SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Rasseblement du peuple Seychellois à travers le monde pour soutenier le retour de leurs émigrer

Rasseblement du peuple Seychellois à travers le monde pour soutenier le retour de leurs émigrer
Rasseblement of the Seychellois people around the world to support their emigrate to return

We addressed a thread at Facebook and our forums of the need to have greater political flexibility in Sechelles Seychelles, stating this call goes back to the SIROP etc., combined exile return program - in the form of a Senate Parliament. Unlike Sir James Mancham who is a preferred guest speaker at World events. Our approach have been you undertake an issues when you have to. Give the time and occasion to others to deliberate over and about it.

Part of that SIROP etc., combined exile return program of 1987 - $500 - $800 millions running into the 40% overrun. Unlike President JA Michel - we had planned to work in a more constructive manner with the EU and UN Institutions.

With the EU to support the greater integration of the Sechelles Seychelles Community in EU whilst putting in place adequate economic and financial incentives to encourage those who wish to return to Seychelles to do so - We had started this discussion with then Mr Phillippe Boule in Exile. { Not like the current Seychelles government to harass, hinder - make life hell for anybody trying to develop adequate EU integration program - while allowing adequate opportunity for our Consuls, economic representation have free hands in pilfering our Heritage.}
With the UN and several International Migration Institutions put in place a robust program which would encourage any Seychellois migrant from anywhere in the world to return to Seychelles - with the adequate resource to support and back this.

We belong to those individuals who contributed to liberate/free Nelson Mandela - those who know what policy change took place at UNIDO in respect to these issues and South Africa. We carried the commitment when we were forced to be an exile in London - those who know the real issues.

We have the capacity to input into greater UN and World Bank beside others - respective governments policy on fostering and encouraging re migration program - meaning those who wish to return to their country of origin and place of Birth - we have been active in this field for 30 years.

Shortly after the Historic changes in COMECON, USSR, EU, China the political euphoria and indeed Blair government and several others. Because we had been involved in those issues since Vienna, believe that the rightful place for high percentage of migrants is bank in their country - but with proper and adequate economic situation.

We have done some measure of such work with the late President Francois Mitterrand government within the greater EU and UN Migration politic an policy. We have been monitoring closely Migration issues in Europe for the past 10 years. The many policies put into place by EU and indeed Britain.

After the mega economic world crash 1995 there about - what mechanism and resolve we used to put to into place the IOR concept given that the positive dynamic and synergy was collapsing in the Indian Ocean, Asia, Africa, Gulf Region - the syndicate President FA Rene had linked that SIROP etc., combined exile return program - this is what we cannot understand the world, the media and the very Seychelles politicians - we/I had cut a deal with them, either I/we came through with the deal/deliver or be killed/liquidated - it was that simple, the option between using a mercenary force - having to be concern daily of one well being , meaning staying alive and in the SIROP etc., combine exile return program should/if we did not deliver we could not run to Mars, hided some far away country. Those of you alive start thinking very hard what we have said including the media, the Seychelles Arm Force, the Special police etc.{About that time President Bill Clinton authorize the £21 billions Budget for the CIA - USA new role in the region and the world}

Again there were unique and important reasons we contributed and used our complex mechanism to duplicate the EU for Africa - then OAU.

We have been involved in large highly complex policy, economic formulation for the Indian Ocean region, including Monetary. As such, rather the good reasons. One is compel to understand the working of the regional economic, society and aspirations.

Beside President Obama and many distinguish world diplomats have been underlining that the power of the world have shifted. The Indian Ocean region, Gulf, Asia, Australia, Africa is going to be the driving economic and monetary, cultural Force of the World.

We have been involved in that Gibraltar Tunnel for along time 20 years.It may take another 10 years to build had we engage our person sooner. Those African politicians who have come and gone. Because of our bitterness have quasi stood aside and let certain type of Executive take the lead. The emphasis under the Mitterrand government was when the Gibraltar Tunnel is build the emphasis to put in place adequate economic program and policy to encourage a high percentage of African to remigrate and play their role in their country - not just a Tunnel going nowhere. We have been monotoning President Sarkosy pet Project of the Med Basin economic partnership. The British stand. If we are to play our proper role in the world and the Indian ocean to become committed and proactive - to support the highly complex process. Part of our involvement in the High speed underwater Broad band link was/is for this purpose - given President J A Michel attitude and politic - one ask is it for "the dogs and cats." We in Seychelles have a great deal to contribute in these issues. Now dear parents in Mauritius, current politicians and friends do not you just start rubbing your hands like you have done in the past. We have acquired a great deal of experience, wisdom and resolve. Just because we are the younger in the Family we will put up with any and every crap.

