SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Notes to Global citizen - Sir James Mancham autobiography page

Include: (1976/77)

The Bresnevh era:Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev (Russian: Леони́д Ильи́ч Бре́жнев​ (help·info), 19 December 1906 [O.S. 6 December 1906] – 10 November 1982) was General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (and thus political leader of the Soviet Union) from 1964 to 1982, serving in that position longer than anyone except Joseph Stalin. He was twice Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet (head of state), from 7 May 1960 to 15 July 1964, then from 16 June 1977 to his death on 10 November 1982.

Fueled by large infusions of Western credit, Poland's economic growth rate was one of the world's highest during the first half of the 1970s . But much of the borrowed capital was misspent, and the centrally planned economy was unable to use the new resources effectively. The growing debt burden became insupportable in the late 1970s, and economic growth had become negative by 1979 .

The state of Europe, the USA, the world, the Signing of Charter 77 what it became. The most prominent opposition to the process of normalization was the movement known as Charter 77. The movement took its name from the title of a document initially circulated within Czechoslovakia in January 1977. Originally appearing as a manifesto in a West German newspaper and signed by 243 Czechoslovak citizens representing various occupations, political viewpoints, and religions, the document by the mid-1980s had been signed by 1,200 people.

Charter 77 (Charta 77 in Czech and in Slovak) was an informal civic initiative in Czechoslovakia from 1977 to 1992, named after the document Charter 77 from January 1977. Founding members and architects were Václav Havel, Jan Patočka, Zdeněk Mlynář, Jiří Hájek, and Pavel Kohout. After the 1989 Velvet Revolution, many of its members played important roles in Czech and Slovak politics. The group was linked to the National Endowment for Democracy

In October 1978 , the Bishop of Kraków, Cardinal Karol Józef Wojtyła, became Pope John Paul II , head of the Roman Catholic Church . Polish Catholics rejoiced at the elevation of a Pole to the papacy and greeted his June 1979 visit to Poland with an outpouring of emotion. { Form then on the paramount importance, influence of the Catholic church – other Interfaith, belief – Muslim involvement in the process}

Autumn 1978 to Autumn 1979, the issues of the COI ( Research by UNIDO/World Bank -IMF, the Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Center - based on the CARICOM/Pacific RIM Nation Association system) the greater political concept behind it.

On July 1 , 1980 , with the Polish foreign debt at more than $20 billion, the government made another attempt to increase meat prices. A chain reaction of strikes virtually paralyzed the Baltic coast by the end of August and, for the first time, closed most coal mines in Silesia . Poland was entering into an extended crisis that would change the course of its future development.

On 31 August , 1980 , workers at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk , led by an electrician named Lech Wałęsa , signed a 21-point agreement with the government that ended their strike. Similar agreements were signed at Szczecin and in Silesia . The key provision of these agreements was the guarantee of the workers’ right to form independent trade union s and the right to strike. After the Gdańsk agreement was signed, a new national union movement " Solidarity " swept Poland.
The discontent underlying the strikes was intensified by revelations of widespread corruption and mismanagement within the Polish state and party leadership. In September 1980 , Gierek was replaced by Stanisław Kania as First Secretary.

Andrei Andreyevich Gromyko
(Russian: Андре́й Андре́евич Громы́ко; Belarusian Андрэ́й Андрэ́евіч Грамы́ка; July 18 [O.S. July 5] 1909 – July 2, 1989) was a Soviet politician and diplomat. He served as Minister for Foreign Affairs for the Soviet Union (1957–1985) and Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet (1985–1988).

Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev (Russian: Михаи́л Серге́евич Горбачёв, pronounced, born 2 March 1931) was the second last General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, serving from 1985 until 1991, and the last head of state of the USSR, serving from 1988 until its collapse in 1991. He was the only Soviet leader to have been born after the October Revolution of 1917.



The 1987/88 - SIROP, Exile Return program, CDU, Alliance, DP, MPRD, SNM/MPR, SNP, Parti Seychellois
In spite of the above important events in the former COMECON, the USSR – FA Rene resolve – no change in the One Party government/system.

