SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Knights Templar win heresy reprieve after 700 years

VATICAN CITY - The Knights Templar, the medieval Christian military order accused of heresy and sexual misconduct, will soon be partly rehabilitated when the Vatican publishes trial documents it had closely guarded for 700 years.

A reproduction of the minutes of trials against the Templars, "'Processus Contra Templarios -- Papal Inquiry into the Trial of the Templars"' is a massive work and much more than a book -- with a 5,900 euros ($8,333) price tag.

"This is a milestone because it is the first time that these documents are being released by the Vatican, which gives a stamp of authority to the entire project," said Professor Barbara Frale, a medievalist at the Vatican's Secret Archives.

"Nothing before this offered scholars original documents of the trials of the Templars," she told Reuters in a telephone interview ahead of the official presentation of the work on October 25.

The epic comes in a soft leather case that includes a large-format book including scholarly commentary, reproductions of original parchments in Latin, and -- to tantalize Templar buffs -- replicas of the wax seals used by 14th-century inquisitors.

Reuters was given an advance preview of the work, of which only 799 numbered copies have been made.

One parchment measuring about half a meter wide by some two meters long is so detailed that it includes reproductions of stains and imperfections seen on the originals.

Pope Benedict will be given the first set of the work, published by the Vatican Secret Archives in collaboration with Italy's Scrinium cultural foundation, which acted as curator and will have exclusive world distribution rights.

The Templars, whose full name was "Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon," were founded in 1119 by knights sworn to protecting Christian pilgrims visiting the Holy Land after the Crusaders captured Jerusalem in 1099.

They amassed enormous wealth and helped finance wars of some European monarchs. Legends of their hidden treasures, secret rituals and power have figured over the years in films and bestsellers such as "The Da Vinci Code."

The Knights have also been portrayed as guardians of the legendary Holy Grail, the cup used by Christ at the Last Supper before his crucifixion.

The Vatican expects most copies of the work to be bought up by specialized libraries at top universities and by leading medieval scholars.


The Templars went into decline after Muslims re-conquered the Holy Land at the end of the 13th century and were accused of heresy by King Philip IV of France, their foremost persecutor. Their alleged offences included denying Christ and secretly worshipping idols.

The most titillating part of the documents is the so-called Chinon Parchment, which contains phrases in which Pope Clement V absolves the Templars of charges of heresy, which had been the backbone of King Philip's attempts to eliminate them.

Templars were burned at the stake for heresy by King Philip's agents after they made confessions that most historians believe were given under duress.

The parchment, also known as the Chinon Chart, was "misplaced" in the Vatican archives until 2001, when Frale stumbled across it.

"The parchment was catalogued incorrectly at some point in history. At first I couldn't believe my eyes. I was incredulous," she said.

"This was the document that a lot of historians were looking for," the 37-year-old scholar said.

Philip was heavily indebted to the Templars, who had helped him finance his wars, and getting rid of them was a convenient way of cancelling his debts, some historians say.

Frale said Pope Clement was convinced that while the Templars had committed some grave sins, they were not heretics.


Their initiation ceremony is believed to have included spitting on the cross, but Frale said they justified this as a ritual of obedience in preparation for possible capture by Muslims. They were also said to have practiced sodomy.

"Simply put, the pope recognized that they were not heretics but guilty of many other minor crimes -- such as abuses, violence and sinful acts within the order," she said. "But that is not the same as heresy."

Despite his conviction that the Templars were not guilty of heresy, in 1312 Pope Clement ordered the Templars disbanded for what Frale called "the good of the Church" following his repeated clashes with the French king.

Frale depicted the trials against the Templars between 1307 and 1312 as a battle of political wills between Clement and Philip, and said the document means Clement's position has to be reappraised by historians.

"This will allow anyone to see what is actually in documents like these and deflate legends that are in vogue these days," she said.

Rosi Fontana, who has helped the Vatican coordinate the project, said: "The most incredible thing is that 700 years have passed and people are still fascinated by all of this."

"The precise reproduction of the parchments will allow scholars to study them, touch them, admire them as if they were dealing with the real thing," Fontana said.

"But even better, it means the originals will not deteriorate as fast as they would if they were constantly being viewed," she said.

The parchment of a replica document in which Pope Clement V absolved the Knights of charges of heresy, is shown in Rome October 9, 2007. A reproduction of the Latin-language minutes of trials against the Knights Templar in 1308, lost until its rediscovery in 2001, is being published by the Vatican Secret Archives at the end October. The documents, a book and parchments, costs 5,900 euros and its 799 numbered copies are destined for top libraries and medieval scholars. Picture taken October 9, 2007 (Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters)
Reuters Photo: The parchment of a replica document in which Pope Clement V absolved the Knights of...

Vatican Secret Archive,

Publishing house,

In the early part of 1981, it was very dangerous and impossible to research and discuss any issues about the Kinght Templars - (Giovanni Mario Ricci)
We got threathned and almost killed for daring to promote the fact that we the Seychelles, Reunion, Mauritius beside the current Grand L'Orient Masonic Charter and other French Charter, had the right to promote and used certain archaic/fraternal knowledge.
We inturn used it in managing certain aspect of the changes in Poland, COMECON, berlin Wall, German reunification and changes in USSR. The SIROP Program have got element of the Templar archaic/fraternal knowledge.

Had the COMECON not changed, USSR and East Germany - the reappearence of the Knight Templar and Free Mason knowledge and practice, archaic/fraternal practice - they would not have existed there today, they would not have known. The very dangerous development and practice, those for former COMECON who think they know more than our ancestors and the rights they take upon themself. {They deny the very person who helped them bring this about - we have been well educated it is all in the holy scripture and history, the process of denying the legitimate rights to the party who have dpone or contributed to a specific work - except in ur time it is more common.}

The work, aspect of the mechanism we used to promote the CERN project and later the MINI Tel, the WWW also include aspect of the Templar knowldge. Over the years the role of the web to divulge very amny aspect and secrets on the Knight Templar and the Free Mason. ( The Free Mason had been against the project WWW because they were controlling the information)

We have also experience important opposition form the Office of President Mitterand challenging who are we small Seychelles, chased out of France to take up the cause and promote the knowledge of the Knight Templar. We did this is some of the results today.

From 1991 because of the suitcase in Angers - Loire, we promoted - brought about that several books were written on the Free Mason. Equally a number of books and research on the Kinght Templar and some of the films too.

We have equally been encouraging those from Seychelles of French ancestrage to rebuild their archaic/fraternal link and knowledge.(They were our heritage before colonial Britain)The massive rivalary, terrible misdeeds, and incidents over the past 60 years as far back as the 1st world war.

We belive for those who know aspect of the Templar, Druids or Freemason there is no need to give public explanation how we promote these interest/work.

Very important, the vast many who have suddenly rediscover the Knight Templar and cashing in big on it. Who call themself Knight Templars when the world is falling apart - they are there just for the glammor, self importance.

{Most important the reason by the USA and British high parties to torpedo the SIRIO program was because of the link, the ransacking - destruction of our flat/place, 87a victoria road , Kilburn, Brent was partly reason, equally in 1996 when they ransacked the two caravans/mobile at Caple court country Club/Kent home "Princess Diana/Minuette, Place of prayers and the "Emperor" 1 bed mobile home. The very many lawyers involved , the court case at Canterbury and London the reason everything was done to surpress the issues - that we do not get a public hearing.}Part of the reason we have been stranded in Britain since 1991.

Fatima’s giant church is hiding no secrets

A quarter of a million Catholic pilgrims will begin flocking to the shrine at Fátima today to attend the opening of one of the world’s largest churches.

Costing €80 million (£54 million) and financed by an estimated five million annual visitors, the new Church of the Holy Trinity can accommodate nearly 9,000 worshippers. Access to its cavernous 12,000sq m (130,000sq ft) interior will be through 13 bronze doors, symbolising the number present at the Last Supper.

n contrast, the average congregation size in British churches is 100 and the average seated capacity in a parish church is 500. St Paul’s Cathedral can seat a congregation of up to 2,500

Pope Benedict XVI will send a live televised message to the gathered faithful on Sunday, the 90th anniversary of the last time that the Virgin of Fátima was reported to have appeared before three Portuguese shepherd children, delivering a series of apocalyptic visions of the future. The National Republican Guard, the country’s paramilitary police, will have 300 officers and 150 paramedics on hand.
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Five million people a year travel to Fátima, 110 km (70 miles) north of Lisbon, and the numbers are rising as “faith tourism” becomes big business.

Local church officials had long complained that the existing basilica was far too small. Pilgrims should not be disappointed with its successor. It comes equipped with five chapels, nearly 50 confessional booths and a café for worshippers to “rest and reflect”. The oval building has no internal columns to avoid obstructing live television broadcasts. Computers will keep lighting levels constant and solar panels will provide energy.

The church includes a 500sq m mural of New Jerusalem made of thousands of handmade Portuguese tiles. The walls will bear passages from the Bible in 23 languages.

“I thank God I have not had to worry about money,” said Monsignor Luciano Guerra, the rector of the sanctuary. Even holy projects can be bedevilled by delays and cost overruns: the church was originally to cost €40 million and open its doors on May 13.

Alexandros Tombazis, the Greek Orthodox architect responsible for design, has described his new church as humble. He said that he made it relatively low-slung to avoid overshadowing the Basilica of Fátima.

