SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Where is a National Memorial monument to mark, respect all those gave their lives to liberate Sechelles Seychelles from Communist

Where is a National Memorial monument to mark, respect all those who gave their lives to liberate Sechelles Seychelles from Communist

 Soviet War Memorial, Vienna :- Salzburg/Austria, its Castle, Cathedral, Concerts, Festivals - whence  President J R Mancham was toppled whilst attending the Commonwealth Conference in London. Vienna/Austria, the neutral nation between Communist, COMECON, Warsaw Pact and USSR and Europe, NATO, etc. Vienna/Austria the special bridge between Europe then and Terrorist Regime in North Africa, and Gulf Region - including Sechelles Seychelles - where most of its econmic lifeline came form. Vienna the new International Conference Centre UNIDO/UN/World Bank where the first research for joint Indian Ocean body like the CARICOM was undertaken , later the COI, to bridge the Communist and and the West Economic nations, the Failed Mad Mike military operation those in Vienna who knew and why it failed. Most important, that SIROP etc exile/refugee program has/owe a great deal to very many influential high parties in Vienna/Austria.

Beside reading the recent article at Seychelles E-News by Mr Julien Durup seeking light, clarification, public knowledge of the National Liberation Heroes - we have long time and time again come back to this topic since return of Multi party and the 3rd Republic National Holiday 18th June.

Had the exiles been successful with their military option to change Seychelles, beside setting up their own National monuments what can and would have been very certain, the current 5th June Coup d'etat National monument would have been removed.

At the negotiation of the New National Constitution for the 3rd Republic, all its mechanism - those who failed to put their foot down and insist that a National Monument be erected to commemorate, pay respect to all those in Seychelles, in Exile, those who fought to return Multi party, Democracy, Freedom and Justice in Sechelles - Seychelles.

Seychelles and its people has/have a big   problem - the problem originate form the British Colonial era.  They were not allowed and forbidden to erect any monument to mark their Colonial History, ie Founding fathers of Sechelles Seychelles - the French.  Religious one yes, but not political, economic or historic. It gave the various generation an abnormal relation and notion of National Monument.

Under the British Colonial Rule the only Monuments allowed was the Clock Tower and the Exile nearly had it blown up, Queen Victoria Monument by the Court and the War Memorial at Mont Flurie.

In demanding that a Memorial to mark, commemorate those who fought to liberate Sechelles Seychelles from Communist, we have in mind not just Seychellois - time and time again have give a list of Nations who fought by our sides, their citizens, male and female who gave their lives for our freedom during the Cold War - should a proper documentation be made it will cause a scandal. What about the Military engagements which was started because of Seychelles politic, in Afghanistan, some of the hot spots of the Gulf and North Africa region, South America - so call "collateral fall out/spillover" What about the thousands of civilian who perished in the process of our fight to liberate Sechelles Seychelles from the Communist - the "collateral fall out and spillover".  Among them great generals, soldiers, diplomats, scientist, church leaders, statesman, police - the list is very long in term of "collateral spillover". In other word - thought the media and many would like our children, the future generation to believe it was a peaceful change, deep down, at the core of the fight and terrible battle, the immense amount of  blood shed and spilt.  Their close one alive, relatives, friends, parents etc., . In the minds of those Leader ship of the SPPF/PL it meant nothing - only they have blood, only they live/exist only they are human,  it had no meaning to the SPUP/SPPF/PL political faction,  just like the British Colonial Masters. In Britain every corner of the land there  is some kind of Monument and of recent since the Blair government the many new National Monuments they have erected to make the British proud and feel good and great.

Wars and fight for Liberation, freedom is a very highly sensitive topic right across the globe, those who are still writing, discussing, debating analysing events of European history and the great Wars - in this new Sechelles Seychelles with its new University, new Marine Academy (They could have put a monument to our Ancestors who discovered Sechelles Seychelles - the very notion of an Academy, instead of taking their cue from the British, Commonwealth or African Union, or China), new national Norm Institute etc.,  only the History of President JA Michel and the SPPF/PL propaganda matters. This year the 35th anniversary of the 5th June coup d'etat they found it necessary to have a bigger event - their SBC Television stated this.

"Before we the Seychellois exiles/refugees gave you the World Wide Web your Government or any government could have propagated their lies, distortions, propaganda and dishonesty, own version of History, the less educated, the poorest, less able defenceless have access to the WWW if they cannot read, can listen and look at pictures or Video. School children in Sechelles Seychelles, from the age of 5/6 years can search the WWW for their interested subjects, history, stories, pirates etc.,"

 In other parts of the world a pet, horse, dog, cat, donkey etc.,  die they put a cross and build a Memorial.

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