and the mechanism use and being applied. After 35 years of working such topic in serious economy and global project and program you cannot one moment say this issue form part of a a set of workings and then deny or invent other sets of workings or pretend they never existed. it is going/ lend to confusion and major problematic. 

For instance the very complex and in depth working of the Labour,  PM Blair  and Brown working involving that SIROP program in Britain, EU, the USA, Gulf Region, Asia, Latin America, Africa - actual project that were worked, implemented and today you can go and take pictures and touch them and the Conservative party and the UKIP deny this,  do as if they put those program and project together and the way the British  and world media just go along and write their garbage and dishonest dirt and sell them to the public as fact and reality.  Those from Team Europe who never bothers to challenge this, they lap at the crap  in the name of diplomacy, subsidiarity  or whatever and the ensuing outcome and infernal muddle. 

Sir James Goldsmith and other had supported the idea we would be returning to Seychelles and the Indian ocean,   what we would become is another question, hence they went that extra length and took that extra time to help and support where they could and choose - when in 1991, the news broke we would not be returning to Seychelles, the Indian Ocean instead migrate to Europe  and work with the NGO and put infrastructure for that SIROP program in Europe continent somewhere things, everybody went crazy, hay wire. We lost that place in Kilburn - Brent 87a Victoria Rd where that historic program had been concepted and put together,  many other important topics - instead of working them in London taking them to Continent Europe - that was when he reacted and created the Referendum party, given and because of the mountain of inside information we had shared/trashed out,  mulled over - the future of the ECU/Euro, their Central Bank and the associated Institutions of EU we had been involved and importantly linked to that SIROP program. 

We found /discovered the same with those Liberal Democratic force in the British politic reacting, those who know of Seychelles return politic their lies and the reality - Mr Phillip Boulle and the Church of England lot united Opposition. Those who traveled to Seychelles from 1991 onward for British politicians /politic. Given the content of that SIROP program debacle on British politic - impact, that individual who spearhead UKIP former Liberal politician and what ensued when we got to Ashford Kent - 1991 June in then British politic and the assassination/killing of John Smith 1992, he helped and supported my plight and situation - the politic of FA Rene, Russia, Yugoslavia, France and Europe - why he was killed  Labour would have come back in power and the whole politic of Europe  and the Indian Ocean/BIOT would have been very different, those in USA/White House well aware and China and Russia and Paris.  The ECU/Euro debacle,  Market and other important Britain role in the EU workings. 

We made some attempts to get to France and Belgium, the Mr Farage and Mr Boris Johnson in Belgium/Bruxelles, the killing of King Baudoin of Belgium   and those who utterly opposed and our efforts to get Legal Aid and Legal Review for that program - damages and compensation £25 millions, those leading law firms and the head office of KPMG,  Seychelles government Auditor we visited and discussed the situation and development with. ( As we are writing the cars driving by and creaming of information and spinning them on the road, shopping us,  racing raging and who is leaking the information and the program nerd in place) We had been threatened time and time again if we try to take that SIROP program content to Bruxelles or France/Calais or Paris  or Lille what would happen to my person  - the massive Masonic threats and Police.  Those who were hell bent on controlling the development of the ECU/Euro, EU emerging politic of EU and Ex COMECON, Russia and China, Yugoslavia,  then White House and the President Francois Mitterrand and those in Germany then. Many will say these are invention - we refer to the many cult incident mass killing and death  and the so call Illuminati involved and that SIROP program these were not fake or invention. 

Because of Sir James Goldsmith being alive and the many many incident and event those important Jewish connections we had - those from then UKIP effort to bully intimidate and threaten us and those they used, along with the Conservative - the theft and destruction of that Princess Diana Caravan and our mobile office ex  Nortwest Holt finally in 1996 - these were are not inventions, we wrote to the UN, the EU and the International Court and the masonic bodies and the Vatican and the media - those in the USA - these are all on records and those from new Team Europe how refuse and failed to do their Home work in particular  Mr Donald Tusk a former Solidarity  what we have written to many including Mr Lech Walesa personally of evets and incidents.  These were not games - they purport they helped their country changes they did dot know everything,  their were other powerful and important force play working and we formed part and were involved in managing them those in London  and Britain who knew very well and those in the USA, the Vatican and Paris. The attitude of later president Sarkozy and the current president F Hollande - these were are not games or inventions. The only half same person listening is chancellor Merkle if she does not watch out they will get rid of her  because they know she know. In Italy the current PM is clueless and in Vatican those who have their politic agenda. 

