SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sir James Mancham argument in Nation 7/9/2015 does not hold water

Sir James Mancham argument in Nation 7/9/2015 does not hold water

Today is Mrs Michelle Gabriel's birthday among others and the mother of my son of Mauritian birth/family and her great grand parents relative were among those who landed on St Anne/ first Settlers- family in Seychelles and Mauritius - elsewhere.

Yesterday at Facebook Seychelles Indian Ocean page had indicated/commented there was a grave issue mentioning the Mortlake, brewery, the Bridge where the yearly Cambridge/Oxford boat race finish - starting by Putney Bridge where Sir James Mancham resided,   the flat and Office with IKEA furniture ex 87a Victoria Rd - Kilburn,  we had rented in attempt to save that SIROP program - our then Community/communities in exile, safe for lawyer Mr Philippe Boulle who had returned in 1988 back to Seychelles.

That Munich Seychelles exile/refugee conference had taken place and the many articles we have written, the NGO/Voluntary/Grass root - exile/refugee Sector in London very apprehensive, concern, they knowing and involved how we have worked to get that SIROP program accepted - then when those form USA/CIA, Pentagon, white House, British Intelligence Service, the Conservatives they hijacked that Program and and attempted to place it in the control of Sir James Mancham, others involved - Mr Roney Moodley from Refugee Forum/Pan African Congress/AHARG led the issues, the Irish important involvement/anger and the incident at Sir James Mancham residence attempt to take a gold necklace in his sleep at his residence by Putney Bridge - it is well recorded, the Sri Lankans exile/refugee community, the Armenian community, the Somalian community and some of the East European exile network/underground in London among then Solidarnosh/Solidarity. The Vatican office in London, the Church of England Office were not happy with the development. Including those Heading then South African apartheid government because they had  know what had taken place to get that SIROP program started, their Secret Services. Then Russian/USSR people in London - what about India. What about the Austrian, What about the Italians  and the French representation in London, the Swedish and Spanish. Monaco representation equally.  Some of the big media - the Maxwell, the founder of Today and the Independent we had some indirect contact they were not happy with the development.  Many Seychellois visiting the Half Way House pub and the Hooper Family, the Horner Families were not amused.

The conclusion then by percentage of the SNM/MPR Executives and Members other leading Seychellois in exile and old community, given the process/mechanism in place to form and manage a government in exile - their Rights and workings - the Benchmark when one betrayed or committed a grave crime against the community and exile workings, < secret trial >  - When we did get to Seychelles we would press for his Trial and act  grave of Treason - under a military endeavor/workings his fate would have been pretty certain/concluded. { The many Military attempts using Mercenary and executives for several leading Nation and their expertise} Those like Mrs kathleen Pillay, Mr John Pillay, Mr Pat Pillay then. Then Seychelles government of President FA Rene, the Embassy in London, the Tanzanian Embassy and many of his Minister were very aware as well as most of the Opposition in Seychelles - including Mr Christopher Gill and yet later, those involved in the Judiciary, the Police, the Army, civil Service - then Mrs Mathilda Twomey, then Head of Catholic church, the Adventist church and the Church of England, the Jehovah witness and Bahai, those form the USAF Tracking Station, the Diplomatic Corp then in Seychelles, President Qaddafi, President Saddam Hussein, the Jordanian King then and King Hussein then. Those from our then 1988/9  Italian Illuminati/P2 workings their conclusion. How at first the USA/White House, the CIA, Pentagon beside those form the British Intelligence and their Masonic/Illuminati, establishment had been very skeptical about that Program - when they realized it was workable/implementable and the massive benefits - the massive economic opportunities, their Markets, their Big Banks and big Multinationals and the Politic how they reacted. They had concluded /my person would not play their Game. What had motivated/decided that we take the basement Flat in Mortlake was the Zanussi washing machine/dryer - Zanussi is an Italian Household name and in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and then Europe. We had lost one child in the place 87a Victoria Rd Kilburn - 3 months, all those who knew our place in Kilburn/Brent.

