SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Congratulation to Prince William upon the engagement announcement this afternoon - Lady Diana Spencer engagement ring 24 February 1981.

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Very many will ask why we have chosen to use our Community Heraldic/Heraldry Facebook to take part in the mass announcement/discussion about Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton, of their wedding in Spring or Summer 2011."This article is publish on Facebook"

We could have chosen our Sechelles Seychelles EU Community Facebook we did not. We will explain.

The marriage of Prince Charles - then Prince of Wales to then lady Diana Spencer is more complex and complicated than the average public would care to admit, those from the Heraldic/Heraldry world who have endeavoured to grasp/come to understand some of the complexities, events, history and records.

Not with standing the fact that every Royal wedding their respective impacts at the given time, given circumstance and history, not just in Britain across Europe.

Very unfortunate very many individuals who were then "responsible" for such issues at the time of Prince William conception and birth have died - gone into another world. Those of us from the Sechelles Seychelles Heraldic/Heraldry at the time of his conception and birth, growing up, becoming a young adult and falling in love - choosing a future wife, remembering he in Second in line to the British Throne.

It is for the very good reasons that we have chosen our Community Heraldic/Heraldry to take part in the wishes of congratulation, good wishes - whatever the economic situation.

We have noted in the News - very strangely the new buildings across the former Bondway House - then British Refugee council at Vauxhall and near by the new HQ of the Intelligence Service. Those from our Sechelles Seychelles Exile, migrant community who recall Prince William conception, birth and growing up. Then those Elder from our respective communities who had such responsibilities.

We are not just any Ethnic community as the media and very many would like us to be. We have a great European Heritage, and their history spanning some 1500 years of Royalty, nobility.

As such some of the great secrets never written, never to be explained to the greater public, their science and very special disciplines, their Institutions and practises. {For those of the public who will ask question - as civilians, commoner we all have many great secrets in our families}

Among other ancient practise, traditions and values - the practise of "keeping an eye on those we judge need such and in the case of Prince William and Prince Harry" those from our respective community Heraldic/Heraldry society that have undertaken such great work. What the issues are really all about.

They/It represent the archaic, Illuminati, fraternal, masonic and Christian aspect of our Community heritage and values. What they are all about.

Indeed, at the time of Prince William conception and birth, the wedding of his Royal parents, there were not the forest of social network, communication to write, discuss, divulge and entertain long debate about such issues in public.

Time have change greatly - however the need to have limitation on what we discuss and write on such issues in the greater public. Again Old saying.

The responsibilities which come with such heritage is daunting, demanding, tasking - contrary to what is written there are very heavy price to pay for grave miss judgement that is from our French side of things in comparison to other European Royalty, Nobility heraldic/heraldry heritage, workings.

It is because the media have stated that Prince William has used the engagement of his mother then Lady Diana Spencer - the complexities of events and history - tragic events and death of Princess Diana. { Again what has not been said and written for the greater public}

Sometime about 1991, we wrote to Princess Diana and requested her that "given that in England/Britain they know a great deal about the coco de mer, the many specimen and those found at Que Garden - in the practise of the French, Austrian Royalty/Nobility to take a coco de mer and do somethings special - she never listened, we reminded her once again from Kent, Folkestone and Dover. The very positive sentiment we had for her." Added, those form our former East Africa Sechelles Seychelles communities their sentiment for the British Royal family".

Via our Community Portal, Wiki and other media have endeavoured to explain, the important link which makes up the Sechelles Seychelles people and nation, those Normand Kings, Vikings who make our ancestors - those who gave their name to our nation, were our blood, our ancestors. our kings and nobility's. They have left such monuments like Dover Castle and others.

Then those who enquired, demanded of us who were we little Seychellois. By what good rights do we speak and act in such arrogant manner.

For lack of means and funds we have been able during the past 35 years of our larger exile community existence in Europe modest aspect of our European heritage - this in term of heraldic/heraldry.

There are those who think being involved in Heraldic/Heraldry mean to entertain strange notion of life and belief.

Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton will represent the future of the British people in all its aspects and aspirations. We do not just live in the ancient, past - we also live and believe in the future.

Having addressed the above issues - the state of the world, EU, the Indian Ocean - Africa, AU, the Gulf Region past, today and the future.

We have protested, we have endeavoured to explained that our Sechelles Seychelles EU Community Coat of arms have impacted very many great World, European, Gulf region, African and Trans Atlantic and Far East issues - equally of great christian importance - Pope John Paul ll contribution as Head of the Catholic Church given that our Sechelles Seychelles community is predominantly Catholic and as such the Heraldic/Heraldry importance, relevancy, purpose, function and objective/use.

This Community Coat of arms contribution to important EU enlargement process, Treaties, the Lisbon Treaty and recently the Defence Treaty between France and Britain.

It contributed to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth opening the Palace to the greater public.

In such thinking - judge it appropriate that we enlist support from those who represent both French and British Heraldic/Heraldry with the objective of using our Sechelles Seychelles EU Community coat of Arms to produce and manufacture a number of items, memorabilia to mark and commemorate the forthcoming historic wedding event of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton. The proceed to help - invest in the log term benefit, needs of our Sechelles Seychelles EU community.,_Princess_of_Wales

There is the need to grasp certain complex issues - until well into the 1980's those nations like Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawai special relation ship with Britain, like wise certain Gulf Nations, India in particular and very important Mauritius.

There is not one single British person who had lived in then Seychelles, the serious Seychelles politicians who have not comment or plainly said we in Seychelles were betrayed and the strong undercurrent which built up. We had trusted them as was written in our Constitution, we were not Africa, little Seychellois yes. What really ensued in exile for 15 years. The Terrible, shoddy treatment - we were ok to abused and used like a football.

What has not been said properly, the corrupted system and media, those from the Masonic, archaic, fraternal - Christian, the intillegence service and those institutions that quasi lend a helping hand towards such communities as ours, their knowledge. Princess Diana became aware of what was going, the very evil, disgusting manipulation, con, abuses relating to our politic, existance and international affairs. Her decision to side, lend us moral support indirectly via many of the issues she was involved. Those of us who could communicate with her unofficialy. For our exile community she was quasi our hope in the horried life of England, the bench mark.

Any half educated will tell you in this capacity, relationship and process a great deal of issues must have been going on, yet the British and international media, the way they cover and write over issues. If/should the truth be said/told Princess Diana and indeed other members of the British Royal Family got into "deep waters" because of our Sechelles Seychelles exile communities in EU, the Indian Ocean and the world. Equally important the special friendship adn relationship which will inevitably develop with her and her Family.

The Mauritian Community in Britain their number had been stated 200, 000 15 years ago. Mauritius was not a Republic, it did not have a Stock Market. Our Sechelles Seychelles Exile community had from day one of coming/going in exile maintain their archaic/fraternal/masonic/illuminati institutions and working as such those arround Princess Diana and the then Mauritian Community. For this reason we were at constant logger head/clashing with the establishment of our British land of exile. She understood and knew about those issues, the working of our French royal, nobility and other important European heritage. For this she got/found herself in big/very serious trouble.

Not to sound and be racist - we had a large East Africa Seychelles Community in London, Kenya, Uganda and Tanganika - we knew and have known how the Asian participated in the Colonial life and affairs - the end result, the attitude and approach of the Mauritian community, we had known them before independance. We had learnt how the ex Asian East Africa Community worked and lived in London, those Asian Community in Seychelles and those of us who have travelled to India and the USA to see first hand how the work, interact and live.

In the 15 years of exile we were one of those communities who did all the "dirty work" when it came to getting something, sharing the benefits, because we were in minority, not agressive enough, not sophiscatedly trained in the art of corruption and deceit - we go showed practically nothing for our hard work.

It must not be forgotten we are a Christian Community and as such our faith and belief - practise. "Princess Diana by and large was very much against the corruption going on - the corruption which have brought USA to the present state of things, EU on the verg of disintegration and the world on the verge."

We read today at a young Grass Root opposition grouping in Seychelles about the "Melting down of democracy in Seychelles and our comment" Seychelles STAR, they are also on Facebook. We had all trusted that the 15 years of exile would/ought to have taught the Seychelles nation a very hard lesson. Waht took place prior to the announcement by President FA Rene, the Church/Vatican important involvement, not the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth were using and abusing us - we were doing all the shaving/grafting and the dirty deeds, they were taking all the credits and the utter shame of seeing young politicians in Seychelles lapping it up. The filthy corruption the majority of the exile decided to import/bring back - far dangerous and worse than the Communist brain wash, one party system, media lies and manipulation - we are talking of the "Satanic rave/rage/vibes, sleaze etc" the infestation which is destroying the world - not Communism. The infants, the mothers, the elderly unable to defend them selves that is destroying our society - not Communism. Princess Diana was very much against this evil weapon, practise and benchmark.

It is right of those young politicians from the Grass Root in Seychelles to ask and question - demand accountability after 18 years. For this good reason we took from that SIROP etc combined exile return program $500 - $800 millions accountability.

Particularly our plight in EU, our interests in the Republic of Seychelles and the Indian Ocean.

For those who are very thick in the heada statement often used in Britian - the good reason for Prince William to give Princess Diana engagement ring to Miss Kate Midleton, those who understand and know English/British culture the past 250 years. In Royal, nobility language you/those of you involved in the horried/corrupted benchmark told, reminded - there are more powerful powers in life, forces that nither the EU, the USA, Russia, the Arab Nations, Asian nations, African Union, Commonwealth, the Church can manage or control. Should you fail - heaven will fall on your heads.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Some of the Reactions this Sunday 31/10/10 about the above Oil//energy announcement

Some of the Reactions this Sunday 31/10/10 about the above Oil//energy announcement

Beside those highly sensitive issues about "CJD/ Mad Cow - Vache Folle" we addressed last night. The very unpleasant rebuke we received from the direction of Austria - Vienna as we entered the Nation article about the significant development in "the Energy/Oil debacles - exploration" in Sechelles - Seychelles.

