SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 27 November 2016

France’s Republicans choose François Fillon to battle Marine Le Pen for the presidency

France’s Republicans choose François Fillon to battle Marine Le Pen for the presidency

Former prime minister takes 67% of the vote to complete a stunning upset

Thatcher admirer Fillon wins French conservative presidential ticket

Francois Fillon greets supporters after results of run-off are known, on 27 November 2016

France presidential race: Fillon wins conservative candidacy

We are encountering certain personal conflicts with the newly elected candidate for the Center Right - this began about one hour ago when I decided to review unpublished past issues relating to my person, then President Chirac leaving office - his tenure of office and that SIROP program in many aspects influencing many aspects of France economy, politic, Finance , Society and Europe, External politic  - relation with the USA, China and Russia -with Sarkozy victory and coming to office he inherited a vast amount of those information quasi files and working of that Program -  a bit like President J A Michel he concocted  a few political economic lines in reality that SIROP program was at the core workings of France - it had been the cause of the German Reunification and German new Economic motor, all those in France and Europe then aware.  Beside that program was responsible in events leading to President Sarkozy relation with his new Italian Lady Friend.

This said, France, Europe and the world had a reasonable dynamic and Financial motor - the corruption, massive abuse of what we have term Satanic rave/rage driving the market, the finance products and the big baking institutions - those who prefer to term it corruption, we come from  a different background and the France people is easy when somebody comport like a chamber pot you tell that person you are comporting like a chamber pot.  Then PM Fillon France PM was very aware of the capacity of that SIROP program in EU overall, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, East Europe, Britain, the USA, Russia and the rest of the world. In particular then PM Blair government and Chancellor and the SIROP program. Lending to the so call rapprochement between France and Britain and  comparable to today's   economic and political   relation between France and Britain.

Now everybody in Europe, France, Russia and the USA knew how president F Mitterrand and Chirac had supported that SIROP program had been engaged and committed - vast linking thematic to their government, from economy, politic, society, international politic, Europe relation, Russia relation, China and Africa - the Arab world. ( In Seychelles as long as President FA Rene was in Office how things were done  and when President JA Michel arrived his invention, distortions and cover up and the discovery of the Blue Economy to disguise and mask that SIROP program functionality and earlier dynamic and role in developing the new economic and development aspects of that Seychelles, President F Mitterrand was well aware, President Chirac and Sarkozy and PM Fllion)

Again the reason for me to write this thread - Because as exile/refugees,  how we were being treated, robbed, utterly abused,  we took to writing and informing - the high authorities of France, at First then President Mitterrand, his PM and other officials, after Chirac and his PM and Officials and Sarkozy and his PM and officials, beside the many EU instance,  the Court, the Commissioner and the president  and MEP, the many in USA from the Bush to the current Obama and the many high workings and institutions of the USA, the UN many Secretary General too - beside other global high responsible like the Vatican, African Union.

A very very crucial aspects of what substitute the so call crises of 2007/8 global financial melt down - in France, the role of France in Europe vis a vis the EU working and we in the Indian ocean, the Francophone  and the Commonwealth workings and its institutions. The postures and terrible attitude of those from the Commonwealth towards this program and the many why we addressed all of these in many letters, email and communication to France above mentioned.  President Sarkozy to shut my person and those pro that program adopted his very aggressive corrupted and dishonest stance and lobby of the European and International Terrorist Legislation - we have explained what they were up to - they wanted the control and monopoly of that,  then unwritten program - to rob, strip off and the manipulate and their media, which every way they wanted  and they use that Anti Terror Legislation to shut my person  and more or less bury that SIROP program and the Propaganda.

