SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

President Saddam Hussein had considered with other Arab countries to Fund the Gibraltar/ Morocco Tunnel

Mesopotamia - Ancient Iraq

As far back as 1988 when the media, West establishment and politicians began targeting, hyping the public about Saddam Hussein "Super Gun" that could fire a rocket to destroy Iran, Israel, Kuwait and other regional nation, beside WMD, we had began to protest given our experiences, knowledge in big multinational business the many complex issues we were involved with related to the COMECON changes, issues in USSR - most important we underlined that - that Program SIROP etc combined $500 - $800 millions exile return program, the manner and approach we had decided to apply the gearing mechanism, linking it to several large international projects, how in turn it impact the global or national markets, including the USA, the big finance and banks working - those involved in big multinational financing who had offered us the Funds to support such a complex long term exile return program - including the famous GMR Syndicate which had powerful connections in the USA, South Africa, Latin America, USSR, China, the COMECON, the Gulf Region and Italy/Europe. In turn - our part of the deal/arrangement to use our expertise and knowledge to drive, gear and contribute to the management of a number of large multinational projects and obviously the combined "friends powers/connections - politely put" what transpired and was taking place. With the media or respective media each giving and spreading their version or lies, cover-up and con. The politicians and large multinational involved.

In comparison to several of the very big projects and programs - those who judge that easy money was to be be made in big armament contracts and procurements, as is the norm/was the norm, you create bogus scenario of wars and invent enemies or their capacity/potentials and you have to develop and put together a more powerful and stronger package that will enable you to win, your client to win that war/conflict. Again given our knowledge and expertise knew that there existed a Bench mark practice irrelevant which Arab country and how rich to set them up - sell, given them a deal they would find them self stuck afterwards. This was the policy of the USA, USSR and certainly several leading European nations, South Africa and Israel. We will be adding a link to the Super gun debacle - the amount of money was minute - not to mention those maverick scientist and business men which were in plentiful then. There were many connections which ran via Sechelles Seychelles related/to do with some of Iraq large multinational business - when Lady Tacther inferred that President FA Rene was Saddam Hussein in Parliament debate and the Seychellois exile they did not know the true extent of the issues and those involved - the British Intelligence Service did not either - so Lady Tacther brief would be only what information and knowledge was presented to her by the relevant institution.

Having stated the gearing mechanism, system, approach, those involved from FA Rene side, the global business syndicate, their anti British attitude and stand - again Lady Tacther and her government inferring to that SIROP $500 - $800 millions etc combined exile return program as "the super gun" in parliament and the media and the hate love approach to this project/program. When much later things got really heated up, the accusation that I/my person was "Saddam Hussein and had weapon of Mass destruction". The ploy to bring down that program, destroy us and implement only what aspect of that exile return program - they deemed ought to be put in place executable. The role of President Mancham, certain leading exiles, ex Ministers and Dr Maxime Ferrari Party. All those who recall and have good memory from the exile communities equally inferring the planned/proposed impending war against Iraq/Saddam Hussein if they did attack Kuwait and later after they had invaded it, "was an invasion of Sechelles Seychelles and destruction of FA Rene regime". That was the propaganda war and sleaze war. While everybody made/were making big money and we got stuck.

Given today's information technology most of them/those involved can be traced, their company and banks.

Just to show and prove to the world what double standard and benchmark is used - the Channel Tunnel was presented to the Cabinet/Commons 1987 and the greater public for funding, we had been looking at such possibilities and those who write history 1 or 2 years before. The project when announced was £4.5 billions. ( We had been involved in other such international Tunnel projects and Bridges, their cost, market issues, political , gearing and management/implementation process.)

This is something that President FA Rene may have been given a very brief glance, certainly those from the global syndicate who operated via Sechelles Seychelles at the most one or two individuals may have been introduced - then OAU politic and division in Africa from North to South, East to West and Central Africa. Because of what we know, given our international then responsibilities in many development related to the COMECON, the USSR, China, Africa and the Gulf Region - the issues directly that president Saddam Hussein and a few other powerful rich Arab countries would be prepared to raise the cash/money to build the Gibraltar Tunnel, in spite of the talk of other alternative project/designed the main topic was always the under sea Tunnel/link. There exist the science and technology to find out who were those rich and powerful Arabs state prepared to fund the project and eventual Africa/ Europe undersea link.

Because of what we have addressed of the corrupted international benchmark, approach and such practices, events in the USA, 60 of their biggest bank gone bust, Europe and elsewhere. What and why we have challenge EEF/WEF approach and benchmark over the past 15 years.

