SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Friday, 24 February 2012

The SIROP etc exile/refugee 1987, $500 -$800 Millions return program and a new £550,000 intelligence centre in the Seychelles to co-ordinate action against Somali pirates.

The SIROP etc exile/refugee 1987, $500 -$800 Millions return program and a new £550,000 intelligence centre in the Seychelles to co-ordinate action against Somali pirates.

Given what we have been writing to the USA government, the White House, the Senate, the CIA and even Pentagon, this in the USA alone since the USA invasion of Somalia and the relation with that SIROP etc exile/refugee program - then Cold War - Communist Africa, likewise in Gulf region, the situation in Afghanistan, in Iraq, Pakistan, India, South Asia our view, differed view between those Important American/USA personalities, politicians, that of Britain, France - It is the first time in world history that a small nation of the size of Sechelles Seychelles , its 25,000 exile of "important French archaic, fraternal, illuminati, Masonic, Templar, Christian heritage decided - took it upon themselves, to solve - sort out the Communist situation in Seychelles , the Indian Ocean region by using the same mechanism the Canadian of French decent would do/use, the Quebec people, or the Reunion people - having written a great deal of what took place.

The need to underline the Seychellois of French decent have a complete different set of logic, approach, mechanism, resources, networks, global institutions, church institutions, intellectual world institutions, scientific and military, intelligence related they can turn to and decided to turn to and set in motion which would enable them to challenge the then Communist, USSR, China their related supportive government and resources in the Indian Ocean, Africa, the Gulf region and Asia.

There is the important need, requirement to spell out, state this is the big reason - We they small Seychellois became hated in Britain by the British politicians, their archaic institutions, the church, the media - how dare we challenge them the great and might Britain, British people with 500 years of Colonial experience, overthrowing governments, assassination, propaganda, destabilization politic. There is the important need to spell tell history, future generation of young Seychellois - those of us involved in that SIROP exile/refugee voluntary repatriation program had done a very great deal of research into Colonial British working and their Corporate, Institutions working the past 500 years.

There is not need to repeat our self like an old gramophone - where we lacked the expertise, know how we turn to friends, be they in France, French speaking institutions, Irish in the case of English speaking and Scott.

We are of the firm view this state of affair for the few who know the truth in London, Britain - the reason they have broken all convention and came out with the blatant lie that the Commonwealth changed Seychelles. Had they tried to make any other statement, claim they would have found themselves in very serious trouble - the international accountability as and when it did come out.

For the large and vast many Seychellois in Seychelles, the expatriate, be they Chinese, Indian, African, Malagasy, Philippine, Italian, South African, Arabs,. including a large proportion living in exile Seychellois across the world - just like they would try and read some super spy stories and they will never grasp the issues, plot, reasons, responsibilities, high parties involved and motives the same they have never and will take several generation to study and grasp, understand in term of our French ancestral history in the Indian Ocean, South Africa, North Africa, India, Gulf Region and South Asia what took place really.

We have been trying to weight the pre International Somali pirate conference climate, vibe/buzz and the position, agenda of some of the more important parties involved. We/Have already addressed the British prospective - once again my/our statement, right during the PM Blair and PM Gordon Brown government our emphasis, efforts to explain, call the attention of many important International institutions on what was at play, work and the mega corruption, abuse. All that is required a couple of individuals take their time research the web and our blogs and forums. The emphasis of the Blair - Geldoff and others Africa Commission Agenda p program. Instead for PM Blair their/his view to enact more Terrorist laws, legislations with the support and involvement of the UN, the USA Regional government, the EU, African Union and the Commonwealth - beside the role of the British media.

We are of the strong view had not the mega Economic melt down not taken place in the USA, the EU and the many riots in Britain the Conservative Coalition would have preferred an International conference how to start an allies Invasion of Somalia and how to set up long term NATO or UN military presence there. The corrupted political practices across the world and mega abuse of power.

