SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 30 December 2012

The appointment of Norman Schwarzkopf, - death and that SIROP program

We ask/request all those who do not know the facts/did not know to do theirrespective research before they jump to conclusion.

As early as 1981 we had acquired the connection of Leading and importantFrench General - those in France who judge we could play an important role inchanging Sechelles Seychelles one party state/Communist regime.  The French Intelligence knew of those Seychelloisin Exile they could work with - capable of undertaking the high responsibilityto change Seychelles. Sir James Mancham was not on that List. Friends andacquaintance he had - but after the South Africa mercenary mega mess - theserious military at that the French had no confidence in him.  We had also had the opportunity totalk/discuss with senior South African, Israeli, French, Austrian High militaryOperative about the ability and capability of Sir James Mancham in then exile.We took more to listening as we had been taught than  to loud mouth and talk crap - the worse anyserious Senior military will tolerate. Only give you view when ask for.

For those who know we had already acquired a number of years ofcontributing to such issues. Be it the USA, USSR, the COMECON, South Africa,Britain, France, Italy and Germany.

It was those collective experiences that led our person to decide whenrequested by the percentage of Seychelles exile community to take over theresponsibility of Mr Gerrard Houreau to find a Solution that we decidedMilitary option/Solution to change then Seychelles Communist system/One Partysystem was not on my/our agenda - my surprise when those form the aboveNations' reacted robustly - because we had taken that conclusion - form ourpart - the first time we state this - those who ought to have known and were inthe know.

That SIROP program was a very serious Topic for those insider, the very Seniormany high Officials from the Nation mention above - because, given that the mechanismat work, was influencing a great deal of very high global, regional, internationaland National politic, diplomacy, finance, economic and military issues anddevelopment - beside scientific and media issues.  The other aspect our own capabilities andtraining in term of High Interdisciplinary management discipline to make suchcontribution - again those who  recalland know the debate as to who would be best to Head the US Arm Force -particularly the Gulf Region.

Had we not been involved - able to make such contribution - other namewould have been put forward. To note the issues of the Falkland War, the Frenchinvolvement what we have addressed briefly. Those in the USA very high up who knew of these issues.

Cover briefly then President Ronald Reagan Office and some of theappointments and nominations - the debacle of Secretary General  Gorbachev, the issues of Mr Gromyko, Edward Shevardnadze leaving then Mr Gorbachev totake the responsibility in His country those involved very high in the world whoknew the issues. The very politic, of Mr Gorbachev what mechanism was impactingit/them - those in USA, Germany France and Britain who knew it - what waswritten in the media/ press and TV in comparison.  We had a great deal of respect of the Soviet intelligenceService. Until today we cannot understand why when they were provided with theinformation - what was really driving Mr Gorbachev to make certaindecision  and this a the Highest level ofSoviet Military, Diplomatic, Intelligence, National and Economic, they havenever addressed it.  For anybody to getinvolve - play a leading in the changes that took place in the COMECON - USSR,that person must have know a great deal and had very good capabilities. Just thinkof all the properly trained diplomats, their resources, their respectivenational intelligence Services, their Politicians and many important world andnational institutions and the media - their concern and greater politicaldebate - objective. What took all if not most of them by surprise.

At the time of the Super Gun debacle - then Lady Tacther government, establishment and the media, thelunacy/near madness that prevailed - because we had dared not to follow thedirective and take the responsibility to put in place the required people, planand talk for a military Operation as was the norm for all those Small nationsfrom Africa, Indian Ocean and West Indies and Asia. We had dared to put acomplete mad Plan forward in the form of that SIROP program - the system , establishmentreacted and our important working connection of then Seychelles government and those in the Oil and Arm Industry, theyjudge the could muddle/dirty the water is the proper word by setting up SaddamHussein, his connections, indirectly upsetting/ making it very difficult todevelop, put together the required connection, discussion and resources for theSIROP program. The Office of then US President was reasonably informed, awareof those issues - their London and Paris Embassy. Both Seychelles governmentand the Seychelles exile/our person had very important and influentialGerman/Austrian and Swiss working high connections. With out going into thedetails this influenced the very appointment and nomination of Genera Schwarzkopf l.  As such they wereuntil the decision to name him as the Head of the Allies Forces, again thePresident F Mitterrand, some of his Ministers, Military and illuminate/Masonichigh workings knew about those issues. As against what the media took towriting and later what was recorded.

We had tried to address the Germany government, their London Embassy, theAustrian, the Italian and particularly President F Mitterrand that developmentaround the Super Gun issues - circus were not real, it was a fabrication, con,set up and why. We also had a meeting with the Russian on this subject andtried to get the South African to help and the Israeli Embassy to help. Just asthe North African super fiasco going on - those so call senior diplomatsrefused to do anything and those who knew they would not be able to do anything- who abuse this working.

The more we pressed ahead with the very many aspect of the highly complexprogram of SIROP  given the web we havepresented some of the complexities for the public  and others. The worse, the Saddam Hussein politicand those who was driving him to invade Kuwait. Those who understood the mechanism - a few great individuals we had beenin quasi contacts like Dr Henry Kissinger and some in France for the the eliteof France Command knew/were aware. Now because this SIROP Program required agreat deal of good will, support, contributions from Seychelles many importantCommunist workings, diplomacy, finance, economy, military - we had to have theability to check, reviews those/such issues with the high parties, theirMilitary and intelligence service and others - most important President FA Renehimself, those from the Gulf Region, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Pakistan andIndia.

Had we not put that SIROP program, the way, manner we did - there would nothave been a Kuwait Invasion - with great certainty. In the build up to theAllies force, NATO, the media circus, what was really going on. For instancePresident Saddam Hussein and those who supported him just could not understandwhy that SIROP Mechanism was impacting certain important military developmentand yet when he and those who supported endeavored to enlist it it/they failed- like wise the Allies Force.

We do not know the requirement for making public such information in theUSA with out getting into big trouble. General Schwarzkopf once appointed he familiarizedhimself with all the aspect of our person knowledge and experience in suchissues, all those involved and certainly all the complexities of that SIROPprogram - the German Unification, the Austrian high connection, the Italian,most important the French and what he had to advice then President Bush - whatPresident Bush knew and what he has shared to the public and Officials - thereis very important disparity.  Whatmechanism we used to communicate with then White House, its IntelligenceService, Military and many others the many workings and development of thisSIROP program.

All along President FA Rene had and maintained and developed his ownnetworks, military and intelligence connections - we/ I had known of this andthe challenges it would pose/prove and certainly when Sir James Mancham, DrFerrari, Minister D Joubert, Mr Christopher Savy and those from the MPRExecutive took to hijacking that SIROP program - what they did not know and certainlythey would be no match to President FA Rene and they had refused tolisten.  The total Fiasco  - forget the Constitution debate, the localoppositions. They had no clue what was going on Internationally in  the greater workings of diplomacy, militaryand economy of the world and the region. General Schwarzkopf and those from  hisOffice knew of this.

