SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 24 September 2017

German elections 2017: Angela Merkel wins fourth term but AfD makes gains, exit poll says –

German elections 2017: Angela Merkel wins fourth term but AfD makes gains, exit poll says – 

Angela Merkel gives a statement on the parliament election at the headquarters of the Christian Democratic Union CDU in Berlin

Social Democrat (SPD) and chancellor candidate Martin Schulz speaks after initial results gave the party 20.4% of the vote, giving it a second place finish, in German federal elections in Berlin.

Among the many post on Britexit the many media  and political personalities viewing their concern the fate of Briexit and Europe depended upon the French Election and German election - two days ago PM May out lining her Britexit options. Beside the facts of Italy significant role over the past 40 years in European affairs - those Italian who knew and have known a very great deal about that SIROP program even if we have presented it badly at our portal. How it influenced and impacted their country and Economy

We have addressed the debacle of President F Holland and that SIROP program his government  and at the last French election the terrible outcome for the French Socialist and yet they had supported played crucial roles in those debacle of SIROP. The untold issues of President Macron presidential .

In Germany, Mr Martin Schultz as former EU Commissioner  have known and got to know a very good deal about those linking issues and that SIROP program - he was still Commissioner when then Seychelles Presidential took place and those in Germany who supported and helped the process.

We had envisaged that Mr Martin Schultz as former EU Commissioner and the many linking issues of that SIROP program and Europe and enlargement other politic, coming to main stream German politic he would have taken the leed in Europe and help reformulate that Program with is many very links and workings South of Europe, the Arab world, Africa, Asia. He did not or rather we did not understand or quite appreciate them.  The outcome of Germany Election results -  and the facts that the Extreme Right for the first time in modern German History are back in the Bundestag.
Given that all these European nation contribute to Seychelles government and National Budget if anybody followed and monitored the Financial Commission debacles if they did their respective views. Beside the Commission and the Council of Europe.  For the past 30 years Germany impute in Seychelles Democratic development as well as France and other European Nations. They must be very concern about the intellectual capacity and intelligence of our Politicians and their notion of world and regional politic .;

Beside the facts that the world is moving very rapidly towards aggressive politic  and confrontational  which that SIROP program was the opposite. In spite of major environmental catastrophe and lose of lives and economic destruction and a small group expanding their control over the rest of the world economy again that was not the concept and vision of that SIROP program - the question to ask had we not done that program in then 1987 what would have been the fate of the world today. There would not have been humanity and the world as we know it more likely Deserts and ruins and ashes.

We also saw the election to the White House of President Donald Trump and his German Family and his two wives of former COMECON origin and his Children - beside the departure of Chancellor Helmut Josef Michael Kohl;




It is still Sabbath as such not focus/energized to think of utter complex criminal and political scandal - A video was posted by Tele Sesel which is  Phillippe Boule part initiative  and the brief contents of that Financial Committee - there are issues which involve the USA government Bush administration then , PM  Blair, the European Union, South Africa and the African Union, Israel  and Australia . They relate to IMF/World Bank Dominique Strauss Khan then workings  and the UN - do you have/know somebody on the Police Force who can help.  Uncle MJE

Subsequently when President Obama took Office beside trying to meet with his former Law firm Lovell they have and office in London  wrote to him on this topic. How world policing works they would have copies of my emails.

The Mauritius government of Dr N Ramgoolam was involved the FIU and other Mauritius anti Terrorist and Money Laundering national Police were involved.
Included then French government Sarkozy, the Italian government -

In Ireland, Martin Mc Guinness, Adams and the government of Republic of Ireland then. 

Then Lord Oxford and my contacts, then Mr Guy Horner Seychelles Community in Exile other prominent Seychellois alive then - those ripping off the workings of that SIROP program, methods being uses and apply, leveraging their economy, market and development and politic then throw the freeking book at my person - they almost had me kidnapped and taken to Guantanamo Bay Prison. 

Sir James Mancham knew some of the site, his associates, Reverend Moon then and others his Clubs and Friends. Including Mr Robert Frichot as Lawyer. Then Attorney General Seychelles. 

