SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 9 July 2017

French Presidential 2017- Bretexit - President Putin BRICS - the G20 Hamburg

We ask those reading this Blog to refer to some of the threads we have written prior to the French Presidential, the efforts by the African Union, those from EU to get some kind of action in that SIROP program, events leading to France declaring the Sate of emergency - still President F Hollande government refusal to impute in that Program  and in-spite of this program impact on French economy and Europe, the USA, China what the French media TV and Press were writing - those blaming Russia for interference in the French election the French media refusal to not the impact and functioning of that SIROP program on France Economy, Europe and others. The synergistic and other mechanism those who have been applying and managing them for the past 27 years. Some of the unpublished issues relating to the political battle for the French Presidency. The challenge of Europe citizens confronted with the media Benchmark - having written/stressed how PM Cameron and the conservative come to Power/Office and how they have been managing many important aspect of that SIROP program to drive British politic, economy  and European politic. Hence our statement Britexit have an important link to that SIROP program is impacted/influenced. Again the European media, the EU officials once the French Presidential was over  and what they were writing and have been writing nobody mentioning that SIROP program impact and function.

Again some of the threads we have addressed about the US election eight years ago, the coming to Office of President Obama and his Presidency and that SIROP program, his Kenya roots and how thing were being played out, regional politic and strategic politic and again the function of that SIROP program, come the last US Presidential election those who had wished that Hillary Clinton be the next US President what really happened those blaming the Russians - that SIROP program workings going back some 27 years and the person of Mr Donald Trump the many issues of his multinationals and major Investments impacted and driven in places by that program dynamic/synergy - his coming to Office what he knew and have known and the US Media and European media stances. Much more important those who have wanted cause/create major malfunction for the European Union the challenge given to President Donald Trump given past working with that SIROP program in Europe, his German roots and his two wives roots and children.; Those suddenly saying the Citizens of EU are back in love with the EU. Those in Brussels and Strasbourg approach  and that SIROP program functioning. One thing they cannot manipulate over the past twelve months several leading high political personalities in Europe have passed away, their role in building that Europe and their role in helping to formulate, impute and manage some of the major issues of that program. For the future management of that program the loss of those high personality is very significant - the responsibilities of the younger politicians what they have come to learn associated with that initial program and over the past 27 years. Current Europe and world working/situation, state of things.

What need to be stressed over and over,  the Human communication that was deployed along with that program back in 1987, the corrupted aspects included - meaning a person or being did not have to have attended Harvard, high education to be able to grasp that program working in Europe and across the world. In-spite of the media and politician massive dishonesty- In Africa, Latin America, Arab world, Asia the same for the past 27 years those who have manipulated and presented that program in their own light and manner, on the streets of the world the human beings - things have not added up and they have time and time again expressed their views and anger - those young African leaving Africa for Europe, those from the torn war region  and when they get to Europe what they get to lean in spite of the political lies and media dishonesty, crap, manipulation daily - beside other information Chanel possibilities developed and evolving over the past 27 years with that SIROP program.

Before leaving Office President Obama efforts, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon efforts, the US could have approached things differently it choose not to. In particularly the challenging refugee/exile/migration impacting Europe and Europe approach and it officials. President Donald Trump has been made aware of these issues before his coming to  the G20 in Hamburg. Both the Chinese President and President Putin views on that program future and those who can/help rework the linking issues in a present day approach /manner.  After the South African Conference on sustainable Development for Africa, events  and the position of the African Union knew what to expect  and the exile/refugee situation getting worse.

Chancellor Merkle have not told the media why she chose Hamburg for the G20 Summit, our efforts from 2015/2016 to rework some of the linking issues to that program, the Gulf and economic issues linked to the Indian ocean, Russia and China - the statement had an eventual proper change taken place in Seychelles a president from the LDS candidate we would have had the responsibility of reworking major Seychelles Europe economic issues and that SIROP program there was only an Assembly change and what ensued.  Those in Germany who had wished a more important change in Seychelles and those form EU.

French presidential election, 2017 - Wikipedia

Informal meeting of BRICS heads of state and government.

Before the start of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, an informal meeting took place between the heads of state and government of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

G20 Summit 2017 Hamburg -

Angela Merkel's nightmare: Chancellor forced to defend G20 in ...

