SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The French nation, their president refuse to recognize our work historic efforts

Jet-Set French President Heads To Britain

President Sarkozy state visit to Britain

Wednesday is antique fair in Britain – London, across EU, we have taken the time to address this thread. ( The mega scandal which have hit the Islington Camden Arcade, those property speculators who have used our Seychelles EU community archaic/fraternal heritage – the fact that we are based in Islington since 1997 the many individuals who belong to the Fraternal/masonic institutions, to make £/$ millions at the expense of the small Antique merchants – the properties being sold to large developers)Nobody have ever said thank you or offered us a cent.

We watched a program on German TV filmed for arte about the black community in France the 18th District. France is the country in EU with the largest population of blacks or people of African origins – be they North Africa, other former colonies of France, including Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Comores.

Among some of the important issues raised by the practice and politic in France – when it come to sport and in the olden days the military. Those from Africa or of African Origin, including the Pied Noirs, when they perform and become national sport hero's then they are recognized as French.

When in the greater life of France, business, academic, politic, they do get anywhere or try to get anywhere they are stigmatized, they carry the label of Africa, north African, Pied Noirs, etc. The issue of Creolelite and African black movement awareness.

However what life is like for the vast majority of the black – African in the 18th District of France. How terrible it is for the vast majority. The immigration and housing situation.

Based on the contents of that program we want to ask three question to the greater world and the French people. We have address some pertinent question in the past on this subject.

We have stated that the Seychelles Exile/refugee communities played a very crucial role in what started to the change in Poland – the pre Solidarnos, Gdansk – the shipyard strike and protest. The involvement of our communities in exile – with exile COMECON nation network – how we worked, the changes with came to Poland, then the other countries, the issues of East Germany, including Romania – the ancestral home of President Sarkozy – his family, East Germany. ( By our important contribution we helped free his country, people from Communism, brought Christianism, brought the ancient archaic/fraternal institutions back, their kings and royalty and gve them a voice in EU)The situation in USSR which compelled President Gorbachev to adopt the position and politic not to send in the Soviet Army and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

We have stated the Seychelles exile/refugees used their ancestral French archaic/fraternal/religious heritage, network and resource to achieve this. Not from Africa or Mars or Jupiter or the Taliban. This should have been recognized, the lies, cover up. The reason we have concepted our Seychelles EU community portal and the issues addressed.

What President Sarkozy and those in Elysee Palace is not telling the world how they used the Seychelles synergy/dynamic archaic/fraternal for President Sarkosy to be elected – including the marriage to his present Italian wife – given our Italian archaic/fraternal heritage. Like they treat those of North African and African Origin they are good only to be use and abused and they are not given the credit.

Under the government of President Francois Mitterrand – the many important national development in France, French colony, military, space, major industrial and economic program our community have been involved in because of our French ancestral archaic/fraternal heritage – that we manage. Some of the things, issues and project we initiated and they took on board. The Channel Tunnel project – nobody give us the credit, they question is why – then they use the Masonic/fraternal excuse to cover up – this is not good enough. In France the past 300 years what became of the Templars and the Masonic involvement in the people politic and how they reacted.

We have stated that of our community involvement contribution to the enlargement politic of the EU, which had not been planned, how those who manipulated our Seychelles EU community, archaic/fraternal heritage to bring these about, the media, the commission and Masonic duplicity. We are not given credit – they take the credit.

For the past 15 years the role, the economic motor, synergy, dynamic we have been managing across the EU and France – issues of major economic impact. The EU Stock Market, the EU employment – the EU immigration right up to the politic of the Commission, the Parliament, council of Europe they take the credit.

We have stated that had we not put that portal the way we have the economic and political turbulence which would have affected EU and the rest of the world. We are not given credit for it. Very important the impact of that SIROP/CDU/Alliance/DP/SNM/MPR exile return program. Impact on the Indian Ocean, the Gulf Region, Asian subcontinent, we do not get the credit for it.

Most important what important work our community have done to bring about the issues- situation that President Gadaffi take a lead role in call in in place the African Union. Even that as a people who have live and develop over the past 300 years in African/Indian Ocean Region we do not get the credit. The bloody lies and cover up. Then they have to pass every draconian laws to protect their lies and their dirty scams.