We are left with the Royalty of Europe, they do not get chuck out of office, what they know and how they work, report and record, they have become the custodian of that SIROP program contents which should have been the institutions of EU because of the terrible practice and benchmark the situation.  Then they wonder at the Arab and Muslim communities reaction in Europe and rest of the world. 

There is a very great deal more about the Referendum party linked with/impacted/influenced, synergized/driving  the ECU/Euro we are not prepare to write here and the German Privatization and the Treuhand, the money and fortunes that was made  and the same with  the LibDem and UKIP.  We listened to the debated and argument and insults trading on the Monday and Tuesday after the Referendum in Bruxelles  - the capacity and resource of EU  and their reaction - had they all those involved done their Homework,  we would not be in this super sewage we are in.  For the past 25 years those in Kent abusing and manipulating my person, the criminal they have been using and the objective and outcome specially in the face of the publish information regarding that SIROP program, the they say/shut stuff EU and the Human Rights convention.  The same official ought to know the stark reality in London, at least we thought they did, our visit to Strasbourg the European Court and our application in Angers/Loire for political Asylum Transfer and the major death threat/attempt on my life/person. 

EU have accountability - if unlike Mr Barrso,  Mr Junker refuse to listen and take into account the mega events and developments associated with that SIROP program impacting EU then he ought to resign  and those who pursue the same politic - If they do not want to know they ought to tell the EU Citizen and people on the Streets of Europe we do not want to know and we will decided  and know what to do. It was not the EU who helped change the situation and Bring down the Wall unless they are utterly mad and devoid of brain.  That is one of the biggest challenge facing Europe all those who were involved even if they did not publish the facts and event of that SIROP program in private and public how they worked the issues  - they are lost gone/dead now. Then mayor Boris Johnson knew,  we knew and had worked those issue and much more his coming to buy his resident close by in Islington and the important why, the creaming off of information, harvesting and their abuses  because he represented the Office of the Mayor untouchable,  on the streets of London those who knew otherwise and the cook Oliver, the like of Sir Richard and many others knew what was going on - the practice in London we started this article with. 

Leader of the Labour Party (UK)

James Goldsmith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Friday, 29 April 2016

SIROP program/Ex GLC Mr Ken Livingstone - 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn Brent

SIROP/CDU/Alliance/MRD/DP/SNM combined exile return program 1987

Under that and part of that SIROP program given the functionality, control of knowledge, information the need to develop a different communication, information and knowledge sharing for the world after the Implementation of that SIROP program  and the very debate/battle those in England, the Masonic entities  and politicians who had wanted CERN to be build in USA and we vetoed that - then Israeli Intelligence Service.

Because we did not have the wealth, money and riches as many other opposition then,  used our place 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent to develop and link the many issues. Former Ken Livingstone had been head  GLC which the Conservative abolished, we had also known and worked many issues with then Dame Shirley Porter and very many form the London Jewish communities, the three Synagogue Orthodox, Liberal, the Jewish Masonic  Institution in this country and the many big Jewish families, their political and business interests. At that time we were known in London by Mr Ken Livingstone as "my/our amicable pig friend" we have shared this information  and his residence in Brent.
We have extended and important families, friends and associated in Austria  and the important role the Austrian because of their Cold War/ our ancient French Illuminati  and two Wars experience impute in that SIROP program - their own Jewish history.

My/our ancestor are French from Brittany and Alsace, mother' side the Chinese. The very important aspect/role, function our French ancestral archaic, Illuminati, Templar, Christian, Druids, Gaul  and its modern Masonic, two lodges played in that SIROP program - in France the Jewish communities and many events under the President Mitterrand era.  As such beside the Austrian, Illuminati, Jewish Illuminati/Masonic  and France there were bigger objective we had set that Program beside the spiritual - just as we wanted to return those 30,000 exile/refugee to Seychelles - the massive task and work we had been involved to get their support - negotiate, drive USSR and then Europe/Israel politic that 250,000  Russian Jews can return to Israel  and the economic and financial due support. We had envisaged the compensation of their Properties in USSR, East Europe and Germany.  From Africa then OAU those who ought to know similar work to get the 84,000  Ethiopian Jews to return to Israel.  All these took place beside the mega Holocaust compensation debacle $8 billions.