We will be adding some links to this thread later. Tonight as the British capital open its door, prepare to welcome the many delegations attending this international Somali Pirate conference - the buzz and vibe on the streets of London.

We recollect clearly the buzz of our SIROP etc exile/refugee program in 1987/88, yet this was a voluntary repatriation program the size of $500 - $800 millions beside the gearing mechanism we had also calculate encompassing - which would gear some of the most important international economic program, development, regional Indian Ocean Africa, Asia and Gulf Region.

We had been able to line up some of the biggest Global financial players, big banks consortiums - we were playing in bracket - looking at the economic impacts of that SIROP program , privatization program , the cost, logic, expertise, requirements, resources and money needed - not just for Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Comoro, Madagascar, BIOT, Sir Lanka, Maldives - We were looking at replacing the Communist system with economic system and mechanism that would replace and change the social landscape, society, education, agriculture, science - the very long list that make up a nation working, beside Christianity and other what we have come to Term Archaic institutions.

Hence the difference in the buzz/vibe. What about the then unknown to 99% of the world the work to create a system where by information would/could be access differently in all sphere - from scientific to military and education , medicine. The buzz that accompanied this.

Given that Seychelles is playing a key role and have been playing this role for the past five years - the dishonesty/duplicity of the EU, NATO and USA military Management. Had the Seychelles been another African, Indian or Asian country would they have lent their engagement as they have - they have lent their engagement because of our important "archaic, fraternal, illuminati, Masonic, heraldic and Christian such working - heritage". Because they/it forms part of the EU, European, British and USA greater workings. Management mechanism.

Another crucial question to ask all the many high parties, the NGO, Regional Institutions - had Africa still been OAU what would have been the world and British reaction. Once again the need to remind everybody - it was the Seychellois exile/refugee "archaic, fraternal, illuminati, Masonic, Christian and heraldic heritage" which had contributed to many important Indian Ocean, gulf Region and Asian, Africa development what the media choose to write - this capacity important ability acquired - the endeavor together with South Africa, Kenya, Central Africa, Zimbabwe, North African countries, their people and Central Africa - the call for an African Union, what history have written the many past African leaders who have had vision, dream - and the mechanism , dynamic which the above mention can develop to achieve such vision and great dream.

In relation to these context the need to see this Somali International conference. There have been a great deal of exchange at all levels between Sechelles Seychelles and Africa the past 10 years - why these exchanges so the people of Africa learn what is at play make the economy and system in Seychelles for a small nation with modest resource, riches work.

Just like we were very bold in 1987 in thinking and working out an alternative approach to our Communist problem in the Indian Ocean and Seychelles. Our action and achievements. Given such experience the need to underline/state once again very clear - the so call mechanism, dynamic which drove the "Arab Spring - political changes is not real, the mechanism was massive manipulated by those who have studies its work and function during the PM Blair and PM Brown government - where by they, those involved use it for a/certain purpose and objective and those from the Coalition government what they undertook - these mechanism are interlink with disciplines which can be measured, including accountability mechanism - meaning a Political party or politicians or individual or institution just do not wake up one morning and decide to use/apply this mechanism and say forget it/everything after wards, the next day, the next week, the next month the next year the many highly complex interlinking discipline and accountability mechanism will demand adjustment, will require that a measure of accountability is duly made.

The reason for this statement - had the so call Arab Spring not taken place what would have been the world, the EU, the many international institutions - most important African Union, North Africa, the Gulf State reaction be - those of the Somali people in Africa and across the world.

This morning we addressed an issues on the mind of many including Seychelles - no serious economic program is in place put forward - please those interested review the details of the British government web site the past 20 years on this issues.

Once again the mega Economic program we became involved in way back in 1987, the Nord Pas de Calais, after 1991 the Spain Morocco Tunnel, the Economic Development of North Africa, including Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya - East Africa. Equally those of the Spanish, Med Basin the pet project of President Sarkosy - two months before the French Presidential election we say this and President Sarkosy know it too. His Med basin Program was great and would have achieved great progress he refused to listen - he join the bogus so call north African Spring - all the French, high archaic, fraternal, illuminati, - refused to tell him it was a ploy/trap. He fell into it.

