SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Friday, 6 September 2019

The Seychelles Rhodesia/Zimbabwe connections, SIROP 1986/87 program

The Seychelles Rhodesia/Zimbabwe connections, the exiles/Refugees,  SIROP 1986/87 program,  events past 30 years. 

Robert Gabriel Mugabe was born at a Jesuit Mission north west of the city then known as Salisbury in what was Southern Rhodesia on the 21st February 1924.
Abandoned by his father, and with both his older brothers dying while he was still young, Mugabe was brought up under the protective wing of an Irish priest; a father figure in two senses.

Descriptions of his boyhood paint a portrait of a solitary, studious youth with few friends, comfortable instead in the company of the books of his school library. He was, they said, a clever lad.

He qualified as a teacher and it was during further studies that he met Julius Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda, the future long-serving leaders of Tanzania and Zambia respectively.

He went on to teach in Ghana, where he was influenced by another of the new breed of ‘Big Men’, Kwama Nkrumah, Prime Minster of the newly independent nation.

Mugabe’s path to power was more protracted. He returned to South Rhodesia in 1960 to take up the struggle against an intransigent white minority government and was soon jailed.

He used his prison time to study, gaining degrees through correspondence courses in law and economics with the University of London.

But one episode indicates the scale of his sacrifice - and the enmities of the times. When Mugabe’s three-year-old son died from malaria in Ghana in 1966, Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith intervened personally to block his petition to attend the funeral.

After 10 years he was released and headed into exile to lead guerrilla forces in the fight for liberation.

Mugabe, left, with his wife, Grace. Credit: PA
It culminated in the 1979 Lancaster House agreement that heralded the end of white Rhodesia and the birth of majority ruled Zimbabwe.

Port Louis Mauritius2–6 July 1976
Between 1978/79, the Research we undertook by UNIDO/World Bank in Vienna then Cold War, the USSR, COMECON,  Warsaw Pact, Australia neutrality then Chancellor Kriesky and then President of Austria.  The OAU, president FA Rene special relation with Tanzania, Zimbabwe then politicians, Cuba and Angola. Those officials at then UNIDO who served/supported the independence Movement /politic of OAU - Africa, the requirement to be very careful when addressing a given topic to the UNIDO in this case the concept for a CARICOM like body for the Indian Ocean, then Madagascar Leadership. We had to take very important note of those officials and individual s views and political positions. Their own important contact connections at the then UN. In Vienna then 1979, the South African Embassy we had addressed many issues of the Indian ocean, the OAU one needed to be well knowledge if one was going to write such a  research , promote or then agenda to change Seychelles One party system,. They also had their Intelligence Networks which monitored the movement and topic in discussions. Sir James Mancham had been deposed and living in exile in London and the many ex Rhodesia military Technicians and then wars/conflicts those who served, worked for either the West or the Soviet/Communist Block, causes. Beside the impacts on the Indian Ocean regional politic we had taken to take the the SADC workings. The workings of the CARICOM  then politic, economy, diplomacy. 

Assembly of Heads of State and Government Twenty-Second Ordinary Session

By 1979 we had been in our second year as a Fellow of Prof Hofmann Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute - in that Summer we were granted formerly the charter for the Indian Ocean those in Vienna, this covered, extended to  aspects of East Africa, South Africa and the gulf Region our Consulate, the Austrian government , other those from the UNIDO, the South African government. The USA officials and French then in Vienna. Then European Economic Forum of Prof Swab. The initiation, process of the research, writing, editing and presentation impacted numerous then Indian ocean regional issues, politic, diplomacy and economy and war/military  issues  - India, Pakistan the Gulf /region, south Africa and this included Tanzania, and Zimbabwe - the West media did not write about these. Those individual head of state their opposition parties like Madagascar, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia  and President FA Rene awareness, knowledge - the Soviets and Chinese or Cuban Officials, Services who monitored those workings. Or  Israel or the French. (Seychelles failed attempted coup d'etat between 1979 to 1981)

In 1981, we were compelled to seek political Asylum in UK travelling from Strasbourg. In London Sir James Mancham entourage, our three/four political System economy and politic. factions and the many colourful underground movement and others in London. All of the Political factions from Seychelles perused a politic of supporting the West  - their respective position, vies of then events in Zimbabwe and the political actors. 
Given the earlier Austrian issues, that CARICOM like concept for the Indian ocean we found our self embroiled in the Zimbabwe political debacle - what the West media were written and some of those  we have termed interventions. The Maxwell papers we had acquainted our self with and contributed, then Lady Thatcher government government officials and many others and the many former big business from Rhodesia including the person of Tiny Rowland, then owner of Harrods. We have had experience in International Syndicate workings , Cartel, Finance, etc., those entities and person we impute in/with form an Interdisciplinary High management , the Prof Dr Hofmann, Prof Von Hayak and those from L'ena, Harvard and Italy counterpart we networked with - British economy, diplomacy , corporate finance. Beside those from the  Seychelles Illuminati then high parties. They had good knowledge of our Seychelles South Africa and Indian ocean politic and the Gulf Region and Asia.  The vast many publications President Mugabe earlier years are incorrect.  The many impute we made and the issues, what was really going on never published, the region and then Pan African Congress. Just like the issue of Mr Al Fayad acquiring Harrods the many unwritten and unpublished issues our impute and contributions.  Sufficient to say Mr Tiny Rowland people benchmark were much to be desired, resulting in the decision of the impute in Harrods Al Fayad taking over and then Zimbabwe. President FA Rene and Sir James Mancham  knowledge of some of the issues and other Ministers. Those ex Minsters of Lady Thatcher today and politician like Sir James Goldsmith knowledge. The South African Intelligence Service,  and former Rhodesia Intelligence and technicians -  The USA and other large embassies in London. All four political factions in exile, in executing  their Plan to form a government, Development plan, diplomacy, regional politic had to work with , be well informed of those issues then , circumstance and development  situation and politician, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa,  Ethiopia - connected. 

Had the Leader of Opposition not been killed and Seychelles changed by force things, events in the Indian Ocean the /region and Africa would have been very very different.  A good deal of the garbage,  the mass media have written on Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia would not have been written.  The UN/IMF and World Bank people. Forget the Commonwealth. Those who knew President Mugabe understood, applied a good amount of what we were imputing as advice and recommendation - their conclusion,  his erratic politic those from the USA Intelligence, the Israeli, Britain, USSR, France who knew others wise and South Africa. 

Come this Monday 9/9/19 the Seychelles Truth Commission etc., will begin hearing - from our prospective had intended to submit request for the Commission to inquire of President Mugabe what he knew of that SIROP program and his leading African colleagues. The media write up about his position with President Mandela and the big why,  what President Mandela knew of our workings. All those involved in the 1986/87 SIROP program conception , changes in the USSR, the COMECON, Warsaw Pact , China,  the Arab world, the OAU , the Indian Ocean,  what they had envisaged including,  then Vatican high Officials,  just a Pope Francis is visiting the Indian Ocean.  For this reason we had wanted the UN or EU to do some kind of reporting on that SIROP program,  just look at the benchmark we are writing this blog,  had we some human resource would have written a more respectable blog on this important topic.  President Mugabe was close ally of President FA Rene,  as such many important issues,  they collaborated and worked it out together involving that SIRIO program and changes in Seychelles and Africa. Many of the joint economic issues and UN/world Bank and IMF and the USA and later Europe and Russia and China or Latin America,  Asia.  Given those who knew these issues,  they have requested that,  we impute intervene to change the economy of Zimbabwe and some of the important events and issues - South Africa new Nation - President Mugabe knew a great deal of the reason,  argument to give OAU, Africa some of the same status as the European Union. We had to work those issues with him and then Libya President.  He knew of British government PM John Major mess  of the first Gulf war and Iraq and the Second Gulf war and PM Blair government - He knew of the issue of PM Blair election and the big why, the Blair politic, New Labour  and his own politic and economy, he knew a great deal of our emphasis to get the EU to work more intensively in the Indian ocean Region take greater responsibility, he knew a great deal of the BIOT debacle and the core reason for that SIROP program, the USSR Nuclear issues and he USA and South African Nuclear issue and Israel, Pakistan and India -  -  -Zimbabwe Embassy in London. The impacts of the Blair politic on South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, South West Africa. 