The cult of Fátima began after three children claimed that the Virgin Mary appeared before them on May 13, 1917. In a series of visions over the following six months, the Virgin of Fátima allegedly revealed to them the “Three Secrets of Fátima”.

The first two were made public but the third was jealously guarded by the Catholic Church for decades, giving rise to fervent speculation and conspiracy theories. Because the “third secret” remained undisclosed, it was assumed that it described the end of the world. However, Pope John Paul II said that it referred instead to a “bishop in white” falling in a hail of bullets, which he took to be a prediction of the 1981 attempt on his own life. He attributed his narrow escape from death to the intervention of the Virgin Mary, and donated the bullet extracted from his abdomen to the Fátima shrine.

In 2000 he beatified two of the young shepherds, Francisco Marto and his sister Jacinta, who died in childhood. Their cousin Lúcia, who became a nun at Coimbra, died two years ago. At Fátima John Paul also revealed the long-awaited third secret of Fátima, which Sister Lúcia had confided to the Vatican. The first two “secrets”, which were published, referred to the world wars of the 20th century and the reconversion of communist Russia to Christianity.

In April Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Secretary of State (Vatican Prime Minister) who will officiate at the inauguration ceremony this weekend, denied that the Vatican had withheld a fourth secret.

In a book recounting his conversations with Sister Lúcia he quoted her as telling him: “Everything has been published. No secret remains.”

Church of the Holy Trinity

8,600 worshippers

3.2 tonnes weight of bronze doors

125m (410ft) diameter

18m (60ft) high

13 entrances

500m² (5,382 sq ft) presbytery, the biggest in the world

Source: La Stampa

Great and good

— The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast, is the world’s largest church. Its area is 30,000sq m(323,000sq ft)

— The dome of St Peter’s Basilica, Rome, reaches 119m (390ft)

— The Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, Brazil, is the biggest church in the Americas. It has a volume of 1.2 million cu m (42 million cu ft)

— Münster Cathedral, Germany, is the world’s tallest church, at 162m

Friday, 12 October 2007

Stage set to create Seychelles’ Stock Exchange


A new Bill that makes it possible to create a Securities Market or Stock Exchange in the country has received the unanimous approval of the National Assembly.

The Securities Bill, 2007, which was approved by the Assembly on Tuesday, will replace the Securities Industry Act, 1995, which is considered outdated as many changes have occurred since it was enacted.


The Leader of Government Business, Hon. Marie-Louise Potter, said the Bill is good for the country’s economic development as it will allow investors to make transactions without risks and also allow the country to enjoy the benefits which these developments will bring.

For his part, Hon. Bernard Georges from the Opposition, even though he welcomed the Bill and described it as necessary, said he believes that an independent body other than the Central Bank of Seychelles would have been better placed to act as the regulatory authority.











Like the SIROP/Alliance/DP/SNP/MPR /CDU exile program we followed events. When we put that portal together we knew it was a matter of times before a Seychelles Stock market was put in place. My many threads.

The discussion last year - that Indian company who provide expertise to concept the necessary software and stock market technology for AU gave me optimism.

We have been watching the work of the Central bank in Seychelles, the issues they brought forward closely.

With the of Eden Development and the Dubai government - SPECIALLY THE HEAD OF DUBAI STATE ENCOURAGEMENT, Pinnacle Holding coming to Seychelles, it was in their interest to support and lobby for this to come about soon.

We refer to our Mauritius friends, not to forget it was our Seychelles EU community who "catapulted Mauritius Stock market" the very many issues we have been involved since.

Now that we will have one your support like we have supported yours and that of African Union all the Officials we have lobbied. The Pan African and Indian Stock market project.

Now to our British friends thank you for all the time, discussions, the many meetings to seek your advice, all the leading bank we have met with in Britain and talk about this project.

The current officials of the London market and Exchange our in put in the Market over the past 25 years.

This goes to our French, German Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Belgium, Austrian, Irish and Scandinavia friends.

The South African for all their time and effort to support us, all the killing and the blood.

The USA/Canadian officials reaction - we trust they are happy for us. My/our involvement in the USA Market and Canadian Market the past 25 years, the future.

To our Russian friends - thank you.

To the Chinese - the visit of the Chinese President last years our emails and your promise unspoken, thank you.

Australia, our Seychelles community and the very large Mauritius community who assisted us with our EU community portal thank you. A little progress and a little bit more faith building in each other.

We just hope and trust that the government will not make the misjudgment to get some gick to write a book on how JA Michel started a Stock Market - history ought to be written as as they happened and researched. Give due credit to those that deserve.


To the members and friend of the many Seychelles forum, for a very long time we have been wise to very many things - those that refused to give us the opportunity. Remember the grape vine - where it originate and the process, science of planting grape vine.

To our Community in EU, Britain - please remember the European High speed train project, the Kings Cross station London this months, our community in Islington, the Volunteers and the very many who have contributed and never received a thank you.

Lastly to all my learned friends in Seychelles you judge we were being a nuisance and pestering you and wasting your time - we will not boast this not our nature. There is a lesson here - the need to have faith - to pray, to believe and to be persistent. THIS IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE BELIVED IN US AND SUPPORTED US - SPECIALLY TO MR GUY MOREL , THOSE HE HAS LEFT BEHIND CONGRATULATION.

We do trust the Government have planned an adequate place to house/start the Stock market

There is the need to celebrate: Those of you in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Holland Austria have fun.

We have a situation – the Seychelles community forum is block, some nasty person are invading the Commonwealth section of the forum with sex, drugs and other spams. We cannot post and use the forum.

Finally to Tuula all the swearing and late Sir James Goldsmith daughter, many know whom we are talking about – the importance to have a dream and work at it. To the daughter of our "good friend on the log and the bottle of red wine in the forest" - thank you for your apple cider as a school girl - trust you bring your childern on the same dream.

Note: How can we forget the Project Seychelles International Classical Festival. Finally the great announcement, aspect of the reason to promote this project in Seychelles to bring about A Seychelles Stock Market for those who are not versed in the archaic/fraternal issues.

Overlooked Issues:
We have been reminded of President FA Rene, first Initiative to start/research a Stock Market with the help of experts from OAU then. ( About the same time as Mauritius started its Stock Market) Rs500,000. spent. We also underline the effort by Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci and Associates, Sir James Mancham and Associates, Mr Noshi Wadia of the Temooljhi group, they gave up/rather fed up. The reason President FA Rene spent so much money to refurbish the Victoria Market - the pride of Seychelles - the vast many issues International, regional East and West at the time, to give momentum to this project. The very many EU, Australian, Asian, Russian, Canadian, African Union personalities who have lobby president FA Rene that a Stock market need to be establish in Seychelles.

We have noted the thread of the last forum member., the lack of financial knowledge by the nation. {We gave you the Internet for this very reason - teach your family what is going on the many market all over the world - how they work, you are not ristricted. Just like the many gambling and Casinos online} Likewise appropriate body , institution to put in place benevolant or otherwise to monitor the negative effects, help and educate those who do not understand and want to verture in this field. The Government have a duty to do this.

Listing Issue:
The next big challange will be to decide/set up criterias for company to list. By now there must have been several unofficial exercise and discussions.

Brokers Liscencing:
We have noted the very many registered financial service company in Seychelles which can become official Brokers. The Public and nation must watch our for favoritism. The Opposition will have to be on their guards.

Board of Directors/governor:
Again the public will have to be on their guard that those involved are not all sponsored by the Government or the Party. It will not do good or give credibility.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

The tallest Cross they want to build & the tallest chair in Linz - Austria

Nazareth wants world's largest cross

A computer-generated image of the world's largest cross, set to be built in Nazareth pending municipal approval.

The proposal, which is still in its planning stages, is being floated by a group of affluent Christian businessmen from Israel and abroad.

The massive cross, dubbed "The Nazareth Cross," would tower 60 meters high, and would be decorated by some 7.2 million brilliant mosaic tiles made of Nazareth stone, according to project adviser Ibrahim Boulous.

The plans for the cross, which would be built next to the English Hospital in the ancient city, are still being worked on, and could be changed in the coming weeks, Boulous said.

A French architect is due to arrive in Israel this week to discuss the project, he added.

According to the original plan, a church will stand at the center of the monumental cross, while a state-of-the-art visitor center will be built in a five sq.-km. space around it, according to the project's Web site.

The privately-funded building proposal, which is being promoted by an NGO comprising various Christian denominations, is meant to increase tourism to the economically hard-hit city.

Nazareth deputy mayor Bashir Abdel-Razik said Sunday that the idea to build such a project has not been presented to the city, which must approve such a grandiose plan.

He said he was unsure if the plan would ever get off the ground.

The proposal for the huge cross is seen as likely to cause unrest among the city's Muslims, who make up two-thirds of the population of 74,000 people.

Religious tensions have boiled over in the past when the two sides had a heated six-year dispute over attempts by the Muslims to build a large mosque next to the Basilica, one of Christendom's holiest sites.

The Basilica is built on the site where Christians believe the angel Gabriel appeared before the Virgin Mary and foretold the birth of Jesus two millennia ago.

Israel eventually barred the construction of the mosque four years ago following severe pressure from the Vatican and a united Christian front against the building project.

Nazareth, which used to be heavily frequented by Israelis and tourists, has, like many other cities in Israel, been hard-hit by the Palestinian violence over the last seven years, with many shops in the historic Old City forced to close their doors as both Israelis and foreigners stayed away during this time.

