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SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
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Thursday, 25 February 2010

With the death of Archduchess Regina von Habsburg an important era of Europe is dying

With the death of Archduchess Regina von Habsburg, those few who understand some of the complexer working, institutions of EU. The debate of Dr Otto Von Habsburg involvement in politic of Europe - his stand and what he has achieved and brought to Europe. Those who are arguing that an important era of Europe is dying, gone with her death. Like in past European politic, social climate and life - Civilisation.

The Europe of 1976 to the Europe of today 2010 a very great deal have moved on and progressed. We choose that date because that is the time as the 5th generation Franco - Seychellois (what ever bits of British/Sino) we returned to Europe the land our ancestors had left, their diaspora, motives and reasons. We were leaving the land , country they had build in the Indian Ocean and took Exile in Europe.

The politic of the world then, the rulers of the world then, their institutions, media and politicians.

In our Europe, those individuals who were impacting issues and events. For this reason we decided to review the info at IOIMF - Indian Ocean Interdisciplinary Management Foundation, 1979. The state of Europe, World, USA, Africa, Asia, the Small nations, China, the COMECON nations and USSR or Eastern Bloc.

The notion and understanding, use of Interdisciplinary science was still an unknown entity in the mind of most media, politicians, academicians, corporate bodies and their practises and very many others. The few who had studied, practise were either elite, specialist in their field and was unknown to the greater world and public. Be it/they in USA, Britain, France, Germany other European Capitals.

Today, when we read the History of European Economic Forum founded 1971 - those who hype history. In comparison to the real state of things at the time. The media record, public record and knowledge.

In our review of IOIMF - Indian Ocean Interdisciplinary Management Foundation, added a link to Vienna University. We followed the link of Bruno Kreisky as one of the outstanding Graduate along with other names in recent time. We also followed links of important, prominent Professor who have taught there or developed special aspect of Vienna University Faculty. We were searching for the name of Professor, Dr, Dr, Micheal Hoffman. He had headed the special Department of High Management at Vienna University. He had been an adviser to the Kreisky Government, politicians, Industry Captains and other multinational in Austria or Germany. We have spent nearly four hours as well as some 15 years, searching, publishing, inquiring why he has been silenced, why none of his work is available, we even joined the University of Vienna Library on line 25/2/10 to search.

At the subcategory or category under Bruno Kreisky visited the Burial in Vienna, then the famous Cemetery - the name of those listed recently and the past. the name of Micheal Hoffman is not to be seen or found. We came across very many personalities we have been made acquaintance, be they private and public, fraternal or otherwise.

At one of the page of Vienna University, we came across somebody interesting at first it did not click - then remembered. Frederic A von Heyek, his brief details and extended page to Nobel Prize website which we have linked here. They have detailed some of his more important books, work, etc. Nowhere is it written that he was the Close advisor to Lady Tacther - Margret Tacther Conservative government until she resigned. The debacle of how he came to be called to become her most trusted and important economic advisor at that an Austrian, when British public, conservative was on about Nazi, Dr Kurt Waldheim and others. ( We had been importantly instrumental) He must have belonged to the Black Party in Austria - OVP or Liberal.

Again, we went back to the Vienna University search platform, typed his name and the details and information about some of his work. When we did this with Dr Micheal C Hoffman, nothing comes or came up. Professor Hoffman was an SPĂ–, without that would have come nowhere near the Kreisky prominent Officials. Those in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy who know how things work in Austria, the pecking order an who gets what position and by whom.

In 1979. Professor, Dr Dr Micheal C Hoffman, was the Guru, the light, the Capo in his field - namely Interdisciplinary Management. He had lectured at Harvard, Germany elite University, Italy. Whatever happened to his name. life, work, associates, graduates he taught. He had more capabilities and understanding of complex European and global economic, politic, corporate issues as Dr Fredric A von Heyek. Hence those multinational we adviced and worked as consultants and the leading Austrian financial Institutions. A very important question to ask and be ask - what about the Famous Red Barons, he was in their Circle, then what has happened. They need to explain to the world, future civilisation, the new nations of EU, like wise Russia.

