SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Constitution to register SIROP as an NGO in Sechelles Seychelles

We cannot find a better picture - this will have to do, we had wanted a picture of the 1976 Government and Assembly

Parliament - Assembly of Sechelles Seychelles
Seychelles Constitutions 1976
Again we cannot find a copy of SNM Constitution

We have been requested to come forward with a copy or a Constitution to register SIROP as an NGO in Sechelles Seychelles

In the first place it will/would do well to remember, recall that at the time of working out a constitution for SIROP, 1985 when the consideration began to present itself strongly, we and those involved had a much greater, important and historic agenda. The time and circumstance was the Communist era with the USSR working at its peak, the COMECON and Warsaw Pact in full function and their capabilities, the Communist and Socialist Block of OAU, Latin America, Gulf Region, North Africa, China and several Asian countries.

In exile we had four factions that had looked at, put together Constitutions for an eventual change be it by Military force or other wise. These included the faction of the former Government of then President J R Manchan - the original Sechelles Seychelles Constitution at Independence.

We had been involved in aspects of these process, namely our working association with SDP - the issues ongoing. Later those from certain European, USA and other Western government who had pressured us to put together a National government. Those important Legal experts in Britain, France, Belgium, South Africa, the USA, the Francophone and Commonwealth we had pulled together. Nothing solid, concrete had been put on paper.

After the formation and registration of UKSCA - its Constitution was drafted after long discussion with the legal expert of then NCVO, several individuals form our then Sechelles - Seychelles Community in exile from all faction, the SNM/MPR, DP faction, Mr Phillippe Boulle himself, those that had been involved with Mr Felix Houreau in registering our first Exile association in Britain, the Faction of Mr Andre Uzice. We refered to several NGO for advice also, including BRC, Hounslow Voluntary Action, several Grass Root ethnic communities well and long establish in Britain, none exile/refugee related and other wise, Importantly the Latin American communities in Britain, the Jewish Communities and the many then exile communities for the existing COMECON, Philippine, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cyprus, Armenian and Africa proper. (Hence we acquired the nickname of John McEnroe for refusing to take anything dished out - we battled, quarrelled, argued until we were satisfied with what was on paper) We also referred to the Mauritian communities in Britain as well as Catholic communities, Christian and information form the relevant UNHCR and Amnesty International, the Red Cross again that was 1983/84. We had also look at the many communities in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Holland - their constitution, how they/it works.

After events of 1991 when we were forced to flee for fear of our lives from 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent, beside a copy we left in France, Angers at SVP along with the main draft of SIROP concept. The British authorities, the police, the politicians - then Conservative government of PM Major, the Fraternal establishment who had our flat complete ransacked, everything was destroyed or stolen. We had taken refuge in Ashford - Kent in a Hotel, called Butcher Commercial and Private Hotel facing the current International Ashford Terminal. What we had communicated to several leading firm of solicitors already. There are members of our exile/refugee communities who may still have a copy of our UKSCA Constitution. We were required to submit copy to Hounslow Council, Westminster, Brent, Wondsworth for Funding - they may eventually have a copy - then of course Then Dr Henry Naiken may have a copy as he took over the Chairmanship. Mr Paul Stravens and Mr Paul Chow may also have a copy beside then Mr Ralph Volcer who served as Treasurer and Mrs Kathleen Pillay and Mr Phillippe Boulle who served as Vice Chair and Secretary.

After the assassination of Mr Gerrard Horeau Leader of SNM/MPR we got elected until it was disbanded for East Mahe what this represented and meant( hence what we have written, the dishonesty by the exiles when they returned in 1991 and after, their attitude, what took place and how greater life made them pay/account for their actions. Their actions, as if we had never existed, an unknown entity, everything had been invented.)

What we had done finally was take our old National Constitution at the time of Independence, take the Constitution of SNM and added aspects we judge and deemed important for future changes and working of the Nation.

- We had detail argument regarding amnesty, justice and the issues of revenge - those that had called for swift trial and execution of those involved in the many killing, disappearance, imprisonment and persecution. ( Several leading Western experts were against this clause - they wanted those involved to be tried and made to pay with their lives)

- We had detail argument as to compensation and return/repatriation of properties confiscated and taken by Force

- We had detail argument on how the Judiciary and Court was to be set up and working, accountability.