Had President Saddam Hussein listen to our views, recommendation to support the gearing of that SIROP etc combined exile return program $500 - $800 millions with a positive project in terms of high global politic, prestige given then Iraq image and big business, the Kuwait mess would not have taken place and certainly he would not have been so embroiled in the Super Gun mess he did. Today with the given communication possibilities - we can talk big, then to communicate with somebody like Saddam Hussein you required excellent connections or channels, those who would be prepared to act as go/in between. The conclusion those involved, the archaic/fraternal establishment high representation did not want him to get involved as this would have put him in a very strong and powerful position and politic. With regards to the Funds they/ the Arab group involved certainly had the capacity to raise, put together that kind of money £4.5, £5 billions. The approach they would have raised the funds/money and the concept they would have put together to manage and build the project. What is very certain for those who know that President Saddam Hussein had the capacity to communicate until the last day of his execution, the issues he shared and may have shared with others, his deep regrets, that he allowed power, those around him to blindfold him and had not listened when he ought to have listened and had to loose his family and his own life. He had underestimated, the resolve of others.

Likewise and equally all those North African Heads of Stated who will rue and regret that they did not come forward and offer to finance and fund that Gibraltar, Africa - Europe Tunnel when their people and economy is in terrible situation and they just horde and amass more wealth, had they been able to stay in power when the project is completed amass, steal more wealth and fortunes at the detriment of their citizens and poor society - those who hunger.

There are two reasons and prospective we are writing this issues, we visited the memorial to Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed this Sunday after the mega change in Egypt, the impacts, those at Harrods, the chats, the buzz, the speculations who and how many more arab nations will follow suit.

We have equally written and certainly posted copies to Mr Mohamed Al Fayed stating that week preceding the death/tragic accident in Paris of Princess Dina and his son, on the streets of London, Islington the massive buzz, speculation that given our involvement in that Channel Tunnel project and other such international project in China, Scandinavia, Ireland Britain, austria, Germany - those that had been involved from Prime Minister John Major government to destroy that 1 bed mobile home/President ex NortWest Holt construction - Societe General de Eaux France, and 4 berth caravan so that we cannot migrate to the continent, instead have to return to London and live in squalor - those in Islington, the Mc Alpine group, those leading Jewish business men, Irish and many others the methods they use to bully us into cooperating, working and staying involved, the threats, what we have written to the UN, the EU Justice and others, they had wanted to use our person to drive the British EU and International Market, cause the politicians in EU, Africa and Arab world to react/respond that an announcement be made about the begin date for a concrete Gibraltar Tunnel project like they did the Channel Tunnel and, those media, those following Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed knew everything about what was going on or a great deal, the judiciary in France, Britain the cover up.

The issues here is not about the timing or the money involved it is about the highly complex mechanism, disciplines involved if and when miss used and abused they react and when they react what ensues/take place. This is what Professor Dr Michael Hoffman taught us/shared with us, beside what we learnt , experiences and learnt to apply. Certainly for all those who know serious big international business when you use such method to drive the world market and is not careful, accident will happen to those involved - taking part. The issues about Princess Diana getting engaged and the Ring. Again there exist science and discipline to verify and study the issues involved/related, at play.

Having said that. there were a of group of individual involved in 1997 who had been specualting, wanted to use the relationship of Princess Dina and Dodi to make a major impact/accouncement concerning this project of Africa or Gibraltar Tunnel - the debacel of raising the money - how and what process to gear the market, because several of the key projects had been implimented and the Market did not have the capacity to absorved another such project, particularly of the political nature, the hate, the division, let the African rot and die, they do not deserve better. President Saddam Hussein for one would have insulted us or had us insluted if we had gone to his conections and said we would like him to join and get involved in the project after the shoddy, terrible and dreadful treatment to our person by all those involved in the Channel Tunnel project, the Nord pas de Calais greater development program. He had the capacity along with other powerful Arab individuals, politicians and leaders to know and monitor what was going on. So that at the time of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed issues in 1997, they would have had to look at other source and approach - that was another good reason we opposed - we said not to every body.

This topic for those who know stayed on the table or shelf even if the greater public was quiet or there was no buzz - for those who knew and involved, the project was there.

Meanwhile, a new agenda had come into puyblic view, like Prime Minister Cameron Big Society - "Say no to Poverty and Hungur in Africa and the world", that was then Prime Minister Blair new Labour slogan, those who recall and know the real issues. Those who had began to become more engage, driving and pressing for Africa colossal debts to be cancelled. The many international groups and lobby leading to the Edinburg Summit, the debacle how much to write off, and rescheduel, or how it ought to be written off, the politic and debate that those involved would siphoned a great percentage of that debt/rather the process and all those requiring and requesting new loans - the corrupted benchmark and the high percentage of the money/funds, finance would be yet again syphoned by the very many corrupted Heads of then OAU Africa nations, governments - which is what ensued. Very important the role and position for Dr Kofi Annan of the UN. The debates that given that the world doners had just written OAU - Africa debts off to the tune of $50 billions or $100 bilions they would not be interested to put a mechanism in place to promote and drive the Gibraltar Tunnel project and its financing. Yet we were talking about £6 billions. The massive exodus to Europe and the cost in total to all the then European governments, had this project been driven and implimented and a serious program for Africa development put into place the world and its economy different today.

