SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Abu Dhabi helping with plans to develop Victoria -

Abu Dhabi has signed an agreement of intent with Seychelles to help produce a master plan for the redevelopment of Victoria.

The agreement was signed on Thursday by Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy Minister Joel Morgan and the general manager of the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council Falah Mohamed Al Ahbabi.

Mr Falah Mohamed had earlier in the morning held talks with President James Michel regarding this project to redevelop Victoria.

Mr Falah Mohamed during his meeting with President Michel

At the signing ceremony, which took place at the Seychelles Petroleum Company’s conference room at the New Port, Mr Morgan noted that the plans stem from an initiative of President James Michel and the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

“The level of will for the development from both sides is very strong,” said Mr Morgan, who described as very fruitful talks held by his team and that of Mr Falah Mohamed on Thursday.

“We were able to exchange a number of important ideas about the development of Victoria for the future and we are very happy you have been able to bring your team’s competence for the work we will do,” he said.

Mr Morgan said the plans will take care of the environment, transport infrastructure, planning and cultural guidelines.

“Above all we want to see Victoria develop as a beautiful city maintaining its heritage and culture and traditional architecture as much as possible for the people of Seychelles and tourists to enjoy,” he said.

He appreciated the support Abu Dhabi will give, particularly to the Planning Authority in terms of human resources and expertise that is expected to help regulatory and development guidelines and process streamlining which he described as a bottleneck that will hopefully see greater transparency.

Messrs Morgan and Falah Mohamed exchange documents after signing the agreement

“We are touched by your gesture,” he said.
Mr Falah Mohamed said the two countries’ leaderships’ governance and the government of Seychelles aspire to give the people of Seychelles a sustainable environment.

“The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council is honoured to be part of this strategic mission for the mutual benefit of both governments,” he said.

He pledged that the council will give the planning authority expertise and resources, and that both teams will work closely to align the urban development strategy with the overarching principles of Strategy 2017 and Vision 2020.

Mr Falah Mohamed said his team of experts -- eight of whom accompanied him yesterday – will work with Seychelles Planning Authority and other agencies to come up with the best plan to suit the people of Seychelles.

Minister Morgan and Mr Falah Mohamed with guests in a souvenir photograph at yesterday’s signing ceremony

“We will not forget to take the environment and culture into consideration with a view to improving them,” he said.
He said they will pay attention to roads, paths and other infrastructure that will help the Greater Victoria to grow and better satisfy the people of Seychelles.

Mr Falah Mohamed, whose team is here for the second time, said Mr Michel stressed the need to preserve the environment.
He noted that it will take five to six months to produce the master plan.

Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, Sechelles Seychelles in cooperation deal,_Seychelles_ink_cooperation_deal/47097.htm

Note- Now we will get more crap form the USA, British, those who know our Sechelles Seychelles EU Community working. We have added this article underneath here and trust President JA Michel and company think we are not fully aware what is going on and taking place. What this is all about.

It had taken us one year if not more in 1986 to debate, argue, sort out who of the international partners would be best suited to impliment that program. The Italian were importantly involved and they contributed importantly that BCCI, not London but the Luxumburg Office take care of the complex finance issues, multinational finance issues. They were not Pakistan control, they were control by a number of powerful players form the Gulf region including Abu Dabi and Far East. We mention this because we had wanted Barcalys Group to stay clear of this exile/refugee program. In their revenge, anger, vendetta they torpidoe - BCCI those who know the real truth, what the real issues were about - we wrote to the Firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, the /group of Lawyer handling the liquidation and the Court about some of the issues, copy still available.

President FA Rene has also shop in Far East for a large or Group of large Financers to help put in place that SIROP etc exile/refugee program.

When President Mancham and Dr Ferrari hijack that program - they had gone through the process of selecting, inditifying their prefered Group of International investors and bankers, supporters.

President FA Rene have approach the Chinese in Part, the Russian and most important South African.

India from a political prospective have made overture to president FA Rene that they be allowed to make important input in that program.

Now we come to the real filth - form those form the Masonic, archaic, templar, fraternal, illuminati and others - it was the combination of the investors and bankers from the Gulf region - that ignited the first Gulf War. President Saddam Hussein had indicated he could - would help, ie via Seychelles government. The Masonic mechanism, establishemnt that drives big politic and big diplomacy got the wrong end of the stick and those mad politicians in Britain, France, Germany and Italy who did not know anything and the USA - set up the muck for President Sadam Hussien to fall into - that was the "Super Gurn debacle" Lady Tacther is very much alive and Justice Minister Clerk, they were all there and know the real issues. The role of the gutter press, today that infernal satanic rave/rage etc. Vache folle.

This is why we stated President J A Michel just does not know what he is doing and his government and the bunch of elected.

Just like the super mess with the Pirate issues, for him he think that the Gulf War, was game, political amusement, to swell his small head - they ought to take him to the ICC before he make a bigger mess of the Region and the world - if/should he know anything about our greater archaic, fraternal, illuminati, masonic and such working.

Can he fathom the scale of the muck, what led to the destruction of Iraq and the hanging of President Saddam Hussien. The utter mess Iraq is in today, the suffering of these people, the making of world, european politic and economy on the back of it - the father of the current ruler of Abu Dabi was fully informed, aware - we know some of the issues. Another person who was very well aware was Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci and so to did Mr Guy Morel. There are those in Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar, South Africa who know and knew of those issues.

Does he realize what will happen when those in the Pentagon, CIA and USA politicians get the wind and the media, those in Britain, Australia, Canada, South Africa, France in particular, China, India, Pakistan, the Russian, Research some of the issues we/I have written and it will refresh their mind/system.

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