My letters of protest to the European court, the UNHCR, Vatican, European Court of Human Rights and my Lawyers in London 2006/7

For too long the Justice system of Sechelles Seychelles, the Bar Association and the Government have taken us those representing and working the issues and interests of that 25,000 exiles and refugees for utter fools - yet they watch TV and Read International News papers. We did not acquire our workings and understanding of Intelligence and Policing in London we had been educated and those high and older personalities representing that SIROP program knowledge of how the Police and Intelligence Communities work in this case the Irish. Later events of 1978 onward./ 

What matters is that , that SIROP Program was supposed to be clean, quasi Official and as such when one works international clean Refugee/Exile Program the Benchmarks and what this imply as such the Irish entities, politicians , Police and Intelligence Services and their Illuminati involved and involvements 

A very great deal of water have flown under  that SIROP Bridge sufficient to say the Irish Peace accord and the Good Friday agreement related was driven and synergized by that SIROP program whatever name other choose to use - the manner SNP have handled the whole of their Opposition workings  either they were being dictated by somebody or they just had no clue what real politic and world politic was all about - the poor Seychellois who bitches of Freedoms and Democracy and what have you, they have no clue of what took place and was taking place,  they did not have a mind/brain of their own. 

In Britain this said the very manner we chose the firm Hopkin, Murrrey and Besking based in North London then and the large Irtish Communities how communities work and who knows what and who watches whom and etc. Along with several very serious Law firms we have used and addressed a one time or other some of the issues. 

Nobody in that National Assembly finance Commission mentions that then British government /politicians opposed that the Irish become involved in our Seychelles policing and Regulatory  - because of the manner of that SIROP program,  had insisted/stressed they be given a role. In Ireland all those who knew, the Police, the Intelligence Services and the Political factions, those in London, the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe - those who understand the Italian high corporate and Family workings the Irish are not different.  The European Union Institutions knew about these, the UN Knew about these and those in /France the government,
Intelligence knew and equally South African, Israel. 

Should a bit of the truth be told it  was not the Russian who messed up the last USA election  and the very important why the US establishments, media and Illuminati refuse to take note. 

Serious Fraud Office (United Kingdom)

Arthur Andersen

Enron scandal

Welcome to WANGO, World Association of Non-Governmental ...


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Helmut Kohl

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Seychelles’ participation at the UN Youth Assembly 2017 ‘A stimulus towards becoming more socially-conscious individuals’

Seychelles’ participation at the UN Youth Assembly 2017 ‘A stimulus towards becoming more socially-conscious individuals’

