SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Friday, 1 February 2013

There is an ancient saying " Show me your Faith and I/We will show you our God"

In the issues we addressed about that Phase lll Reclamation, the Dutch - Netherlands, its Royal Family - their Institutions, People and Politic, that of South Africa, Mauritius - we omitted some thing very important.

In London to underpin that SIROP program - those who use church language say or use the "Term Testify/Witness" - those 250,000 Jews who were allowed to migrate form former USSR, the Ethiopian Jews and the mega Holocaust compensation of some $8 billions to those who suffered and their Families. What we had written about Country Life from the USA and Canada, South America and Europe - the project/building they had taken over form the SDA conference 123 Regent Street, the mega complex, Church/Chapel, historic Gallery, post office, Restaurant, shops and Office suits - part and aspect of those resource we had been using for that SIROP program 1986/87 on the corner the Midland Bank - later the HSBC merger,  where the Horner Brothers opened the first Account for SNM in England and across Garrard Jewelry and the many meetings we had helt there/around there and those many Seychellois who know the area. From 123 Regent Street the yearly Christmas light of London is switched on. Not Far a Great Seychellois Friend and Friend of the Old Didon/Edmond Families others/etc., had requested that we be introduced to his Fraternal, archaic, Masonic Friends - we declined stating we had been taken - had commitments. .

Lady Tacther then and his government as events of the past 25 years in Sechelles Seychelles - they had limitations as to their public contributions and engagements. She decided to take the Lease from them - that was when the SDA Conference, with our contributions acquired the Jewish synagogue on Crawford Street and the Two other synagogue near by and several other church in the vicinity.

When we had fled London on our way to Bruxelles or Calais, then Seychelles High commission, then President F Mitterrand and all the others active - that Synagogue and church form Kent gave/provided us with important support.  To cut the story short - we had already lost the place in Kilburn where we did the SIROP program and that was when they had acquired that Synagogue/church,  when in 1997 we were force to return to London those involved, that Church and another its pastor Dr Delessier, in the large London Jewish community supported us until we found our feet. {We were in contact and also had very significant support form our Catholic, church of England part of the Community, Families and Friends too.}

Most important in that synagogue/Church there was a Dutch Pastor as the SDA address their spiritual leader Von Lenhausern, married and two young children teens, boy and girl,  all our relatives, friends and acquaintance knew of the issues the police in London, Seychelles, France the USA - Israel - every where. Including the European Police and the FBI given the issues of Waco too.

The Important part we left out in the Dutch Reclamation Phase lll issues is about Pastor Von Lenhausern.  Our important Jewish corporate workings in Holland, Seychelles, London, USA and Israel - elsewhere.

Having said that we got buzz this Winter, Christmas by the person of President FA Rene - the Seychellois, Mauritian, Reunionais and Cormor, Malagache have, indeed South African have a strange saying " you plat cassava and it turn out to be yam or sweet potato" just one example - we had been working that SIROP program form Red Hill and not far the Al Fayad Family Estate - those who know the issues for the past three years. There is a Seychellois Family which attend church in Redhill sharing - beside the very terrible situation in Mauritius - that Family found itself in the same mess very recently. We have some near 33 years of working International projects, programs  and the many financial segmentation related, involved - the important percentage Drug and criminal money is associated with some of the very big and important international projects and development programs.

What make matters worse and we did also address the issues - early Summer last year three of the those churches addressed the issue of Jonas and the big fish - in private Study we told the Class as they are known- we would have simply taken that big fish and cook/eat it. The/their look. The emphasis.

How many of you recall the state of the many churches in Seychelles until 1991 and the great work to renovate and rebuild and build new churches and ongoing.

As in USA, Germany, Russia, France, Italy and Britain - those who practice very serious interdisciplinary High Management discipline they are impacted and influence by that country spiritual faith, belief and Church issues.  As such then Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman own approach to faith, as then Head of Vienna Uni High Management Faculty and Head of Interdisciplinary Management Institute Vienna.  We have addressed  when ask/challenge the contrast between the original IMI discipline and practice and our IOIMF version. Given that in Seychelles we do not have the arrays of Interdisciplinary bodies as they have in say Germany Switzerland and Austria, the Church, belief and faith aspect and the fact that we have made hybrid in the form of IOIMF. The working of Interdisciplinary Science is modern to scientist but the norm among the Catholic  and ought to be reformed old Church.

We addressed the creation of Equator Institute near Two years ago and the issues we addressed - the person of President JA Michel who refuse to listen- he think anybody can become a Priest if the Party say so. They can but what kind of a Priest need to be ask.  Events at SIM, the impact of many African Union Institutions interference is not helping/not helped. For this reason in spite of many attempts to buy a house, rent a place or find share office - those like President F Mitterrand, Chirac, Blair, the German, Italian, those like President Clinton and Bush, leading personalities and Royal families and Fraternal, Illuminati institutions in Europe and USA,  who hold the view IOIMF ought not to have an Office or place in Seychelles because of the mega corruption and abuse in its many workings and what will ensue.  Among some of the purpose of bodies like IOIMF is to provide the Executives, Scientist and Board with the due discipline and high management capabilities to work some of the greater and more complex national and international working of their nation, governments and many institutions. This include national Security, Police, Army, Environment and Ecology to mention a few. Those from the older citizens of Seychelles, politicians who understood, had better grasp of these issues in comparison to the current generation, their associates and colleagues.