The point is had this mega political and social change not taken place - the 20 years in planning greater EU, UN African Project to build Africa so that the millions of young African who wish to leave Africa and search better life abroad would stay in Africa and return. It is with in these context that this International conference on Somalia need to be seen. Had we made this statement at any serious African gathering 10 years ago we would have been thrown out of the African Union - we have a very strong track record of achievements vis a Africa. Under President FA Rene those who know - the multi billions global big business Seychelles was involved right across the world. Under the government of JA Michel the application of this knowledge, capacity at people level. The Somali people have seen and been to judge however the short fall the Judiciary we have in place and how they/it work in comparison to their system.

This is what give faith/build good will that nations can work together.

We have read the two chapter of President Obama book he wrote as a Senator working in the Slum of Chicago, then our Seychelles international global syndicated business those in the USA and Chicago who recall and know the details.

Having played the key and important role of changing the OAU to African Union using the above mechanism, discipline we have mentioned and underlined time and time again - particularly the decision to use President Ghadaffi of Libya to spearhead the work process, it required great insight, wisdom and understanding of Africa working. It vast complexities.

There are very many across the world, ne they from the USA, North America, Latin America, EU, Africa proper, Australia and Asia who challenge this statement - they demand more proof. We need to go back to the Cold War 1981 onward - then Africa, OAU politic, Asia, Gulf Region and Australia. The political and economic greater view of a nation and its government functioning and the social dynamic of its society, institutions and people/citizens - Mauritius was very pro British by and large. Reunion was without speaking total French, Madagascar, Comoro. Seychelles was none aligned and USSR, COMECON, China strongly oriented - importantly influenced. Beside its very important French core system and British. In Africa the Wars - those who supported, belonged to the British, French or USA or China or USSR Camp. The many Seychelles exile/refugee faction calling either for greater British, French or USA influence in a change Seychelles. Under that SIROP etc exile/refugee program we took and used the core building block that "the long term political, economic, social and military stability for a change and future Seychelles lay in the future European Union in development" we dare anybody alive or dead to challenge this statement. The skeptic.

It was with this knowledge, belief, conviction and experience, commitment - those exile/refugee faction earlier 1978 to build a greater, longer term exile/refugee structure in EU/Europe - the need to understand and come to term with very many highly complex working of the EU/Europe. This became one of the major driving force and motor behind the SIROP exile/refugee program and we have been preaching this all along long before Sir James Mancham or Dr Maxime Ferrrari. Those in EU/Europe we have build/forge links to support us and help drive our issues - their institutions. Some 20 years on, important political, economic, military, social changes in the world - the impact and reality - the EU political position and influence.

This experience, position make us unique in the Indian Ocean - we were the first as nation to have embraced this vision and as such our view that given our experience be able to share these acquired heritage and experience - beside the many needed and relevant institutions we would have to put in place to make it/this work - the Indian Ocean and world today. Hence our belief and advocacy if EU Fail - the Indian Ocean, the region and Africa will revert to Dark age. We do not have to make any excuse to anybody for this position.

We are very certain and sure that had we not been able to being about this great change OAU to African Union - there would not have been a Black or mix Race individual at the white - President of the USA. Again we have been addressing President Obama under the PM Blair and PM Brown government of the need requirement to grasp the global changes - the changes in global dynamic, economic and otherwise. The British media and its people suppose like many European are failing to understand - grasp this. Just like President Obama will give the order to execute an Osama Bin Laden or Ghadaffi - the need for him to have the same resolve towards Africa greater issues. He just would not have been in Office today - we have read only two chapter of his Autobiography.

There is the need for him to take the same approach as he has in his book to look and face challenges - in this case the challenge is Somalia, the gross injustice, the mega corruption all those involved - what really took place 20 years ago - why the USA decided to invade Somalia - is was a very wrong military move decision drive by what we have come to term " abusive application of that satanic rage/rave, cjd, mad cow, crack" into the then given issues, of Somalia, Seychelles, BIOT, the gulf Region and Africa and what they unleashed, the malfunctioning of the system - there is science and discipline to prove and disprove this.