Over the period of August 5, 2017 to August 16, 2017, delegates from across the world experienced an enriching spectacle which encompassed Social Ventures for Sustainable Development (SVSD), Youth Assembly at the United Nations and cross-sectoral implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Seychelles was represented by eight delegates -- Anastasia Pantazopoulou, Victoria Gao, Bhavini Raghvani, Curtis Alvis, Sanjna Shah, Kelly Mothe, Annarose Clarisse and Raghavi Naidu.
Last year only Annarose Clarisse attended the conference as the first Seychellois participant, after which she founded an NGO (UN Youth Seychelles of which she is the current President) to contribute towards the sustainable development goals and ensure Seychellois youth have access to the various privileged opportunities around the United Nations, develop their knowledge on various issues affecting the world and provide solutions for it.
This in turn will have an effect and how we seek for solutions and advocate on issues present in Seychelles.
One of the successes of UN Youth Seychelles, an NGO that has existed for eight months now, was to gather eight delegates to represent Seychelles at this year’s UN Youth Assembly. This was possible through various support, sponsors as well as self-funding.
The first part of the package, SVSD, was held in Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey which taught the delegates vital skills in building and developing a social venture.
During the orientation, we understood the difference between corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship, merits of conducting a profit or non-profit organisation in addition to looking at various case studies such as Grameen Bank.
Prior to the programme, groups of delegates identified a social venture project which would tackle a pressing social need.
Upon meeting our peer mentors on the first day of the four-day programme, we started compiling our group presentation which was to be delivered on the final day.
Over the course of pitching our presentation to our peers and judges, we navigated the strengths of constructing a viable social venture from identifying the social need, proposing a unique and creative solution, identifying resources, developing a project plan and measuring the impact of the venture.
Given the various social needs plaguing our society, these newly augmented skills will be instrumental for our youth delegates to implement social ventures locally.
The Youth Assembly at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York was the penultimate section of the package.
Delegates were briefed on the pillars of the UN namely peace & security, human rights and development & humanitarian aid.
In conjunction, a tour of the Trusteeship Council Chamber and Economic and Social Council allowed the delegates to understand the formalities of decision-making.
We also had the opportunity to visit the Permanent Mission of Canada to the UN where we were privy to their responsibilities and duties.
The opening ceremony of the Youth Assembly took place in the grandiose General Assembly hall which was graced by the President of the 71st General Assembly, permanent representatives of Kenya, Portugal and Sri Lanka.
The following two days included various workshops and panels where social, economic and environmental aspects were deliberated by experts and youth delegates.
Overall, we were exposed to issues that are often not witnessed in our societies and observed innovative solutions to counteract the multitude of social ills.
As delegates, we understood the power of networking and the importance of constantly evolving our strategies to tackle issues in a viable and effective manner.
The delegates and members of UN Youth Seychelles visited the UN Permanent mission to Seychelles and met Ambassador Ronny Jumeau and deputy Ambassador Beryl Samson to discuss future projects and sustainability in Seychelles.
The final leg of the package in Washington D.C. entailed visits to international organisations dedicated towards the cross-sectoral implementation of SDGs.
Delegates had the opportunity to visit United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA), Sustainable D.C., World Bank and International Monetary Fund.
At each venue, delegates were offered an insight into the functions of the institution.
Thus, this experience enabled delegates to gather experience from local and global institutions by communicating with experts from different sectors.
Furthermore, it was an informative avenue to learn about the local and global implementation of SDGs which could provide inspiration for future projects.
Considering Seychelles has been represented only twice out of the 20 sessions of the Youth Assembly, this experience placed our nation on the global map for our interpersonal skills, innovative ideas and our participation towards accomplishing SDGs.
Continued representation in the Assembly will showcase our progress as a nation and highlight our contributions as global youth.
For our delegates, this event proved to be a stimulus towards becoming more socially-conscious individuals where we hope to inspire the youth of Seychelles to do the same.
Ultimately, each of the eight delegates are now equipped with social and entrepreneurial skills while the exemplary networking opportunities will greatly benefit Seychelles through dialogue, mentorship and greater capacity to enact SDGs.
For youth who wish to take part in such conference in the future and would like to know more information you can email, Call/SMS on 2503228 or message us on Facebook/
Comment - All of you must get/become angry at times - noted this News, your demands, those who attended the UN Youth assembly -we must ask you if you have never heard of that SIROP program must be living in/on another planet and yet dare stand in the UN Building and promote Seychelles youth - the respective education you have all had or rather programmings, brought by to understand in a controlled manner to know to be polite. Before 2012 the contents or percentage of the contents of that SIROP program was available to the few elite of Seychelles politic, Justice, Police, Army and so call Illuminati. Please follow up our correspondence to President Obama and why he was elected in the first place his last Term of Office his approach and impute of how this Program ought to go forward, the UN, the European Union and those from the African Union - In Seychelles the situation whereby everybody they have a place, registered office and human and financial resource to work/promote their respective NGO interests and yet that SIROP program situation - We have addressed of the current North Korea crises and the many impute of Sir James Mancham - the view of older politicians its is not adequate to share everything they do with you rather pointless - hence come a situation like North Korea how you are expected to react and comport and what information you believe. Those Nations we have listed were involved and they why and the situation with North Korea and that SIROP program - the Lawyers for that SIROP program is Pardiwalla, Towmey, Lablach in Seychelles - the agreement between President FA Rene and my person - we urge you to take some time read its contents and to please address you remark and views to Lawyer Pardiwalla, Towmey , Lablach 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

20th Anniversary of Princess Diana accident and Mr Al Fayad/khashoggi Son and that SIROP program 1997

20th Anniversary of Princess Diana accident and Mr Al Fayad/khashoggi Son and that SIROP program 1997

This morning 1/9/17 one of Princess Diana son posted some 125 pictures surely there be a reason - will try and link the Facebook post here -among the papers on that SIROP program we took to Angers Loires were Royal issues/arcadian/Illuminati  notes.

20 years have gone by since that terrible news of the horrendous accident in Paris 31st  August 1997 causing the death of Princess Diana, Mr Dodi Al Fayad/Khashoggi and the Chauffeur Mr Paul Henri and a very good deal have been written on this subject positive and negative - inventive. Then media function and Benchmark 1997 and today's media, function publication and availability including the Social media.

Today, 2017 the person of Prince William, his Family and Children and Prince Harry the media topics which we will add as link - the British nation  and the utterly uncomfortable and uncertain future of Britain in Europe - the Britexit. The future British Royal Families with Prince Phillip having retired form Public duties this year  one month ago.

This year among the significant human loss Sir James Mancham first President of Sechelles Seychelles and Mr Adna Khashoggi his connection and friendship with the latter from his early Office days - over the years of our Communities in exile/refugees in Britain - had it not been for those important connection, linking issue Princess Diana may very well have not suffered that accident. After the accident some of the brief issues we presented in writing to Mr  Mohamed Al Fayad.