With a respite in violence, locals and Tourism Ministry officials are hoping to see a resurgence in tourism to the Galilee town, which had been preparing for a surge of tourists for the millennium, just before the latest round of violence began.

A computer generated image of the cross planned to be built at Nazareth, different view.

We had wanted to add a picture of the tallest Chair, in the news recently via a German TV Technical program 26/09/07. The chair is red. The competition took place in Austria - Linz, the industrial heart of Austria, it is strange neither google or yahoo have the details in their search system. This is the problem of the world those who control the media they missinform the world too.

Below is a link to the recent record holder Italy:

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Moses, Moses finally Euro Star undertake maiden journey Paris Nord- King Cross, Islington 4/09/07 new route £5.9 billions

At AKS Forum this article is titled -Come to Seychelles and plant "Cambar"

Certain pattern, so called increase/more violent acts of conflicts, terror activities, natural catastrophe of greater intensity, major market collasp – financial crises have their root, originate from the fact that the institutions meant to regulate are not doing their work – failing, reason they fail.

On the other just as politician and news media have taken to massively using scams, lies and so call spin to control, manipulate the minds of the public and consumers, this with greater dynamic, brutality. Those from the corporate world who are are enhancing these terrible practices to make greater corporate profit and margins with the media active involvement.

Those who talk of protecting the environment, church leaders who moral about greater Christian ethic, all the vast debate about greater transparency and benchmark the terrible hypocrisy which exist – they ought to know that they did not create this world, life and its creation. Form the dawn of our planet – the Power involved have created controlling mechanism. When the development of certain imbalance begin, the controlling mechanism or a number of controlling mechanism automatically react. The human being does not live on Mars they live on planet earth – they are susceptible and volatile to the same laws. Those great environmentalist, church leaders, moral preachers had well remember it.

Over the past 20 years these situation taken a greater manifestation – occurance. Historian, politicians, busy bodies and fraternal/archaic related bodies, institutions would have us believe these are new phenomenas. They have existed over the past 1000 years. It existed during the old Europe, the pre first world war and the second world war – they are the cause and reason for the wars. In their dishonesty, being the very ones who are responsible to control and minimize such happening, can cause/cause many of those terrible situation and events to take place.

All the indication is pointing that we have reached this juncture – we have a very major global crises once again. Those who emphasize – underline that Terror is the principal cause leading to destruction of social democratic, social and political system.

When addressing large nations with millions of people – it can be understood that it would be folly to imagine they - the phenomena of massive corruption, massive abuse of official powers, abuse of the consumers by the media ans news media, the politicians the police arrogant abuse of their powers – the very institutions to pass these laws being represented by men abuse of their powers, misguided and intellectually bankrupt. Or nations with thousands of years culture and social practice based – encouraging such practices change overnight.

In Seychelles this situation existed in minimal percentage before our independence – began to show its ugly head in the first government of Sir James Mancham. Come the era of FA Rene governments it escalated. Seychelles is a nation of 130,000 – 90, 000 in Seychelles rest dispersed across the world. The fact that as a small nation we are plague by/with this phenomena. The comparison of other Small island nation and in the Indian Ocean, Reunion, Mauritius, Commores, the Chagos, Sir Lanka, Maldive and Madagascar. Their/the situation.

Equally in Seychelles, the institutions meant to regulate, prevent such occurance and abuses, political leadership, the media, the Judiciary, police and the church hypocrisy. Most important the state control media TV, Radio and paper who want to make the world believe such things does not happen in Seychelles. That the politicians work day and night for the well being of the nation and the people they have choose – rendered in to bondage to serve.

During the era of FA Rene one party rule, the efforts which existed to point out, bring to the public and world attention of such corrupted practices. Why those involved were able to do so and their interest.

This situation changed when the same parties began to clamor fight for their share of power and money – they joined the practice of using the same venhemous system, approaches, hypocritical practices to clamber the ladder of power and grab share of money.

To be very specific we are talking about the SIROP, CDU, Alliance, DP, SNP. SNM exile return program. The possibility which existed not only for them to come into government, regain lost properties – most importantly manage and control the economic program which had been estimated for Seychelles over the next 10/years $500 – 800 millions. This did not include the multinational corporate involvement we had help set up worth thousands of billions dollars or Euro they could engage into.

We wish to quote the late Mr Guy Morel and ask former associate to excuse us. “ He found himself in the situation of running a very important Department of Seychelles government with no experience personnel – how he decided to create the Seychelles Institute of Management – its original purpose”.

What develop and transpired once everybody realized that the SIROP, CDU, Alliance, DP, SNP, SNM exile return program was workable. In the old Seychelles we were taught to harvest fish – to do this exercise, somebody had to have/be the owner of the net and pirogue and a few fisherman. From the shore volunteers responsibility to take charge of the rope of the net, after the shoal had been encircled – more volunteers to mann the other rope – began the work of pulling in the net until the shore. The main bulk of the catch would go to the Fisherman, pirogue owner, and net. The volunteers would take what they needed for the needs and family – that was the old order. Mean while – over the past 18 years Seychelles had made great stride into industrial fishing, the many technique used on high sea by several nation.

There was never proper accountability and assessment done by the international communities or for this matter anybody in Seychelles with respect to the SIROP etc exile return programm.

Seychelles government, SPPF got the bulk of the fishing harvest – SIROP exile return program, from Parti Seychellois/CDU, now SNP a small share, the SNM just disintegrated, with DP getting a good share of the catch in corporate term, property back and compensation. The Alliance had been a Trojan horse for DP and SNM faction they lost out importantly with DP and Parti Seychellois making most of the corporate gain.

What bout the multinational gain worth thousands of billions of dollars remember we had been involved, contributed to its development and coming into being. Those multinational, corporation associated with FA Rene made very significant – in instance some of the profit would keep Seychelles running form 10 years without any body having to work. Sir James Mancham, syndicated corporate associate equally making vast gains. The lion share went ruthless multinational operators, kickback operation, spin off for international political parties and their trade unions. also the many Mafia syndicates who benefited very importantly. The very many regional government who benefited and have benefited, their business man, corporate.

The practice and so call bench mark set in place. For the first time in modern history apart from the Second world war, the Winner of the War dividing the economic spoil of the War and its populace made to pay. With the involvement of the world media, the Church and Judiciary. The highly dishonest, callous, criminal and brutal practice applied. The bitterness of nation, the hate which it created. The Seychelles, Mauritius have been at the mercy of such practice the French and British Wars.

Those involved in corporate management, government – their intelligence service, Archaic/fraternal institutions, had to reinvent methods how to callously take over, gain once more vast share, opportunity of events in Poland, COMECON, the War Pact which change the world. The so call new world which ensued. They had to develop new potential threats – invent new enemies. One of those enemies was SIROP exile return program. The madness and speed with which things degraded led to the first Iraq War, the Balkan War, since them several. Small and large nations found themselves involve in a vast criminal wheel never before experience and seen on such scale. We all know in learning language you learn a lot easier how to swear and forget least.

The many mechanism in place to act as counter balance reaction– because of the refusal bankrupted morality of the world political leadership to recognize their wrongs, terrible practice and along the multinational, the media we have a situation speedily running our of hand.

Where does this leave us in Seychelles. We have underline some of the events which led to the Make Poverty History, Live8 and African largest dept write off $500 – 800 billions. All the public debate once this is done the new energy, possibilities for Africa. Once the global scam involved the billions of dollars vanished and African – the AU is back to almost what it was before the debt write off exercise took place. Those involved seeking more possibilities to scam and steal even more.

In Seychelles, we have a situation with possibility some $5/8 billions worth of investment the next 10 years, the process that have been set in place, values and traditional, heritage values ditched so that they can engage in mass stealing, skim off, kickback and the such. They have totally refuse to take in, learnt why that mega earth quake and Tsunami came/occured in 2004/5, other terrible development since. Those involved have taken to creating eviler, corrupted mechanism, network and structures. It is not a situation Seychellois want – those involved creating them so that they can get away with fraudulent activities on a very vast scale, they can put scenarios that the small politicians of Seychelles and their business man cannot grasp or comprehend, including their media and church officials. The next step as they have done in Europe, US, Australia, target – use locals to target their own national, business community if they dare to speak out. This is the situation we have in Seychelles currently. The new benchmark and practice is to use the very international institutions there to monitor such abhorrent practice use them to gag the locals, the NGO's the small business communities. This mechanism is far dangerous and devastating than those little man peddling their drugs on the streets of Victoria. ( They have failed to learn the lesson of Enron - we were involved. We have known and seen this development in not just USA property market, other market and other sector of the world markets)

The same psychology in military term that was applied to invade Iraq is being applied in Seychelles and will be applied. The most important question to ask is where it is coming from its source. Everything have source place of originate. The very democratic institutions, Fraternal/Archaic meant to act as control is the very cause of this development – some may say bankrupt intellect. Those who study world affairs ought to know that in the Arab/Muslim world there exist great thinkers and men of great intellectual possibilities. These men they also have the ability to differentiate the current world development. Unless there is a radical change of heart – back to Socialist values not necessarily the USSR, China or COMECON values. We will witnessed greater ideological confrontation between those two great spiritual powers.