Most important given the relevancy to President Sarkozy election as president of France – his Jewish links and connection, the Jews in Britain and the Romanian communities in Britain. There was a very strong reason why we put together a particular set of issues which led to the 250,000 Russian Jews being allowed to migrate to Israel and the 74,000 from Ethiopia.

Because of the politic, the work, involvement of our Seychelles EU community – the French archaic/fraternal heritage and Italian and British. Had that program not been put in place the German Holocaust compensation amounting to $8 billions would never have been paid to the Jewish survivals by the Germans and the money frozen in Switzerland. ( Not to exclude the political situation with the Jewish community in France) nobody has ever said a thank you – they take the credit for it – Then they say they are great in respecting the archaic/fraternal rules, ethic.

This dishonesty – if President Sarkozy know anything of French history will come to hunt him and his presidency. The fact that the British lay great emphasis on their archaic/fraternal heritage and its working. Those in the past who have not respected this and abused it what became of them.

We trust somebody will point this thread to the French embassy in Seychelles and Alliance Francaise and the many French institutions, their media and the EU institutions – including the French political parties and the Senate.

President Sarkozy is dreaming if he believes that he is greater than all the former presidents and kings of France. The French people will only tolerate so much, including his present political approach to mix Jet setting – pop life style with that of the President of France. Sir James Mancham also paid for it. Ex primeminister Tony Blair also paid for it with his style of pop, super star British primeminister ship approach. The dishonesty which come with this approach and life style others do all the dirty work, vote for them, buy their crappy film or music, news paper and they are made super stars – when they are very hallow human individuals. This also reflect the kind of politic Balkan, former COMECON politicians follow and peruses. For a people, with such rich heritage as the Seychelles EU community, our Pied Noirs heritage we deplore this situation – sate of things.

Note: The recent Summit in EU on Climate change – what really led to the 100 cars pile up on the Austrain Motorway this weekend and the Housing complex in Norway which collasp this morning. The dishonesty, lies and coverup. Those Officials with their scientist and their Official version of things.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy begins his state visit of the UK today.
Sarkozy faces criticism at home for his 'jet set' lifestyle

Mr Sarkozy will arrive at Heathrow airport later this morning before being given a ceremonial welcome by the Queen at Windsor.

Over the next two days he will address both houses of Parliament, attend a state banquet and take part in an Anglo-French summit with the Prime Minister.

Subjects likely to be on the table include nuclear power.

It has been reported that Britain is on the verge of signing a deal with France to build a new generation of nuclear power stations to replace our ageing stock.

Illegal immigration is also expected to be discussed, including measures to tighten border controls on both sides of the channel.

It is also believed that the French president may announce plans to send a further 1,000 troops to Afghanistan.

France currently has almost 1,500 soldiers based in the country, mostly deployed in and around the capital Kabul.

The 53-year-old will be accompanied on the visit by his new wife, the former model and singer Carla Brunei-Sarkozy, as well as his mother.

Andree, 81, will join the ceremonial procession which will include more than 200 horses and soldiers from The Household Cavalry and The King's Troop, The Royal Horse Artillery.

There will also be a 21 gun salute.

Despite being a well known anglophile the President chose to shorten his visit.
Both leaders are bouncing back from low opinion poll ratings

He will leave immediately after a Guild Hall banquet with the Lord Mayor on Thursday evening, instead of staying on until Friday morning.

The president came to power last May promising to restore values of work, authority and respect in France.

But his popularity has tumbled in recent months, amidst criticism of his jet-set lifestyle.

French journalist and author Agnes Poiriet said: "The French have had enough of his antics, of his private life played out in the front stage.

"A lot of French people think for all his talk of reforms he hasn't done that many and they are eager for him to start acting like a president, not like a celebrity."

Mr Sarkozy will hope that the visit can help him claw back some political stature.,,30100-1310643,00.html?f=rss

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grandlarousse said...

Our Community view of Sarkozy historic British visit

On 27/03/09 we tried to put into prospective the visit of the Sarkozy State visit to Britain, past British French relation 30 years of our Community in exile beside the old Seychelles community 70 years ago in Britain – Europe. What this will mean in the future.

We ask visitors and the community to read our article at AKS and the community temp forum, beside the SIROP blog regarding his intended visit to Britain.

In the USA the strong possibility of a first ever election of a none white as President , the night before the program we had watched German TV/arte, about the 18th District in Paris – their plight,, their politic – the fact that France have the largest African, none white population in EU. That female politician from Martinique who got about 3% of the vote as the first none white president in France presidential election. The underlining issues of Creolelite and the French brand of black movement in comparison to the USA.