That SIROP program was not just any Economic and Political debacles - hence our plea and call for the UN or the EU or the African Union to help/support a due reporting as is done with some of the less and little know voluntary Repatriation programs - fearing prosecution and other terrible backlashes - outcomes.  How the British media, the establishments, the Illuminati, the Churches worked then 1997 and then 1987 at the time of conception that program all those involved and in the course of implementation and progress, developments. Again this year 2017 the death of Chancellor Helmut Kohl  and the former Austrian Vice President Dr Alois Mock, Germany mega politic of Changes, the Berlin Wall, USSR changes, the COMECON changes and Reunification - Austrian past historic politic, contributions in these events.

Then Cold War world, Europe and the person of not just British Royals European Royal linked associated, imputing in that SIROP program. How the European royal worked their respective high Institutions,media, Protocol - benchmarks. Their knowledge of events,development and world topics and yet the media and Institutions approach. The person of the young British Royals in particular Prince Charles, Princes Diana, the individuals of Each Royal family members some covered in the media some not linked to the Indian Ocean and the Commonwealth Briefly put Princess Diana knew a good deal about that SIROP program then impacting not just Europe, USSR, the COMECON, British daily politic, the media, the Commonwealth, the USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Gulf Region  and yet the manner these were presented and the politic behind .involved - much more important then Conservative government of Lady Thatcher and her Cabinet and that of then Prime Minister John Major 1997. The media publication of her important involvement in Charity and the difficult causes - that SIROP program had been an NGO led initiatives, what we were communicating , meetings/exchanges the NCVO and the CVS and as such the very complex connected thematic and the Princes and her Staff knew of my person as such responsible had to impute if that is the best/most polite way of putting/explaining it how things works and were done then the many NGO and Voluntary, organisations and Exiles/refugee communities aware and yet what the British media wrote and their TV presented to the public. Are they all liars and mad or did not know what was going on  and the Government respective Agendas - establishments and she came out supporting them and us meaning that SIROP program.  Sir Robert Maxwell knew what was going on, the Al Fayad/Khashoggi family knew and the many associated with Harrods, the Earl of Oxford and Asquith knew what was going on The many Embassies in London from the South African, Canada, the Russian, Chinese, Israel, the German, Austrian, Italian, Australian, Spain, French Embassy officials and the French Institutions in London their knowledge and their Community, Irish, Netherlands, Sweden, some of the other African Embassies in London knowledge. The Agha Khan Community and their Office/Center in London,  Mauritius Embassy, Seychelles Embassy. Britain leading Research Institute the Royal Institute and the International Research Institute. The Director Institute. a Number of the leading Masonic lodge and the Templar Lodge. Beside those leading christian organisations Churches the Canterbury Diocese, the Adventist, the Catholic/Vatican representation, the Bahia and several other the many Jewish Communities and the major Muslim communities and the Hindu communities, the Pakistani  Communities and their Belief. The larger Irish Communities in London. The many influential from the Labour party, Lib Dem, the Trade Unions Friends of the Socialist  International /Communist and Friends of President FA Rene and other Socialist government then their respective interests, media who knew and some we had been  in contact and those supporting that SIROP program. The person of Sir James Goldsmith and his Family knowledge and involvements. The daughter a best friend of Princess Diana she then married to Mr Imran Khan and Pakistan.

We had been living in Kent, the many efforts to get out of Britain with that program and office it it Belgium or France from 1991/2 Ashford, then Folkestone then Caple Le fern, Caple Court Country Club - the 4 berth Minuette caravan  and later the 1 bed mobile Home/office ex North West Holst Construction, daughter company of Societe General de Eaux. We had contacted three leading law Firms in Folkestone two in Dover and three in Canterbury, and Maidstone two beside the Office of KPMG we had visited twice. The Judicial Review and Court case at the Royal Court of Justice and Canterbury and European Court of Justice and the International Court in the Netherlands.

The very same bloody mindedness which prevailed then , very dishonest and callous of the then conservative in Kent what really was taking place and took place other doing their dirty works and they took credits and what they did not like what they did and how they reacted,  Buckingham knowledge and the many above mentioned knowledge and yet. The utter corrupt and dishonest media. That SIROP program impact on Europe and its politic and the Commission, the second project we had started form Folkestone  at Channel Business Center - FECAS -ECSVS, then CIA, then Pentagon , then White House of President Bill Clinton and his promise how he got into Office and elected those two entities impact and impute. Much more important the debacle of the ECU and the Euro implementation. How those who knew form the Central bank use and abused their knowledge to impact and influence events in London and Europe and yet what the official in Bruxelles and Strasbourg were saying - the Royal Family knowledge not just in Britain in Europe and Princess Diana knew of those issues too. The many NGO in London and Europe. The media rage/madness at the time.

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Image result for Seychelles eu community coats of arms



The many many article we have written about President F Mitterrand and that SIROP program, the Two French Masonic lodges other Arcadian French workings driving that SIROP program the very many who knew what and the French media and yet. French Presidents, Ministers, leading Military and other leading French personalities - France Institutions. What we had written and communicated to them - then help and request.

