SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The impact of the World Tallest building on Sechelles - Seychelles Affairs, Indian Ocean region

The impact of the World Tallest building on Sechelles - Seychelles Affairs, Indian Ocean region.

We have added a thread at our community forum 4/01/10 and Face book upon the announcement of the opening of the World Tallest building in Dubai - Burj Khalifa Tower. We have also stated that over the past 19/20 years we have been monitoring and involved, making "due in put - contributions" in numerous important and historic issues of the Gulf Region. Equally we have taken great pain, efforts, time to explain how this come about, work and why. Given particularly, the World, USA, EU economic situation paid greater attention to the Real Estate issues of the Gulf Region. The Development that was/is meant to be of paramount impact. Including the technical, scientific and environment issues from those unique and mega Developments.

There is the/a need to also present the greater public, those at home still alive who know about some of these issues. What really led, compelled, forced President FA Rene to step down from Office - not the excuse he gave the nation and the world. We have address these lightly of some forums and blogs. You just cannot use significant and highly important Interdisciplinary dynamics, synergies coming from the science of Archaic, fraternal, Illuminati and the such, those who manage those issues in Seychelles, the Indian Ocean Region and our Sechelles - Seychelles EU Communit, responsibilities and heritage. Then pretend nothing have happened, give all kinds of bogus reasons, explanation. We and others, trained, responsible for such issues of the need to maintain and have due discretion, some and certain of the science and discipline are not meant for the greater public use and awareness. ( Those politicians who deny such practise and existence). In Seychelles unlike Mauritius, Reunion or New Zealand where they have reasonable good human resource. In Seychelles one or few individuals have had to cope and play multi role in responsibilities and the such. More in such situation for Prudence in carrying out one role.

Having mentioned the above. Those from Seychelles in "the past" they have left us who/that knew of certain practise in the Indian Ocean Region, Asia, Australia, the Gulf Region, Africa the past 35 years and before we were handed, given such responsibilities 60 - 250 years ago.

Our reason for starting the above thread is destined - aimed at those who will say, are saying - SIROP you have become like all the thousands of "scumbags" demented individuals who listen in, pick, hijack others issues and run around as theirs. Those who will be saying we are trying to capitalise, make point and link Seychelles, our politic and our EU Community to the above Historic event. Former President Rene Office, those who set about to put in place SIM. our modest Fraternal/archaic, Illuminati institutions of those project, constructions of Historic importance in Europe, other parts of the world, Africa, Asia affairs and interest have been linked and those associated with us who have equally know and benefited fro such association and working practise. We just cannot be bothered to mentioned the Buildings, Developments . Particularly President FA was of the view in his position and capacity you can use and work with such system - then deny and refute totally that you have been involved and worked with such Network. There is a price to pay and even the simple novice and idiot will Tell you and agree you will have to pay a price.

The deplorable situation is about those who have used and are using such network, association. They have made immense personal fortunes, amassed wealth in disproportionate amount. Then turn round and deny everything. They and everybody know there is a heavy price to pay.

We have been addressing the many relevant EU Institutions, the Church, the Monarchy, the important USA institutions of the state of things - were many fell, let things run their course. The practise of massive abuse, raiding and pilfering of our Sechelles - Seychelles EU relevant Heritage and its associated mechanism, etc.

Equally, those from the mentioned that have made certain efforts, to find out what is going on and what the practise relate to. Those from the former COMECON countries, India, Asia, South Africa judge we were easy prey. Here not just those that have gone to Seychelles to do business - the possibility of not ever having to even go to Seychelles and yet abuse, pilfer, raid - work our above mention Network to the maximum and make very vast fortunes.

It had to take the form of the mega world Economic bust up - melt down for anybody to do anything and then the very little they have done.

We have been recipient of briefing from AU by certain parties and the bitterness, insults at those who meddle and do not mind their own business. In our case Seychelles, the Indian Ocean - our important Heritage and their working in EU and around the world.

It is very painful to note that President J A Michel is going and have gone down the road of President FA Rene. (For those who care of the need to remind him, the grave dangers and pitfalls)

In Europe. South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and South America and Quebec. Those involved in managing such responsibilities how they work and why they work the way they do. We have gone out of our way to address a former Minister, now Judge and the need for those in Seychelles and EU to come together to review and conclude what best/better way to manage those responsibilities. Including the Church in Seychelles.

Among one of the most important argument, request we have been making to many past EU Head of state, in USA, the African Union, royal institutions - that we be allowed, supported to set up - have in place in Seychelles an Office for IOIMF, the sister, cousin Interdisciplinary high management project started in Vienna and Davos 25/30 years ago. In the case of IOIMF, its relevancy, importance in managing the Seychelles, Indian Ocean aspect of the COMECON, USSR, Germany Reunification and countless important EU process to the current Lisbon Treaty. Includingm the OAU - African Union and ongoing Gulf Region process the past 28 years.

The disaster and shame is over the many many buildings that have been erected, build in Seychelles or the region, those who have used and the discipline concepted, managed by IOIMF and the such. Strangers from far away land come and lay claim to the right to live and work there, build and have their business. Yet this very important Institutions is categorically barred, boycotted by the government and the ruling establishment. What about the many shops and large Private buildings being put up and build by the Indian communities.

Equally our argument of the dangers of utter abuse by those in power in Seychelles, regional government, politicians, African Union, India, Pakistan, Gulf Region, Australia. Adequate and proper accountability - transparency.

In advocating the issues here. The need to remind the politicians in Seychelles, they were not born in the Office they were elected and appointed, as such the due process if any exist, order of things. The average Seychellois and indeed the population of the region, rights are being down trodden by those they have elected to represent them and their interest.

We have a new National Assembly paramount to our concern, as well such important issues like the future world currency being put together by the Region Arab nation and that New building - the World Tallest building. In most countries and society, there would be many important written debate, arguments about the positiveness of the New Assembly and for that matter such issues, the future world currency being put together and the world Tallest building. In Seychelles we are castrated, we are muzelled, we are ristricted from such debate, discussions and public digesting healthy process.

If and when somebody do attempt he is look at and labelled all sort of names.

Yet if one. should one present the view to their eventual couter part in EU, they would be angry and challenge bitterly why and what for and whos rights. We equally have the Lisbon Treaty in place and their important impact on the lives and affairs of the Nation of the Indian Ocean and region.

We hold the strong and firm view unless greater efforts is made to allow, give the space, encourage and if necessary promote such dialague. For all the new inspiring building, architecture, monetary vission, economy and social democracy vision. If no proper debate, dialague and adequate transparancy is not encouraged - for those who work and have vast experience and knowledge in these field what awaits us, society our fate.

Needless to say, the paramount responsibility of the Civic Society to advocate for such process and due rights, the Church and Opposition parties before it is all too late.

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