It is really strange the way nation carry on with wars and their objective. Saddam Hussein and a few hadtried to make a few bucks on arms and selling technology - the USA and thoseinvolved when they realized the potential of that SIROP program how they set upproper shop as they say to develop a massive platform - connectivity tobenefits the USA in many aspects, likewise Britain - France many entities, theItalian, the Germans, the Austrians and a few others.  We will not go into the details here becausethis is not the purpose of this thread. Hover sufficient to say that that platformwas linked to President FA Rene Platform and highly complex high corporateworkings, former COMECON, USSR and Gulf Region Officials. Particularly in thePrivatization of the East German economy, that of the USSR and former COMECON.

What is equally important, those form Solidarnos and other former COMECONactivist who was given Power and later plastered with Honorary doctor titleslike our current Sir James Mancham and those who know the reality - what wasdriving them and who the real credit ought to be given.  Little wonder the young generation likeJulian Assange and many others who are fully aware that a great deal of those/suchissues have been buried, covered and dumped in some storage they want to dig itup, dig into it try and find  out whatreally took place. In return the scorpion nest and vipers nest they haveunleashed upon themselves.

As the Founder of SIROP we have asked for accountability and had the Nationsupported this call, the Oppositions and the International community suchissues would have had to come out, debate and addressed even if in close roomand the such and proper notes made/taken down.

Having played a very important role in General Schwarzkopf nomination and appointment howshortly upon the Allies Army was put together this relation change and webecame antagonist.  He was/became one ofthose hell bent to destroy - oppose that SIROP program at all cost - whateverit took and cost. President Reagan, President Bush Senior, Junior, PresidentClinton, President Carter and certainly some of the Kennedy Family were put inthe know for good reason over the course of time.

What also need to be said those in London who knew much more than we havewritten here and using it to influence his judgment and the White House, theMedia, public and European decision makers and the public.

Until we went to Angers - Loire with the active knowledge of then PM Johnmajor and President F Mitterrand, those three suitcase, the Red Delsey for the pregnantmother - the Mauritius politic and connections then and my grey Samsonite -newfrom Selfridges. In the course of my workings had used at least two or three.Most important that Old suitcase of the Epstine/Beloff Family we had put allthe SIROP papers, many notes and documents. That suit case was not empty.  TheUSA Intelligence and others we had taken those documents to France and thereasons - events nobody have addressed, not even  President Mitterrand and his manyassociates.  Most important to say/notethat Gulf War could have been averted if managed differently - those who knew.General Schwarzkopf one the major Military personality who opposed my return toSeychelles lead and take any part in that SIROP program, then those form USApolitic.  There is one person alive whoknow and is aware of these issues - General Colin Powel.

The vast majority in Seychelles particularly our politicians, those whowanted to change Seychelles, African, Arabs, Indians, Pakistan did not know ofsuch issues until recently when we began sharing it in public.

We have taken some pictures of Harrods today - those who had ask me to buythe two suit case at Harrods, the Kashogi Family connection and we had said nofor very many reasons - instead choose Selfridge and over the many years themany important good will and benefits they have got/acquired and what theywrite about the the media. I/We had know of these development and impact beforewe decided to buy and suitcase and my decision to use the Epstine/Beloff oldsuitcase.  By the way Sir James Manchamknew none of these until very recently too.

In as much as we refused to take the good advice and buy those suitcasesfrom Harrods - we did go a couple of time to look at their options, we triedtheir perfume then also - what we have addressed about this Program impactingand affecting perfume development, high Fashion, cooking - restaurant and hautecuisine,  the cinema and the bothclassical and popular music , the arts sports. Most important what we have beenaddressing - given our French ancestral Heritage have stated we decided touse/choose a Toulouse Lautrec  recipe,Sir James Mancham for all his great knowledge of food and wine was not awareand lady Thatcher wanted to crucify our person because she judge we werebelittling British cooking - she went up in Arms.  Today we have a proper Tourist and HotelAcademy, our University,  anybody whocare to do an MA or BA trying to cook a Toulouse Lautrec - President FA Rene inspite of letting him know he had no clue, let alone the Seychelles politiciansand Oppositions - we in turn have developed the most terrible bad eating habitssince 1991 - may be the God's have come to punish us too as they say - we hadpromised to buy a Toulouse Lautrec cook book for President FA Rene - he judgewe were winding him up too.

There are very many important issues relating to Angers - Loire, theChurch,  then GeneraSchwarzkopf , theFrench government, Intelligence service and the Masonic/illuminati establishment  we have to wait more time before we make it public.  That SIROP program in reality was not aboutjust $500 - $800 millions economic package/development program- it was a muchbigger program involving many $ trillions, the restructuring of the USA andWestern finance, Economy, that of the USSR former Russia and the COMECON  countries and the total mess we landed ourself into. What about the appointment and nomination of Mr DSK, those who knewof the issues, closely related.  Whatreally took place at the IMF and World Bank instead.  They also formed part ofthe New ECU and later EURO issues and the total mess we have landed our selfinto the good Lord only know what they have done with all the information andwhat else.  The Gulf War, Kuwait adiversion from the greater picture. Most important how the Soviet  and their Allies have been short change ifthat is the proper expression and the current development in global relation.  It is also very sad about such greatworkings, many of those involved have departed and leaving us - taking alltheir most important secrets with them - what we think we know or have beenwritten and the truth is far from the truth and then reality of issues.

After the Gulf War events and our involvement - personal challenge with theGeneral Schwarzkopf, his high Office and events, much more his Corporate high Associates to agreater extent this is what this thread is all about -  those who really know the Truth. Includingthose who would have wished him as US President - events, what the media do notwrite about.

Harrods Knight Bridge
Angers Loire where those three suit cases were left

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Diamond issues - SIROP $500 - $800 millions, $billions of associated Gearing resources/finance, program etc., IOIMF

The Diamond issues - SIROP $500 - $800 millions, $billions of associated Gearing resources/finance, program etc., IOIMF


Just as we addressed that community forum and Facebook issue about our situation, that SIROP Program, that Stock Exchange and that that Senate - Parliament issues, In Europe, depending which nation and capital of Europe those resources available/there to help overcome such major negativity, analyze the issues and sort it/them our - conflicting solving specialist. Given that Sechelles Seychelles has opened that University, the Offshore/Economic Free-zone, those two project Eden and that Kaput/Anglo Rand Development project, beside all the leading chartered Accounts/Big four in Seychelles and that Stock Exchange - beside - Equator Institute and Wishing Well people. This very essential resource/entity would have been available in Seychelles. It could eventually be used like Mr Marc Sabadin original project International conferencing in the Seychelles and combined high quality Holiday - they would require such Resource and entity. Instead of that International Pirate Center and those UN Prison at Montagne Posee, Praslin and other Island - the whole things stinks of PM tony Blair Labour government policy, they radicalize and added Terrorist to everything and yet the mega corruption and how it ended.