Beside hanging to the thought, the bitter and painful trashing, punishment given to us by the late President Mitterrand , the French Fraternal establishment, his many government officials about our community rights to get involved in international political agenda, like the liberation of the COMECON, the changes in USSR, the German reunification and the Treuhand – privatization of East Germany economy. How this affected our community across the EU and the Seychelles – Indian Ocean Politic/African Union. ( The visit of Sarkozy to Britain and some of the controversial issues he addressed)

The fact of France political clout before the German reunification and changes in COMECON – because we lead this program – the death contract to have me killed. When light is shed on the issues, past history of France, be it the Algerian debacle, the Second world war, the first world war and the era of the Emperor and Monarchy. We being the 5th generation of French parents – Pied Noirs, how they judge and view such person ought to be treated if France interest is deemed at stake or threaten.

Most important the changes in France political and economic influence in EU, former COMECON, USSR/Russia, China, the Arab world, the Indian ocean, Africa and Asia. Which proved that Francois Mitterrand was right in his accessement.

The same attitude that the French officials under Mitterrand had, so too under the Chirac and now the Sarkozy government. ( In France the Pied Noirs politic, their demands and the let down by Sarkozy) for this good reason we will use our prerogative and bring to the greater public and the world certain facts and issues they are not aware/may not be aware.

Beside those three suitcase in Angers – SVP, Loire – all the political documents, photos and contact , the written details of that SIROP program. Some of our community involvement at many level internationally to do with the COMECON change, the politic of Poland, the Vatican, USSR, the USA , South Africa and others those from his government - meaning Francois Mitterrand who have informed themselves of its contents. There after their decision to make their own politic.

In some of the documents we had explained what was at play – what had caused some of the interventions, manipulation to go wrong against the interest of France. Again those who read these information and what they choose to do. We explained how our community exile/refugees politic was being managed, manipulated, instead of blaming us they ought to blame – take up the issues with the British or the USA, they did not do that. We will not wast our time to explain to the French that we are the 5th generation of French decent, as such our rights – be it historic, archaic, fraternal or Christian or otherwise.

We have explained the issue of the WWW that our community was pushing for a system that would allow greater information in EU and the world linked to the SIROP Program based on the French Mini tel system which existed in France, some of the big French company involved– how this was hijack and the methods used. Ending with Tim Brenner Lee and his French associate writing the WWW link. This to me/us our community was one of the greatest modern French misjudgment, their media and their Masonic/Fraternal institutions. Where they get their information, how they sieve these information and how they arrive at their conclusion.

The political, economic and many other important development in the world given the WWW and the position of France. ( The result in India, Russia, China, Africa, Asia and the India ocean.) not to exclude the Gulf nation. We also address this issue in relation to the state of EU economy, the issues of climate change what affects climate changes not just the pseudo scientific version – other issues too. Most important Sarkozy visit to Britain and what he addressed the British public and the politicians. To date not a word, not a mention of the role, contribution of our Seychelles EU community. For this reason we have taken to writing the issues in public where in the past we would have left it to the gutter media to talk about and the fraternal or the birds to chatter about.

Our community have been involved in the debacle of the Coal Industry, the Nuclear industry and other energy source beside Oil.

We wish to state here how we had banded together with a vast array of NGO – those who really take seriously the issue of pollution and climate change not just for politic gain and big money – what had led to the CERN mega project in Switzerland, the USA and later Russia. Both these mega project were not the conception of a British politician or party or their Fraternal establishment. They had come about because of the way approach our Seychelles EU community work and think. These were two mega historic progress – once we had initiated, got started the politician dirty involvement, the big company, the fraternal establishments etc.

We have watched very closely the debacle of changing to Nuclear – those in Germany who had opposed this, their politic. Instead as in the past our Seychelles EU community coming forward and promoting such issues we have taken to standing on the side or taking back sit and watch one fiasco after another develop.

There is the great importance and relevancy for a balance in the world between the Government, the NGO and the communities in EU. For the past three years the government ,the EU institutions having reverted to draconian legislations, to crush any involvement of the NGO and the Ethnic communities in the EU. What this have led to a one sided situation and the state of things,.