 The many aspects and impacts of that SIROP program on Africa and Development , the Broadband introduction, linking Africa to the rest of the world and the big why including Zimbabwe, the process and our contributions and impute. The very debacle of the Sovereign Fund for Africa, and the Russian/Chinese BRICS conception, politic arguments 2007/8 his own county economy and politic -, linking Africa by high speed transport/train system --  He knew of the reason President FA Rene had to step down. The government of President J A Michel, that SIROP program, his New Seychelles and the big why,  what was being written and said,  be they in Africa, Seychelles and the African Union , and President Danny Faure - he was very well informed of our Mauritius Indian Ocean all the political aspects, the COI Secretariat and RIM Association impacts, the Stock Exchange to the Ebene debacle and the big companies and the new light Railway system.  and the crap that get written in the Mauritius media.  Finally the NEOM issues and his handing Power - we,  from several prospective we involved contributed and the current Zimbabwe government. 

Protesters clash with riot police in Zimbabwe capital Harare

Rest in peace, Robert Mugabe: Hero, villain, human

Robert Mugabe helped build Zimbabwe and helped destroy it.

Robert Mugabe: Former president 

of Zimbabwe dies aged 95


Please refer to above comment - the critics of how President Mugabe managed the economy, affairs and nation  of former Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. We have forgotten at what age we became a fellow of Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann IMI Vienna and granted the charter for the Indian Ocean, one year later we were very young to be invested with such high responsibilities. 

The many Heads of state of Central , East Europe and across the world who worked, help implement the issues of that SIROP program as such the notion of accountability . In our case the Indian Ocean both former French Head of state their institutions the amount of energy, resource and time they invested in our regional and nation workings compared to other nation, importantly the many families in the region of French roots, in France , Europe the America, Australia and south African the leveraging of this important heritage in very many aspect of nation building. 

Among one of  the technological thematic of that SIROP program was the development of the high speed Train, Transport  system in France and the revamping of the old French railway, transport systems - events and progress, the technology transfer in Europe,  China today, the USA, Russia  and Africa North, the Arab world. 

In Seychelles those who bark/loudmouth economy and environment saving the planet- the project of the light mono rail planned in 1986/87 -  the way President FA Rene implemented that program directly and those from Sir James Mancham side how they would have helped/contribute to implement that program. That light Transport system. The first Train arrived in Portlouis on 29/9/19 as the body of President Chirac was exposed at the most famous of France building for the /its dead. This morning those, some 30 world leaders who will be attending the transfer of his remain to his final resting place. The mega debacle at the 74th UN Summit over Climate change and the respective argument. Somebody pointed out over the week end that SIROP program issues then before President Clinton Vice came to office - What if Seychelles had managed to build that light transport system, the impact on its ecosystem, economy and nation. President FA Rene like President Robert Mugabe had access via that SIROP program to major leverage financial,  economic and mechanism leading to nation development and they did, have not applied it wisely. Over the past 5 years the working and leveraging of Africa Transport politic involving that SIROP program those of South Africa, West Africa, North Africa and Kenya. 


TRC Episode 74, Part 05

In 1981 a bunch of South African-backed mercenaries tried to overthrow the Seychelles Government. The full story of South Africa's involvement has never been told, until now.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Nuremberg war crimes trials 70 years on: a complex legacy, SIROP program 1986, Europe enlargement

Nuremberg is the second-largest city of the German federal state of Bavaria after its capital Munich, and its 511,628 (2016) inhabitants make it the 14th largest ...

welcome to the official internet portal of the City of Nuremberg. English information for tourists is provided by the Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office.

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The trials weren't perfect, but the Allies had wanted to shoot the defendants, so at least the world learned something about justice.

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The Holocaust, also known as the Shoah, was the World War II genocide of the .... As non-Jewish groups began to include themselves as Holocaust victims too, ...

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The Yalta Conference, also known as the Crimea Conference and code-named the Argonaut ... The Potsdam Conference was to be attended by Stalin, Churchill (who was replaced halfway through by the newly elected British prime minister Clement .... Roosevelt wanted the USSR to enter the Pacific War with the Allies.

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Forget the Berlin Wall issues and that SIROP program, Germany Reunification and its new Powers in Europe and the world with it replacing France position in the pre Cold War era of European nation importance, The Treuhand , Privatisation and that SIROP program, the mega rebuilding program linked, driven synergized by that SIROP program, the Holocaust compensation debacle- a very important aspect of that SIROP and Nuremberg. The Wikipedia article is a brief write up and a great deal of gaps.

From Nuremberg after the second world war, the Allies view and position and long term plan for Germany. How many alive today know that, that SIROP program was important linked, developed and put into place, the European aspect taking into consideration a number of important pre second world war and events after the second world war issues. Those in Germany from 1986 onward involved, the old German colonial politic , West Africa until its independence, Tanzania, Zanzibar - the different  developments, history, those in Germany their respective Institutions study, manage and work such topics compared to France and Britain and again the way that SIROP program worked with such understanding and discipline, science.

Not that we find our self in very deep water we cannot swim in - the issuers here because of their importance, relevancy, to the rebuilding of Europe, NATO, Enlargement and the world. Had advocated when Sir James Mancham was alive for Europe, the UN help us write an acceptable report on what that Program was really all about and the many why.  Instead our Salami approach. We have read /rather began reading about the second world war and the first world war from Seychelles library, private books. In mapping out the various future Europe and world working of that SIROP program we had to take into note,  account a number of the taboo arguments for many in Britain - the British classic view of Germany, the nation etc. culture, the Wars.

Now that Seychelles, Sechelles is to have its Mini quasi Nuremberg process, in the form of the Truth and Reconciliation etc., the ex ICC/UN Jurist role and experience, expertise - the several German families who lived in Seychelles until Independence  and after including Austrian. Some of their motives for seeking a different place in the world to invest and live. They have never been informed of the above safe the like of Herr Otto Snitzenbaumer  and his family and a couple of the more important individuals,  then 1986 onward until 2000. How they used those information and knowledge to reposition their lives and business interests in Germany and elsewhere and yet the media the crap they were writing. Along with German elite politicians the terrible situation Germany is in today on this account and the near destruction of the Deutsche Bank.

Along with the other important issues,links synergy/dynamic of that SIROP program then 1991, burning European, USA topic, in France, Austria , Italy and Britain should the German move their Parliament to Berlin that SIROP program have played a significant part of that process and decision - we were told then not to write about them, trust the politicians and the establishments how things turned out over the years and today - any entity on this planet, world -who would have played the minutest role, contribution in getting the German parliament to debate, participate and implement the whole process deserve attention not so,  the many towards that SIROP program safe when were in Germany those who know,the greater public their reaction  even if not in writing.

24 Apr 1991 - Shift Capital From Bonn to Berlin, Kohl Urges : Germany: Chancellor ... of alarm from Bonn supporters, who argue that the move is financially ...

17 Jun 1991 - Bonn was chosen as West Germany's capital in 1949, partly because it was ... As the vote approaches, arguments have become more heated. ... If the federal Government moves to Berlin, a new administrative center would ...

Germany reunified in 1990, and lawmakers had to choose a new capital city. In 1999, unified Germany's capital relocated from Bonn to Berlin.

