SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 9 February 2013

EU budget cut close to agreement

EU budget cut close to agreement. Probably

We have been following the call for the conservative and the Coalition government argument about the EU Budget, the first  Summit some two weeks ago and the outcome then, the prognosis from the many high parties, France, Germany Britain, Holland and the Italian in the eventuality of a stalemate and in instance commented - addressed thread under the EU ought to listen to our complain - issues.

We have been equally monitoring the issues of a Referendum for the British people in 2014/15 the many arguments - what the media is writing.

Around the Office of PM Cameron there are those who work and monitor very closely our workings and impacts. Those who have learn to use it to their advantage then pretend do as if it never existed. 

How many have noted the date we started that website - middle of October - for a long time had refused to say anything via such working  - after the mega global ripoff - from  top to bottom and vis versa regarding this Program. The mass of ongoing issues which very many were manipulating, creaming off, hijacking and using it as their property and responsibility on a scale 1000 bigger than the government of Prsident JA Michel and his political party.

A few days after the logging in and verifying the bits and pieces - the important impacts on London Market issues, the EU and USA given that Vista Print and other bits and pieces is in the USA.

It is the ultimate responsibility of anybody putting together such project to monitor their impact, usefulness, the long list of advantage and disadvantage, the financial and political or social issues - with the modest resources and means we do this. Safe one things we are not given to being loud mouth and shouting everything a because we judge the world can do with out such excess - beside the manner and mechanism we sue to manage, input such issues in this project demand certain restraints - the greater public do not have to be told, made aware what make what work and why - these are high management issues and their complexities.

Since October beside Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, France, Britain, Germany Holland, Italy, Austria, Spain, the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, China, Russia. This very serious and grave allegation or statement to make in Public,  the question how come. It is the ability to rebuild the dynamic, the synergy that drove the changes in then COMECON, the USSR, Latin America, the Indian Ocean, Asia, EU - those around who know of the issues and make their input at whatever level and percentage, process. Having said this our fear - just as in the 1987/88 when we were laying the foundations - what the corrupted media and so call world leaders wrote and today in spite of the mass of social media and communication revolution those who are hell bent on total control and manipulation and their lies. We have taken to addressing issues we would have never addressed in 1987/88.

This thread is about the EU Budget and PM Cameron media coverage saying it is a British victory. We wish to ask PM Cameron, that French Treaty he signed with France and President Sarkozy - what drove it and the persuasion of French to Join NATO command what were the issues driving them it. What we have stated above that there are those in Britain who know very well the workings of that SIROP program and its associated website and how they manipulate them and to what objective - at the core of its working our ancestral archaic, fraternal, Illuminati, christian, Templar heritage, heraldic - it has its very unique signature and dynamic those who know and as such those form then above institutions individually who are trained to world and manage such issues  and their accountability  - yet. Does that mean and signify that our people do not know how to manage these workings on certain - that was the challenge and original problem under the Lady Thacher government and what we did and had to fight to change this situation.

In our mind some two weeks ago when those in EU parliament, the Commission and Council were making their statement if they failed to agree a Budget or find some workings agreements particularly with Britain.

Our view and thought then - those great academicians, politicians and people representative - their utter dishonest attitude. Why we had landed in the mess we have  a great extent not the explanation give by the media and Bruxelles and the Commission.

To prove certain point - we have deliberately introduce certain managed issues and their impacts on greater EU politic - the finance and the ECB and the many financial institutions of Europe - there are a number of high parties in the US well aware of those issues and their concern. The divergence of views. Those who ask by what manner or workings are we allowed to do this.

For instance the beginning of January we began  to ask/take to a few individuals about the issues of EU finance those form Occupy  and we gave certain hints. Including the appointment of the new Eurozone Head.  The measure of positiveness which have found its way in the system. We are very aware of the major battle the unemployment, the mega social issues - yet. Some may say it is a situation of to little to late.

The fact is that had we not made the progress we have with that site and the issues we have worked the positive impacts which drove, synergies the Bruxelles, EU Budget discussion and the parties involved. Chancellor Merkle is very aware of these workings both positive and negative - in the first instance how she came to Power, what drove her to power and yet what the media write and those so call experts. What we have been writing on the Facebook of King Juan Carlos of Spain - given the seriousness of the economy, Friends of Europe Ning Blog and other Space - underlining the importance of that SIROP program on many complex and important EU political, monetary, diplomatic and policy issues and the need to reactivate what aspects is deemed necessary those who just replied poker face and blank faces after they had been involved in mega corruption and abuse this Project/program.

