SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 2 April 2012

Forthcoming Easter 2012 and the many political Pastors, Evangelists & disciples

Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

In Sechelles Seychelles, since Multi party return the people, the citizens some 98,000  have experienced an explosion of religious expression, we will attempt to list them. Like so many Christian nations their respective society in search of the Truth and the dynamic, synergy that will give, provide them with a meaningful existence and after life.  The past Easter since multi party return.

The very many who make the nation of Seychelles, in the Indian Ocean and around the world, their ancestral christian roots, beside other belief - the may not know everything about how the divinity, greater spiritual issues, miracle work - they do know that in was a great Miracle that changed Seychelles and as such the many challenges over the past 35 years and who and by what Supreme Power they have been spared the fate of other nations in the region.

List of Churches, denomination, Sects and other Faith:
RC church, Church of England, SDA, Jehovah Witness, Orthodox,  Bahia, Baptist, Later Day Church/Mormon, Pentecostal, Scientology's,  Rev Moon - check it out, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, Jews, Agnostic, Free Mason, from the beginning of mankind - the need to understand by Human the Power that be, the All Mighty, the Creator, God - Divinity. The important relation to their existence, life and functioning.

Over the past 35 years have underlined time and time again - the important relation in our national politic, the church and interfaith relation.  Those who studied and took the priest vocation then decided to join politic - how they contribute and why.  Many young politicians fails to recognise this, they believe with the modern technology - they can bypass this important and paramount interconnection and lead our people and nation, society.  This said thus they are failing and wast/spend precious energy because at the end of the day - how and why a person is so chosen to lead our nation, people, become president or prime minister- that person need/duty among other to understand the function and purpose of the church , Christianity in our nation functioning and assist, contribute to his Office and government working.

To better understand this the need to review the role of the Church and its function in our politic during the One party state, before and since the return of multi party - what is holding and keeping a large percentage of that nation their families together during grave crises, very difficult time and family tragedy - pain - it is not the State and its politicians.  Unlike Mauritius the way they do their politic, business and finance - the Seychelles model, its uniqueness in the region and Africa.  The question to ask why and how this works so.  The spiritual, social and political mix in Mauritius is very different to Seychelles and Reunion, eventually Diego Garcia.

In as much/equally sine the return of multiparty, the freedom and the many political Leaders and their factions, parties and supporters - what they represent and their relation to the people, citizen and nation.

List of political parties, quasi political interests and affiliations:
NDP - Sir James Mancham, Volcer, Paul Chow  etc
SPPF/PL - President FA Rene, JA Michel, JP Adam, Belmont, D Faure etc
Jacques Hodoul, Berlouis etc
SNP - Dr Maxime Ferrari, Hon Wavel, JF Ferrari, Mancienne, etc
David Pierre, Carpin etc,
Alliance - who represent them, Boulle, ex UKSCA chair
SIROP - The many vested national interests and those who represent it/them.
Hindu - Dhanjee
Muslim -
Ecologist -
Rastafarian Movement
SFP - Christopher Gill
The Francophone supporters/advocacy -
The Commonwealth -supporters/advocacy
African Union supporters/advocacy.
None Aligned supporters/advocacy
There are other quasi political groupings - interests, NGO,s

This stated, like and as all Evangelist, what they preach, represent and evangelise. ( What they stand for politic, economy, development, business, finance, health, agriculture, tourism, society, culture, gender, religion, Trade Union, education, democracy, Justice etc)

The Party of the government - is taking a large percentage of national and public resource to promote a new Seychelles and Society. Their purpose and objectives, agenda. (Evangelism campaign and Program, at the centre/core their/the message)

 What about the other - what are they up to meaning the many political parties, factions and affiliations, their Evangelising program so to speak. Objectives,  Beside their respective news media in each above case, their blog, facebook and other social platform.  The issues, their respective program and message they have been putting across and through. The many important attempts we have made to achieve certain objectives,  failed and why.