Why are we addressing this - this morning. Having addressed ion that Forum and Facebook thread yesterday how - the very many important efforts we have been making since 1991 to find a solution with Seychelles government - its Parastatals, the Oppositions, the /Church, Judiciary and others. Beside LUNGOS. We our-self have used this Resource in the past with very good results and outcome - how those who work in such field need to translate to Seychelles environment/problematic.

This said - we have a great many associate is Seychelles and across the world of Seychellois blood and bone we judge they have traveled and acquired enough educated, understanding of life greater issues - with out having to revert to Kalashnikov and such methods they would understand when we dialogue and exchange. Why we do it.

Take that Incident with Al Jazeera, the Nigerian Lawyer and that Zimbabwean reported and the $1 million diamond sting. For any half educate and those who attend church on Sunday - the SDA think they are to clever. The notion of diamond is to be highly respected not in cash value but its scientific properties - any body with no understanding need to take a diamond and put it in the light and watch the light talk as they say, display all the facets and colors. It the old days that was proper Magic. The many ideas and issues which came to your mind and can/will influence you. Hence the old Saying diamond is a girl best friend - without having to be crude and explain in raw details for those who again fail to understand the issues - nature, creation.

As such for those we have mention above - diamond represent education, knowledge - great knowledge and understanding. Wisdom and insight. "Hence in 1995 when Microsoft OS Windows 95 came out, Linux and others, those workings on Google and yahoo Search project. There was an important South African Company based in Dover and across one of the Law firms we used for the Canterbury county court Case and other issues. They were White south African - we visited them and discussed Seychelles and South Africa many complex relation including the Military and Mercenary issues. Former Sir James Mancham government and and exile issues. Most important then Offshore, Economic free zone and that Stock Exchange - we also entered aspect of Mauritius workings given that in Dover we had an acquaintance he was a former Councilor in Mauritius - first Estate Agent then Restaurant in Dover.

We have hinted our working relation with then President Nelson Mandela - those who were very silence and just listened. We had also visited the South African Embassy and the records would be there. It was then that we wrote to President Nelson Mandela - explaining our situation in Kent - Caple court country club and did ask for Gold Rand or cash instead an uncut diamond. We worded it such with all the riches in south Africa and wealth if we could get/be given just an uncut stone, it would help us.our efforts a great deal. The President Office acknowledge our letter. They would have it on their record and our letter was stole along with all the other document they keep stealing from us in Britain/England.

When we were forced by Kent constabulary to return to London and got rehoused, the issues of the Irish community, the Jewish community, the Kurds, the voluntary sector - most important Sir Robert Mc Alpine issues and the Masonic lodge across the field/defunct. We visited the South African Embassy and our then High commissioner in London Mr John Mascarenas and Mr Radegone and later Mr Rasool. PM Blair had come to Office and the issues of Serea leone and Robert Taylor which the media and the court never reacted and published or studied - those who were suing the Sirealeone democratic process/politic to drive Seychelles, politic , the BIOT issues and Mauritius.

Those like Bob Geldorf, and Richard Branson who knew all our issues - beside others. Princess Diana Brother - the issues of his departing England and living in south Africa. It was then that the issues of the meeting/conference in South Africa, including the issues of PM Blair Africa commission - that the issues exploded the 3/5 uncut diamond that had been given to them and the issues of Blood Money. What the British media wrote and the real issues were/are complete different. The trial by the press etc. Those like President Nelson Mandela, Mbeki and Mr Taylor who represented Africa shinning lights in wisdom etc - what Diamond represent. Then Mrs Jemima Goldsmith and Mr Imran Khan - in his country their very old civilization who have great understanding of precious stones. The coin never dropped.

The came the issues of the south African company setting up shop in Seychelles, they do not handle just three/five uncut diamond but hundreds of very expensive cut and uncut diamonds - we have visited their shop, it is next to Cable and wireless, What we have addressed, Mr GMR connections and others in Seychelles close to that SIROP program - the issues of their acquiring that property - most important that Coat of Arms of our EU greater workings, that Flag of our and other important issues we had been working together. Including those from Anglo Rand and others.

After the Anglo Rand mega crash - what we had written to the them about and that English person in the West Indies who thought he was more powerful than the duke of Kent and threaten us and our warning to him - he control the offshore workings and stock exchange of that country and his connection in London then PM Blair government and Terrorist issues. We addressed and visited those of you involved in the Offshore and those wishing to become engage in that Stock Exchange/Market - just as all of you adopted the same attitude regarding that SIROP program events, and change in 1991 - your respective position towards that Stock market. The reason it kept failing.

We have the greatest respect for the Yatch club and the club that introduced us to Layer Lucas, the issues of that Water front Project we drove, help finance and once build the attitude and the Indian who too over/purchased it and we look stupid. - what is discussed there and never get in the media. What we discussed together. In case those of you have forgotten Mr Noelin Didon had a very special file on most of our issues because we had appointed him as our representative and he ought to have a copy of that letter and Mr Walter Edmond/Westerholt. Mr Noelin Didon was not exactly a fool as they say.

Across Europe - there is another Scandal - those entities who sell Diplomatic passports in Africa. Very legal and those who have been asking us like so many other issues why have we not acquired one. That Swedish reporter who risk his life and purchases such diplomatic passport and pass as a major diamond trader, the mega trade in not just diamonds and other precious metal/stone in Africa and the mega corruptions.

Yet we worked our back to help the OAU and its bloody wish for blood and killing - we risk our life, being taken by the British and sent to the USA for getting President Gaddafi to take the lead role and turn OAU to African Union. What we have written to the many EU institutions on this subject and they would have our correspondence. Our view that for the Indian Ocean to work there need to be parity between the EU and Africa and Indian Ocean institutions hence our involvement and work. This achieved the attitude and arrogance. Those African heads of state who know the issues and yet. The so call African Masonic entities both British and Francophone.

President FA Rene cut a very big Birthday cakes with this wife at his side and all the elderly Seychellois - State House and that Hotel. Yet he pretend he knows nothing about such issues and he knows nothing about diamond or any diamond.

We have the very judiciary in Seychelles and policing authorities who suspended the license of those two Offshore operators and what the SFP Blog have been writing about. The question how many more diamonds scandals must we get involved in/help start before those with all the education and wealth begin to think and behave like have normal humans.

We have been involved in the issues of the Gen Stone for Princess Diana engagement ring, issues of her majesty Crown Stone and India and the issues of Angers Loire - gem stone involving the French and British Crown.

