SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 24 December 2011

We listened - watched on SBC the issues of the Auditor General Report for 2011

For all those who took part in the 1977 coup d'etat, those former Ministers of SDP government who returned 1991 onward - the very strange feeling, around one person, gut feeling - the strange adrenaline, the strange power of things/circumstances - most important the moment in History one lives such an experience. This morning 20 years ago the Christmas, the eve of it, global events and the announcement by President FA Rene that ... date he would/his government and the SPPF had agreed, decided to allow the return of Multi Party in Sechelles Seychelles January 1991, all the exile/refugee who wish to return can return. After what the Nation had gone through, particularly the exile/refugee communities of Seychelles, the Opposition Blocks, Parties and Government in Exiles - the very strange and unique feeling. The miracle had taken place - something great, significant and very important had take place. Like animals when you lend them to great sufferings - the human beings, they become numb to important events surround ding their lives, they cannot take in properly as normal, those who had not experienced such painful and terrible process of loosing everything, expelled, cut of from your land of birth, families and their place of rest. Yet what it was like 20 years ago the Christmas and December the announcement was made. The way if rushed and filtered among the exile/refugee communities around the world, those who had been associated importantly with their plight, life and existence. For President FA Rene, his government, Ministers, associated global political, economic. military, scientific network, their reaction, concern and position. Those who were at the fore front of organising the exile/refugee return, their concern - in our case, we had not been allowed to return, would not be allowed to return with the exile/refugee and yet not only the untold issues of the Underground of Opposition in Sechelles Seychelles - had we not concepted, put together that exile/refugee return program in the manner we had - their would not have been change for another few years - that program we had put together had been linked to greater political, economic and social change in the COMECON, USSR, China, Africa, Asia, the Gulf Region, Latin America. The associated networks of President who knew and were fully aware of those issues - hence the battle and challenge to change the system and politic in Sechelles Seychelles. Many talks of "collateral damages" like the Auditors General Report of the truth had to be told - all those who gave their lives and blood that changes come to Sechelles Seychelles it was very very costly and significant. Come the change for very many generations the Seychelles nation would be indebted.

May be we ought to have started with Historic events leading to our Independence, for the usual quiet Sechelles Seychelles, the heart beat of everyone, those who were against, those who wanted closer link with Britain, those who felt they had been betrayed and did not take the chance/opportunity to take their destiny in their hands and declare Self government and what they had to loose and would loose come independence. The Black Seychellois who realised that come Independence Seychelles would never be the same again, the abuse, oppression and ill-treatment of the workers - the chance, opportunity to make those who had oppressed them pay and take their properties, generations of hard work, even their daughters or wives and houses. What about the heart beat of the expatriate communities, the British, Australian, Italian and others. The uncertainty of their future, the Colonial system and the way the world works. Most important the strange feeling we as a small nation were about to take our destiny into our own hands come whatever and the shedding of Colonial shackles, thinking and living. It must not be excluded the feeling, exasperation, anguish , concern that Families would be bitterly divided - what this may lead to. For a very large sector of the populace the fear like had taken place in former East Africa, South of their broader and north and Central Africa - the advance, very serious threat's of Communist/extreme Socialist and Dictatorial politic. Those who had dreamt, planned and would execute the "ethnic, social, cultural, intellectual and political cleansing" forcing/compelling some 15,000 to flee, depart from then Sechelles Seychelles, the state of world politic, its working, the media and practices - the excuses of the Cold War.

Most important for the exile/refugee, the strong feeling they were going to return to their country, native land - they were about, had with their grasp, sight the strong and very positive feeling they were about to change for ever the politic of Seychelles, the region and the world. Those who could think in term of the future 10 - 20 years ahead, their role, contributions and part. "What about those who had planned judgement and revenge by their Standard and belief, the sacred blood of the Family and loved ones killed, tortured, suffering and disappeared - the opportunity and possibility to make those who had committed such evil and atrocities pay - account for their deeds.". They had wished a far more terrible judgement under the Rule of Multi party would not be allowed to exact the Judgement they had prayed and hoped for on those who had committed such crimes and atrocities. { It must not be forgotten - the Regional and global state of things - the combine Allies, preparation to invade Kuwait and wage war with the Iraqi and its Government - Heads. The impacts upon those exile/refugees planning, putting their bits and pieces together to return Home then. The media filth, manipulation, lies and propaganda - mega con, mind control mechanism set/put into action and place.}

The question - we would like to ask everybody this morning on the 20th anniversary of this Historic event - had we not taken those three suitcases, with the important help and support of President Francois Mitterrand, his Officials and PM John Major agreement, certain High parties in Italy, what would have been the outcome of History, events and development. Most important the contents of the "Beloff/Epstine" old suitcase we had used to put all the political documents of the many attempted coup d'etat whilst in exile, our many British, France and EU - International Community , plans , aspirations, inter Group/block, individual infighting, squabellings. Most important the details, notes and pictures, negative leading, diplomatic meetings in London, research leading to the concepting of the SIROP etc exile/refugee $500 - $800 millions Program. We knew and had known a great deal of the Church workings, the Vatican's and Associated Bodies - for us to entrust, those historic, and highly valuable documents and information with them - their care. We knew they were in contacts and to certain the degree of their contacts with the Catholic Church in Sechelles - Seychelles. What those from the Diocese Head of Victoria Church knew, we had shared a great deal of the plans and details of that SIROP etc exile/refugee $500 - $800 millions Program with their/such officials. The way and manner the Church works and function since its founding five generation ago.