The reason those who know and are aware of some of the highly complex issues we/I have been involved over the past 27 years relating to the Oil Organisation in Vienna - OPEC, again the Interdisciplinary Management issues related. We also have important corporate experience in the Oil Industry. The good Lord will have it that among others my ex brother in Law Headed one of Austria Private leading Oil company - Exploration, production, not distribution as is the case in Seychelles until we start drilling - bringing Gas and Oil to the surface. The complex issues over the past 27 years my half Family in Austria - Vienna. They have been monitoring our progress in the Oil/energy debacles.

We would have preferred that - this new development "get chewed over - like chewing the cud" properly by our respective EU Families, those in responsible position or experience in this field - their feedback, views and ideas.

Early this morning for the record - one of the most prominent High parties in the Oil/energy exploration in Sechelles Seychelles, made it a point to underline certain important developments over the past 39 years - leading up to recent announcement. { for the record, the Office of the White House and the USA relevant agencies, that of OPEC and EU oil and energy Bodies. In the Family position - working as a Custom, clearing agent, acquantance like Jack Custon/his partner the early indication and those from Sir James Mancham party, then SPUP, that of Mrs/Dr Stevenson Delhomme party - Mr Finlay Roseli and others. Mr Corrado Corrias Company - Blue Safari and the combined construction company, Mr Yvon Savy, the Big Danish partner and others - the contract to handle the imported equipments for those involved in sounding out the possibilities of Oil/gas - energy in Seychelles - the USAF Communities in then Seychelles. What we and were discussed}

From the insight then - Shell Seychelles, later in Austria - Vienna, across Europe, the Middle east we learnt that the Oil and Energy industry is a highly secretive Group of business - until of course the WWW came along in 1987. Like Armament, Steel, Diamonds other precious metal - the important Groups interests. Not to exclude our equally important Interdisciplinary Management - military knowledge, experience of those who will engage in Wars, political destabilisation, assassination just for the sake of the Oil/Energy control.

For this good reason - the debacle of the mega earthquake/tsunami of 2004 and the relation with the Sechelles Seychelles Oil/energy exploration - the debacles, the human loss and mess. Have taken to "listening to the issues quietly". Also reacting with cautious.

Like the debacle of the Dover Port we hinted last evening. Suddenly - the major statement/announcement that a great deal of money was being/going to be spent to redevelop British North Sea Oil/energy industry - will add the news link. Because we had added that picture to the Ning. Com Plat platform and restructured joined the Ning Creator - the Synergy/dynamic in terms of Interdisciplinary the Oil/energy Industry and the Market. We do expect that by now when we make such major input as they term it - those involve in our community affairs will monitor and take action they deem positive for the furthering of our Community and national interests. "Not just go to some crazy place and get totally drunk for frustration" as was the past.

How come as they say among others we were importantly involved in the first issues of Lady Tacther statement/policy to develop British North Sea Oil/Energy resource, the Indian Ocean - BIOT then, Sechelles Seychelles and the Gulf Region. We have continued to maintain responsibilities and managed the issues as they come up.

Having said that we go back to the prominent High parties in Sechelles Seychelles. It is on all records whether the world media and the Fraternal/Masonic establishment like it or not and the Leading world politicians on the agenda by the USA/CIA - Pentagon, the French their Services, the British, the South African, the Israeli the Agenda wa Oil/Energy - the lenght those involved wold be prepared to go to reach their objectives and to defend it.

Apart from lampooning, throwing insults at each other the core politic/policy on Oil/Energy by the Opposition parties, SNP, New DP, Mr Philippe Boulle, and Mr Christopher Gill - Movement Seychellois Racine. Equally the position and core policy of the NGO is little defined. They have been content to challenge the under handed - approach by the party in power this in the name of the nation, for lack of knowledge selling their hands very cheap to Rich and highly resourced Arab/Gulf nation consortium with very long experience and expertise in the Oil/energy production, politic, market, military and mediatic.

{We have time and time again reminded everybody in Seychelles given our former politic association with the USSR, the combined SIROP etc exile return program with encompassed the mega changes in former USSR and the COMECON. The privatisation process in Germany and the Privatisation process of State Energy Oil/gas Resources in Russia our important involvement and due input in term of Interdisciplinary related discipline. Those very very rich Russian who have come to invest in Seychelles forgetting who helped then and how they acquired their wealth and why in the first instances - now they are no longer friends they are becoming occupiers, exploiters, they want to dictate to us.}

Equally their respective position on the National Oil Tanker Fleet. Agreed, the need as written above to take due note of the Industry practise, politic - the strategic issues related.

We have stated time and time again that this was an important aspect of the SIROP etc Exile return program $500 - $800 millions. Given my personal knowledge in this field - Oil/ Energy those that had been involved and prepared, contributed to the concept we had - had their been a major political/government change in Seychelles after events of 1991. This is where they all if not mostly failed. Those who duped them/conned them and let them rip each other apart. We had aimed for Bunkering/refining and processing - Storage - gradually use the revenue/expertise to pursue the Oil/gas exploration. hence the reason for those involved to support/back such a very large and unwarranted Economic program for such a small nation. It was first time then and the Reclamation Project phase lll. By the was the Russian like the Italians were importantly involved.

The difference between that SIROP etc Exile return program and the all opted Military plans - we had the capacity to engage a very large of resources, expertise, leading individuals, experts because it was an open and people oriented program. We could openly lobby the UN relevant bodies, the EU forest of institutions, the Churches and the gutter press. The NGO's, armies of other organisations. We did not care/bother or gave a crap who overheard us. We got the global Market, the big financial institutions to support us. As against a Military program which just a very few will have the details, the Intelligence Services, Leading Western or European politicians and financiers, advisors - they dare not and cannot lobby the greater public for support and develop due network. They need secrecy, discretion and the element of surprise. Once they have overcome, defeated, removed those in power and taken control then they - deploy and set their agenda. For the people, nation the process is Military control until such time there is stability and some kind of election can take place and some form of democracy transferred to the people. { We state it very clearly once again - the reasons/why those from the USA - White House, London - Westminister and the UN decided to removed me from Leading that SIROP etc Exile return program $500 - $800 millions, the discord and significant division they created - their accusation against our person that we were to Nationalist Oriented - in Simple English we would put up with only so much and beyond that very much like Madagascar today have said no to what were in excess. We would have stated and made it very plain to our supporters and Government Officials. We were entrusted in the first Instance because of our abilility efforts over some of the most dreadful situation and national crises to see clearly/stay Focus. It must not be forgotten and overlook Sir James Mancham many unwarrented, nasty remarks about the Opposition Leader Mr Gerrard Houreau - even after his Assasination. Likewise the very many unwarrented statements, nasty coments about our person that we are/were "not educated enough" to Lead the Sechelles - Seychelles people and nation. To put it plainly not corrupted enough. There after waht really ensued and to this day all the Opposition parties have refused to debate, discuss and address the people/nation. The position the SPPF and FA Rene Officials decided to take}

We equally had some buzz for former USA - former White House High parties/occupants who knew the details of all what we are writing about here. The Iran - Iraq war was about Oil/energy. The Lebanese wars was about Oil/energy/big money. The Afghanistan War was about Oil too and the region control. The last evil and most terrible in term of lives and destruction was the Gulf War, first the Iraqi against Kuwait. Then the combine Allied Invasion, butchering, mega destruction to gain control of the Oil/Energy resource of Iraq and control the world market/politic. It must not be forgotten the earlier wars fought by the French, USA, British in Colonial Africa and Far East and Gulf Region - those sent to forced to Sechelles Seychelles in Exile it was about Oil/energy of their country.

We have check and followed Facebook reaction from Seychellois about the statement of the USA helping the Sechelles - Seychelles to debate and understand their position and implication in the grave and highly dangerous topic. Indeed they have very adequate knowledge, expertise and resources. We the Seychellois are not African - like they that have done what they have in Africa and those in the West Indies. We are one of the few countries in Africa with a very strong and good working European system if/should one call it that. We have a strong French, British Colonial experiences what ever that means again. It was not the USA, or British, Commonwealth that saw the back and removal of Communist system in Seychelles - the Power Block involved. They were the work of our European ancestrage, their networks - they make up the EU institutions and the world Institutions, its working. There is the need for the people and nation to be on their guards. If it is anything like the Offshore Industry - then it will be a calamity for Seychelles with a few controlling everything. Like that mega earthquake of 2004 and the Tsunami with it associated with Oil/energy exploration in Seychelles - trust the USA authorities, the EU, the African Union will take due note. Nobody can ignore those important working - for the past 30 years each time they have been ignored, mismanaged, overly manipulated the backlash, disaster and the awful price.

Those important European heritage of our nations belong to the same mechanism/system - discipline as in the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Europe - when things get completely out of hands and control - if they have to revert to very draconian measures and methods they will grab it/take it - decision they will take.

We equally trust the/some very important lesson would have been learnt by the Seychelles and regional politicians why the Solami Pirates/debacles - Crises started, what really took place and the state of things currently. It could have all be avoided and can be managed others wise. Former President FA Rene one of the most experience politician in the Region and Oil/energy high party know exactly what we are talking bout and the armies of advisors he has surrounded himself.

US helps Seychelles plan as future oil producer -

US helps Seychelles plan as future oil producer -

A team from the US Department of State are helping Seychelles plan how to use its expected oil and gas revenues wisely, its leader Paul Hueper has said.

The team during their talk with Vice-President Faure

Mr Hueper gave the details in an interview on Thursday after his group called on Vice-President Danny Faure at State House.

The team are from the Energy Governance and Capacity Initiative (EGCI) of the US, which is giving a wide range of technical and human resource training to help “governments of select countries that are on the verge of becoming the world’s next generation of oil and gas producers”.

“These are countries with world-class hydrocarbon resource potential and expect to receive sizable, near-term financial windfalls from the development of their oil and gas resources,” the department says on its website.

The EGCI’s main aim is to help these countries set up the capacity to manage their oil and gas sector revenues wisely and in a way that maximises the value of the resource development for the government.