Caple le Fern is just across the Channel from Calais, Boulogne, Dunkirk, Arras, Lense, Bethune and the Atrois former Kingdon. the many French person  who visited Kent, Folkestone and Dover what they knew and picked up on the streets. The persecution we were being subjected to and those involved form the Conservative Camp and their motives. Their constant threats. Those involved in organizing that first the 4 berth Minuette was stolen from the Camping site,  then the debacle and events with the Emperor mobile home and we found our-self homeless and had to/forced to return to London - then European and British Family knowledge, the Illuminati of Europe and the Churches including the Vatican and the Adventists, Amnesty International,  UNHCR in London, the NGO and BRC, a number of lawyers and Embassies and Ethnic Communities and media kingpins in London the Irish Communities and the Jewish Communities. It is pointless to mention Seychelles  and Mauritius we now have in place the Truth Commission in both countries and their utter depraved and corrupted workings -Justice benchmark.  Had it not been for these incidents the debacle of Princes Diana and the Al Fayad and Khashoggi  Family would have been very different. First we found refuge by some Seychelles close Family in Chiswick after many hours of explaining other Seychelles Families who knew our fate and what was going on then - those who had return Home including Sir James Mancham and his British connection who kept him informed. Our Embassy and Mauritius in London. Those Conservative who had destroyed all the evidence of that SIROP program in Kilburn Brent and once again after painfully trying to collect the information rebuilding they destroying everything.

We were advice to go to one of the bigger and better known exile/refugees NGO decided to go to Refugee Forum then AHRAG in Islington, finding Law  firm to support us and explained what had happened and other Ethnic communities including then Jewish Care. The Muslim Community of London was aware of many of the issues ongoing. I finally was offered a place a Highbury Hotel Islington those who had taken the time and pain to call the many Hotel - Britain had entered the debacle of Election and the then Politic. By then NCVO had moved to its new Office by the Warf and CVS had move to the Resource Center on Holloway Rd the many we visited and discussed situation and that program and failed Europe issues. The then Mauritian Community in London, those we visited and explained what. The Seychelles North London Communities and respective Families.

Close to the Hotel was the defunct Masonic Lodge and at the back of Highburg Hotel the HQ of the Construction Leader Mc Alpine. How London and Islinton worked and the Streets buzz. Those who stayed at that Hotel ran by and Irish and Jewish Family what took place and was taking place. Events surrounding the Election and so call victory of Labour and Blair coming to Office  then Seychelles and his relation with President FA Rene those who knew a great deal more - we were properly stitched as they say. The person of Mr Anwar Bayat form the Mauritius Community and the party enthronement PM Blair.

Sir Robert McAlpine Logo

Image result for highbury islington hotel
A Guest House close by cannot find any image of the Hotel

Story image for islington former Masonic lodge from Islington Gazette

In spite of the terrible condition we had to live in, visited those still in contact with that SIROP program and our FECAS -ECSVS issues, Harrods, the Commonwealth Buildings, the Foreign Office the many NGO, Seychelles Embassy and Mauritius , the US and south African Embassy - having been forded back in London  how London worked before we left in 1991/2 the rave rage to impact and influence greater and Major issue and yet what he media and experts wrote - likewise the buzz and rage on the streets of London about using the person of Mr Dodi Al Fayad and his Khashoggi connection to drive the Projects/plan to link Spain and Morocco  and involving the person of Princess Diana and we warned this would go /could go terrible wrong - We are not going to go into details those who knew and the blasters liars and dishonest humans the weekend of the very horrible accident in Paris - the rave and the rage and the satanic muck with it in the name of Freemasons. Two am the news of the accident on the Radio what followed after wards.

Newspaper headlines announcing the death of Princess Diana And Dodi Fayed

"Diana reported dead": How fresh-faced TV hosts announced shock news of Princess had died 20 years ago today

Diana's death changed how Britons saw their royals

20 years after her death, Princess Diana's legacy lives on in Tayside and Fife

The Latest: Mourners remember Diana at site of fatal crash

Diana's bodyguard Ken Wharfe: the princess will never be forgotten

Royals couldn't deal with how popular Diana was, claims ex-bodyguard Wharfe

PRINCESS DIANA DEATH: 'She should have lived' medic claims initial injuries were NOT FATAL

Fans gather at dawn to remember Diana 20 years after her death

What the papers say - August 31: Princess Diana remembered 20 years on


This is more original to many of the above issues -we trust the person wishing to become President of Sechelles Seychelles get to read this. 
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Sunday, 9 July 2017