This evening to write this thread we have given time to think where best we can go/sit down to write this thread. One Street away is Amnesty International new Office, they move a year ago one street away smaller building. Ten minutes down the road is the Headquarter of the knight of St John Jerusalem - Knight Templar. In one of the building the Lawyer who supported us in the many complexities of that SIROP etc exile/refugee program - again President Obama years in Chicago as a Lawyer in those filed. Beside two other leading international law firms we had supporting and advising us.

From where we are writing this thread the famous HQ of the Guardian news paper, the debacle of Sir Robert Maxwell and now Rupert Murdoch our involvements. The debacle of the hacking scandal the past few months - impacts.

Had we had the current resource available to day - Seychelles would have changed completely. Meaning the resources, the details as per the British government website- the resources that exile, refugees and their migrant communities can use across the world. This said we are 20 years on from 1987.

Just like my children, family and associate reject and ignore my existence - the Seychelles people, government, MP, institutions refusal to take onboard what we have been writing - the unique role we played in the Region of the Indian Ocean and Europe and the world to change the Communist system - the COMECON, the USSR, China, Africa and the Gulf Region. Not to forget the deployment of the World Wide Web. We have been involved in many greater global economic, social solving efforts, Space discovery and Telecommunication. In the Evening Standard PM Cameron underlined that a £500,000 Intelligence Center to combat the Somali pirate will be build in Seychelles - it is one thing to make propaganda and another to take such serious problematic and work them /it out from beginning to end - what it takes and the resolve involve.

What constitute and contribute to our uniqueness is/are given the many high EU/then Europe mechanism, working we had build in our exile/refugee working and means to change Seychelles One party, political system - it was not a one way or lopsided traffic, road - the mechanism contributed to major if not in instance very unique payback, jick back benefits to very of the EU nations that had accepted and decided to engage with us. This in major national and international relation, their economic program across the board. Including historic building or rebuilding, construction , related to their /a given institution working. A small example and possible a poor example the French nuclear Air craft carrier the office of President Francois Mitterrand. In London the building of the new Intelligence Service in Vauxhall - there are many better examples of this working. In the same manner when we would engage in Africa, Arab region, North Africa, Asian region, Australia, China, Russia, former COMECON,the USA, Canada and Latin America.

This is not for propaganda or some demented ploy - one of the important reason everybody have missed and failed to take on board all those young and old politicians like Sir James Mancham and Dr Ferrari - In/at 1987, the USA, the West had a Cold War situation - the talk and daily concern on the streets across the world was USSR, China and COMECON nuclear challenges - our Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee community involving the archaic, fraternal, illuminati, Masonic and such working of our ancestors - belonged to those who opposed the USA, the West position and stand - we got involved in the mega project/program to change the COMECON - the destruction of the USSR, COMECON and USA Missile/Nuclear politic. The greater objective to use the wealth/money to develop the under develop nations and the small nations and the rest of the world. This said - Seychelles have a good start record to become responsible for the greater management of the Pirate challenges in the Indian Ocean.

We are concern that nobody from our exile community was invited to this conference and nobody from the Opposition or NGO from Seychelles was invited my talk and conversation with Mr Bernard Elizabeth on this subject in 2009 - LUNGOS>

There is the important need to underline - to all the visitors , officials of our forums, what the politicians will dictate, so call map out at this International London Somali conference is one thing - those individuals cannot and do not manage and control the world and society working alone. It will mean committed engagement from everybody.

We have said very little of our own situation - our exile/refugee community need - we want to take this opportunity to challenge President J A Michel- his government. Had he listened to our call when he took office or then President FA Rene and had in our constitutions a Senate - Two tier deliberative assembly - a great deal of the Somali situation issues would have been very different. We will leave this Damocles sword on his Office Term and what really happened to President FA Rene.

