SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
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Monday, 14 April 2014

Ten years of presidency: Interview with President James A. Michel

As children from 8 years onward recall the school mate, village friends and older cousins and relatives "Vivi remarks and comments "ou en capon pas vire ou le dos - lager". In the respective village be it St Louis, Anse aux Pins - later Point Larue, the man and woman who used to fight - when it got out of hands, bottle, knife, hatchet and stone were used. 

We had a quiet side as a child growing up - there were a few strange incidents we just did not understand - one event those who had us worked over by a witch doctor at a very young age. We knew we could" play with rain and lightning meaning cause rain to fall and lightning with it/thunder". One or two adults of the Family were aware  - there were darker incidents - we will not mention here.  There are those older and important individuals when we were a child who did and have done a good deal of harm - their fate. 

Because this article relates to current State House occupant - the death of Sir John Thorpe and Mr Boulle - that drowning was not normal. 

Another experience which we have shared - the death and assassination of then President John Kennedy -we have shared with that family in private. What took place we were in East Africa. 

We used to have a great witch doctor in Seychelles - again for  the age of 12/13 years old those folks, those from the SPUP, a group of unpleasant bunch - they went to him to have me killed a few times - his own fate. 

There is a good reason why a number of Seychellois mothers, woman requested me, not former Minister Joubert, not former President Mancham or former Presidential Candidate Mr Robert Frichot or Mr Edmond Camille I/we need to take Mr Gerard Hoareau responsibility - they might  have been told when we left Seychelles for exile 1976 and until 1985 other issues which one did not talk in public. 

I/we have joked with certain family members/relative at the age of 5/6 to teach us/bring us by to climb breadfruit tree they were 30/40 feet tall - they would get a gunny bag, tie it to a rope and hoist/pull us/my person up the tree and tie it up there whilst the pluck the breadfruit and lower me down after wards.  We learnt a very important lesson in life - however small, weak and unable if you can get somebody to help you over and attain very difficult situation, a great deal is possible. 

As school children those older boys who pushed us up trees to get fruits and if we got into trouble just to bad. We also use those experience in later life. 

In the Village in Kent - have know an Irish entity/business concern who repairs, reproduce bathroom, toilets, wash basins, showers from Queen Victoria/Edwardian time - the name is Catchpole and Rye.  Going back to our childhood - the SDA school Head teacher, and the Pastor/President House - they had these very old Fashion toilets with long chain that you pull. The Belle Eaux, British Colonial expat residence quarter. 

Given the sorrow state of Seychelles economy, the USA, South Africa, Britain and several - other countries who wanted to do away with Seychelles government , its leadership - having worked in Europe with some of the elite associates and personalities of President FA Rene took him by his words - should I be able to execute that SIROP program - as payment we would be allowed to purchase /acquire one of those old building - the real issues we will not address in public. 

The manner NSA and GCHQ works is not new to Seychelles government - for many around the world this is new.  Those elite officials and Ministers around then President FA Rene - who had worked/been in their respective post and the manner I/we instructed and shared highly important Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary discipline to manage and work/run a government. Including Mr Guy Morel, Mr Lionnet, Mr Jeremy Bonnelan, the father of current Minister Adam - including Seychelles high church Officials, the Police, those who pertained to look after the Finance and banking issues of Seychelles.

From the days when you used tape recording or a phamlette to address an issues and today's forest of Social Networks, Communication and Picture over the space of 15 years, the objectives, the very long list of Presidents deposed - it is very very tragic that President J A Michel keeps pounding/beating on his chest - I did it all by myself. 

Just as a little boy those who challenged my person "ou en capon pas tourn ou le dos" the issues we have addressed above. Take the conception and building of the Channel Tunnel we ask President J A Michel with all his resources - get us to answer this in public. Just as we state we contribute to the issues of building the Great Dam in China.  What we are saying just as a child "we understood a little bits about the rain, lightning and thunder" - over the past 30 years the very many issues at global, space, communication, scientific,  the many leading Governments  and Institutions we have contributed to. 

The Seychelles Opposition have know about much of the issues we are writing here, events leading to 1991 and the past 25 years - yet. Having said those who helped my/our person climb a 30/40 feet tall breadfruit tree and climb other fruit trees for them - the due process. To run an effective government and Opposition in our current world requires more.  This high responsibility the Opposition have refused to take. So we have were/had to accept President J A Michel  10 years in Office. 

I/we think as children and our teachers would have  said -  we may have written this article with our toes. 

Beside the back road of Governor House was our play ground as a child, all the fruit trees - from school to Town. 

Ten years of presidency: Interview with President James A. Michel


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