It also supports a broad range of US foreign policy objectives, including ensuring the security of global oil and gas supplies, supporting clean energy goals by maximising the efficiency of oil and gas resource development, furthering political and economic stability in developing countries, promoting democracy and human rights, and combating corruption.

Mr Hueper said the State Department is holding talks with what it believes are the world’s next producers on how to use the revenue when they discover the oil.

He said the hydrocarbon indicators found in Seychelles, and the current exploration efforts, make it very likely we will strike oil soon.

His team are seeking to train government officials on how best to negotiate with companies so as to get the most from the gas and oil.

They also talked to Mr Faure about the potential of renewable energy, saying there should be a balance with the use of alternative sources, even if oil is found.

The group will return in January, with the US geological survey team members to run courses for Seychellois who would be involved in oil revenue-related negotiations.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The role of Minister D D'offay/St Jorre, Minister Guy Sinon, Minister Ralph Adam in the SIROP etc., exile $500 - $800 millions program

We would have prefered to find a previous thread about the role played by SPPF Senior Ministers enabling the Seychelles exile community to put forward the SIROP etc Alliance, CDU, DP, SNM/MPR, MRD and SNP exile return program of 1987/88 leading to the 3rd Republic. Making a few additions and publish it. Our resource is streatched, combined with the situation with/which our communities in EU political, social and economic, the state of things in many Voluntary Sector related to ethinc minority issues - working. We have had to rewrite a thread.

There has been a real phenomenal explosion on Facebook from the Sechelles - Seychelles communities, individuals and national - to what end and purpose, notably as we face a very serious, threathing economic and financial crises internationaly - the forthcoming National celebration 18 June 2010.

Beside serving and fulfilling the personal wish to communicate and stay in touch with acquaintance, friends, families and such associated - make new acquaintences. The real impact of Facebook Social networking on our international communities and national or regional affairs. Equally useful to have been the many burning and down to earth issues causing great pain, concern and anger at what many term "Seychellois Roots" exploitation, abuses by the Indian communities, Arab Investors, Russians, South African investors and investment practices. From the official Blog the very concerning article link we will publish here - attach:
S*T*A*R* - Seychelles Truth Accountability Reality

In as much as we have witnessed the resonable positive benefits, the time and attention required, necessary to keep up, review, monitor the hundreds and thousands others issues is causing grave stress and problematic contraints relating to our communities and national working, social functioning -to compare this situation around 1987 - when we did not have such mass of social network, the effectiveness of a/on a given agenda, plan and project.

Because of this state of things, those who are taking the opportunity to hack into our Community project, use such social platform to develp and create very negative synergy/dynamic against our communities and individuals and the results - impacts. Among them the announcement of the two lots of Tourism Abassadors/quasi Consul. Again the article we will link here.

In as much as in Seychelles the debate which started a few years ago about knowing your rights, the emphais, the important involvement of UN, EU, Church, Judiciary, Regional Institutions. What is really happening here. Those who have been working very hard to help build and support Sechelles - Seychelles democracy and economy. The corrupted bench mark in place and often used. The many blogs and website they have build and personal marketing efforts. With the appointment of those Ambassadors the politicians those siding with the SPPF politicians their corrupted practice, let othrrs do the dirty work - how they have come in and cashed in all the time on onther hard work. The lies and manipulation of the national media. They want to spread this practice in EU.

We believe it is time that our Community in EU put its foot down and with the coraboration of the relevant EU institutions demand and insist that those so call Tourist Ambassador/Consuls stick to their brief. They do not interfer with the running of our Sechelles - Seychelles EU community affairs, family lives and voluntry working isuses. { We addressed two threads about the state of things in Sechelles - Seychelles/related. The assasination of that senior General in Comore, the three Earth quake in Indonesia and the situation in Madagascar - what led to the confrontation and collasp of social and democratic issues in Madagascar.} When any community, group of people they fell threathen - their next step it to challenge the cause of the threath and take the confrontation to their camp. The alternative is a Madagascar situation, Comore, Sirlanka, Kenya, Maladive situation.

We cannot have a situation whereby Seychelles government like they have ruthlessly manipulated, ruled the Seychellois people and nation, exploited them come all the way from the Indian Ocean - overule - over ride EU Laws and regualtion and dictate, rough shod our Communities in EU. This is nothing to do with national economic interest - it is purely a political ploy and one might say vindictive approach by the Seychelles government to take control, creat quasi official quango groups control on the running and working of our EU community.

The reason we started this thread is to do with the recent announcement by Nation of the new Ministers, Minister Danny Faure as Vice President, State Secretary Jean Paul Adam as Minister for Foreign Affairs and the son of former Minister Guy Sinon heading the new Finance - Investment MInistry.

In all political issues and inter community issues there is the need to maintain what may be termed as "diplomatic correctness" meaning not all our dirty cloth can be washed in public. Those in Seychelles and from our communities in EU aware of certain issues - how we work, the ability of our community to impact significant important national issues including national political appointments - collectively.

For the purpose of history and those who wish to be enlightned - Minister Guy Sinon was one of those politicians and individual who bitterly opposed any form of national reconciliation, including that SIROP etc exile return program. { Equally important the position of the exile community about his fate and others form certain larger Western Nation.} Our community reacted positively to the initial appointment of Mr Peter Sinon at the African Developement Bank and the issues until his return to Sechelles - Seychelles. Again the distastful approach by the Seycheles government and politicians - our Community important role - issues that Mr Peter Sinon got the appointment by the African Developemnt Bank - our community collective archaic, fraternal, heraldic, fraternal and other heritage - when they are applied, called into use and those who abuse it or turn round and deny/refute its application adn involvement - the rule and and eventual outcome - backlash.

On of the most prominent supporter, beside President FA Rene, Minister Daniel Doffay, Minister Pool, Minister Testa was Minister Ralph Adam - the father of the newly disgnated Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Jean Paul Adam. We had travelled to Paris specially to lobby, try and gain his support for that UNIDO/World Bank 1979 research on a joint Indian Ocean economic entity/body a bit lie the CARICOM - namely Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Center, the reaearch which was taken and form the base of the COI its Secretariat in Mauritius. We had to use the influence of president Mitterrand - his government to convince him that we were very serious and our ability to deliver - the money involved some $500 - $800 millions. Including the International community, those involved to deliver on the exile program. Mr Ralph Adam had been/served as our Ambassador in Paris for many years. It was also our ability to maintain certain civil relationship swith those who represented then Seychelles Communist government which enabled us/placed us in the position to concept, delive the SIROP etc exile retiurn program.

Right from Sir James Mancham, Mr Robert Frichot, Mr David Joubert, many others in the DP, Mrs Delhomme Party, the SPUP, former President FA Rene and his then Ministers recall their early days as politicians - trying to be politicians, their view, attitudes and approach.

We want to take this opportunity to address the newly designated Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr Jean Paul Adam, to take some distance and look concretely at the life and work of our earlier national politicians. They all had their caprices and nasty sides/aspects. They took no crap from nobody.

We have read some of Sir James Mancham challenges to our youth and young generation, like wise our own chalenge to the youth and younger generation. Had we not been optimistic, positve and careing in our political objective - agenda. The like of Sir James Mancham, Mr Robert Frichot, Mr Gabriel Hureau, Dr Maxime Ferrair, Minister D Joubert, Minister Jumeau. They had all told us/me stop dreaming - the only solution is a serious/total military take over of the Island, rid Seychelles of those individuals once and for all. We will regret the decision. We took the insults, the crap, the nastiness and worked, pressed, committed ourself to the SIROP EXILE return program, we lobbied the embassies in Britian and Europe and set in place the appropriate network and the end results. President FA Rene under much pressure and with reluctancy announced that the Exile can return home and that multi party politic would be allowed. He almost went back on his words - unwritten undertakings. Equally what we had to do to make him stick - keep to his agreement.

The Sechelles - Seychelles nation is at a very dangerous cross road. That road we had forseen and demanded solution be included in the SIROP exile return program of 1987/88. The need for a Senate - Legislative System in Seychelles. Those investors, those new settellors, those new migrants - how they equate and relate with the Nation of Seychelles, the real Seychellois people as the Star put it. Meanwhile the NGO's have implanted themself resonably well.

It is to these younger Politicians and Ministers we turn to as we come to mark the national Day 18th June 2010 Vice President Danny Faure, Minister Jean Paul Adam, Minister Peter Sinon. Had we gone ahead an listened to the older politicians - Seychelles would have been turned into a blood bath by any standard. The national, family and individual not to mention political pain would have been very difficult to over come. We would have had to revert to very undemocratic means/methods to maintain Law and Order and stop counter blood spilling - revenge taking place.

For all the efforts to undermine our EU community working, discredit our contributions to Seychelles national workings and economy the past 20 years, including the appointments of those so call new Tourist Ambassadors/Consul. We know our rights in the EU, we know the Laws and Regualtion in the EU. We do not have to create and use "some back door approach" to get power and run our community. Power is there for us all to manage and be part of - play our duely required role. What those in Seychelles - the current government, those who are advicing them, the SPPF politicians do not know is real democratic working and such process. In taking such appointments those involved unless they are very desperate and greedy for recognition, they are equally corrupt, they refuse to acknowledge what important work our Communities in EU have achieved the past 35 years. They refuse to abide by EU Laws, Regulation and Directives.

We have a blunt message this coming National Day celebration 18th June 2010 - had you been there, been involved, there would not have been a national reconciliation, and exile return program - instead a bloody counter revolution and those with most money and power grab and control everything and your lives your family and future. Even for the proper exile camps/faction what came out in the end and Seychelles today. We who sacrificed, worked hard, fought we have lost everything - nothing to show for it and the Indian, the Russian, the South African, the Arabs they have taken over and bought everything almost everythings - including your families, sisters, brothers and children.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

President asks for start on work to update Constitution

In the first instance we are surprised at the engagement and forum reaction on this not only most important aspect of our nation existence, democratic working, supposed unique example of governance in African Union – equally important the religious and cultural tolerance which we have come to know the past 18 years.

