SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 30 April 2012

"The Seven plagues as in Christian belief associate/related to that SIROP program."

It is almost the months of May and one year since we began working with the SIROP issues in Redhill, Bruxells and Sechelles Seychelles.  The  Church, Interfaith issues this weekend, those we encountered, shared our thought in relation with that SIROP program and greater British and Global issues.  We had to work through the rain and concern the lawn mower would burn, the hedged fallen over and the dark rose bush against the wall had been rip from its support and bindings and the effort to make "Dracko's "life more comfortable - the black Labrador.

Beside it being one year since we took a different approach working the issues of that Exile/refugee issues above. The recent development in Sechelles Seychelles where those involved have taken to hijacking the business/economic aspect of that program as did Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci, the global associate with him, then President J Mancham and the exile , his own business syndicate and what ensued after 1991 onward. The idea we are left with the bone and they can have all the meat - forgetting the meat do not belong to them - but those 21,000 - 25,000 exile they say/fail to recognise they exist.

In 1991 we did not have the possibility to address the Seychelles exile/refugee community, leadership across the world some of the more complex working, economic, diplomatic, military, scientific issues as we have since and events. Still this is not preventing the highly corrupted and criminal practise - benchmark, by those involve.  Beside the global media, the EU, UN, Commonwealth, Francophone, African Union, the Catholic church and very many other relevant institutions, NGO's, individuals, Police authorities, national Intelligence Services.  Beside very many who have worked and acquired due expertise in the international field, discipline of exile/refugee working at very serious level, they teach a leading Universities and give important lectures - what we have been able to address some of them.  Beside our Forums and what the media have covered the past 21 years.

This weekend all these issues was churning in our mind. We had wanted to take a page form Mr Christopher Gill AFP and Star Blog and publish some shocking pictures related - the need to maintain the balance, however difficult and desperate the situation.

 Gulf War

1- The COMECON, USSR, China, OAU and the EU ought not to have taken the extreme development it took and the mess which ensued, the bust and boom - phenomena.

2- The WWW would/ought not to have been develop the way it did and those who hijacked it and what have ensued.

3- The Global "CDJ/Mad Cow, Vache folle, Satanic rage/rave, crack vibe and highly corrupted/criminal mechanism" - the state of the world, church and education, science as a results. With it the highly corrupted, media, TV, radio, diplomatic, military, politic, government working and corporate working - a very long list of ills.

The SIDA  epidemic

The Terrorist phenomena across the world, particularly in the Gulf and Indian Ocean region, the Somali pirate phenomena.

4- The Gulf Wars, the wantom destruction of other nation economy, infrastructures, killing of civilians, children, elderly hundreds of thousands because they cannot defend themselves. The hate which has engulf the world as a results.

5- Those from the scientific community, government, leading nations, miss representation of Climate, environment, scientific issues related to the global, regional climate phenomena, change and impact on global working, economy, agriculture, human life, sea life, nature, the animal world. The eco system.  The many earthquakes, the mega and terrible Tsunami of 2004/5 economic destruction, and human loss.

5- This will vex, get many in the USA upset, those who believe that the USA function alone in the world, they are not dependent other nations and economy for their functioning, their scientific institutions, many other national institutions the mega Economic and Financial melt down in 2008 and the impact on the USA Banking system - some 65 major banks were affected and in total some $2 trillions wasted away.

6- The development of the UN working, this institution was set up to look after the Small nations, those with no armies, those with no means to defend themselves - the new Benchmark with the UN develop - highly corrupted and what have ensued.

7- The mega meltdown of EU economy, banks, financial system and politic working from 2008 to date in Trillions of Euro that has been use to shore up and support the system. The state of the EU economy, the state of mind of young European.  The crises is ongoing and this morning as we preoccupied our person with those issues - PM Cameron brief statement.

Individuals like Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci, his important Italian associates, President FA Rene, Sir James Mancham and his associates, those in Mauritius, those in Reunion, those in Madagascar, those in Sir Lanka beside across under then OAU those involved, the Gulf Region rich and powerful Arab families. Very many in EU, the former COMECON, USSR knew there was a great deal of money to be made from that SIROP program and associated and gearing mechanism. In the case of President FA Rene and Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci they were managing wealth well into the $50 billions, yet the Seychellois exile did not and never existed, the people of Seychelles made to eat banana skin and sweat potato skin - with the involvement and participation of the UN, Commonwealth, Francophone, EU, the Church and OAU institutions. Beside the world media - Seychelles going bankrupt over $850 million two years ago.