To this day Sir James Mancham have never offered an explanation - we have requested for copy of the conference agenda and debate and the pictures everybody involved refused to help and just dead silence. "We say had there/should there be a National Review of our politic and the process this very important event and Incident would have had to be reviewed and studied and the details come to light and recorded/made public." His argument in public then  for taking such step, approach and decision. The vast majority of the exile/refugees had concluded what he was up to and that if we did get to Seychelles his stance and what he would get up to  and what he did get up to in 1992 upon his being allowed to return.

At the SIROP portal website page Scandal and corruption have added the picture of two persons, the super Spy Mr David Knox and then Constitutional Adviser they had concluded and stated in Private that then Mr James R Mancham political capacity was questionable based upon their long experience of Colonial issues. All those who had wanted a unilateral Independence like/as Rhodesia, the Planters Association, the Police their conclusion and then respective views of Mr J R Mancham. The many for the USAF, those form the Catholic church, the Adventist and the church of England, the Civil Service then.  The larger aspect of then Expat community be they British, Italian or German, South African. What about the merchant communities, Temooljhi, the Jivan, the Adam Moosa, the Dhanjee, the Meghjee, The Chaka, the Parcou, the Valabjhi, the Kim Koon, the Li Lam,  the Di Nouz family other small Merchants. Those like the Ernestine, those like the Rendevouz pub Restaurant.  Even the great Mr Duglas Bailey had his grave concern about then Mr J R Mancham capacity.

In the business world it is quite normal to do any crazy/crooked/devious thing as long as you get your business done and make money as such his person - politic,  is another matter and leading a Nation.
Time and time we have addressed a long list of historic events, all those involved - then President Mitterrand, PM John Major, the Vatican, the Italian Illuminati, the Austrian, the Monaco, the Irish that we go to Angers - Loires. We were to stay in Angers/France and not return to Britain, could have applied for political asylum/transfer of my Status then with very good argument/grounds. We had trusted all those parties would honor their undertakings. We did not get to Angers on a dream - what had led to the Kuwait invasion, the massive manipulation of that SIROP program the Irish were very aware, their politic then - how politic is made, the Jewish communities in London who knew us. Then Iraq, the Saddam Hussian - today Iraq and how thing are being manipulated and the Syria debacle the mega manipulation and the mega mess. Then Preparation of the Allies War/Invasion  of the Gulf Kuwait.  After the Gulf Invasion, those who came to Angers - Loire to force/compel us to return to Britain with that Child/French Birth and rights to French Protection.

We had been only 6/7 months in that basement flat in Mortlake and the Office - the promise of funding after I had invested my private money which never came. We had to return to Kilburn - 87a Victoria. The situation so terrible I decided to run away to Berlin and seek refuge by my brother who was working for Prest Cold company - what we talked and explained. Others I had visited and explained our situation and that SIROP program - their police, Intelligence Service, the USSR, East German, the USA, British, French, Italian, German police and Intelligence then, the South Africa. I had decided to go to Vienna and meet with my ex family and then Austrian female friend - all those who knew her in London. Had they offered help would have stayed in Vienna and not return to London and left my Mauritian female partner in/with the place in Kilburn.  They did not - had to return to London/Kilburn. Events fast moving in East Europe, USSR, COMECON - in London the Conservatives, the establishment, Illuminati, the Intelligence Service, the Media who had know of my attempts - with my Mauritian female Partner we had undertaken an earlier visit to Luxembourg - then BCCI and efforts to restructure the mega Finance issues and complicated banking /funding connections  those I had gone to see. I also also wanted to seek refuge in Monaco, then Prince Ranier and those who knew my person in Monaco.