Important Comment:
Since 7 am this morning I have been receiving "threats, intimidation and bullying from PM Cameron Office - side. Using this infernal satanic rage/rave, antisocial criminal corrupted practice.

Those from the Sechelles Seychelles, French, Mauritius, German delegation who can pick up the issues and very many others on the streets of London this morning.

The filth is this - this is the same PM Cameron and his foreign Minister demanding major world respond to Somali pirate - all the Conservative Officials, their Ministers comported no better than the Somali pirate - the mega corruption scandals and to use this infernal Satanic rage/rave, anti social practice then demand that Council and police intervene when others, the young people use this infernal method - is corruption at its limit.

There is the need to point out - PM Cameron Coalition government - have used our Sechellles Seychelles important exile/refugee Community good will, mechanism to Sign the Treaty with France, aspect of the EU Monetary issues and the recent Nuclear protocol - then turn round and threaten our person, gag our community because we do not have the means, to defend and fight back - The Somali pirates have meanwhile had many opportunities to study and grasp our Seychelles nation/government working, judiciary and police working and be place in prison on a property at Montage Posee in Seychelles - which I have been involved in - this property is very close to my ex property - Dan Gaza Seychelles government confiscated - acquired by force.

Daily on the Streets the big multinational, Big banks, the Market players who use their armies of nerds, criminals, crooks to cream, rip-off our system - we are not paid a cent to drive their interests and make them big money - this is why the Somali react that way.

Had this been in Northern Ireland or Republic Ireland the spillover and consequences.

Given this corrupted practice - the armies of pre programmed nerds, raving/raging on the streets, coffee, depending who is controlling and instigating what - and the mad, loony press/media publishing all the corrupted filth and making big money.

Note: The Place we have been working is going to close soon so cannot edit the thread - we will publish it and some other time edit it - our excuse.

Note: We have explained where we wrote the above thread last night - a very very loud pub next to Amnesty International HQ in Islington - our reason for chooseing a quiet Spot - this did not prevent/stop the bust up in the Commons as reported in the media.

There have been so many such and similar incidents when we have been working on issues - we mentioned above the Somali invasion.

What about when Lord Prescott show a Jar containing a Crab and said that was Minister Peter Mandlesone.

We ask those who can point our comment to the Leader of the Labour Party.

Foot Note: In the first place the need to mention had we address the above issues 15 years ago as we have the grave consequences. Beside the use of the technology.

It has been indicated the above article, contribution is incomplete particularly of the significant consequences of that £500,00 Pirate Intelligence Centre in Sechelles - Seychelles. {We have come to loath/hate to do the thinking and cleaning up so to say of then SPPF/PL, then President FA Rene and today President JA Michel government}
For the purpose of our argument the need to take the world, everybody back in time to 1979 on ward - those who studied and had to work with the then global corporate management benchmark, ethic , science and discipline.

In France the government of President Mitterrand, the German, Italian, British, Dutch, Spain. The USSR corporate system - the COMECON. The corporate bench mark, ethic, discipline in the USA. The need, requirement to differentiate for their Politic, Capitalist, Communist, Liberal and Socialist.

The Sechelles Seychelles had fallen, become importantly entrenched in the Communist/Extreme socialist Block - their corporate benchmark and approach , along with all the Latin American, Gulf Region, African nations, Asian that had decided to adopt this politic and corporate benchmark.

Meanwhile in Europe, Austria - Vienna, as an exile not just out of curiosity - because we had had a very important Colonial education - my Guardian, 28 long years of colonial service in Zanzibar, the East Africa and our education, all those who were educated in then East Africa. The Independence process, Capitalist verses Communist Ideology.

In then Europe, the fragmentation of corporate thinking - most of these countries had to come to term with decolonization - loosing important revenue from their former colonies and all those involved in thinking and working new discipline, science, ethics and benchmarks for the next generation so to say at least they thought.