- We had argued for a None Aligned status as Nation with membership of those regional and international bodies as we could afford to join and be member. A status like Switzerland and Austria. Hence the concept and safety/security of not having to take/make Defence, Military Treaties to defend our Nation - however we would be looking a very closer working links with the then EU Institutions to safeguard our National entity and Sovereignty.

- We had argued and stated the putting in place of Muti party politic as our main aim and objective ( We took into consideration that short of something special happening - we would be forced, compelled into coalition with the SPPF or in the event of an/the national election, they in opposition) we had not planned or argument to destroyed and imprisoned or force in exile nobody - the Judiciary and Police, Democratic structure would do their work an those who failed would be made to account for. The pooling of policing expertise from other nations.

- We had argued given the uniqueness of Sechelles Seychelles - our origin, the nation of the Indian Ocean Mauritius, Reunion, Comor, Madagascar our ancestral heritage in India and South Africa to put in place a Senate System unique - where Democracy, national agendas, politic and issues could be debated adequately and the privilege, opportunity given to all parties involved in national politic to participate - the concept of an Elected Upper House and Upper House, beside local Councils. That was the fundamental departure from our first national Constitution and that of SNM Constitution for a National government.

- We had detail argument on how the Army - Defence Force was to be reorganise, restructured, run and accounted for/responsibilities.

- Our argument on the economy was very radical, it called for a major redevelopment and Reclamation Project, to reclaim Land form the sea - like Monaco Project and a few other regions, to save the vital agriculture land and Construction of a complete new Town.

- We argued for a strong Fishing, Tourism, Mineral/Oil, Servicing Industry, beside the strong encouragement of the Small Industry.

- We argued for a Strong Agriculture Sector and related industry, given that our heart is in there and close, our ancestral heritage - they were Framers and Cultivators.

- We had argued for a Link economic and Financial system - meaning not because we were a small nation and some 100, 000 inhabitants - given our important corporate and business connection just like one buy into real estate in other countries for investments - part of our working economy would be link to other selected dynamic country economic, to safe guard, maintain and create the due dynamic of our own development.

- We argued for the setting in place of strong working Central bank and associated financial institutions.

- We argued for the setting up of a Stock Market/ Exchange - the nature of the economy we envisage and to encourage that people, citizens to acquire interests and shares. We had planned/envisaged to be fairly radical.

- We argued for appropriate Offshore Development facilities and working - managed.
- We argued for control Gambling and such investments.

- We argued for adequate and proper news media and the setting up of a Second TV and Radio Station - liberal media function/politic.

- At the time 1984/5 the IT was an unknown entity. In Europe we had been involved importantly in those issues and the USA and Asia, we also formed part of those that challenged IMB and a few others - then IT development and to implement proper system in Seychelles. ( Then Cable and Wireless, the USAF Tracking Station)

- We had argued for the setting in place of higher management mechanism, their workings, the development and putting in place of working Institutions along the line and values of our ancestral fathers, enabling us to compete in the modern world and economy.

- We argued for the support and maintaining of strong social Values and Justice. ( The notion of Capitalist/super rich was buried for ever - as a Small nation we could not embrace this concept of only the few very rich and the rest poor or have nothing - the values of equality and our strong christian Heritage to put and support them in practice. )

- We had argued for a proper and fair election, due process, giving the right to vote of our Seychelles National where ever in the world they are and reside. Make due and necessary arrangements that they can vote. The involvement of international Observers.

- We argued for the building of a new National Assembly/Parliament.

- We had argued for the return of a President and Prime Minister Office, their respective roles and responsibilities, duties.

- We had argued for a modern Medical system, Private Hospitals, clinic and Care Homes.

- We had argued fro supporting National Housing Association by those interested.

- We had argued for a marked move from current construction trend and architecture - the motto the building you live and work in make you and the nation.

- We argued for the development of proper Motor way, eventually a Tran system or Train given the pollution of the bus and the Cars/Traffic.

- We argued for the reintroduction of our ancestral cultures, including Classical Music, Concerts and theaters, beside our current Creole heritage and other regional cultures.

