SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 1 July 2013

Historic State visit of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa 29/6/13

Historic State visit of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa  29/6/13

We have had a bad bout of hay-fever something we have not had for several years - it make concentrating, working on complex and heavy issues difficult in spite taking six anti hay fever/cold/flue tablets for several days.

We had been focusing on the situation in Mauritius the past six months, beside the national social, political and corporate issues - important the need, requirement to follow closely any movements in the mega Protocol and accord signed by the two nation and people last July National Day celebrations 17 - 20/6/12.  Our person is embroiled in some of the debacles as well as our greater exile, community workings and from the Interdisciplinary High management prospective.  Related events in France and Britain associated - those affected and involved small and important.  Possibly this has been the reason for the bout of hay-fever.  To emphasis this importance from several prospective - we have set up that SIROP website and that Senate website since.

We have also had to cover the historic visit to Sechelles Seychelles of African Union Chair person and the associated issues of OAU 50 Anniversary. Communication among creatures is very important and how nations defers in communication practice and knowledge and how the Seychellois go about this - be they out of Seychelles or in that country. The fact from Seychelles Nation, Today Seychelles, Le Seychellois and Weekly beside the many forums and Facebook pages very little qualitative coverage/writing.  The many upside down comments just do not make things easier.

It had been announced that Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa   also historic State visit 29/6/13 to take place - Sir Lanka is not just any country in the Indian Ocean Region, the requirement  to be very open minded and prepared to look/take in the many complex associated issues over the past 21 or more years and President J A Michel State Visit last year - developments.

The politic and relation between Sechelles Seychelles and Sir Lanka under President FA Rene and current President JA Michel is very different. We would like to cover some of the aspects.

The Seychelles Sir Lanka relation goes back a very long time - stories we were have been told of the Second world War and the Sir Lankan Soldier community stationed there.  Those Families that took to staying there afterwards or rather came. Beside the excellent Tea and Cable and Wireless connections.
From the prospective of our Seychelles exile/refugees - we first came across their important then world debacle in 1977 - the War between the Tamil Tigers, call for two separate nations and division/partition of that country. There is a great deal written about Sri Lanka - we will link Wikipedia at the bottom, it is not super accurate but helps.

Given that/ what we have addressed about events in East Africa, the 1950/60's, the proposed Hong Kong of East Africa - Zanzibar, the Revolution and Communist/Socialist taking power events and important impacts on Sechelles Seychelles.  The Political situation in Sri Lanka which would have been on the mid of the British Colonial Administration of Zanzibar and Seychelles - the many strong comments by some of them Westminster never knew really what was going in the Colonies and how they made and formulated policies and took decisions.

How ever for Individual like the Mr James R Mancham, FA  Rene and Mrs Hilda Stevenson Delhomme, events and development in that country would not have gone unnoticed and the kind of government/system the were preparing to set in place as  we approached, debated about our independence and Constitution.  The politicians of the region took to monitoring, taking example where they were positive for their own action  and situation.  In 1977 events in Seychelles, the coup d'etat the Communist take over, the Cold War situation the None Aligned Movement - those Seychellois who had to flee their country to Britain, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Canada and the USA.  Our person belonged to the European continental aspect as against Britain.

Loosing everything, a very unfriendly - in many instance insulting British position  towards the Seychelles exile/refugee did not improve the situation  - typical of British workings and strange arrogance, they had failed to take due note, advice of their own civil Servants and local experts they had created a situation where those they had ruled and administered were left at the mercy of ruthless politicians, military opportunists and Communist onslaught - takeover. Within/under those sets of circumstance a large number of Seychellois exile, including former Cabinet Minsters found themselves in Britain/London.
Over the years took the pain to address the many aspects of the Seychelles community in Britain.  The migrants - Students, the economic Migrants organised in the 50/60's by the Colonial Service. The Service - Army recruit, the East Africa Seychelles community who had to flee East Africa after Independence and the new exile Refugee community of 1977. The experience and understanding of the many complex and important aspect of British Colonial and UK politic, government, institutions, media, police, work etc.  Hence as against all those who called for setting Military Unit to topple Seychelles government - we advocated that we need to set up long Term Grass development, structures and lobby as other many other Communities in Britain.

The strange things is that, for the 15 years we lived in  exile until 1991 none of those former Ministers care to address and explain in public why they took the decision they had to take - question would have been ask of them about Zanzibar and Sri Lanka.