There had been those who represented the Four/Five aspects of our Sechelles Seychelles, archaic, fraternal, illuminati, masonic working, the Two French entities, and their Templar workings, the Italians and Vatican similar institutions, bodies for Sechelles Seychelles, the British Colonial and Commonwealth Masonic/Fraternal workings respective representatives, that of the Dutch, Portuguese and Jewish. Including those aspect of the German workings. It was those combined working - that led. made us take the decision to go to Angers - in the Loire for the Mauritian mother of our child to give birth. " We can be very blunt and brutal if required - those in Paris and Angers who ask, demanded is this the woman you are bringing to us - what this implicate and indicate". Since then we have been reasonably open about our accountability and developments. Particularly the French Military - those who had been importantly advising President Francois Mitterrand and in turn, the manner and approach they guided us with many of the complexities of that SIROP etc exile/refugee Program. What we have never understood and question time and time again - they never/ refused to come forward and denounce those who stated and placattered the web and other media that the Commonwealth change/made, compelled President FA Rene/SPPF to change Sechelles Seychelles one Party System/politic. Then again the way and manner those of France Politicians, the way and manner they have treated and been treating those ex Colonies of the Indian Ocean, West Indies, Polynesia - in spite of the very important French culture, workings and heritage. Those who judge we have no such rights - their need to think very hard - what the French Revolution was all about and who were those involved particularly " Mauritius, Reunion, Sechelles Seychelles in the Indian Ocean was a cooking pot in such term". Yet again, given the statement of our French "archaic, fraternal, illuminati, masonic working" the benchmark - we had from the Indian Ocean develop/deploy and created the core issues which had led to the changes in the COMECON, Warsaw Pact, changes in USSR, China, the Berlin Wall and Germany reunification - the rage/anger of President Francois Mitterrand at our inability to manage, drive and push agenda forwards which was not detrimental to France EU, Regional and International Power, economy and position. We were left in the lurch, the cold and high and dry so to say. Yet as anybody would say and talk about in the Bistros of Paris, Towns, Village those little so and so of French decent, of French blood and ancestry in/from the Indian Ocean.

Every, any half civilised nation, particularly since Sechelles Seychelles pride, call itself civilised, the number two or five in good governance in African Union and other workings. Beside it working in the Indian Ocean Region. Not to exclude the important Chinese University by their Standard at "Anse Royal" the King's Beach - French King. The Bureau of Standard the Chinese build, their International Standard, the very new National Assembly they have build their international Standard and the near complete Palace of Justice being build by the Chinese and their International Standard. Such important historic events, is become highly debated, documented, films get/are made and lectures held for future generations. This in Sechelles Seychelles is not the case. Hence the heading we have chosen the Audit General account for 2011 - the many massive major discrepancies, anomalies, case of abuse and corruption and how it/they are interpreted. {What must be stated since the return of Multi party KPMG was the only one of the big five working in Sechelles Seychelles, for the government. Today we have all four of the Big Chartered global accountancy Firm working/represented in Sechelles Seychelles - the son of former Minister and Ambassador John Mascarenas hold a major responsibility into the Firm of Ernst and Young in Sechelles Seychelles.

It is such abuses which led to the near Bankrupt of Seychelles government involving Lehman Brothers. Such abuses and mal practices that lead to the Associated Network of President FA Rene creaming away some $10 billions above of the Gearing money, associated business, economic opportunities importantly linked with that SIROP etc exile/refugee return program - beside President FA Rene, their are several for the exile/refugee return Camp who have gone down that road..

Yet again what we have taken to writing for the past five years about the stench of the Global corruption and bad practices and Benchmark. Where we are today and have landed as results. The economy of EU, the Monetary situation, those of the USA, Asia, Russia, Africa, the important Social impacts, despair and state of things in the world - future as we write this thread. It is this corrupted practice which have turned Seychelles into the mad house it is today. Greed is on the lips of everybody. It is not strange that on the eve of this historic Christmas to mark the 20th anniversary of the announcement of the return of Multi party in Sechelles Seychelles by FA Rene/SPPF, the relevant Police have captured the largest Drug amount for the whole year and several years. The SBC say Rs 11 millions.