27 Sep 1990 - Moving the government east to Berlin, they say, will wrongly suggest ... (Washington may not be the best precedent for this particular argument.) ... West Germany went even further in the diffusion of power and cultural influence ..

Those Seychelles former Minsters, politicians who took part in the Munich conference in 1988, the very brief issues for the German politicians, establishment the more important above issues we have mentioned here in fact those who will recall we had been advocating for such a  meeting of all our exile outside of Britain and the argument and the preferred place Germany.

We have mentioned some of USA innovative issues, Space development , military issues those former German Scientist knowledge, leading politicians in both countries linked with/to  that SIROP program, how they managed the issues those form the UN knowledge and NATO, those from South Africa again afterwards what they choose to write. Some of the founding principal of USA big bank what  they knew and have known  of German decent . The Vatican of Pope John Paul and Benedict knew, have known of the issues. The  world wonder/ask why so much mess took place the utter dishonest and mega abuses, terrible benchmark applied to manage the issue.

From moment that program was initiated in 1986, then Cold War, the mega synergy beside the Holocaust issues ad compensation the former German Military machine, system and ideology over the past 30 years vast strand issues linked with that SIROP program driven yet the so call experts explanation, specialist and their associated media and institutions -  those who were hunting the ex German high Officials all over the world, those leading Jews official and its intelligence Service have known and must know, then what get written . What President Yeltsin knew and Gorbachev, beside the older former East Europe politicians  and those removed from Office. The very big fortune . wealth those have amassed on the back of that program manipulating and managing it their way.

With the super fiasco, utter mes of developing politic, breakup of LDS, time and time have remind that Seychelles nation remember well you building blocks so that when things break up you can go back to the basic, foundation and rebuild repair.  We had travelled extensively to Germany, the impact and synergy,  those involve who helped develop the debacle of the break up the SPPF/PL  in the person of Minister Pat Pillay and the Ministers and the formulation of the LDS.

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“The Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission and the National Assembly Committee on Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity officially held a Handing Over Ceremony this afternoon. The Chairperson of the Committee – Honorable Wavel Ramkalawan handed over files containing grievance forms received from different complainants, to the Chairperson of the Commission – Mrs. Gabrielle McIntyre. This symbolic Ceremony officially launches the work mandate of the Commission”.

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24/8/19 - Europe is in a complete mess, British politic, the Russian  - EU relation  is in danger,  President Putin concern it may be turn into a battle field, East Europe politic, the very concerning US  - Europe relation, EU refusal to help report or carry out a small Nuremberg style of inquiry into that program. Events in Yugoslavia - Balkan how those responded. Situation in the Gulf Region -Events surrounding the so call North Africa Spring -  the direction Paris Peace conference is turning out.  Seychelles have learn to host numerous sensitive and challenging conference including the Pirate Conference sponsored by UK - cannot a Mini style of Nuremberg inquiry be organised from Seychelles over that SIROP program. The many Justice, Lawyers Associations, Legal Aid system of  governments, African Union Justice, Legal Department we have written to. The EU External Department/Commission Justice/legal working we have written and address the issues.  


SBC SEYCHELLES - Truth & Reconciliation Hearing - 09Sep2019 Session2

Josette Hoarau shared a link to the group: Seychelles Hero: Gerard Hoarau.
5 hrs ·
We applaud Mr. Lefevre for his courage and his very emotional testimony. However, as he rightly pointed out in his testimony there are many sycophants who have benefitted greatly from this regime at the expense of the victims. These people should not be allowed to keep their
ill-gotten gains and lead their life of luxury as if nothing had ever happened. Justice demands that they pay back to the Seychellois society.
SBC SEYCHELLES - Truth & Reconciliation Hearing - 09Sep2019 - Session 3

The Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission | 09 September 2019
Hearing of witnesses, suspects starts today
Hearing of the first witnesses and suspects in the different cases before the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission will start today at the National House.

Sète : l'harmonie de la Légion étrangère en concert au théâtre de la Mer

Comment - After the first day of the Truth Commission seating how in other countries and part Truth commission their many institution have reacted and reacts - not that Sechelles Seychelles. The notion of Reconciliation was initiated by Sir James upon his return in 1992, it politic and fallout , consequences. He was labelled by many a Traitor for impeding those to challenge the government of F A Rene -

Here we have a Commission with the respective individuals acting as Commissioner and begin call /addressed my Lord- then Seychelles Court 1975/6 trials, sentences and Justice - that did not deter those who had their alternative plans for Seychelles. What took place followed.

In UK alone given, that we have assisted and helped when you address your Asylum request to the British government/Home Office the BRC the UNHCR, other Refugee/exile bodies, CAB, Voluntary Services, your lawyers, the communities and families how they vet, question and dig in depth for lies, false presentation of facts, information and events, incidents and it can take one to three years to make up their minds after due research and inquiry by their many Agencies and associated even then. They never stop, cease to keep an eye on you, monitor and listen to your other stories. One get assisted by lawyers and trained individual -

Yet in that Truth Commission first siting what we watched, the whole world watched, , those individual are supposed to be key persons in what took place . The standard and benchmark being applied and this will be written for the UN Institutions as the best benchmark or the African Union or the USA or EU or Vatican and Commonwealth.

Over the past 25 years those International Truth Commission their workings, the world media coverage of pre designed Commission working, controlled and manipulated for the objective of other nation interests and Institutions be it Masonic and others.

In our case the feed back the many in Seychelles including that Commission, the Justice, Police, government who are controlling development and how this Commission address our issues , the same the USA , Britain, France, EU the Commonwealth and the UNHCR.

They fail and refuse to note why the conflict for so long because of the so call Justice attitude and benchmark, the long list of wars, death , destruction associated with our politic and history. It will repeat itself because of the Justice way and practices. Not to forget we played a role that the International criminal court was set up. We had to refer many of our Military , pre and after independence issues to leading Justice of Europe, experts and politicians, other nations and those who had served in Seychelles Those individuals and officials seating at that Commission want to exclude the vast many issues and given individual would have lived and experience in the process of going in exile and given his or her importance , cause involve the many horrors and making events and incidents in that Seychelles pitiable, complete novices. The many past Ministers we have had to address and interact with, police officers, Mr Felix Hoareau, The psychological and parapsychological traumas and aftermath.

Those witness who talk of the very different Seychelles - like him we were educated by our grand parents, their values from France, Mauritius and Reunion. Their notion of Justice and judgement - meaning, those who planned evil even the Justice their corrupted workings and the politic, our ancestor notion of accountability and revenge and punishment to those officials and Institutions.

The many leadership of the SPUP their utter dishonesty and lies - why that coup d'etat, the government of Sir James Mancham what was taking place, the abuse and corruption of justice, police by the same token when FA Rene and company took power they went down the same road and very extreme, what ensued and again our ancestral notion of Justice values , punishments - we have to be frank and candied, not for the media or against officiant, those who have been empowered and educated, emancipated our Black brothers and sisters, how things would have been said /told in 1976.

Dr Ferrari pointed briefly - the working of the Freemason, Black magic/Voodoo, witch craft - in Seychelles by FA /Rene and many, nobody must not talk and discuss this in public, if they do they will meet the masonic Justice. This very Commission adhering to Masonic Benchmark, Justice procedures.

Via that SIROP program we gave the world the WWW from CERN an President Mitterrand hesitation. We went on to given the world and the Justice of the world working vast many tools and mechanism to enhance their work and capacity including the You tube and video conference - those officials siting as that Commission their own capacity, education and knowledge of the world workings.

