SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

They are not a palace - they are our Kitchen equipements in Kent 1991 - 2007

We received an email from President Bill Clinton Global Initiative asking us to make due in put on the new Blog he has created for Africa.

This thread just under the issue of the Seychelles Planters - Grand Blanc to unilaterally form a government in 1964 - 1977 is also something we had not anticipated.

A very great many across the world know who President Clinton, his government and world involvement - specially Africa. Equally his modest - Little Rock Town in USA - his Home Town.

Not every is born rich, affluent, large property and everything that comes with it. We also happen to have adders Pinnacle Holding the Group responsible for the $1.9 billions in Seychelles telling them something about Community, the early days of exile - our plight and sufferings, our community South African connections some of the issues related.

In the world of great politic, power and everything involved and related - one would have expected like a number of old exile, ethnic or migrant communities in EU and Britain that we would have some wealth, property and improved our lot. Alas this is not the case.

After the Leader ship of the Seychelles exile had return home in 1991, we having lost everything in that property at 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn -Brent decided to migrate to France or Belgium. We were not able to do so the reason we have written very often about. Every body and anybody who has live in exile know and recall the plight everybody lived in, the fight to get the very basic together, be they cloth, a bed, a cooker, fridge, bed, chair table and carpet - later TV.

Given the Assassination of the Leader of the Opposition in Exile Mr Gerrard Houreau - in Ashford, Middlesex, the issues of Mr Ashford Head of CID Seychelles and MI5 liaison Officer. We decided if things go so terrible we had to stay in Britain because we could not get out to stay in Ashford - Kent, we have written a very great deal about.

From Kent we have contributed to the Channal Tunnel project construction, the Nord Pas des Calais Economic Program, the Mediterranean Economic Program and the Alpine Economic program. Most important when the Exile Return program for the Seychelles came near to collasp it was from Kent, Caple Le Fern that we raise the alarm, brought to the EU and world attention the situation - began rebuilding the broken bridges, links etc. Those who are involved in international politic require riches, many staff, vast resource and large buildings and such property - we made do with what we had and lent our support where ever we could in rebuilding.

In Kent we had to make do with two second mobile Home/office and the most basic of living conditions whilst every body enjoyed the Sun. My family however were able to get Council accommodation after spending 6 months in a bed and breakfast where the Ashford International passenger train station has been build - which was not easy. Again the very many Seychellois families who know the challenge, difficulties and pain of getting anything sorted with the Local Council.

Equally in Britain we have many other Seychellois scattered some 3/4 generation depending the region, the Town the quality of life, social practice, family relation, social relations, race issues, abuses, oppressions.

There are certain common and basic problems, social issues which one is compelled to face, be they who migrated in the 50's and the exile. We thank the Great Lord of our Seychellois ancestors we had a few old Uncles and aunties who had come to Britain in the early 50 and lived through the poverty, neglect, the very modest homes whatever its state. We were taught the life also of the rich and affluent their politic and very terrible social practices.

When it came to our turn in Kent to relive this and take our share of responsibilities we endevoured to remember what we had been taught and what they had gone through - they say the grave speak - the grave do speak indeed and the flowers tell their own story.

In life - Britain and the world those who treasure and cherish family heirlooms, personal belongings, personal items, property, furniture, paintings many other important collectibles, books, sculpture, artifacts. They to talk and tell their own stories.

Then you have those who have the minimum to get by with and survive - the things the use, collect and live with do talk also - tell their own stories.

Over the past 16 years in Kent a very great deal have happened from the sleepy days of the Ferry crossing, the Hovercraft. The days of quiet Kent and the nice farmers. In the sudden burst of wealth those that have ditch their old life style, personal belongings, family belongings to modern and mass produced house hold Items to keep pace with modernization and wealth.

In Kent region also lived many prominent British politicians among them Priminister Edward Heath. Their property, wealth, personal and family possessions. BY their standard we were poor. In spite of our poverty had to live, make do, cook, sleep, watch TV and sleep somewhere. We also had to do our work/job.

There are those who believe you need a sophisticated kitchen to do great politic, arts, inventions, wealth creation and become educated or contribute to world affairs. In the eye of those very important person when you have a great kitchen etc, etc only then can you practice, allowed to get involved in the great affairs of the world.