French Presidential 2017- Bretexit - President Putin BRICS - the G20 Hamburg

We ask those reading this Blog to refer to some of the threads we have written prior to the French Presidential, the efforts by the African Union, those from EU to get some kind of action in that SIROP program, events leading to France declaring the Sate of emergency - still President F Hollande government refusal to impute in that Program  and in-spite of this program impact on French economy and Europe, the USA, China what the French media TV and Press were writing - those blaming Russia for interference in the French election the French media refusal to not the impact and functioning of that SIROP program on France Economy, Europe and others. The synergistic and other mechanism those who have been applying and managing them for the past 27 years. Some of the unpublished issues relating to the political battle for the French Presidency. The challenge of Europe citizens confronted with the media Benchmark - having written/stressed how PM Cameron and the conservative come to Power/Office and how they have been managing many important aspect of that SIROP program to drive British politic, economy  and European politic. Hence our statement Britexit have an important link to that SIROP program is impacted/influenced. Again the European media, the EU officials once the French Presidential was over  and what they were writing and have been writing nobody mentioning that SIROP program impact and function.

Again some of the threads we have addressed about the US election eight years ago, the coming to Office of President Obama and his Presidency and that SIROP program, his Kenya roots and how thing were being played out, regional politic and strategic politic and again the function of that SIROP program, come the last US Presidential election those who had wished that Hillary Clinton be the next US President what really happened those blaming the Russians - that SIROP program workings going back some 27 years and the person of Mr Donald Trump the many issues of his multinationals and major Investments impacted and driven in places by that program dynamic/synergy - his coming to Office what he knew and have known and the US Media and European media stances. Much more important those who have wanted cause/create major malfunction for the European Union the challenge given to President Donald Trump given past working with that SIROP program in Europe, his German roots and his two wives roots and children.; Those suddenly saying the Citizens of EU are back in love with the EU. Those in Brussels and Strasbourg approach  and that SIROP program functioning. One thing they cannot manipulate over the past twelve months several leading high political personalities in Europe have passed away, their role in building that Europe and their role in helping to formulate, impute and manage some of the major issues of that program. For the future management of that program the loss of those high personality is very significant - the responsibilities of the younger politicians what they have come to learn associated with that initial program and over the past 27 years. Current Europe and world working/situation, state of things.

What need to be stressed over and over,  the Human communication that was deployed along with that program back in 1987, the corrupted aspects included - meaning a person or being did not have to have attended Harvard, high education to be able to grasp that program working in Europe and across the world. In-spite of the media and politician massive dishonesty- In Africa, Latin America, Arab world, Asia the same for the past 27 years those who have manipulated and presented that program in their own light and manner, on the streets of the world the human beings - things have not added up and they have time and time again expressed their views and anger - those young African leaving Africa for Europe, those from the torn war region  and when they get to Europe what they get to lean in spite of the political lies and media dishonesty, crap, manipulation daily - beside other information Chanel possibilities developed and evolving over the past 27 years with that SIROP program.

Before leaving Office President Obama efforts, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon efforts, the US could have approached things differently it choose not to. In particularly the challenging refugee/exile/migration impacting Europe and Europe approach and it officials. President Donald Trump has been made aware of these issues before his coming to  the G20 in Hamburg. Both the Chinese President and President Putin views on that program future and those who can/help rework the linking issues in a present day approach /manner.  After the South African Conference on sustainable Development for Africa, events  and the position of the African Union knew what to expect  and the exile/refugee situation getting worse.

Chancellor Merkle have not told the media why she chose Hamburg for the G20 Summit, our efforts from 2015/2016 to rework some of the linking issues to that program, the Gulf and economic issues linked to the Indian ocean, Russia and China - the statement had an eventual proper change taken place in Seychelles a president from the LDS candidate we would have had the responsibility of reworking major Seychelles Europe economic issues and that SIROP program there was only an Assembly change and what ensued.  Those in Germany who had wished a more important change in Seychelles and those form EU.

French presidential election, 2017 - Wikipedia

Informal meeting of BRICS heads of state and government.

Before the start of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, an informal meeting took place between the heads of state and government of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

G20 Summit 2017 Hamburg -

Angela Merkel's nightmare: Chancellor forced to defend G20 in ...

Across Germany those from the many NGO and politicians, big business who know the function of that SIROP program  and yet the official approach and attitude. 