Given our infamous coco de mer 30 years ago we had pope John Paul visiting the Indian Ocean they explanation of Vatican, the Euphoric, the hype and buzz, they were not the truth, the real reason and just as that Commission start its working, the visit of Pope Francis to the Region. We have worked many major scandals with Vatican over the past 40 years - for those siting on that Commission it means nothing - here we are talking of so call God and heaven Justice compared to human and government Justice. Those who are christian and those who have prayed and spend a great deal of their time in devotion and praying be they christian or Muslim and others. Yet again those who will be praying for God and heaven to intervene, intercede again those individuals sitting on that Commission and its benchmark and capacity.

The Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission | 12 September 2019

At our forums, Blogs and Facebook have been pressing /urging the National Assembly, Seychelles government the NGO,  the Justice of Seychelles , the EU, African Union, UN and many other they need become involved, take the opportunity of this Truth Commission to find out what really happened with that SIROP program n to impute as they would do in other Nation Truth commission and to date the outcome -We have decided to use the projection Board of the Truth Commission to add the UN emblem foremost, the emblem of the Truth Commission, the EU, the Indian ocean Rim association our #EU  and Indian ocean Coat of Arms , the Logo of that SIROP program,  the emblem of African Union.

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 13Sep2019-Session1

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 13Sep2019-Session2 part 1

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 13Sep2019-Session3

Chairperson and Commissioners of the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission Sworn in - Page 2 Empty Re: Chairperson and Commissioners of the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission Sworn in
Post  Sirop14 Today at 8:14 pm

President FA Rene and the SPUP Communism political concept for Seychelles was a global Franchise in the sense of Franchise,  today across the world like your McDonald and others. Those who talk of Seychelles old values and their education what they have come forward to talk about .  

We cannot get any live SDA church service this Saturday after the historic week of that Truth Commission working. The SDA Church in Beau Bassin, will try and follow the church in  Strasbourg or Lille and Vienna, the time difference. The visit of Pope Francis this week. In Seychelles the Church right across the board failure/refusal  to bring this to the attention  of the Truth Commission what they attribute the malaise of society then and today the learning experience and church practices and belief. How the Communism psychology affect the church workings  and faith and the same process this new mindset and all it associated functions.

The Commission is failing to grasp the terrible human situation form a psychological and  para psychological prospective, affecting and impacting the very formulation of your speech and process, human inter communication and relation -  there are brave words today the real situation then,  era of Multi party the psychosis  - most of Africa specialist and experts are not in the position to explain, discus this adequately,  they have had to rely in the UN institution,  those who lived similar process as Seychelles the failure of their national institutions.

That SIROP program those involved to develop and different psychosis, mind functioning, no Seychellois  have volunteered to come forward to discuss and explain, share this it impacted and affected the police, the 'civil service and the Military diplomatic workings . During the cold war some of the International Institute for Strategic Studies report and writing on this topic and a few other sources.

Two important world political event the death of former President Robert Mugabe,   his government politic and practice, economy education system and#East Timor former President replacing President Suharto who was a friend/associate  of President FA Rene and some of the similarity of their politic and issues.

One of the most disadvantageous , negative aspect of the system change from the Communism era of mind workings and psychosis in that infernal satanic rage/rave mechanism which we helped put in place and the mega global abuse today, linked and associated , motivated  and the impact right across the world, the phenomena of empowering both male and female, what this is linked and related, driving, synergizing  to credited. The quality and benchmark of the outcome and life, society workings and values. They, the world have come to accept this as a kind of God/Heaven workings and the long list of associated faith issues. The vast majority cannot or refusing to differentiate.

Needles to say to say impacting and influencing the very working and functioning and outcome that Commission.

In Mauritius the outcome of the judgement in the case of former PM##Ramgoolam 11 charges against him - resulting in no case to answer. What the issues were.

Given the many bilateral workings of Seychelles and Saudi Arabia those who questioned why we did not have the Logo of the Gulf Region or the Arab world on that white panel  - in Britain those during the Cold war and after who associated aspects or nuance of the Saudi Arabia working/Oil economy and industry with Masonic  issues - the gutter press, and the news this morning of the major attack on its oil infrastructure . Seychelles Masonic and Illuminati working pre independence,  during the One party state, to date.

There are other relevant issues and incident link to that Truth Commission functioning this week, the UN institutions very arrogant attitude -we noted this reaction from the Austrian Central Bank and followed it up- the UNIDO, OPEC is based in Vienna - at our forums and blogs the many entries about the Deutsche bank situation explaining how they build their working after the Fall of the Berlin Wall on the back of that SIROP program, the Reunification, the privatisation, those many leading German politicians we have worked with -the news that the Financial system of Europe will collapse - we helped contributed to setting them up via that SIRO Program and yet that Commission, they have a unique role to ask serious question, demand answers and they are not making use of this historic opportunity - just look at the many, many central bank of Europe have had to inject in the system President FA Rene , Mancham alive the then talk - how they were using that program to leverage their issues- at the end of the day the utter corrupted practice - the minute money Seychelles would get via the EU for such a very important role and effort, participation. Their experts then what they are writing - the many direct interventions we have made to prove, show that we have the capacity, past EBC Central Banker we have worked with and impute in their workings and yet - the rats and other insects or virus eating their minds and brains.

Devant le siège de la Banque centrale européenne La Deutsche Bank prédit l’effondrement financier de l’Europe

We pondered, endeavoured to review what of this week historic event that Truth Commission sitting,  in Seychelles the Indian Ocean - the royals of Europe who were associated, supported the concept and over the past 30 years,  their working and issues with that SIROP program and Seychelles, their Institutions , foremost the Spanish royal Family , the Swedish Royal family, Royal Family of Belgium and the Monegasque royal family, - Famille d'Estouteville -Les Archives de la Maison de France déposées aux Archives nationales 9/9/19 -  beside the news of the Queen creating a special Title/role for Prince Charles to gain sovereign Power. Maxima ravissante en bleu avec Willem-Alexander désormais barbu ont reçu à dîner les membres du Conseil d’Etat, ce mercredi soir au Palais Noordeinde à La Haye.

À Saint-Jean-de-Linière près d'Angers : Michel, Bernard, Nabil et Mimi animent la communauté Emmaüs

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris Rose Window

We have been quarried the reason for not including the emblem of the United State in the Truth Commission etc., working. It would not be right, correct, justifiable not to add the emblem of those Nation Association, Bodies that have played a crucial aspect in Seychelles National workings the past 50/60 years 

Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission hears evidence pertaining to several cases in fifth hearing | 14 September 2019
Mr Rouillon appearing before the commission yesterday

The Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission yesterday heard evidence pertaining to numerous cases of alleged human rights violations committed during the 1977 coup and the following years in which Seychelles was a one-party state.


This first Sunday of the week the Commission working those who graciously posted this photo -Given the way the system , the institutions those in Power function then pre Independence, their notion and understanding, perception of Regional , International politic,  the set up of that Truth Commission etc., those among them who gave us the best advice , guidance when writing that SIROP program and that Truth Commission etc., way is has been set up and functioning . We were attempting to study British Constitution for our A Level Plus. Given that we took the core of that program to Angers Loire for safe keeping SVP, the past 30 years their prayers and issue. President F Mitterrand Monument in Angers, first Gulf War issues, the Town Hall, the Justice and court of Angers, the Arcadian, Illuminati issue of Angers, Normandy and the Indian ocean, impacts on Europe, France and the consecutive government of France since President F Mitterrand - the Association of Mahe de Labourdonais in Angers,

It is not norm to monopolise the discussion, some issues need to be addressed however we had  been in contact with the Catholic seminarian in Lausanne,_Geneva_and_Fribourg from a High Interdisciplinary Management prospective, then EEF of Prof Swab and Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute - on account the Seychelles connection, those from L'ena then, the Italian Illuminati,  in Germany Austria and Switzerland the Interdisciplinary management discipline science a speciality of the Church. Then Vatican  and then issue of Labee Pierre and his politic of helping  supporting the homeless - both President Mitterrand and Lady Thatcher getting very angry with my person using my capacity to supporting Labee Pierre, the Emmaus Cause, Vatican guidance not to get involved with Labee Pierre/Emmaus the big why.  Among the unique thematic that SIROP program became responsible the expansion of the Christian Faith in former East Europe and the USSR, the Orthodox faith and the building of St Peter Basilica in Ivory coast . It took us a while to know the details of President Robert Mugabe Education and upbringing - To stress, emphasis the importance,  relevancy that Program place on faith, belief and practice, divinity in the function of world affairs and economy, diplomacy etc., the big reason we did not go to the UN with a written version of that Program the UN Benchmark which we knew very the many impute and associated issues and my person for some 9 years. To remember the UN played very little role in the changing of the USSR, the COMEON, the mess they made of Yugoslavia and elsewhere.