There were a number of important incidents triggered/brought about as results - yet what the media attributed and explained their reason and links. Some of the important British political and economic issues, the USA, the Vatican- the mechanism and dynamic in place to drive that SIROP program - it they were not Sir James Mancham or FA Rene managing then it was my person and those choose to work with us then. Because London and the establihment just would not stop that was when I initiated the issues leading to the CERN/WWW deployment - it meant nothing, we knew they would take it over and take credits for it later on as they always did and have done. Much more important the incident leading to the Berlin Wall - I had been to Berlin  and Vienna and those who knew the dynamic in Kilburn - My statement time and time again had I been allowed to work that program in Austria, Germany or France - the change in USSR, the COMECON and EU would have been very different - what I/my person had to undertake to get rid/free/pressures the British establishments - almost the same muck/filth as is going on now after 29 years and the millions lives lost and state of the world. Including our Irish connections, South African, Gulf Region, Asia and Africa.

We were in Angers - Loire, when President FA Rene had made that Christmas announcement, Multi party would be allowed to return to Seychelles. To be very clear - the linkage in term of Illuminati between Angers and then President FA Rene, how it impacted and influenced his decisions and comportment. To say and state otherwise would be betraying his very person  and belief and life. In Turn how Angers was impacting other issues - our exile/refuge community may not have had a super spy/intelligence system but some of the more important event and issues they got and were made to know, the inner Circle those we confided to.

When one study - analyse events and they were nothing/completely unrelated to then Sir James Mancham he was out of the grater picture of our Program safe to use his very important business connections and ex office to make believe to others he was in control and was managing the process.  How along with many other very important is this world and society began to develop a very corrupted Benchmark, took credit for things they were not involved and a mega cover up and lying  and invention of other facts began. That/this became part o the new USA, Britain and West Politic. The UN and other became involved/entangled. Those working the big banks, the Market and the media.

From this approach/position when Sir James Mancham return in 1992, beside the decision to cut/leave me stuck in Britain/London - the money for those exile return did not come form his pocket. How he went about in his dubious and very crooked and corrupted way purporting it was his money and those fooled in exile who believed him. How when he landed the reception  and after his historic meeting with FA Rene who had an excellent spy system in place told him bluntly he was a terrible liar/dishonest and whatever. That sealed his fate. Having been caught  and President FA Rene is still alive and one day all those who practice witchcraft and Voodoo will be able to go to his resting place and "get/compel/induce him to talk". What really took place and they will write about it even if it is too late. As Opposition he was doomed to fail having return to Seychelles on a very dishonest, bogus and devious Ticket, most of the Opposition knew about it - the political process, the church, the Army and Civil service and the diplomatic corp. That was when he banded/Affiliate with Reverend Moon, his church and global Business workings. The mega Tentacles and they are all designed to control and expand his Sect and Corporate workings/politic.  Again for his to stay affiliated with them he had to adopt a policy nd politic - as long as it suited him to the detriment of the Seychellois nation and people.

Very important, events of 1993 the setting up of WANGO - in Europe having said those how had know my responsibilities and those who opposed that I return to Seychelles - that I take the responsibility to drive NGO working at EU level and this we did and were - how again Sir James Mancham became involved, knowing our issue hijacked that Agenda and thus  the concept put into  place for  WANGO to be controlled by Rev Moon and his Syndicates. Mr Bernard Elizabeth who knew all the detail and the former leader of LUNGOS Mr Mathew Servina.

For the past five years Mr Christopher Gill mega effort to shed light, accuse and share his inside knowledge of Sir James Mancham - the many Blogs and they are available to read/study and research. Yet his persistent argument and counter arguments.  Sir Jame Mancham is of the view that with all the Titles, accolades and position handed to him this would make him unquestionable, undisputed and unchallenged. He should /must realize the higher and more important your Office and position the more scrutiny and question will be asked and he need for serious answers not ploy and inventions. He also believe and hold the view like African dictators when he has acquire this position and privilege  he will stand above on the heads of Seychelleois. We who are somewhat educate understand his situation - the vast majority who just do not care in Seychelles.

