SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 24 September 2017

German elections 2017: Angela Merkel wins fourth term but AfD makes gains, exit poll says –

German elections 2017: Angela Merkel wins fourth term but AfD makes gains, exit poll says – 

Angela Merkel gives a statement on the parliament election at the headquarters of the Christian Democratic Union CDU in Berlin

Social Democrat (SPD) and chancellor candidate Martin Schulz speaks after initial results gave the party 20.4% of the vote, giving it a second place finish, in German federal elections in Berlin.

Among the many post on Britexit the many media  and political personalities viewing their concern the fate of Briexit and Europe depended upon the French Election and German election - two days ago PM May out lining her Britexit options. Beside the facts of Italy significant role over the past 40 years in European affairs - those Italian who knew and have known a very great deal about that SIROP program even if we have presented it badly at our portal. How it influenced and impacted their country and Economy

We have addressed the debacle of President F Holland and that SIROP program his government  and at the last French election the terrible outcome for the French Socialist and yet they had supported played crucial roles in those debacle of SIROP. The untold issues of President Macron presidential .

In Germany, Mr Martin Schultz as former EU Commissioner  have known and got to know a very good deal about those linking issues and that SIROP program - he was still Commissioner when then Seychelles Presidential took place and those in Germany who supported and helped the process.

We had envisaged that Mr Martin Schultz as former EU Commissioner and the many linking issues of that SIROP program and Europe and enlargement other politic, coming to main stream German politic he would have taken the leed in Europe and help reformulate that Program with is many very links and workings South of Europe, the Arab world, Africa, Asia. He did not or rather we did not understand or quite appreciate them.  The outcome of Germany Election results -  and the facts that the Extreme Right for the first time in modern German History are back in the Bundestag.
Given that all these European nation contribute to Seychelles government and National Budget if anybody followed and monitored the Financial Commission debacles if they did their respective views. Beside the Commission and the Council of Europe.  For the past 30 years Germany impute in Seychelles Democratic development as well as France and other European Nations. They must be very concern about the intellectual capacity and intelligence of our Politicians and their notion of world and regional politic .;

Beside the facts that the world is moving very rapidly towards aggressive politic  and confrontational  which that SIROP program was the opposite. In spite of major environmental catastrophe and lose of lives and economic destruction and a small group expanding their control over the rest of the world economy again that was not the concept and vision of that SIROP program - the question to ask had we not done that program in then 1987 what would have been the fate of the world today. There would not have been humanity and the world as we know it more likely Deserts and ruins and ashes.

We also saw the election to the White House of President Donald Trump and his German Family and his two wives of former COMECON origin and his Children - beside the departure of Chancellor Helmut Josef Michael Kohl;




It is still Sabbath as such not focus/energized to think of utter complex criminal and political scandal - A video was posted by Tele Sesel which is  Phillippe Boule part initiative  and the brief contents of that Financial Committee - there are issues which involve the USA government Bush administration then , PM  Blair, the European Union, South Africa and the African Union, Israel  and Australia . They relate to IMF/World Bank Dominique Strauss Khan then workings  and the UN - do you have/know somebody on the Police Force who can help.  Uncle MJE

Subsequently when President Obama took Office beside trying to meet with his former Law firm Lovell they have and office in London  wrote to him on this topic. How world policing works they would have copies of my emails.

The Mauritius government of Dr N Ramgoolam was involved the FIU and other Mauritius anti Terrorist and Money Laundering national Police were involved.
Included then French government Sarkozy, the Italian government -

In Ireland, Martin Mc Guinness, Adams and the government of Republic of Ireland then. 

Then Lord Oxford and my contacts, then Mr Guy Horner Seychelles Community in Exile other prominent Seychellois alive then - those ripping off the workings of that SIROP program, methods being uses and apply, leveraging their economy, market and development and politic then throw the freeking book at my person - they almost had me kidnapped and taken to Guantanamo Bay Prison. 

Sir James Mancham knew some of the site, his associates, Reverend Moon then and others his Clubs and Friends. Including Mr Robert Frichot as Lawyer. Then Attorney General Seychelles. 