What about the Black diamonds in Sechelles Seychelles the pirate Treasures and that SIROP program - issues- everybody has forgotten/choose to forget. Where that Ile aux soleil is and Development.

What about the mega issues of Holland/Amsterdam and London Diamond issues, that SIROP Program and our Community and the Jewish community. Those who have stop me from leaving London.

What about those who got/grab/pick the wrong end of the stick as they say the go and rob leading Jewelry stores in London - it is all on records.

BY the way we have had interest in alternative/artificial diamonds, diamonds form Space exploration and the many articles written since our interests going back in 1979 to date and the situation today.

Note - We have not edited this thread properly and do not intend to do so. We request those of you in Seychelles who will take the time/effort to read what we have addressed here - please share it with Lawyer Lucas, Bonte and others who have been involved and involved in our many issues. Including those form the Judiciary and Police

Saturday, 27 October 2012

SIROP exile/refugee Program 1987 onward and Irish Reunification

SIROP exile/refugee Program 1987 onward and Irish Reunification

We read of the important meeting complimentary Seychelles Nation 26/10/12 on Energy in UAE and the Emir of Dubai personally hosting the event with the Heading World leaders Conference for world solution. That CERN project which the Arabs keep forgetting and always tend to forget.

It is that same CERN Project/program those from the Irish community in Kilburn who were aware of its development and embryo concept - today the publication via the WWW of large amount of information about Ireland and the Irish People then 1985 - 1989 suppressed, censored/prohibited.

Equally the government of President JA Michel his new found discovery of knowledge among many issues related to that SIROP exile/refugee program some which he decided to steal/ hijack and label his own ideas and invention and propagate through the SBC and SPPF/PL political mechanism using The nation Tax payers money.

Given the very shoddy treatment of our person by President FA Rene and the current Seychelles President JA Michel inspite of issues we publish which ought best should have been left to gather dust or allow cobwebs to cover them - still this mean nothing to the Seychelles government of President JA Michel, his entourage - including former President JR Mancham. Instead their propaganda offensive. Including the launch of that Seychelles Seychelles of the Stock Exchange.

We will not publish information that will betray our cause of cause harm to the parties involved. The issues of complex Seychelles - that SIROP exile/refugee program and the Reunification of Ireland started under then Lady Thacher government. Then President FA Rene and the Cold War raging. Yet those who write and research history and our history have not got the time to write upon such very important and valuable part of of our workings, people, nation and history.  We must not/ought not rely on Britain and other sponsored historian what they have written and what they will write and never write about.

We have address the issues of the ECU - the EURO Mechanism, then Ireland and Kilburn those who knew and have made vast fortunes. Then those who betrayed us and the destruction of that SIROP Program. We have gone back and refreshed all the parties two years ago about the NAMA issues and Irish Bad Bank and the Quinn Family debacles. Yet hose who are involved in that Seychelles Stock exchange, those Nigerians, those Ghanaian.Those coconuts Head of Seychellois and the Seychelles Central Bank.

Then Irish communities in the USA, Australia, France, Germany and South Africa - beside their respective communities in Britain. Then we have the great world institutions of UN/UNHCR, the EU let alone the African Union state the Seychelles exile/refugee do not exist and never existed it is all invention and imagination, lies, blasphemy. Those form Irish Catholic Institutions and the Irish medias. This include Mrs Mary Robinson former President of Ireland and later head of UNHCR. We had contributed and helped in both appointments. There are means and mechanism to prove and disprove this.

This include very complex policing and military issues and Diplomatic issues.

There is the need to research events form 1987/88 in particularly to date. Those leading Irish personalities who were aware of the issues and decision - working with then President FA Rene either to harass our workings, spies on us, inform - betray the list is very long - events of that decisions and the change in this policy and working relation.

Most important the very many highly complex issues the media, the Irish politicians and Special Groups have never acknowledge and refused to talk about yet - how it/they impacted many of both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland politic, economy and other issues.

Aspects of certain issues can be read/ hints and , brief statements in what  we have address about the Irish Peace Process and those involved.

Why we have written on many social forums and public space stating of the need for Seychelles nation in the pursuit, progress for democratic workings , economy and business the need to work importantly with the Irish Nation, North south and around the world.

Just to remind not British people across the world, the Irish communities in Australia and the USA - particularly those in Seychelles from the Exile/refugee communities our won exile /Refugee communities across the wold the forgotten and unspoken relation between the German People/then Adolf Hitler government and the Irish Nation North and south.

Events leading to the Irish Republic independence, the partition of Ireland, the Irish Republican Army , the second world war - the governments. The Planned invasion of Ireland and German plan to reunification the two Ireland, the Battle over the Chanel and German Plan to invade Britain with the support and help/assistance of the Irish people, their resources form the North.

We will add a few wikipedia links ans other links.

President FA Rene refusal to meet our person in 2009 after 13 attempts the SPPF/PL and those who have ask us to come Home. Our person do not need require  any doctorate to impress the world and Seychellois - those Seychelles-oi who wish to become famous,  research and make/get your doctorate upon such work's and findings.

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Friday, 19 October 2012

How the Austerity is affecting the EU Royalties and they were importantly involved in that SIROP program

We had wanted to write an in depth article about our exile experience in Austria, first our exile form Sechelles 1976, the place those, the families involved. How we were conditioning our mind and life.

Then came the historic, famous events in Slazbourg and Sir James Mancham was toppled in a coup d'etat whilst attending the Commonwealth conference by the then PM of Sechelles Seychelles Mr FA Rene. The double complexity for our person and those we had to relate to, including the diplomats, embassies, government officials, military expertise, church bodies, exile/refugee bodies in Austria and the media.

A bit like Oliver Tombo who had spent his exile in Sweden - how our Austrian exile experience, impacted, influenced our thinking. The Jewish commu8nity there and their respective experience and the many old communities that had been part of the Austro Hungarian empire, the 1st and 2d world War events. Beside the facts that Austria have been the Home or transition home of many leading European and famous exiles. The way we drew our lesson and experiences.

It is the issues of the European royalties, notabilities we had contacts to, been involved in some of our issues - particularly Dr Otto von Hapsburg and King Juan Carlos, those in France for the left over of the royal family, noblelities, Germany and Italy, Sweden, Belgium and later Monaco, not to exclude those of the British Family and Greece - the manner we had put that SIROP program together, their very vast knowledge and lesson of European history their ancestors. the relation between Austria and the COMECON then and the USSR - its neutrality, the benefits and negative aspects. From  this prospective the many untold issues about the real changes in the COMECON, the USSR and those involved. Events after for the past 18 years until the global crash - what we had/have written to some of those EU royalty, the explanations and their respective positions and the global mega meltdown and the utter ruthless, brutal and painful austerities affecting all the Royal Families in EU - those newly refound royalties of the former COMECON.