- We had laid/paid important emphasis on the Development of NGO, Civic Societies, their structures, Funding, working and accountability, their important role in building the future Sechelles Seychelles.

- On Immigration given what we had faced, experienced, the Immigration approach, criterias we had argued. It called from praticularly in employment on Seychellois citizens, national being First. We opposed any form of racist and such discrimination on coulor of skin, ethnicity -but was firm that the interest of the Seychellois came foremost and first.

- We had argued for a return of Grammer education system as well as what is Term today as Polytechnique, the introduction of Universities and higher Education and due infrastructures.

- We argued for radical devellopment of the Outer Islands, infrastructures and small business and job creation in order to be self sustainable. Their role in the greater national economy.

- We had argued for a seperate Military landing facilities away from the civilian. (That was the Communist era then and the Cold War ongoing)

- We argued for the better management and diplomatic working of our Embassy and Consulates, such Economic reprsentation.

- We argued as a government to support those from our Communities who had establish in EU and other parts of the world - the emphasis, and that of the UN, the abilities and capabilities to help build their mother/father nation and statistics. We would support their aspirations and support them moraly, financialy and with other resources.

- With regards to our refugee and exile, knowing full well how and why the UN, UNIDO, UNDP, UNHCR works, the world Bank and IMF had proposes a marked need to set in place adequate bodies in Europe, the world and Sechelles Seychelles that/which would work, lobby, debate and explain what had taken place, our history from Europe and those from Africa and Asia the need to combat/fight to prevent that such horrible event never occure and repeat itself - not be ashamed as very many were and are in Sechelles Seychelles today. We would challenge the working of those institutions - ( hence they wanted us dead, nowhere near a government and real power)

- We argued equally for strong regional working of the Small Nation of the Indian Ocean, regional Universities, Military system and Airline to save and develop regional corporation and solidarity.

- We argued for strong emphasis of supporting and building our Christian values and as did take place rebuilding and refurbishment of several Church, encourage such education and moral values.

- We argued that as a Small nation for our working and growth would have to use work force from other regional nations - the immigration politic we would devlop and required to implement.

-We argued to forge stronger working, diplomatice and other working with the Small Nations of the region and South Asia, particularly New Zealand.
- We argued for a very positive and dynamic working with then OAU, Arab League and regional nations.

{Where would the money and Finance come from those who had insight and their reason to hijack that SIROP etc combined return program} meanwhile those who have made very vast fortunes and none accountable.

The above are greater points of the Constitutions we had outlined as far back as 1984/5 and changed them after events of 1987/88 when we began working on the implementation of the SIROP return program. ( Of course there were details like in all such national Constitutions when refugees and exiles aim/plan to return to their homeland and play a significant and important role in their national affairs.)
Having said this - we want to underlined the role that individuals like Judge EJ Stiven had played in the drafting and conception of the Kenya and East Africa Constitutions, that of Zanzibar - we had been privilege to listen, take part in discussion and listen. We have also seen certain documents.

Later as mention those in Europe we had encountered - particularly our choice of the Earl of Oxford and Asquith as advisor, Lord Beloff, indirectly that leading Scot politician who supported our exile/refugee work, current Lord Howe and others, their view on these and such matters. We had also undertaking reasonable research by three of Britain and world Leading Strategic Institute on matters of Military, politic and Constitution. Later our involvements, contributions to many important national issues of the changes which took place in the COMECON, their Constitutions and form of government, the USSR, the new Germany, France, Latin America, Asia, China, the Gulf Region and North Africa. They have been very rich experiences.

Equally important in the field of exile/refugee - we had been involved and contributed to very many regional and international issues, politic and outcomes as such our experiences. Including input in those international bodies and institutions that look after and manages such issues.