We have noted, all those political Oppositions in the face of mounting foreign take over of the nation economy their call for enhance, radical reassessment of the nation economy. The issues of Air Seychelles in particular. Those who have gone about to outline very important and dynamic Economic and Financial working - their sincerity and objectives, aspirations. The energy demand, the Resources required, necessary, man power, expertise and Money.

Needless to say, each of these political faction have their supporters regionally and Internationally and Europe, Africa, Arab - Gulf Region, Asia, China, Australia, the USA, Russia, Canada. Beside those 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugees, their respective connections and workings. The difference of the Migrant community from Seychelles who live out of their country some 20,000 above, their respective connections, workings and resources.

In advocating for the registration of that SIROP etc., exile/refugee program in Sechelles Seychelles, Bruxelles and elsewhere - the need, important necessity to bear in mind - by why unique Power, Force this overall program was put together and came to realisation.  All those in Seychelles and around the world who believe they can bypass this with new intelligence, technology, practises and expertise.  We have been monitoring for the past 23 years those bodies and institutions in Seychelles, Regionally and internationally who can lend, capable of working, contributing and developing ongoing model - possibilities to work with these issues positively. This is not a light statement - we are very and fully aware how devout the Muslim are and take their faith.

We take this opportunity to wish everybody an enriching Easter and with it blessing and positive experiences - that can take us through the rest of the year and its challenges. We wish to underline we have been touched by a personal positive experience thinking of the past Easter since multi party return, what await us and future direction.  Our objective is to share it - this.

Country Life (Seychelles) - linked to Country Life USA, EU and world Project debacles.

Since 1991, we have been addressing President FA Rene, all then alive individuals, Mrs Flavie Jackson - until the departure from Sechelles Seychelles of Mr Walter Westerholt/Edmond and his wife, the list of the Seventh Day Adventist individuals from the three churches in Seychelles we had/have written and addresed the issues. The involvement of Pastor Esparon.Their major involvemnt in the Drug issues today in Seychelles, their very dishonest approach/manner of working. Some of those who went to school in the SDA Bel Air -class friends their complain.

A health shop in Victoria and a Rejuvination Centre/Farm - Mr Patric Stravens

Long before the Project in Le Niol, the Wishing well, and Mr James Sabadin Health Centre. There is another  wellness project on South  Mahe.

We had been in contact with their sister project in Vienna since 1979 - Esta Cost, requirements of German speaking authorities and UN Diplomats even went there for lunch. The German speaking Restaurant standard for Vegetarian. In 1981 onward the Country Life - 123 Regent Street and Enton Hall. We also had a brief intense experience in their West Coast USA  whole sale and Restaurant in New York.

We were in touch with their La Chapelle, Paris project - drug addict etc rejuvenation.

The Founder of Marseille Country Life and our person trained together - we have maintained contact.

We have taken some of the Opposition Leader of MPR/SNM to meet Country Life in London/my original idea was to do a Kibbutz Project in Seychelles.  Lady Tacther was very impressed by the work and vision. {The call by Mr Barry Lane for Seychellois to come back home and build their country - we have been at the fore fornt of those issues and the massive exclusion, corrupted, evil practice we have encountered and had to face in Seychelles from the government and its officials - is that the real motive/fear President FA Rene refused after 13 attempts in 2009 to give me a meeting.}

Beside we have been involved in alternative medecine since 1958/9 then Seychelles practices, the farm at Point Larue and Anse aux Pins, this involvement in Europe and the world the past 35 years. Issues at global level. Issues of British NHS, Issues in Seychelles and France.

{This is why we cannot understand the Family - Mr Horry Edmond family - grave health, children and the church in Seychelles and Britain on his development - those who judge my idea daft}

Beside - my ex Austrian wife Family have an extensive business in Wellness in Tirol - Mayerhofen. 

We have attempted to submitt Planning in Sechelles Seychelles.  The very place where President FA Rene sent/instructed then Minister JA Michel to lay a Village stone - it is there to this day - witness. 

 Note: This Blog is not one person belonging, the need to have your feed back and views in many instances.

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