SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 13 August 2007

20 years after the SIROP- CDU/Alliance, DP, SNP/SNM exile program, Russia unveils vast programme to upgrade missile defenses. International investment

20 years after the SIROP- CDU/Alliance, DP, SNP/SNM exile program, Russia unveils vast programme to upgrade missile defenses. International investment nears $4 billions in Seychelles.

We have endevoured on this blog to underline very importantly the core philosophy, dynamic behind the forces, networks to bring about the historic, near miraculous changes in Poland first, then the rest of the COMECON, the Berlin Wall leading to the German reunification, not only changes in USSR – parting of many small and great nations once part of the Soviet Power. This leading to president FA Rene, his government return of multi party in Seychelles, the role OAU had played, China other Socialist/Communist nations.

The core philosophy driving this dynamic was the people networks which existed in influencing global politic, military decision, those involved their belief. That it was possible in spite all the great military, political experts, religious leaders opposite views/argument to concept an international order where by those two waring factions could live- coexist with each other with out reverting to nuclear threat's, military posturing and escalation.

Most important the conception that immance corporate/political mechanism could be put in place under the guise of democracy in reality they were vast corporate interest to use, develop and build more and more sophisticated weapons, military plans, services to make profit. It figured in turn a very high percentage of Western industry economy.

The alternative approach is/was to put in place co existing structures and invest the resource, wealth in large social projects, building third world economy – creating better potential market. Those were involved in the “Putch” between President Gorbachev and President Yeltsin believed in this sincerely. Most important they believed that the West would honor such global undertaking.

The global conception was that the USSR, the communist were the villains, they were the threat's to world peace, democracy, Christianity, they would destroy mankind.

By whatever methods and means we managed to put this philosophy in practice. The Russian were a very aggressive military nation. Suddenly they found themselves having to cope with highly corrupted Western democratic values, corporate, social, judicial and religious and institutional practice. They had come into contact with the concept of Mafia, Cartels, and the such – they suddenly found themselves in the situation they had to be better than the Mafia and Cartel system which existed in the West for their economic survival. We had foreseen this development and its very grave dangers before 1987 which would lead to eventual break down of the co existing structures put in place. Which is where we stand today.

The West namely USA, its archaic/fraternal- state institutions very grave misjudgment in not seeing the long term impact of events in those who planned and supported the break up of Yugoslavia, for political, military and international self importance. Events leading to it. Those nations that use other political conflicts to survive at home, reason to main their National defense spending, military preparedness and develop new expertise. In other word use other nation to gain military expertise and supremacy. USSR had just been broken, their system in disarray – more concern with the nation immediate economic rebuilding and survival.

Out of this situation to cover up for the scandalous practices other reason good reason had to be invented – new rules had to be set out, new invention and labeling of enemy and targets. They were not interested in maintaining the new world order which had been put in place. In the first instance they had very minimal involvement and influence how it had come about. Had they had their way it would have been a question of who destroyed who in the first nuclear strike and who could have survived the longest in the bunker and ability to take over global dominance after.
The second biggest error was the EU judicial institutions conception and institutionalization of “Terrorism- War on Terror”the system set in place to interpret, decide what “Terrorism was all about” The USA was importantly involved – bullied the EU to adopt the wording and institutionalization. Where the EU could have played a unique role in defining international political issues – it had been trapped, it had been involved in a global deception – misconception and the Russian knew that over the time more so. The very terrible standards of Western democratic values.

Not only the West proved the former USSR – Russian nation of their terrible values of Western corporate practice, worse still their ability to distort Western Judicial values, institutions to suit very corrupted interest.

The issues leading to the EU adopting the “Terror Regulation – creating a new Department”was/is as terrible as the proposed Radar shield in Poland and Czechoslovakia to stop rogue/terrorist incoming missile from “Iran or North Korea “when none of these countries have the capabilities.

Those of us involved in the original Network that contributed to change in Poland, then the COMECON face a very grave delima. We were not interested in military control of the world and mankind or economic – corporate control or spiritual control as had were being hinted by certain elite establishment. Because of their control mania.