Given our complex involvements, for this reason we got involved 5 years ago, contributed importantly that President Ghadaffi get involved and the role he played in driving, presenting to then OAU the concept of African Union - certainly the media and all those involved have overlooked if indeed the Blair government made concession to the Lybia government over the Lockerbi issues, they made the concession because of President Ghadaffi role, important involvement to drive the issues of African Union, where in the past may have dreamt, tried and failed. The mechanism used to support President Ghadaffi and those who favoures such a process.

We have addressed that several of these Regional Arab Heads of state changes their politics or came to power on the back of the change which the SIROP etc combined program drove, the changes in then COMECON, the USSR, China, Latin America, Asia. Having said this, those or all those head of state of North African who have been involved in the issues, politic and debalce of such or eventual Gibraltar Africa Tunnel, their aspiration, intertests or greed. The planned project is expected to enter in Moroco, the construction or link along all the north African Muslim countries, Ethopia, Somali, the Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, etc., and South to South Africa. We have been involved in very many highly important international issues of the UN, World Bank and some of its agencies. We monitor and have been involved in some of EU major issues for migration, social and alternative approach to making Africa become a different land so it can support its people instead of the mass migration.

For this reason we have taken a great deal of time and written about the role of Sechelles Seychelles, those nations of the Indian Ocean their dynamic and important contributions to drive management, alternative work approach and conception approach to Africa like it or not. The mechanism involved and those mechanism that Africa proper do not have or cannot develop adequately or envisage. President FA Rene and possibly gradually former President Mancham may begin to understand what we were on about to put it in his language.

Until that mega Earthquake and Tsunami of the Indian ocean, the Asian nations and Arab region, including Pakistan and others, Afghanistan had their manner how the protesters, their nations protested about the corruption and call to changes for more accountable system , politic and governance. Europe went and experienced a different protests, - the market melt down and crash, those economist who developed their own expertise and discipline. still nobody wanted to hear that something had gone very wrong. All the leading EU nations and its institutions, USA, China, Africa, Latin America who had, have been use to changes by major war and military power the process in the COMECON, the USSR, the need to invent some other explanation and as such the development and putting in place a highly corrupted benchmark to support their argument and working. We argued that they would regret, those from the USA, their approach and practices. As such what have ensued in the Gulf Region, the Bench mark which they developed.

The whole world came very close to a very dangerous end game in 2009, the mega meltdown ad the highly ruthless and corrupted benchmark. All those who invented the politic of Terrorism so they can radically develop more draconian politic , policing and military management possibilities. Meanwhile be they small nation like Sechelles Seychelles, Madagascar just to name a few their Head of state using the Terrorist and draconian legislation so that nobody can question then, challenge them, they create and develop highly complex methods to expand their power and take control of big business. Beside those small governments and nations it has and become very clear that the decision to exterminate Saddam Hussein was not because of his politic, they wanted him out of the way for other reasons, greed and big money so they could control and acquire. Beside influencing the politic of EU and the world. It has backfired and exploded in their faces. The anger of the world and society upon the discovery and the cost to the USA and its people.

In the media today there are several article be they French, German, British or Italian which states that it is better for the people to get rid of all those North African Heads of states, the Arabs head of states who are corrupted even if they get away with keeping or taking $billions of the nation funds and fortunes and the people left in poverty and having to pay.

We have written about the Santander debacle how they go to come to Britain, the need for A leading Spanish financial institutions to position have, themself place so they can handle, cope adequately with the issues, dynamic and demands of the Gibraltar Europe Tunnel debacle, funding, politics and Africa and Europe. Some of our involvements. The media have written a great deal about the state of Spain finance and debts. Santander is one of the few Spanish banks working with not having worries or little worries about it position or the need to be bailed out. London being London all those North African Arab countries we have mentioned the Train project will run through their respective countries knowledge of Santander and all those involved.

In Small Sechelles Seychelles, Ireland let alone other large North African and Gulf region nations, the capacity and ability today to know fairly exactly how much and how from their respective nations all those who have amassed vast fortunes and extent of their control be in in their local economy or international big business related and linked to their respective countries. Yet we get a President Sarkosy struggling with the EU institutions and Libya and a few North African countries to fund and get a few economic, social and development programs in place. Whereby in EU the public have lost faith in the politicians they have elected because of their practice and corrupted benchmark, How they are prepared to bail big banks and such financial institutions suddenly all the money appears and is found. Yet all the cuts and deep sufferings. In North Africa, all those Heads of states who have amassed vast wealth and fortunes, their people sufferings.