We want those involved, the multinational seeking to invest and get involved in Seychelles, know
there are those of us in EU who can see events long before they take place, we are the grand children of those that refused to yield during the many terrible process of France history – we carry and will carry their spirit in us. Without us you would not be making the billions of dollars profit. You are there and investing because of us. You must know there equally exist mechanism to counter balance and regulate such excesses.

Euro Star maiden journey from Paris Gard du Nord - Kings Cross 4/09/07 copy this thread also at SIROP Blog

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Opera great Luciano Pavarotti has died

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Monday, 20 August 2007

British history page, before it was blank.

We decided on 18/08/07 after nearly 2 years of protest to add a topic at our Seychelles EU community portal – British history page, before it was blank.

The article is about a very prominent Seychelles lawyer – his family Mr (David) Evariste Collet link to the issues of our Seychelles exile community in 1987 there about, what was happening, the establishment effort to manipulate our community policy, development plans, approach of work, view of the Seychelles problematic, the exile life in Britain, its vast complexities, how we as an exile community were being treated – the very raw deal we were getting. The massive efforts to control our every activities.

We have written how prior to taking certain responsibilities on behalf of our community we had undertaken intensive discussions with many very prominent Seychellois be they exile, migrant for East Africa or former Student and politicians. Most important what the many communities, voluntary agencies, corporate Britain, the church, the politicians and education institutions in Britain knew about us, the image that was being portray about our politic, the mess we were in, the reason for the mess and who was controlling who and what. The programming which had been going on the past 100 years.

In the link as you visit that page you will see of the list of freed slave brought to Seychelles by the British.

We became the first person from Seychelles who made a very concentrated effort to meet most of the Black West Indian , African, Asian, Latin American, Vietnamese, Philippine, Balkan, Jewish, Irish, Greek, Italian, Kurds and Turkish, Indian, Timberland, Pakistani and Bangladesh communities in London to discuss ethnic community issues and needs. Equally refugees and exiles from the above including Armenian, Iraqi, Lebanese.

We under took this effort because of the terrible situation which existed of the image, conception of who the Seychelles nation were all about. The lies, by historians and establishment over the years and what this was leading to. We were being treaded no better than African freed slaves. They had no respect for our French and other European Archaic/fraternal/religious heritage. Whilst abusing our strategic role in the Indian Ocean, Africa. Particularly vis is the Council Authorities, certain large Refugee and exile British organization set up to support refugees and exiles which were failing. How we found our self getting kicked about, everybody was getting something we were getting nothing – even among the refugee and exile communities we found ourself being discriminated against.

We have stated our knowledge of importance of information beside other French colonies around the world their fate, development in France in this field. Most important having experienced the important impact Cable and Wireless, FEBA and USAF in facilities in Seychelles. We have also written our training, contact with Austrian computer programmers of leading companies like IBM, Siemens, Olivetti and others – decision to become involved in the issues and science of computer technology, development, politic and programming. The concept of program and software being develop. How at that time Bill Gate being a young computer developer we had supported his concept against others and what this lead to over the years against IBM. In Britain the computer companies which existed the issues, politic, corporate and scientific development, aspects of our involvements.

We were very concern and angry that certain high parties in Britain knew that we supported the Minitel system which existed in France – how be they corporate information or whatever information available was being shared in Britain the close tight fist of the establishment and the politicians. Our efforts to decimates information using aspect of our ancestral archaic/fraternal mechanism, very many other complex issues and finally what led to the CERN project being announced and set up, the French interest to develop a more functioning Minitel system under President Mitterrand government – because those who manipulated our politic, archaic/fraternal heritage how this led to British taking a more important responsibility in certain development – finally leading to Tim Brenner Lee conception of the WWW, the Soviet Union system and the East German development in this field. The later for military purpose.

We knew they existed, we researched and followed development – hence our anger that the military , the politician elite and the establishment had access to information did not have and how the world could be changed if certain or “these information could be available” that was the basic thinking. Hence in London under Lady Tacther the “debacle about our Seychelles community to certain and others about breaking the Wall” - the “Berlin Wall” was also coming down. In our case it had meant the massive parapsycological wall which the establishment had set up to control and manipulate everything. Almost to what the situation is today.

We discussed aspect of these issues with them Mr Henry Naiken, the studies he had undertaken in USSR. We discussed the studies other Seychellois had undertaken in former COMECON countries.

During the era of Mr Gerrard Houreau, the SNM/MPR office, the news media those that had began to set up data base and use basic word processing and printing – saving their work and material. How information could be transferred on a floppy which before one would carry around large documents and brief case – this could be done using a floppy. One could also retrieved large amount of information and store them on a floppy.

In that article on our British History page beside the brief details of our history relates to the Lawyer Mr Collet role in London many years before and Secretary of the quasi third world communities in London. In 1986 there were several others, the Latin American had their own, the Afro Caribbeans, the South African – Pan African congress, the East African and OAU, the none Aligned groups, Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh had their own separate bodies. As we discussed certain issues with Mr Henry Naiken we were aware of these issues and past issues. When you become aware of your or community involvement in a project/development like the WWW you do make great effort to keep up with progress, the many new issues which come up. How you can continue to make due input and other contributions to such development. How many recall those super spy brief case costing £25,000 upward for simple portable telephoning.

We also recall the situation which existed, the old NCVO office, the VSC and BRC, the local Council policies those that made it very difficult for any ethnic community, refugee to afford a computer or such system. We do believe we ought to be note in history beside the office of MPR/SNM, UKSCA became the second Seychelles community body in London/Britain to get involved in major community computer based project. We were linked to HVA, the Elderly project, the Hounslow refugee project, the MSC project and the Aid, Lesbian, project.

We had applied for grant to set up our own independent office, the many problematic and opposition, excuses because they wanted to maintain control of our database and other information we would be keeping on that computer. This was further reason why we decided not to write any official version of the SIROP -CDU, later Alliance/DP/SNM/MPR exile program. Because we knew of the practice and what was going on those who specialize in manipulating and controlling information, issues and events – diplomatically and the covert means. The police involvement to raid or confiscate our data base and other information. We equally maintained overview on the development in the field of computer use and IT in Seychelles Indian Ocean region.

By the time the 3rd Republic was set in place the WWW had began to flourish and very many young scientist, adventurers had made themselves known. Shortly after began the implantation of young Seychellois company involved in the IT industry and science. In Seychelles the government Office, department who could access the WWW using the cable and wireless land line system.
We saw the setting up of Koko Net most important Atlas Internet Service provider. For the purpose of history our community effort from Britain to encourage/promote the introduction, use of computer base knowledge in Seychelles dissemination of information. Again because of the situation which existed. The total lies about the SIROP – CDU, Alliance, DP/SNP/SNP exile program, events in Poland – the change and fall of the COMECON, Warsaw Pact, events of the Berlin Wall, German reunification and most important change in the USSR – Russia and China, Changes in the OAU. “ We also take the opportunity to quote a very leading young Seychellois in public position who had stated that the WWW was an infernal pest – because they could no longer control the flow of information in Seychelles.” Most important the collasp of the exile return program, those in Seychelles and to this day unable to make adequate use of the WWW facilities, communicate with the greater world and its institutions explaining what was going on in Seychelles. The many families which were compelled to return to Britain and restart their lives.

We have mentioned that we have met the Grand son of Lawyer Mr (David) Evariste Collet, our community in Britain had failed to have web presence, be they UKSCA or FECAS-ECSVS those that had done everything to prevent this so they could go on spreading their lies ans sleaze and rule our community by Terror and fear, intimidation. The government had sent sent young seychellois in London to study computer and IT. We had hope and expected that during the time of his study in London we would get the opportunity to develop that web portal or a web site for our community. There were other Seychellois in London with IT knowledge those that later put the SEYNEWS.COM, run IT business or computer repair business. They did not come forward, had refused. Very many had stated their view that they could not understand that something was very wrong we had failed as a nation and exile community to benefit from the giant historic development and process we had initiated and important involved, we had made a major contribution to the development of the WWW, software development and other communication technology – we had not benefited at all – they could not understand this. These is the brief Seychelles getting involved in satellite communication – the Iran Government and others.

To make matters more complicated Mauritius announced that it was developing a Cyber Project on Mauritius, the Ebene Cyber Village. We did believe that such young Seychellois would have taken up the Mauritius challenge and equally go further afield. We had come across a Sirlankan Company formation based in Harley Street who were involved in a project to set up a Cyber constellation in Sirlanka – the Tsunami came and the project collasp.

Two days ago we watched a CNN program the evolution and mega conference in Virtual world issues and project, the views put forward by the many respective and interested parties. Where this will eventually lead to – most important the dangers involved which they did not discuss, the psychology of the games becoming more ruthless, brutal and dangerous the psychological impact on the mind. Those involved in controlling the world agendas, those that started the last war in the Gulf region how they almost convinced the world of their just war and how it could be won and the fiasco and result in the region, the 7 millions refugee and exile, the country set back 20 years, the dangerous development in the region and the world.

This morning we watched on German TV the program of about the mega get together on a disused Russian base, in bunkers of clubs and gathering of Hackers and cowboys as they put it the issues discussed – the frontier of the computer world and IT, programming and gaming.

The reason for this article is to show the situation which prevails in the world. The station decided to discuss the long debated $100 computer for Africa, meaning that computer made available, build with coat less than $100 and available to everybody in Africa. There is this group pioneering a project in Ethiopia. Once cannot but detect certain agenda to controll learning, how the African nation learn and get access to the WWW and new technologies. We come back to the blank page on the Seychelles EU connection British history page. The link as you click the picture of the freed slaves. The progress Seychelles have have the past 20 years in this field those of African ancestral origin in Seychelles.