Prior to our communities in EU, around the world and Indian Ocean having the means to address such above issues to the greater public. The USA national Services and certain European Service of inventing issues, linking issues with our politic, diplomacy or economy and culture -eventually archaic/fraternal heritage.

With the existence of such platform those service can study, research and analyze in greater details aspects of our involvements. Some of the issues we have presented they would have paid importantly and set in place due resource. Yet nobody have said a thank you word of appreciation. We have made their work easier as a matter of fact to easy.

Having said that where does it leave Seychelles. For history sake and student of history seldom have we encountered in recent time a political, economic concept put in place instead of forcing, compelling what the nation believed had concluded a totally corrupted, criminal, communist, involved in killing, torture and disappearance of its citizens. The role we have played in converting the same party to embracing other values – today finding themselves playing and taking the role of Democratic party and Nationalist party – their agendas.

The question old hands in Seychelles politic will be asking what about those that supported the Socialist values, who will represent them. We are compelled to mention a project which is going on in former East Germany – a young couple have gone into the Hotel business and decided to refurbish their Hotel in East German style, decor including pictures of President Honecker. When all other hotels are breaking down and rebuilding the East German image.

Seychelles unlike COMECON or USSR had a double practice in place a corporate politic for the people and a corporate politic for the government- its international involvement in corporate business.

We have witnessed the phenomena of International Investment nearing $4 billions this year. Again very many in Seychelles and around the world asking where this will lead to. Those international investors have their own agendas and requirements. What is not said their dubious and unstated agendas – motives.

When the government talk of publicity – the publicity they have earned. Their involvement in concepting the WWW. Their involvement in helping changes in Poland, COMECON – Warsaw Pact, Germany Reunification, change in USSR, contribution to rebuilding the British economy from 1979 onward after the decolonization collasp. Very important contributions in very many important EU political and economic issues. Important economic growth in Asian region – aspect of its contributions in Arab Region economy. Important contributions toward changing the OAU to AU leading to EU and Asian nations request that it be adopted as role model for African Union.

Like the USSR have been deceived by the West military/corporate intention – later their Judicial values. The Seychelles along with many other nations have taken to benefiting, the practice of manipulating its role and who played what role.

At the same time we have a Western system that is prepared to play this game- go along with this development. Those involved knowing that for the small investment of say $4 billions given the fact that we have been involved – the issues of BIOT, Diego Garcia, Seychelles strategic position – the four recent Wars, their cost involving nearly $4 billions a day, the civilian suffering in the case of Iraq 6 millions exiles, their economy destroyed and rebuilding will take some 20 years or more. Again these are issues that the great experts and generals, strategist should have foreseen and planned for.

How will the Seychelles politicians cope with this situation.

We had called in the SIROP, CDU/Alliance etc exile return concept for a Senate type of parliamentary system. Instead of waiting for a group of powerful International Investors supporting a political party or person and put in place a system of their choosing.

In 2004 there was a near attempted coup d'etat in Maldive Island – the request by political parties to set in place a Parliamentary system.

We have underline the situation in Seychelles whereby the vast expat community and Seychelles national were expelled or forced into exile – the current International Investment will inevitably see some 3000 – upward foreigners settling in Seychelles their right to vote and other demands. {What must be said and not forgotten they USA and Britain, were the prime cause which led to the situation 31 years ago – we had to walk into/adopt a fudge Constitution, unprepared leading to the eventual departure of the expat and some 7,000 or more Seychelles families, the pain, humiliation, suffering in exile, destruction of several generations work and hard toil. The Revolution/Coup d'etat was a back lash of this fudge. Further they had totally opposed the SIROP program1986/7, they called for military intervention, total elimination, eradication of the criminals and communist – the massive efforts to torpedoed/frustrate, block that SIROP, CDU/Alliance, DP/SNP/SNM exile program once started. Most important how they have hounded, several attempt to have assassinate/eliminate, discredited those/the individual that had concept- driven the SIROP exile program to this very day because it was not their program/choice}

What we have not mentioned is the future role of the Seychelles communities in the EU and other part of the world will play in this process over the next few years.

In our plan 1983 there about to Lady Tacther for an International settlement on BIOT was based on not just exile and refugees – the involvement of other EU nations thereby creating a very unique regional dynamic to maintain and safe guard certain values.