The USA Intelligence serve would have most correspondence - I warned and warned that,  that SIROP program had  very dangerous mechanism when called to apply be it positive an negative what the impacts would be  - citing past melt downs in Europe and the world.  Certain mechanism was applied to counteract the mega Market manipulation and economic super con and the whole thing when into melt down - PM Fillon was in Office. Why are we saying this the media failed to detect and explain the phenomena of the Fillon election and the manner, mechanism which catapulted his from  10 percent to wining the first round,  he knew and was very aware of that SIROP mechanism and capacity in many instance and - here we will not enter into to many details - the French media and and many of its institutions are utterly corrupted and bloody useless - how they invent their information and spread them. The French people via the TV and paper are conned and they accept them.

We had trusted and hoped that former PM Alain Jupee,  who had also know a  very great deal of those incidents and issue would have pointed them at the presidential candidate election - of the terrible corrupted system then in place in the world involving the USA, Europe high parties and France condoning and taking part.  When it came to the general election how we used the mechanism build in that program to keep President Sarkozy for getting elected a second Term and PM Fillon knew of these  and must have been aware. Once he was out of office in several emails and letters informed other of the situation/terrible relation which existed between that SIROP program, those who supported and worked with and President Sarkozy and hinting so of the reasons. Even if the French press are not always on their toes,  they do some time pick some things up and what get written  and flowed up.

Further reason for me to write this article - we have had since 2012 a good deal of the core workings publish from the Seychelles and Indian ocean aspect - because we do not have the resource call the the UN or EU or African Union help us present that program differently. This said former PM Alain Jupee, former PM Fillon  and their supporters and advisers must have come across the written aspects of that program - how it help rebuild Europe busted system and working and the five year budget debacle of EU and how the two combine program/project is driving France Economy and finance for the reason we have written above, Germany those from East Europe who know, the BRICS, and US economy. President elect Donald Trump well aware too.

None of those two candidates choose to explain or mumble or even attempt to crap their voters and electorate over the publish program/platform, they choose other methods and just pretended it did not exist this is when we are tempted to use the powerful mechanism build in that program to regulate and bring the attention  of the world/global community of the dishonesty and corruption and then what the so call media and experts write and argue.

We have written about the three recent UN mega efforts to combat the exile/refugees of the world and that of EU in Vienna how it is importantly linked to that program  and the need for France having stated the many above role and links with that program conception and the Indian ocean and Africa should work and help put in place the due dynamic and parameters - instead.

We mentioned that the initial reason for us to write this article was the attitude and harassment we are receiving for  the Fillon Camp  - we do not like it. We have taken a lot of time to Address the European Court and the international Court and the Human rights Court - if we have to go down that road we will do it - those Lawyers in France who worked our case for political asylum for 5 years- the vast amount of information we did not share with them because we respect France and its high institutions, respect those who run and preside over its affairs to comport in a different and more appropriate manner . In good French had we to write some of the real muck - very many in  France would be in big difficulty and they would hate my person for the rest of our life. We have also offered to addressed the French High Judiciary/Justice over the above countless times.

Mr Jean Mari Lepen  and his Daughter is only to aware of the contents of what we have written here and even more. Because we had involved the FN in some of the debacle and it is impossible to write and put into place such a  global project and the like of ~FN not know most of the workings and debacles associated.

The question - as the French Presidential progress, the situation in Europe and the US, Russia, the Middle East,  is that how candidate Fillon is gong to work and comport - stripping massive amount of information from that program,  wrap them differently and camouflage them and tell the French citizens and electorate this is his vision - the best vision for France. It does snot work that way- it is immoral, very wrong and dishonest and represent utter corrupted practices.

What is very concerning after events the past two years in France  and the spate of Terror attack and in spite of writing and sharing why this attack took place and the laws in place the military and police issues  - that we should just ignore  and allow events to go on as if nothing have/has happened.

Nicolas Sarkozy — Wikipédia

Note - 28/11/16

In the late Sunday debate on France Economy and future role in Europe and the world, Africa - the topic of the Airbus cockpit - the argument that France was not currently in the cockpit, Germany was alone - chancellor Merkle. 

On the Euro debate those who judge presidential candidate Fillon had offered/presented very little about his presidency and the Euro - the European Central bank working. 