There is another program sponsored and supported by Linux based in Tanzania, and regional nation to make use of used computer with basic program – soft wear for class room, village and communities. The debacle that Africa – AU inability, their government to provide computer to its school children or adult population. The argument that the world is an IT world those nation that cannot grasp or keep abreast will loose out and suffer. We also draw the attention of those who are arguing that millions in AU are sick have no medicine the priority would be to provide those. Compared to the cost of generating electricity, training and maintaining network and IT system. Is this not the same situation our Seychelles exile community was in in Britain 1885/6, after events of the new Republic, the failed SIROP exile return program 1991 onwards.

We cannot but refer to African Union politic and its agendas demand for a United State of Africa and such government. Those leading this agenda. Seychelles would have been a very poor country today if those that had come forward and contributed to the important implantation of the many aspect of the IT, WWW and computer development in Seychelles. Surely this ought to be the priority of AU leaders, Africa have human resource like India and China. Mauritius have been praised as an AU nation for its important progress in this industry and field. In the world we exist of mass control via the WWW and IT the multinational and big corporation who sees opportunity purely for larger corporate gains. If need be keep in darkness a whole nation or many nations.

We do trust that grand son of lawyer Mr (David) Evariste Collet will retake his interest in the computer science.

In EU we have failed to make better use of the WWW, IT modern communication – equally so to in Seychelles, the project for an Internet based radio, news media, investment/finance other project which would have been of great assitance to in EU and Seychelles.

We trust those visiting our portal have not fail to notice that we have an on line auction and an add/sell both related to computer, memory and monitor added 17/08/07.

Monday, 13 August 2007

20 years after the SIROP- CDU/Alliance, DP, SNP/SNM exile program, Russia unveils vast programme to upgrade missile defenses. International investment

20 years after the SIROP- CDU/Alliance, DP, SNP/SNM exile program, Russia unveils vast programme to upgrade missile defenses. International investment nears $4 billions in Seychelles.

We have endevoured on this blog to underline very importantly the core philosophy, dynamic behind the forces, networks to bring about the historic, near miraculous changes in Poland first, then the rest of the COMECON, the Berlin Wall leading to the German reunification, not only changes in USSR – parting of many small and great nations once part of the Soviet Power. This leading to president FA Rene, his government return of multi party in Seychelles, the role OAU had played, China other Socialist/Communist nations.

The core philosophy driving this dynamic was the people networks which existed in influencing global politic, military decision, those involved their belief. That it was possible in spite all the great military, political experts, religious leaders opposite views/argument to concept an international order where by those two waring factions could live- coexist with each other with out reverting to nuclear threat's, military posturing and escalation.

Most important the conception that immance corporate/political mechanism could be put in place under the guise of democracy in reality they were vast corporate interest to use, develop and build more and more sophisticated weapons, military plans, services to make profit. It figured in turn a very high percentage of Western industry economy.

The alternative approach is/was to put in place co existing structures and invest the resource, wealth in large social projects, building third world economy – creating better potential market. Those were involved in the “Putch” between President Gorbachev and President Yeltsin believed in this sincerely. Most important they believed that the West would honor such global undertaking.

The global conception was that the USSR, the communist were the villains, they were the threat's to world peace, democracy, Christianity, they would destroy mankind.

By whatever methods and means we managed to put this philosophy in practice. The Russian were a very aggressive military nation. Suddenly they found themselves having to cope with highly corrupted Western democratic values, corporate, social, judicial and religious and institutional practice. They had come into contact with the concept of Mafia, Cartels, and the such – they suddenly found themselves in the situation they had to be better than the Mafia and Cartel system which existed in the West for their economic survival. We had foreseen this development and its very grave dangers before 1987 which would lead to eventual break down of the co existing structures put in place. Which is where we stand today.

The West namely USA, its archaic/fraternal- state institutions very grave misjudgment in not seeing the long term impact of events in those who planned and supported the break up of Yugoslavia, for political, military and international self importance. Events leading to it. Those nations that use other political conflicts to survive at home, reason to main their National defense spending, military preparedness and develop new expertise. In other word use other nation to gain military expertise and supremacy. USSR had just been broken, their system in disarray – more concern with the nation immediate economic rebuilding and survival.

Out of this situation to cover up for the scandalous practices other reason good reason had to be invented – new rules had to be set out, new invention and labeling of enemy and targets. They were not interested in maintaining the new world order which had been put in place. In the first instance they had very minimal involvement and influence how it had come about. Had they had their way it would have been a question of who destroyed who in the first nuclear strike and who could have survived the longest in the bunker and ability to take over global dominance after.
The second biggest error was the EU judicial institutions conception and institutionalization of “Terrorism- War on Terror”the system set in place to interpret, decide what “Terrorism was all about” The USA was importantly involved – bullied the EU to adopt the wording and institutionalization. Where the EU could have played a unique role in defining international political issues – it had been trapped, it had been involved in a global deception – misconception and the Russian knew that over the time more so. The very terrible standards of Western democratic values.

Not only the West proved the former USSR – Russian nation of their terrible values of Western corporate practice, worse still their ability to distort Western Judicial values, institutions to suit very corrupted interest.

The issues leading to the EU adopting the “Terror Regulation – creating a new Department”was/is as terrible as the proposed Radar shield in Poland and Czechoslovakia to stop rogue/terrorist incoming missile from “Iran or North Korea “when none of these countries have the capabilities.

Those of us involved in the original Network that contributed to change in Poland, then the COMECON face a very grave delima. We were not interested in military control of the world and mankind or economic – corporate control or spiritual control as had were being hinted by certain elite establishment. Because of their control mania.

Prior to our communities in EU, around the world and Indian Ocean having the means to address such above issues to the greater public. The USA national Services and certain European Service of inventing issues, linking issues with our politic, diplomacy or economy and culture -eventually archaic/fraternal heritage.

With the existence of such platform those service can study, research and analyze in greater details aspects of our involvements. Some of the issues we have presented they would have paid importantly and set in place due resource. Yet nobody have said a thank you word of appreciation. We have made their work easier as a matter of fact to easy.

Having said that where does it leave Seychelles. For history sake and student of history seldom have we encountered in recent time a political, economic concept put in place instead of forcing, compelling what the nation believed had concluded a totally corrupted, criminal, communist, involved in killing, torture and disappearance of its citizens. The role we have played in converting the same party to embracing other values – today finding themselves playing and taking the role of Democratic party and Nationalist party – their agendas.

The question old hands in Seychelles politic will be asking what about those that supported the Socialist values, who will represent them. We are compelled to mention a project which is going on in former East Germany – a young couple have gone into the Hotel business and decided to refurbish their Hotel in East German style, decor including pictures of President Honecker. When all other hotels are breaking down and rebuilding the East German image.

Seychelles unlike COMECON or USSR had a double practice in place a corporate politic for the people and a corporate politic for the government- its international involvement in corporate business.

We have witnessed the phenomena of International Investment nearing $4 billions this year. Again very many in Seychelles and around the world asking where this will lead to. Those international investors have their own agendas and requirements. What is not said their dubious and unstated agendas – motives.

When the government talk of publicity – the publicity they have earned. Their involvement in concepting the WWW. Their involvement in helping changes in Poland, COMECON – Warsaw Pact, Germany Reunification, change in USSR, contribution to rebuilding the British economy from 1979 onward after the decolonization collasp. Very important contributions in very many important EU political and economic issues. Important economic growth in Asian region – aspect of its contributions in Arab Region economy. Important contributions toward changing the OAU to AU leading to EU and Asian nations request that it be adopted as role model for African Union.

Like the USSR have been deceived by the West military/corporate intention – later their Judicial values. The Seychelles along with many other nations have taken to benefiting, the practice of manipulating its role and who played what role.

At the same time we have a Western system that is prepared to play this game- go along with this development. Those involved knowing that for the small investment of say $4 billions given the fact that we have been involved – the issues of BIOT, Diego Garcia, Seychelles strategic position – the four recent Wars, their cost involving nearly $4 billions a day, the civilian suffering in the case of Iraq 6 millions exiles, their economy destroyed and rebuilding will take some 20 years or more. Again these are issues that the great experts and generals, strategist should have foreseen and planned for.

How will the Seychelles politicians cope with this situation.

We had called in the SIROP, CDU/Alliance etc exile return concept for a Senate type of parliamentary system. Instead of waiting for a group of powerful International Investors supporting a political party or person and put in place a system of their choosing.

In 2004 there was a near attempted coup d'etat in Maldive Island – the request by political parties to set in place a Parliamentary system.

We have underline the situation in Seychelles whereby the vast expat community and Seychelles national were expelled or forced into exile – the current International Investment will inevitably see some 3000 – upward foreigners settling in Seychelles their right to vote and other demands. {What must be said and not forgotten they USA and Britain, were the prime cause which led to the situation 31 years ago – we had to walk into/adopt a fudge Constitution, unprepared leading to the eventual departure of the expat and some 7,000 or more Seychelles families, the pain, humiliation, suffering in exile, destruction of several generations work and hard toil. The Revolution/Coup d'etat was a back lash of this fudge. Further they had totally opposed the SIROP program1986/7, they called for military intervention, total elimination, eradication of the criminals and communist – the massive efforts to torpedoed/frustrate, block that SIROP, CDU/Alliance, DP/SNP/SNM exile program once started. Most important how they have hounded, several attempt to have assassinate/eliminate, discredited those/the individual that had concept- driven the SIROP exile program to this very day because it was not their program/choice}

What we have not mentioned is the future role of the Seychelles communities in the EU and other part of the world will play in this process over the next few years.

