SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Is there anything Historic about this Saturday/weekend 29/11/08

Is there anything Historic about this Saturday/weekend 29/11/08

Given that German boast of its industrial leadership in EU and the world, GRUBI provocative thread at AKS on the state of Seychelles finance - economy, total meltdown in Seychelles – 20 years ago, 1988 President Gorbachev crises. Those American and European politician who had refused to notice and realize that something was wrong, had gone “ pear shape “ with the situation in USSR, instead they just got on their crazy horse and thundered ahead the situation we are in today.

Out in that very big world – we use this word, because of the inability for anybody to be able to communicate with everybody in the world. Hence we have to use terminology and language that hopefully will be understood.

Both in the former Communist and Capitalist – Western world those who were trained , form and took part in the review and formulating every Ten or Twenty years the course of politic, economy of those two great universal Blocks. We are in this critical world cycle, the leading media, world leaders failing to have a cool head to properly approache history, what has happened the past 10 – 20 years and formulate future world police for the next 10 years.

Among somee of the- what may be termed abnormal or strange phenomena which is associated or present itself which serve as signal and indication that changes is needed . Those again from the leading USA establishment or EU who are just “plowing ahead with their/on their mad horse” totally failing to grasp what really is happening and they call themselves world leaders – demanding and bullying everybody to respect them.

We have written at least three thread since the beginning of the year on the issues that – that reckless and ruthless, corrupted capitalist system cannot go on for ever. What went wrong – that President Gorbachev did/could not grasp the opportunity and remodel the USSR/Russia as a new world role model for economy and social order. That was 1988.
In EU and the Indian Ocean that SIROP etc Exile Return program was at its peak of being implemented. The thinking was behind. In Seychelles, Africa those who have been schooled to understand the issue we mentioned about, the cycle of the world working every 10 and 20 years the need to understand what has , is hapenning and formulate new direction of new political ideas ahead for the next 10 years or so.

Who would have thought and said two months ago that Lehman Brothers one of the most prestigious Jewish financial institution would not be there. Among and beside very many other very important financial institutions which have gone. Why we mention the name Grubi because in Seychelles, Mauritius and the Region those who very dishonestly refused to admit that that German Berlin Wall, collapse in East Germany and reunification had a very fundamental impact on their economy and politic and social development.

This had come about not by accident or mishap as many would be politicians, fraternal, Cristian and media leaders would have us believe – some individuals got together and planned it. Not the Pentagon or the CIA as those who do not know shout aloud.

Because in Seychelles, Mauritius and the Indian ocean, Africa and the Arab region we have such very important link with not Commonwealth but British politic, economy, finance and other quasi fraternal/archaic related issues. Again two months ago those arrogant very big British multinational Bank and we had been involved – lent a hand in the many mergers over the past 20 years, issues related to the changes in former COMECON, socialist/Communist camp and our part of the world. Leading to the Group of RBS, their plan – this weekend development - the British government becoming a major share holder with 59% equally their acquisition of the Northern Rock.

Those political voice in the world,.Africa, Asia, Arab region including Seychelles two months ago had one even dared to suggest it, would have demanded that one be executed, sent to a place like Guantanamo or use special legislation and lock up.

It cannot be said enough , 20 and 10 years ago the development course of the world was planned, there were those who was there giving direction. They had foreseen the situation and what could – would happen if they had not seceded and put together a direction for the future world. We would not be in the situation of Pirates in Somali or the recent situation in Bombay – Mumbai or the situation in Asia and elsewhere. We would have been in the middle of a Nuclear Holocaust and mankind completely destroyed. That would have been the result and situation then.

Having said that, only this week in London the conference of those ex world Head of state and other so called great thinkers to discuss peace and harmony. Such gathering and individuals cannot and will never be in the position to foster such great changes the world and humanity requires to survive. These individuals they have the capacity to think , deliberate. Their Solution is not new and very corrupted and untrustworthy. Yet the media of the world give them all their support and publicity. Had somebody come along unknown with an idea and concept that would radically change the world they – the media would be the first to shout kill him and away with him as they have done in the past. Including those gathering of the ex heads of states and world leaders in London. They have become entrapped with their own thinking, belief and judgments.

We have also mentioned two other events – the fire that gutted the SDA General Conference in Stanborough Park, those and the many form the SDA communities in Europe, America, Canada, Australia, South African who know what we are talking about – the state of spiritualness of the church goers and believers had been going down a very terrible slope. Linked to the very corrupted, global corporate Western capitalist practice which affected moral, religious values, education , family life and very many other terrible related social issues. The SDA who had been pro active 250 years ago against such issues they have been taken or overtaken by the very big social, political and corporate corrupted Tsunami. What the SDA stood for 50 – 100 years ago. This event marking, signaling that something is fundamentally very wrong somewhere.

This week we have come across a number of unique not elderly but aging individuals, not rich who with their eyes have been asking and questioning the state of things, where are we going so to say – the very great gravity of the world situation. Yet the inability of the Leading political establishment, the very many leading world institutions – who have hijacked many of those agendas and replaced them with their own very corrupted ones, for greed and big money. The world and society is at their mercy. They dare point fingers , in the time gone by of the Kings and Emperors these individuals would have been mobbed, they would have had to answer to the crowd and the mobs – today all the legislations, laws in place and those very corrupted individuals who know how to use the legislation, resource to their corrupted advantages and they point fingers to others.

Next week it is schedule that there will be one of the biggest world gathering of media and those involve in Athene to discuss, debate the role of the media in the world, today and its impact and very many other issues. What cannot be deny, the very terrible state of the world – the media is responsible, the vast practice, those who go about selling their respective products and views. The Soddy madness which have engulfed the world. Instead of enlightening the world. There are very few capable to stand them and think clearly.