This said, those involved who lead the affairs of the world, their expertise and advisers, they have know of some of the SIROP program issues and how it impacted, influence in degrees the above issues and they why - those who and all those who refused to acknowledge and integrate it in the overall and greater efforts to find solution.  Should one add in total of USA Dollars, what this will add up to.  "We have stated time and time again unlike President J Mancham, the other exile factions, President FA Rene government - we had put together a greater picture, economic and corporate scenario in term of global, many regional economy, some of the big multinationals working the amount of money involved and in total using the UN information and EU information, statistic, the Church and USA intelligence working, beside international think tanks and Institute for Strategic Studies.  We did that because of the Norm then, accountability - hence time and time again we were able to prove and tell everybody who had endeavoured to hijack, steal the concept and idea they would fail - why they would fail.

We can today and over the past 21 years compare the notes, evaluation, forecast as events develop and compare the over all mega wast, mess and current situation. Part of that SIROP program had been to re gear, new world issues and the need to have some facts and figures to work with. Specially in the field and case of Military and Nuclear weapon deployment, technology both East and West, NATO and using that money to develop developing nations infrastructures, economy, etc., their agricultural need, poverty and famine, education.  This will and would represent some highly shocking sum probably in excess of US $ 1500 trillions or very close. 

If/should individuals like President FA Rene and President J Mancham, the very blood and bone of the Seychellois exile, their mega and giant betrayal, denial, cover up and corrupted stand. Because of their selfish interests, greed and power desire. The question what do the world, the many International institutions, the francophone, the Commonwealth, the African Union today, France in particular, Britain, the USA - let alone country like India, the Gulf Region, Australia, China owe us, our ancestors, their heritage, honour, blood and bone, resting place. Meaning what motivation, good reasons do they have to help our 25,000 exile and help solve their plight, injustices and abuse.
 USA Economic meltdown

The question that need to be ask, raised - how much more negativity, mega economic global mess must take place and ensue for those who run and so call manage the  affairs of the world to come to their sense, make the connection, the coin to fall and begin to take that SIROP program seriously and all the associated issues.  Twenty one years all the leading governments, the generals and the Secrets services, agencies who quoted , put together the sum of maximum $50 million to change Seychelles government by use of Force. Yet here we have this utter mad situation where by just President FA Rene and Mr Giovanni Ricci they controlled, handled, managed in excess of $50 billion in related to that SIROP program.  It has cost the world, mankind, humanity in excess of $1500 trillion and the situation could/can get out of hand any time and everybody is pretending/pretends this program ever existed, it is all invention, those issues never existed and those 25,000 exile/refugee do not and never exist, their children, grand children, ancestors and resting place.
The fault cannot and must not be put in the pocket of only the above mention - the/those 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees, their children, friends, associates, ancestors and relative in France, their important French, Canadian, Quebec and such connections/working to importantly blame.

Twenty one years ago it would have been impossible to address, publish such issues, let alone address a room, full of people, exile/refugee on such issues. Today we have this possibility, we have address and presented the issues here. The least educated Seychellois exile/refugee anywhere can use the Internet to read, copy, discuss, and make their view, feeling known, write to friends, acquaintance, associate, local voluntary, refugee, church connections,  politicians and MP, Euro MEP, the possibility and list is very long - yet nobody is doing it/this.
 EU economic meltdown

In Seychelles everybody and anybody can do the same, across the African Union, the COI members state, the RIM Association nations, the Arabs, the Indian, the Australians, the people of America, Canada, Quebec, Latin America.  What about the many regional NGO's, the many regional refugee/exile institutions, and the world. the church and the media. Nobody is doing this - the question to ask why.

What more right across the world there exist today the high mechanism for understanding such issues, buzz, feedback and checks. In other word what we have address here how much sense and credibility - if it is useful to them or not. Yet the whole world is screaming of the economic situation, particularly the EU who have invested and develop many important democratic, scientific bench mark project with Seychelles, the people and government.  They refuse to see, understand the link between that SIROP program and the mega economic mess in EU.

We have had the "Shark" phenomena in Seychelles - how the above issues we have address will/can only serve for more "human sharks, crooks and criminals to rub their hands together",  to plan more complex dishonest ways of defrauding the 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees. Including leading politicians, diplomats, their media and many national institutions across the world.

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