We have been calling and pressing for an International review of that SIROP program by the UN, EU or the African Union and his position. Mr Christopher Gill broke the rank and began shedding light on many very gross abnormal issue and corruption - yet Sir James Mancham position. Mr Ralph Volcer for many years as a leading  activist, later as Editor of the New Seychelles Weekly Sir James Mancham former paper/media raised many important issues. For some four months now Mr Pat Pillay have decided to break rank with SPPF/Pl and his many radio and TV Broadcast on corruption and events in Seychelles. Some three  months ago we say the arrival of the first Seychellois woman Presidential candidate what she has been writing about political corruption and vote rigging - where in most countries this would have started a serious riot and revolution - yet in Seychelles and Sir James Mancham position/attitude and the article he write - particularly the one publish in Nation 7/9/2015. ( Right  now there is a vehicle stopped outside and the massive vibration to distract and discouraging my person they are Conservatives, there are witness. ) There are two other new political factions what their respective leadership have been speaking and writing about corruption and the politic of Seychelles. The very Party he founded the SDP, the New DP and SUP their respective views  and conclusion. Sir James Mancham has decided to cite the Kenya development/case/historic incident to condone his support for President J A Michel - in the first place it was that SIROP program which impacted/influenced event in Kenya - we have written about it, we have informed President Obama and the Kenya NGO/Press - we have also written to the ICC telling/informing them we hold our person ready available for questioning anything they wish on the events, issues, topics and allegations. My person helped was responsible that the current President Kenyatta got elected. Those who know including Sir James Mancham and then he dare turn round and write such dishonesty.

In Old Seychelles how washing, laundry was done, the families ho employed somebody to to the Family laundry, the Delhomme the had an open hut as you entered their property on the left hand side that was were the laundry was done/washed. In Victoria those who employed families and other to was their laundry and they were washed in public rivers and going up Bel Air road by the ancient cemetery as children they were busy and they wold be out to dry in the sun. For the past five year we had a Hoover Washing machine and how it impacted and influenced many important political, economic and social and military and scientific issues. The reason and motives that we have a Zanussi Washing machine installed because the Hoover almost blew up in that last mega storm to hit Kent, the International Station, the Bus shuttle instead of the Train and the many many foreign students of age 12/15 affected there/witness. Those relatives of my Mauritian female friend who were there and listened to the thunder and lightning - the force and ferocity of the storm.

Mr Ralph Volcer articles/ref

The resignation of Mr. Ralph Volcer as Leader of SUP and ...

Ex Minister Pat Pillay

First Female Presidential Candidate

Letter to the Editor - Need to ‘move on’

Over recent weeks there have been several articles in the local press on the subject of reconciliation and unity with some putting into queston, against the background of various abuses of human rights which prevailed under the dictatorship of the Second Republic, my decision to adopt a policy of national reconciliation when I returned to Seychelles after 15 years of exile.
I have said time and again that my motivation for adopting the policy of national reconciliation was based on my conviction that considering all the circumstances of Seychelles, I could play a more useful and meaningful role for Seychelles by graduating into a national/international statesman rather than remaining a mere political party leader. Of course, I always knew that those who were bent towards a policy of vengeance and recrimination would not understand that standpoint. There is a possibility that some people suffered more than I did as a result of the coup d’état of June 5, 1977. For this they have my full sympathy.
However, where Nichole Tirant’s column in the TODAY newspaper is entitled ‘Nichole’s take on …’, if I had a column in that paper it would have been styled ‘JRM – Let’s move on’. The need to move on is clear against the background of contemporary reality which sometimes projects the fact that justice has to be overlooked in the national interest.
In this context perhaps I should bring up political developments and the human rights abuse question which have taken place over recent times in our neighbourly country Kenya. During the course and furtherance of a pre-election campaign there was a political uprising in Kenya which resulted in the killing of several citizens. This created an outcry not only internally and regionally, but also internationally with the result that a high-level Commission of Enquiry was instituted and which finally accused the leader of the ruling party, Uhuru Kenyatta, and some of his associates, of committing a crime against humanity, justifying a charge to that effect and a summon for him to appear before the International Court of Justice. While this process was pending, Kenya went for a presidential election throughout which the subject of the charges levelled against Kenyatta was the predominating subject of the election campaign. It was clear at that time that the US government was very supportive of the stand of the criminal court of justice that President Kenyatta should go to The Hague in the Netherlands to answer to the charges against him. Despite this, Kenyatta finally got elected by a majority of the people of Kenya.
Following the election, the US government had to face the reality that if it failed to engage and deal with the new government of Kenya, then Kenya would fall more and more under the influence of China. Of course this would certainly not be in the US national interest as China has become so much engaged in that country over recent times. Thus we saw a revision of the US position once it realised that it was not in its interest to run away from Kenya’s reality. In consequence what did we see? President Barack Obama in no time, despite the justice and human rights issue, accepting the invitation of President Kenyatta to pay an official visit to Kenya to promote closer ties between the two nations. This event of course only recently made headline news which we all followed.
I believe that in the light of this story, the people of Seychelles will better understand why, in the circumstances of our own reality, I support President James Michel’s policy of ‘Let’s move on’.