Because of those who have lived in exile they had the very basic like our self - yet were able to make very important contributions and get involved in the great affairs of the world - Seychelles, EU, Africa, Asia Etc.

Come the issues of British politic, political process, social process, wealth creation - vast issues to do with Ireland, the commonwealth, EU, the Gulf Region and the rest of the world. Because of certain responsibilities we have been entrusted with and give we had to do some from the very modest homes and Kitchen their equipments. Again we call the attention of those who know Britain well how life really works in Britain, the village, the Block where you live, the council, the vast array of issues which comes up daily, how they affect your life, your neighbor, the children, their children, the elderly, the handicap, the single person, the single parents and the schools, the village institutions, archaic/fraternal issues, religion.

We have lived in British colonial system East Africa and Seychelles vastly better than life in Britain.

Over the past 25 years of our exile community we have endevoured to explain, present what life is like and have been. Two years ago the issues of Sainsbury Trust - Evlyne Oldfield Unit on Holloway Rd to document the lives of Refugee and exile communities in Britain and have a large expositions. In this documentary the basic living condition of those exiles and refugee would have been portraited. Pictures of their most treasured and valuable would have been taken and kept.

At the same time there are those who believe having addressed the issues above that we do not have this rights. It is a very bizarre way of life. There are experts who study the belongings of individuals and can and will endevour to make a profile of that person, his interest and another human aspects.

What about the children. Their sufferings and growing up, their personal belongings and items. The gross indeference of the adults and parents.

These personal items and belongings can and will relate a very great deal about the family, the mother or the father. The social environment that child have had to grow in. This is one Britain we believe.

Then on the other hand you have the madness of social life in instance they are so terrible we cannot describe them until you live there.

Britain have a very high percentage of broken homes and family relation ship, the politic from the local village to the Town Hall and Parliament they make of it.

Britain being an old democracy in EU and the world the vast net work, the way people communicate and get things done. How the media respond.

We do recall life back in Hounslow when the first Seychelles family came across - most important their cooking equipment/kitchen. They would pass on as the were able to get the means to purchase or acquire a better one. On such an old cooker we decided to bake three pumpkin cakes - that was the conception of the SIROP program, we did not go to all the London or world media and say take a picture, we have bake this three super pumpkin cake on the occasion of the conception of the SIROP program, we simply did it.

Over the oven/cooker and kitchen we had in Kent the past 16 years we have witnessed the coming and going of three British Priminister - equally the death of three British Priministers, many leading British politicians, academicians, intellectuals, scientist, artist, generals, inventors, explorers, members of the Royal families in Britain, EU and other part of the world. Equally great church leaders and pope.

How do you go about cherishing, appreciating old cooker or oven and such kitchen equipment.

There have been very many birth, there have been great space discoveries, great construction projects undertaken - what about those involved in the field of the thousands or millions of children started school and their examination results/education.

There are very vast arrays of topics we have not gone into for instance those who and events of the village, the farmers and in turn this at national level.

The reason we have taken time to write this article is because there are far more terrible and worrying issues. Over those cookers and kitchen in our modest home we have gone through the moment of possibly two nuclear war and other global tragedy. Those cooking and kitchen equipment the have witnessed, in their own manner they have kept us alive and we have moved on.

Who knows what will happen when we replace them with what we think is modern and better - will they give us the same vibes, will they share our secret and lonely moment like the old ones. "There is a very old Seychellois saying it is not in the new pot and new kitchen that you cook excellent food it is in the old kitchen and old pots"

We hope and trust all the young and old mothers they will remember this old Seychellois saying. We have added a picture of this old kitchen who which have done so much for the world and mankind - for those who know what real cooking is all about. "We have one last word in 1994/5 there about, we were given this advice by two Senior police Officers if you cannot stand the heat do not go or stay in the kitchen."

In Seychelles, Mauritius, the Indian Ocean, Africa, Asia, Australia, EU, Russia, China, USA, Canada, Latin America and rest of the world the many great events over the past 16/7 years. The kitchen In Kent.

As if to underline the significance of the above thread. 26/07/07 - Today the very important company of Jehovah Witnesses 10 or more in all, the christian discussion. The very elderly lady having lived in the village 71 years we also met. There after very likely one of the oldest bus in Kent befor 1914 drove by.

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