Monday 16/9/19
SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 16Sep2019- Session 1

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 16Sep2019- Session 2

Comment -How many remembers AKS Forum set up by the De Comaromond Family children 2005 onward, the posting about the Bankruptcy of Seychelles government, the Lehman Brothers role, the issues of that $50 million grant vanishing, Seychelles Central Bank workings and many other posting -the British police and USA or French working. The importance and relevancy of those posting in the Seychelles, the effect and impact on informing the world and greater pubic. In Seychelles those who were saying copies of the posting Forum had been kept. A very good deal of what has been said, presented to the Commission have already been addressed/posted by members of the Forum discussion. Those individual involved in the Project. Other Forum discussion set up what they were posting. The riots and police beat up.

Likewise we have address many of our issues in public spaces, there was no idea, thought that this Commission would come about and its functions, responsibilities. Beside living in Europe or Canada or the USA or Australia their respective authorities, political system and officials, Establishments, the pressures, that individual , families of our communities get put under, the psychological issues impacting and affecting them and they use such resource to share, inform and talk about their situation, When the main media cannot be bothered to write about and they say, conclude these are/were real news and facts what they write. The authorities and officials respond likewise.

We/I was forbidden from getting involved in political parties, protests and activities by Judge EJ Stiven because, on account of his position as a Judge. Other families and person closely associated with the Justice and the Court, benchmark. I Knew Paul Hodoul, his politic and supporters, beside his brother Lawyer Jacques Hodoul - the Person of Dr Ferrari, his son and wife, the important political interests, position and objectives.

Judge EJ Stiven over the years explained, educated us from his and the official prospective why many individual undertook a given political action or became engaged in a political party and the benefit and disadvantage and the power and money, properties and position involved.

In Austria , Europe the time difference- the Saturday night of the 4th of June 1977, when in Seychelles it would have been midnight in Austria Salzburg it would have been 9 pm. On Sunday morning the day of the coup the time difference 7 am Austria time 9.30.10 am Seychelles time. The residence of Judge EJ Stiven and Mr Chudasama, the Estate, the Farm and the workers that historic Sunday morning the cows and pigs and the fawles. The Local fisherman. The Monchougy Family and others surrounding. Judge E J Stiven had several Arms he had brought/imported officially from Zanzibar-

Judge E J Stiven was a staunch opposer of the Communist System and its politic and onslaught on the Colonial system, what they had build, the revolutions and it aftermath, massacre , imprisonment and confiscation of property and wealth grand theft of valuables and properties in the name of Communism socialism. After events of 1977, those friends and acquaintance of his who were affected in Seychelles deported and their contract terminated. In Zanzibar some 30,000 were massacred. They would have talked about the situation and future. Seychelles repeating what had taken place in Zanzibar and elsewhere across Africa. His close friends in Britain then , the Zanzibar Community , those like the Earl of Oxford and his family. Senior Police and Administration officials. Between my self and Seychelles there were no correspondence because of the coup d'etat they were scared, concern in case those with power and gun reacted negatively and the effects on their lives, families and outcome.

My Property at Montagne Pose was bought acquire by Seychelles government under duress in 1989, the plot of land Judge Stiven had gifted to me on the sea front then , some of the military motivated issue to regain my property . How much did of Mr Jean Francois Ferrari and his Father Dr Ferrari impacted government decision to acquire my property by force and those who sold my property on the sea front. Beside he became accessible to vast amount of information regarding that SIROP program and Judge EJ Stiven former colonial responsibility, function, knowledge and the many the officials and acquaintances. These information were used and abused by those officials of the SNP over a very long period of time - In spit of addressing him , our concern never acknowledged, and Dr Ferrari role in that Munich conference to torpedo that SIROP program take it over and promote as their ideas. The Family used these information to negate my person by the government of President F Mitterrand and that of Chirac and Sarkozy. The battle which ensued. Leading Lawyer Ramnijk Valabjhi was the lawyer of Judge E J Stiven, he had died when Lawyer Valabjhi was in Exile in Britain and he had been hundred/persecuted, threatened, how he died, his Justice colleagues and the Legal fraternity, Bar #association of Seychelles - - He was forced in exile and what we shared and discussed in exile, eventual military coup and that SIROP program. We are at great lost to understand /comprehend how such an ardent Communist Socialist, that Mr Jean Francois Ferrari managed to marry Judge EJ Stiven Grand daughter, the daughter of Mr Chudasama and as such inherit, become one of those who managed his Estate and Heritage, Legacy.

Then come the person who stated he was a good friend of Mr Son Chang Him, events, Mr Marcel Zatte is a distant relative from mother side. The person never for once mention the person of Mr Clement Decommarmond a leading personality of then Seychelles his News paper, what he wrote and knew about an eventual coup d'etat, the outside Powers involvements and money, control and the big political why - Le Seychellois and his son priest, chemist and other functions. He was the RSPCA official on the Island and a leading member of the Red Cross. Their property is situation on Harison Street and behind Mr Marcel Zatte shop. 40 years on and that SIROP program giving the world the WWW and our people still come forward and garbage everybody - future generation.

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 19Sep2019- Session 1
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SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 19Sep2019- Session 2
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Comment - My person knew Mr Paul Chow very well in Seychelles, his work and responsibilities with the Mancham- then Chief Minister, my former Austrian wife who worked as Deputy Manager at the Pirate Arms, the Austrian staff including my brother in law Mr Chistopher Savy. We had some terrible conflicts - each time, she if fact both of the ladies Austrian, other Austrian lady friend, use to remind me life is a pile of human excrement - say it with flowers, the many French relevant person we have come across regarding our exile, the Seychelles and current and past politic. - the person of Mr Paul Chow before Independence, in exile , during the time he was the editor of Weekly and Leader of NDP on top of this he and his family are Chinese migrant - what he address on record to the Truth Commission etc., During our exile working the price for betrayal. The solemn promise when they /we return and thing change the punishment that would be meted if not before. What this means and imply in Creoles culture and saying. Those who talk of Freemason/Illuminati working the untold other issues why Mr Gerard Hoareau found his death/was Assassinated my excuse to the Hoareau Family for making this statement in public Mr Paul Chow knowledge of the issues. Other Executive of then SNM/MPR. Just like he quoted IMF report 1988/89 compliment Dr Ferrari of Seychelles government going bust by 1991,  British Intelligence, French Intelligence, South  African, Soviet,  Chinese knowledge that the few money source to mount a coup d'etat had dried out, the very big why, many lives had been lost, blood shed  - his own position in then London , the Masonic  Establishments/Illuminati as witness. ( This bring us to what was discussed between president FA Rene and Mancham and all those spinning and telling their lies. the dreadfulness/horror of coming before  an Australian  of Scott decent  Jurist ex ICC, the Yugoslavs mega mess . To all our past Ministers dead, their families and associates, all our exiles /refugees alive today, the Vatican and church of England , those form the USA, UN, NATO and other governments - why we did not want to put in place that SIROP program with them this is not finished as we go into a 2020 Presidential election)

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 19Sep2019- Session 3
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Comment - Mr Yakub Suleman, You know a great deal more about that Bomb incident, the Governor had wanted to arrest/lock up Mr Rene, they decided against fearing a riot it is in the case papers/Colonial papers/records.