Using some of the principal element which led to the Polish change created that web Portal for our Seychelles Community in EU the important benefit it has brought to EU and Seychelles. We also know the parties who are fully aware and their efforts to do maximum damages. They are the same people who started, manipulated the Yugoslav conflicts and its destruction.

We are moving towards a EU that will see realignment of nations and interest – Britain as a leading nation will be marginalized.

We have also witnessed the call by the Islamic International movement of a one Islamic Nation last in existence 1924 there about. It would be wise for those with vested interest in Seychelles to encourage the government to consider a Senate type of government. It would be wise to give the opposition more involvement and more say in how the country is being develop and other national affairs. The only way to achieve this is to create an Upper House and a Lower House which several small nations in the West Indies practice and works very well.

So far we have noticed apart from those reading our Blog nobody have ventured to add their comment and views.

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When the best of France energy, talent, intellect, good and noble blood, light leaves France

20 years ago, 1987 the Seychelles community in Exile in Europe – Britain, Australia, Canada, South Africa and the USA was presented with the alternative, instead of changing the government of Seychelles, FA Rene extreme socialist, back by the USSR, China, the COMECON block, OAU Socialist Block, Latin American Socialist Block and the Arab League Socialist Block with military coup d'etat. Kill all the Ministers and important party members supported and backed by the USA, Britain, South Africa. To put forward a political – economic plan with the support and backing of the international community to bring major economic and political change in Seychelles – the program was titled SIROP (Seychelles International Repatriation (Refugee) Onward Program.

In France the President was Francois Mitterrand – beside those in Office around the world. We endevoured over the next 5 years to 1991 to explain to the British, the American, Australian and the French themselves, their Fraternal/archaic establishment and the church. That we had been able to concept, put together such a program because of the great intellectual, gifted, strength, talent, human character that our French for fathers had been – their spirit, the Archaic/fraternal/religious values they had represented and represent.

The American and the British in particular they vehemently opposed this plan – they had ask/wanted nothing short of military intervention in Seychelles, eliminating of FA Rene and his people. To cut some 200 years of British and USA colonial politic short, their colonial and imperialist way of doing things. They labelled this program as utopia and did everything that it failed. The infernal mechanism they set in place to do this, the Pentagon, the CIA, the British Services, the Fraternal/Archaic establishment in USA and Britain. The hate campaignes they started.

Some 20 years have gone by, our community efforts to explain to the world what had happened and the process. We have written a good deal on our forums and portal.

Today, it is the last Sabbath in term of Christian, Archaic/fraternal term before Christmas. For those who take their French root seriously – the beginning of Christianity in Europe, France, then Britain, the many important religious development, the Crusades and the blood shed.

On Friday 21/12/07 we decided to write a very brief article for our community Newspaper Seychelles Kurrier. Stating some of the problematic we had with the community portal, the first year online. Very important we underlined the death of Mr Guy Morel, Mr Phillibert Loiseau and Mr Guy Lionnet. Their place in our nation history.

We also explained the important contributions this portal have brought not just to our community, the Seychelles, the Indian Ocean, African Union, very importantly the EU -France among other nations in EU.

We have explained that we had wanted to concept that community portal differently, because of money that was the best we could. Most important the effort, attempt to explain, present, promote and inform the world a number of very many important aspects of those individuals, aristocrats, nobility of French origin who started the Colonies in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles, Diego Garcia (Madagascar and Commor)

In Reunion over the past 300 years the many leading personalities who have become famous in France and the world, likewise in Mauritius – the attitude of the British and the USA that nothing good can come out of Seychelles – their constant insults. Because we had dared to spell, tell the world we played a very unique role in the challenge/battle to change Poland – the Vatican issue. The COMECON with it, the Berlin Wall, Germany Reunification, changes in USSR, changes in OAU and even Latin America and China. We have also stated not trying to be funny that we do not come from Mars or Jupiter either. We are the grand children, 5th generation of those who fled France/expelled, sent into exile. It seem this is very difficult to understand because we do not have g of power, diplomacy and wealth.