Beside a few who kept their relation with our Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee issues and our greater EU Seychelles community workings - the vast many of them joined the other group in pretending we had never existed and they had never played a role/contributed to our issues. they preferred to join those who supported Seychelles government of FA Rene and current JA Michel and the way their treated our exile/refugee communities and our greater Seychelles community workings in EU and across the world. In fact some of them became aggressive and vexed at the idea and notion there had been any involvements.

In spite of  that we did go ahead and address some of then like Dr Otto von Hapsburg and the Spanish, Swedish, Monaco, Greece, Belgium monarch about our view and the need that a half decent working structure is allowed for our EU Community and that SIROP exile program - we had politely indicated the alternatives just as they have great experience we can draw upon our French ancestors and British for the past nears 950 years.

As results into those issues - we have never gone back to ask for property, money or tile. 

We would have judge that because of their uniqueness of workings - they of all individuals who grasp why some of the current problematic is/has developed to such degree - and that they would have made certain connections. Because this is not the case we are writing this thread.

Take the case of angers - Loire and the mega debacle which have been raging for several years about British royalty and that of France, the media coverage - what has led and is causing those issues to come about yet.

We are very aware of the diplomatic workings between Seychelles government Officials and the Royal families in EU - we will be blunt why do they not go to Seychelles government of JA Michel and ask his to help them with the riots and the austerities across EU and ask his to contribute to their important income and business cuts. This is not a hot headed gesture on our part we have waited, we have taken a lot of deep breath and maintained our cool for some two years and yet.

We are fully aware of the royal prerogatives and their rights - it is not proper that they forget. The rights of the People, History for the past 500 years as and when they have forgotten and abused their Royal positions what has/have taken place and resulted.

We are not going to make more comments except to add a few links to the impacts of austerity measures on some of the royal families and those of you who have been inspired by this thread can do your search - by the way we say and state it once again - we played crucial role that the WWW came into being, the CERN issues and countless issues about those two search engine, Google and Yahoo those who ought to know and Window development of Bill Gate.

We do know that the British Royal family were not happy when we joined the Occupy campaign and as such.  Particularly those in  Mauritius from the Franco Mauritius community in Australasia and Canada and the USA. We did get to meet/encounter a person form the French nobility recently at Institute Francais - the fact that we state it here. We have been following the Pension debate at Seychelles Freedom Party too - we too have a rights to Pension given what we have done of the Seychellois Nation and country the past 35 years near.

We are also aware of the many directives and new laws, regulation affecting the EU workings. It was not the EU who liberated the COMECON and changed the USSR - it was the will and networking of the people not Bruxelles, Strasbourg. They played their due role, it was not the council of Europe either. Those who wish/would like to take credits.

We have been addressing about the mega bust up between Santandar and RSB, have address the Spanish Royal Family and the Moroccan Royal family is have been very aware and their attitude and position. Beside other issues. We have address the leader of the Spanish Protest offering our experience as we did Occupy protest in London and their attitude so far. What they want - our person come over to Spain or near there do certain things/undertake certain activities and they all take the credits and their corrupted media. Admittedly Greece is far away - Spain is just abus ride and cost $20 in instance. We do not mind if we have to sleep in tents and share what ever "grub".

By the way given that King Prempe spent 27 years in exile, over the years we have shared some of those issues with Ghana leading politicians and individuals. Beside other royalties exile in Sechelles Seychelles.

Spainsh Royal austerity impacts 

 Madrid anti-austerity

 Mass rallies in Portugal against austerity measures

Greece Outside In: Greeks turn violent amid new austerity measures

Pavlos and Marie-Chantal and Family




Tuesday, 21 August 2012

What Dr deGaft -Johnson have to say, the names of those from Constant Capital (Seychelles) Ltd in relation to our first Stock Exchange

Dr Joseph de Graft-Johnson Vice-President of Ghana
 In office
September 24, 1979 – December 31, 1981

We have been encountering very strange, criminal like and highly corrupted practise from those individuals who head  Constant Capital Ltd and from part, of those providing the expertise for the first Sechelles Seychelles Stock Exchange be they the Ghanaian parties and the Nigerian that we decided to address the issues on this Blog.

Ghana boast itself as the country with Africa best democracy and high values for doing business – given that they have become engage by those who judge they were the best party to bring onboard for the first Seychelles Stock Exchange as such the right of every Seychellois to challenge this and what they do in our name. 

Very important is the notion that Ghana is one of Africa best democracy. 

We became acquainted with the late Dr deGraft -Johnson after the assassination of Mr Gerrard Horeau, the SNM/MPR Leader because and on account of our Colonial Sechelles Seychelles important relation with Ghana – in the form of King Prempe, those we have met in Vienna. ExMinister  - Mr David Joubert connection to the Prempe Family 1979 onward-his exile residence on Great West road. 

Prior to meeting Dr deGraft -Johnson – we had had important indirect working contact with the President of Ghana,  Jerry John Rawlings,  he supported that SIROP program, was informed about it. – he was a good friend of President FA Rene, we will not go into the details, safe to say as an Interdisciplinary Management Executive, the charter for the Indian Ocean we have done some extensive work with Africa, then OAU and some of its Leaders and other Officials. Events unfolding in Africa - the West and East Camp, those who knew/know and have choose to forget as it it never existed or those issues are plain inventions. 

In London he had important connection with/to the Grass Root Workings and as such how we came about such connections. 

Upon those Seychellois families and individuals who had requested we take some form of Leader ship after the assassination of Mr Gerrard Horeau – decided there was the need, requirement to enlist him for his views and knowledge on African Politic, economy, diplomacy and other philantorpic issues concerning Africa. ( I/we discussed the research I had undertaken in Vienna by UNIDO/World Bank to set up an Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Centre after those from the UN/UNIDO had made their view plain that a CARICOM  organisation/body was not on the Table –he was well aware of Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar workings.)

Not many were or are aware he provided/gave us important advice on that SIROP program from his Ghana ex Vice President experience, OAU and British exile experience until  1991, when new left Kilburn – Brent, 87a Victoria Rd where that SIROP $500 -$800 millions program was develop and managed. Equally his many important advices what it take to be a good Leader and Head of State.  Our person is the type, we have met and discuss with so many important personalities we do not believe in taking pictures to impress or secret tapes. 

From 1984/5 was introduced to his many Ex Ministers in London and other close political associates.  Their respective help, support in some of the Seychellois exile Community charity workings and that SIROP program. 