"That Gibraltar Africa/Europe link Tunnel projected to be build in 15 years time estimated at £12 - £18 billions we will add the respective link to the articles, in total the wealth and fortunes taken over, control, by the North African Heads of state and their families could easily run into £350 billions. Yet the EU institutions cannot find the money to fund and build this Project of great world importance, the North African nations governments do not have the money - let alone the very rich Gulf Nations, the Muslims mega global economic interests and powerhouse. Something is very very wrong somewhere. "

Yet we have the World bank, the IMF, the UN institutions and the EU many institutions they cannot or refuse to require greater accountability. Europe is in mega difficulty, beside the mega Bailout, because of the immigration situation not just Africa. Because we come from the Indian Ocean, the role we have played the past 35 years. China is proving African Union has great future potentials and capacity to absorbed much of the millions who have migrated to Europe and elsewhere.

Given the draconian laws about Terrorist, the EU, the UN, the World Bank ought to get together and insist that at least £20 billions is recovered, recuperated from the vast fortunes and wealth those North African heads of state have taken from their countries and nations and use it to build that Gibraltar, Africa, Europe, Tunnel/link, Everybody would breath a sigh of relief, Santander for one and those from Spain would be more friendly to their customers instead of the very aggressive benchmark and current policy. The market need not worry and the young politicians and young African generation need not worry where the money would come from to build the project - once completed, African Union and North Africa and the world will never be the same again.

We have been following the issues of China capacity - given its labour force, resources and expertise in very large and and highly complex construction projects in the world, Latin America, the technology the Chinese have been acquiring over the past 20 years and developing in high speed transportation, construction and management.

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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny mark 150 years in Sechelles -Seychelles

Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny mark 150 years in Sechelles -Seychelles

We had not read the news at Seychelles Nation about the 2020 Expo, nor done some Googling if one many say so, the feeling something is not quite right yet again with our Nation, citizens and people way of celebrating Historical events - in our concern this morning reminded to make the distinction between the different aspects of our nation, its citizens and societies. (Had we been in the presence of the good sisters we would have had to make this statement without flinching) Which bring us to the reason for wishing to address the issues we will here.

We did a brief check, research if any of the Forums and Social network had addressed anything - again nothing beside the government official communication. To the Christian, Catholic, Orthodox, Church of England, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah Witness and others, what we have addressed about SEYNEWS last night, those of you from the various Christian communities who appreciated the approach, presentation, concept of their International portal. This morning had it been available the many written contributions, testimonies from our communities across the world. We visited AKS Forum to check if anybody had addressed anything positive or negative. Our attention was taken, absorb by the four thread posted by Google and what he describe and his feeling as a citizen of our nation.There is the need to distinguish between outright ranting, raving, sleazeing of an/certain issues and when a person, individual given a more somber view - this is the case of Google in those four threads.

Given the state of the world, events close to Sechelles Seychelles as those in Seychelles prepares to celebrate the 150 years of the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny there. We do not have access to the Printed media from Britain or EU, including L'Eco des Iles, the Catholic news media. The need to weigh and think deeper of the purpose and role of Christian values,virtues, education for/of our nation female, from the poorest to the better and nobler Families since its founding 250 years ago.
"Given that we from European ancestral heritage, fore father have this motto a good woman makes a man, individual - what he is and will be, this obviously taken, extracted for the Holy scripture/Koran, Torah books of the/, Les patriarches, elders, wise to the new Testaments, Christ life. (In our case/person those Families, parents who have known about our childhood, growing up, their impressions and impacts. Most important those who know the issues we have often raise about the responsibility of high Office and the need to have the/an adequate partner, the background, that can be deem acceptable).

Our thoughts this morning having stated current developments close to Sechelles Seychelles, their greater impact on our affairs, life, society and beyond. We have noted Prime Minister Cameron media view on certain religious position. Life in Reunion Island where the Sister's had their principal Base in the Indian Ocean whence they had come form France to Bourbon in January 1817 upon the Govenor having made himself acquainted with their work, his request for teachers, the request made to Mother Javouhey to send Sisters to Bourbon the stark contrast of our current situation and life then. From Reunion three Sisters to then Sechelles Seychelles "extract Seychelles history -The first Catholic missionary arrived in 1851. Father Leon des Avanchers was a Capucin priest from France and was greeted with great enthusiasm by the colonists and a small wooden chapel was built in Victoria. It is said that as many as 200 baptisms were carried out in one day. In 1862 the present cathedral of Victoria was built and three sisters from St Joseph de Cluny arrived from Reunion to start a boarding school and small orphanage." " Virtual Seychelles -Father Jérémie through subscriptions built wooden chapels at Anse aux Pins, Anse Boileau, Praslin (Baie Ste Anne),La Digue.." the role of the Sisters in setting up the first school at Anse aux Pins. It is highly interesting to note though Sechelles Seychelles formed part of then Ile de France - Mauritius, the working procedure in then Colonial issues of the Indian Ocean. We have tried to Google the history Oder in Mauritius found nothing - they were also establish in Mauritius.