James R. Mancham

Seychelles Nation

À L’HÔTEL INTERCONTINENTAL AUJOURD’HUI ET DEMAIN : Un système régional de cabotage maritime étudié par des experts

Letter to the Editor - Free expression stops where defamation begins

On Saturday, I will be leaving Seychelles on the way to New York to take part in a high-level debate focused mostly on the importance of education in the future of nations and indeed the entire world.
I will be leaving behind me an atmosphere of increasing partisan political tension as a presidential election is imminent and a National Assembly election is on the board.
As a declared ‘Apostle of National Reconciliation’, I wish to appeal to all contestants for public office to act and behave civilly and in a calm and matured manner throughout the campaign.
Of course, freedom of speech will be the order of the day but it must not be forgotten that freedom stops where defamation begins. Journalistic overkill of course advances the presumption of malice aforethought. Publishers must also act responsibly and remain aware that they are liable to pay damages to those disparaged and libeled and that they are certainly not absolved by publishing a disclaimer that “The views expressed are not necessarily the views of the newspaper.”  They should therefore give second thoughts before publishing letters by those who are not prepared to give their name and prefer to hide behind such nomenclatures as “A concerned citizen” – “A proud lesbian” – “A man of justice” and “A true democrat”.
When I studied law at the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in London, one of my favourite subjects was the Law of Libel and Defamation. Surprisingly, throughout my discharge of public office, over the years, I have sued whenever unjustifiably and maliciously attacked. Many apologies have been published by such respected newspaper and magazine like The Spectator, The Observer and The Financial Times – with some of them settling out of court by publishing an acceptable apology and by paying “acceptable substantial damages”.
On the other hand, although being a prolific writer, on matters of national interest, and also a publisher of ‘Seychelles Weekly’, ‘Seychelles Review’ and ‘VIOAS’ (Voice of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea) – I am proud to say that I have never been found liable to pay any damage or publish any apology for defaming a third party.
I am proud of my record in this respect, which includes the collection of over 25,000 rupees from my “learned friend”, F.A. René, who had alleged in a public broadcast at an election campaign, that I was personally responsible for a shortage of rice in the local market.

James R. Mancham

We have added this development - Just a former minster Pat Pillay " say SPPF/PL arrette fer nous dormi bonner" Former President Mancham ought to have acquired the due notion, understanding /complexor world working and include this in his thinking. What triggers complex world regional and international situation and those so call experts - in this case this incident and in Seychelles we have to believe this stupidity. Only what they say matters/count. The same with the mega North Africa/Arab world and now Europe Refugee/exile crises. 

Burkina Faso: Military takes over after presidential guards detain President, PM 

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