Equally as we had a situation in 1988 with the IMF or UN or World,Bank their inability to foresee what could happen – they had not foreseen the changes in COMECON, USSR, EU and African Union. Yet the media circus, and the dishonest charade. The way they gather their information and formulate their respective institution policies. What must not be forgotten the vast resource of those world institutions, the vast amount of information, ideas, recommendations and innovative concept that get presented to them and where they all or mostly land where, in the dustbin , the store room or some basements. And those who have been elected follow their very wrong and corrupted recommendation, the wastage of resource, money, human lives and time. This is not about to change if anything it will get worse.

Having said that – the terrible state of the video, film and entertainment industry – the world and those who may or would have been wishing to do something numbed by the ruthless, marketing and role of money in those industry. the state of the human 20 – 10 years ago, those who reminded us of the 1, 2nd and other real wars they had seen and taken part in. Those they termed and praise a super Stars, the media corrupted practice, be they TV or paper. In time gone by children were ask to respect nums, priest – today our children and youth are being forced to respect and praise “the Stars” the very scummey way they made their wealth and go to the top of the heap.

This week end also saw the death of the oldest person in the world – what this mean, the complex phenomena associated with it – leave aside the media circus. The same phenomena 20 years ago and that of 10 years ago.

We had long wanted to write an article on the Somalia situation, refrained for fear those who would say we sympathize with killers etc and the various Terrorism legislation in place. Those people they played a crucial in our Seychelles, OAU, Indian ocean political process – the changes which came about be it in Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion, Comor, Sir Lanka, Maldive. Those with the ability to cash and make positive gain. Yet we have a situation – the solution and approach of the UN, the USDA, EU and the international community towards the Somali people. Given the issues we have addressed and presented over the past 15 years - we would have wanted to make a positive contribution to Somalia. We contributed that the Headquarter of the African Union be placed in Ethiopia this statement is to be taken seriously, the process and mechanism and the very important impact on that nation and people – because we understand some of the very complex mechanics. For instance had one of African Union leading Court be housed in Somali the important impact there would have bee n. Not forgetting our role to build the duplicate of St Peter Basilica in Africa.

Many had hope that like the Channel Tunnel had this project been given greater support by the world – the fact that it will have to run through Somalia on its journey South.

The Somali people need to be pulled, catapulted, or bulldozed back into the political process of the region – not ignored and neglected or every bloody mad lunatic come along and formulate their policies. They are surrounded by nations who have achieved, nations who are developing at important pace and they are being left behind - Those in the world be it EU, USA which for their own corrupted reason need to sell their arms, needed to make big military contracts, need to to make their dirty politic on the back of people to prove their importance and power, superiority. Today we have a people and nation going and experiencing human situation far worse and as bad ad the German/Nazi of the second world war. They are humans as we all are , not that/is a Jew and the other Black. We throw the blame on those politicians of our Region. They have embraced American and EU legislation which cuts out the good work of NGO, the government controls everything and the NGO get to come in only or if allowed. The Terrorist political formula which have been developed around the nation of Somalia. Shame on those head of state and political leaders – mind you they did very little way back 20 – 10 years ago. It was the few individuals who got very positive action going and those , the UN and the media were their like wile animals to take credit and benefit for such individuals. Unless there is a very radical change in term of what solution to bring t that region and people - if we go along the same course as we have – then the world can expect far more terrible incidents.

We trust and hope somebody will point our thread to GRUBI. By the way is is not proper and gentleman to say what one seen “in the look and the eye of a woman or lady”. The mega challenge chancellor Angela Merkle have to face and confront. She forget why she was elected, they all go about taking example of Lady Tacther and they do not know who she was. The uniqueness about woman prime minister or president – they have the gift to being able to radically embrace a new idea or direction. Chancellor Merkle forget that she came of the East, the state then , the state the past 20 years and the call of leading East politicians.

Having said what we have about the Gorbachev incident and the decision for those who had wanted to putsch and what the putsch was all about. Because they had not not wanted Communist – they had wanted a USSR to maintain some of the Socialist mechanism. Today we are at this juncture. In spite of EU and many lager government and world bodies putting $Trillions in economy to get it revive – the greedy ruthless capitalist spiral cannot continue.

By the way even if we have promoted the concept of of Prof ;; .... he himself is not fully aware why, what inspired him to concept his e- coach on the model he did and the first critics that it was not like the usual management coaching concepts and systems. - we had supported this because of its uniqueness , there are very many leading institution in the word – this concept is a cross breed, we had expected and trust would influence the world importantly and those doing business. Just as Richard Branson in his early days had good intention then he became engulf with the corrupted and terrible practice and the uniqueness of his business concept started under lady Tachter have been swallowed and gobbled up by the terrible practice and state of things.

We have written a very great deal on India -, the impact of the issues , work and events of the region like Seychelles and the so call smaller nations. Those who have miss presented why and how India have come about to be such an important nation and economy, the terrible practice. The collapse of the financial system and economy. The philosophy of the Indian Nation – at the same time, the high percentage of poverty and those who have been building their empires on the back of the poor, again those in the West for their capitalist and greedy reason who have supported this thinking. The vast and important under current does not get reported, it get reported only when some thing terrible happens. Those living in Britain or France or Italy know what we are talking about. Living in Britain,. France Italy and is not a bed of rose every day – life is hell, the media make their money and profit on the back of it. In India the hell is on a bigger scale of the poor and the oppressed, those who are making their billions on their backs. The reckless speed and space of development cannot be sustained. There is a call for greater understanding for the vast percentage who have nothing. If this is not heeded as many leading French and German analyst have voiced their concern something terrible will inevitable happen.

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