Image result for sirop program

Related image

We have misplaced the photos published of LDS convention 21/7/17 after the G20 Hamburg Summit, this temporary photo the many development, Seychelles government, the National Assembly and business interests in Seychelles and the Region relating to that SIROP ongoing program. We are going to borrow some photo for Facebook 

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, on stage and crowd

Image may contain: 5 people, crowd

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Image may contain: one or more people and people on stage

Image may contain: 2 people, crowd

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, Maladive cut ties with Qatar

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, Maladive  cut ties with Qatar

Plusieurs pays du Golfe et l’Egypte rompent avec le Qatar

It's A "Geopolitical Earthquake": A Stunned World Responds After Saudi Alliance Cuts All Ties With Qatar

Image result for gulf nations that have cut diplomatic ties with qatar

Image result for gulf nations that have cut diplomatic ties with qatar

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Image result for gulf nations that have cut diplomatic ties with qatar

10/6/2017 - We kindly ask/request the five high personalities to read, get their Staff to read /extract the threads we wrote from Hamburg two years ago -before the Presidential election in Seychelles, what the topics were - President J A Michel had muck/messed up very big time over the SIROP program, the Arabs High parties were very unhappy, so too EU, the African Union  and the US high parties.  The super mess with the thousands of exiles flooding Europe and the current situation near explosion. Over the past years those in Europe, America, the Gulf Region, China  and Africa who had trusted in Seychelles unique, should we say unwritten/unreported involvements - instead President J A Michel favorite project  he just could not make the linkage and you need/require the linkage, rather the Team around him, Sir James Mancham was also alive and his approach since his return to Seychelles 1992  - . The prevailing practices of milking that SIROP program as the Irish would say. We reminded those who wish to know about the SIROP program in West Africa/Namibia - President Mandela knew and those white south African who knew. The early years of those many African visiting Seychelles and what the Seychelles media were writing the darn liars. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan have been informed bluntly using our modest press we are not just any little nation - there very deep issues that can cause major malfunction of the most sophisticated well planned politic. We stress the greater interest to work with Seychelles. In the spirit of that original SIROP program when the Gulf nations were none entity safe their oil and India not much different - what that program entailed and how the many have chosen to Report it, their media  and politicians.  On the Streets of Europe, the USA, Canada those who are well aware. The mighty EU in both instance the melt down of 2007/8 the patching work and the Euro Trillions they invested in the first place could have been avoided, the mega exile/refugee migrations  the amount they are throwing in/patching up process  and like wise the Gulf Nation the direction thing are going have been going could have been avoided - had both these two entities displayed this frame of mind back in 1986/7 we would have been living a third world war/Nuclear war. This program had the capacity to decided the direction of Social Global workings or ruthless Capitalist world workings - Once again  we would like to stress that SIROP program is based in Europe working with our exiles communities across the world. * By the way the need to remind everybody why Colonial Britain choose Seychelles to send many of their trouble makers in Exile. 

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Comment - 5/6/2017 

We started working some of he big issues then Lady Thatcher Government 1982, the UK economic situation any investments was a great blessing those who remember those days and how things worked.  We have stated time and time because of certain very deep complexities at that SIROP portal have not addressed anything about those who had planned and foretasted the next 15/20 years development of Europe, the Gulf Region  and the Indian Ocean. Those who say the Gulf nations just "stolpert" as they say in German on the Economic miracle - within that SIROP program mechanism was developed to help/lend that those gulf Nation develop their Sovereign Wealth Bodies and required institutions and in Instance my person input/contribution in the early issues. From the Gulf Nation those who have know and know the fathers of the current rulers - In that Seychelles the comportment of the like of FA Rene, Sir James Manchan and other knowing and yet their attitude. 

The Arab world in their arrogance refuse to admit that that SIROP program which involved changing the Communist and Cold War Economic workings of the Region what this required and those involved and knew. Yet how the UN, the USA and others would comport over the years after that program was started. 

In London proper because this is were we were force/compel to house and develop this program the untold and very significant benefits to the then Gulf State Investments and strategic planners and Thinkers of that Region - their impute into that program dynamic and leverage mechanism and yet what the media , the UN and the USA were saying. 

Unlike the capitalist system those who tried to put into place Muslim Banking and Benchmark system in Finance form London prior to the global crash of 2007/8, those Arabs Gulf State who monitored our SIROP workings and when  the crash came the abut of money values on their investments which evaporated. Yet again in that Seychelles those greedy and double standards little humans/individual their comportment and  our media. The Vast population complete gunny bag by the few.  and still. 

