SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 5 March 2012

Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee working and European royal Families

Saturday 3/3/12  News - Princess Beatrice want a real Job and her dress.

We had our mind full of the situation in Sechelles, Seychelles, those from London attending, taking part in that 2nd International Carnival de Victoria. Their buzz and vibes. Most important the macabre issues and development surrounding that Italian cruise liner, the 1000 passengers, 50% of them staying on - to enjoy the Carnival. This had certainly not been on the agenda and planned by STB, the special team to advice the President - never the less, what we/I have been terming " our ancestral archaic, fraternal, Illuminati, masonic, heraldic  working" time and time again over the past 35 years the important issues it has impacted and surprisingly presented itself.

Meanwhile after - 30 years of writing of addressing,  about such issues and who they impact and influence not just Seychelles Republic working, Mauritius, Reunion, the Indian Ocean  and greater international working.  Those in London and EU who begin to grasp.  There is the need to stress this is not an African national or institutional or cultural working or Indian or Arab.

Whilst, the majority of everybody at Home - Seychelles enjoyed, participated and savour in some form the 2nd International Carnival - we had other concern on our mind - for instance the SDA Brazilian/Portuguese church, we have mentioned so often with some easily 500, members or more -beside the recent diplomatic protocol, the many years of Friendship in our national working and their Portuguese culture.  They had sent an important delegation to Seychelles and the need to explain, communicate to those Brazilian communities in London, the Portuguese speaking those issues and development.

Having mentioned, our important Italian, "archaic, fraternal, Illuminati, masonic, Templar or heraldic working" - the issues we - on behalf of the 25,000 Sechelles Seychelles exile have been addressing about the need to register that SIROP etc exile/refugee program in Seychelles.  Appropriate representation in Bruxelles, eventually - the USA and Adisababa - Ethiopia.  Deploying the appropriate resource - given the Seychelles, regional Indian Ocean economy and international situation.  Beside the government own plan and agenda 2020 excluding completely and totally those 25, 000 exile/refugee involvements and rights - say.  Yet they are making allowance, creating parameters for all those 7,000 and more new migrants and settlers in Seychelles, their children, their culture, their religion and other national needs.

Further more their work, the national resource they have deploy, Tax payers money which is accountable, to fraught, to harass, to create network, deploy resource right across the world and Europe to suppress, those 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugee voice, their rights and existence. They create hate and use such outrageous methods - to exclude, deny their very existence and make the life of any or those who are involved hell, impossible to live and work they and their families and their retributions.

We have underlined that, that program is 50% complete the the grave problematic - namely after 25 years all the hard work, efforts and major resource input, the very position, economic situation, social, political etc of the Seychellois nation being where it is today because of this Program and development - only 300 former exile/refugee have returned home. What have ensued political wise, the nation and government in spite of taking, accepting several hundreds millions of Euro and us dollars to contribute/promote  to such issues - their dishonesty and mega corruption, the national media, paper and TV, Judiciary and police - aided by the EU, UN, commonwealth who say there are not exile/refugee form Seychelles. Their dishonesty and attitude.  Instead on the back of the/those exile, refugee hard work the corrupted practise, some 5,000 - 7,000 foreigners have migrated to Sechelles Seychelles to take over their land, human space, political rights and economic rights - beside practising in brutal and outright exploitation and abuses.  the involvement of certain governments  their agenda, to prevents, block, make it impossible for those exile/refugee to return  to Seychelles, because of their political and economic motives.  Then they go to the UN, EU Security council and talk - argue about ethnic cleansing of other nations and seek ICC judgement.   Particularly the African Union  and India.

Again the International conference in London on Somali - by the Conservative government as against the working of the previous Labour government. Those 25,000 Seychellois exile/refuges were completely excluded, yet the stealing, robbery and ripoff by all those at that conference of their "heritage greater working". The media involvement and cover up. It is our duty to tell the world, that we have rights and the international communities have obligations to respect.

From this prospective, position we have been working, promoting our issues, rights for the past 25 years.
This said the many important elements - we have addressed all over the web which make, support, enable that SIROP etc exile/refugee program to work and reach where it has today given the mega opposition, first the Communist and dictatorial military system , region in Seychelles and all their ruthless and brutal networks which supported and worked with them to keep them in power.

Twenty five years ago then World situation and division - the West and East Camp and the Cold War, and the None Aligned Movement.  The manner and complexities we had and were compelled to put the many resources and networks in place to enable to move ahead.

One of these important resource  and their network is the Royal families of Europe then and today - the future, the "archaic, Templar, heraldic, Illuminati, fraternal, masonic, christian working." The very many heritage and institutions of their 1,000 years ago and toady - the future, their respective role in the societies, nations of Europe and the rest of the world - where they once ruled, headed colonies, their resources, economy, wealth, diplomacy, education, scientific, military, religious workings and very very many other institutions.

Handling and discussing - their issues, working in most EU is a challenge, meaning their are protocol, regulation, laws - the challenge we have faced and faced. Meaning, their involvement, engagement, support how and what manner this is done, executed and protocol and yet the media, those who manage and run the working of European royalty.  The Court related issues, judiciary.

An example without going into the Sechelles Seychelles, French highly important Indian ocean, Europe royalty, republican heritage and its working, beside British, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Austrian, Spanish, Swedish and others, including Russian and former COMECON/Communist - their links across the world.  When we require the help, support and intervention  of their resources and involvements - we do not always write a letter or make a phone call or meet them in person - their are channel, protocol, structures to follow and work with - yet the Head of a particular European nation may and will take the credit and if /should things go wrong they will issue and request the appropriate intervention as the case may be.