In France those from L'ENA, likewise those in Germany for some of their elite high management Academy, in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Holland and Britain. Providence had willed that we find our self in Austria. Then Austrian neutral European politic - the first and second world war, the COMECON and USSR trading and political block. Austria being a German speaking and all those engage - particularly personalities like Dr Otto von Habsburg to build a European entity/body. All those in Germany, Switzerland and Italy involved in similar exercise, thinking and endeavors. {In Seychelles their Socialist/communist corporate partners in the world/around the world - also their none aligned politic} Briefly then Madagascar and Mauritius corporate working.

Given the uniqueness Austria and some of its academicians found themselves in - the two wars, their unique Arab corporate relation then, particularly their corporate experience with the then USSR and COMEOCON - the view of the rest of the world, USA and Europe, envy and disdain, mistrust to certain extent - personalities like Dr Professor Michael Hoffman, Dr Professor Friedrich August von Hayek, and others - the view that Austria need to develop a special and unique high management discipline - uniquely Austrian to maintain their position in Europe and future Europe, the unforeseen events that would bring down the COMECON and the USSR Block, we are being very brief.

What had made Individual like Dr Professor Michael Hoffman unique not just his post at Vienna Academy of high Management - his teaching experience in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and USA - Harvard - High management discipline. At the same time consultant to some of Europe largest multinational relating to high corporate management, practice and related ethic. His capacity to cross breed and experiment with this science, developing new discipline, benchmark and related ethic. Based upon his view and experiences be it USA, German, Italian, Russian - COMECON Bloc, Arab, Dutch and French - L'ena.

For the purpose of this tread the important need to present - the working institution corporate benchmark practice given that he was a consultant to the UN/UNIDO - World bank. At the same time some may term the very grey European, COMECON, Latin American, African and Asian corporate practice and benchmark. He was very familiar with their working and had sufficient insight, knowledge - experience, exposure.

Because and given that London has hosted this international Somali Pirate conference - the motives, synergy, issues which compelled then PM Margaret Thatcher to choose Dr Prof Friedrich August von Hayek, as her and Conservative, British government special advisor. Britain had been going to the process of loosing, giving independence to its colonies, loosing very important revenues and the political direction - mostly all going Communist/Socialist. The requirement to get such a global expert - and Dr Professor Von Hayek fitted the Bill as one may say - the unique Austrian - Viennese experiment with was working so successfully. Dr Professor Von Hayek lacked the expertise in what we term Grey corporate business benchmark, ethics and its discipline. He lacked the COMECON and USSR due/relevant experiences. To overcome this borrowed if the term is adequate form Dr Professor Michael Hoffman knowledge and expertise. We will not go into the politic, EU and international British relation with the rest of the world - safe that the coining - wording of Macro economic working was coined by Lady Thatcher. The complexities of this coining. { The need to state - spell out that in the then Sechelles Seychelles for academicians and such international experts - their existed two system, one for the People/government working in corporate and management related benchmark and another for their then global and international corporate benchmark involving, Arms, oil, embargo breaking, large loans and drugs, beside commodities. This is what we have come to term Grey corporate benchmark, ethics - the driving force was Italian benchmark, corporate practice, ethic be it from Italy proper or the USA. Seychelles and those involved/partners/associate uniqueness - Mauritius was unaware of such complex workings} It also encompass the involvement of numerous Intelligence Services of both East and West - their government as against a corporation. The same was practice right across Africa, Latin America, the Gulf Region and Asia.

By the second Term of Mrs Thatcher government- all indications that the COMECON would disintegrate, the USSR would cease to exist and function, both Military, diplomatic and other major workings, culture, Scientific etc.

All those involved including those high parities, intellectuals, politicians, Intelligence, military, media from the USA, Europe, then Russia, those countries of ex COMECON what corporate ethic, related discipline, high management approach, science to put in place. It also involved the archaic, illuminati, fraternal corporate high interests.

