SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

President asks for start on work to update Constitution

In the first instance we are surprised at the engagement and forum reaction on this not only most important aspect of our nation existence, democratic working, supposed unique example of governance in African Union – equally important the religious and cultural tolerance which we have come to know the past 18 years.

The Sechelles – Seychelles Community in Europe, Australia, Canada, the USA or South Africa not not posses and united media/paper. Whereby such very vital and important national issues can be addressed in the first instance to the people concern, equally important the bad practise of the larger nations, their institutions, refusal to listen, engage positively unless such and issues is coming from what they deem and term serious media/paper.

It must not be forgotten and overlooked – we, our Sechelles – Seychelles EU Community through that SIROP etc. exile/refugee program, the combined COMECON and USSR, OAU change we gave the WWW to the world and the explosion of mass media, media version and such possibilities – yet the very party, our Communities, Seychelles itself dreadful media system.

This would indicate that somewhere in the greater existence, functioning of our Nation, Communities foremost the gross lack of awareness, seriousness to what our history have been, our ancestors from Europe, the nation they build and the values we currently hold – who we face the world and life as such. Our proper role in the Indian ocean, the region and the world.

From this prospective our elder statesman President FA Rene, Sir James Mancham, Dr Maxime Ferrari, Mr Robert Frichot, Mr Gabriel Houreau and very many others will agree. Unless they have failed themselves.

We have become fortunate how ever that the God of our ancestor we serve and exist have provided in plentiful, abundant possibilities for us to dialogue, discuss and interact with the greater world, locally, place of work, other communities, nations, countless institutions – their Constitutions values, their views and concept on such a vital part of any nation working and existence.

Given this – our duty, our individuals, youth, male female, elderly, handicap, those with experience, those who work in such field or related field to make a good if not important effort to grasp this opportunity which as the President of the Republic JA Michel said it only come every 15/20 years.

In Seychelles we also have a very unique situation unlike any where in Africa, Europe or Eastern Europe. Since the last Constitution was enacted/voted/passed the migrant population was very minimal, the investors/come new settlers none existence, large foreign nations, multinationals wishing to become engage, buy property, live and work in Seychelles none existence almost.

The second unique aspect is the “political cleansing and ethnic ” which took place between 1976 to 1991 and have indeed continued. Because Sechelles – Seychelles is a small nation, we do not have the media cannot address properly, engage the world institutions, those organisations there, responsible to monitor, help address such issues. By Law whether you kick out, burn down, kill, expel, terrorises on individual, one family, one small group – or a whole village, a complete ethnic race, category of people it is still “political and ethnic cleansing” what manner and by what methods you choose to replace them.

This has been the other unique situation in Seychelles, because we are a “small nation” irrelevant France, Britain, several EU nations, Australia, Canada and the USA, the UN and the World Church attitude, “thousands of families were calculatedly displaced, forced to leave Sechelles – Seychelles, their life work destroyed, their property confiscated, nationalised – what happened to them none of the business of the like Britain, France, the EU, USA, Australia Canada and UN. They were left to solve their crap themselves. “Oh the hypocrisy of the world and its politic, media – yet Seychelles and the region is of vital importance/strategic to Regional Defence, European energy, mineral, life line, existence. In Europe and other part of the world they found a place to migrate or take exile, their effort to rebuild their lives and integrate – if an when they stood up to explain and protest they were/are labelled as “Terrorist, Taliban and what have you”ungrateful.

The current process in Sechelles – Seychelles the past 81 years the influx of foreign workers, because of labour shortage, expertise among them many former East European, Russian, COMECON nationals, Asian, Arabs, African Union. The process of their taking over, taking power from the indigenous people, the children of the first settlers. Oh, those like the USA, Britain and Australia who are involved – their reason. Only a very serious National Constitution revamp can address these issues and process. These issues are not going to vanish, even come an SNP/DP government.

We believe that – therein lies a great and unique opportunity for all those who love Sechelles – Seychelles those who are very sincere about a peaceful nation existence. To engage and support a much large debate. What they discuss on and across the many media platform – engage the government, officials, and politician to come on board and become committed.

Equally the mega debate that there exist Economic injustice, disparities in favour of migrants, large multinationals, nations setting up business their front in Sechelles – Seychelles. The great opportunity to use the occasion given to raise and include legislation, instruments and institutions which will address such disparities. We particularly have in mid the exile who returned, their families, children – that major national economic program they introduces, and have battled, fought to help implement to the sum of $500 - $800 and only 2/3 completed. ( If we do not take our responsibilities seriously, the world, and our children, those who will replace us one day, their approach and attitude) Only last week we addressed the issues of the “Bad Banks” what we had not said those of us concepting the Economic program /package knew fully well the state of the economy in the USSR and COMECON, their debt level. We knew that beside helping to avoid a world destruction – that they could use the funds, money to build their economy and better the lives of their people – likewise help the rest of the world. What has happened instead. 73/80 of the mega world debt belongs to former COMECON, East European, Russia. We had linked and build the returning economic program upon those important economic platform – future development. Had our communities in EU and around the world not rallied together, Seychelles government would be in very dire state. Situation. The necessity for, those new settlers, their governments, institutions, those coming to work in Seychelles, do business to support a very national debate to update our Constitution.

Among some of the most important national issues the Constitution update need to work on the current legislative mechanism.

- 1 -

Sechelles – Seychelles need a legislative system with a President and Prime Minister defining the exact and proper role of the two.

- 2 -

The need to have a two tier parliamentary system, like Tasmania example. An Upper House and a Lower House, their powers function to be debated.

