SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Group Carrefour establishing in Seychelles

The EU Institutions, have stated if the world is in such a state it is because of the very dishonest corporate practices.

This morning as we start another day after – the issues of Group Carrefour establishing in Seychelles, their operation in Mauritius, Reunion. The money they announced in the Nation which had been transfered for the investment – most important their statement that they have been watching development in Seychelles and will be watching development closely.

On our part instead of just adding their logo, picture and article we went out of our way to state on account of our important Sechelles – Seychelles EU community efforts Group Carrefour had come to Seychelles. {Similar important contribution first the building the Delhomme ex Office, the Supa Save the/our community reason for supporting this process}except we have not carried an advert for them and they have not taken to insulting us, threatening and intimidating us.

Currently at the EU commission, the Parliament there very strong debate going on about multinationals and their corporate practices and ethics. In the past when we have supported be they very large French, German, Italian EU or other multinationals we had done what had to be done to get thing going or working and left it at that.

Instead of acknowledging and saying thank you for our contributions, the rave/rage, antisocial practice, the bulling, the threats, intimidation and other worse things from the direction/quarter of Group Carrefour in Seychelles.

In Seychelles given the very many loud criticism, accusation over the past 10 years of certain practice and the government efforts to bring some kind of transparency.

It is not a good feeling waking yet again we had contributed and help another big multinational in this case Group Carrefour come to Seychelles, the benefits this may and will bring to the people, the Republic and nation – we do not dough this at the same time we know of the dangers and negative issues involved and they need to be addressed in public.

On the international political and economic platform – there are those powerful forces and voice who argue and of the opinion that small developing nation ought to be grateful for any “crumbs” they can get or development. This is why Africa and so many other small nation are in the mess they are. These large multinationals who believe because they have made such impressive investment they have become Gods, they have become overall supremo over the people, constitutions and government where they invest.

Over the past 10 years there have been a very great deal of criticisms about a number of investment and their investors,

Those who ran Berjaiah Hotels,
All the large multinational Oil companies who have come to do oil exploration in Seychelles, their manipulative politic and practices.
Richard Branson proposed investment – St Anne island
We have had Cable and Wireless and it has taken the Seychellois a very long time to tame them.
Then we have Barclay bank their manipulative and those involved with them who think they can do anything with the Seychellois lives just because they are a large multinational British bank.
From India we have the Laxmambhai Construction and the issues which the public have been complaining and the hundred of workers they bring in, so to the Chinese.
We take the Mauritius Hotel Group who have taken over St Anne, their attitude and approach, their arrogance.
Then we have the Groups from Dubai and the Qatar investing in Seychelles be it the Hotels or the Arline their behavior toward the Seychelles people. The terrible precedent this is setting. Again the very many protest.
Then we have the Pinnacle Holding from South Africa and the manipulative, political, economic and corporate practice. In announcing and acquiring the development when the going was good the prestige and benefit it brought to their company and the south African Stock market. To date they have done nothing.
We have also followed closely the issues of Supa Save.

This morning there is the need to put into prospective the issues of Group Carrefour coming to Seychelles. Beside the fact how they got in.

Seychelles has been an independent nation for some 33 years and the bitter issues of the FA Rene one party government the position of the French government, Establishment and others. Equally from Britain their position and strong point of view.

Had their been a one party state Group Carrefour would never have come to Seychelles in spite of their presence in Reunion and Mauritius, Comor, Madagascar. {The views of many leading French generals, politicians and military experts – advisers, including that of the late colonel Bod Denard who had advocated that we bring in the Group Carrefour if there was a military change, HAD BEEN IN CONTACT}

Way back in 1979 we and those who began and lobbied for our Community to work and support the idea that Seychelles ought to be stronger link to the EU politic instead of the USA, south Africa, Russia or china or a single EU member country. The battle we had to fight to achieve this. Those who challenged be they in France, Britain, the USA, Africa, Russia, and China. Today the important involvement and relation of the EU in very many of Seychelles issues. They do not dominate us and say a given nation would have done. We wanted this and we set to achieve this.

Because our ancestors did not come from Mars or Jupiter but France and Europe, those who founded Sechelles -Seychelles and those who have fought to keep it and rebuild it. We also give due credit for our black brother s and sisters.

In spite of our European ancestral we know and have been fully aware of the ruthless and brutal practice in corporate affairs world wide. Not just in Seychelles.

When our communities were involved in negotiating the many issues of a military change those very large multinationals who had offered to invest and be our friends. Our views and the views of those who had linked the political activities of our exile governments. We were equally critical.

Over the past 30 years of our community reestablishing in Europe, we have learnt to take advice and listen also what happen to other communities – namely the Pied Noirs, their plight in France the past 50 years in France. The French multinationals corporate practice towards them.

In association with Group Carrefour coming to Seychelles. We haver stated how in Britain over the past 25 years our community have contribute to issues leading to Group Tesco, Safeway, Morrison, Marks and Spencer, Selfridge benefiting. Because of our European ancestral archaic/fraternal heritage we have understood those issues and mechanism and hence were able to be involved and contribute.

We have gone to important extent to explain how we had wanted to start that Seychelles EU connection community portal project – the Refugee History Project, the Sainsbury Trust. Most of these large super markets they have a department for charity, community support, donation and relation. If the Executive of the Group Carrefour, the French media, the French politicians and the establishment want to or wish to have a go at us. We can refer them to issues we have been involved. Mergers, acquisition's, laws passed at EU level and British Parliament and issues at World Summit level and UN. We have reasonable experience and abilities for a small and poorly resources community.