For the prospective of Grass Root, Ethnic Minority and Community workings we found ourselves having to develop and build strong workings contacts and sharing common resources as those Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) activists and those who had fled in the 1983 riots some 150,000 Tamil Civilian had fled the country/Sri Lanka - those in Britain, beside the death. (It must be remembered we had the Vietnam Boat people situation/issues going on and they to in London will also add a wikipedia link)
Here beside the Asian from East Africa and Zanzibar in particular, Latin Americans, Africans from Ethiopia and Somalia, Eritreans, some Iraqi, Bangladesh exile/refugees -  three distinctive community - we tried to explain to many in London of our French Connection with the Vietnam and the Vietnam community in London we had to share the resource, grass root building, Training etc. ( The Seychelles exile had attempted at least 3/4 counter coup against then President FA Rene government) Some of the common arguments and advocacy which develop  for international, national and Home Office and UN arguments.  ( Wikipedia do not do justice what really took place in London about the Vietnam/Boat people, the Tamil, the Zanzibar and our Seychelles exile community - Hence give that cold and brutal facts of the way the International community had handled their situation and our situation and our fate - proposed to Mrs Margaret Thatcher and his government, the British media and the Masonic Establishment that an International Project ought to be put in place - where by  one of the islands of BIOT - Diego Garcia, could be taken and the minimum infrastructure put into place and those who wish to go and live their form the Vietnam, Sri Lanka - Tamils, Seychellois, the Chagossian and other African exile, the dynamic international and regional this/it would create - its management and impact on regional and world affairs - then Cold War and Communist issues.  Then None Aligned Movement - We raised this possibility with a few of their executives when the occasion permitted and Voluntary Sector - today the world and the Indian Ocean would have been very different) The USA, the White House and Intelligence Service got to know and hear about this project/concept, including the French and the Italian and the South Africans and East African Community

As a result of the many very dynamic regional and in turn impacting international issues an our exile/refugee workings - how this impacted and influenced those who had to make the choice for an engagement Ring for then Princess Diana - why they choose a Stone from Sri Lanka - in term of historic, archaic, illuminati and Templar such workings then, the present and future.

We took to monitoring events in the Region affecting and impacting all aspects - those who knew and was/were aware of what we were doing. We developed a very strong and important workings connections - as such, the ideas, experience acquired affected, helped us to put that SIROP program the way we did. Meaning, the many impacting and influencing mechanism, dynamics, linkages an d those form Mrs Thatcher government and the British Masonic entities - accused us we have developed Weapon of Mass Destruction. Just because they did not and could not understand the concept we had put together. Quote Wikipedia - In 1987, the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord was signed and Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) was deployed in northern Sri Lanka to stabilise the region by neutralising the LTTE.[120] The same year, the JVP launched its second insurrection in Southern Sri Lanka,[121] necessitating redeployment of the IPKF in 1990. ( It was not and had not been Sri Lanka which had influenced and impacted those development it had been that SIROP program and the nature of its deployment - we state it there exist mechanism and discipline to prove and disprove this. Those from the Tamil Community in Exile, be they USA, France, German and Britain very aware. Until events in Seychelles 1991, the announcement of Multi  party return and those who dare state the Commonwealth freed Seychelles form Communist and One Party State system.) This is some of the most important reason our person would not be allowed to return to Seychelles with the other exiles. This  is part of the Network we have addressed and written so much about linked to/with that SIROP program .  How the vast majority of those involved could not understand what took place we did, the discrediting, the hijack and take over of that program and those involved - it has been repeated and recorded time and time across history - we also knew this before writing and putting that program together.  ( By the way two important incidents, - that Sri Lankan person who advised our person in then BRC Library Vauxhall  - today the Head office of MI 5 about giving one life for one people and country and in the end you are left broken, alone and nobody appreciate - that was 1982/3, the incident of a former Sri Lanka Seychellois a Family we had been friend and close to his family,  he had serve in the British special force - how those politicians in Seychelles had ordered that person to have us killed/executed)

We have addressed about the setting up of the COI and IOR Secretariat in Mauritius, the crash of the global economy and that SIROP program then President FA Rene and the Exile who had return.  Events in Europe and Sri Lanka.

In 1998, we decided to contact a Group of Leading Sri Lankan then based in Harley Street and registered two companies with them - what we had discussed, then development in Seychelles, then Indian Ocean , the President FA Rene. SIMCA Mondo Trading and FB Mondo.

Those Sri Lankans who used those connection to gear up and build many important business entities, the project for a very large  Tourist development and a quasi Cyber City in Sri Lanka.  We have addressed the issues in the past.  Our efforts to get Lehman Brothers to come to Seychelles and the Heinz, the Seychelles Stock Exchange then.  The Seychelles Tanker Fleet concept and Reclamation project then.  Gulf Region issues. India and Pakistan, Bangladesh. The links and rapport with then Seychelles government it would be on record.