On account of what we wrote and have been writing about the need to have a Senate type of parliament in Seychelles and the arguments put forward.

That SIROP etc., combined exile return program had as agenda a concrete objective to put into place an adequate concept that would enable and encourage those Seychellois that have migrated to return Home/Seychelles. Beside that $500 - $800 millions economic package - this is where President FA Rene an our self had a bloody disagreement. We refused to commit our self once we had been betrayed and sold by the returning exile comprising of Sir James Mancham - hence we wrote and have written they will fail, and will get into big trouble because they did not concept the program it was our person and the capacity to see it through.

Now we address Mr Christopher Gill. There is a good reason a forest has a particular tree call it/name it what you want. We have dialogue in exile with just about every shade and type of individual. Sechelles Seychelles still have the capacity in spite of the world/global financial and economic situation to put in place that other aspect of the SIROP etc., combine exile return program. We will not debate about the politic on the ground.

At the time we may have been looking at half the amount of the SIROP etc., combined exile return program. Today this will mean at least $900 millions. Can we and do we have the capacity to deliver - we have a practice and policy never to get involve and commit our self if we cannot deliver. Given events in the Region, political developments, monetary developments and issues of African Union believe the time is long past for this program - but given the development around the world, economic, education, society etc etc. there is a very high ground and reason to enact/put into place such a program. Beside re balancing the ethnic mix in Seychelles, it will re balance the politic of Seychelles and its regional interests and politic. We keep underlining we have a new National Assembly building, soon Place of Justice and University - Universities. In Seychelles you friends, citizens, relatives activists will need to become engage. We have in many instance accuse of being an autocratic - when you drive a bulldozer, Caterpillar or tractor there is no space for two drivers or co drives. What we mean the world is brutal they owe us nothing - if we want something we have to go out there and get/fight for it.

There are buzz, suggestions we have to put into place the project for further land reclamation - we will also have the funds to do the project.

Amidst the giant changes going on in the Arab world - we can play a highly important role. Out there those for Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan, India and Asia, North Africa who have associated and network with us, their experiences, the need to reengage - the world will/may never be the same again.

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grandlarousse said...

On account of certain issues with our Community British, EU, Polish Networking which has been ongoing since last Autumn - how they do business and our son botched A level examination, the news BBC this morning how some British students have gone to the continent to pursue their studies and the very modest cost/price compared to Britain, which I/we forumed the issues last Autumn, the dreadful practice in this country. We have also got a small Citroën 1.5 AX those who have conned him so he does not like/make the effort to learn to drive in case he become to independent and run away to France or the continent, purchased next to a flying horse/pegasus Pub in Kent the ex owners a Secondary school Teacher in Kent, their House, garden and daughter - upper class village. The French/Citroën Car Industry who have benefited importantly for the past 15 years because of these issues. Yet at the age of 8 years, I/we went all the way to Bruxelles to buy him his first bicycle and he rode it 15 kilometres passing a very important Polish animal/cattle food company, all those who know. We had not read about the issues of the Scandinavian electricity generator in Nation News today nor the Polish 1st Ambassadorial accreditation to Sechelles seychelles'. We decided to buy a Honda power generator, a compressor which can be used for spraying or repairs, something else important and put them in the boot of the Citroën 1.5 AX (I/we will have to do some work on it - in Seychelles and around the world those who may quarry our knowledge about electricity/repairing a generator - in Sechelles Seychelles, the current Chinese Embassy ex Mr and Mrs Andre Stevenson - Delhomme, their chauffeur Mr Maxime Grandcourt who killed himself whilst working on the Family DC generator, he had been dating our Teacher Miss Eglantine Collie.) this son of our's was born, in Angers - Loire France the Oldest Hospital in France, the Mitterrand Family, entourage, archaic and fraternal/christian connections, those 3 suitcases one from the Beloff/Epstine Family containing the combined SIROP $500 - $800 exile return program, important aspect of the Seychelles UK exile political and military attempts 1978 to 1989, all were left in the care of Societe Saint Vincent de Paul and SVP in Britain - the Gulf war which started 14 days later, events of his life and the world past 20 years in kent what we have addressed the many institutions in EU, France, Sechelles Seychelles and Mauritius - he will turn 21 in January 2/01/2012 - all those involved. Like the recent development is Miss Stephanie Gabriel, the dreadful and depraved Benchmark which prevails and media practice, which could have been avoided, again those we have been pleading for the past 15 years in Sechelles Seychelles to help/assist us to build a place/house - those who have private generator in Sechelles Seychelles and France.