In Wikipedia history Sisters Order of Cluny "The Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny arrived in India in the year 1827, and established their first house in Pondicherry, India"

In then French Sechelles, (later British colonial Seychelles) the founding fathers of our Nation having come from the highly complex French aristocrats community in Ile de France - Mauritius, their notion of greater dimension of life as that lived by their ancestors some 1500 years in France and Europe. The role of the Church, its impact, purpose and function to educate, those who cannot afford private tutors and high place of learning. The very value and notion of education, learning, wisdom and science then. In fact one of the biggest political bomb shell, problematic more transparent given the important resources to carry out researches today - the role and position of the Catholic church then strong hold on education, knowledge - the way it was control, managed, manipulated and used. {Again our good reason for the CERN project and the creation of the WWW what we have written.}

The constraints of managing the education in then Colonial France - our interest lies their-in from Seychelles our quest to understanding the science of psychology, psychoanalysis, the material available in then Seychelles library - how and what education impacted us as children, individuals, later parents. The terrible and poor quality of reading and studying material - the Church, Catholic in 1960's had ample material and information. At the very young age of 10/12 having returned from East Africa, the then /colonial East Africa, our Catholic education, most of the Black African and Asians, white were educated by the Church in one form or another. Next to our Boarding, St Micheal College Toro, the Convent, the Hospital all ran by the Sisters or Nuns. Their impacts and greater politic. Those who were treated, trained and acquired their knowledge and experience for them - the society and world they build. { Our very positive experience studying at the Seychelles College, in contrast to some years earlier studying at the Junior Secondary school then Mrs Jeva Adam and Mr Stenley Durup, indeed the Seventh Day approach to education.}

Upon our return to Sechelles Seychelles the great disparity - we were growing up, not like today's children who ask their parents and peers mountains of question the moment they start crawling. We could not go back to Grandpa and Grandma and start asking questions. We were smart and wise enough to detect all those that had acquired some for of education, job training, management training and experience for the Church, the Sisters/Nuns and priest were very different, their views, attitude and approach to life. ( Not to mention the like of FA Rene, several others, then Fr Gabriel Houreau, then Jacques Hodoul, then Gerrard Houreau.) "where as in British high Circle one often heard that Catholic was pimple on the arse of progress." We have learnt to weigh properly the complexities.

Given the Expo 2020, the current political Cadre in Sechelles Seychelles, education and other higher education possibilities, those of us who fought and lobby and would have lobby to the bitter end that we get a University in Seychelles. The values given, implanted in us not in exile, travelling and being confronted by great, famous and elite education - academic institutions in Europe and across the world, their by products and the men, society, science, literature, knowledge they have advanced - our generation. Not to mention space science, and very many shperes of Sciences. Indeed as they announced in the Government media today - the 150 years of the Sisters of Cluny in Seychelles.

Given that we have stated our interests in the pursuit of understanding the working of human/man's - including other creatures, events leading to our Independence in then Seychelles. We fully understood the aspiration and call for freedom from oppressions of the Colonial system, then British, we have lived and been educated in East Africa, our peers, our very old French, British - European communities and connection in East Africa. We could not quite understand the position of all those who had acquired excellent and brilliant education - in not being able to find, talk, take and present alternative approach to our Colonial - political and society situation. At our FECAS-ECSVS we have stated that we were glad we were able to spend time at the small Cobblers shop of our uncle - opposite the Central police station to listen and over hear some of the most heated and terrible debates and argument about local issues, politic and life in then Seychelles society. Not to exclude the presence of Archbishop Makarios at the Central Police station.

As a young child we have very many friends, acquaintance attending, being educated in one form or another by one of those Church - religious institutions or the Sisters and nuns, what they were, their social attitude, approach to life, values and society, feeling, reactions, notion of friendship.

We had attended Victoria Hospital as a child often enough not to recall the work and role of the Sisters, their impression and the role of the civilian hospital staff we had several relatives employ, work, dedicated to the medical service - many acquaintances. Much later as we became adults and parents this became more complex and complicated. Specially when we had to make or take our stand.

Given yet again the debacle and issues of Expo2020 - if/should humanity survive his/their insanity and not have destroyed themselves. The need to dissect, look in details, in-depth, Sechelles Seychelles Colonial system in 1960 was not Mauritius, Reunion or Rhodesia, their society, politic and education values.

