SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Thursday, 28 January 2010

There are many and will remain "great issues - mysteries" surrounding Pope John Paul ll - visit to Seychelles, SIROP etc Exile return Program

We are still foraging in the contents of Facebook Seychelles College and came across the commemorative picture of Pope John Paul ll to Seychelles, {November 18 — December 1, 1986 - Bangladesh, Singapore, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, the Seychelles}

Until, as late as 1985 - those from the International community who supported, the changing of Seychelles political and economic system by military force, as policy. (In 1984 after the assassination of the exile Leader SNM/MPR in London Mr Gerrard Houreau) Meanwhile the very many Pastoral visit of Pope John Paul ll in other countries.

Not enough has been researched and written regarding the unique and very dynamic if the polite diplomatic terminology, political, diplomatic power, military, economic, finance system Seychelles and President FA Rene was Heading - controlling( USSR, China, Latin America,COMECON, OAU, Arab league nations - their economic, military, intelligence, diplomatic, fiance and other archaic/fraternal connection - beside the Power constellation of Socialist International and the Communist International power structure) Because by December 1985 in many parts of the World, given the important change taking place - driven by events from theCOMECON.

There is a very strong and important reason we are saying this. Verify with most Western Intelligence Services and their governments - embassy. To organise a plane load of British school children - namely from Canvey Island, with their teachers and parents by Mr Marc Sabadin was more than a "very/highly ticklish undertaking", Mr Leon Rene Travel Office was involved. We have written numerous times how the British Authorities, the USA, aspect of the Commonwealth Office were on alert at the intended andeventual visit. As much as those who think they are super clever and can cover up and hide things - President FA Rene knew, was fully aware we were "testing the waters so to say for more important issues" That however do not justify nobody from Britain to state the Commonwealth changed Seychelles political system, from one party to multi party.

Most important - Seychelles government did not trust nobody. Because they knew that the stake were very high - the possibility of something or anything going wrong andblaming his government and the call for retaliation. We were monitoring and weighing these factors and eventualities. Those in London noneSeychellois who had "suggested we use that option and one or two from the exile community who had called us Coward's and other dirty names" We say it again whilst those school children enjoyed and amused them self - we in Britain spent many sleepless nights - if and in case anything went wrong. We wanted to test the mechanism which is required - would be required in the eventuality of a military involvement or the agenda/concept which had began to formulate, against the view of the larger exile leadership, their factions, MD,SDP, Mr Uzice, SNM/MPR, DR Ferrari and others. Particularly the SNM/MPR collective Leadership.

Those who judge we are minute, insignificant, irrelevant etc , on and on their insults. For any big or small military operation/action or majordiplomatic move, for us the Seychellois exile and the opposition in Seychelles - it was a very defying moment - it was a step in the right direction - one more stone, mosaic applied and placed correctly at least 3/4 correctly. London and the political system, establishment, the media played down the whole event.

It was then and this can be verify - that we went to President FA Rene and committed our self and the very many who were prepared to support and back the idea/concept for a combination of, first Economic encouragement/package to the people of Seychelles, economy, then the SPPF and the Seychelles government - those who made the government and President FA Rene. Beside the exile economic agenda, which we had had some 10 years or more to debate. The state of Seychelles economy, the region, OAU, Gulf region. There had to be sufficient very serious incentives to compel him to even look at the proposition - these were diplomatic, corporate and global business, financial interest. Then came the package for Seychelles. This is one of the great reasons they name us "sirop" the mad professor - almost everybody on the street, the very many diplomats. We knew and they knew the complexities and complicated multinational, corporate and highly twined diplomatic issues involved. He knew too and his associates, be they military, corporate, politic what they wanted and how far they were willing to go. These are issues which nobody in Seychelles to this day have been prepared, willing to discuss. They want the people, the citizens and the world to accept only what the nation and SBC stated.

Beside and as well as other international, regional issues taking place, development. We knew as stated above, that the FA Rene was not going to be budge just like that - even if we had come forward with the "$500 - $800 millions in cash" in comparison to the greater issues going on we, our proposition was reasonably serious, genuine - but not enough to dislodge him from his stronghold and embattled position. We had began "to pray if this is the right term" request that Pope John Paul ll get involved more directly - these are matters way above the average Seychelles citizens and very many around the world - it involved the "church position, power, responsibilities - our ancient, European - French belief/faith". We monitored the news that Vatican - those around Pope John Paul ll had herd our "prayers and requests". We were getting exasperated and concerned. The Irish have a very great song "going down on bended knees" this is what we did for those who are still alive and there to testify - the announcement that Pope John Paul ll was going to visit Seychelles as part of his Pastoral Tour in 1986 - remember he had been to Africa before and had not visited the Seychelles. We and everybody in exile, Europe, around the world who knew President FA Rene position towards the Church - there would be a great amount of "expensive crystal" to take into consideration. Once again, the world media, the very many important issues they failed to note, write about - it was not just the Pastoral visit - there were other very complex and important global corporate, diplomatic issues to handle and manage.