Several of his former Ministers and Officials, as well as exile Ministers and official from Latin American countries in London, exile Polish etc., Vietnamese, had been part of an important Program under then Mrs Tacther government to create jobs, employment and business for the exile/refugee community,  used their expertise and experience to help build Britain – we were an executive on that Program given what we had discussed with Dr deGraft -Johnson and others and our important London Business connections – part of which was to set up the First African in London.  It helped many exile/refugee to start their own business.  These are experiences which we brought and build in that SIROP program 

The reason we are addressing this thread for  several  years  one of the senior executive of NCVO by the Canal where Mr Frank Edmond and Mrs Michelle Gabriel reside  was a former Minister of Dr deGraft Johnson –his name was Dr Kofi, again some of the issues  had address NCVO About that exile/refugees program –and later  they state the Commonwealth change Seychelles from One Part State to Multi Party. 

We/I have address several thread about that Stock Market/Exchange  –the many attempts, as such what we discussed with Dr deGraft -Johnson within the greater context of Seychelles Economy, Regional and International – used him as check/sound Board if we could put a successful government together, those that would be involved.We discussed the Senate – Two Tier Parliament  issues –ex Minister David Joubert supported this approach, his argument and views.  

We discussed the issues of the Economic Zone, the Offshore and that/an eventual stock exchange/market – he judge our person radical for Africa – OAU, over the topic to set up an Indian Ocean entity – he knew of our involvement and greater working with the COMECON, USSR changes, China, Germany Reunification, the Privatisation issues in those former Communist countries.  He just could not understand why we had not been able to make fortune, any money from our work – it made him very unhappy, including his wife.  He also knew many of my working connections too. 

In demanding and asking for a National review over that SIROP program among other reasons – having state our involvement in Stock Markets and Markets across the world that program would have been listed on the Stock Market of 1996/7 as such what it would have meant for the greater economy, the national development and the exile themselves.  The evaluation and appraisal of that SIROP program in term of net value – those like KPMG and others we had discussed some of the issues with and today the so call big Four in Seychelles, how the IMF, the World Bank, other National and International Development banks evaluate and appraise such a program if and when those who judge it can or ought to be listed.  Greater management and accountability requirement. 

We have studied briefly the qualifications of those involved in Constant Capital Ltd, those from South Africa as against Pinnacles Holding their view and approach.  The important question need to be ask of those Executive of Constant Capital Ltd in line with Dr deGraft -Johnson then OAU and later African Union thinking – why have they not done anything, to research the many written issues we have about that SIROP program workings the past 21 years call for Registration in Sechelles Seychelles and in Bruxells. 

We have not taken it upon ourself to address the EU, the relevant UN on their involvement in the Seychelles Stock Exchange and the listing or need to, list that SIROP program on the Seychelles Stock Exchange. For this matter the need to give a fair share of the national economic working to those exile/refugee communities. This needs to reflect in any report submitted to the African Union relevant institutions and the international community. 

We are further surprise that in Seychelles since the announcement of the Stock Market official start – none of the former exile, like Mr Paul chow, Mr Philippe Boulle, Mr Daniel Bell, Mr Paul Stravens, Mr Ralph Volcer, former President Mancham and his former Ministers or those form our exile/refugees communities across the world. 

The greater objective  is to help regear the national economy and regional economic workings.
Equally important we have address the issues of a Seychellois Exile/refugee Bond issues to provide the capital to continue that program - $10 -$25 millions.  Again these are very important and pertinent issues which nobody, the Seychelles many media and politicians have refused to raise and discuss, debate. 

We will be adding a link to Mauritius Stock Market/Exchanges the information available and the important help that exist is available if one requires to get listed let alone such an important program as that SIROP $500 -$800 millions today worth three time it original worth.  There are those in London, South Africa, France, Germany and Italy from the given advisory institutions who can advice us, guide and help us formulate a proper listing program and its management.
Sooner or later the Seychelles Government will have to given an Account of itself. 

In 2009 with the help and support of a number of individuals we decided to register the first Business incubator in Seychelles under the name SeyBiz Tech and as such the working across the world to raise Venture Capital or as SME – this would have required SeyBiz Tech to be listed. $10-$20 millions.
Managing these issues form London as most exile/refugee will recall/remember is not easy – yet no help has been forthcoming. 

Over the past two day events have been moving fast and President Obama unhappy observation –The Seychellois are not nation of warmongers, gangsters and killers – in comparison to what is going on around the world.  

We want to ask those Directors of Constant Capital Ltd, those who work such issues at African Union level to make the effort and research what we have address about Dr deGraft -Johnson, our person and that SIROP program and had we a Stock Market it would have been listed.  We will be very blunt shortly after we came to London in 1997 and events which led to the death of Princess Diana and Mr AlFayad Son – those from Africa who bombarded our person with very many offers from financial stewardship to plain scam – our reply and position.  We are being watched very closely cannot get involved in such issues – those who judge us fools and idiots. 

We also touched the issues of corruption in Africa and the gravity of Africa debt. Had we gone to Seychelles with the returning exiles/refugees, we would not have been able to contribute and helped as we did - then PM  Blair. Question were were those individuals from  Constant Capital Ltd and how much  of those funds they handled. He was very unhappy, upset that we had not been able to return home.

There is a great deal regarding that SIROP program and the coming to office of Dr Kofi Anan we have never address and may never address - we ask those who know the issue to treat what we have presented here for once with seriousness.

 Should anybody wish to see or challenge some of those correspondences we still have copies. This said the second reason for this thread – there are those who judge they had become better that the Italian Mafias, the Russian and deploy their own brand of such workings in Africa.  It is very nasty, evil and those on the streets of London know exactly what we are talking about and the spillover in Africa – unlike Italy and Russia or former COMECON who have the resources to manage such important spillovers when it take place. It will make Africa poorer as we have seen and witnessed in the Norther African Spring. 

There is the important need for those in Seychelles involved in that Stock Exchange to note the 25 years near of the Advent Centre/ex Jewish synagogue, from where the Ghanaian SDA Church started -every body forgets. Where they got their dynamics from - not just prayers and studying the Bible.  What we talk, discuss over bible study about Christian workings across the world. The SDA General Conference and the British Conference.

Joseph W.S. deGraft-Johnson

 Jerry John Rawlings

London Ghana SDA Church: londonghsda

Kofi Annan


The Stock Exchange of Mauritius






Footnote – 22/8/12
Beside the SIROP program, issues in London and then OAU, South Africa,  North Africa, the Indian Ocean and the USA in term of greater Interdisciplinary Management working, the application of this discipline was left/the working of only world, global high government, scientific, economic  mechanism and certainly those from that  Constant Capital Ltd never knew or heard of such workings back in those days.  We have studied their qualifications. As against personalities like President FA Rene, Mr Guy Morel and Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci.

One of those issues in then London was Poly Peck – Mr Asil Nadir was a staunch Conservative supporter and so to Dr deGraft – Johnson.  He was aware of the going on.  As is the practise and bench mark you never discuss and address  any or important issues, personality, business  when you are engage/have such responsibility. 