Having said that "the Holy scripture, Koran, Torah, the book of the wise, ancient, old testaments and indeed new testaments all state bless is the man that find a good wife" for nearly 100 years the Sisters of Cluny had been educating our females, future mothers and builders of our nation. We will not enter the wise debacle of the infamous Coco de Mer, the stand taken by the French Royal noble families, their institutions and that of Austria. These information are all available today. In France, Europe then the role and function of Nuns, convents and their institutions. The important role they played in greater society and affairs of the world.
The/our Peers in Colonial Sechelles Seychelles 1960 had grasp development of greater world events, the titanic clash between the West values and the East values, capitalist verses communism. Liberal government practice, society management as against centrally planned and control. They debated and argued publicly. They had travelled and been educated in Europe or elsewhere. They of all knew History far better than we did, the complex makeup of Colonial French Indian Ocean extending as far as India and Asia. They knew and were aware of most of the workings of the ancient, archaic, fraternal and Christians institutions. Yet they failed to avert, help, avoid the human catastrophe, disaster which was about to befall our nation, the work of their ancestors. They had one of the best Christian values and education in the Indian Ocean - was it the fear of losing their soul and allow instead take place what ensued.

Ever since that Coup d'etat the situation which ensued, call it human shock, humiliation, guilt, call it what you want - the mental dislocation, dysfunction which have began to develop, confront the Seychellois nation right across the world. Like all thing of the world and nature, those from Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar who just could not understand our plight, reaction, attitude and approach after this event. We are also fully aware of what the scripture teach, the punishments, price if one do not heed or as a nation collectively.

Those sisters/nuns, priests, knew the soul, mind and family practise of all if not most Seychellois colonial elite families, they were the "custodian of their faith and soul". When the debate arose, started to go/opting for a Unilateral Government - the unanimity of most of the elite of those Families and those assigned due/respective role/responsibilities. In the face of events, they froze, their commitments and the course of how they can and will influence the nation destiny, history, politic, economy and life, Doubted - apprehensive. They preferred to swallow the bitter pills and knew that as and when the Independence came, their would be a take over and they would lose everything. "Their wives, children and mistress were all educated by Sisters of Cluny" what was churning, going in their private dwellings, their bedrooms and living rooms. How were they able to face and answer to their wives, children and concubines. This is not the first time we address such challenging debate. In Europe when any nation let alone those of French, British and Central European decent go through such dreadful history/life process, no stone will be left upturn to find out what really happened.

After the Coup d'etat for the 15/20 years the state of things, events, what they had to face and experience during the one party state and political system. They were more fortunate they had been trained to pray and a life of devotion.

Hence our pursuit in Europe about the many forms of human functioning, thinking process and the Interdisciplinary Management science and the field of para-science, associated science. It is important and sufficient to say that those individuals involved their education and resources could have outwitted then FA Rene political machine, connections and other resources. Equally that of then James Mancham his political machine and resources.

The Sisters and nuns their counterparts in Europe and greater Christian education know that when all dialogue fails, all intercession fail it is inevitable that a state of war ensue/present itself and as such - our ancestral history. Their institutions and indeed history, education, academic in matters of Military preparedness, military options, diplomacy and its art. Those that had taken the option in then British Colonial Seychelles failed to take due and appropriate course of action because of fear, concern that they would not have the resolve, the capacity to go through, the position of then Commonwealth, the media, USA, Australia, Canada - we will not discuss France. What followed and ensued a collective disgrace and humiliation inflicted upon themselves, their children, their ancestral honour and destruction of their hard gain and labour. We do know that many from those involved have come across our views and what we have written - because of the world media crap all our children and the region unaware that there was an alternative Force in Sechelles Seychelles underground, those involved, then French politic and its archaic, fraternal, Christian, Nobility/Royal Families, the important Mercenary resources available then, their stand and what they fought and died for and British what have you. Yet even to this day their children refuse to come forward and share their insight and enlighten the nation and rest of the world. They were educated by the Church and their wives, off springs by the Sisters of Cluny.

We made it a point to become very aware, acquaint our self with as much of those issues in the event of a Military take over and much more that SIROP etc., combined exile return program. { Yet again the filth/corrupt, crooked, dishonest approach, attitude of Seychelles government, like Egypt, Tunisia, East Africa, South Africa - the corrupted media practise, control and dictate. For any nation to build/go forward you have to take a mirror, go by a brook and look yourself/itself closely} The current Seychelles government endeavour to go ahead in spite of all the global protests, from the COMECON, USSR, China, all the Balkan Nations, countless Asian nations, Latin American nations, very many African nations, surrounding Indian Ocean Nations and Central Europe as if nothing has happened, they are completely isolated they live on another planet. We set in place and put in motion Networks which would overcome such as had taken place - giving our Sechelles Seychelles EU communities far greater and enhanced understanding, working relation, possibilities they have/had ever had even in the days of their ancestral life in France - Europe. We were fully aware of our respective role as the process took place in the former COMECON, USSR, China, Africa, Asia that we would be contributing in advancing the Christian church work, the expansion in those countries of the Church work in education , medical social etc. Yet nobody in Seychelles or the world have cared or dare to mention and discuss this aspects.