Again most important the price of Oil – why the price of Oil is so high when our Seychelles EU community could influence issue which would reduce the price of oil if not half them. We have stated and argued many instances. Once again be they France, Germany, British, the EU institutions show what politic prevails, what state of mind prevails and all the great public statement is just white wash/conning the mass. Those who elect these politicians have to pay in the end.

Given the tone of our thread in relation to Sarkosy visit – some 12 forums in the world with our bitter request to the French, anybody in France or the continent to help us get out of Britain. Even people in Seychelles, Mauritius, African Union. How this would have changes the European politic and politic of the world.

Like the debacle of the past with SIROP and those documents in Angers – Loire, SVP they read them and took to blaming and punishing us. Beside the long list of positive benefits President Francois Mitterrand's his governments got /benefited, French multinational , the French establishment – they taking to punishing us after they had benfitid – the results. Forgetting our impact in many of the Indian Ocean, African Union, Asian and Gulf Region politic and economy issues.

Like the debacle of the WWW and the ensuing results, like the debacle of the CERN, Switzerland mega energy project. Just ;like we have been writing about the role and important contribution we have played, the enlargement of EU, the economy the past 15 years those who use the information, pass draconian legislation to control,and abuse our community more.

Currently the Mafia war in Italy the so called legistation in EU and their position, the fight against corruption– in Britain how the British work, from the politicians to the big corporation – then pass draconian laws to abuse the poor , the ethnic communities so that they work and live like slaves, make them million, they rip and skim their politic – agendas, then threaten them with imprisonment and the such. Their quality of life is hell – Meanwhile for all the laws, those white in the many communities who drive around in the local village, in the houses threaten , bully, make the lives of those ethnic minorities hell. They take their cue form the media and the politicians and establishments, they call it racial politic. This practice is no better than the Italian Mafia and the bloody war – there they kill with guns, in Britain they have other methods of killing and hurting.

We started this thread with the issues of an eventual none white as President of the USA and in France the Martinique who got 3% of vote at the presidential election.

Our community have important good will to influence election result in EU and in any given country. In this respect some of the complex issues of the Sarkosy background – his Romanian ancestrage and Jewish. The issues we have addressed so far - We would have expected a different departure of politic – a different approach of politic.

For instance after all that riot in France – the message we have written/request. We have offered, we have told many source instead of coming to beg in Britain for Help from the British people ;like those millions of migrant form the former COMECON to get their economy going and EU going – what this will be seen in history and in the years to come. We had and were asking for just a simple place to stay in France when there are thousands of illegal immigrants and living in squalor in France – we would have taken care of our needs and in the process help rebuild France economy, institutions and place in EU and the Francophone. It is not a grain of sand for the French people and its establishment, even Sarkozy, his officials, the French establishments would rather come to Britain and be made the laughing stock of EU and the French people – this jester made when he will be out of Office - the French people, the bones of their ancestors will have to live with his decision. Just like Francois Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac made many terrible Hirtoric mistakes

We have made important impact on Air Bus, on EADS, on the Channel tunnel, on Air France and other major French multinational – this is why we address the issues as we do – our Seychelles EU community helped put in place the pan European Fraternal/masonic institutions. The role we played and the role we play.

We have written to many in EU and France the important impact of that portal – how we build it and how it works. Because it is based in Britain for the idiots, the loony , those who have no brain - like bees to pollen they get attracted to Britain by that Portal of ours and the issues we have presented – they think and believe in their mind this a magic being created by Britain. Had Sarkosy been a true French he would have understood and grasp the issues- he is not. Hence is reacting like the Polish people we have helped and many other nation around the world and in the COMECON.

Then we come to the German/ French relation- for somebody who have been involved with most of the past German Chancellor and their Presidents. Being the son of a 5th generation French decendent in EU.

First we need to explain certain issue's here – and the British media, the establishment will have to do their research before the say let us hang him. They need to study the politic of France,. Britain and Germany the past 30 years, the many issues – the role of our Seychelles EU community in many of them even if the greater media have not written about.

We have written many correspondence to the German government, their Trade union and their forums explaining how we came to make the important impact and contribution not just as an ethnic community – but using our French ancestral historic, archaic, fraternal mechanism, good will etc. After we put that portal on line we expected the German politicians to take heed of what we have addressed. They did not. We have explained the reason for Seychelles building of the 5 oil Tanker in Kiel – not a word of acknowledgment or thank you.