From the Camp of the US President  elect, he indicated his grave concern after reading the contents/made aware of what we had published - beside he was made bankrupt with the mega global financial corruption which led/caused the 2007 world financial and economic crash/melt down and a possible third world war.  Time and time have stressed - that SIROP program function in the political and monetary argument of then development for setting in place the ECU/later the Euro - then Mrs Thatcher/British position - over the past 27 years those who have know and how the respective issues were managed, the European Central Bank and the Commission - in part the mega banking and Financial abuses/corruption - cover-ups.  In Italy at the time PM Andreotti working issues with that SIROP program and his government - officials.  Then Silvio Berlosconi and later as PM. With these mechanism in place, our impute to  decide where the EBC should be sited/office and some of the very senior appointment - on record. 

For the past two years not just the economic situation in Italy and again the current Italian PM briefed on that SIROP program functionality in past major Italian economic workings under then PM Berlosconi and his government inability to grasp how this worked and we lending our support and impute in spite of very unhappy outcome.  At the Commission those aware.  

Leave aside the political mess of Italy - with that global meltdown, the expansion of the Italian Banks to East Europe via Austria/Vienna - the scandal of the collapse  again what we wrote to the Board of the bank, the President of Austria, the chancellor and the media the workings of that SIROP build into the financial workings  and those who knowingly had abused, manipulated  and the utter mess this had caused and the Irish NAMA involvement and debacles.  The situation is heading towards a major situation for the Euro. Come next Sunday referendum in Italy - if/should PM Renzi loose this referendum the outcome for Italy to exit the Euro club.  We want to stress - now that former EU Parliament president,  Martin Shultz is returning to normal politic and eventually the Chancellor post, what he know.  In our last night late article on Presidential candidate Fillon had not stressed the fact that his government and then President Sarkozy knew of the SIROP impact on Italy major financial and banking workings - the market.  Beside the bloody mess in the USA some 59 leading bank went bust, in Japan the Oldest Bank, the Vatican  Bank almost went bust  and the major Austrian/East Europe/Italy and Ireland banking syndicate went bust -now Italy eventual pullout of the Euro Club  and this Candidate Fillon to head France and its major role in Europe Future.  How is he going to do this and manage this.  I trust those at the Commission who monitor our workings and communication  will point this extended note on last night topic.  In the pre election US debacle, we had shared with Presidential candidate Donald Trump - how under then President Ronald Reagan,  we had reworked and deployed a complete new and modern global financial workings and functionality and the need if he was elected to radically reworked and revamped the global financial system and workings. Beside in US those who equally know and have know of our very powerful Italian workings connection with that SIROP program.

We urge/ask everybody - refer and research our many blogs and forums all those alive then,  the core foundation, block building, root of today's Russia high corporate workings - at the time then President Yeltsin, just like the thematic of what economic direction Russia was to take - their old Soviet High corporate workings - it was decided to apply the core of Italian high corporate root/block working - this may require certain scientific impute and explanation - this is very vital,  so many discipline have been develop to work modern economy development - the impacting principal and many new complexities which developed and came about and the results and  outcome - hence,  the US Italian community role and function and now suddenly everybody forget - where do they think Russia is today and how does it function in high corporate management functionality - in current Italy those who chose to overlook and forget will pay a  very dear price/hefty price. 

The Seychelles Bankrupt linked 2008/9

EZB-Chef Draghi will Konjunktur weiter kräftig stützen

Italy referendum latest: EIGHT banks could FALL if Renzi loses referendum - shock warning | City & Business | Finance

Note -29/11/16

Late yesterday afternoon, the farmer and tractor decided to plough the fields they had spread the massive pile of Britexit manure - they had been piling since Spring 2015, they worked very late until early morning and the vibration of the engine. Whilst ploughing the many important issue and thematic which came our/were worked in the soil.

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Scottish councils facing £553million funding crisis, report warns

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We have some 35 year of working high Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary workings what influenced and impacted the three above topics. Beside other topics we have not added here. Then they write how EU Works and the UN. The global media garbage.

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