President Francois Mitterrand, chancellor Bruno Kreisky, Italy Premier Andreotti, German Chancellor Smidt later chancellor Helmut Koln, Ted Heath – Lady Tacther, USA President Ronald Reagen and Irish Premier Charles Haughney!!! Equally important the role played by South Africa Aparthide system in the process until its collapse.

August Coup attempt 1991 Russia.
Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin (Russian: Борис Николаевич Ельцин​ (help·info); Russian pronunciation: (1 February 1931 – 23 April 2007) was the first President of the Russian Federation, serving from 1991 to 1999.
Yeltsin came to power with a wave of high expectations. On 12 June 1991 he was elected president of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic with 57% of the vote, becoming the first popularly elected president. But Yeltsin never recovered his popularity after a series of economic and political crises in Russia in the 1990s.

The RIM Association 1994/5 -1997 Mauritius, greater economic working/integration of the nations of the Indian Ocean, to save the collapse SIROP etc exile return program.

Involved in the process the very important role of the French Arcahic – Fraternal Heritage, likewise Italian, Austrian ( British later) other Central European archaic/fraternal Heritage. Europe then and those involed – individuals like Dr Otto Von Hapsburg.

Equally important 20 years after the change – the SIROP etc exile return program the collapse, meltdown of the global banking system. Some 60 major banks in the USA. Collapse. Melt down in Western, USA economic – democratic values. In Seychelles World Bank demand the People call for Account some $2.8 billions plus 15% -20% above, which have gone missing.

1999 -2002, On account of the missing $2.8 billions, plus some 15% - 20% on top. The state of the world, OAU working, economic, politic. Our ability to understand aspects of the greater working of the world, mechanism - commitments, process which had gone on in EU and the OAU left behind - that OAU, the African system be made a suit modelled on the EU System - how President Ghadaffi got involved and why, the African Union. The $500/$800 billions Africa debt write off issues. Where have all the money gone. The debate had been going on since 1999.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Church, religious communities have played, been involved in politics

We have stated we have a fairly important religious – spiritual involvement globally, part of what we have termed Network and their involvement in that Historic infamous SIROP etc Exile refugee Return program of 19787/88, the COMECON changes, USSR change, Germany Reunification, the process in OAU to African Union and Latin America, China.

The Church, religious communities have played, been involved in politics, manipulated politics since the concept of Church and politic – then turn round deny any – their involvement, threaten their members, leadership, participants will all kinds of God, Heaven sent punishments, curses, disasters, calamities, generation calamities, families calamities in the practice, process to control, manipulate events, issues, due process, personalities, thinking process, intellectual capacity to shed light on a given spiritual or religious issue – the methods and such practice in history is very voluminous and records abound. This does not stop this terrible and hideous practice by those who say, purport they are the shepherds of Gods people, their faith, Soul and spirituality.

We have written one or two articles on certain aspect of going on relevant to a particular Church, issues that have come out in the greater media since the above Historic events 20 years ago. What many may term as their spin, certain spin practice or use of spin then - how over the months and years those who lacking the real spiritual dimension, gift, God direction to attract folks to their church, sermons have been spinning or putting a particular spin, slant on events to say – purport their particular brand of belief and Christian practice fellowship is better than another one. In perusing this dreadful practice those who have argued they have been keeping in line with political requirement, social progress, they have the divine rights to preach such in the name of God or the church doctrine. The consequences, the results, backlashes and state of the church, quality of spiritual belief and practices – those who wonder and have wondered why the church and many Christian followers are in such state, the state of the society and the world.

Among those involved in such - this dreadful practice is a particular Christian Grouping – denomination without to mention name for the past 25 years in Britain. When one is involved in very important National, International political, economic, monetary, scientific issues because of ones ability, expertise, responsibilities, connections or standing as a Christian the relevancy, need and practice to share some if not many aspects of a given issue or issues going on at the time. In turn their support, prayers, engagement collective corporate, individual or a church with branch churches in other parts of the world, Europe. The impact, results and outcome of its effect on a given or ongoing sets of issues. Even to go as far as stating those who term such impacts as miracles, God important hand in such issues or sets of issues, faith and the strength of one, collective, national or transnational belief.