We have stated our community have the capacity to get involved or withdraw its involvement in many issues if it so wish. Which we have and the deterioration in Germany, in many issues, politic, their economy and French German relation. We have explained to the German government how this is and can be manipulated, Certain agenda in EU. Who is to blame. We have also hinted the issues of the new German political development, the new left – what it is all about and why.

As recently as two weeks before Easter our request to the Polish Official that we can start a heraldic merchandising business in Poland – this would have taken us via Germany and France. The response and attitude. We live in a very strange world the expediency of politic.

For the German – they seen in Sarkozy as an unstable partner – his political approach resemble the Romanian politic - thinking and his business approach that of Jews. This is a very personal challenge to President Sarkozy and the French people. Having started this article thread about an eventual none white USA President and in France that Martinique female who got 3% of the presidential vote. What implication on such development/possibilities in the future.

At play here is the very institution of the EU, the Parliament, the Council of Europe , the Democratic process and involvement of citizens in EU process – those who think and believe they can ride rough shod over the citizens of EU, their NGO and the many ethnic communities. The reason for the European citizen to loose faith in the EU institutions and its values.

Because of our politic in the Indian ocean and African Union – the issues now and the past Cold War. The French and President Sarkosy choose to ignore what we have addressed concerning the changes in the COMECON and the Jewish people of the Cold War and the Holocaust compensation.

We have underline the difference between Seychelles politic of the Cold War and our Seychelles EU community politic of the Cold War. We were being watched, monitored by the USSR and COMECON Services on behalf of the Seychelles government and OAU.

Just like the situation in Seychelles was terrible and in many parts of Africa – the soldiers who served them – the reason they served their nation and government. These soldiers serving in the COMECON would survive on just cabbage soup and bread for months, their sufferings and the local inhabitant oblivious of their plight, the terrible conditions they had to sever as soldiers. We were aware of some of the issues because we researched we made it a point to be inform and and the mass of information which came in the open after the collasp of the COMECON and the USSR. The USSR military, the KGB and indeed the high entourage around the former USSR Head Leonid Brezhnev – he was know as the Soviet Bear – meaning ruthless. Our Seychelles EU community found itself on many occasions involved – contributing to many of USSR important economic, and politic development – because we had taken on board our French ancestral heritage, archaic and fraternal heritage, also being manipulated by many politicians, institutions and government in the West. As such in EU and our contribution in the Indian ocean, the Strategic issues, the OAU, the Cold War, the Gulf Region, the None aligned issues.

What really transpired towards the end of President Brezhnev era, as a politic exile group – our view, objective, the changes which would come in Soviet Union global political and economic strategy, the Indian ocean, the Gulf Region and Africa. What nobody have written about some of the more very complex issues our Seychelles EU community collective can get involved in – the issues, managing the transition from President Brezhnev's era to Mr Gromyko and his short time as President of the USSR – again how we can do this. What led to the fear, upon the death of President Brezhnev – for the Soviet Union to go on the Red alert not just USSR -, but the COMECON and impending Nuclear war. The issues which developed in the Indian ocean, Africa and the Gulf Region. Our Seychelles EU community responsibility in knowing and being informed if we wanted to bring important change in Seychelles the region and Africa. That SIROP program was partly in place not as it is – the various bits and pieces needed to make such a program work successfully.

In spite the change, the Seychelles relation with todays Russia, the former COEECON nations and USSR nations our community responsibility to maintain whatever relation and inform our self what is going on and make our due contributions as and when necessary. This relation which many in France cannot and do not understand just how it works, president Francois Mitterrand did not understand, President Jacques Chirac did not understand either, nor will Sarkozy.

However there are those in Russia who understand and take very seriously – the role of our Seychelles EU community when it come to our relation with Seychelles, African Union , the Indian ocean and Gulf Region and Asia – Equally the role of our community in the EU.

We say it once again for any community not just because of our French historic, and other European heritage. The role, issue we have been involved the past 30 years in EU. When such or any community have been involved in such complex and complicated global and international sensitive issues – the relevancy to be given due consideration by relevant EU institutions and their government and those of the UN, African Union etc.

We would also trust that when the politicians get together and make their political decision – they do take these into consideration. What ever their power, their resource. At the end of the day it is those community who will make the individual required , necessary input to make their country more democratic and economy successfully or not. Not their government or their politic – this is the road of the future.