{Having stated our attempts to Start a brand new Colony on one of the BIOT Diego Garcia under Lady Tacther government, several exile/refugees communities involved, not just Illois and Seychellois. As such the experience - once in Seychelles advocated for the return of the Islands to the Chagossain unless a similar solution like we had attempted - thereby creating a new and dynamic entity in the Indian Ocean equation, not a Marin Park or /Russian or Chinese Military Base. There is a large Community of exile Chagossian on Seychelles/Mahe, we have worked and live with them. We know their aspiration and had supported them in Europe They have their Constitutions too, help them and support them that they too can go back to their native land}

We kindly request those following our issues, to point them to Lawyer Mr Phillippe Boulle, Mr Pesi Pardiwalla and Associate, Lawyer Lucie Pool, the many Judiciary and Court Officials, the Constitution Commission and Electoral commission, the National Assembly and other relevant parties. Including our national media.

-{ On a lighter note about Drugs - we would regulate prostitution. We mean regulate it. Drugs we would adopt the animal Farm concept feed them to the pigs. This posed one of our biggest challenges then 1983, the report then, that near 20% of UN money/working money was source/coming form Drug}

We have started a Facebook Cause Page as against a page:

Sunday, 5 June 2011

What 5th June Revolution do they celebrate in Sechelles Seychelles
On SBC we listened about the yearly political party propaganda, lobby of the SPPF/PL to market, promote the 5th June Revolution/Coup d'etat celebration - particularly its Party and faithful supporters.

Prior to Sir James Mancham appointment to head the Egypt cross party talk - his statement upon congratulating President JA Michel, the election results/outcome and the fact that the Opposition boycotted the results and first Assembly meeting. He said that the celebration for Liberation ought to be the 18th June.

On account of President J A Michel inauguration speech - with copies on video publish on the web and printed copy also available on the web - about this new Sechelles Seychelles which his current and last President ship represent - all about.

We would have allowed/let the occasion float/go by with out this thread safe for an Old Castle Ruin linked to our French heritage in Britain, those from Normandy who became kings and ruled in England and the Tyrel de Sechelles Branch, where form Vicomte Jean Moreau acquired his Title de Sechelles - which reminded us the importance of History and this event. We yet again take this opportunity to state and underline the fact that beside our statement to president Mancham of a coup d'etat with a year of our Independence at the main entrance of Reef Hotel and the last time we greeted President FA Rene personally - then Judge E J Stiven property Anse aux Pins. We were staying in Salzburg, in Richelhaller Str, situated under the Salzburg Castle - when the coup d'etat/revolution took place. The Von Oswald of Attersea owner of Pirates Arms then, not far from Salzburg, the international aspect of Salzburg a culture destination and tourism. We had also met a number of individuals who had encouraged our inspiration for some kind of European wide Sechelles Seychelles community representation/body, as against the Tourist and Consulate of Seychelles.

The purpose and reason to stress and underline the workings of our French and in instance British other European archaic, heraldic, fraternal, illuminati and christian heritages - their complex mechanism and those who represent them.

As such over the past sine 1977 to date the many important national, regional and international issues it/they impact, influence, cause to work. It is these issues and the very many Families of Sechelles Seychelles decent who build, laid the foundation of Seychelles from France, Mauritius, Reunion, South Africa, from South India and East Africa - French today their children and grand children scattered across the world - how they view and related to this historic national event. At the same time the current populace who believe they are the only and true Seychellois - with their Nation building history dating/going back to 1977 as against 1780.

In the Sechelles Seychelles of 1976/7 those who celebrated the coup d'etat/revolution, they celebrated the expulsion of British colonial influence - supposedly, they celebrated the expulsion of expatriate who ruled and dominated them, they celebrated the forthcoming takeover, nationalisation of the Tourism industry and several key Hotel Projects, the Air port, the Harbour, Fishing Industry, the oil/energy which existed then, Banking, import and trading business. They celebrated the take over of the many large estates and plantations - most important they celebrated the one party state, centrally planned economy and the Socialist, Marxist, Communist ideology and their victory over the West and its nations.

They defeated the christian education, values which had been drummed into us as children - to uphold noble and just values, to work hard fro you life and wealth - in one move/event all those involved who had never made the serious effort to educate themselves, work hard to get their business and build their homes - they took by force all the hard labour, work and wealth of those who had toiled for nearly 150 years.

Until 1991 that was the pattern of celebration, reason for celebration.