In our plan 1983 there about to Lady Tacther for an International settlement on BIOT was based on not just exile and refugees – the involvement of other EU nations thereby creating a very unique regional dynamic to maintain and safe guard certain values.

Using some of the principal element which led to the Polish change created that web Portal for our Seychelles Community in EU the important benefit it has brought to EU and Seychelles. We also know the parties who are fully aware and their efforts to do maximum damages. They are the same people who started, manipulated the Yugoslav conflicts and its destruction.

We are moving towards a EU that will see realignment of nations and interest – Britain as a leading nation will be marginalized.

We have also witnessed the call by the Islamic International movement of a one Islamic Nation last in existence 1924 there about. It would be wise for those with vested interest in Seychelles to encourage the government to consider a Senate type of government. It would be wise to give the opposition more involvement and more say in how the country is being develop and other national affairs. The only way to achieve this is to create an Upper House and a Lower House which several small nations in the West Indies practice and works very well.

So far we have noticed apart from those reading our Blog nobody have ventured to add their comment and views.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

They are not a palace - they are our Kitchen equipements in Kent 1991 - 2007

We received an email from President Bill Clinton Global Initiative asking us to make due in put on the new Blog he has created for Africa.

This thread just under the issue of the Seychelles Planters - Grand Blanc to unilaterally form a government in 1964 - 1977 is also something we had not anticipated.

A very great many across the world know who President Clinton, his government and world involvement - specially Africa. Equally his modest - Little Rock Town in USA - his Home Town.

Not every is born rich, affluent, large property and everything that comes with it. We also happen to have adders Pinnacle Holding the Group responsible for the $1.9 billions in Seychelles telling them something about Community, the early days of exile - our plight and sufferings, our community South African connections some of the issues related.

In the world of great politic, power and everything involved and related - one would have expected like a number of old exile, ethnic or migrant communities in EU and Britain that we would have some wealth, property and improved our lot. Alas this is not the case.

After the Leader ship of the Seychelles exile had return home in 1991, we having lost everything in that property at 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn -Brent decided to migrate to France or Belgium. We were not able to do so the reason we have written very often about. Every body and anybody who has live in exile know and recall the plight everybody lived in, the fight to get the very basic together, be they cloth, a bed, a cooker, fridge, bed, chair table and carpet - later TV.

Given the Assassination of the Leader of the Opposition in Exile Mr Gerrard Houreau - in Ashford, Middlesex, the issues of Mr Ashford Head of CID Seychelles and MI5 liaison Officer. We decided if things go so terrible we had to stay in Britain because we could not get out to stay in Ashford - Kent, we have written a very great deal about.

From Kent we have contributed to the Channal Tunnel project construction, the Nord Pas des Calais Economic Program, the Mediterranean Economic Program and the Alpine Economic program. Most important when the Exile Return program for the Seychelles came near to collasp it was from Kent, Caple Le Fern that we raise the alarm, brought to the EU and world attention the situation - began rebuilding the broken bridges, links etc. Those who are involved in international politic require riches, many staff, vast resource and large buildings and such property - we made do with what we had and lent our support where ever we could in rebuilding.

In Kent we had to make do with two second mobile Home/office and the most basic of living conditions whilst every body enjoyed the Sun. My family however were able to get Council accommodation after spending 6 months in a bed and breakfast where the Ashford International passenger train station has been build - which was not easy. Again the very many Seychellois families who know the challenge, difficulties and pain of getting anything sorted with the Local Council.

Equally in Britain we have many other Seychellois scattered some 3/4 generation depending the region, the Town the quality of life, social practice, family relation, social relations, race issues, abuses, oppressions.

There are certain common and basic problems, social issues which one is compelled to face, be they who migrated in the 50's and the exile. We thank the Great Lord of our Seychellois ancestors we had a few old Uncles and aunties who had come to Britain in the early 50 and lived through the poverty, neglect, the very modest homes whatever its state. We were taught the life also of the rich and affluent their politic and very terrible social practices.

When it came to our turn in Kent to relive this and take our share of responsibilities we endevoured to remember what we had been taught and what they had gone through - they say the grave speak - the grave do speak indeed and the flowers tell their own story.

In life - Britain and the world those who treasure and cherish family heirlooms, personal belongings, personal items, property, furniture, paintings many other important collectibles, books, sculpture, artifacts. They to talk and tell their own stories.

Then you have those who have the minimum to get by with and survive - the things the use, collect and live with do talk also - tell their own stories.

Over the past 16 years in Kent a very great deal have happened from the sleepy days of the Ferry crossing, the Hovercraft. The days of quiet Kent and the nice farmers. In the sudden burst of wealth those that have ditch their old life style, personal belongings, family belongings to modern and mass produced house hold Items to keep pace with modernization and wealth.

In Kent region also lived many prominent British politicians among them Priminister Edward Heath. Their property, wealth, personal and family possessions. BY their standard we were poor. In spite of our poverty had to live, make do, cook, sleep, watch TV and sleep somewhere. We also had to do our work/job.

There are those who believe you need a sophisticated kitchen to do great politic, arts, inventions, wealth creation and become educated or contribute to world affairs. In the eye of those very important person when you have a great kitchen etc, etc only then can you practice, allowed to get involved in the great affairs of the world.

Because of those who have lived in exile they had the very basic like our self - yet were able to make very important contributions and get involved in the great affairs of the world - Seychelles, EU, Africa, Asia Etc.

Come the issues of British politic, political process, social process, wealth creation - vast issues to do with Ireland, the commonwealth, EU, the Gulf Region and the rest of the world. Because of certain responsibilities we have been entrusted with and give we had to do some from the very modest homes and Kitchen their equipments. Again we call the attention of those who know Britain well how life really works in Britain, the village, the Block where you live, the council, the vast array of issues which comes up daily, how they affect your life, your neighbor, the children, their children, the elderly, the handicap, the single person, the single parents and the schools, the village institutions, archaic/fraternal issues, religion.

We have lived in British colonial system East Africa and Seychelles vastly better than life in Britain.

Over the past 25 years of our exile community we have endevoured to explain, present what life is like and have been. Two years ago the issues of Sainsbury Trust - Evlyne Oldfield Unit on Holloway Rd to document the lives of Refugee and exile communities in Britain and have a large expositions. In this documentary the basic living condition of those exiles and refugee would have been portraited. Pictures of their most treasured and valuable would have been taken and kept.

At the same time there are those who believe having addressed the issues above that we do not have this rights. It is a very bizarre way of life. There are experts who study the belongings of individuals and can and will endevour to make a profile of that person, his interest and another human aspects.

What about the children. Their sufferings and growing up, their personal belongings and items. The gross indeference of the adults and parents.

These personal items and belongings can and will relate a very great deal about the family, the mother or the father. The social environment that child have had to grow in. This is one Britain we believe.

Then on the other hand you have the madness of social life in instance they are so terrible we cannot describe them until you live there.

Britain have a very high percentage of broken homes and family relation ship, the politic from the local village to the Town Hall and Parliament they make of it.

Britain being an old democracy in EU and the world the vast net work, the way people communicate and get things done. How the media respond.

We do recall life back in Hounslow when the first Seychelles family came across - most important their cooking equipment/kitchen. They would pass on as the were able to get the means to purchase or acquire a better one. On such an old cooker we decided to bake three pumpkin cakes - that was the conception of the SIROP program, we did not go to all the London or world media and say take a picture, we have bake this three super pumpkin cake on the occasion of the conception of the SIROP program, we simply did it.

Over the oven/cooker and kitchen we had in Kent the past 16 years we have witnessed the coming and going of three British Priminister - equally the death of three British Priministers, many leading British politicians, academicians, intellectuals, scientist, artist, generals, inventors, explorers, members of the Royal families in Britain, EU and other part of the world. Equally great church leaders and pope.

How do you go about cherishing, appreciating old cooker or oven and such kitchen equipment.

There have been very many birth, there have been great space discoveries, great construction projects undertaken - what about those involved in the field of the thousands or millions of children started school and their examination results/education.

There are very vast arrays of topics we have not gone into for instance those who and events of the village, the farmers and in turn this at national level.

The reason we have taken time to write this article is because there are far more terrible and worrying issues. Over those cookers and kitchen in our modest home we have gone through the moment of possibly two nuclear war and other global tragedy. Those cooking and kitchen equipment the have witnessed, in their own manner they have kept us alive and we have moved on.

Who knows what will happen when we replace them with what we think is modern and better - will they give us the same vibes, will they share our secret and lonely moment like the old ones. "There is a very old Seychellois saying it is not in the new pot and new kitchen that you cook excellent food it is in the old kitchen and old pots"

We hope and trust all the young and old mothers they will remember this old Seychellois saying. We have added a picture of this old kitchen who which have done so much for the world and mankind - for those who know what real cooking is all about. "We have one last word in 1994/5 there about, we were given this advice by two Senior police Officers if you cannot stand the heat do not go or stay in the kitchen."