My letters of protest to the European court, the UNHCR, Vatican, European Court of Human Rights and my Lawyers in London 2006/7

For too long the Justice system of Sechelles Seychelles, the Bar Association and the Government have taken us those representing and working the issues and interests of that 25,000 exiles and refugees for utter fools - yet they watch TV and Read International News papers. We did not acquire our workings and understanding of Intelligence and Policing in London we had been educated and those high and older personalities representing that SIROP program knowledge of how the Police and Intelligence Communities work in this case the Irish. Later events of 1978 onward./ 

What matters is that , that SIROP Program was supposed to be clean, quasi Official and as such when one works international clean Refugee/Exile Program the Benchmarks and what this imply as such the Irish entities, politicians , Police and Intelligence Services and their Illuminati involved and involvements 

A very great deal of water have flown under  that SIROP Bridge sufficient to say the Irish Peace accord and the Good Friday agreement related was driven and synergized by that SIROP program whatever name other choose to use - the manner SNP have handled the whole of their Opposition workings  either they were being dictated by somebody or they just had no clue what real politic and world politic was all about - the poor Seychellois who bitches of Freedoms and Democracy and what have you, they have no clue of what took place and was taking place,  they did not have a mind/brain of their own. 

In Britain this said the very manner we chose the firm Hopkin, Murrrey and Besking based in North London then and the large Irtish Communities how communities work and who knows what and who watches whom and etc. Along with several very serious Law firms we have used and addressed a one time or other some of the issues. 

Nobody in that National Assembly finance Commission mentions that then British government /politicians opposed that the Irish become involved in our Seychelles policing and Regulatory  - because of the manner of that SIROP program,  had insisted/stressed they be given a role. In Ireland all those who knew, the Police, the Intelligence Services and the Political factions, those in London, the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe - those who understand the Italian high corporate and Family workings the Irish are not different.  The European Union Institutions knew about these, the UN Knew about these and those in /France the government,
Intelligence knew and equally South African, Israel. 

Should a bit of the truth be told it  was not the Russian who messed up the last USA election  and the very important why the US establishments, media and Illuminati refuse to take note. 

Serious Fraud Office (United Kingdom)

Arthur Andersen

Enron scandal

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Helmut Kohl

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Seychelles’ participation at the UN Youth Assembly 2017 ‘A stimulus towards becoming more socially-conscious individuals’

Seychelles’ participation at the UN Youth Assembly 2017 ‘A stimulus towards becoming more socially-conscious individuals’