Beside the offer from Dr Stevenson Delhomme back in 1997/2000 to purchase her old Clinic and turn this into an Office for IOIMF next door Dentist -Professor Souyave Dental clinic. We have been looking at Anse aux Pins, the Reef Estate as preference given the pollution and mega human abuse, the very corrupted working. We had even considered taking it to the Mountains even San Souci or elsewhere. Have a building for multi purpose, Training, Small conference, retreat etc.

Given events in Europe - we Seychellois are not in  the business of telling lies to our Fathers, mothers and close blood. Let alone associate - the way our person and that IOIMF has and being treated in Europe we threaten long before the Actor Gerrard Depardieu went into Russian exile ask/seek exile in Russia.

The point being a great deal of that core working of the COMECON, USSR changes and many issues of Europe and EU is linked and impacted by that IMI - IOIMF workings.

In Seychelles, Mauritius, percentage of Reunion, Madagascar, Comor and East Africa.

President FA Rene contributed importantly to the building of that St Don Bosco church at Point Larue - most important the battle to rebuild a proper church to replace that Anse aux Pins Catholic church - what it took instead of some church to build a Church worthy of the place and history and Families and their Faith - belief. 

This building, church is schedule to be consecrated in March this year.  We want to simply state to all those who are strong believers - without that IMI - IOIMF, that church, the point Larue church and most of the renovation of our churches and such building including the Bahia would never have taken place and the Orthodox church.

In the greater working of things - there is the requirement  and long overdue to have some form pr representation - a place were bits and pieces of that IMI - IOIMF can he contacted, those who so desire come into contact and take contact.

Equally important the past three major economic meltdown in Seychelles and the Region is attributed to this Body working - what we have addressed.

Given the appointment of the new Eurozone Group Head, the future Netherlands King and its Royal Family, those calling for action with that Anse Boileau bay Reclamation  and that Light Railway Project - with out the engagement of the above these project will mothball  and many other issues in Seychelles. It impute in the higher Education and the University conversion of Seychelles University and ongoing.

We have addressed the issues of the Anse de Jenuer Center of High Performance, those wishuing to build that Light Railway project. It cannot compare its workings and ethics with IMI - IOIMF. We were the cause that they/it came to Seychelles and opened its doors. Those who know such workings in Europe and greater world.

We have taken to discussing this topic with Mr Oliver the current Head of Ernst and Young and Mrs Michelle Gabriel, including traveling with her to Seychelles and find a solution. Instead we have this national and regional environment and Ecological situation.

We have spent many hours listening to President JA Michel speech to the International community and regional Nations the last only yesterday evening - again his decision for SIM and Equator Institute and that Center of High Performance at Anse de Jeuner. Mr Marc Hoareau paper carried an article about Davos. His own working and current contributions in the Seychelles economy and society. 

It is not right anywhere in the world that such a body as IMI - IOIMF has contributed and help and will have to help and contribute in the near future and political personalities like President FA Rene, President JA Michel - the attitude of the Executive of SPPF/PL, including some of the Opposition just  because they all want control and cannot achieve this - the greater world working is not about control at all cost. There is the need to mention another personality very much embroiled in the person of Sir James Mancham,  had IMI - IOIMF not existed, his own political, personal, close friends, associate fate and the people he love so much - including his life today would have been very different. In case he decided and those around to play the deaf - his own knowledge and experience and expertise - those extra large boulder on the Road to Glacis and the many events, and church issues there the past five years, yet he and his international associates choose to discredit and make it equally near impossible for us to return and work in Seychelles - the Rev Moon was very well informed and so too his current Associates.

From 1979 with the help and workings of Dr Dr Professor Micheal Hoffman, Vienna High Management Faculty and his IMI - the charter of IOIMF very important contributions to Mauritius, economic, political and national development - those like Mr Jean Marc Harel and Dr N Ramgoolam former Economic Guru - Mr Rivalland who was well aware.

Mauritius and Seychelles have signed a Historic Protocol to develop jointly their respective Regional Marine Resource - beside national and greater regional economic workings. These issues would never have got this far had it not been for the involvement of IMI - IOIMF.

Finally, President Obama is a former Graduate of Havard University - the very University then Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman taught/lectured at and his discussion in private in comparison to other USA High Academic institutions and that of Europe his views and reflections and impact  on his workings, life and high Management science development. We have addressed the issue of Seychelles Families with Vineyards in France, events in Angers and Mr Gerrard Depardieu. In developing such scientific concepts and resource of the existence of mankind and humanity functioning - the workings is very similar to grapevine and fruit trees. Cross pollination, cutting, grafting etc. 

We have one request - our Father left work as a senior Electrical engineer. He complain we write far too complicated and complex English and he just cannot understand - what we try to say. We ask those of you from the SPPF/PL, the very many friends and associates, somebody please make a copy of this article and sit down and discuss, argue it out  with him in the company, of the children, the dogs, friends, the birds and the government Staff - one of our preferred person Mr Gabriel Hoareau over a cup of Tea and his excellent home made  Bread.  He has a famous saying it Term of Biblical Wall,  Society workings and the such. That rain which come from Heaven took down many walls - we believe and have ultimate Faith in the Powers of Heaven. As a child/boy we played with all the cousins at Grand Bassin the Albert and D'Offay Family Property and our own Family property each time we could played in the river and we swan and got properly soaked. Heaven had its reason why we did not become a Priest as all those who would have wished, prayed and encouraged us - instead became an Interdisciplinary Management Executive.

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