There is a very great deal about that Tsunami and Earth quake of 2004/5 we have not addressed.  We knew of those in Sri Lanka abusing of our Seychelles exile/refugee workings, manipulating then, then EU then USA and Regional issues - because we were not in government how they treated our exile/refugee issues.  We explained in spite of Sri Lanka very old culture and belief as India< Pakistan and Bangladesh - those 21,000 Seychelles exiles have mechanism, dynamic , heritage which had been handed down to them and these same mechanism were driving the USA it was build upon them, Canada, Quebec - we the 21,000 had the sole rights to use them in exile.  We have addressed the UN, the EU, the International Court, then OAU, the Commonwealth, the USA.  Those British friends who  knew of our plight and desperation then Tony Blair government, the mega abuse - those who  had been working a plan to help get us out of Britain to go and live and work in Sri Lanka.

In 2004 we went to Seychelles upon the advice and much debate in London to help resolve the situation - the fact that that SIROP program had impacted the greater workings of the whole region  and we were being robbed, many aspects of that Program Hijacked, we explained of defensive mechanism in that program.  How upon our return to Britain that December we went to see several individuals and explain what had transpired - their view of our greater heraldic workings and accountability.  That Earth quake and Tsunami which devastated the Indian Ocean, the cost of India, the Many who perished in Sri Lanka.  We endeavored to explain time and time and everybody just played deaf. They invented their explanation reasons. They put into place the Anti Terrorist Legislation.

Using the same mechanism and dynamic we decided to work - engage with Sri Lanka, the details we will not make public.  Events form that Tsunami and Earth quake those who know and monitored the issues to date. Equally important events with the Tamil and Separatist Movements.

Had, those Sri Lankan in Harley Streets and London we had been in contact the war and the out come of that War could have been very different - what the media writes and what the politicians write.  Those mechanism have been driving issues and particularly President JA Michel visit to that country last year.  The protocols and accord.

We have been writing help us migrate to the continent with that SIROP program and greater working of our Seychelles community everybody would see a marked impact in the Indian and Regional workings.  Those who know and are manipulating us.  Had we migrated to Europe with those workings the relation of Seychelles and Sri Lanka would be very different today.

Most important the accord signed by the two Heads of state on 26/6/13 would/may never have been signed.
We have noted the important community of the Sri Lanka in Seychelles, the blood donation they made their role in running the economy - yet what Seychelles government of the SPPF/PL choose to treat and deal with our 21,000 exile/refuge issues as if we just do not exist. What the opposition have been fighting and writing about Seychellois being made second citizens in his own country.

With our head still affected with the hay-fever have tried to digest and analyse the meaning of that Protocol/ Including Sri Lanka wish to join the COI, our person did the original research in Vienna 1978/9 and events.  The logic that it too and at that original research took Sri Lanka into consideration.

We have addressed the issues of that SIROP program how it impacted the whole of the region including Sri lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh - yet the attitude and reaction of those high parties.

We have listened to the address of Sri Lanka President in the National assembly, the joint declaration, the mention of Sri Lanka being the oldest democracy in South Asia and formerly a British colony as Seychelles.  The aspiration to build and develop democratic workings ans share values and experience - because of the issues of those 21,000 exile we have been forced compel to write what we have here briefly.

Most important the setting up of Sri Lanka Bank in Seychelles shortly with a $ 10 millions credit line - the money owned/outstanding to our person was $15 millions and the money Seychelles got form the Tsunami compensation was $30 millions beside other  money.

There is a much bigger and important project the Spain Seychelles fishing industry and that Morocco Tunnel and the greater Europe and Africa project - we have pleaded and written to many st up a Branch of Santandar in Seychelles, the mega cack up in Spain  and Greece/Europe  - they do not instead a Branch of the Sri Lanka Bank.

From the exile/refugee prospective need to look back at evenvts and history  of the region and development the past 36 years.  The fact that those 21,000 exile/refugee are a very important player the the Seychelles and regional issues - we drove OAU to become African Union.  We have been driving the issues of COI. After the mega global meltdown in 1995 we drove the mechanism that help/contributed to set into place the IOR Regional workings.

Having worked the above issues and what we have address about the global meltdown.  The lies and cover up - very important to access the economic capabilities of Sri Lanka, Industrial, Educational and Scientific - most important how such working could be very positive for Seychelles future.  There is a a need to re-balance the politic of Seychelles its democratic workings - as and when President Nelson Mandela leaves us - events which  will take place in South Africa how they will impact Seychelles and other regional economic workings.

The question what would happen overnight if we did transfer the major workings of that SIROP to mainland Europe, our greater workings and the so call peace in Sri Lanka.  There would be a major change in Regional Gulf, Indian Ocean and Africa workings and Asia.

For this reason we began this article by explaining the historic visit of Dr  Navin Ramgoolam to Seychelles last years and the many accord between these two old friendly people nations. How we/those SIROP program have impacted important political, cultural, and economic workings in Mauritius and the joining of Sri Lanka to the COI  its secretariat in Mauritius.