Across Germany those from the many NGO and politicians, big business who know the function of that SIROP program  and yet the official approach and attitude. 

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We have misplaced the photos published of LDS convention 21/7/17 after the G20 Hamburg Summit, this temporary photo the many development, Seychelles government, the National Assembly and business interests in Seychelles and the Region relating to that SIROP ongoing program. We are going to borrow some photo for Facebook 

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, Maladive cut ties with Qatar

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, Maladive  cut ties with Qatar

Plusieurs pays du Golfe et l’Egypte rompent avec le Qatar

It's A "Geopolitical Earthquake": A Stunned World Responds After Saudi Alliance Cuts All Ties With Qatar

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10/6/2017 - We kindly ask/request the five high personalities to read, get their Staff to read /extract the threads we wrote from Hamburg two years ago -before the Presidential election in Seychelles, what the topics were - President J A Michel had muck/messed up very big time over the SIROP program, the Arabs High parties were very unhappy, so too EU, the African Union  and the US high parties.  The super mess with the thousands of exiles flooding Europe and the current situation near explosion. Over the past years those in Europe, America, the Gulf Region, China  and Africa who had trusted in Seychelles unique, should we say unwritten/unreported involvements - instead President J A Michel favorite project  he just could not make the linkage and you need/require the linkage, rather the Team around him, Sir James Mancham was also alive and his approach since his return to Seychelles 1992  - . The prevailing practices of milking that SIROP program as the Irish would say. We reminded those who wish to know about the SIROP program in West Africa/Namibia - President Mandela knew and those white south African who knew. The early years of those many African visiting Seychelles and what the Seychelles media were writing the darn liars. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan have been informed bluntly using our modest press we are not just any little nation - there very deep issues that can cause major malfunction of the most sophisticated well planned politic. We stress the greater interest to work with Seychelles. In the spirit of that original SIROP program when the Gulf nations were none entity safe their oil and India not much different - what that program entailed and how the many have chosen to Report it, their media  and politicians.  On the Streets of Europe, the USA, Canada those who are well aware. The mighty EU in both instance the melt down of 2007/8 the patching work and the Euro Trillions they invested in the first place could have been avoided, the mega exile/refugee migrations  the amount they are throwing in/patching up process  and like wise the Gulf Nation the direction thing are going have been going could have been avoided - had both these two entities displayed this frame of mind back in 1986/7 we would have been living a third world war/Nuclear war. This program had the capacity to decided the direction of Social Global workings or ruthless Capitalist world workings - Once again  we would like to stress that SIROP program is based in Europe working with our exiles communities across the world. * By the way the need to remind everybody why Colonial Britain choose Seychelles to send many of their trouble makers in Exile. 

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Comment - 5/6/2017 

We started working some of he big issues then Lady Thatcher Government 1982, the UK economic situation any investments was a great blessing those who remember those days and how things worked.  We have stated time and time because of certain very deep complexities at that SIROP portal have not addressed anything about those who had planned and foretasted the next 15/20 years development of Europe, the Gulf Region  and the Indian Ocean. Those who say the Gulf nations just "stolpert" as they say in German on the Economic miracle - within that SIROP program mechanism was developed to help/lend that those gulf Nation develop their Sovereign Wealth Bodies and required institutions and in Instance my person input/contribution in the early issues. From the Gulf Nation those who have know and know the fathers of the current rulers - In that Seychelles the comportment of the like of FA Rene, Sir James Manchan and other knowing and yet their attitude. 

The Arab world in their arrogance refuse to admit that that SIROP program which involved changing the Communist and Cold War Economic workings of the Region what this required and those involved and knew. Yet how the UN, the USA and others would comport over the years after that program was started. 

In London proper because this is were we were force/compel to house and develop this program the untold and very significant benefits to the then Gulf State Investments and strategic planners and Thinkers of that Region - their impute into that program dynamic and leverage mechanism and yet what the media , the UN and the USA were saying. 

Unlike the capitalist system those who tried to put into place Muslim Banking and Benchmark system in Finance form London prior to the global crash of 2007/8, those Arabs Gulf State who monitored our SIROP workings and when  the crash came the abut of money values on their investments which evaporated. Yet again in that Seychelles those greedy and double standards little humans/individual their comportment and  our media. The Vast population complete gunny bag by the few.  and still. 