- 3 -

The Right to vote of Seychelles national out of Sechelles – Seychelles, around the world. Like Mauritius. As recommended and encourage by several important UN and EU debate, legislation's. We have excluded the African Union, Commonwealth and Francophone. Their practise rather what they practise. There have been very important Lobbying by groups, out of Sechelles -Seychelles. What we are very surprise is that the National Opposition, politicians refusal to take such issues on board and debate on the national media and Assemble or public meeting.

We were a child too and we played like all children, at home, village school and church or public function. The relation, the process of/demanding one ability, agility to act, do things, be good at what one do or fail or perform badly.

The same notion we approach our National Constitution and the debacle of the update.

We were privilege to watch very closely how those who administered Sechelles – Seychelles Crown Colony lived, behaved, their attitude and private lives. This took part during our early education at the Bel Air SDA School.

At the age of 8 – 13 equally privilege to listen to debate like Mr Adam, Mr Roseli, Mr David Joubert, Mr Henry Gonthier – several supporters of Mrs Delhomme party, leading police officers who had served in the second world war, businessman, merchants, planters debate discus what they would like/perceive as National Constitution. Including many Italian, Australian, American, German, Austrian, British leaving in Sechelles – Seychelles then.

In East Africa, those who rallied, took the debate of the forth coming independence in East Africa, Seychelles,Mauritius very seriously and what they wanted, perceive as Constitution, rule of Law.

At the age of 15 years we were very privilege to listen, debate and ask question to leading individual who have been responsible to the drafting of the East African independence Constitutions, document, that of Zanzibar. Those who knew us, those around Sir James Mancham, The Colonial officials, Mrs Delhomme party, the Planters Grouping, those who represented FA Rene, Mr Philipert Loiseau, Mr Guy Sinon and several others, the Founder of Bahia Faith in Seychelles, the Founder of Jehovah Witnessed in Seychelles, their view of a national Constitution.

We got the privilege to meet and attend private moment with the Official appointed to draft/review the first Sechelles – Seychelles Constitution.

In Europe because of our engagement – the level of engagement debate since the “Coup d'etat 1977” and indeed before the botch or fudge of a Constitution we have been handed and what led to the “Coup d'etat of 1977” we had debated that extensively with the Austrian media – very serious not gutter media, student of politic, history and diplomacy, and individuals.

The decision of those to set up Opposition in France, Britain, South Africa, Australia, Canada the hefty debate what had happened t our Constitution, the fudge and botch up Constitution we had been handed down. The very serious and dangerous work to change the government from then on and the very many Constitution proposal.

Unlike to what we have read on Forums about the Grand Blanc and those wishing to dominate the quality and contents of the Constitution we had/have worked with.

The brief moment and debate with the late Opposition leader in Exile his view and wish, quality of national Constitution.

Equally the moment and time we spent in the company of former Ministers, their complete conscious, conclusion and view they have been deceived, by those drafting , preparing the National constitutions , the fudge and what this had led to. Their bitterness. We ask and urge those who will debate what we have written to think very hard before they react in writing.

It is time to be blunt. In the capacity of Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary management executive – our role, training and capacity to look at other nations constitution, not just presently but the past. We have had some 30 years experience. This include the former COMECON, USSR. Africa, Arabs, Canada, China, USA, Latin America. (These are issues we are not supposed to divulge – share with the greater public, including Church constitutions).

Very important individual like Mr Phillipe Boule, Mr/Minister David Joubert, Mr Gerrard Houreau, Mr/Father Gabrielel Houreau, Mr Robert Frichot, Sir James Mancham and our-self had been expected to come with one or another very serious form of National Constitution, by the UN, Commonwealth, Francophone, the Catholic Church, the Church of England and other world democratic institution, OAU, South Africa, Australia as would be future Leaders of the Nation upon building a Government. The very many hours spent , debating and discussion, the many institutions in the world and the Judiciary, lawyers, other great mind on such issues. We had gone through Hell on earth, we had received a crap/garbage/fudge of National Constitution at our independence – where we had landed with it. We wanted a model example of future Constitution for our Nation and people. This to include and reflect all our respective national heritage, values and culture. We were not going to come to Sechelles – Seychelles and start some racist garbage of black or white or Indian or Chinese - this was a national instrument way above the nation itself. Based upon the principals, the God of the universe, respect for life, everything it contains – In Sechelles - Seychelles.

For this reason those who knew what we were up to, among the exile politicians shut us out , excluded us from the Munich Conference and the Return process. Those who wanted a piece of fudge for the USA or Britain or France. Hence our decision to distance our self from the returning politicians the SNM/DP/SDP/CDU/Alliance. Why the USA, Britain, France leaders, Institutions and their Secret Service did everything we did not return to Sechelles – Seychelles, their fear of what we knew and would/can do.

There is another opportunity by President FA Rene and JA Michel given the process and length of road we have gone down together from the departure point of the SPPF one party System in 1980's to current situation in Sechelles – Seychelles.

President FA Rene, Dr Maxime Ferrari, Sir James Mancham used to provoke, annoy us particularly with those words - “ you little boys, children , louts” what do you know. We are challenging them today to support a proper Constitution update process, to battle, fight as their parting wish to the Sechelles – Seychelles beloved nation, land of their ancestors, that/for those three above points get included in our new Constitution. Then we “ little boys, children, louts” will respect them beyond the rainbows and their resting place – so too the Sechelles -Seychelles National and all those who have come to share our heritage and be part of our nation. Our Children will learn to respect them, educated to respect them and so too the world.

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