Yet the out come today as we mark the 150 years of the Sisters of Cluny in Seychelles, the Statistic do not stack up/match up. From some 50 families or near 100that may have attempted to return and resettle, in today's Seychelles, the 1000 of Indian migrants, Philippine, Malagasy, Mauritius, African, Arabs, South African, East Europeans and Central Europeans who have benefited and taken over the place, the hard work of those exiles and their ancestors. Against the 50 to 100 original Seychellois Families who have returned and and tried to resettle the 4,000 if not 5,000 foreigners who have taken over , taken their rightful place and national rights.

The important and strong question to ask how much longer will this situation go - in exile, diaspora their are some 30,000 - 40,000 Seychellois, their families, children and grand children, wives and husbands they have acquired, married into meanwhile.

We have noted the important belief the founders of the Sisters of Cluny believed in and equally the work of sister William who decided to return to her native Ireland. Had such a situation, state of things taken place in France or Ireland the indignation and outcome. Where has all the great work some 200 years to educate our females, mothers and grandmothers, their dignity, pride and honour gone, the moral and Christian values importantly impressed, if not drummed into them fro birth to adult life. We are writing/addressing g those issues because we are involved and have been involved in the greater world interfaith practise and Christian values.
Our personal testimony - we thank the good sisters for their support when we were in hospital and as young adults and parents, we appreciated their supported over the past 35 years in Europe in very many daily issues related to our community wider working in EU. Their example on our young female generation face with the given media and other demanding exposures.

The world we live in and will hope to live in the future even those contemplating the Expo2020, those and such religious institutions their rightful role in the world and society, to keep and see that sanity prevails when all hell break loose and so call modern science and modern education practise takes over. Among all that the warning and manning that hung over the Heads of our ancestors - they can terminate, destroy themselves and humanity - the Biblical/Scripture warning heaven, that same God we pray daily for life, bread, love and compassion can be merciful and very consequent in retributions. History is full of it.

We thank Jane and her friends, those form the Seychelles College for their efforts to put together the Facebook commemorative site and the issues and images, the debate and hope it has reignited for all those who wish to become engage.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny
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Sr. William Pillion

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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Rasseblement du peuple Seychellois à travers le monde pour soutenier le retour de leurs émigrer

Rasseblement du peuple Seychellois à travers le monde pour soutenier le retour de leurs émigrer
Rasseblement of the Seychellois people around the world to support their emigrate to return

We addressed a thread at Facebook and our forums of the need to have greater political flexibility in Sechelles Seychelles, stating this call goes back to the SIROP etc., combined exile return program - in the form of a Senate Parliament. Unlike Sir James Mancham who is a preferred guest speaker at World events. Our approach have been you undertake an issues when you have to. Give the time and occasion to others to deliberate over and about it.

Part of that SIROP etc., combined exile return program of 1987 - $500 - $800 millions running into the 40% overrun. Unlike President JA Michel - we had planned to work in a more constructive manner with the EU and UN Institutions.

With the EU to support the greater integration of the Sechelles Seychelles Community in EU whilst putting in place adequate economic and financial incentives to encourage those who wish to return to Seychelles to do so - We had started this discussion with then Mr Phillippe Boule in Exile. { Not like the current Seychelles government to harass, hinder - make life hell for anybody trying to develop adequate EU integration program - while allowing adequate opportunity for our Consuls, economic representation have free hands in pilfering our Heritage.}
With the UN and several International Migration Institutions put in place a robust program which would encourage any Seychellois migrant from anywhere in the world to return to Seychelles - with the adequate resource to support and back this.

We belong to those individuals who contributed to liberate/free Nelson Mandela - those who know what policy change took place at UNIDO in respect to these issues and South Africa. We carried the commitment when we were forced to be an exile in London - those who know the real issues.

We have the capacity to input into greater UN and World Bank beside others - respective governments policy on fostering and encouraging re migration program - meaning those who wish to return to their country of origin and place of Birth - we have been active in this field for 30 years.

Shortly after the Historic changes in COMECON, USSR, EU, China the political euphoria and indeed Blair government and several others. Because we had been involved in those issues since Vienna, believe that the rightful place for high percentage of migrants is bank in their country - but with proper and adequate economic situation.

