SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 22 April 2007

The concept of SIROP - 1986 to 1991 Seychelles International refuge/Repatriation Onward Program

The actual decision to put into action what became known as the SIROP exile program took place in Autumn 1986 against back ground of events, pressure from the Exile community to undertake some form of military action - call to retaliate, avenge the assassination, the state of despair, dislocated political orientation the Exiles were in. With utter opposition from the larger exile community and the executives, HVA, British Refuge Council and several other leading institutions including Sir James Mancham MRD, including the Executive of UKSCA. The USA, Australian and South African Embassy in London were very skeptic. In Spring 1987 began the meetings and discussions to present the concept/program.

We had been requested by members of the Seychelles community in Exile, one year after the assassination of the MPR/SNM Leader Mr Gerrard Houreau, November 1985 whether we would take this responsibility. We gave no firm commitment, knowing what had take place in Zanzibar in 1963, East Africa, the Mau Mau Revolution, the attempt by the Seychelles French settlers to opt for Self rule, 1966/67 those who had been far more capable than our self - their apprehension if it failed.

We had also met many of the former Ministers and discussed many of the issues, problematic and possibilities. The very many Western technical adviser we had been in contact with.

Apart from former President Sir James Mancham, we were one of the few young Seychellois with reasonable good connection, we had been made a Fellow of Interdisciplinary Management Institute Vienna. We had been the first young Seychellois to try and break the mold, "those sleepy Island people what do they want where are they from" look deeply into our history, national heritage and really what had gone very wrong prior to Independence, the political party of Dr Stevenson Delhomme, SPUP and DP the very terrible mess we had found ourself in and who were responsible.

When we say break the mold, Sir James Mancham in Seychelles had pictured his party and government as those being able to make Seychelles into the Hong Kong of the Indian Ocean or Switzerland - we had echoed this on occasions in Vienna with the appropriate parties.

We had been also privy to qualitative Information, knowledge about the politic of East Africa, the African Independence movement, the Mau Mau war, the Revolution in Zanzibar what led to this and the complex issues behind the colonial power conflicts, the British - USA, the Russian, Chinese Communist politic, in depth issues concerning constitutional process and concepts. The British - West Military strategy East of Suez, Zanzibar having been one of those Bastion had fallen, the aim to make it the Hong kong of East Africa.

On account of the above we had been one of the few young Seychellois who had researched by Strategic Institutions in Vienna first, Paris leading Strategic research/advisor to French government, the London three leading Strategic research Institutions. In the colonial days in Seychelles we had been privy to the ugly side of Colonial Services - its working. How things were done, who took what credit and given credit - recognition. This is part of the overall problem that led to the melt down of the Colonial system in East Africa and Indian Ocean.

Most importantly we had had the privilege to meet and sit down with leading UN/World Bank/ IMF/UNIDIO officials form the Region to discuss the problematic how they saw the problems of East African and Indian Ocean independence - the terrible economic, social and political, military conflicts.

With their permission, guidance and very many other - Prof Micheal Hoffman of Vienna Interdisciplinary Management, the Department for Austria Trade relation with East Africa and the Gulf Region, the involvement of a couple of leading business families and consultant, the very important impute of the South African Embassy in Vienna - researched some six months and finally wrote the concept for the first Indian Ocean Industrial Investment and Promotion Center. To be based in Republic of Seychelles.

We have elaborated in discussion forums some of the thinking behind this process - primarily to create an economic mechanism/platform as had been directed by the UN/UNIDO over which small business, the Island development projects and the Indian could be discussed - the important differentiation between the Western concept for Project Promotion and the COMECON, USSR or Chines, then Communist Economic block. Given the very powerful and important military position of the USSR, the Chinese in the Indian Ocean - the Seychelles. To use this platform to create due dialogue, in other words Seychelles would have to commit itself to certain norms if it wanted to get investment, project promoted and implemented, finance and other infrastructure support. We had studied, researched the CARICOM economic structures, politic and social impacts. As well as others internationally less well known such economic grouping.

We had acquired the bitter experiences of the powers of the world institutions, the large nation power and very many other complex issues related with such a concept. We had learnt very bitterly like we did in the colonial days the dark side of the Colonial Service and its Executive. The United Nation, the vast sums it spends on institutional systems, documentation and paper work - one thing was theory and another practice. How you can have a very good idea from the small nation how they can mar, frustrate and destroy your idea and good intentions. Implementing what they think it is best and dictated by other interests.