Mr Yakub Suleman you have a holy Qumran next to you, 1986 when those of you were on Long Island the Seychelles exile politic in UK, my personal involvement the changing of the former Prison to Long Island, the development, after the SNM/MPR Leader had been assassinated - that Summer of 1986 those who had asked me to take due responsibility do something, the very initial issues of that SIROP program, the South Africans and French military. In Kilburn the big mosque the issues of the SIROP program, the Muslim community in Hounslow who knew all our issues, those from Pakistan , the Arab world - please do not be condescending and belittle that Seychelles Truth Commission. The Merchant Families were bankrupt and that SIROP program was in part put together with the support of the Asian communities all those in London who knew. Those in Mauritius. The Muslim community in Mauritius, The Iraqi debacle and the Osama issues, the building of that Mosque in Seychelles . Then you say Sir James Mancham come to meet you in Mauritius, the vice President Sir Guytan Duval had enlisted in that SIROP program, what he knew and what happened in Mauritius and the terrible media. .

You said you were in Mauritius the state of Mauritius before that SIROP program the big families and the important roles the big families in helping is to implement that program . The Person of Mr Mario Ricci and those form South Africa in both Mauritius and South Africa. 

You stressed your name is Joab in Muslim -In that Sechelles Seychelles the vast majority give that Truth Commission they think they are wiser than President Ronald Reagan and many others were in then 1986.

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 20Sep2019- Session 1
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Comment - That police officer who went to pick mango , the previous statement that he had evidence, knowledge  of a forthcoming coup - hence he went  pick mango. The African Commissioner ask him if that was a distraction ploy. His statement that with Jamaican they drove to Mr Stone who was the head of the Special Force to arrest him, tie him up - the Chair of the Commission question- a full complete report would have been lodge at the colonial office and the relevant military office of the Colonial office those police Officers ex Seychelles in Exile. Our exile issue with the US military and intelligence Service, French, south African, Soviet - those in Seychelles who knew who Jamaican was . Those/they held the view that one had to have special expertise , training and knowledge  to lead a country and change a nation. The Proof that those who really know Jamaican he was mentally unstable to go and arrest the Head of British special force in Seychelles- had all those then visualised this scenario they would have all asked requested a room at Le Canelle. This statement was listened by anybody around the world,  the leading French military, South Africa, American, #Russian, Israeli and many others, Irish.

Note -It is arguable/correct to say the Seychelles first stage of the 5th June 1977 coup, country take over was a copy cat of the Zanzibar Revolution method. The personalities involved, some 15 to 25,   Taking over the police station where the arms were kept, police armouries, killing the police officer and breaking , raiding the Arms catch, taking over the Central police Station, the  Radio Station hence gaining control - nobody have mentioned this parallel, similarity aspect of Seychelles coup d'etat at the Truth Commission etc.,  so far. , There is another important aspect, those European Expat/British, those Seychellois Families who had lived in Zanzibar at the time of the Revolution and those ex Zanzibari living in Seychelles went, had to go through a second experience, process of human traumatic moment relieved it. , in the case where those who had children in Zanzibar at the time. In the case of Judge E J Stiven he had lived in the Jamaican Riot also and was serving as a police officer.

That Commission chair who have worked several issue of the former Yugoslav war, the media and the killing, blood bath, the kind of soldiers     - NATO the Budget and  amount  of money they spend to train and equipe , the UN Security council

What Bob Nodyne, Bob Denard and Mike Hoare would have said, at our Facebook page the Europe Corp posting and some of the leading French Army regiments and past Army officers.  

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 20Sep2019- Session 2
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Comment - Truth Commission goes in recess form 20th September to 7th October.

Several of the Complainants, particularly the statement of Bishop Chang Him, Mr Lewish Betsey, Dr Maxime Ferrari , Mr Paul Chow, Mr Jean Francois Ferrari, Mr Yakub Suleman - in the first two weeks of the Truth Commission working. A somewhat clearer information on what really happened beside, given the information published over the past 40 years, government, International media and Seychelles media.

The brief sum up of the two weeks event, it is not the drug which is affecting the Seychellois psychosis, mind, psychology, It is not the Colonial psychosis either, given Mauritius politic and development yesterday alone 45 new young lawyers got sworn to practice as Lawyer. In Seychelles the yearly A and O level issues, beside the University. We also have two TV Station.

We have addressed the Commission the issues of Evelyn Oldfield Refuge History Project. Which included the Seychelles , Sri Lanka, BIOT - the British government, Home Office records, British Refugee Council, UNHCR Britain, Amnesty International in Britain, AHRAG and several NGO working with refugees and exile issues. For 30 years in Britain that SIROP program impacting the British government daily working, its diplomacy, politic , economy , big finance, military the royal Establishment and very many others. In the Seychelles the aspect of that program first President Mancham , President FA Rene, the Opposition the past 30 years the correspondence to the MNA , Sir James Mancham, the Constitutions commission , other the past 30 years, those authorities and government who monitor our correspondences. and yet , we have listened to most of the statement yet none have mentioned the existence of that program - we are talking of the many of EU governments who knew, were involved, the 'Vatican, those former COMECON countries, Canada, the USA Latin America, Australia, India, Pakistan the Gulf nations, Africa, those Asian countries.

Our publication and information in the public spaces, the many who purport the Seychellois are not African they are literate, they can read and write, to the Seychelles police, the Defence Force, the Seychelles court , National Assemble, Local government , Regional government, the COI Secretariat, the RIM Association Secretariat, the African Union Institutions, the UN, the International court, the European court and the Human rights court. The Bar Association of Seychelles and those countries where the Seychelles individual and communities have taken exile and other friendly government. The Francophone and he None aligned. The Templar Institutions , the Masonic Institutions. Those Nation Consulate and Embassy we have addressed the issues in Seychelles. 

Question what is really going in the minds, psychology, psychosis of the inhabitants of that Island nation stopping them, blocking, hindering and preventing them from mentioning and discussing that program and its issues in public. . The National TV, Radio and press what they write some utter irrelevant and nonsocial issues.


The Seychelles Truth Commission etc., takes all those exiles and those who know our issues for complete fools. 
Those Ambassador who served at this address the second and third Republic - their Benchmark

7 days ago - John Macnamara was a Met Detective Chief Superintendent before becoming head of security for Dodi's dad Mohamed Al-Fayed. Macnamara arrived in Paris on the morning of the fatal crash in August 1997 and led a probe which ran parallel to the official inquiry.

Princess Diana death investigator dies taking 'secrets to the ...
6 days ago - Former Metropolitan Detective Chief Superintendent John Macnamara took a job as head of security for Fayed after leaving the force.

FORMER French President Jacques Chirac - whose political career was blighted by scandal - has died aged 86.

Jacques Chirac, former French president, dies aged 86

Jacques Chirac dead: Former French president dies aged 86

Grande Loge de France - Wikipedia

Jacques René Chirac (UK/ˈʃɪəræk/ SHEER-ak,[1][2] US/ʃɪəˈrɑːk/ (About this soundlisten) sheer-AHK,[2][3][4] French: [ʒak ʁəne ʃiʁak] (About this soundlisten); 29 November 1932 – 26 September 2019) was a French politician who served as President of France and ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra from 1995 to 2007. Chirac was previously the Prime Minister of France from 1974 to 1976 and from 1986 to 1988, as well as the Mayor of Paris from 1977 to 1995.

