SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Had we stayed in Vienna as many had wished Pope Francis would not have appointed English Cardinal

Had we stayed in Vienna as many had wished Pope Francis would not have English Cardinal

In our thread before leaving for Vienna 27/12/13, beside addressing the issues of the change in British synergy/dynamic as well as that of Europe and the world working, requesting the media, the many high officials, the Intelligence Service, the elite of the politicians of Europe, Britain, the USA, France - African Union and the world so that they cannot/could not accuse us/our person of charlatan and gross imagination if one can use this terminology.

We referred to past workings over the 25 years - saying that when we were last in Vienna from Berlin - the Berlin Wall was still intact and much of the former COMECON and the USSR, that Autumn compelled to return to London - { The reason we had wanted to stay in Germany or Austria was so/knowing that SIROP program was being worked and all those involved in gross abuse and manipulation and their utter lies and corrupted practice.} Then Vatican and the undertaking between Pope John Paul and our/my person beside the Benchmark of high Interdisciplinary Management workings - High Interdisciplinary issues of the Vatican  and greater church working never to write and divulge in public. To this day we have abide by our undertaking - the Vatican and the church Officials cannot say this.

Question the list of events which were unfolding in Europe, the USA, Britain, France and other parts of the world were we dreaming or inventing - having stated that beside the University of Vienna, in Holland and Germany the science and discipline to study such workings in place - which were not there 10 years ago.  Yet what the corrupted politicians and media choose to say and tell the world.

Among one of our wish had been to visit the church where Pope John Paul went twice and pope Benedict Maria something in Austria - also explaining when we were doing that research on "Indian Ocean Industrial Investment and Promotion Center by UNIDO/World Bank Vienna" to get away form everything had seek refuge - the quietness there. We had a very extensive agenda so did not make it - we were very stressed too, by/given the attitude of many who had benefited from our work, the changes of he COMECON, the USSR, OAU and other work - their utter corrupted position we have been protesting and writing about these the past 25 years world wide.

In Sechelles Seychelles, unlike Europe and France or London or Ireland those who will say they do not are not aware of our person and work - we want to address those of you from the Catholic Church - those of you who have know of my Catholic academic education and later what we have come to Term archaic, fraternal, heraldic, Illuminati and Masonic or Templar workings.

We have address the issues of our important involvement/contributions to get the duplicate of St Peter Basilica build in Africa - the SIROP program and what we have addressed, those who over the years have choose to use the Church, Vatican and other important church workings to take Credits and what real criminal think about such attitude and the impacts on Africa politic and social development. The abuse.

We have addressed of our contribution under that SIROP program to get that Opus Dei building in Washington and equally have addressed many articles. Why and what are the issues.

Including Royalty - Templar issues - we just get tired of repeating them.
Our concern is that those in Britain Surrounding the conservative and coalition workings and the Masonic workings in spite of our protests and by now the many who have read what we have been addressing and the manner they work- their highly manipulative approach and how they and their media take credit and then write as history - know very well who we are .

We want to challenge the British media and the Intelligence Service who followed and monitored us in Vienna - one of these days the public will get absolutely fed up with you corrupted manipulation and lies then it will be to late for everybody.  There are those who may have asked how dare we write what we did in Austria - we can and ought to have written a great deal more.

There has been the issues of Pope Francis Brother being an SDA - given our long experience and knowledge of Vatican workings at the very highest level had trusted that, beside one or two other incidents which ought to have come to Pope Francis Office attention - having written we use to confer and meet Vatican Officials based in London regularly when that SIROP program was being deploy.  This said our undertaking by the late Pope John Paul ll not/never to discuss and shared high Interdisciplinary Church workings with the public and in public.  We want ans ask those of you in Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, those on our Facebook from the church to being this article to the Vatican and Pope Francis Office.  High Interdisciplinary church/Vatican working is not football , Voodoo, selling drugs and other criminal related or political activities is is unique and very important /relevant o this world/planet and mankind existence - those who know and practice, serve the respective discipline.

The world is on a knife edge, in-spite of the mega fallout/meltdown because of the mega corruption we just refuse to learn and listen.

PM Tony Blair almost got taken to the ICC - what we have been addressing the Coalition for the past three years and their utter refusal to listen and working as if they are God and only they have the right to choose over many way of thinking and doing anything.  The statement that the Minister of Foreign Affair is being brought before the ICC.  We will link the news breaking article below - why are we writing about this - simply because of what we have been addressing the many on the British Social media and those who have taken up the issues - had we not been in Britain/London - the so call mega North Africa spring would not have taken place - those form the Conservative coalition who know of the mechanism we represent and work - how they manipulate and ab use them then - what they write and explain as facts.  Just as the case of the French/conclusion in Paris today - we too can break the rules and write a very great deal about French workings which the greater public ought t not to know - those who are trained to respect such workings and this morning development about Syria - just as when the Libya debacle was cooking and blowing up what we address their opposition they did not want o believe until it was too late and today they regret many of the cack and super mess they have cooked.

As if this is not enough - in Islington over the past 15 years the many things, issues and development as a results of our work, the issues we have worked with, impacts and the building staring/glaring at everybody today then they say we were never involved and took part in anything.  The workings of the Somali, Ethiopian and Eritarians, the workings of the NCVO, LVSC and others - the many issue with the later from the resource Center on Holloway road, the refurbishment, the major loss of funds, relocation to their current Office in the ex Natwest Building and the Student dorm/Campus.  We have addressed the workings of the SNM some 30 years ago, the reason and decision for the USA to invade the Somalia, events after - the return of the exile to Seychelles - most important events surrounding he Somali Pirate, the involvements of the world, the EU, NATO and many others , the building of that Prison at the back of my exp property at Montagne Posee and my involvements - the setting up of the Somali working in London by PM Cameron and the Pirate Center set up in Seychelles -,  On Caledonian Road where some members of our community reside and have resided for 60 years - when PM Blair got elected made many acquaintance for the Ethiopia, Somali and Eritarian community. Most important those who know and very aware of my person. Across from the ex Natwest and current LVSC office and near by the Voluntary body - there used to be an empty church - what impacted and influenced the Eritraians to take that building and start their Church - London and the African community are very strange.  Just as those Ghanaian/Nigerians have been allowed to go/come to Seychelles and operate the Stock Exchange those who have been insulting my person , belief and  that of my ancestors - saying Mr Edmond if you do not convert to our Christian and other belief you will never see a cent or make any money.  Those form the Somali, Eritarians and Ethiopians communities who know very well the benchmark of those who lead their respective communities workings - the offer of money, woman, sex and many other perks and the facts that we have not accepted then - the way they judge and see our person and the names we are being called - Friends we ask/plead with you, for an individual who have the captivity to drive, help importantly that OAU become African Union and the many we attended schools in East Africa  and the first thing that come to your mind is a nice sexy girl female to insult, us this way is asking grave trouble. (We have even taken part in the creation of the very Eritaria, vast complex issues ask those who were there and know)

Equally - the issues of setting up that Undersea superhighway way with then PM Blair and Writing of Africa debt - can anybody be they in south Africa, Kenya and others parts of Africa for the kind of work and capacity of any African individual who can deliver and work such issues - they can have and are entitled to a whole harem of the prettiest of girls and females.  We ask/say friends do not insult our person - remember the past and recent incident - when anybody get drink or take drug or they decided to have an affair,  how they comport and then is is too late. having written what we have here repeat, the USA, Britain, the EU, African Union, the UN and many other who monitor our every move, action, conversation and social networks - we have not addressed the issues here just for kicks  - there are very grave and important reasons.

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