The Sechelles – Seychelles Community in Europe, Australia, Canada, the USA or South Africa not not posses and united media/paper. Whereby such very vital and important national issues can be addressed in the first instance to the people concern, equally important the bad practise of the larger nations, their institutions, refusal to listen, engage positively unless such and issues is coming from what they deem and term serious media/paper.

It must not be forgotten and overlooked – we, our Sechelles – Seychelles EU Community through that SIROP etc. exile/refugee program, the combined COMECON and USSR, OAU change we gave the WWW to the world and the explosion of mass media, media version and such possibilities – yet the very party, our Communities, Seychelles itself dreadful media system.

This would indicate that somewhere in the greater existence, functioning of our Nation, Communities foremost the gross lack of awareness, seriousness to what our history have been, our ancestors from Europe, the nation they build and the values we currently hold – who we face the world and life as such. Our proper role in the Indian ocean, the region and the world.

From this prospective our elder statesman President FA Rene, Sir James Mancham, Dr Maxime Ferrari, Mr Robert Frichot, Mr Gabriel Houreau and very many others will agree. Unless they have failed themselves.

We have become fortunate how ever that the God of our ancestor we serve and exist have provided in plentiful, abundant possibilities for us to dialogue, discuss and interact with the greater world, locally, place of work, other communities, nations, countless institutions – their Constitutions values, their views and concept on such a vital part of any nation working and existence.

Given this – our duty, our individuals, youth, male female, elderly, handicap, those with experience, those who work in such field or related field to make a good if not important effort to grasp this opportunity which as the President of the Republic JA Michel said it only come every 15/20 years.

In Seychelles we also have a very unique situation unlike any where in Africa, Europe or Eastern Europe. Since the last Constitution was enacted/voted/passed the migrant population was very minimal, the investors/come new settlers none existence, large foreign nations, multinationals wishing to become engage, buy property, live and work in Seychelles none existence almost.

The second unique aspect is the “political cleansing and ethnic ” which took place between 1976 to 1991 and have indeed continued. Because Sechelles – Seychelles is a small nation, we do not have the media cannot address properly, engage the world institutions, those organisations there, responsible to monitor, help address such issues. By Law whether you kick out, burn down, kill, expel, terrorises on individual, one family, one small group – or a whole village, a complete ethnic race, category of people it is still “political and ethnic cleansing” what manner and by what methods you choose to replace them.

This has been the other unique situation in Seychelles, because we are a “small nation” irrelevant France, Britain, several EU nations, Australia, Canada and the USA, the UN and the World Church attitude, “thousands of families were calculatedly displaced, forced to leave Sechelles – Seychelles, their life work destroyed, their property confiscated, nationalised – what happened to them none of the business of the like Britain, France, the EU, USA, Australia Canada and UN. They were left to solve their crap themselves. “Oh the hypocrisy of the world and its politic, media – yet Seychelles and the region is of vital importance/strategic to Regional Defence, European energy, mineral, life line, existence. In Europe and other part of the world they found a place to migrate or take exile, their effort to rebuild their lives and integrate – if an when they stood up to explain and protest they were/are labelled as “Terrorist, Taliban and what have you”ungrateful.

The current process in Sechelles – Seychelles the past 81 years the influx of foreign workers, because of labour shortage, expertise among them many former East European, Russian, COMECON nationals, Asian, Arabs, African Union. The process of their taking over, taking power from the indigenous people, the children of the first settlers. Oh, those like the USA, Britain and Australia who are involved – their reason. Only a very serious National Constitution revamp can address these issues and process. These issues are not going to vanish, even come an SNP/DP government.

We believe that – therein lies a great and unique opportunity for all those who love Sechelles – Seychelles those who are very sincere about a peaceful nation existence. To engage and support a much large debate. What they discuss on and across the many media platform – engage the government, officials, and politician to come on board and become committed.

Equally the mega debate that there exist Economic injustice, disparities in favour of migrants, large multinationals, nations setting up business their front in Sechelles – Seychelles. The great opportunity to use the occasion given to raise and include legislation, instruments and institutions which will address such disparities. We particularly have in mid the exile who returned, their families, children – that major national economic program they introduces, and have battled, fought to help implement to the sum of $500 - $800 and only 2/3 completed. ( If we do not take our responsibilities seriously, the world, and our children, those who will replace us one day, their approach and attitude) Only last week we addressed the issues of the “Bad Banks” what we had not said those of us concepting the Economic program /package knew fully well the state of the economy in the USSR and COMECON, their debt level. We knew that beside helping to avoid a world destruction – that they could use the funds, money to build their economy and better the lives of their people – likewise help the rest of the world. What has happened instead. 73/80 of the mega world debt belongs to former COMECON, East European, Russia. We had linked and build the returning economic program upon those important economic platform – future development. Had our communities in EU and around the world not rallied together, Seychelles government would be in very dire state. Situation. The necessity for, those new settlers, their governments, institutions, those coming to work in Seychelles, do business to support a very national debate to update our Constitution.

Among some of the most important national issues the Constitution update need to work on the current legislative mechanism.

- 1 -

Sechelles – Seychelles need a legislative system with a President and Prime Minister defining the exact and proper role of the two.

- 2 -

The need to have a two tier parliamentary system, like Tasmania example. An Upper House and a Lower House, their powers function to be debated.

- 3 -

The Right to vote of Seychelles national out of Sechelles – Seychelles, around the world. Like Mauritius. As recommended and encourage by several important UN and EU debate, legislation's. We have excluded the African Union, Commonwealth and Francophone. Their practise rather what they practise. There have been very important Lobbying by groups, out of Sechelles -Seychelles. What we are very surprise is that the National Opposition, politicians refusal to take such issues on board and debate on the national media and Assemble or public meeting.

We were a child too and we played like all children, at home, village school and church or public function. The relation, the process of/demanding one ability, agility to act, do things, be good at what one do or fail or perform badly.

The same notion we approach our National Constitution and the debacle of the update.

We were privilege to watch very closely how those who administered Sechelles – Seychelles Crown Colony lived, behaved, their attitude and private lives. This took part during our early education at the Bel Air SDA School.

At the age of 8 – 13 equally privilege to listen to debate like Mr Adam, Mr Roseli, Mr David Joubert, Mr Henry Gonthier – several supporters of Mrs Delhomme party, leading police officers who had served in the second world war, businessman, merchants, planters debate discus what they would like/perceive as National Constitution. Including many Italian, Australian, American, German, Austrian, British leaving in Sechelles – Seychelles then.

In East Africa, those who rallied, took the debate of the forth coming independence in East Africa, Seychelles,Mauritius very seriously and what they wanted, perceive as Constitution, rule of Law.

At the age of 15 years we were very privilege to listen, debate and ask question to leading individual who have been responsible to the drafting of the East African independence Constitutions, document, that of Zanzibar. Those who knew us, those around Sir James Mancham, The Colonial officials, Mrs Delhomme party, the Planters Grouping, those who represented FA Rene, Mr Philipert Loiseau, Mr Guy Sinon and several others, the Founder of Bahia Faith in Seychelles, the Founder of Jehovah Witnessed in Seychelles, their view of a national Constitution.

We got the privilege to meet and attend private moment with the Official appointed to draft/review the first Sechelles – Seychelles Constitution.

In Europe because of our engagement – the level of engagement debate since the “Coup d'etat 1977” and indeed before the botch or fudge of a Constitution we have been handed and what led to the “Coup d'etat of 1977” we had debated that extensively with the Austrian media – very serious not gutter media, student of politic, history and diplomacy, and individuals.

The decision of those to set up Opposition in France, Britain, South Africa, Australia, Canada the hefty debate what had happened t our Constitution, the fudge and botch up Constitution we had been handed down. The very serious and dangerous work to change the government from then on and the very many Constitution proposal.

Unlike to what we have read on Forums about the Grand Blanc and those wishing to dominate the quality and contents of the Constitution we had/have worked with.

The brief moment and debate with the late Opposition leader in Exile his view and wish, quality of national Constitution.

Equally the moment and time we spent in the company of former Ministers, their complete conscious, conclusion and view they have been deceived, by those drafting , preparing the National constitutions , the fudge and what this had led to. Their bitterness. We ask and urge those who will debate what we have written to think very hard before they react in writing.

It is time to be blunt. In the capacity of Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary management executive – our role, training and capacity to look at other nations constitution, not just presently but the past. We have had some 30 years experience. This include the former COMECON, USSR. Africa, Arabs, Canada, China, USA, Latin America. (These are issues we are not supposed to divulge – share with the greater public, including Church constitutions).

Very important individual like Mr Phillipe Boule, Mr/Minister David Joubert, Mr Gerrard Houreau, Mr/Father Gabrielel Houreau, Mr Robert Frichot, Sir James Mancham and our-self had been expected to come with one or another very serious form of National Constitution, by the UN, Commonwealth, Francophone, the Catholic Church, the Church of England and other world democratic institution, OAU, South Africa, Australia as would be future Leaders of the Nation upon building a Government. The very many hours spent , debating and discussion, the many institutions in the world and the Judiciary, lawyers, other great mind on such issues. We had gone through Hell on earth, we had received a crap/garbage/fudge of National Constitution at our independence – where we had landed with it. We wanted a model example of future Constitution for our Nation and people. This to include and reflect all our respective national heritage, values and culture. We were not going to come to Sechelles – Seychelles and start some racist garbage of black or white or Indian or Chinese - this was a national instrument way above the nation itself. Based upon the principals, the God of the universe, respect for life, everything it contains – In Sechelles - Seychelles.

For this reason those who knew what we were up to, among the exile politicians shut us out , excluded us from the Munich Conference and the Return process. Those who wanted a piece of fudge for the USA or Britain or France. Hence our decision to distance our self from the returning politicians the SNM/DP/SDP/CDU/Alliance. Why the USA, Britain, France leaders, Institutions and their Secret Service did everything we did not return to Sechelles – Seychelles, their fear of what we knew and would/can do.