Mr Asil Nadir issues has important Sechelles Seychelles Cyprus connection those who know, then Lady Tacther government and later PM John Major – somewhat like Richard Branson,  the Sachi Brothers what went wrong was going wrong – those around  Poly Peck who knew of our capacity to work, dynamism, manage and make due intervention at given strategic high corporate workings – Dr Professor Micheal Hoffman and Professor Von Hayek – Mrs Tacther Economic guru. .  Some of the innovative corporate high management issues. That was when thing started to go very wrong.  The major misunderstanding by many that because we are not present with  they can do anythings and what usually ensue.  We shared the information then with the personality of Mr Nadir – the new dynamic involved and that “they would throw him to the dogs after wards.” 

That SIROP Program was put together in 1987/88 it impacts, dynamic and synergy  on very many issues and the deployment of the WWW associated – those conservatives politicians, the fraternal/archaic/masonic establishment who  are supposed to know and monitor such issues as they do in France. 

“ By 1989 Polly Peck had become an international player by acquiring a 51% majority stake in Sansui (a Japanese electronics company on hard times).[3] This was one of the first foreign acquisitions of a major Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Also in 1989, Polly Peck bought the former Del Monte fresh fruit division for $875 million from RJR Nabisco, which had previously acquired it.[2] Polly Peck then gained the ultimate accolade of being admitted to the FTSE 100 Share Index in 1989.[2]

By 1990 five firms had emerged as the dominant actors in fresh fruits and vegetables in western Europe and North America. These were the ex-banana giants: Chiquita, Dole, and Del Monte Tropical; and the two new upstarts: Polly Peck International and Albert Fisher[dubious ]. The move was part of a larger planned restructuring under which Polly Peck developed its electronics, foods and leisure businesses into three largely independent companies.

In less than ten years, under this growth-by-acquisition strategy, PPI's market capitalization went from only £300,000 to £1.7 billion at its peak.[4] It became a holding company for a world wide group of over 200 direct and indirect subsidiary companies.

With pre-tax profits of £161.4 million, net assets of £845 million and 17,227 employees, the Polly Peck group was one of Britain's top one hundred quoted companies. Polly Peck and its subsidiaries were the largest employer in northern Cypus”

We understood Mr Asil Nadir position and the issues of his departure from Britain and indeed his return, what has been written in the media.  It was the media coverage of his sentence that compelled us to address the thread about Dr deGraft – Johnson.  This is the corrupted world practise – nobody at the trials mentions those issues and what was going on – yet what caused Poly Peck to work and later the bust up.  Like Princess Diana had the public not insisted none of what the public know today would have ever been made public. 

Those superbly educated Ghanaians and Nigerian from Constance  instead took to sending/evoking all kinds of demons on our person. 

Friedrich Hayek - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Polly Peck

 What really happened in the polly peck scandal, what was the ...

 Tycoon convicted of stealing millions 19 years after fleeing UK

Saturday, 18 August 2012

The impact of the USA "Maginot Line" defence deployment on that SIROP program.

Please note Overon is a Spanish TV and what we talked about Seychelles and Spain Fishing/EU over the past 30 years

We have written at other Forum and blog space a number of sensitive issues relating to on going working, accountability, social, economic development over the past 21 years and the call to register this program properly in Sechelles/Seychelles and Europe.

In term of greater strategic impacts, implications as to what took place over the 21 years never address it properly - because it was judge to "sensitive" - the Seychellois exile/refugee small mindedness would not lent that they understand and a complete wast of time.  ( Hence those who preferred to lump - and ascribe that it was they - the Commonwealth,  that change Seychelles from One Party State to Multi party)

Actually, had we to address a proper detail of geopolitical and military events, issues, development and associated interests - what could/would have happened to that SIROP Blog.  We have also discovered that the average Seychellois, exile/refugees or not just do not possess the tenacity - if,  should we have go into trouble to come to our help.

The researchers, those who wish to look beyond the issues of what we have written are equally guilty - no credits for their research source given or for that matter indication where they have publish their research and conclusion.

It is not good enough to have stated that we - those involved in that SIROP program and the regional nations were on the verge of a major situation. The many investments by the international and regional nations to help Seychelles prepare for/in such eventuality.

There is the important need to underline - for those who study, know of inside issues - Seychelles has been directly responsible for a number of major and very serious international incidents, regional - those politicians and their media who reacted in their particularly way.

"Any nation, small or big who become involve in dislodging a Super power like USSR, the COMECON, China from strategic position and base of power requires due attention - however the Seychelles the kind of attention it had/has received - over the past few years has had to water down everything it say/state on this issues because of the African Union, the COI and what ever."

We want to share a small jewel in our involvement with such issues - "how and why President Ronald Reagen  came to choose The Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI)  March 23, 1983." We had been working with such high parties and such associated issues for some years then.  What it takes for the White House, the US Intelligence, the Pentagon and others to adopt such a concept form outside their Circle.  For that matter one's, capacity ,  ability to be allowed anywhere near such issues.  Have worked, followed and contributed to some of the issues including President G Bush, Senior and Junior.  Those from NATO, then USSR, COMECON, China, South Africa and France who knew the issues.

After adding that article about the extra large Seychelles exile/refugee, migrant cooking pots noted that at Seychelles Freedom party Blog and Star Blog the article about the USA Maginot line across the Indian Ocean.  Somebody who grasp certain issues.

It was with such understanding that we were able to formulate some form of solid  Policy in term of Regional Indian Ocean Strategic issues, as against just researching.

Some of the more concrete and strong arguments we had/have put forwards to change Seychelles from One Party State to multiparty would not have been such a strong agenda and in several instances stated we regret having done this and never explained properly.

We have been underlining that the Seychellois 21,000 exile/refugee have had the dirtiest of history share.
Hence have been monitoring the Military development closely in the region, Gulf and Asia. Further afield.
The announcement that the USA was to deploy a Maginot defence Shield in the Indian Ocean addend to that in the Gulf Region and former COMECON is not surprising.  What surprise us is that those involved take every body for completely nit in good English - those who went back on their words after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany Reunification, changes in the COMECON to reduce their global spending and the resource they spend on Military issues to use this to help the poor of the world and develop their economy and society.  The beefing up of the CIA and Pentagon shortly after and the excuses/reasons they gave.
We have worked importantly with UN, UNIDO, World Bank, IMF and other large multinationals, global institutions - you cannot seriously plan - develop a serious economic Plan at that a small nation if you judge/conclude a Regional and possibly and international conflict is only a few months away.