In Seychelles, Mauritius, the Indian Ocean, Africa, Asia, Australia, EU, Russia, China, USA, Canada, Latin America and rest of the world the many great events over the past 16/7 years. The kitchen In Kent.

As if to underline the significance of the above thread. 26/07/07 - Today the very important company of Jehovah Witnesses 10 or more in all, the christian discussion. The very elderly lady having lived in the village 71 years we also met. There after very likely one of the oldest bus in Kent befor 1914 drove by.

Saturday, 21 July 2007



Over the past 25 years we have presented briefly the issues and reasons why those that had formed Planters Association – Grand Blanc had wanted to charter, plan a different course of history for Seychelles then under British Colonial Rule.

They involved the elite of Seychelles of French decent, in the many British government Colonial Administration, the Police, the Public Work Department, Treasurery, the Local Banks, Cable and Wireless, the Hospital, the Harbour and Agriculture Department.

These personality had been in contact with the wider world, the families and relatives, friends in Europe among others.

They had seen and watch the French departure in Vietnam, the politicians respond. The Invasion and the War. The important involvement of France Military, escalation – the involvement of the USA, the total mess that became Vietnam.

We believe that for Seychelles Planters Association – the Grand Blanc one of the most important historic and political event was the Algeria debacle. They had long been betrayed by France, under the Monarchy, the French Revolution, then the 1st Republic of Emperor Bonaparte. Algeria proximity to Seychelles the Indian ocean, the Suez Canal issues. The First and Second World War epoch, the ensuing economic and political development.

We would and have listen to discussions, debate over this burning issue and no dough because of the British colonial influence, they dared not discuss the issues intensively in public. France and the Algerian Colon – known as the Pied Noire were loosing out. The politic of the oil - To Britain joy. How much of this influence their political thinking – it is a great shame that none of them have left written material – nor their children brave enough to come forward, share and shed light what happened. During the 18 years in Exile in Britain, they have endevoured to enforce the same regime, practice as they had done in colonial days – we suffered and have suffered greatly. Our Children and future generation will suffer.

The main factor is that they knew that big trouble was ahead. Because of the way politicians handled things. Be they Paris, Rome or Westminster.

In Seychelles, what was termed emancipation of the workers who was learning to live with the situation under the Victoria District Council- the Planters Association. The Coming on the scene of James Mancham, David Joubert forming the Democratic Party on the one hand and Finlay Roselie, Philibert Louiseau, the old man Adam, Guy Sinon and France Albert Rene to form SPUP radically change this situation. The call for closer British Integration supported by some of the Planters – Grand Blanc with the view that this would safe guard the future would not go down with the vast majority of the Planters. They were Planters, sons of Planters the French colon who have registered events from the days of the King of France, the Revolution and France 1st Republic – the fate they had been left to in the Indian Ocean.

What amaze one is the way and history repeat itself. They were well educated, they could have run a government with little ease and build a good system. They control the economy, yet they choose not to allowing events to unfold and loose everything and revert to building from scratch. Wise nation are those who for see events, their course and make due correction. This did not happen in Seychelles.

The Seychelles which was early 60's though we did not have plane connection was linked to then given modern communication. The British, Colonial administration, government House must have suspected – been aware something was being planned – put together. The Seychelles Club – what were discussed and talk about there and the Yacht Club, the Rotary and the Round Table then. What about the Rugby club, the Ascot football club and Rovers Club. Aspect of the police Force must have know because without their support – their involvement they would not have got very far. Then we have the Catholic church how much were they aware and in the know of things – the Italian community in Seychelles, the Leading Merchant families, remember this situation started in the early 60 and ran through 1977 very likely even after independence because of their evaluation of Sir James politic – some of his Cabinet -Ministers must have been in the know. The same applies to FA Rene Shadow Cabinet, party officials ( USSR, Chinese, OAU officials) Then we have the Church of England. In the Seychelles of 1960 it must be remembered that the USA had a very important Satellite Tracking facilities. They had officials and agent from the Pentagon, CIA, FBI,
NASA, other important USA personal stationed at the Base of qualitative importance, experience. Around Seychelles was a boiling point, Zanzibar had fallen, Tanganyika, Kenya, Rhodesia, Malawi, Sudan, the Horn of Africa was in turmoil. They were negotiating the clandestine take over of Diego Garcia – BIOT, we had over heard that to certain extent should something happen to Seychelles they were prepared to defend themselves and move to BIOT. Which again bring us back to the nature of the situation – the British, USA, the Catholic church were not dealing with Arabs or African – they were dealing with decedents of great French families, heritage, custom, Judicial, fraternal/archaic important interest. Those who really had an alternative Plan. For the USA, the Catholic church and the British Colonial Administration it must have been a very special situation around the globe – for the sake of argument one can compare the situation they had to deal with Reunion today. We cannot help to compare note of the situation of the French colon in Algeria – the Pied Noire, the complex civilian, military and geo strategic French Interest – European. { What about the Fraternal/archaic establishment role}We do trust anybody from the former Algerian French colony – the Pied Noire communities in France who get to read this article they become aware of the state of things, regional politic and political practice then. A very great deal have been written, research, documented and publish – very little over the Seychelles Situation, the political fate, 150 years of the toil of French families in Seychelles their blood and flesh.

What must not be forgotten is that the vast majority of Seychellois who had some education, worked in senior post in the many Colonial office of the Island knew that the Constitution was a bad deal for Seychelles and its people. Like events with the French Colon – the Pied Noire and the Harkis of Algeria and other places, Rhodesian another good example.Most of the expat communities knew that too because they have live in Africa Colonial Britain. Both political leaders were told in diplomatic term, you take what we have given you or you get nothing – they had no obligating towards Seychelles and its people. This is why the Revolution was able to happen – this is why the many families who found themselves in Exile with nothing, tried and knock at Westminster door the got nothing positive. The shame is that what is going on even today those who are completely blind – the Seychelles community in Britain who refuse to study history, learn what happened – educate our children and community for the future and build purposeful institutions to help us as a community in EU and the world. At the same time the role of British Embassy in Seychelles over the past 15 years, the so called positive contributions it has made to the development of Seychelles and the region. People wake up -open you eyes.

Once again we have to note the complexity, of event in Algeria – the building of Algeria after the French Revolution, throughout the 1st War and the political – economic reason. The political process to Departmentalize Algeria with France, like Reunion and other overseas land today. The very complex political issues the percentage of France population in Algeria unlike Seychelles, be they Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Maltese, German, Swiss and other white nations. The politicians approach – Paris, De Gaul coming to power they had hope to be saved – a solution had been found, instead their betrayal. The birth of FLN the French Army role, the birth of AOS, the third force, the Harkis what followed, the very many terrible massacres, civil war, the attempt to topple the Government in France itself, and the repatriation of the Pied Noire to Paris – France and what followed the terrible political let down in France and their bitter sufferings in France having lost everything and given everything to France. The politic which ensued from 1962 on ward. About the same time the Revolution in Zanzibar 30 - 40,000 killed. Seychelles was different, the black populace – workers could not claim moral rights over the land – Seychelles was un inhabited, eventually those that were there killed by pirates. They had a different moral argument. What would have really happened had they taken unilateral independence – Seychelles today, our history and the region. Those historians, politicians who paint white and we the Seychellois, our nation , posterity get lumped into what they have painted. When one listen to debate on the many forums of Seychelles – beside the Grand Blanc castigation, what would we call those who have amassed great wealth under FA Rene Government who are black and of mix decent Be they Chinese, British, France etc it is the wealth which provoke the anger of the under class and the have not. Given the fight at hand today to build a modern nation, which requires education, history – it also requires tradition, values, and other more important substance which make nation building possible, those son of the Grand Blanc, the Planters would have had bit of it – Seychelles today. We have seen how from our own side in EU the modest contribution we have been making the past 15 years since the 3rd Republic what this have contributed to. The Republic and nation could have cope with a bit more of it. We now have a situation that those very people the nation chased out they are coming back to invest in millions, buy our lands, lord it over our, old parents,
children and heads – would it have not been wiser if it had been the son' of our soil doing this, even if they are call Grand Blanc or ex Planters. {The mindset of the Seychellois, comparable to the Brazilian need to be understood – FA Rene long grip over the politic, economy why. Those from Seychelles that was strongly in favour of military option- the nation inability to cope with democracy, develop adequate democracy, their inability to support, take part in long term important democratic process to their own great disadvantage}

For this reason given that we have tried to explain what led to putting FECAS- ECSVS, why we believed it essential that we build grass root structures in EU at the time Mr Gerrard Houreau was alive and leading the MPR/SNM. We too took into important consideration the vast political betrayal of those in power, the politicians and others. For this good reason since our early years in France keep our eyes and ears open about the issues of those three very important historic issues which have marked the French nation, the France Vietnam people, those that had experience the Congo Revolution and most important those that had live in Algeria, the Pied Noire lost everything, those who had suffered and come to France to start from scratch – we met a few of their leaders, took their advice, seek their council, support, expertise and resource to build the Seychelles Network in EU. Most important their contribution which led to the quality of the SIROP – CDU/Alliance/SNM/DP/SNP exile return program of 1986 – 1991.