There is another opportunity by President FA Rene and JA Michel given the process and length of road we have gone down together from the departure point of the SPPF one party System in 1980's to current situation in Sechelles – Seychelles.

President FA Rene, Dr Maxime Ferrari, Sir James Mancham used to provoke, annoy us particularly with those words - “ you little boys, children , louts” what do you know. We are challenging them today to support a proper Constitution update process, to battle, fight as their parting wish to the Sechelles – Seychelles beloved nation, land of their ancestors, that/for those three above points get included in our new Constitution. Then we “ little boys, children, louts” will respect them beyond the rainbows and their resting place – so too the Sechelles -Seychelles National and all those who have come to share our heritage and be part of our nation. Our Children will learn to respect them, educated to respect them and so too the world.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Eugene Terreblanche killed in South Africa

South African white supremacist leader Eugene Terreblanche has been killed on his farm in the country's north-west.

Mr Terreblanche, 69, was beaten to death by two farm workers after a dispute over unpaid wages, police say. Two people have been charged.

President Jacob Zuma has appealed for calm, saying the killing should not incite racial hatred.

Mr Terreblanche, who campaigned for a separate white homeland, came to prominence in the early 1980s.

1941: Born on farm in Transvaal town of Ventersdorp
1973: Co-founds AWB to protect rights of Boers' descendants
1993: AWB vehicle smashes into World Trade Centre in Jo'burg during talks to end apartheid
1994: AWB invades tribal homeland of Bophuthatswana and is defeated; three AWB men die
1998: Accepts moral blame for 1994 bomb campaign that killed 21
2001: Jailed for attempted murder of security guard farm-worker
2004: Released from prison

Obituary: Eugene Terreblanche
Life in pictures
Eugene Terreblanche: Your comments

He became the champion of a tiny minority determined to stop the process that was bringing apartheid to an end.

"Mr Terreblanche's body was found on the bed with facial and head injuries," said Natal Police Capt Adele Myburgh.

"There was a panga [broad-blade knife] on him and knobkerrie [wooden club] next to the bed."

Capt Myburgh said Mr Terreblanche had been killed at his home outside the town of Ventersdorp, North West province, after a payment dispute with two workers, aged 21 and 15, who have been arrested and charged with his murder.

Mr Zuma condemned the killing as a "terrible deed".

"The president appeals for calm... and asks South Africans not to allow agent provocateurs to take advantage of this situation by inciting or fuelling racial hatred," his office said in a statement reported by South Africa's SAPA news agency.

"The murder of Terreblanche must be condemned, irrespective of how his killers think they may have been justified. They had no right to take his life."


The murder comes amid growing anxiety about crime in South Africa and what opposition politicians say are irresponsible and racially inflammatory sentiments from a minority of the ruling ANC party, says the BBC's Karen Allen in Johannesburg.

The incident comes 10 weeks before South Africa hosts the first World Cup football tournament on African soil.

A spokesman for Mr Terreblanche's Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement - AWB) linked the killing to the recent singing of an apartheid-era song by a firebrand ANC leader.

'Hate song'

"That's what this is all about," Andre Visagie told Reuters news agency. "They used pangas and pipes to murder him as he slept."

Last week, South Africa's High Court banned firebrand ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema from singing "kill the Boer". The court said the song was hate speech, but the ANC is appealing.

Martin Plaut, Africa editor

For most South Africans, Eugene Terreblanche was a throwback to another era. But his death is a blow to the country's image of racial tolerance, fostered so carefully by Nelson Mandela.

Some are likely to believe that the fact that his alleged attackers were arrested so rapidly smacks of a cover-up. Others, on the minority far-right fringe, will see his death as a vindication of their assertion that whites cannot live under black rule.

It is a tragic fact that more than 3,000 white farmers have been murdered since the end of apartheid in 1994. And it is possible that some people may seek retribution.

Mr Terreblanche's funeral could become a rallying point for such sentiment.

Boer is Afrikaans for a farmer, but also a derogatory term for any white in South Africa.

Campaigners had blamed Mr Malema's singing of the song for the recent murders of several white farmers in Gauteng province.

Farming organisations in the Ventersdorp area are calling for calm as they are worried that rising tensions may escalate out of control.

A spokeswoman for the opposition Democratic Alliance party linked Mr Terreblanche's death to racial tensions.

Juanita Terblanche, no relation, said: "This happened in a province where racial tension in the rural farming community is increasingly being fuelled by irresponsible racist utterances."

The minority party Freedom Front Plus called on people to refrain from reacting emotionally.

"The murder of Eugene Terreblanche creates an explosive situation and is condemned in the strongest possible terms," the party's spokesman, Pieter Groenewald, was quoted as saying by the SAPA news agency.

Military intervention

More than 3,000 white farmers are estimated to have been murdered since the end of apartheid in 1994.

A committee of inquiry found in 2003 a political or racial motive in only 2% of farm attacks, although critics said this figure was far too low.

Mr Terreblanche was released from prison in 2004 after serving three years of a five-year term for attempted murder.

He had founded the white supremacist AWB in 1973, to oppose what he regarded as the liberal policies of the then-South African leader, John Vorster.

Eugene Terreblanche rides a black horse after being released from prison in Potchefstroom, file pic from 2004
Terreblanche rides away after being released from prison in 2004

His party tried terrorist tactics and threatened civil war in the run-up to South Africa's first democratic elections.

In the 1980s, the government of PW Botha considered a constitutional plan allowing South Africa's Asian and coloured (mixed-race) minorities to vote for racially segregated parliamentary chambers.

For the likes of Mr Terreblanche, this was the start of the slippery slope towards democracy, communism, black rule and the destruction of the Afrikaner nation, analysts say.

Claiming on occasion to be a cultural organisation - albeit one with sidearms and paramilitary uniforms - Mr Terreblanche and his men promised to fight for the survival of the white tribe of Africa.

An ill-fated military intervention into the Bophuthatswana homeland in 1994 ended with three AWB men being killed in front of TV cameras in a PR disaster that diminished further the seriousness with which Mr Terreblanche's movement was taken.

Mr Terreblance continued to campaign to preserve the apartheid system but lived in relative obscurity since it collapsed.

The AWB was revived two years ago and there had been recent efforts to form a united front among white far-right groups.

Source BBC:

Obituary: Eugene Terreblanche

Life in pictures

Thursday, 25 February 2010

With the death of Archduchess Regina von Habsburg an important era of Europe is dying

With the death of Archduchess Regina von Habsburg, those few who understand some of the complexer working, institutions of EU. The debate of Dr Otto Von Habsburg involvement in politic of Europe - his stand and what he has achieved and brought to Europe. Those who are arguing that an important era of Europe is dying, gone with her death. Like in past European politic, social climate and life - Civilisation.

The Europe of 1976 to the Europe of today 2010 a very great deal have moved on and progressed. We choose that date because that is the time as the 5th generation Franco - Seychellois (what ever bits of British/Sino) we returned to Europe the land our ancestors had left, their diaspora, motives and reasons. We were leaving the land , country they had build in the Indian Ocean and took Exile in Europe.

The politic of the world then, the rulers of the world then, their institutions, media and politicians.

In our Europe, those individuals who were impacting issues and events. For this reason we decided to review the info at IOIMF - Indian Ocean Interdisciplinary Management Foundation, 1979. The state of Europe, World, USA, Africa, Asia, the Small nations, China, the COMECON nations and USSR or Eastern Bloc.

The notion and understanding, use of Interdisciplinary science was still an unknown entity in the mind of most media, politicians, academicians, corporate bodies and their practises and very many others. The few who had studied, practise were either elite, specialist in their field and was unknown to the greater world and public. Be it/they in USA, Britain, France, Germany other European Capitals.

Today, when we read the History of European Economic Forum founded 1971 - those who hype history. In comparison to the real state of things at the time. The media record, public record and knowledge.

In our review of IOIMF - Indian Ocean Interdisciplinary Management Foundation, added a link to Vienna University. We followed the link of Bruno Kreisky as one of the outstanding Graduate along with other names in recent time. We also followed links of important, prominent Professor who have taught there or developed special aspect of Vienna University Faculty. We were searching for the name of Professor, Dr, Dr, Micheal Hoffman. He had headed the special Department of High Management at Vienna University. He had been an adviser to the Kreisky Government, politicians, Industry Captains and other multinational in Austria or Germany. We have spent nearly four hours as well as some 15 years, searching, publishing, inquiring why he has been silenced, why none of his work is available, we even joined the University of Vienna Library on line 25/2/10 to search.

At the subcategory or category under Bruno Kreisky visited the Burial in Vienna, then the famous Cemetery - the name of those listed recently and the past. the name of Micheal Hoffman is not to be seen or found. We came across very many personalities we have been made acquaintance, be they private and public, fraternal or otherwise.

At one of the page of Vienna University, we came across somebody interesting at first it did not click - then remembered. Frederic A von Heyek, his brief details and extended page to Nobel Prize website which we have linked here. They have detailed some of his more important books, work, etc. Nowhere is it written that he was the Close advisor to Lady Tacther - Margret Tacther Conservative government until she resigned. The debacle of how he came to be called to become her most trusted and important economic advisor at that an Austrian, when British public, conservative was on about Nazi, Dr Kurt Waldheim and others. ( We had been importantly instrumental) He must have belonged to the Black Party in Austria - OVP or Liberal.

Again, we went back to the Vienna University search platform, typed his name and the details and information about some of his work. When we did this with Dr Micheal C Hoffman, nothing comes or came up. Professor Hoffman was an SPÖ, without that would have come nowhere near the Kreisky prominent Officials. Those in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy who know how things work in Austria, the pecking order an who gets what position and by whom.

In 1979. Professor, Dr Dr Micheal C Hoffman, was the Guru, the light, the Capo in his field - namely Interdisciplinary Management. He had lectured at Harvard, Germany elite University, Italy. Whatever happened to his name. life, work, associates, graduates he taught. He had more capabilities and understanding of complex European and global economic, politic, corporate issues as Dr Fredric A von Heyek. Hence those multinational we adviced and worked as consultants and the leading Austrian financial Institutions. A very important question to ask and be ask - what about the Famous Red Barons, he was in their Circle, then what has happened. They need to explain to the world, future civilisation, the new nations of EU, like wise Russia.