Over the past 7 years to remove that program from UK and base it in France or another continental country the pressure we have encountered because of the leveraging and synergistic mechanism which bring about /drive such massive investments. The terrible comportment and attitudes of the Conservative government of PM Cameron, the Election  and those like PM Gordon Brown thought he knew was aware did not focus enough  the British electorate and European Union being take for a long ride -  until the current one. In Seychelles and France their attitude and what the media is told to tel the public - 

Over the past 5 years in Seychelles the efforts of three major Gulf Authorities to gain control /political control on this program by controlling Seychelles politicians - the like of Minister Alian St Ange and others James Michel his Blue Economy supported by them and what this is all about the frustration and what amount  to mismanagement development of that program and what ensued and yet those from the Gulf State making massive  profits and expanding their portfolios, beside political clout -

We now have a government of President Danny Faure in Seychelles and the current National Assembly constellation the farce going on  and the garbage the Seychelles media are printing. We  now have a major crises and those who refused to listen from the Gulf State - the revamping of that program and reworkings the issues which should have been done two years ago when the African Union and EU, the UN/USA had supported the idea  and the the super mess diplomatic mess within their own ranks. Given that we have worked those issues with Mr Donald Trump back then early 80's now US President and what President Obama got to learn and still. 

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Our Comments that in 2008 we had discussed with a former government worker Water engineer - the person is related to AKS then forum Seychelles going bankrupt 

This is SIROP Blog our efforts to have an online Broadcast platform  again those very very rich who have benefited from that SIROP program - to prevents and stop us from informing and letting the world know what really took place and is taking place, the super mega abuses  - we have deeper reason for not becoming entangle with Gulf Regional issues those elite who ought to know and know - Given the death of Mr Adnan Khashoggi, the brief comment we made at out community forum - those from the Gulf Region getting very uptight. We began sharing and explaining the law firm Hopkin, Murrey , Beskin the Irish Community in North London and the Jewish communities  in 1997, where Mr Ben Chataway worked, Islington Council issues and the British government explaining what that SIROP was all about, the many complexities and inter connectivity. In Particular the Gulf Region and the Indian Ocean.  Mr Ben Chataway joining Dohauty Chambers,  the information I shared with that Chamber, the many EU Institutions, European court of Justice and the International court of Justice and the International Criminal court and UN/UNHCR, World Bank and IMF, African Union beside very many other relevant NGO's. Yesterday Mrs Amal Clooney gave birth to twins  in the first place the Wedding in  Italy -. Our greater Schelles Seychelles global workings - Arcadian workings/connectivity. Our French/Mauritian ancestors build the Suez Canal, they developed the first oil and Gas exploration of the Gulf Region, helped then establish their National Government management system and Institutions, Military and Policing, after the SIROP program which took into deep consideration those great historic events,  the setting up of the Sovereign Funds, the WWW. Major Construction projects/Developments. the many Academic linking Institutions. 


Adnan Khashoggi dies aged 82: 'World's richest arms dealer' and uncle to Princess Diana's lover Dodi Fayed

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arms dealer dies aged 82

9/6/2017 Friday 

For all the wealth/fortunes of the Arab nations/Gulf Region/Kingdoms nobody is reading our blog as they ought to -the time we had taken last Sunday to thread an article about Pentecost 1987. The book link we added about President Ronald Reagan many Christian issues, en-devours  with then USSR in favor of Christian/Orthodox/Jews then  and East Europe. Making it part of US then USSR political diplomacy. We have come back to this topic here - Pentecost does not necessarily mean you get visited by the powerful faith/divine powers which enlightens you/one - there are other forms of enlightenment. Which was taking place then 1987 as part/spin off of the main Pentecost Christians thematic. There were many economic futuristic economic, scientific, management, financial innovative and advance thinking process/had to be to make that program work over the next 10/15 years and beyond. These included deep space projects, the Silicone Valley, very special Energy project like CERN and the global connectivity WWW.

At about the same time development in the two major Muslim Nations, Saudi Arabia and Iran events in 1987 in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Both great spiritual leaders of those Nations had known been well aware and informed of that SIROP program, the negative aspects and future challenges from the West prospective and the Arab world/Muslim prospective. This earth planet is for all mankind. Many projects like Wikipedia did not exist then when you work on a project like the WWW one en-devours to cast a scope as wide as possible over its impact and negativeness/unfavorable outcomes - just as the christian and many many other issues,  the Muslim world would be impacted - the belief and knowledge and what this would bring about over the next 15/20 years. Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann who was my favorite academician of reference his views and intellectual academic vision, particularly that Austria believed in its unique workings in the Gulf Region and the Arab diplomacy, OPEC being based in Vienna. . 

Much have been written about Mr Adnan Khashoggi - he shared a lot of his wealth Philanthropic actions, only this after the news that the Saudi have gifted the Trump Foundation $100 millions. As such the very very many important and great Illuminate personalities and intellectuals he came across and vice versa. They ought  and may have talked over aspect of what we have addressed here. 

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