SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 2 March 2013

This Saturday's comment SFP Blog

This Saturday's comment SFP Blog

We would like to have a cup of bitter black coffee with President FA Rene in SFP Blog. He cannot refuse.

The comment we made late on Friday 1.03.13, the Christian/Catholic & Protestant belief/church workings on the Continent, the Family and society. Particularly Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Spain, Portugal, some of the former COMECON countries and Scandinavia. Certain percentage in France.

We want to ask the High person of President FA Rene - had not Pope John Paul ll come to Office would he have agreed/offered to change Seychelles One party system. Where would Seychelles ongoing change be - position had not Pope Benedict come to Office and existed - the greater and highly important German - Reunification, East German issues, like Seychelels then Communist and One Party System. The close similarity.

{We are going to edit here - to jog President FA Rene memory - his important Church connection and favorite at the 1978 Conclave  particularly strong candidates for the papacy: Giuseppe Siri, the conservative Archbishop of Genoa, and the liberal Giovanni Benelli, the Archbishop of Florence and a close associate of John Paul I. Events in Europe, the Cold War and the Indian Ocean - Africa, Latin America, Asia and Gulf Region. Our decision against the Family wish not to buy a Health Hotel, other advisers - we had other reason to go to Vienna - Trust one Day my/our ex Austrian wife will speak the truth. In Sechelles Seychelles political events and London/Europe. The very complex fraternal etc connections of then President FA Rene. Very few, and from the exile Seychelles community nobody knew of my Polish connections. The Polish Cardinal Karol Józef Wojtyła issues had progressed - we had already been in contacts with Mr David Rakotopare - Indian Ocean Representation for UNIDO - World Bank old UNIDO building and the big question should UNIDO stay in Vienna or move, then events. We had been in contact with certain high parties from the Catholic church in Vienna, other important Political connections, then Chancelor Kreisky Government, then Red Barons of Vienna.  Beside President FA Rene church people we had been in indirect contact, Cardinal Franz König, the influential and widely-respected Archbishop of Vienna, in France then Abbe Pierre - President FA Rene would have wished that his Italian favorite and so too did many in the USA, Britain, France and Europe - what took place. This is why we say the people, the politicians of Seychelles know very little about that SIROP program. There were other important church person and those from the Orthodox Church, those who would not like to believe then Ayatollah Khomeini. There are those from the church and Fraternal/Illuminati in USA, Britain, France, Italy, Russia, certain ex COMECON  countries -Sechelles Seychelles,  Africa who have know of those issues and a great deal more how they have used, abused, manipulated them - the outcome. }

Papal conclave, October 1978

 Abbé Pierre

Franz König

This said - President FA Rene like very many of us is not being honest and sincere to himself and the very cause he believed in. The larger Population who believed in him and followed him.

That SIROP program and the most important military issue then - Global disarmament Nuclear initiative and President FA Rene would have had to take his cue from those then in USSR, China, OAU, Latin America - the global media, the same benchmark Mr Barry Lane wish to set in Sechelles Seychelles and work by, their conclusion the world was on the verge of ending. Those then who did not give two pence to what they thought, including all the great global leaders - the the initiatives for global Nuclear disarmament. The very significant and important role of the Church, belief and faith. It was not the Pentagon, the White House and those sitting in then Moscow who secured, brought about the Treaty - they were humans - some may even say nerds - with all their resources, making their input and that Treaty. Those who control the real agenda, dynamic and synergy.President FA Rene and some of his very close circle and those in Italy and Rome, the USA who were highly informed - were active/involved. ( this is why the UN and refuse to get involve in reviewing that Program - what will have to come out)

The very tragic outcome - most of the church how they work. They are not allow/permitted to follow and continue important world and global issue one the politicians and military become embroiled - the vast majority who pretended they had never existed, they had never been involved and - the total mega mess which ensued and the Taliban and the Al Kaida issues and the super Terrorist issues. The Church stood by and either did not do enough or did too little. Where this has taken us, the world Today.

We trust those watching and monitoring things will inform those who need to know in the Vatican, at least to jog their memory - even if they are all very scared even to listen/hear - pay attention.Because we have tried to get those who were involved and knew the past eight years to contribute and their respective high position. . . 


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1987 | Nuclear Disarmament

1987: Superpowers to reverse arms race

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