The ideas, the synergies, the forces, the thematics being persuaded at the time of the first crises in Poland, those in very close Circle in Vienna, were the Socialist and the like of Professor, Dr Hoffman - view, advice what was it all about, the next step, the development. He wrote countless papers in these fields. Whatever happened to them. This is why we have said and maintain that the political, economic change which took place in Poland, the COMECON countries, Germany Reunification, USSR dissolvement and what took, have taken place in Europe ought not to have taken place, Had I/we, our Person been in say France, Germany or Austria. Those like Dr Bruno Kreisky who knew and was aware of what was going on, Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Chancellor Kohl. Primer Andreotti. We were in contact with him and other of/from Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute, other important Austrian personalities, Corporate leaders, Illuminati/fraternal, Christian when we took exile in Britain, 1981 until his death - liquidation, execution 1995/6.

Wikepedia, is a great place, again those who really know why and how such portal like Wikipedia came about - those establishment in the world, Europe, the USA, or Russia, China and former COMECON who spent vast resources, just to cover up, hide and control information, for what purpose and to what ends. Our concern, that nobody have come forward to even mention the name of Professor, Dr Dr Micheal C Hoffman, beside our person. Again the very many personalities, parties, institutions in Austria, German speaking countries who are guilty and gullible in this very wired and strange affair. What about the UN in Vienna - UNIDO and OPEC, they knew of/about him, associated with him. The issues of to build or not to build the mega Conference Centre and UNIDO Head Quaters in Vienna, Professor, Dr Micheal C Hoffman and my person were involved in the issues and process.

Not to overlook, the Austrian nobilities, royalties who knew him personally, academic and corporate wise. Including the Archduke, Dr Otto Von Habsburg, his entourage. The German politicians, European, those from the Council of Europe. The European Illuminati. The USA Intelligence Service - the CIA and FBI monitored the issues, the South African - BOSS, the Israeli, Mossad and Sim-beth, the French Intelligence Service, the Egyptian, the USSR former KGB and current Intelligence Services. What about the British MI5.

Note: We had wanted to make it a comment, the Blog will not allow link and too long.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Archduchess Regina von Habsburg

Archduchess Regina von Habsburg, who died on February 3 aged 85, was the wife of Dr Otto von Habsburg – formerly Crown Prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and latterly a highly respected member of the European parliament; had history taken a different turn, she would have been Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary.

The Archduchess with her husband, Dr Otto von Habsburg, at a mass to mark their 50th wedding anniversary in 2001.

Christened Regina Helene Elisabeth Margarete, she was born in Würzburg, Germany, on January 6 1925, the youngest of four daughters of Prince Georg, the titular Duke Georg III of Saxe-Meiningen, and his wife, Countess Klara-Marie von Korff genannt Schmissing-Kerssenbrock. Her father, who had joined the Nazi party in 1933, died in a Russian prisoner-of-war camp at Chernopevetz a year after the war ended, when she was 21. Her sister died at only three months old, while one of her brothers, Prince Anton Ulrich, was killed in action at Albert-sur-Somme in 1940. Another became a Carthusian monk at Grande Chartreuse in Grenoble.

Further back, her great-grandfather was Georg II, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen (1826-1914), who after the Franco-Prussian War became a well-known patron of the theatre, and is sometimes described as having been the first modern stage director – he is remembered particularly for developing the Meiningen Ensemble, using his court theatre and designing costumes and props himself.

As a young girl, Regina studied social work at Bamberg, and later worked at a refugee home in Munich. In 1949 Archduke Otto von Habsburg came to visit some of his former Hungarian subjects who were being cared for at the home. The following year he and Regina became engaged.

Otto von Habsburg was barred from entering Austria until 1966, and owing to this injunction the couple were forced to marry elsewhere. The service eventually took place in France on May 10 1951 at the Eglise des Cordeliers in Nancy (the burial place of several members of the House of Lorraine), with the blessing of Pope Pius XII.

Although Otto was the heir to the Austrian Empire, he was unusual among "pretenders" in electing to ignore his aristocratic title, preferring to style himself Dr Otto von Habsburg; in 1979 he was voted into the European Parliament as Christian Democrat member for North Bavaria and served for the next 20 years, becoming the highly-regarded Father of the House and its only member to have been born before the First World War. He never claimed the throne of Austria, and in 2000 renounced his sovereignty of the Order of the Golden Fleece, the last sign of his leadership of the Imperial Family.

The Archduchess proved a devoted wife, and her husband acknowledged that, but for her support, he would not have been able to make such a success of his political career.

She herself was Protectress of the Order of the Starry Cross, an all-female Roman Catholic order founded in the 17th century; Grand Mistress of the Order of Elisabeth, a similar organisation; and an Honorary Lady Grand Cross of the Sovereign Order of Malta.

For some years she had suffered from heart problems, and in December 2005 had a stroke; but she recovered sufficiently to attend the wedding of a grandson in 2008.

The Archduchess died at Pöcking über Starnberg, Bavaria, at the villa where she had lived with her husband, who survives her, since 1953. They had two sons and five daughters. Their elder son, Karl, married Baroness Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza, daughter of Baron Heini von Thyssen and his third wife, Fiona Campbell-Walter.

Archduchess Regina Passed Away The Royal Forums

Thursday, 28 January 2010

There are many and will remain "great issues - mysteries" surrounding Pope John Paul ll - visit to Seychelles, SIROP etc Exile return Program

We are still foraging in the contents of Facebook Seychelles College and came across the commemorative picture of Pope John Paul ll to Seychelles, {November 18 — December 1, 1986 - Bangladesh, Singapore, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, the Seychelles}

Until, as late as 1985 - those from the International community who supported, the changing of Seychelles political and economic system by military force, as policy. (In 1984 after the assassination of the exile Leader SNM/MPR in London Mr Gerrard Houreau) Meanwhile the very many Pastoral visit of Pope John Paul ll in other countries.

Not enough has been researched and written regarding the unique and very dynamic if the polite diplomatic terminology, political, diplomatic power, military, economic, finance system Seychelles and President FA Rene was Heading - controlling( USSR, China, Latin America,COMECON, OAU, Arab league nations - their economic, military, intelligence, diplomatic, fiance and other archaic/fraternal connection - beside the Power constellation of Socialist International and the Communist International power structure) Because by December 1985 in many parts of the World, given the important change taking place - driven by events from theCOMECON.

There is a very strong and important reason we are saying this. Verify with most Western Intelligence Services and their governments - embassy. To organise a plane load of British school children - namely from Canvey Island, with their teachers and parents by Mr Marc Sabadin was more than a "very/highly ticklish undertaking", Mr Leon Rene Travel Office was involved. We have written numerous times how the British Authorities, the USA, aspect of the Commonwealth Office were on alert at the intended andeventual visit. As much as those who think they are super clever and can cover up and hide things - President FA Rene knew, was fully aware we were "testing the waters so to say for more important issues" That however do not justify nobody from Britain to state the Commonwealth changed Seychelles political system, from one party to multi party.

Most important - Seychelles government did not trust nobody. Because they knew that the stake were very high - the possibility of something or anything going wrong andblaming his government and the call for retaliation. We were monitoring and weighing these factors and eventualities. Those in London noneSeychellois who had "suggested we use that option and one or two from the exile community who had called us Coward's and other dirty names" We say it again whilst those school children enjoyed and amused them self - we in Britain spent many sleepless nights - if and in case anything went wrong. We wanted to test the mechanism which is required - would be required in the eventuality of a military involvement or the agenda/concept which had began to formulate, against the view of the larger exile leadership, their factions, MD,SDP, Mr Uzice, SNM/MPR, DR Ferrari and others. Particularly the SNM/MPR collective Leadership.

Those who judge we are minute, insignificant, irrelevant etc , on and on their insults. For any big or small military operation/action or majordiplomatic move, for us the Seychellois exile and the opposition in Seychelles - it was a very defying moment - it was a step in the right direction - one more stone, mosaic applied and placed correctly at least 3/4 correctly. London and the political system, establishment, the media played down the whole event.

It was then and this can be verify - that we went to President FA Rene and committed our self and the very many who were prepared to support and back the idea/concept for a combination of, first Economic encouragement/package to the people of Seychelles, economy, then the SPPF and the Seychelles government - those who made the government and President FA Rene. Beside the exile economic agenda, which we had had some 10 years or more to debate. The state of Seychelles economy, the region, OAU, Gulf region. There had to be sufficient very serious incentives to compel him to even look at the proposition - these were diplomatic, corporate and global business, financial interest. Then came the package for Seychelles. This is one of the great reasons they name us "sirop" the mad professor - almost everybody on the street, the very many diplomats. We knew and they knew the complexities and complicated multinational, corporate and highly twined diplomatic issues involved. He knew too and his associates, be they military, corporate, politic what they wanted and how far they were willing to go. These are issues which nobody in Seychelles to this day have been prepared, willing to discuss. They want the people, the citizens and the world to accept only what the nation and SBC stated.

Beside and as well as other international, regional issues taking place, development. We knew as stated above, that the FA Rene was not going to be budge just like that - even if we had come forward with the "$500 - $800 millions in cash" in comparison to the greater issues going on we, our proposition was reasonably serious, genuine - but not enough to dislodge him from his stronghold and embattled position. We had began "to pray if this is the right term" request that Pope John Paul ll get involved more directly - these are matters way above the average Seychelles citizens and very many around the world - it involved the "church position, power, responsibilities - our ancient, European - French belief/faith". We monitored the news that Vatican - those around Pope John Paul ll had herd our "prayers and requests". We were getting exasperated and concerned. The Irish have a very great song "going down on bended knees" this is what we did for those who are still alive and there to testify - the announcement that Pope John Paul ll was going to visit Seychelles as part of his Pastoral Tour in 1986 - remember he had been to Africa before and had not visited the Seychelles. We and everybody in exile, Europe, around the world who knew President FA Rene position towards the Church - there would be a great amount of "expensive crystal" to take into consideration. Once again, the world media, the very many important issues they failed to note, write about - it was not just the Pastoral visit - there were other very complex and important global corporate, diplomatic issues to handle and manage.