Over the period of August 5, 2017 to August 16, 2017, delegates from across the world experienced an enriching spectacle which encompassed Social Ventures for Sustainable Development (SVSD), Youth Assembly at the United Nations and cross-sectoral implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Seychelles was represented by eight delegates -- Anastasia Pantazopoulou, Victoria Gao, Bhavini Raghvani, Curtis Alvis, Sanjna Shah, Kelly Mothe, Annarose Clarisse and Raghavi Naidu.
Last year only Annarose Clarisse attended the conference as the first Seychellois participant, after which she founded an NGO (UN Youth Seychelles of which she is the current President) to contribute towards the sustainable development goals and ensure Seychellois youth have access to the various privileged opportunities around the United Nations, develop their knowledge on various issues affecting the world and provide solutions for it.
This in turn will have an effect and how we seek for solutions and advocate on issues present in Seychelles.
One of the successes of UN Youth Seychelles, an NGO that has existed for eight months now, was to gather eight delegates to represent Seychelles at this year’s UN Youth Assembly. This was possible through various support, sponsors as well as self-funding.
The first part of the package, SVSD, was held in Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey which taught the delegates vital skills in building and developing a social venture.
During the orientation, we understood the difference between corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship, merits of conducting a profit or non-profit organisation in addition to looking at various case studies such as Grameen Bank.
Prior to the programme, groups of delegates identified a social venture project which would tackle a pressing social need.
Upon meeting our peer mentors on the first day of the four-day programme, we started compiling our group presentation which was to be delivered on the final day.
Over the course of pitching our presentation to our peers and judges, we navigated the strengths of constructing a viable social venture from identifying the social need, proposing a unique and creative solution, identifying resources, developing a project plan and measuring the impact of the venture.
Given the various social needs plaguing our society, these newly augmented skills will be instrumental for our youth delegates to implement social ventures locally.
The Youth Assembly at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York was the penultimate section of the package.
Delegates were briefed on the pillars of the UN namely peace & security, human rights and development & humanitarian aid.
In conjunction, a tour of the Trusteeship Council Chamber and Economic and Social Council allowed the delegates to understand the formalities of decision-making.
We also had the opportunity to visit the Permanent Mission of Canada to the UN where we were privy to their responsibilities and duties.
The opening ceremony of the Youth Assembly took place in the grandiose General Assembly hall which was graced by the President of the 71st General Assembly, permanent representatives of Kenya, Portugal and Sri Lanka.
The following two days included various workshops and panels where social, economic and environmental aspects were deliberated by experts and youth delegates.
Overall, we were exposed to issues that are often not witnessed in our societies and observed innovative solutions to counteract the multitude of social ills.
As delegates, we understood the power of networking and the importance of constantly evolving our strategies to tackle issues in a viable and effective manner.
The delegates and members of UN Youth Seychelles visited the UN Permanent mission to Seychelles and met Ambassador Ronny Jumeau and deputy Ambassador Beryl Samson to discuss future projects and sustainability in Seychelles.
The final leg of the package in Washington D.C. entailed visits to international organisations dedicated towards the cross-sectoral implementation of SDGs.
Delegates had the opportunity to visit United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA), Sustainable D.C., World Bank and International Monetary Fund.
At each venue, delegates were offered an insight into the functions of the institution.
Thus, this experience enabled delegates to gather experience from local and global institutions by communicating with experts from different sectors.
Furthermore, it was an informative avenue to learn about the local and global implementation of SDGs which could provide inspiration for future projects.
Considering Seychelles has been represented only twice out of the 20 sessions of the Youth Assembly, this experience placed our nation on the global map for our interpersonal skills, innovative ideas and our participation towards accomplishing SDGs.
Continued representation in the Assembly will showcase our progress as a nation and highlight our contributions as global youth.
For our delegates, this event proved to be a stimulus towards becoming more socially-conscious individuals where we hope to inspire the youth of Seychelles to do the same.
Ultimately, each of the eight delegates are now equipped with social and entrepreneurial skills while the exemplary networking opportunities will greatly benefit Seychelles through dialogue, mentorship and greater capacity to enact SDGs.
For youth who wish to take part in such conference in the future and would like to know more information you can email, Call/SMS on 2503228 or message us on Facebook/
Comment - All of you must get/become angry at times - noted this News, your demands, those who attended the UN Youth assembly -we must ask you if you have never heard of that SIROP program must be living in/on another planet and yet dare stand in the UN Building and promote Seychelles youth - the respective education you have all had or rather programmings, brought by to understand in a controlled manner to know to be polite. Before 2012 the contents or percentage of the contents of that SIROP program was available to the few elite of Seychelles politic, Justice, Police, Army and so call Illuminati. Please follow up our correspondence to President Obama and why he was elected in the first place his last Term of Office his approach and impute of how this Program ought to go forward, the UN, the European Union and those from the African Union - In Seychelles the situation whereby everybody they have a place, registered office and human and financial resource to work/promote their respective NGO interests and yet that SIROP program situation - We have addressed of the current North Korea crises and the many impute of Sir James Mancham - the view of older politicians its is not adequate to share everything they do with you rather pointless - hence come a situation like North Korea how you are expected to react and comport and what information you believe. Those Nations we have listed were involved and they why and the situation with North Korea and that SIROP program - the Lawyers for that SIROP program is Pardiwalla, Towmey, Lablach in Seychelles - the agreement between President FA Rene and my person - we urge you to take some time read its contents and to please address you remark and views to Lawyer Pardiwalla, Towmey , Lablach