All those who saw the opportunity to expand their view and such working in former COMECON and the ex USSR. It was not the West who thought they had found a solution but the Intelligence Services and ex military of the USSR and ex COMECON - they, it was decided to use the then Italian, the then Sechelles Seychelles "Grey" global corporate benchmark and ethic, develop it and create new related disciplines and thinking and brand it as the Special corporate benchmark and discipline - what really followed. Individuals like our person and several other, including politicians, the church, media warned of the gravity, consequences, dangers. For those who study and monitor such high corporate discipline at work what ever their shade. The Russian intelligence new they had been duped, the mass - people did not know tha or the small percentage who knew this. This was their way of having their revenge/avenge what had taken place - the mega con and deceit. Why had the COMECON and the USSR come apart.

They deploy, rolled this out right across former COMECON, Africa - their then partners and Latin America and the USA and EU where their corporate interest was touch/relevant - the Seychelles of then President FA Rene took it on board as part of their government corporate benchmark - this is very if not highly crucial.

Not to be outsmarted - those in Britain who develop the "ethic of what we have termed satanic rage/rage, CJD, crack vibe - those who called it spinning and those in Russia who called it Jazzing". By then we were in the year 1996/97, Call it what you want it was a very abnormal discipline and the science very abnormal the consequences. This discipline and science when apply its very impact individuals, groups, a whole society, and nation, government.

Given our involvement and contribution to the WWW as we know and have today - again from the prospective of high management study, Africa in particularly view, conception of it functionality and objective. They hear there is great fortunes, wealth and money to be made, how this is achieved is quite another matter. The mega corruption involving the use of the WWW in Africa today - the relationship to Piracy, international crime, corruption and Piracy in Somalia.

By then events in EU and politic, those who lacked understanding, expertise - the involvement of the media. The call by those, this be integrated in EU institutions and corporate high ethics and its judiciary, education etc,. What followed saw the releasing of the mega abnormal phenomena we saw developing. The utter lunacy and confusion to differentiate between what was Terrorist, Terrorist activities and their thinking, activities.

In Africa then - bad enough the social, political and corporate practice, benchmark. What followed - turned any norms anybody had learnt in an African university of management or high management on its head. They decided to emulate and experiment with the Russian and Eastern nation working of "Grey if not very grey high corporate workings" and what ensued. Corruption exploded, drug and crime exploded, along with the phenomena of Piracy in the Horn of Africa - Somalia.

Had there not been a global malfunction, meltdown - near bankrupt of Seychelles government, at the same time its/those involved in international high corporate activities, the very grey practice - nobody in Seychelles and the world would have grasp safe for the involvement of the World bank/IMF. Those who sponsor, make vast fortunes in the Piracy business have known and monitor Seychelles global high corporate workings - activities.

They are equally aware of many if not most of the above mention practice affecting the USA, the UN, world bank, The EU, Russia, China, Asian Nations, Latin America, Gulf nations and their regional and international workings.

The Asians nations developed and rolled out their own brand of "Grey" corporate high working benchmark and related discipline - not to be confused what is taught in the Universities and the stark reality".

The Arabs - Muslims nations developed, deployed their own high corporate benchmark and ethics, again to be differentiated form what is taught at their Universities. In all three above case their impact of their government working, society and economy.

In France those involved in developing high management discipline - have experience the corruption affecting, President Mitterrand and President Chirac government. The many Trials - judiciary issues.

We have been calling those who lead former European Economic forum/today WEF, since 1997 to challenge this development and such benchmark - the need to differentiate between so call globalization corporate phenomena and this highly corrupted benchmark. { PM Blair government, Officials were familiar with many of the issues we have addressed here particularly Sechelles Seychelles and Somalia - he had very important links with Seychelles and France}

This is a very brief overview - within this/these context all the parities, be they EU, UN, the USA, current Russia, China, African Union, Asian regional Institutions, the Indian Ocean, Gulf State, their government, military, intelligence institutions, NGO, those involve in finding solutions, including the church to the Somali Pirate phenomena have to dig, research, study, if they want to find solution.

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