Recently - we have gone "batty/potty" about our Climate argument - those who took it for granted that it just poured that particular day upon Pope John Paul ll historic visit to Seychelles - there are mechanism to manage, the climate and weather - those involved and responsible.

This is something which again have not never been given it proper prospective. That SIROP etc exile program had the strong an important support, in put of the Church - christian institutions and the Vatican. The enormity of the involvement cannot be weighed or judge properly - without taking time, efforts and pain. Yet again, the way London, all those who knew and monitored our affairs played it down, it was nothing. The Pope was visiting Seychelles - where in other parts of the world the media had clamoured, prognoctized, invented, painted, anticipated all kinds of scenario - the Seychelles, they "went dumb" as the American would say.

The Vatican, the High Officials around Pope John Paul ll knew how crucial this visit would be, again there are very many important issues we cannot address here. It was a challenge to us, the exile, our efforts, commitments, and engagements - in the future our own ability to battle through our objectives and the wish of the exile community and the Seychelles people. ( The failure and this is the most important, to the Western governments, diplomacy, military, intelligence and media. Their inability to weigh properly what was going on and why. Those from the USA, White House, Pentagon, CIA - like wise Britain, France and other European capitals who had started the process of hijacking that concept, process for their own agenda and bring their own people to control the situation in the future. Those mega political and economic interest which we are witnessing today, the GMR conglomerate, those around Sir James Mancham, those around Dr Maxime Ferrari, those around Mr Robert Frichot/ Mr Edmond Camille.) They had been for bloody blood bath, wreck and mess up everything - we had put forward a reasonable good serious option, solution - they were ready to have us out, by what ever means and methods. For the politicians, high corporate parties - that was the time, era, event, moment they had waited and been waiting. They wanted to grab power and make big money. They were blinded - they failed to take into account that we had not sat together and address "memorandums" which could and be circulated and that used as substance to negotiate and do whatever they want. We had been involved in a new "communication mechanism" synergistic - dynamic communication concept - we knew all the cogs reasonably well. Those who had banded together were either unaware or blinded to those facts. Equally important to the process, package and solution the Networks involved, those involved to bring the peaceful - not military change in Poland, other COMECON countries, the USSR, Germany. Not to exclude countries outside Europe.

This is what the vast majority in Seychelles do not and did not know, the process of those involved in managing the Network we have often mentioned - who were they. For the First time in modern civilization, NATO, such powerful body, establishment, institutions had not been directly involved in changing a political block like the COMECON, let alone the power and size of USSR. In both situation the transition of their economy. Can the average Seychellois, or Mauritian, Reunion then imagime anybody or Network making any resonable serious forecast about the economic change in the COMECON in $billions, likewise in the USSR and later in OAU. This President FA Rene knew and Sir James Mancham, Dr Ferrari knew aspects and those involved with them. That was waht they were really after not the 20% of $500- $800 millions. Here were economic, corpoarte, financial issues in $trillions. Their opportunity to get involved and make fortumes.

This had been part of an important methodology - the Seychelles government, the SPPF, the very many involved and around the change had communicated. With President FA Rene advantage, knowledge of the cog of that new communication method - so that when the fateful announcement was made 1991 that the exile could return home and that Multi party would be allowed. The delegation, preparation and those from the exile Seychelles faction who returned home. How they handled situation once in Seychelles and those involved. Those who judge the Seychellois were imbeciles and could easily succumb to "whatever you do to horses to get then to go straight in races". The objective of this thread is not about the debacle of the political negotiations etc. It is about the vital and very crucial role Pope John Paul ll played in the whole issues and a very great deal cannot, and will never be disclosed to the greater public. It is beyond the capacity, ability of the greater public, their media and institutions to understand and fathom these issues and why they work. Hence what the world, the people of Seychelles, the region and history witnessed a unique phenomena. It is not out of reach - its is within the grasp of the world and civilisation - if we remember to go " bended knees when the world, humanity face crises of extra dimensions".

Hence Sir James Mancham, President FA Rene and the world our good reason to put that wooden shield made of Seychelles timber on the pictures, book recently published by Sir James Mancham - the global citizen. He used to ostracised us about religious values - played down. For those who know Christian issues/experience - the involvement of Mr Marc Sabadin and that of Pope John Paul ll to make it possible for the Seychelles Exile to open the big door, which had been firmly shut - so that they could return home to their beloved land.

We are adding this thread recall/remind the thread we added last Friday about the reopening of the Seychelles High Commission at Hanover street. The second chance for everybody in Seychelles and elsewhere to think very hard - that SIROP exile, Allinace, SDP, MD, CDU, SNM/MPR etc in only 2/3 or there about completed, implemented. The state of the world economy and global situation - where to find the required $500 million to further this program over the next 5 - 10 years. As well as new national requirements,financial constraints and uncertainties - economic woes.

List of pastoral visits of Pope John Paul II outside Italy


Saturday, 23 January 2010

Obama’s approval rating drops below 50 - Hanover Street, New Seychelles High Commission

Obama’s approval rating drops below 50, and is unlikely to rise soon

Upon the advice of some body very prominent in the Russian politic, the relevancy of those who know and are aware of how Seychelles International politic works, the past 30 years, the mega debacle surrounding the last Closure, the opening of the New High Commission at Hanover Street, London where we are threading this article.

The personality urge us to note and address on our Sechelles - Seychelles EU Community Forums, certain relevancies. At a later date we will add a picture of the New High Commission premise.
Some/one of those issues is the relation, comparison of President Obama Presidency development, progress in comparison to Tony Blair. We are pressed to write this thread. Was it 6 months or more, that awful and dreadful development surrounding Princess Diana and the Al Fayad. We had hinted to Mr Blair of the problematic prior – because we had been dumped at the Hibury Hotel, Islington – all those who knew what was going – then the so called accident/ death.

For those who were at Richmond Crescent when the news fell he had been elected, the party at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Those who had and played a crucial role that Blair be elected and the media “puke after wards, sleaze, lies and the spins” from Mr Blair. Given other very important EU and world issues those who know and are involved – that the death, accident of Princess Diana was a terrible “omen” on the Blair future and government. “Because those who knew the state of things around the Princess and had hoped, expected that Blair would play his role/part, responsibility as had been expected. His Premiership was marred – a big cloud hung over him. Many of the important issues which ensued how he handled it. The mess in the end.

President Obama knew why, how and those involved to get him elected under all the challenges and massive opposition. He was given a duty – mission like Tony Blair. Some of these issues have been presented to him off the diplomatic, government platform – approach.

To cut matter short and brief. The Seychelles have been given and opened a new National Assembly by the Chinese, all those who oppose this. The mega politic of AU, the Gulf Region, Asia, the Indian ocean – President Obama directive, the many so called USA friendly visit to Seychelles since and other issues. The Seychelles is a Francophone and system very much like Haiti. We have been writing and explaining how we work right across the world and what make us the 2nd and Mauritius 1st best governance in AU.

We have addressed the EU many relevant institutions, the USA on the fact that that so call “Anti terrorist Unit Department in EU” ought should not have been named so. The important use and abuse of abnormal dynamic and such practice in the world and high corporate affairs – those who study and monitor such issues.

That mega Earthquake and Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, 250,000 lives lost and the economic destruction. Beside numerous other such incidents.

We had addressed the same issues to Tony Blair. Why he choose to oppose our request and plea – so that Politicians, their mechanism could go on wantonly use and abuse many abnormal mechanism, dynamics, pass heavy handed laws – control the populace and any thing they came across. To the issues of the WDM, their blatant lies and cover up and the current questioning. Others are Terrorist and they are not – just because they are politician and elected elites. Instead – he compelled, forced, demanded, used his political clout that right across the board they implement and begin using that infernal “CJD/Rave/rage/Satanic vibe” and the consequences today. Hence our call for the EU to look deeply into the issues. He even went to war, killing thousands of innocent people because of it.

The cause and so called scientific reason, mechanism which trigerred that total destruction of Haiti in “as bad and a mega warning” to President Obama – given the Climate Summit and the outcome. He may argue the USA interest come first. We and very many other know how world politic works. He had been given a mission – agenda to work. Those issues related will impact his Presidency importantly. Sadness for the great mass, the millions who will be conned, lied too and in the end the terrible mess. The media filth.

To give another sample of things – those who have been saying and telling the world the dreadful corporate practice which existed, how others are working hard, what they do and the media lies, con. The real issues which led to the mega USA financial, housing and economic – with it the world.

Again to cut details. The media this morning going for him – saying that because of his statement. He has caused the world and global Market to fall. Under Bush, Reagen, Blair, Major and Tacther – those phenomena were there and applied.

The problem is the so call media – the so call expert their more and more consistent lies, cover up and the real dynamic, synergy which impact and can impact and used to impact such issues not discussed. The multinational Finance house they go along it is fine as long as they make massive profits – whatever methods and means.