Beside the impact, importance on the daily functioning, life, its members and going on, growth of a church, denomination, again national, international or regional – this facing the competition and challenges of other faith, denomination, religious practices, belief and groupings. In term of public, the public media, the politicians, political institutions and other national relevant institutions, a government, political parties. Should the issues or set of issues be important enough i.e. of historic dimension such international bodies, like the UN and very many important interfaith, interchurch, Aid agencies which exist and perform in the name of mankind and humanity, democracy, justice, freedom. Their importance and self-awareness, emancipation – the way the public and none Christian see them and view them.

Here we are talking about events of the COMECON and ongoing on to today, the same events and process in the USSR, China former OAU, Latin America, and the Arab world and Asia continents. The Oceans.

There has been the belief and practice that because one form part of a given faith or belief, their church, denomination doctrine that such issues or set of issues that have been presented, involved them, be it prayers, devotions, conferences or large faith and interfaith events such as congress and conferences. Their rights to claim credits, for their involvement and inputs and the person/individual group and network is given less or no credit, importance, relevancy. Resulting in a very devious, duplicity, abnormal state of practice if one can cal it democratic practice at all. This again have been practice and going on for the past 20 years and the state of things.

The large none believing world, none church attending population, the public media and many other news media may indeed have wondered and wonder what is going on and what has been going on – what kind of spiritual practice and development is this in term of society, the greater politic and responsibility if not accountability to mankind and its relevant or many institutions. The very strange many development to what many have termed the over the edge or the precipice the none church and believing part of a populace have reached and attained as results. Let alone their impact on the Youth or the socially handicap part of the populace. Those who know of what is going on at the time and its impacts and how it will affect the future and history.

We have hand written or typed and photo copied a large among of issues or sets of issues, relevant and going on at the time of given time of the process in former COMECON, the USSR, Germany Reunification, changes in China, Latin America, OAU, the Arab world, the Oceans and Asian subcontinents. With out like abound on the web to write and publish them for the large mass – our belief then that only those we deem need to know ought to be informed. There is no need to create and cause conflicts or undue conflicts if it can be avoided.

Along the existence of others, armies of institutions, networks, bodies, individuals who have been involved, aware, have knowledge of the issues or given sets of issues, the many media or even the gutter media as we have often mentioned. Their involvement equally, monitor, accountability mechanism, benchmark system and due process, scientific, statistic, information gathering, those whose specialty or work to record and preserve such information on a given issue or set of issues related to the above.

Contrary to what is said, belief – most if not all of these religious denomination, grouping, church, regional and international – they need money, small and large corporate business interest, they have interest. Call and name it what you want – their members need money and some kind of positive economy environment to live and exist. In the case and everybody know with those above issues a given issue or set of issue we have presented, worked and involved a denomination or church their knowledge. The wellbeing of their church members, denomination or group of church, national and international - they all need and require wealth and money, prosperity and affluence. The very reason they come to church, get involved and do what they do to achieve this aim and objective – even if it is done in the name of faith, belief and Godly reasons.

Equally the Christian, spiritual practice, they need that better job, that much more money, that new car, that new item, that new travel, that new education, that new project, that new House, that new saving on and on. Yet the absurdity, terrible Christian practice – standard as a collective Christian body, many congregation church, local, regional and international - they need or have good reason to heed that specific amount of money, wealth etc as stated above – the very person and individual who is the owner, leader, purveyor, inventor or thinker of the issue or given set of issues. He has none of the above needs, he must not have and the church, denomination or groups of Christian will see to it that he has not the need. This practice have been going on for the past 20 years again the none Christian part of the populace, the media, the politicians and many national and international institutions, bodies, networks, communities other religious denominations view, anger, protest and abhorrence of the going on.

Our Sechelles, Seychelles EU Communities is a Christian community in EU and the world. The important role of our ancient fathers, founders they started the spreading or form part of the spreading of Christian belief in France, then old Europe, Britain and other parts of European continent, the world.

Most church, Christian domination, profess that they preach the only truth – how they go about this in reality. They are God light on earth – yet the reality. Again those churches, those from certain church and Christian denomination who have presented and shed their version of god light on an issue, given issues or set of issues. Depending on their church doctrine and belief and to certain almost whims.