With the important involvement of those same French archaic, heraldic, illuminati, fraternal, christian heritage we/it contributed to the implementation of that SIROP etc exile/refugee return program of 1987/8 $500 - $800 millions as economic package, carrot and sugar to allow the Socialist, one party state to allow multiparty democracy return and then only 150 families returned from the 10,000 or more who left or were forced to leave Seychelles. Note the logic - their properties, work of their ancestors had been taken by force and they had to pay by way of this economic international package to be allowed to return and even then only 150 and then to be exploited and marginalised, exclude from the main economic working and politic.

Between 1991 to date we have seen some 7,000 white migrants coming to settle in Sechelles Seychelles from former COMECON, USSR, South Africa, and Europe. Given what we have stated time and time again - the French ancestral heritage and their workings, as against that of the USSR or the COMECON or South Africa which played crucial/vital role to make it possible for multi party to come about and those new 7,000 White migrants what they represent - their ancestral heritage. They came and joined the SPPF to rob the Seychelles nation, to exploit and abuse them.

The irony of the situation - just like they celebrated all the wealth, properties they had taken and acquired by force - when those who came from the above mention countries it was normal to continue their lies.

We have read and heard of the economic miracle - the Sechelles/Seychelles government - SPPF/PL have performed, unique in African Union, the region and CARICOM small nation Group. What economic miracle - in the equasion they and nobody mention that SIROP etc exile/refugee return program - $500 - $800 millions and some $10 - $20 billions we geared up to drive the issues across the board - just for Sechelles Seychelles. They exclude the important involvement and impacts of those 7,000 white migrant.

On this 5th June 2011, as former President James Mancham was appointed the cross party political issues in Egypt, the son of the Oxford had held Embassy post in Egypt, the so call Quatet led by Senator Mitchell his role in the North Ireland peace process - the total mess of North Africa and Gulf Region politic. We had let known our views to not just ex PM Blair officials, the USA and EU - those who refused to take due note and where we are today. Equally important what we have written of what is driving the so call political changes in North Africa and the Gulf Region. In Sir James Mancham case the important lesson of history all those Britain sent to exile to then Sechelles/Seychelles from Africa, Egypt, and else where.

We will not entertain the debacle of the Senate we have been calling lobbying for the past 30 years.

We now have University and over the past 5 years all the young graduates who have studied abroad - what did they study - if not to look at the issues which daily confront them critically, along with the politics.

It is being drummed into these young graduates they have to work hard, they have to be honest - the vast amount of money and resources invested in the National Police force. How many like our person have strived, worked very hard the past 35 years to bring economic prosperity to his or her native home, across the world today those same young Seychellois - who have been marginalised, robbed, conned, abused and ripped off by the current government and SPPF/PL. Their hard work, contributions, sweat and blood is all credited to the SPPF/PL politicians, media, government and quangos. The President and his Ministers take all the credits and the international community corrupted, pervert, depraved benchmark support, take it up and tell the world a mass of lies.

Today as You all enjoy in Sechelles/Seychelles - from previous hard work with President FA Rene and his Associates until 1991 owned our person $150 millions not counting the interests - for our work, involvement and facilitating some of the major deals and transactions. From that SIROP etc combined exile/refugee return program $500 - $800 millions we never saw a cent all those who have benefited to date. From the $10 -$20 billions of international gearing involving Sechelles Seychelles, President FA Rene, the SPPF never saw a cent. We have never been compensated for our property - the criminal money they paid via Barclays bank vanished, nobody know where it went and the Court case. All efforts to build something on my grandparents property have been opposed by President FA Rene and President JA Michel - Yet if/should the truth be told. {Those who have been talking of Kalifa - those involved with FA Rene who know the true amount/Sums involved when Kalifa was not around and involved}

Having said/underlined the great importance of our ancestral workings to build Europe, their empire, the global many important institutions they have today, the same they used to lay the foundation of that Sechelles Seychelles and we used it to bring the changes, multiparty changes instead of a Coup d'etat and revolution like they did - yet this government of SPPF/PL have/hold no respect for nobody. We did not call for the blood of our sisters and brothers to be shed, avenge them or steal their properties and what they had worked from 1977 to 1991.

As You enjoy, celebrate this 5th June 2011 - trust You know the reason for celebration.