Over the past 7 years to remove that program from UK and base it in France or another continental country the pressure we have encountered because of the leveraging and synergistic mechanism which bring about /drive such massive investments. The terrible comportment and attitudes of the Conservative government of PM Cameron, the Election  and those like PM Gordon Brown thought he knew was aware did not focus enough  the British electorate and European Union being take for a long ride -  until the current one. In Seychelles and France their attitude and what the media is told to tel the public - 

Over the past 5 years in Seychelles the efforts of three major Gulf Authorities to gain control /political control on this program by controlling Seychelles politicians - the like of Minister Alian St Ange and others James Michel his Blue Economy supported by them and what this is all about the frustration and what amount  to mismanagement development of that program and what ensued and yet those from the Gulf State making massive  profits and expanding their portfolios, beside political clout -

We now have a government of President Danny Faure in Seychelles and the current National Assembly constellation the farce going on  and the garbage the Seychelles media are printing. We  now have a major crises and those who refused to listen from the Gulf State - the revamping of that program and reworkings the issues which should have been done two years ago when the African Union and EU, the UN/USA had supported the idea  and the the super mess diplomatic mess within their own ranks. Given that we have worked those issues with Mr Donald Trump back then early 80's now US President and what President Obama got to learn and still. 

New Projects to Benefit Seychelles

Our Comments that in 2008 we had discussed with a former government worker Water engineer - the person is related to AKS then forum Seychelles going bankrupt 

This is SIROP Blog our efforts to have an online Broadcast platform  again those very very rich who have benefited from that SIROP program - to prevents and stop us from informing and letting the world know what really took place and is taking place, the super mega abuses  - we have deeper reason for not becoming entangle with Gulf Regional issues those elite who ought to know and know - Given the death of Mr Adnan Khashoggi, the brief comment we made at out community forum - those from the Gulf Region getting very uptight. We began sharing and explaining the law firm Hopkin, Murrey , Beskin the Irish Community in North London and the Jewish communities  in 1997, where Mr Ben Chataway worked, Islington Council issues and the British government explaining what that SIROP was all about, the many complexities and inter connectivity. In Particular the Gulf Region and the Indian Ocean.  Mr Ben Chataway joining Dohauty Chambers,  the information I shared with that Chamber, the many EU Institutions, European court of Justice and the International court of Justice and the International Criminal court and UN/UNHCR, World Bank and IMF, African Union beside very many other relevant NGO's. Yesterday Mrs Amal Clooney gave birth to twins  in the first place the Wedding in  Italy -. Our greater Schelles Seychelles global workings - Arcadian workings/connectivity. Our French/Mauritian ancestors build the Suez Canal, they developed the first oil and Gas exploration of the Gulf Region, helped then establish their National Government management system and Institutions, Military and Policing, after the SIROP program which took into deep consideration those great historic events,  the setting up of the Sovereign Funds, the WWW. Major Construction projects/Developments. the many Academic linking Institutions. 


Adnan Khashoggi dies aged 82: 'World's richest arms dealer' and uncle to Princess Diana's lover Dodi Fayed

Adnan Khashoggi: Saudi


arms dealer dies aged 82

9/6/2017 Friday 

For all the wealth/fortunes of the Arab nations/Gulf Region/Kingdoms nobody is reading our blog as they ought to -the time we had taken last Sunday to thread an article about Pentecost 1987. The book link we added about President Ronald Reagan many Christian issues, en-devours  with then USSR in favor of Christian/Orthodox/Jews then  and East Europe. Making it part of US then USSR political diplomacy. We have come back to this topic here - Pentecost does not necessarily mean you get visited by the powerful faith/divine powers which enlightens you/one - there are other forms of enlightenment. Which was taking place then 1987 as part/spin off of the main Pentecost Christians thematic. There were many economic futuristic economic, scientific, management, financial innovative and advance thinking process/had to be to make that program work over the next 10/15 years and beyond. These included deep space projects, the Silicone Valley, very special Energy project like CERN and the global connectivity WWW.