We added this issue 17.01.11 - One of the argument of the active Opposition Leader Mr Gerrard Hoareau 1982/3 - was how can we get/compel the USA and Britain to act, committed. He had raise the option of creating a situation on BIOT - Diego Garcia at the height of the Vietnam boat people and the Tamil exodus, the international media and political circus. Those form his Executive he may have discussed such a possibility. Having said, written of the many complex Colonial issues we had been privilege to be privy, our UN/UNIDO research for the economic/business block for the then Indian Ocean - raised, debated the issues with Refuge group, individuals in London - sounded those we/I judge would, can lend weigh, support and eventually back such and idea, military and business entity and the UN - UNIDO officials. To use one of the Island of BIOT to create an International entity - under the UN supervision where the Vietnamese, Tamil, Seychellois exile and other could be settled. This would also add to bring/put pressure on the USSR, China, OAU and other Block which supported FA Rene government. It would lend to create a different political dynamic and momentum in the region too. Long term it would commit the UN, then British, Commonwealth and other NATO, their then institutions to more serious and stable political development in the region. We set out modulation how to raise the Funds for such a concept/project. We lobby then Lady Tacther government and certain USA, French high Officials. We may have also addressed the issues in writing to Lady Tacther, you lobby first, debate, discuss - when you see that the possibility is strong then you put/commit the plan, ideas on paper - formal correspondences. As against creating a military situation. Among some of the most Senior ex Minister from Sir James Mancham entourage, exile government, were aware of such endeavour, undertakings - later the split in the Government in exile of Sir James Mancham and the Minister who took over the SDP working in Exile, his views and position - Minister David Joubert. The Sechelles - Seychelles was a member of the None Aligned Nation then. A large number of important issues came about - the British, USA, French media did not report/mention - they were being influenced. The solution Lady Tacther government worked out for the Vietnamese boat people, the Tamil and indeed our own fate. You, one do not venture, foray into such issues, without acquiring experience, understanding and new abilities. Beside one was involved in creating, setting up a state, new nation for start - the complexities - we had studied and research other nations experiences - particularly Israel. The initial Funds required would be in the region of £200 millions for the basics infrastructures. This experience added weigh that we could put together an Exile return program in the parameters of SIROP. The USSR Intelligence, French, South Africa, Israel Services, the Arabs, Indian, Pakistan, Chinese would have been wise, picked up some of those issues in London.

We had been privy to the numerous attempts to finance military operations against Seychelles Government and the many failure's. The powerful Western politicians involved, military, economic, strategic etc., the very many intelligence services Western, Communist, India and Arab Region.

The grave problematic of controlling a military operation, the kind of government and legitimacy - recognitions one is faced with. The issues of the civilian population and the political parties some of the revengeful recommendations.

The grave issue of forming a government from the exile community and trust worthiness. The situation which had develop itself in the Comoros and Zanzibar. One primary concern that those who financed the operation, the Intelligence Service and the Military - approach/practice , we get somebody to do our dirty work and we get rid of him, they wanted individuals to form a government they could control, dictate - the vast mine field, problematics of running a country after military coup.

We had spent a good deal of time learning the rudiment of Voluntary working, benevolence action the great importance it played in European affairs. To a good extent on continent Europe and Britain.

We had learnt and acquired the important abilities to develop, join, network with other groups, NGO's, business, philantrophic with diverse interest yet common objective - goal.

We had come to the conclusion that those involved in a military option for Seychelles had ulterior motives and interest. Most of their interest were not in the interest of Seychelles - particularly the Oil/energy exploration and the Geo strategic politic .

We had laid the foundation for long term community building infrastructure, grass root building and long term planning for our Seychelles Exile community in the European Union.