Beside those young politicians now leading Europe - there are very many of the old Team - equip of the 1986/87 era and they have acquired some 21 years of knowledge working with those/our issues to know when things are working positive and negative. For instance those who had been requesting that we make the effort late Summer to come to Bruxelles and hold discussion for that SIROP program by the respective officials and the AU in Bruxelles. We have stated bluntly that there is a very distinct difference between Seychelles government workings and its diplomatic representation and those representing those /then interest of the 21,000 Seychellois exile/refugees around the world.

In Summer 2012 - we did not have that website and the rebuilding of the workings, dynamics and networks - we had been lobbying the Opposition in Seychelles to support the registration, requirements to set up SIROP and register it properly in Seychelles. To date the modest progress we have made and events in Seychelles and the region obviously  is not enough other wise the Opposition, the government and many other in Seychelles would have reacted differently.

At the same time we have a big fight  - the corruption which  destroyed that program in the 1986/87 has gotten worse and the global situation with corruption has gotten worse. Meaning in spite of the mega backlash, collateral spillover and its has been very terrible the great majority choose to forget, pretend it never existed - the the example of the foot an Mouth epidemic some 10 millions cattle were destroyed and the government, scientist version of this epidemic and what do we have horse meet finding itself in the food chain and those their explanation. They overlook and refuse to look at the core dynamic/synergies driving such issues and the reasons.

We need to address a situation in France - President Francois Hollande government and style of workings is not that of President Francois Mitterrand  and his government and then France institutions, the media and  their archaic, fraternal, masonic and Illuminati workings. It took president Mitterrand many years to relearn find our experiment and at great cost some of the issues we addressed him and we co managed. President Francois Holland Team is relying on what others may term on "the Hoof and Fly or vise versa" to benefit and work those issues - the result and outcome is very serious and grave. In Higher/greater management workings of such issues there is the need for focus, those working with such issues need to be be reasonable aware of the disciplines, the dynamic and greater management issues. Hence the role of French Media - the worse any serious EU government can find itself when events and development is fast moving and those who are not really focus and not fully awarer of all the aspects.

Given the Historic dimension of that EU Budget agreement - our somewhat poor account of events. Yet the importance and significance. Those who refuse to help us - safe to abuse our workings and then set the dogs loose o n us.

For instance two interesting development in the corporate world Virgin/Richard Branson decision to sell his media  and Google boss decision to sell $2.5 billion worth of his share - there are very several other since we have put that sirop/ site together. Yet again given the discipline and management mechanism we cannot we are not supposed to make all of if any at all of the information public.

Just as the media in Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar the current media in France is terrible those Boss who manage those TV chain their objective and the mega con - the positive advantage in France is the European laws rights of the mass to criticize and let the politicians and  establishment know their views as against Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar. Those using and abusing that infernal satanic rage/rave, crack vibe in their media deployment and services - the utter madness and lunacy. The criminality, those who attribute to other workings and explanations.

How many recall the killing of Marjori Baker as News moderator in Seychelles. Across the world there have been several of such killing given the manner and practice of News moderator and News reader.  Those who support and oppose certain practice, methodology. In Seychelles the government, the PL control of the media and the mega abuse, lies and coverup, sleaze. Yet their boast of their high standard and best practice.

We have addressed the issues of International or UN involvement in appraising the working of that SIROP program and the reason - they have done nothing - to cover up the corrupted workings.

Just to show an example - in Seychelles New today, that children play corner in Victoria - the Seychellois children of today react and play very different to our times - we have many young relatives in Seychelles, have talked and addressed and watched them play -  their are children yet in today world working those children can tackle and work issue just as any adults would and hence their ability to understand and come to term that Play ground which have been open and the nature of facilities and the relation with SIROP program and the website we have started and what and how it is impacting this  - we say this is just an example we can make a very extensive list. The  position of those High parties and officials of the EU and its media. 

Yet the media coverage and statements. over the past 23 years the very many important small and big issues we have taken to driving, synergies and help wok, the government , the media coverage and the Opposition and people reaction - position .

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