Today, 22/12/07 being the last Sabbath of 2007, before Christmas lost in thought, exasperated, the terrible Christian values which prevails – again given the article we have written on our community paper Seychelles Kurrier. We decided to watch a great and personally surprising TV program on ARTE German, the live of Alexandre Dumas. The film is long and very detail, with many past and present great member of Academy Francaise commenting and France great historians.

We will not go into the great many of his works and writings. But we will underline one great history statement – with his writing he made “historic revolution”. At the time of the political and economic situation in France, its colony and Europe 200 years ago. The issues which compelled President Jacques Chirac to give him a second burial among the great of France.

Whilst we have endevoured to explain the modern world – to be plain blunt lopsided world, the American and British who wanted to suddenly control everything and inventing reasons/excuses for them to control the world. That in the Indian Ocean 300 years ago were the elite, of French nobility, colonial families, as well French – the great treasures, wealth, human energy they recreated form the old, corrupted French system – our generation today. What this means to African Union and the future.

Because that portal is about the Seychelles – Sechelles, the Indian Ocean, in spite of the historic and archaic links we have not been able to present, address the issues of the other side of Europe. The former French colonies there, their great contributions to France, many great personalities, this including the USA. Not to mention Canada and Quebec.

We have read all the stories of Alexandre Dumas at one stage or another in our life, so to very many form Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Diego Garcia, Madagascar and Commor. To many of the leading politicians in Britain and the USA some of Dumas work they will class it as Terrorist material – literature given their present thinking.

Over the past 30 years we have live in Europe, attempt to create, build a more assertive structures for the Seychelles community in EU. We have taken great inspiration, over and over from his writing and works. We hope the next generation will do so too.

When we look at our own plight, persecution, oppression, racist harassment – you read some of his work, depending which one you can see in the mirror of his writing the parallel of the present situation one is going through and and reliving. What more benefiting for those with the problematic of the Schengen Third country Visa issues - when the Schengen boarders came down on the 21/12/07.

One of the important debate in the issues of the count of Monte Christo. Did he copy or steal the idea as some argues. Monte Christo Island exist – off the Italian cost, today Haiti/boarder Mountain region named Monte Christo at the time of his great Grand father. President Jacques Chirac, contributions into the issues of the Francophone, the racial situation in France and EU.

We have seen many websites and portal for the communities of French speaking Carribbean. The vast majority are ashamed to say it was the French elite, aristocrat, nobility and the such who started these colonies and given them due credit. This need to be addressed – there exist great source of wealth, intellectual energy to drive those countries and nations given todays world. The Seychelles EU community portal is very unique in this sense.
By the way in Britain there is a very famous actor and writer who has taken the story of the three Musketeers and it. Using different names, and topic – something about three Tennis ball. He was interviewed on the program and gave his explanation.

As we go into 2008, the situation in EU specially with Britain opt out of many process – where this could lead. The Seychelles Community in Britain, the Federation of French communities, business in Britain and also the French speaking West Indian communities. We need to be inspired, we need to get new ideas and impulse to continue and carry on our daily battle. Equally the Indian ocean nations and the West Indian French speaking nations.

Many have commented on his life, most important the aspect that he lived some of the great individuals he wrote about. We were often ask in Secret by many a number in high places for the fact that we have planned, orcastrated, managed and contributed importantly to a peaceful world revolution, like past revolution great leaders who have left great work, material, books, etc . We have gone about this in the most clandestine – secretive manner/way why. We have also read and studied critics the world, history, politicians have made on/about all those great past revolution leaders. As children of the 5th generation French/pied noirs we know what they have done to our fathers and ancestors. Including Alexandre Dumas.,_p%C3%A8re said...

FAS Note: This December 1992 document is the penultimate draft of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee report on the BCCI Affair. After it was released by the Committee, Sen. Hank Brown, reportedly acting at the behest of Henry Kissinger, pressed for the deletion of a few passages, particularly in Chapter 20 on "BCCI and Kissinger Associates." As a result, the final hardcopy version of the report, as published by the Government Printing Office, differs slightly from the Committee's softcopy version presented below.--Steven Aftergood said...

The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) was a major international bank founded in London, United Kingdom by Agha Hasan Abedi, ...