In short until 2005/6 when most exile communities, ethnic communities in Europe as governed by the laws and regulation of the EU, international refugee or such institutions, national parliament. We the Sechelles – Seychelles EU community, those aspect of our exile and refugee communities did not have media access, had not made a written case, presented a written documentation of the exile program and the political process associated, meaning the COMECON events, the USSR, the German Reunification, changes in China, Asian sub continent, the OAU, the Arab world and the Oceans. Because of exclusion, lack of resource – the very dishonest political, diplomatic state of things in the world when it come to such issues and situation, need, we had taken to discussing by mouth, one to one meetings, notes and because of our Christian belief, our ancestral archaic, fraternal, illuminati, ancient political practice and knowledge – not the need, important trust that there exist mechanisms, systems which can record, are there to record, take care and inform history and posterity what an issues was all about or given sets of issues with our massive distortions , lies, spins and corruption.

The state of the world, the way the world and those involved saw us our involvement’s and accounts of events in the COMECON, the USSR, Germany Reunification, changes in China, OAU, Latin America, the Ocean, Asian subcontinent, the Arab regions until 2005/6. We decided to press, demand that such important historic involvement by a small community in EU be duly addressed, catalogued, process and saved for posterity - those from the British Voluntary agencies who know what took place and was taking place at the time – the position of the politicians, the media and the church equally. The decision to create the project of Refugee and exile History in London/Britain, to allocate funds, to select the due project of a refugee community, to provide expertise of how to document such project – then the communities or community themselves and their leadership, nation, media and many other institutions involvement’s. What would make that community exile /refuge history project unique form another. Then came the editing aspects and finally the publishing. Because we did not fall, lack numerous requirements, management committee, edited community accounts etc was not eligible and did not get the Funding.

Given this state of things – the agencies involved, the Sainsbury Trust and the Evelyn Old field Unit and very many other we had discussed our situation and needs including the very church and religous denomination - in instance prayed about it. Our request that we would like to have support, advice and guidance to proceed independently – our community knowledge, training connection and network across the EU, the EU relevant and international institutions, the Francophone, the Commonwealth, the inter faith – church institutions. Equally that of OAU, Latin America, Asia and Russia. We also warned – stated that instead of a so call well defined exile/refugee history project we would be setting our own rules, guideline and project references, the outcome. It will not please everybody – we stated that we may find our self in the forest or have wondered/got lost in the forest for those who understand the implication and meaning of things.

We began to set out and map out our own project in 2005/6 in the form of Seychelles EU Connection community portal project. Again having addressed the exclusion to many important EU agencies, media, court etc. Countless debate and discussions the issues we addressed the very church and congregations and the Catholic Church equally. The forums and the media the whole world. The approach and methodology we decided to use. Equally the funding, money resource to be used and available – if any, this in the face of a great historic – unparalleled in modern history phenomena and development. What really took place.
That portal project has/have been set up to function like the SEYNEWS project where those interested and relevant group of individuals can get involved, they can have access to their own log in system, edit and publish. These have never taken place and materialize - the why and those involved. Hence alternative approach to gather information on what took place and is relevant to our Sechelles - Seychelles EU community past present and the future.

The meter mechanism is not telling the truth because of the page link – the actual visitor since we have decided to publish the project is near to 10, 000 visitors if not more over the past three years.

What have caused and made us write this article is certain development. We have stated that there exist in Britain, OAU a block of people, communities that dislike what we have publish, the issues we have mentioned, the archaic, fraternal, ancestral heritage of our Sechelles - Seychelles EU community, those who complain about racism, exclusion they were and became the very one to begin practicing exclusion and racism, hatred against our Seychelles – Seychelles EU community for what we had publish and the way we had gone about the project. We have equally addressed the UN institutions, relevant EU, meanwhile African Union, Francophone and the Commonwealth.

This particular Christian and church denomination proportion of black member ship in Britain and elsewhere. What we have protested and tried to expose as abuse, threats, bullying and the such. Their attempt via the church, Christian practice to claim benefit, good will, to score point that they have been important involved in the process and as church leaders and responsibilities – those that exclude our participation and involvement’s. The dreadful state of things. Massive and grob manipulation.