In this manner, prospective, they support, help, contribute in/to our Sechelles Seychelles, communities working in their/the respective Europe country,  nation -France,  Italy, Holland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Britain, former COMECON,  Monaco etc.  where our exile/refugees has found refuge, taken exile and made their home - their respective many national and international institutions which work with then on the Royal behalf.

This important and unique relation have existed 500 years ago our ancestors who migrated and began building those nations of the Indian Ocean, south Asia, India, South Africa, East Africa - in spite of the world changing is functionality, the major wars - every generation, the migration and those of our brothers, sisters and related families the respective countries they have gone to live and migrate or seek exile. This unique relation is not a one way street - we contribute back as nation, people, those with nobility, royal blood or republican blood and such connection. The functionality and once again, the new generations be they royal or other wise on both side. In instance we can make important contributions - depending on the circumstance and issues. 

The same manner when Seychelles government high officials, consulate, ambassador and the such  need to work with them - the protocol and manner they work and the issues are addressed - including their national parliament and embassy abroad and in Seychelles. The UN, the EU, NATO, the Francophone.
Such is the case of the British royal working in relation to our Sechelles Seychelles royal heritage and archaic etc working.  The reason we are addressing this issues today - the corrupted media working in Seychelles, the region and the world. Their utter lies.  Having said the above, those who know personalities like Princess Margret, her family,  who contributed importantly to our Sechelles Seychelles both 25,000 exile/refugee working and national working, the Queen Mother, Princess Micheal of Kent, the duchess of Kent and her Family, Princess Diana and her engagement then, like wise Duchess of York, Princess Anne and Her Majesty, the Queen in many instances. Beside being the Head of the Commonwealth and the the Head of the Church of England.

The European royal families, their institutions are fully aware what is going on in the world, development and changes - if they choose to endorse it that is another matter. We have been writing and address the mega changes which took place in the Indian Ocean region, those royal families with their former interests and links in the Indian Ocean. the strategicness of the Indian ocean, the changing dynamic of the world, economy, diplomacy and power politic. The need and required for the young royal to function and become engage at what ever level and form.  Particularly towards Africa, the Small nations of the region.  Those young royals they have been brought up differently and they have also learnt to function with the changing world and popular development, many changes.

Some two years ago addressed pertinent issues requesting the duchess of York help in our Heraldic project.  Equally her eldest daughter Princess Beatrice - who has been working with those issues for some years.

Everybody get old, we all have to move on and those royal family members in Europe who have supported us and their children and grand children - equally important to reengage the young generation in our issues, working and development.

It is from this prospective and view point that - we believe Princess Beatrice media address must be seen.  Be they in Seychelles, Mauritius and across the world the vast majority who are completely unaware of such issues and  how they/it work, its purpose and function, logic and necessity.

We will be brief - this world we live and work in in very complex and complicated, like in the ocean, the forests, the animal world, the bird world the role of the many species to the existence and functioning of our planet and human existence.  We from the 25,000 Sechelles, Seychelles exile believe in such functionality and their workings.

What need to be pointed out - addressed, having made, contributed and supported a given major issues - that does not mean as we can read across the web - those who manage and written on their behalf - they are responsible for all the positive development and the bad people are responsible for all the negative development  aspect of a given issues.

Most important - the conclusion after such important engagement, involvements - the UN, African Union, EU, commonwealth, Francophone, the Arab leagues and many who deny our existence and that SIROP etc exile/refugee program.  In taking on the next phase - the next 5/10 years  working of the Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee,  the need to communicate in/with greater dynamic to counter act the corrupted practise and dishonest media practise if there is to be any positive development in the affairs of the 25,000 Seychelles exile/refugees, their children and elderly.  Beside their legitimate International many rights as enshrined and underpinned in the many International laws.

'I want a real job': Princess Beatrice plans to become a career woman

London Conference on Somalia


Note : We cannot add article link as comment and the relevancy - there was a very strange "commotion" yesterday evening, those we spoke openly in public at the train station and later in the night the issues. 

 As a result of the news of Lord St John of Fawsley death this morning - again in Britain, France, Italy, Germany what one is allowed to write such individual - all those from the then Mrs Thacther Government and PM Heath - what we have written about Dr Professor Micheal Hoffman, Mrs Thacther Economic guru adviser, Dr Friedrich Von Hayek then East - West relation, the Cold War, our important Sechelles Seychelles  colonial connections - those who recall and knew what was going on as against those who invented and picked up "using that infernal satanic vibe/rage, crack vibe etc, such methods".

Those high individuals, personalities who knew or made it their business to know of our person, abilities indirectly - what issues, dynamic, disciplines compelled and influenced Mrs Thacther in taking some of her important decision then - what the media crap/con and lies they told the world. 

Lord St John of Fawsley was one of those personalities we were in indirect contact. Some of the important debacle that came out and logger head with Mrs Thacther.  We have been able to exchange and share our view with such important individual on the then British Economy, Europe situation - beside his experience and expertise.  

We have mentioned of Lord Beloff involvement, support and advice in putting that SIROP etc exile/refugee program together - given his expertise in constitutional matter we had also" referred " some of the SIROP program debacles with him. 

Lord St John of Fawsley obituary

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