We have done some measure of such work with the late President Francois Mitterrand government within the greater EU and UN Migration politic an policy. We have been monitoring closely Migration issues in Europe for the past 10 years. The many policies put into place by EU and indeed Britain.

After the mega economic world crash 1995 there about - what mechanism and resolve we used to put to into place the IOR concept given that the positive dynamic and synergy was collapsing in the Indian Ocean, Asia, Africa, Gulf Region - the syndicate President FA Rene had linked that SIROP etc., combined exile return program - this is what we cannot understand the world, the media and the very Seychelles politicians - we/I had cut a deal with them, either I/we came through with the deal/deliver or be killed/liquidated - it was that simple, the option between using a mercenary force - having to be concern daily of one well being , meaning staying alive and in the SIROP etc., combine exile return program should/if we did not deliver we could not run to Mars, hided some far away country. Those of you alive start thinking very hard what we have said including the media, the Seychelles Arm Force, the Special police etc.{About that time President Bill Clinton authorize the £21 billions Budget for the CIA - USA new role in the region and the world}

Again there were unique and important reasons we contributed and used our complex mechanism to duplicate the EU for Africa - then OAU.

We have been involved in large highly complex policy, economic formulation for the Indian Ocean region, including Monetary. As such, rather the good reasons. One is compel to understand the working of the regional economic, society and aspirations.

Beside President Obama and many distinguish world diplomats have been underlining that the power of the world have shifted. The Indian Ocean region, Gulf, Asia, Australia, Africa is going to be the driving economic and monetary, cultural Force of the World.

We have been involved in that Gibraltar Tunnel for along time 20 years.It may take another 10 years to build had we engage our person sooner. Those African politicians who have come and gone. Because of our bitterness have quasi stood aside and let certain type of Executive take the lead. The emphasis under the Mitterrand government was when the Gibraltar Tunnel is build the emphasis to put in place adequate economic program and policy to encourage a high percentage of African to remigrate and play their role in their country - not just a Tunnel going nowhere. We have been monotoning President Sarkosy pet Project of the Med Basin economic partnership. The British stand. If we are to play our proper role in the world and the Indian ocean to become committed and proactive - to support the highly complex process. Part of our involvement in the High speed underwater Broad band link was/is for this purpose - given President J A Michel attitude and politic - one ask is it for "the dogs and cats." We in Seychelles have a great deal to contribute in these issues. Now dear parents in Mauritius, current politicians and friends do not you just start rubbing your hands like you have done in the past. We have acquired a great deal of experience, wisdom and resolve. Just because we are the younger in the Family we will put up with any and every crap.

On account of what we wrote and have been writing about the need to have a Senate type of parliament in Seychelles and the arguments put forward.

That SIROP etc., combined exile return program had as agenda a concrete objective to put into place an adequate concept that would enable and encourage those Seychellois that have migrated to return Home/Seychelles. Beside that $500 - $800 millions economic package - this is where President FA Rene an our self had a bloody disagreement. We refused to commit our self once we had been betrayed and sold by the returning exile comprising of Sir James Mancham - hence we wrote and have written they will fail, and will get into big trouble because they did not concept the program it was our person and the capacity to see it through.

Now we address Mr Christopher Gill. There is a good reason a forest has a particular tree call it/name it what you want. We have dialogue in exile with just about every shade and type of individual. Sechelles Seychelles still have the capacity in spite of the world/global financial and economic situation to put in place that other aspect of the SIROP etc., combine exile return program. We will not debate about the politic on the ground.

At the time we may have been looking at half the amount of the SIROP etc., combined exile return program. Today this will mean at least $900 millions. Can we and do we have the capacity to deliver - we have a practice and policy never to get involve and commit our self if we cannot deliver. Given events in the Region, political developments, monetary developments and issues of African Union believe the time is long past for this program - but given the development around the world, economic, education, society etc etc. there is a very high ground and reason to enact/put into place such a program. Beside re balancing the ethnic mix in Seychelles, it will re balance the politic of Seychelles and its regional interests and politic. We keep underlining we have a new National Assembly building, soon Place of Justice and University - Universities. In Seychelles you friends, citizens, relatives activists will need to become engage. We have in many instance accuse of being an autocratic - when you drive a bulldozer, Caterpillar or tractor there is no space for two drivers or co drives. What we mean the world is brutal they owe us nothing - if we want something we have to go out there and get/fight for it.

There are buzz, suggestions we have to put into place the project for further land reclamation - we will also have the funds to do the project.

Amidst the giant changes going on in the Arab world - we can play a highly important role. Out there those for Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan, India and Asia, North Africa who have associated and network with us, their experiences, the need to reengage - the world will/may never be the same again.