Events in North Africa, countries which were more stable and economic prosperous than Seychelles, the so call North African Spring.  The politicians , the media, the army need to listen in Seychelles.

Sri Lanka

Black July

Riots in Sri Lanka

Vietnamese boat people

State visit of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa - 01.07.2013 
Seychelles, Sri Lanka sign three cooperation accords

Seychelles and the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka signed three cooperation agreements in the fields of education, defence and air services yesterday morning at State House.
President Michel warmly welcomes President Rajapaksa on his arrival at the Seychelles International Airport on Saturday
The ceremony was witnessed by President James Michel and Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa who is here on a historic three-day State visit at the invitation of the Seychelles head of state.

Mr Rajapaksa was warmly welcomed on arrival at the Seychelles International Airport last Saturday afternoon by President Michel, Vice-President Danny Faure, Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Herminie, chief justice Fredrick Egonda-Ntende, and the president of the Court of Appeal Francis MacGregor, ministers, chief of defence forces Brigadier Leopold Payet and other key dignitaries.

Representatives of the local Sri Lankan community were also present to welcome the Sri Lankan President who is accompanied by a high level delegation that includes the Minister for External Affairs, the Minister for Sports, the Minister for Public Relations and Public Affairs, and members of Parliament among other high level staff.

Speaking after the signings, Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Paul Adam said that “the Seychelles and Sri Lankan governments have both recognised the potential for greater cooperation between our two peoples, and it is with this in mind that we have been working tirelessly to create the necessary frameworks and opportunities for these mutually beneficial engagements to take place”.

Home Affairs and Transport Minister Joël Morgan signed an air service agreement paving the way for the establishment of air links between Seychelles and Sri Lanka.
Minister Morgan and Prof. Peiris signing the agreement on air services
President James Michel welcomed the decision, adding that the air links would boost trade and tourism between Sri Lanka and Seychelles.

“The new flights will surely open doorways for business, tourism, cooperation and trade exchanges between Seychelles and Sri Lanka. Seychelles can become a gateway to Africa and other parts of the world. The air links will be a catalyst to ensure increased cooperation between our two countries,” said President Michel.

The Minister for Education, Macsuzy Mondon, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills establishing the framework for close cooperation in areas of vocational training and youth development. The MoU also outlines an annual leadership programme for 25 Seychellois youth in Sri Lanka.

Minister Adam himself signed an MoU on cooperation between the Seychelles Ministry of Defence and the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence and Urban Development. This agreement allows for greater exchange of military delegations of all levels and exchanges in the areas of defence education and equipment and technical cooperation.

The Sri Lankan Minister for External Affairs, Professor G L Peiris, signed the agreements, on behalf of the Sri Lankan government.

During a press conference later at the Kempinski Resort, Baie Lazare, Minister Adam and Prof. Peiris talked of the strength of the relationship between the two countries and the efforts the two leaders are deploying to build on the partnership of mutual benefits.
The Seychelles (right) and Sri Lankan delegations during bilateral talks yesterday at State House
“This partnership is not only on paper but is practical with high level exchange visits every month,” said Minister Adam.

Mr Adam noted that the two countries are gateways to different parts of the world – Seychelles to Africa and Sri Lanka to Asia – and added that SriLankan Airlines will be flying to Seychelles possibly before the end of this year although everyone recognises that aviation is a complicated business.

There is also a possibility of code-sharing between the SriLankan Airlines and Air Seychelles.

In the financial sector, the Bank of Ceylon of Sri Lanka is to open a branch here and Prof. Peiris noted that this can become a reality by October.

He noted that Seychellois businesses in the tourism, investment and fisheries sectors – be they big or small – can bring their expertise to Sri Lanka and vice-versa. For his part, Minister Adam noted that 93% of long liners in Seychelles have been built in Sri Lanka.

The MoU with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills to establish the framework for close cooperation in areas of vocational training and youth development, presents an opportunity for young Seychellois and entrepreneurs to tap into the existing possibilities in Sri Lanka.

“Sri Lanka understands that no matter how many degree holders you have you also need to have technical people. What Seychelles is able to tap into in this agreement is to have our own people trained in technical courses like mechanics. This will allow us to build on Sri Lanka’s expertise and at the same time bring practical solutions to our education sector,” said Minister Adam.

Prof. Peiris noted that President Rajapaksa is pleased with what has been accomplished between the two countries since President Michel visited Sri Lanka in August last year.
President Michel and his Sri Lankan counterpart during an exchange of gifts yesterday at State House
“This is a perfect example of good bilateral relationship between two countries. It is structured and sequenced,” he said, adding at the two island states have much to contribute to the architecture of the world in regards to economy and other fields.

Source Seychelles Nation

Sri Lanka thanks Seychelles for IOC membership support

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