The issues of Lehman Brothers  and later Seychelles, the powerful South African Diamond connection with our politic and the construction boom in London/properties development.

We stress the Seychellois,  those who had gone to build that Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Comore were French just as the Jews expect that others respect their roots and values we demand and expects that ours be respected.  Our ancestors very rich History with the Jewish people back some 1500 years ago.  French Intelligence Services/Institutions  today.

What happened - after we had helped to implement the repatriation of those 250,000 Russian and East European Jews, the Halocost compensation sorted out and those 84,000 Ethiopian Jews returned to Israel - all those leading Jews in Britain. Europe, Israel and USA who banded together to deny our important involvement and role we had played and the drafting of the European Terrorist legislation to have my person killed/eliminated, destroyed - then President Bush Junior and those politicians in Israel and those leading Jewish politicians we had helped come to power in Britain and EU Institution. Beside the many powerful and big business Jewish Interests in Europe and across the world we worked with the Rothschild Families among others.  We helped rebuild the St John Wood synagogue and the SDA Advent Center Church ex Synagogue and the Berlin rebuilding of that historic synagogue. Much more important our work with the news paper Sir Robert Maxwell and the Saatchi Family then Lady Thatcher.

Mr Ken Livingstone  knew and was aware of most of these debacles, PM Blair and PM Brown - hence our refusal to publish anything about that SIROP program for a very long time asking and demanding that a UN/EU or African Union help us.

For the past 25 year have been watching the video of Moses and the Israelite in Egypt, even linked the topic to our portal - studied and research history - very important their European history and ancient France and Germany, Italy, Britain, Scandinavia, Netherlands, South Africa.  The Jewish nation, people and Institutions have seen how they got treated across history when you cannot fight and win in wars and still want to retain and maintain such important heritage and history responsibilities.

life/History wanted decided to teach them a lesson, it was not some great General or big nation  that initiated that SIROP program, it was initiated by ex nobility, ex respectable families and normal French families from the Indian Ocean Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Cormor, Madagascar and South Africa their Network ( Canada, Quebec, Australia, south America, the Francophone) to change the Communist system and Cold War - we would love,  demand that you do not use your acquired capacity to kill /liquidate and eliminate those you dislike - help us to review and reappraise that SIROP program, debate as normal human and you as human expected to be treated and your respective issues to be debated and respected. Let the truth come out including very many other topics - why are you frighted and scared. Do you take your nation and people to be more powerful, important  and able than the French people and nation, their nobility your people fought to acquire and relevancy, their Illuminati workings - their Indian ocean heritage the Gulf Nation, Arab, Asia and African Pakistan and India,  we have dome so much to change and impute.

Do not destroy our media, our communication platform,  come and share your views and knowledge a normal humans ought to do.  To you Mr Ken Livingstone we have this much to say it i terrible of you , we trusted your person and over the years the information and topics we have shared - the Irish communities in Kilburn as a former leading NGO activist you have dishonored our friendship,  you have let us down - when we needed help you turned you back at us.

Very and much more important when we had lost our property in Kilburn Brent came to Ashford in Kent the Jewish family who sold us their Minuette caravan  and we sited it a Caple Court Country Club and renamed it Princess Diana and place of prayer the mega associated issues. Those from the British Jewish community because of the EURO mega debacle stopped and involved that we do not go to continent Europe.

Again when we lost everything in Kent - stayed in Hibury hotel, the Mc Alpine and the masonic lodge in Islington and the death/killing of Princess Diana and Al Fayad son,  the owner was Jewish/Irish. The Jewish Trust, the Jewish lawyers at Hopkin, Murrey,  Besking who helped us get our current place and rehoused. " having said we took the most valuable document of that SIROP program in an Old suitcase of the Epstine/Beloff family left it in the care of the Catholic church and Vatican".  Pope John Paul high Officials knew everything,  we had written and share the topics in writing their High  office in London/Wimbledon.

Not least - that mega debacle/blow up of Mr Phillip Green and BHS we had  not wanted to enter the foray - we drove/synergized and catapulted that deal /his exit.

We are  not going to link any Wikipedia our reason for becoming involved in this project also - in Israel and the Jewish nation/communities completely ignore what is being contributed and edited by many to make Wikipedia what it is very far from perfect.

Labour antisemitism row: Read the Ken Livingstone ...