Added 17.01.2011 -

We have not committed, written an in depth blog on detailing how the SIROP combine exile return program would be funded in its form. For the very good reason we did refuse completely to submit a written in depth outline of this important refugee/exile program to the UN and World Bank and the relevant institutions. Because of what we have said above, because of the experiences, the research in 1978/79 the outcome - the corruption, very many other research we had carried out - the approach and manner, benchmark of those UN, World Bank bodies. All the debacle of that BIOT - Diego Garcia Tamil/Vietnamese/Seychelles exile, the lies, distortions, the UN and USA approach - we set us such a concept, they pick all the meat of the joint/bone, meaning big business and politic and we are left with the crap, reject, left overs. For one they would not never have allowed us to use our ancestral French archaic, fraternal, royalty/nobility workings - they would have wanted/demanded their standards - yet here we were leading, driving, synergising massive global issues, politic, economy, big business. In our blood rage/anger led issues which cause the setting up of the World wide Web so that we and those like we could communicate then situation, they only control what was said and written of any seriousness. We wanted to let those institutions know that we not only disapprove of their practice - we can put together an international exile return program with out their control and dictate. We would fight to being them to respect the protocols and working of the UN as set out/mandated. Else where we have addressed the issues, political what President FA Rene had demanded, pre requisite that he even considered such a concept - the bloody lies of everybody, as if those issues never took place - the ton of lies and dishonesty across the many Wikipedia and such public information plat form. The most important requirements was that we just did not come back to Sechelles Seychelles as refugees - the burden on the government, economy and country - hence the need to develop a very strong and finance able economic package/concept. He and his Officials and associate they wanted undertakings that this was not a political ploy, back stabbing exercise - that we have the capabilities to deliver whatever it took and would take once he had committed his government and the Seychelles Nation. The methods and mechanism we used to communicate and exchange views and info with those involved and Seychelles then government and their Officials, associates. There were highly complex and intense involvement of the French government - President Francois Mitterrand Office, officials to monitor, verify many aspects of our working and delivery capabilities, seriousness - which he/they in turn exchanged, communicated with the Seychelles government and Officials - nowhere on the global media is this mentioned. Do they take the French and the Francophone Institutions for fools - idiots. The French Intelligence Services were involved and the French two high Fraternal/archaic establishment - are they ruddy liars. The Italian government, their Secret Service, Fraternal/archaic Establishment was importantly involved - referring and giving feedback to President FA Rene. What about the Russians, the very dangerous and ruthless Secret services were involved, monitoring and giving feedback to President FA Rene - the Libya Secret Service were involved as well as Middle East political Block their Secret Service - military monitoring the issues and exchanging with their Heads and President FA Rene. Iran Secret Service, they are equally excellent, were involved, monitoring and some of their important politicians and the Iranian exile officials, interests - why have they not been mentioned. What about India diplomats, Secret Services, Pakistan likewise. The Philippines governments were involved, their police/secrets services - their reasons and interests - what about Mauritius and Reunion Island Officials. They must all think we are completely loony/bats. What about the Chinese Secret Services and other resources involved to monitor and give feed back to President FA Rene. The South African with their sophisticated military, culture, understanding of Africa working and their Secret services were involved to monitor and manipulate in instances - nowhere is this mentioned.Those African countries close then/working with FA Rene government, political system, big business their diplomats, embassy and police monitoring our activities and reporting to their Heads of state and President F A Rene. Nobody nowhere has mentioned the USA highly complex and complicated involvement in this process and program. Yet the USA has one of the most advance and formidable Intelligence and policing capabilities then and today. It was in its very vital interests to know everything, every details of what was going on and taking place the development's and impacts - effects - the future of the region. We knew perfectly well what we had on our hands - to dislodge the USSR, the Communist Block, China, the other Communist Block from Sechelles Seychelles and the Indian Ocean. We knew perfectly well what we were walking into - our respective role and responsibilities. Those who have written what they have on the web and Wikipedia have/had no shame. What about Ireland - those who worked with both the Irish and Seychelles government, their role, monitor and feed back - some of the most awsome isssues which took place and were taking place. Again those who lie that the Irish were never involved in our affairs and that exile return program. Among other governments, their officials, diplomats, Secret Services and police who monitored the many aspects of our exile politics and that SIROP combined exile return program $500 - $800 millions were the Australian, the Canadians, the Dutch government, German - what about the Germans Intelligence Services, their senior government officials, Austrian and Belgium government, Oficials, diplomats and police, Sweden importantly given certain important French Royal connections and such Heritage, we has asked then for help, Norway and Denmark - why has everybody lied about their involvements - what are the good reasons. Those who have plastered the web that only the Commonwealth was involved or Sir James Mancham and his Fax messages. What about the role of the Vatican and the Catholic Church. Had the UN been too involved we would not have received/got the important support we did from the Holy Seat - the Vatican.

We have edited and added this 16/01/2011, the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia and the great source of information. They have an excellent review covering the year 1987 when "all hell broke loose and we began initiating/implementing that Historic exile return program." We have also added a picture of 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent where our Private residence was - BRC, ex Old Coach House, the many other Ethnic communities resources, the Kilburn Irish Centre, the Philippine Research centre, Latin America House and others.

We have studied the entries in Wikipedia 1987 world events, we can detect that Wikipedia is very pro English speaking issues, a very great deal of important issues was taking place in the COMECON, USSR, China, Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Gulf region, Germany, France, the Vatican, Israel, South Africa they have not entered.

1987 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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