The ideas, the synergies, the forces, the thematics being persuaded at the time of the first crises in Poland, those in very close Circle in Vienna, were the Socialist and the like of Professor, Dr Hoffman - view, advice what was it all about, the next step, the development. He wrote countless papers in these fields. Whatever happened to them. This is why we have said and maintain that the political, economic change which took place in Poland, the COMECON countries, Germany Reunification, USSR dissolvement and what took, have taken place in Europe ought not to have taken place, Had I/we, our Person been in say France, Germany or Austria. Those like Dr Bruno Kreisky who knew and was aware of what was going on, Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Chancellor Kohl. Primer Andreotti. We were in contact with him and other of/from Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute, other important Austrian personalities, Corporate leaders, Illuminati/fraternal, Christian when we took exile in Britain, 1981 until his death - liquidation, execution 1995/6.

Wikepedia, is a great place, again those who really know why and how such portal like Wikipedia came about - those establishment in the world, Europe, the USA, or Russia, China and former COMECON who spent vast resources, just to cover up, hide and control information, for what purpose and to what ends. Our concern, that nobody have come forward to even mention the name of Professor, Dr Dr Micheal C Hoffman, beside our person. Again the very many personalities, parties, institutions in Austria, German speaking countries who are guilty and gullible in this very wired and strange affair. What about the UN in Vienna - UNIDO and OPEC, they knew of/about him, associated with him. The issues of to build or not to build the mega Conference Centre and UNIDO Head Quaters in Vienna, Professor, Dr Micheal C Hoffman and my person were involved in the issues and process.

Not to overlook, the Austrian nobilities, royalties who knew him personally, academic and corporate wise. Including the Archduke, Dr Otto Von Habsburg, his entourage. The German politicians, European, those from the Council of Europe. The European Illuminati. The USA Intelligence Service - the CIA and FBI monitored the issues, the South African - BOSS, the Israeli, Mossad and Sim-beth, the French Intelligence Service, the Egyptian, the USSR former KGB and current Intelligence Services. What about the British MI5.

Note: We had wanted to make it a comment, the Blog will not allow link and too long.

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grandlarousse said...

We Trust the space will be big enough:

Brown to Blair: 'You ruined my life'
* Brown 'Shouted At Blair He'd Ruined His Life'

Gordon Brown repeatedly shouted at Tony Blair that he had ruined his life in their final confrontation before the handover of power, according to new details of Andrew Rawnsley's book.

The book, which is being serialised by the Observer, has already caused a major political row this week after allegations that Mr Brown bullied staff put Labour on the back foot throughout the week.

Today's new revelations suggest that the prime minister demanded his predecessor stepped down and ensured there was no leadership contest during a volatile two-hour meeting between the two men in late 2006.

The meeting took place as a letter was being circulated among backbenchers calling on Mr Blair to step down.

"Who do you think is better than me?" Mr Rawnsley quotes Mr Brown as saying.

"Do you think there is anyone who is better than me?"

John Reid is then branded too right-wing, Alan Johnson too lightweight and David Miliband – then the most popular Blairite alternative to Mr Brown - too young.

"He [Brown] kept shouting at me that I'd ruined his life," Mr Blair allegedly told close allies after the meeting.

In another section, Mr Rawnsley recited a conversation Mr Brown had with Mr Blair on the phone when the prime minister was staying in Balmoral. The conversation followed a piece written by long-term Blair ally Alan Milburn saying the prime minister had a right to stay in Downing Street.

"The chancellor's fury was titanically demented even by his standards," Mr Rawnsley writes.

"'You put f***ing Milburn up to it,' Brown raged down the phone. 'This is factionalism! This is Trotskyism! It's f***ing Trotskyism!' Blair was nonplussed. He had not even seen the article.

"After the call, he then read it and phoned Milburn to say it was excellent. They laughed about Brown's hysterical reaction."

The new revelations will increase speculation about Mr Brown psychological temperament.

The bullying row failed to make a dent in Labour's poll rating, indicating either that the public believe a prime minister should be strong-minded and tough or they already had a low opinion of Mr Brown.

But some Westminster observers have seized on the revelations as proof Mr Brown is not psychologically fit to deal with the pressures at No 10.

Downing Street categorically denied the allegations in the first section of Mr Rawnsley's book.