Excuse us the thread is full of errors we are threading next to the new Seychelles High Commission at Hanover Street. Those from the Fraternal, Illuminati, Archaic, Christian and others who know what really took place 20 years ago there. Why and what they are there for. The mega SIROP/CDU/DP/SNM etc exile return program $500 – $800 millions, ( We have come to edit this thread at the French Institute at South Kensington – two days ago we were here what and those who use the infamous satanic rave/rage, crack vibe and CJD – the mega bust up in France, the cars burnt etc and the heavy police involvement) the Big branch of Barclay round the corner we met and discussed with their top executive about the Barclay situation in Seychelles, Africa and the Indian Ocean, their respond. Equally the very large Building housing the HSBC, the merger debacle we were involved Mr Purves, the Italian connections. Also the St George church those from the Fraternal establishment at the time of the SIROP program who judge they control the church and every tings and made life hell for everybody. The Austrian tourist not far, the Mauritius Airline, the imposing hotel, the Irish Consulate, – the USA Embassy down the road and so very many other people, business we knew and were in contact for that SIROP etc exile return program,. The old Bond Street, the issues of the Readers Digest colour bible, the Philippine airline, The changes in the COMCON, the USSR issues, the German Reunification, German Treuhand process, the total French crap - anger of President Mitterrand on going issues. The issues of our connection in Monaco and Italian P2 Lodge. The Mauritian community grabbing their share of the loot/kill, those who were driving around London 20 years ago only interested in making the big kill, big buck on the back of our work and political situation wahtever cost. Spinning, using and abusing people to manipulate and push things in certain direction. Their agenda.

“ A very nice story – the Austrian old Restaurant round the corner – we decided to invite and take a then young Mauritian lady, after dinner decided to be naughty and treat her to a cigar from a selection, she puffed away, the fun and got so violently sick – they had to close the Restaurant” that night.

This is to the former USSR boss, current Leaders of Russia – this is where everything when wrong. We en devoured to discuss with the Russian Embassy in London, what was taking place. Had we been allowed to Develop and built that SIROP etc exile program in France or Germany, those who had used Dr Ferrari in the process, what they did and equally Sir James Mancham, they had refused to listen, involvement in hijacking that SIROP exile return program, if anything given their past political experience and knowledge of diplomacy ought to have been wise, they were not. The Seychelles Exile and the Seychelles nation got ripped off, robbed, taken to the laundry properly – the USSR, COMCON system change would have been different – the global economy, financial mess and the state of the world. The Russian Secret Service, the Military and many other is Russia getting very angry – mad.

We have been given a second chance so to say by the opening of the Seychelles High commission at Hanover Street, the royal Hanover family and Hanover in Germany. The state of the world economy, the mega economic and financial melt down, The situation in Africa and Small nation. We address Mr Oscar Lafontaine and those around him in Germany, he was there then – Sechelles – Seychelles have opened their High commission in Hanover Street, his efforts to bring some balance and sanity in the corrupted economic, financial and corporate practice in Germany and the world – EU. We still have a chance, given a second chance.

I trust President James Michel who were not aware of the process, not intended to lead Seychelles, the New national Assembly, the forthcoming general election, what has been said at home and debate, what ever percentage of the old SIROP etc exile return program implemented, Reclamation project etc and others do not get the bright idea to do like Dr Ferrari and others did and the terrible mess to date. The world is in a terrible mess as a result. ( just now I have ticked off a French woman on what took place two days ago in the library – yet she is going on, these are the issues the utter madness that have engulfed the wold – the mind programming process.)

The world is not 1983 – 1991, We now have a very important process and actually several process until we arrived at “the Treaty of Lisbon” and the vast many in London and Britain who treat things as usual – just like they treated things in the past, including that Channel Tunnel project the important impact on France and Britain relation ship it was supposed to bring. There have been so many terrible things happened the past 19 years in the world and Britain - the depraved mentality as if nothing had ever happened – except their little craps.

Beside the big banks there Barclay, HSBC, Lloyd and Halifax – that stock Market company Singer across them, they are going to cream, take them to the laundry properly and thy will be left empty handed, the very large Property developer Lang across the Square and several. Most significant Qatar Airline they were in Conduit Street – the reason the moved to their current address – had they known they would have stayed and join the thieves and creaming process. While out land country get taken over and we the real Seychellois become poorer or live in exile. What about our children and future generations. Mr/President Obama we the Seychellois nation we took a vow never again to let another nation control our destiny how whever big, powerful and rich – we trust the youth of Seychelles , the children will take this vow/pledge too.

There are many very important other issues which have been left out from that thread on Sechelles - Seychelles new High Commission at Hanover Street.

Because of the political brutalities, dishonesty, lies, cover-up, arms twisting, bullying, intimidation in that SIROP - Alliance, DP, CDU, SNM/MPR etc exile return program of 1986/1991 in relating to Diego Garcia - BIOT had wanted not to write about the "Kraft - Cadbury takeover, Aldabra Atoll Group issues".
Before we go further we had mentioned of the Russian high Parties who had advised us to write that thread, they reminded us yet again this morning. We purposely omitted the the issues of the "Kraft USA -Cadbury take over for some $12 billions". Certain important implications for the Seychelles Sovereignty, the Indian Ocean regional politic, Strategic balance, diplomacy and economy. Equally affecting the Gulf Region, African Union and our Asian Strategic issues. The takeover ofCadbury by Kraft also implies that they acquire the relevant interest of Aldabra Group of Islands formerly controlled by the Cadbury family - the Lease of 99 years. The media and politicians in Seychelles, the NGO - Civic Society in Seychelles need to be on their toe. This is not a development to be taken lightly. " We want to quote one of the most piercing remark by those who really know certain issues - the famousCadbury Eggs with the yellow in side - the statement to the "American - Kraft that you do not and cannot put cheese in that special egg"

Three other important issues we had omitted.

Now that "Kraft has taken over Cadbury" what is meant about the egg. Country life - the mega 123 Regent Str where they switch the Christmas light every year, the mega debacle all the facilities of that place. The terrible politic of the daypractice in London and the fast food, terrible food politic which existed in London until well into 2000 those in London who they they have the elite cuisine in the world or Europe - this translated to everyday politic. They were an important Christian project in London, Europe and the USA. When all the young exile,Mancham , Dr Ferrari and other were calling for the "total elimination of the Seychelles government and their leadership" our involvement and association with Country life influenced that we look at alternative solution to Seychelles, Indian Ocean and regional politic - we endeavoured to address the USA intelligence these issues upon our visit there. Mr TerrySandapin , Mr Paul Chow did visit their premise and mega building. The important Christian involvement, support, network involved - participation. They are just down the road. At the back, the famousSaville Row, the most expensive and elite tailors of the world. Round the corner equally most important - Tomas De La Rue Building - where they printed money for Seychelles, some of the many debacle of vast amount vanishing and other countries. Our personal and national involvements in instance - those who know/knew.

We have mentioned the issues of HSBC merger take over, the darn lies and take over. Mr Purves the Italian who led the takeover from HSBC side - our P2 lodge connections, other archaic/fraternal connection at play and involved. Why - just round the corner was the Bank Mr JoJo Horner had helped/contributed Mr Gerrard Houreau to open the MPR/SNM Bank account. Those who recall the difficulties of opening Bank account in Britain then. That Bank was situated on the corner of the entrance to Country Life Restaurant, the post office and Gerrard Jewellers across the street. The Midland Bank with their Yellow Logo - lettering.

Off Regent Street, as you take the first road right is Conduit Street. Who and how many Real Seychellois Exile/refugee do not know, recall or forgotten that famous/infamous Building - the Ambassador Delpech and our Tourist office, next door the police station, the Australian tourist office, we have mentioned Air Mauritius, Kenya Airline, Rolls Royce Car Dealer. The very many bitter, angry, desperate, frustrating and explosive protest we held at Conduit Street - the Exile Oppositions in the bitter Cold. the Mason Arm Pub across the road the elite and leadership would go after for a Beer. What must not be forgotten are thoseSechelles - Seychelles mothers, woman who supported and encouraged their men on. The instance of not just the skirt lifting to the Embassy showing their "arrière, derrière, postérieur" to the Embassy officials and staff. Conduit Street is two streets parallel. Those like Mr Andre Rasool who had been Seychelles 1st Ambassador. Mr Ali Parkar and Mrs Soona Oliajee corporate office and that of Mr Ramnijk Valabjhi not very far either. Across on the other side of Regen Street - Brewer Street, the SITA Office and Shop of former Minister Phillipe Jumeau - later our efforts, to taken over the Centre, club Mr Gerrard Houreau had started involving Mr Terry Sandapin and other UKSCA executive, near by. Mrs Kathleen Pillay visited the premise. The uncle of the current Ambassador. Much further at the end of Oxford Street, the Cumberland Hotel where Mr RobertFrichot, former ambassador would go for a drink. Our favourite was the French Meridian Hotel off Regent Street, St James at the back of Mason retail store, the Intercontinental Hotel, Hilton near Hyde Park. We almost forget something very important - the Group Sachi and Sachi, the role in some of these dabacles, why at the back of Old Bond Street. The Sir Robert Maxwell debacles involving the SIROP etc and our Exile/refugee conmmunity - why he was killed/died .Only those with inside knowledge what when on and took place. The many/some of our very important British Jewish corporate and other connections. ( then they tell us of Heinz and Lehman Brothers - next time I will bring my other to Sechelles - Seychelles children/families of Jewish blood)

Most important to all this the Court Case we endeavoured to introduce/get started at the Royal Court of Justice, some of London, South England best legal firms, leading names, for damage and compensation of £21 millions against several High parties in London over the destruction, theft,cover up of that SIROP, Alliance, DP, CDU, SNM/MPR etc exile return program. The paper works are still there. The three leading law firms we had recruited in the vicinity of the USA Embassy to advice, negotiate and discuss some of the complex issues - one of this Firm is today based next to the Knight of St John of Jerusalem in Islington - the Kight Templar Castle, the very many issues we have written about so far. The Hellish time we went through in London - whilst most of the exile/refugee community and their families had returned to Sechelles - Seychelles.

Meanwhile, since 1991 the cost overrun, those, anybody who undertand, familiar with the issues of such economic program, exile/Refigee program, management, diplomacy and politic. From the original $500 - $800 millions. we are now in the 20th year of that equally infamous SIROP etc exile/refugee return program only half and above completed the need to add some 30% - 50% for escalation of cost - price climb since. Making the program cost $240 - $400 millions ertra. These are issues which those who judge taking over the governemnt, setting up a government was/would be easy. How and where to find the finance and money to persue such program - concept.

Note: Sombody be kind and point this thread to the Russian in Seychelles

Origine of Hanover Square

Hanover Street