Comment -In the first place our, on behalf of those 21,000 exiles/refugees from Seychelles convey our condolence and sympathy to the French nation, the Chirac Family his daughter, Madame Bernadette Chirac , his former Ministers and Officials. Thanking him on behalf of person like Mr Robert Frichot , Sir James Mancham for his support during the Cold war for our situation, politic in exile, his support in Europe and  the Indian Ocean. Those important business connections during his ear as Mayor of Paris - the Larousse family. 

He was France Prime minister when we wrote that historic SIROP program and events, in London, Paris, Vienna, Germany and the former COMECON> some six attempted coup d'etat at changing Seychelles and the Region. Prior to that the issues of that research by UNIDO/world Bank for an Indian ocean join project the foundation for the Commission de L'ocean Indienne. He was a big fan of Mauritius  and the Region Nations. 

The most important the battle with regard to our French ancestral Indian ocean working those who supported and were involved in driving the issues of that SIROP program, the Two Masonic Lodge of France and the two political person, French leading establishments - with Mr Robert Frichot and Sir James Mancham position. Issues at European Union Level and major political debacle at EU, International, African, the UN Francophone and USA level and NATO at the time . The gulf Region, the respective Senior Army and Strategic experts.  To note President F Mitterrand politic was more favourable to FA Rene government.  We found our self having to communicate with both his person and imputing or they imputing in that SIROP development, they both had to know in detail given France significant role in the India Ocean, our position in London,  Europe, the COMECON Block and the USSR. France Nuclear military structure in Europe - it was and independent Structure and it Important associated politic.  

When he became President in 1995, the mega issues of that SIROP program dynamic by then we had moved to Caple le Fern. Very many important issue which drove/synergized French Politic and economic and media those who knew and were involved at the time. That program in Angers,  Loire for safe keeping its contents. The election of President Bill Clinton the associated issues and the first mega CIA Budget issues after the Cold War, IT issues and media platform development. Events in Seychelles then Sir James Mancham, the Constitution debacle and the Third Republic events in Mauritius and the Region. Those MNA Including Sir James Mancham we wrote and explained , Mr Lewis Betsey. Very Important the debacle of the world economic crash and the issues why we advocated, pressed using that SIROP program to leverage the arguments, the Paris Market, London , Germany and the USA, Milan -  why the putting in place  Indian ocean RIM Association,  we had to share and work our ideas with him and his officials and get their support against the USA and British interests in the Region then. It Secretariat in Mauritius. The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge de L'orient. Sir James Mancham and the WANGO, people - Rev Moon. The German Privatisation, Events in South Africa, Privatisation in former USSR. 

Given the issues of ex ICC Jurist McIntyre, the former Yugoslavia debacle, London, NATO and the wars and France position to a good extent driven by the dynamic and synergy of the ongoing Europe and ex USSR and ex COMECON - yet what have been said at the ICC Tribunal and the International court of Justice and the European court of Justice and the Human rights Court. What we have written to them on these topics. 

Very important we managed to convinced him not to join the coalition to go to the second War in the Gulf , the big why we were able to do this and that SIROP program content in Angers and Paris. His Vatican knowledge. His government impacts and influence on Politic in the #Seychelles and Mauritius.    

He was the President in France when we had to return to London in 1996/97, the Issue of Highbury Hotel,  the important Jewish connections, In France and London - the  death of Princes Diana, we being rehoused by Islington council and the mega mess with the left over rest of the Seychelles exile workings in London/Britain. Countless issue linked to the Blair government and Europe, enlargement and New Labour  and today mega Britexit super mess nobody want to think,  they are saying only what is in their minds. 

Pan-Africanism, reconciliation and privatization: 1999–2011 ( Extract Wikipedia )

At the 20th century's end, Gaddafi—frustrated by the failure of his Pan-Arab ideals—increasingly rejected Arab nationalism in favour of Pan-Africanism, emphasising Libya's African identity.[279] From 1997 to 2000, Libya initiated cooperative agreements or bilateral aid arrangements with 10 African states,[280] and in 1999 joined the Community of Sahel-Saharan States.[281] In June 1999, Gaddafi visited Mandela in South Africa,[282] and the following month attended the OAU summit in Algiers, calling for greater political and economic integration across the continent and advocating the foundation of a United States of Africa.[283] He became one of the founders of the African Union (AU), initiated in July 2002 to replace the OAU; at the opening ceremonies, he called for African states to reject conditional aid from the developed world, a direct contrast to the message of South African President Thabo Mbeki.[284]

At the third AU summit, held in Libya in July 2005, Gaddafi called for greater integration, advocating a single AU passport, a common defence system, and a single currency, utilizing the slogan: "The United States of Africa is the hope."[285] His proposal for a Union of African States—a project originally conceived by Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah in the 1960s—was rejected at the 2001 Assembly of Heads of States and Government (AHSG) summit in Lusaka by African leaders who thought it "unrealistic" and "utopian".[286] In June 2005, Libya joined the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA),[287] and in August 2008 Gaddafi was proclaimed "King of Kings" by a committee of traditional African leaders.[288] They crowned him in February 2009, in a ceremony held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; this coincided with Gaddafi's election as AU chairman for a year.[289] In October 2010, Gaddafi apologized to African leaders for the historical enslavement of Africans by the Arab slave trade.[290]

This is where the Seychelles  Truth commission etc., have a golden opportunity  - Mauritius, Seychelles and the African serving as Commissioner. Because of the situation in Europe then 1979, we had hope to be able to travel this was not possible, the Office of President Clinton,  those who prevented us the Conservative Officials, the mega EURO debacle,  The mega disparity between Africa OAU workings, the OAU Institutions then and its capacity to negotiate many issue with the Enlarging EU and the dynamic of that SIROP program,  then President FA Rene in Office his relation with President Ghadaffi and that SIROP program impact on Libya and the Italians and many who knew and the French , those who approached my person the need to find a solution, those who talk very big today when the situation was terrible  - we came back to those from the OAU and stated the OAU need to get  Suit as/like the European Union, what this imply and who could, would spear head such a mammoth challenge, the brutality of the situation  - the proposition of some individual and we in conjugation with then President FA Rene, Tanzania head of state pressured, those from Italy,  then President Qaddafi to accept that role inspite of his known world outlook and politic. His reaction and then President Chirac we had to dialogue with on this very important topic and get the French government to take the Major responsibility, the Francophone  in driving the media and big politic its institutions, capacity and those then leading European Head of Sate how knew and were involved,  event and our contribution until the issue were officially adopted,  then President FA Rene  , Sir James Mancham and many, those from South Africa then,  others,  the UN then and the USA, the Russia and many other yet what was reported by the media as facts and reality. Again we have written to the UN, the several relevant Courts of Europe and the International Court and the African Union Institutions. 

Our plea to the EU high parties, the Courts of Europe,  the UN help us report that SIROP program as it ought to be. The mega negative issues of the Terrorism EU legislation and  those who wanted to muzzled that SIROP program after the mega abuse. The debacle of Refugee History by /Evelyn Old field. That Truth commission etc.,  in Seychelles

HC Deb 01 August 1956 vol 557 cc1415-84

Editor beaten, humiliated for criticizing Mali truth commission

Comment - Having written a few time on those in then pre independence Seychelles who had wanted to find an alternative solution,  then France and its Presidents,  then Rhodesia, in the end it just remained wishes,  ideas and nobody came forward to implement this and the ensuing events, the DP and SPUP historic events. The 5th June coup d'etat which many had seen it coming and its outcome. 

Events in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and Tanzania those government associated with former President FA Rene and his Associates. The Communist and world Socialist Block. 