At about the same time development in the two major Muslim Nations, Saudi Arabia and Iran events in 1987 in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Both great spiritual leaders of those Nations had known been well aware and informed of that SIROP program, the negative aspects and future challenges from the West prospective and the Arab world/Muslim prospective. This earth planet is for all mankind. Many projects like Wikipedia did not exist then when you work on a project like the WWW one en-devours to cast a scope as wide as possible over its impact and negativeness/unfavorable outcomes - just as the christian and many many other issues,  the Muslim world would be impacted - the belief and knowledge and what this would bring about over the next 15/20 years. Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann who was my favorite academician of reference his views and intellectual academic vision, particularly that Austria believed in its unique workings in the Gulf Region and the Arab diplomacy, OPEC being based in Vienna. . 

Much have been written about Mr Adnan Khashoggi - he shared a lot of his wealth Philanthropic actions, only this after the news that the Saudi have gifted the Trump Foundation $100 millions. As such the very very many important and great Illuminate personalities and intellectuals he came across and vice versa. They ought  and may have talked over aspect of what we have addressed here. 

The Diocese of Seychelles Catholic, celebrating 125 years of its existence 

StateHouse | Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles

Courtesy Call by Representatives from Fitch Ratings

Monday, 24 April 2017

Seychelles National Assembly Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Seychelles National Assembly Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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Linyon Demokratik Seselwa
NATIONAL ASSEMBLY COMMUNIQUE: The Truth and Reconciliation Committee of the Seychelles National Assembly will be holding a National Symposium on Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity on Sunday, 07th May 2017, at the International Conference Centre Seychelles (ICCS), from 2.00pm to 6.00pm,
This historic event aims to accomplish the following goals: 

• Listen to various presentations from international and local guest speakers with the aim of assisting in the design of a national engagement strategy for developing and implementing a national reconciliation framework, informed by the Truth and Reconciliation Committee recommendations;

• Examine international ‘best practices’ towards achieving a Commission on Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity, suitable for Seychelles, which will have as aim to study and analyse complaints by individuals affected since the Coup D’√©tat; shed light on those events and find solutions and closure for individuals affected, so that the Country can move forward in unity;

• Create a platform for action, to chart a way forward towards achieving truth, reconciliation and national unity, in Seychelles;

• Share the findings of the work of the Committee to the general public; listen to suggestions/queries from the floor and provide sound feedback.

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Comment Facebook

We just read at Facebook posted by the LDS political party of Sechelles Seychelles that you will be arriving 6/5/17 to speak on the South African Truth and Reconciliation process - then President Nelson Mandela and several others alive including his best Friend in Prison. In the first place we thank Facebook for its platform and functionality -Had it not existed nobody in Seychelles from the Government, the Justice, the NGO, the Opposition would have bothered to write and inform us and the interests we represent and have been promoting the past 30 years. We will be linking a blog we have addressed some of the topic/relates issues covering a number of well known Truth, Reconciliation Commission - In spite of being reasonably informed about South African politic and active some 40 years had not come across your person before - Please accept our excuse -

Reply22 mins



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President Francois Holland dismissed his government 10/5/17 that SIROP program, President Obama era and President Donald Trump and that monstrous Britexit leading to a world conflict - one of the important reason we were entrusted with this high responsibility was/is our approach to understanding High Interdisciplinary Management disciplines whilst working, imputing in a given thematic the benchmark - There is a very great deal President F Mitterrand impute in that SIROP program we have never shared with the public  and Mrs Danielle Mitterrand was custodian  and privy until her departure/death. What we wrote to Mauritius in 2011 with her gone the decision to publish aspects of the SIROP program - We have noted those five Priests President D Faure have given Seychelles passport - this event was in Cluny and in the picture of Dr/Mrs Hilda Stevenson Delhomme the two sisters of Cluny. My person was/is sitting third row - my/our five years battle to get our Refugee status transferred to France under UNHCR resettlement protocol.