This morning as we see the building progressing, there is the need to underline of Seychelles EU important contribution to supporting democratic social and economic process in Seychelles. We will continues. We have long and often underline that under the UN recommendation that communities who have migrated help to build and assist their people, government and nation - we fully believe in this policy and practice.

We have been calling and underlining that a new form of political emancipation, way things are debated and discussed in Seychelles for everybody concern. Long and to long those who used and abused our archaic/fraternal heritage, powers associated for their own selfish gain, those who worked and sweated and then be told in public you are a liar, deny their existence and involvement. There is the need in Seychelles to raise the standard of political process. We ought to raise above those who believe we have to take into consideration our black brothers and sisters. The danger is that we can and may end up like many African countries.

Having said that – we wish to underline to Group Carrefour firmly, over the past 30 years our Seychelles EU community have been involved and contributed to very significant development in EU and around the world. Those who have gone out of their way to shut us up, not access to media and intimidate or bully us.

Not just the experience and knowledge, abilities we have acquired the past 30 years. There exist mechanism, management benchmarks and practice which we have known ever since we began to engage our communities in those issues. These mechanism act as regulators, these mechanism can be applied when a given multinational have over abused and overly exploited their powers, politic and purpose. Over these past 30 years we have not hesitate to use and apply them. Beside the normal procedure by the Court and EU institutions.

Seychelles is not just strategic country and position – we have enormous responsibilities, vis a vis the African Union, then the Arab Nations, then the Asian continents. When these nation see and note that we kick a big fuss when a Britain or German or Italian or USA multinational mess us about and when a French multinational do this we take it – they will not respect us.

In Britain the consumers who have massively complain an protested about the abuse of the Super market powers. Not just in price, politic and social practice – the French will recall the issues of Mad cow and CJD, the real truth it was all about abusing and suing satanic rave/rage and crack vibe , what the British have termed as neighbor from hell, antisocial etc. Because of our France ancestors we cant stand an tell Group Carrefour firmly – the terrible state and ethical practice in France, the use and abuse of such methods and the politicians do nothing and refuse to do anything – the way this is poisoning the mid of the nation and generation.

Way back in 1985 we began addressing FA Rene about those issues, the terrible impacts it has had on the Seychelles economy and social progress. This is nothing to do with globalization – those who abuse the terminology of globalization to used this dreaded method and practice, to control , bully , intimidate and force other to subjudication and many other terrible side reactions. Group Carrefour must beware that it does not lend itself to this terrible practice – be they for racism, these are bunch of black or idiots or those who argue this is a fraternal/Masonic mechanism and as such is must be applied and necessary to use.

In the USA there is a very good reason the people have elected Barack Obama because of those who have abused and manipulated this terrible practice, communication practice etc. The terrible mess the USA nation , their economy and their politic is in. Because of this dreaded practice.

We trust in Seychelles like in other countries they will put in place a body authority which can and will regulate the merchants, supermarkets code of practice and conduct. So that those investors and particularly Group Carrefour do not feel they have become gods, and lord it over everybody.

Having played a very crucial and important role that the Group Carrefour come to Seychelles, the fact had the EU new Treaty been accepted what this would have meant for Multinational like Group Carrefour and countries like Seychelles. Our Communities in Eu collective very important involvement, engagements and we trust the future generation will maintain the same vision and practice.

Having said the above our Sechelles – Seychelles EU community wish Group Carrefour a successful welcome to Seychelles and look forward to the same positive working relation we have with other leading French multinationals. They are numerous.

We are certain our thread will attract the attention of the President of the French Republic and other leading politicians. Only last night we went out of our way to add three thread about the education the student strike in Germany. The important point the student are making, their politicians find $billions to bail the banks and large multinational. The student and education which is the future of the nation and society is completely neglected.

Equally last night and yesterday – the decision by Bruxelles to abolish the Laws, standards for some 25/40, odd type of fruits. The idea that they all had be of a particular dimension, size etc. Those who have challenge the powers of the Commission in a very negative way. Our community have long understood and stated we have the means to contribute to positive changes, legislation or other issues in EU and across EU, the democratic people process and powers. This must be finally understood by the EU institutions – those who believe EU institution there just dictate and pass laws. We trust in the few words those from group Carrefour grasp what our community imply.

Whilst we are about this issues – it is good and important to note that the reason President Francois Mitterrand, those in USA and Britain removed and did not want us to lead the SIROP exile return program or Head a Seychelles government because of our outspoken criticisms. We are not about to change this. At the same time we say very loudly shame to Group Carrefour. We went to Angers – Loire with three suitcase, one of them containing a great deal of documents about the changes in Poland, COMECON, Germany , USSR, police and diplomatic notes, meetings. They were in an old suitcase belonging to Mrs Epstine – the sister of Lord Beloff. We left it in the care of Society Saint Vincent de Paul. The first milk of our child -son was bought from a Carrefour supermarket and other items in Angers - Loire. The reason we had gone to Angers in the first place, President Francois Mitterrand involvement, French archaic/fraternal establishment – and the reason – issue which started the Iraq – Kuwait war, those who know the truth, the mega cover up and the combined allies war.

The bloody mess the world is in today. For the past 18 years we have addressed the world on this issues and the contents of those three suitcase in Angers, Loire France. Saint Vincent de Paul and the Vatican. Those who know what took place.

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