All those who will demand and question what is the purpose of this article with their heads full of liquor give the occasion, would they have had such festive mood 20 years ago - everybody, all those who forget to easily. It needs to be drummed into their heads and system, thinking - memory. What about our Sechelles Seychelles Community in exile in Britain and EU then. In the case of our person - beside the stand off with the Families and relatives in Britain, Seychelles was packing the more valuable and sorting out the documents and more sensitive and important papers we ought to be taking to France - Paris, then onto Angers for safe keeping. There was as stated above the machine of War put into place by the Allies what this imply and impact. It is an evil machine. system which influence and determine many aspects of human life, societies and workings. We found ourself in the midst of this deciding to catch the appropriate transport via Folkestone - Kent, to Bouglone or Calais onto Paris, three very large suitcases and a very round belly wife/expectant mother to cope with and take care of. The authorities at the exiting Port were aware and reasonably supportive, likewise in France, Paris and Angers. Oh not to mention those from the "archaic, fraternal, illuminati, masonic establishment who monitored, kept their distance eye/careful watch as the practice." then everybody turn round and say it never existed and took place. We were never in Angers, there are never were any documents. They all wonder why all the curse, calamities and terrible incidents and punishments.

By any standards - when one look at History in Britain, France and some of the countries, the figures and personalities involved in the political, social, economic changes - the mega machine which goes onto action, hundreds of books, magazines, papers, pictures, films, are made, TV and Radio station get set in place just for that. Then their EU and international PR, publicity and media machines, all those who get and become involved - all those who make their fortunes and wealth and living and become famous on their backs and such historic events. All those who add, invent and manipulate for political, economic and social reasons, beside other reasons.

Given events of 2011 and economic forecast for 2012, the terrible feelings about the many above issues we have addressed, particularly our Communities in EU, Britain and across the world their views of things - given what has been publish, the forest of social networks and their possibilities. What about the quality and standard of politic at Home, Sechelles Seychelles. Where will it end.

It is with such frame of mind - pictures, paintings that we have to sum up events of 2011 and Wish any, all those of you who still and can care for our ancestral heritage, its existence and honour - respect for ourselves, our parents, children and grand children. We read of Pope Benedict statement about the horrid attitude of Christians towards their Church, Faith and Belief yesterday. Yet the Church, Faith, Belief had been paramount, played a very important part in all that took place 20 years ago. There were no killing machine, generals and massive armies to make, bring about the changes be it tin the COMECON, Warsaw Pact, the USSR, China, the Indian Ocean Region, Africa, Latin America and Asia. The mind and vision of human, mankind have become blurred. We will not enter the debacle of the WWW - we will "tombe la tak or Saint coq"as they say in good old Creole.

We have to muster our reserve, positive mind, take into account our belief, faith and hard experiences to use this to wish you all from our Sechelles Seychelles respective communities in and across the EU a peaceful and Blessed Christmas - with the good Lord willing a half decent 2012. There are many who will yet again raise hands and say when will he learn the rules/working of diplomacy - meaning to be super cons. We are pragmatist, as such Lady Tacther and all his government officials, that of President Francois Mitterrand and very many European governments, the Arabs, Gulf regions, African , Latin American, Canada, the USA, Russia and China and we are not about to change.

There is the need to state and put it very plainly to our 20,000 exile/refugees across the world- we have had the dirtiest of History as far as the Indian Ocean is concern. Never to give up hope, recall your/our ancestors who battle the elements of nature 400 years ago to depart from France and land in the Indian Ocean, what they went through and experienced and their great sufferings - that you, and your children, grand children are alive today. You have contributed in one way or many ways to make the Sechelles Seychelles what is is today, the Region and its role and position.

To all those who have supported our cause at Home, taken care of our ancestral graves, their heritage while we are still in exile, the need to have and hold on to faith and belief, values our ancestors implanted in each one of us. Remember they went through great Wars in Europe, the 1st and 2nd world wars, the wars in Indo China, India, South Africa and elsewhere. Like the Accountant General Mr Benstrong audit and account of things - this is our life and experiences the past 20 years upon this coming 20th anniversary of the historic announcement by President FA Rene and the SPPF. Each of you know reasonably well what you and we went through this year 2011 and the resolve that is required to take us to/through 2012. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Danielle Mitterrand - Fondatrice de France Libertés, veuve du Président Mitterand décédée -


Danielle Mitterrand, la veuve de l’ancien Président socialiste français, François Mitterrand, est décédée dans la nuit de lundi à mardi à l’âge de 87 ans.
M. et Mme Mitterand lors de leur visite de la Vallée de Mai en 1990
Le couple présidentiel français s’était rendu aux Seychelles le 11 juin 1990 à bord d’un appareil Concorde, avion supersonique d’Air France, dans le cadre d’une tournée des Etats insulaires de la région.

Ce fut l’unique occasion pour les Seychelles d’accueillir le jet Concorde, qui devait disparaître du circuit de l’aviation civile après un crash près de l’aéroport de Paris le 25 juillet 2000.

Durant son séjour le couple Mitterrand s’était également rendu à Praslin pour une visite de la réserve naturelle de la Vallée de Mai, l’habitat du célèbre coco de mer.

Contrairement aux épouses des précédents présidents de la République Française, Mme Danielle Mitterrand prit position en politique, notamment sur la scène internationale. Cette prise de position l’amena, en 1986 à créer la Fondation « France–Libertés » – une organisation humanitaire non-gouvernementale.