Having said that – we address the communities of the former French Algerian across France, the Pied Noire, the Harkis and their many institutions. We used to be a frequent visitor to France until the Assassination of the Exile Leader Mr Gerrard Houreau. Coming to Britain in 1981 from France where we had attempted to ask for political Asylum in Strasbourg – briefed the Leadership of the 4/5 political faction on some of our connections in France. Lady Tacther government utter opposition that we maintain contact of any form or kind with the Algerian French Colon, the Pied Noire, the Harkis or the such – a massive wall of isolation was build around the Seychelles exile politic in Britain and EU. The British government, the media, the Service and Fraternal establishment that they were Terrorist organizations – illigal, the price, consequences if we continued to maintain contacts.
This became more apparent as we decided to put together the SIROP program alone at first later joined by the other political faction CDU/ Parti Seychellois, Alliance, DP, SNM/MPR and SNP they had expected to follow their cue and keep mounting military attempts until the government was overthrown – eradicate all the Communist and its Leaders. This policy was maintained all trough out Priminister Major Office – government. What we were surprised at it that the French Algerian Communities- the Pied Noire and the Harkis are/were very largely resourced that we were, particularly in intelligence and military they allowed themselves to be fooled, manipulated they believed in the lies and the spin to the extent that relation between our communities totally broke down.

We had hoped when we were compelled to migrate, flee to France 1990
the issues of Iraq War – Kuwait Invasion. After all our Seychelles community – the SIROP program had distinguish French Military officials, generals who were advisor to President Francois Mitterrand government supporting and advising us. They formed part of the French Algerian community – Pied Noire. The misconception of things which led to the Iraq Invasion. Our community had attempted very hard to explain to the Generals that they were being deceived. They opted for war. The issues of Angers – Loire,France SVP organization the three suitcases and the very old suitcase of the Epstine family- we had packed the most important information about the SIROP program, the UKSCA and the concept for our Pan EU community body, they did not make greater effort through the Church to find out how serious the situation was.

The total body of the Network in London who voted that we migrate to Bruxelles in July 1991 to take up work in Belgium/reside there to support the Network work by the Commission. When we go to Ashford Kent the total opposition from the Government, Council officials, the Police, the Service and the Fraternal establishment and others. We addressed the officials in Calais, Paris, and Bruxelles explaining what was happening. Those from the French Algerian Community in Calais, Dunkirk, Lille – Folkestone, Dover who knew – aware of some of the issues, most important Circle Folkestone. Our battle to stay alive, the court Case for the compensation of that SIROP program, £21 millions, Kilburn Property – Brent all the leading Law firms involved. All the issues of the Greater pas des Calais development -economic issues we were involved, made due in put and contributed. The very many leading French construction and Service companies involved among them Societe General de Eaux, Nort West Holst construction. We knew we were also being abused and used by our French – Algerian, Pied Noire connection. This always and will be in the future happen – we want it put on record.

To do with the SIROP - later CDU/(Parti Seychellois), Alliance/DP- SNM/MPR/SNP exile return programm we have address the government of Francois Mitterand as far back as 1991 our Seychelles EU community involvement with two other major EU economic Program, the Euro-Mediterranean Economic Development plan X Billions Euro and the Alpine Region Development economic program x billions Euros, both program going back to the conception of the initial SIROP exile programm 1986/7. We have follwed and monitored events and progress, the high parties involved. We have informed the EU Commisin, the USA institutions, the UN, OAU -AU among others Seychelles. Mauritius government. For this good reason our many Issues realting to Northern Africa - most important the Spanish Morroco Tunnel/Link those who knew of the issues and preassured us. Those who compelled us to return to London 1997 to massively manipulate us, the so called engagement/wedding ring of Princess Diana - the massive preassure on us that week to use previous important mechanism we had used in the SIROP programm to compell- force those involve to table officialy the comencement of the Spanish - Morroco Tunnel - train link> The deadly and horrible accident.

The French Algerian – Pied Noire communities and the Harkis they know the pain and consequence of being betrayed. We have been bitterly betrayed for billions of Euro. The situation got so bad that under the last part of President Francois Mitterrand Office we dared not go to Paris and equally that of the whole Term of President Jacques Chirac Office. The Reason we decided to spearhead our Work via Gent in Belgium -the Officials would have all the information.

What nation, politicians forget is time is a dangerous Judge - across Europe, Germany they have clamored about the Nazi atrocities at the heart of it was the economic destruction of the Jews, their power. The Pied Noire, the Belge Congo colon, the Rhodesian, Seychelles Planters – Grand Blanc they were all destroy for the economic power and wealth. For this to happen in modern France, with modern media is very terrible indeed – particularly given the importance of Francophonie in the world, OAU – AU, the Indian ocean. It make future corporation and close work very difficult and the suspicion build difficult to remove. The Channel Tunnel project started at £4.5 billions and today to finish £15 billions, the significant importance is has brought to France, the Nord Pas des Calais, the very important role our Seychelles community have played from its conception, management – future transport the EU. Most important still the very important support we lent that Channal Tunnel consortium survive and the recent restructure. For big money all those prepared to shop us and our community “as they say in good English their best friend and blood”
Again we are not naive – this was practice in the days of the Monarchy, the Revolution, the first Republic and until 2007. when those who clammer in the French media about the atrocities, the massacres, the sufferings in France, Algeria and elsewhere – please remember, think about what we have written and said here. What we the Seychelles communities have gone through are still going through. Equally the very large Polish network we had linked ourself with, they betrayed us, ignores us once they got what they wanted – becoming member of the EU. They have turned round and deny our efforts, our existence as if Poland always existed as a great power in Europe. The same applies to the Black Seychellois at home, the treatment of the returning exile – they would prefer to share their newly acquired wealth with other nation than sharing it with their Seychellois brothers and sisters. This will become more apparent as Seychelles acquire more wealth. The Irish have also treated us the same way to certain extent.

Given this state of things, not to exclude the terrible Earthquake and Tsunami of 4004/5 from our of view the explanation we have made, the reckless multinational and government mal practice in the region of the Indian Ocean and Asia. The EU Commision and the Parliament that we all pull together to build one EU – that we can all share. Face and confronted with those terrible,bitter experience and atrocious coporate and inter community practice it is very had and difficult to see how we can go forward together. Most important the EU Judiciary, Justice system which exist only for the powerful, the rich, influential and the terrible practices how the EU Judiciary address those issues and problematics.

Likewise we have endevoured over the past 15 years to underline our Seychelles EU community rights to manage, practice what we have come to term our ancestral French – EU archaic/Fraternal rights and heritage. The terrible abuses, corruptions, mismanagement of this same values across the EU and most important in Seychelles and the Indian Ocean – AU today. We believe without causing great embarassement the French Algerian Communities, the Pied Noire and the Harkis communities know what we are refering and talking about.

Because of our children – EU and the future we want to underline how we struggled in every manner to maintain some form of contact with the French Algerian communities and their many organizations. The government of President Mitterrand, Priministers, Secret Service and the French Fraternal Institutions must have much information on the very many issues. The Seychelles Community had also enlisted of another important European Community with a long history of persecution and conflict the Irish community in Britain and Ireland – again the vast many important issues, the terrible price they had to pay for maintaining contact with our community and helping us – the lives lost.

This SIROP program was not led/started as nation against another nation or Ideology – is was started as a people concept, those who were utterly fed up with the establishment, their lies, manipulation and the state of the world – those elected politicians role. The Nuclear stand off between East and West, the economic agenda and social politic affecting everyday life.
Because of our important French and European History knew that nothing very positive good would come form the politicians. Because once the SIROP program had started, important momentum taking place, they started hijacking the agendas, along with their media support, world – the fiasco of the German Reunification, changes in USSR, the EU expansion and OAU changes – the bloody madness that is engulfing AU progress, institutions and democracy, the reasons.

Those French Seychelles Planters – Grand Blanc they must have witnessed and noted what took place in Ethiopia which was a strong bastion of Italy in Africa – the political process in play too.

They must have had and indeed told details of the Mau Mau War in Kenya – one of the leading of British colonial protectorate, where the road was pointing.

In the case of Congo where the Belge ruled – those that had believed they were building a nation, they and their children would be there for ever. The composition of the populace French Speaking, the massacres, the riots, killing – civil war and the exodus of the French speaking people from Congo and what ensued.

Most important the Rhodesia debacle – political process, call for independence, the plight and concern of the White – a bit like the Seychelles. The decision by Ian Smith to take Unilateral independence to preempt the country falling in to the hand of the Black. Again the politicians at Westminster and the UN, what ensued. The plight of the White settlers.

We do not think it normal that generals when they plot revolution they try to remember all those historic issues – in our discussion with Mr Gerrard Houreau, Sir James Mancham and the odd moment we have met with FA Rene and others have attempted to lead Seychelles overheard then discuss such issues in the greater aspect of things and history.

On the other hand we had made is a point to study, become aware, note what had taken place and transpired – what led to what process and decision making events year before the SIROP program when those who wanted to change Seychelles by Force – for this reason we were informed we would not be a very good candidate by a number of Western because we were doing the thinking instead of just acting on command. They wanted individuals they could control and command.

We and indeed those who went through the Vietnam era, the Congo Revolution and most important the Algerian Colony- Pied Noire, the Irish nation and communities, even the Polish communities,
why those Planters in Seychelles to this day have kept quiet, this very terrible, ghostly wall of silence which they have put up, specially their son's and daughters. Surely is it not their ultimate duty to share the toil, blood and sweat with the greater world or the great French world heritage they once came from and have departed to. Why and what is it that is keeping them silence.

(We will try an come back to this contribution as we get some feed back)21/7/07