SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 15 June 2013

A look at events between Mauritius and Sechelles Seychelles the National Day 2012 – 2013

In the first place given that we have the mega debacle about Madagascar presidential election – why the coup d’état took place in the first place to remove President Marc Ravalonana highly/utterly corrupted government, events the SADC  involvement and Africa Union – the current official visit of African Union Chari Person at our National Day Celebration – the utter and major lies about Seychelles economic recovery and economic workings.  Particularly publish in that book. 

Then African Union Chair Person Jean Ping, those in and at African Union workings/Institutions who think this was very normal until everything blew up instead of acting upon the many protests and the red lights.  To come after the events – with all of its resources and shout, demand draconian sanctions and punishments is completely wrong – the same goes for Sechelles Seychelles ongoing situation. 

It was the kind of aggravating statements and propaganda that President Marc  Ravalonana government was writing and propagating that led to that coup d’état in Madagascar everybody including the army got utterly fed up – with the lies and cinema. Beside what the populace and everyday citizens of Madagascar was going through.  { In spite we have President JA Michel upon the visit of the Madagascar delegation adopting his Godly attitude and positions instead of being humble and trying to remember the 15 years of Terrible Seychelles one Party State  History and events.  In any event he was using the Seychelles exile/refugees 21,000 ancestral workings as against Seychelles proper  - we do not intend to be racist – there is a  very marked difference and those from the four Templar and Vatican workings know very well the marked difference , to become involved, engaged and the very grave mistakes of the international community, the international media mega super con. }

There is the important need to bring President JA Michel to earth and his Government by reminding them the events that compelled and cause them to invite Mauritius and Dr Ramgoolam on this historic yearly event.  President JA Michel has a very bad practise – workings on the “Hooves and on the fly so to say” then pretend those events never existed – a nation, people cannot build its future on such system, values and workings it has to have more fundament al and solid working systems. 

We ask those familiar with researching for the African Union Institutions to refer to the very modest opposition media, blogs and forums as against Seychelles government SBC and other State propaganda Machines, the past issues and information are available online – they have not been deleted.  Yet nobody wants to know. 

We have been stressing, underlining that Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion do not work in the manner of other many nation of the region where they revert to brutal force, military means and assassination and wonton destruction ton achieve a solution /objectives and African Union need to learn , study in-depth and appreciate such workings  it may even integrate it in is core mechanism – benchmark. 

It is also a shame that the opposition media have not been able to analyse the development and historic accord between those two historic people of the Indian Ocean  of East Africa.

A great deal of Seychelles economic  and social, financial dynamic it acquired and developed during 2012 and during 2013 was/were acquired from that mega historic protocol – yet what has the Seychelles Nation or the People and SBC written – President JA Michel , his SPPF/PL government and supporters did and build everything.   Nobody form the international community or media dares to intervene and wrote or explain otherwise.  

We live and work in a world of great inter connectivity and interlinking, dynamic and discipline, synergy.  It was such corrupted workings that led those with the capacity to bring the world, the politicians and big bankers to account in 2008 and the global melt down which ensued – those who work and manages such issues for the past 2000 years.  The fact that Seychelles government of President JA Michel has been highly privileged to become involved and allowed to develop its working connectivity as against of being brought to account as a great deal of Opposition have been asking for their terrible workings and events, and state of the nation between 1977 to 1993. 

We need to inform the regional communities, the International communities and African Union that when such mechanism is applied and the abuse continues as is persisting in Seychelles – sooner or later those managing that mechanism and discipline will be force and compel to apply it and the ensuing consequences -we have listen and read the many over and undertone form the African Union.  They too need to remember and learn – the past 50 years has not been exactly glory for OAU and Africa – instead of allowing Africa OAU to sing in a quagmire – those same parties came forward and picked the then OAU and brought it to them level of the European Union workings. 

The great Europe,  the USA, Russia, Latin America and China have not been spared in the past – why would/should a small nation like Seychelles be spared. 

There are many complex  internal workings which do not permit/allow to write about the more highly complex issues which took place between 2012 and 2013 when Seychelles and Mauritius signed this Historic protocol.  It is not the responsibility of France, Britain, the USA, India, the gulf Nations and African Union to see/demand that a due accountability is undertaken – it is the high responsibility of the nation , people and institutions of Seychelles. 

On the near eve of the National Day 2013, with all the historicness applied, associated and linked to the 2013 Coup d’état, the National Day and Independence Day and the person of the Chari of African Union and the important delegation ins Seychelles – the moment and time for everybody to take the time and opportunity to think very hard.  The real issues which compelled Seychelles One party System to change – what it really took , the cost and the blood involved and yet how the SPPF/PL propaganda and its supporters twist and present  them to suit their politic and diplomacy.  It is not right nor proper that all the visiting heads of states have to be invited to have their heads and mind filled with lies and fairy tales.  For this I would personally watch the Hobbits. 

It is a crime against the people, its citizens, the youth, the elderly who cannot defend themselves and the handicap top have to be terrorize, bombarded and their lives and mind program by such ruthless political machine and its associated corporate interests. It is no better than using Chemical weapon or the such when you destroy and imprison a nation and people , youth and elderly mind. 

It constitute a much bigger Crime to use the International Taxpayers hard and badly needed money to prop and support such politicians, individuals and government and political machine.  As many Seychellois exile, migrants have pointed out the so call economic recovery and positive workings of Seychelles is not money earned from the Industry and economy - it is /has come about form economic props, supports and donations, grants - Compared to Mauritius. 

Our Seychelles exile/refugee community have important responsibility – yet the government machine, the African Union machine how they Treat them and continue to threat them.  In most of the government communication after they and the African Union have used and abused their workings – not a word of reference and their existence is mentioned or signalled. 

Europe is going through a serious crises and this crises have come about because of the mega abuse by the Institutions, the politicians .  From our prospective we have reengage our efforts and contribution even if we have not achieve anything by the mega protest and helping to cause and bring about the global melt down.
The question to ask on this historic coming National Day 2013 with a very great deal more than we have care to mention here and we ask how much can any opposition give before it is compel  to react otherwise. 

 We are not just any entity – we had the capacity to help change the COMECON and the USSR importantly, the impact on world events, Gulf Region , Asia, Africa  and Latin America. That was not Seychelles government doing/workings.  Most important upon this historic visit for African Union delegation on Seychelles National Day – it was not Seychelles government who made it possible  for OAU to become and embrace African Union  - it was our greater exile/refugee workings and Diaspora. Yet in front  of all those Official how  President  JA Michel is presenting and what image he is painting about his government and party role to contribute and get OAU to become African Union. 

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