Recently - we have gone "batty/potty" about our Climate argument - those who took it for granted that it just poured that particular day upon Pope John Paul ll historic visit to Seychelles - there are mechanism to manage, the climate and weather - those involved and responsible.

This is something which again have not never been given it proper prospective. That SIROP etc exile program had the strong an important support, in put of the Church - christian institutions and the Vatican. The enormity of the involvement cannot be weighed or judge properly - without taking time, efforts and pain. Yet again, the way London, all those who knew and monitored our affairs played it down, it was nothing. The Pope was visiting Seychelles - where in other parts of the world the media had clamoured, prognoctized, invented, painted, anticipated all kinds of scenario - the Seychelles, they "went dumb" as the American would say.

The Vatican, the High Officials around Pope John Paul ll knew how crucial this visit would be, again there are very many important issues we cannot address here. It was a challenge to us, the exile, our efforts, commitments, and engagements - in the future our own ability to battle through our objectives and the wish of the exile community and the Seychelles people. ( The failure and this is the most important, to the Western governments, diplomacy, military, intelligence and media. Their inability to weigh properly what was going on and why. Those from the USA, White House, Pentagon, CIA - like wise Britain, France and other European capitals who had started the process of hijacking that concept, process for their own agenda and bring their own people to control the situation in the future. Those mega political and economic interest which we are witnessing today, the GMR conglomerate, those around Sir James Mancham, those around Dr Maxime Ferrari, those around Mr Robert Frichot/ Mr Edmond Camille.) They had been for bloody blood bath, wreck and mess up everything - we had put forward a reasonable good serious option, solution - they were ready to have us out, by what ever means and methods. For the politicians, high corporate parties - that was the time, era, event, moment they had waited and been waiting. They wanted to grab power and make big money. They were blinded - they failed to take into account that we had not sat together and address "memorandums" which could and be circulated and that used as substance to negotiate and do whatever they want. We had been involved in a new "communication mechanism" synergistic - dynamic communication concept - we knew all the cogs reasonably well. Those who had banded together were either unaware or blinded to those facts. Equally important to the process, package and solution the Networks involved, those involved to bring the peaceful - not military change in Poland, other COMECON countries, the USSR, Germany. Not to exclude countries outside Europe.

This is what the vast majority in Seychelles do not and did not know, the process of those involved in managing the Network we have often mentioned - who were they. For the First time in modern civilization, NATO, such powerful body, establishment, institutions had not been directly involved in changing a political block like the COMECON, let alone the power and size of USSR. In both situation the transition of their economy. Can the average Seychellois, or Mauritian, Reunion then imagime anybody or Network making any resonable serious forecast about the economic change in the COMECON in $billions, likewise in the USSR and later in OAU. This President FA Rene knew and Sir James Mancham, Dr Ferrari knew aspects and those involved with them. That was waht they were really after not the 20% of $500- $800 millions. Here were economic, corpoarte, financial issues in $trillions. Their opportunity to get involved and make fortumes.

This had been part of an important methodology - the Seychelles government, the SPPF, the very many involved and around the change had communicated. With President FA Rene advantage, knowledge of the cog of that new communication method - so that when the fateful announcement was made 1991 that the exile could return home and that Multi party would be allowed. The delegation, preparation and those from the exile Seychelles faction who returned home. How they handled situation once in Seychelles and those involved. Those who judge the Seychellois were imbeciles and could easily succumb to "whatever you do to horses to get then to go straight in races". The objective of this thread is not about the debacle of the political negotiations etc. It is about the vital and very crucial role Pope John Paul ll played in the whole issues and a very great deal cannot, and will never be disclosed to the greater public. It is beyond the capacity, ability of the greater public, their media and institutions to understand and fathom these issues and why they work. Hence what the world, the people of Seychelles, the region and history witnessed a unique phenomena. It is not out of reach - its is within the grasp of the world and civilisation - if we remember to go " bended knees when the world, humanity face crises of extra dimensions".

Hence Sir James Mancham, President FA Rene and the world our good reason to put that wooden shield made of Seychelles timber on the pictures, book recently published by Sir James Mancham - the global citizen. He used to ostracised us about religious values - played down. For those who know Christian issues/experience - the involvement of Mr Marc Sabadin and that of Pope John Paul ll to make it possible for the Seychelles Exile to open the big door, which had been firmly shut - so that they could return home to their beloved land.

We are adding this thread recall/remind the thread we added last Friday about the reopening of the Seychelles High Commission at Hanover street. The second chance for everybody in Seychelles and elsewhere to think very hard - that SIROP exile, Allinace, SDP, MD, CDU, SNM/MPR etc in only 2/3 or there about completed, implemented. The state of the world economy and global situation - where to find the required $500 million to further this program over the next 5 - 10 years. As well as new national requirements,financial constraints and uncertainties - economic woes.

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