We have addressed a great about the fundamental christian values of the Seychellois - the significant important of those values, belief in conception, working and implementing that SIROP program  and those from South Africa taking part in the Truth Commission and Reconciliation, the USA Adventist General conference, Europe, Africa and Asia impute/involvement - "Yesterday President Emmanuel Macron teacher was interviewed by Franceinfo on what kind of pupil he was as a child and if he thought one day his pupil would become the President of France -  that he is very proud in all humility" we are going to add two photos of the Old #Adventist church in Victoria as children - one of the Mauritius/President Pastor's son Mr Gervais Appave lead one of the world major UN/International Migrant Organization, In Australia Pastor Terry Johnson the Johnson Family - then Sauzier Family, the old Daddy Michel Property and Hunt Deltel, the Berlouis Family next to the church ex Treasury Building, later the Ernestine Garage and Mr Pool Round Tabler, the old Family at today's Barell Club, the Music shop on the corner, the Frichot Family, the Savy Family, the Valabjhi family - they help make/formulate a person character  and the writing of that SIROP program. The old Adventist School at Bel Eau, the elite Franco Seychellois Family and the British Expat Residential Area and the Bel Air Cemetery . Those heritage and ancient illuminate who look after us growing up and guided is in exile. Our Grand parents church at Ans aux Pins today the Basilica and the Church of England St Paul those families and parents related, their faith and belief - For/to that Truth and reconciliation Committee it means nothing safe their own agenda. 

It is not the first time this video is brought to my/our attention again today 13/5/17, those who know/are aware - To Sir James Mancham much more knowledgeable about our Sechelles Seychelles what we have come to term Arcadian/greater Illuminati  workings - and Mr Gerard Hoareau Leading our exile/refugee in exile - the meaning of addressing life, the Powers that be on a bended knees and the person of Princess Diana - and our very many issues.

The image originate from Seventh-day Adventist Church Seychelles

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Talking of the Gresle family the old Adventist church the Barell Restaurant this is where the Round Table Seychelles use to meet  and Mr Gresle was a Round Tabler. ( Later after we had written that research for Indian Industrial Investment and Promotion Center by UNIDO/IMF Vienna, Mr David Rakotopare Head of UNIDO India Ocean Africa division former Director of Madagascar Central Bank and in Law of President Didier  Ratsiraka, the foundation work of the COI - the South African embassy and the Israeli and French, US Embassy in Vienna - he was aware and knew I/we had become an Interdisciplinary management Fellow/Executive of Prof Dr Hofmann IMI - He Headed University of Vienna Faculty of High Interdisciplinary Management. The granting of the Indian Ocean charter to my person - then Mr Guy Morel - SIM, He also knew of Prof Von Hayak the Thatcher and Conservative debacles and British economy, Europe and South African many economic and other debacle relating to Seychelles and our exile/refugee issues )

In London the South Africa Embassy, British government/Intelligence, President Nelson Mandela, ex Wife Mrs Mandela and other knew very who Mr Gresle was to us and later that SIROP program 1986/7

We have stressed very many times that Emblem/coat of Arms of our Seychelles EU Community was undertaken in Folkestone Library and the many aspects, science, Heraldry of South Africa we refereed to beside the similarity in our Flag - the very many impacting thematic to this day and in many years to come . 

Indeed we are talking of the same person and Family - those who would say on such occasion Praise the mighty Lord - Hallelujah -

 This dissertation is dedicated to the memory of my father Conrad Gresl√© (1937-1993).

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Courtesy call by Pastor Christian Lodewyk


We have been forced/compel to address three major and very significant OAU/AU thematic related to that SIROP program - the attitude of African Union towards Seychelles  and the Person of Minister Alain St Ange. In particular the topic of African link to the Super Highway Broadband submarine cable starting form Portugal in 2002 then PM Blair government - those who reacted and from 12 -13/5/17 100 nations their National Computer System targeted and the very grave situation resulting - we have address the Justice of Seychelles  - yet over the past 15 years the amount of funds, grants, expertise, resources impute by the UN and countless other international bodies to help Seychelles understand and take its responsibility in the greater functioning and understanding such major situation - these should/ought to be included in the process , debacle and scientific approach, benchmark of that Truth Commission. 

We have decided to added a link of Wikiepdia Tsunami of 2004/5 - the two scientific camp on what triggered that Tsunami and some 250,000 were killed in a short time compared to the Traumas of the 40 years of event in Seychelles form 1976 to date. Again the scientific resources,money, training that have been imparted to Seychelles  both form part of greater global functionality dynamic/synergy linked to complex working of that SIROP program those in Europe, the USA, Russia, China well aware of alternative dynamic and science  and its impacts yet in that Seychelles what they have been brainwashed to believe. When nations refuse to listen the next time the outcome and the horrendous calamity they then have to confront. 
US Navy 050102-N-9593M-040 A village near the coast of Sumatra lays in ruin after the Tsunami that struck South East Asia.jpg

Second President D Faure live Press Conference 15/5/17

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