Because of the way, approach and contents of the Sechelles – Seychelles EU community portal project, from those church leaders and members our unchristian stand and practice – displayed in very many forms. Most important recently the too often mention and bible reading of the book of Malachite – the prophet Eisai and King Hezekia. The historic part of the ancient Jewish history, politic, lore – what really took place in History and why. King Hezekia is taken very ill – sick almost on his deathbed – and is confronted by his God and belief, that he is about to die – meet his savior. The brief recounts that he challenges God, he protest and present God his past good deeds. God, the almighties decision to give him an extra 15 years to his life. The matter not ending there – the king barley recovered from death receive important political delegation and visitors or surrounding nation, enemies and friends. To impress his visitors and dignitaries, their generals and head show them the glory of the then Jewish kingdom, the military wares, the riches and treasure of the Jewish people. The delegation had barely left when the Prophet Esia goes to confront the king the practice then of the role of the prophet in Israel – demanding what the king had showed the visiting delegations. The king gave an account of what he had showed ask, requested be shown to the visiting dignitaries and delegations. Esaia reply – those of your interested please read the fully chapter and story depending the Bible version you read from. What really happened and what is not told and later history recount and discovered – archeology and excavations.

Time and times again over the past six months we have herd this sermon, the issues raised and discussed - because we have addressed the information, archaic, fraternal, illuminati, Christian, Masonic, historic and ancestral European heritage of our Sechelles - Seychelles EU community the way we have done on a single portal project.

For those who work research, educated and use the WWW there abound massive amount of information, knowledge, details histories equally illuminati, Christian, religious, archaic, Masonic, historic, archaeology, scientific etc very great amount of information on a give community set of people, group of people and individuals. This is today’s world of information. The strong allegory that because of our Christian belief, association the allegory applies to our person, a warning or whatever as many would say. Equally terrible and damming the practice – of those very same Christians – their use of what we have termed criminal – unscrupulous, antisocial practice – not just the spin - the use and abuse of rave rage to harm, cause ill, to cause death and such malaise on their fellow Christian. Those from that same church and denomination who have been using the same criminal and dreadful practice to cause ill to ourselves, countless personal difficulties - evoking such malaise as cancer, diseases in the name of god and Christian practice. The involvement of other unchristian powers without mentioning names.

We have decided to write and publish this issues because of the tension and stress it is causing, the state of society and public accountability. Those who do not know and are not aware of the going on and the terrible practice and harm it is doing and causing. Most important the development in that church or certain denomination to claim credit for the election of President Barack Obama – their faith and Christian belief – we wrote and warned of the euphoria at the time and what is and will come and what will ensue given some 20 years knowledge and experience in those similar issues.

Having played such important role, taken such important responsibilities – we have amassed experience and knowledge of how the church, Christian work and function – when they have supported a good cause the impact of n the greater community, nationally and world wide – the same when they have shown their concern for an issue and protested the above process – the fact that to achieve this they have relied and use mass collective support, sympathy and resource – whey they say or purport - one have become a King Hezekia in bracket the same practice and process by part or element of that Christian denomination community to prove their point or achieve their objective. The greater public reaction and the gutter press and the criminals out there – are waiting such situation and moment. The practice and process of destabilization by the church or Christian group and bodies for their reason or given reason or motives as is currently taking place. Not to exclude the many church leaders and pastor their viewpoint and brand of leadership of the issues and set of given issues related above.

Equally atrocious and outrageous, the process of sharing certain vital information knowledge as Christian with fellow Christian, information which will bring down a parliament, will cause the national Intelligence service to take serious action and many more other important issues - one share it in the course of such events and issues with fellow Christian and the present development and state of thing – the gross dishonesty and immorality. To prevent us from informing the world of what really took place. We must ignore, disregard, dishonor - betray our heritages such method and practice, revert to such method. Yet their own publication and information system – media, those involve with them in this criminal practices.

Most important we were travelling on the train and those who sensed and concerned that we were going through a terrible situation and moment the article published in the Guardian 28.08.09 on the Scientology practice in France and the many important Court cases, the similarity and practices. Those who left the article on the seat on the train and we picked it up and read it thoroughly. Our own knowledge and research and respective responsibilities in interfaith in the world. What information is available on the web.