Very many issue with the former Rhodesian soldiers and the like of the ex Harrods owner, then USA and France, South Africa -until that SIROP program was presented and promoted , the impacts on many African countries,  the mega changes and yet those who wrote what and attributed what, For many years after the program was accepted,  linking and working issues with President Mugabe and that program those from the UN, and the USA knowledge and South Africa. Having cited a few issues of Mayor Chirac and PM Chirac the Mitterrand government, when Mitterrand step down he took over his knowledge and politic with that SIROP program and the handing over to ####Sarkozy events and the fallout. President  F A Rene was well informed and knew of those issues, however his approach to work and politic in the region and  African Union, the Commonwealth and Zimbabwe, Tanzania and other SADC Nations Head of State, the Francophone  -  so to did Sir James Mancham. How much did  President Mandela know and did not have not shared with the world. That Seychelles and South Africa Truth Commission etc., In the USA, China, Russian their knowledge and yet. 

It was in/during the Chirac government era that the change from OAU to African Union  was undertaken, the Libya important issues, Italy and the francophone and finally implemented,   France special relation with the African Union after wards,  all those in Europe  who knew and the special role, credits attributed to President Chirac and the French nation - - today. Preside Mugabe knew a great deal of the unpublished information issues of African change from OAU to African Union how he and his officials worked those issues in the face of the world. 

Today as President Chirac state funeral is being put in motion,   tomorrow public viewing, the book of condolence at the Elysee place  and  Paris Town Hall and in Zimbabwe the laying to rest of President Robert Mugabe in his home Village.  His wife knowledge of those issues and former government officials . The Army/Military and the Establishment. 


In spite what we have written of the important role of former President F Mitterrand and his special relation with former President FA Rene of Seychelles and that SIROP program of 1986/87, our exile community special relation with President Chirac upon his becoming France President developing events between his office and Seychelles of President F A Rene  and that SIROP program. The secrets and knowledge President Chirac have taken to his resting place. We have a Truth Commission etc., in Seychelles and the benchmark of the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice and Europe - this posting is not for lack of respect,  that SIROP program helped save the world from destruction, it contributed to Europe enlargement as we know it today , it helped changed the USSR, the COMECON, China, Africa, the Arab world , Latin america, Asia , the USA and yet the deafening denials and silence. We had wanted to challenge the Will and Testament of President FA Rene on this issue and today the discovery of his last Will and ~Testament. President Chirac gave us his support to put that portal online develop it and the blog issues of that SIROP program, his many government  Ministers and other officials knowledge.  . 




SBC SEYCHELLES - Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 07-OCT-2019- Session 1
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SBC SEYCHELLES - Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 07-OCT-2019- Session 2
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SBC SEYCHELLES - Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 07-OCT-2019- Session 2

Comment - Mr Julien Doffay was a staunch supporter of SDP - then official of the SDP, Mr Moulinier  Mr Paul Pillay, Mr minister Nicholson Stravens, Mr Robert Frichot and Mr Chamery Chetty. Mr Julien Doffay said he worked on the Southern Line belonging to the Bentley Buckle Family - his/their involvement in helping us to write that SIROP program and implementation - that Family had supported an eventual counter coup military intervention. These British officials shortly before the assassination of Mr Gerard Hoareau , the failed attempted coup  and the aspect of all those former British expats who were involved and support and impute, ex police  in the writing making of that SIROP program and the garbage that have been written and said . They all knew and have known Sir James and Mancham and the so call Commonwealth never help changed Seychelles one Party system as have been written, promoted and told time and time. Why they supported that SIROP program, the contents were known and shared with them in London/Britain. The Illuminati/Masonic issues. 

Prio to that,  Mr Julian Doffay formed, belonged those  Seychellois exile who judge we were a spy and had been betraying the SNM/MPR to Seychelles government and deserved to be killed. It would be good for the Commission to recall him and ask him bluntly what did he know or hear, The untold issues of Mr Gerard Hoareau assassination  - the cover up, they had been jailed together 21 of them. This is a Truth Commission the Right to ask question. 

He had worked on the Southern Line and Costain, Seychelles later UK, the British media, Costain working Bench mark the impute we had made into Costain working in UK and elsewhere, the Multinational workings, the Gulf Region as an Interdisciplinary management executive - how the British system works. Beside other companies I help, the charter for the Indian as such my rights and duty to make what is term as intervention and impute as and when was requested or judge necessary. 

His seeking compensation for his former property  and business. Never once giving credit for that SIROP program like many Seychelles exile - yet in the pubs the big talk of mercenary, coup - how to overthrow the government and assassinate  and army connections. Who is being the Traitor and spy, there were many such incidents, individuals. 

He and his family knew the person of Mr Philippe Boule in UK 

Those like him bitter and forceful arguments that we betrayed the cause and exiles - had we to rely on them to implement that SIROP program,  the complete fiasco and terrible mess/muddle, mistrust which prevailed among the exiles/refugees workings. Everybody wanting to be more intelligent, smarter than the other-  In the end. The deafening silence over/about that program in public, the Commission and national media. 

Then French government /officials working their Embassy in London, other embassy and their officials - including, South Africa,  the USA.   

Obituary: Lt-Cmdr Tony Bentley-Buckle

Lieutenant-Commander Tony Bentley-Buckle

Albert R.N.

Chairperson and Commissioners of the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission Sworn in - Page 2 160px-Costain_Group_logo.svg

Costain Blankevoort Dredging Ltd.

Comment - Those who write Wikipedia - the original inception core conception of that SIROP program then Britain economy of 1986 and Europe, why those choose and supported this model - those with the capacity, expertise and ability, resources to forecast plan the major benefits to those aspects of economic growth, employment  and new Finance model - the Construction industry British, French and  others, the big financial houses what have ensued the past 30 years and as against what have been reported and the benchmark. The very many big, colossal projects,  market and Finance, banking issues that SIROP program was involved, responsible for leveraging, drive and synergize. My/our responsibility to help manage, overseer many of the issues. Former President FA Rene and Sir James Mancham, knew were aware of those issues most of the time. The many crash and collapse those leading academic institutions across the world which teaches such specialise subjects,  you cannot have a situation, system where by a given important block or thematic is driving and responsible and then come to reporting you write some thing very different,  those called to manage when major situation and problem come arises. 

First day of TRNUC’s second session | 08 October 2019

Seychelles' Truth and Reconciliation commission opens second session; will hear 23 cases

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SAJ confirme son retrait de la politique

Sir Anerood Jugnauth -Wikipedia

Comment - We/I  began,  was initiated in the science, discipline of High Interdisciplinary management by Prof Dr Hofmann in 1978, his Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute - Prof Dr Hofmann was the Head of the Faculty of Vienna University for High Interdisciplinary Management science, a leading Consultant on the Europe Management thematic and worked for a number of leading Multinationals beside the UNIDO, the Austrian government. Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute, was sister Body of Prof Swab European Economic Forum. In 1979 was granted the Charter for the Indian Ocean this included all the Indian Ocean , Mauritius and aspects of Africa and the Gulf Region. We/I have served, impute in wide spectrum of issues until Prof Dr Hofmann  death. Under his guidance we developed and applied  a hybrid for the specific working of the Indian Ocean, encompassing other science of Interdisciplinary Management and other World and regional Faculties.  His Associates who followed. We,  they worked the intense issues of that SIROP program with Mauritius,  then PM Jugnauth and the Cold War Indian Ocean, changing Indian Ocean and since - we hope to mention these special issues and responsibility before the #Seychelles Truth Commissions etc.,  - we have written to the South African Truth Commission mentioned it. We had associated and impute with those in Mauritius with such capacity,  knowledge. They in turn advised and impute in the respective governments of Mauritius and leading Businesses entities. 

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