An excellent example to support our statement  is the North African and Med Basin Program the mega resource of the European Union, all the combined resources and wealth of the North African Nations, those who supported such development and plans - after the so call Norther African Spring this has now been set back several years and if we saw a serious conflict in the Region nobody know what will be the future.
The statement by Dr Navin Ramgoolam on the important Economic Protocol between Seychelles and Mauritius on Paper and words sounds great will it ever be reality and the recent protocol on Culture.
We decided to visit Knight Bridge yesterday and see what was going on around the Equador Embassy, Harrods - involved here is more that just the issues of Wiki Leak - in the first instance how the Al Fayad and Kashogi Family got hold of Harrods - we were importantly involved and have written/address those issues over the many years. To note we have finally been connected 15/8/12  to that Portuguese - Africa, Asia undersea high speed connection initiated/involving then PM Blair, our contributions. The relation between Seychelles and Tanzania and the relation, events and development on the Streets of London, not Paris or continental Europe. The nastiness.

The concern for many AU reaction at what took place in the so call North African Spring. In the past South Africa had the capacity and quality to contribute to such regional and international development - one cannot say this of today's South Africa.

We are left with Australia only and events in Australia - those who study and monitor intelligence, strategic and military development in the Indian Ocean Region.  There is a great deal that have not been address by the so call free press about the person of Wiki Leak founder, those who work in such issues at very high level.

Prior to the global economic and financial melt down address the Ruler of the Emirate and other on certain highly important issues - they refused to listen and the Melt down and the mess.  This time when the issues ongoing become fully open - there many not be very much to salvage from the region, its economy and society.

Geofinancial: Zioconned US planned maritime control of all choke ...

Seychelles Reality (Seselwa Unite): August 2012

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Seychelles Stock Market/Exchange as it would have been under the 1987/88 SIROP program

Proposed Stock Market/Exchange building

We visited that same Village Lawyer, {Everybody takes his best friend and put in on the fire place - at his practise they have hung him underneath the fire place} we have written about when we ran the Mondo Trading from  Headcorn - Kent, before the Earth quake and Tsunami of 2004/5 had some good old English Fish and chips/frits says the Belge to mark this monumental and historic moment - occasion after 36/7years in exile of fighting top get a Stock Market/Exchange in Sechelles Seychelles- 30 years later, this is when we came to London/Britain from Austria, Strassbourg - Paris to seek political asylum. The important issues we brought over and endeavored to represent - fight for.{Kent where we have address this Historic thread is famous for its Pears, Apple and Plum, Cherry orchards - the grapes/Wine is terrible - place like Dover, Folkestones, the many Castles and Coastal Towns for the past 22 years we have grappled with those issues}

The 1975/76/77 position - participation and Capitalisation

With in the plan/ those we had been in contact prior to the "South African/Mike Hoare attempted coup and later Bob Denard involvement, those others in London" born from the notion, part of the future economic plan based upon Western values, then Colonial system - economic models a Stock Market/Exchange and Free Economic Zone. The West Indies Small Island nations had already set in place such financial platform, structures and economic vehicles/systems - Then Offshore - what then President Mancham would talk about, his Ministers and political associates, business associates in Seychelles, like Mr Jack Custon, Mr Dug Scamel, the Mr Harwood, Cmdr  Tony Bentley Buckle, Mr Mike King Harmond, those from Cable and Wireless from the Expat, the Dalgety people/representation, Mr Norman Esselmont and their business Seychelles Trading - where that Pentecostal church is today, Mr Gerry Le Grand Family and Son in Law, Those expat that had the first Pest Control business in Seychelles,   That British Banker who build Pirate Arms and also owned Beau Vallon Beach Hotel, Those from the Belombre Tyre Company, Mr Don Augustinus, The Osborn - Vista do Mar, that Jewish Insurance company base at Kings Gate house, Mr Peter Gill Partner - Builders Center, the Wilmott Family- Seychells Bakery, the Tobacco company, those form UCPS. Those from then Teemoljhee, the many Italian Families in then Seychelles/Developers, Mr Georgio Biancardi, Cousin Island Development,   the Sawa Sawa Farm at Point aux Sel,  the German's Mr Bantely North East Point former Mrs Steven Properties and Mr Snitzenbaumer former German Banker - Beau Vallon development and Austrian Developers Von Oswald Family, others, Mr Schillinger German/fishing business. Mr Bill Pomeroy, Mr Hunt Deltel, North Island Developers,  those like Mr John Lacon and Mr Richard Petty of Beau Vallon Properties and Casurina Estate Development - beside several others. Mr Ali Parkar of then Premier building - Parkar and Oliaghi, TUC, Mahe Shipping,  his many Family Ventures. Those that ran then Seychelles Cold Storage form Denmark, the Belge Family that ran that nice and Famous -Refuge du Corsair.

We have added a few other names and families in the process of editing - Mrs Linblad of Linblad Travels, TSS Tours etc., BCAL Seychelles,  Mr David Walsh Australian Lawyer, Mr Harry Benson - Australian, a very colorful and dynamic personality from the Old expat community, Mr Tony Duckworth represented a very Old Family in England, the Hitchcock Family furniture BODCO and Timber business did not support such idea,  Mr Cruise Wilkin of Belombre - the Treasure hunter. The Parson Family retired, Pilling Family - Jewelers, Oculist, etc.,  the Fayon Family. Talla - the Tailor, great place to converse and talk about such issues.

There is the need to state and underline very many of the Seychellois white French Families did not just did not manage to grasp and understand, such/those economic issues then - Mr Tobby Murrey, Mr Harry Savy, then Bontard Family, Mr Morel du Boil Family, Mr Raoul Nageon des Lestempt - Mr Tieno Nageon was against such development he was old Fashion, then Mr Antony D'Offay was for it but with reservation and Mr Paul and Dr Michel D'offay were skeptics, Judge Souyave Family,  the Barallon Customs, Mr Lafortune of customs,  Mr Daddy Michel, Mr Robert  Delorier - Minister's Family, the Delhomme Family, the Mouniler Family who ran today's BIOT, Mr Petty of Petty and Dumbleton understood such workings, the Chenard/ Pool & Hunt Family, the De Cauvin Family - for instance Mr Duglas Bailey who had married the property heiress was against such economic approach - Mr Henri Gonthier was a skeptic, so to the Waster Green Family, The two Savy brothers of Agriculture Department and Survey were for and against, then Mr Hodoul the father of the current children or the Troyant or the Dauban Family, Mr Jeremy Puren, Mr Danny Bonte of East Africa Insurance, Mr Eddi Wester Green/ Savy Family, Mr Nicoleson Stravens ex Minister understood, Mr Paul Pillay ex Minister did not understand, even Minister Pragassen did not quite grasp the issues - Mr Chammery Chetty did - he had been briefed and many discussions -Those form the Golden Eggs/Australia Esparon Family. The Mancham Family themselves.   Had then Seychelles stayed as it was, meaning a government of Coalition then President Mancham and PM FA Rene - all the plans were in place that Seychelles would have its/a Stock Market and Offshore long before Mauritius or any other Indian Ocean nation - may be three years after our Independence.  Those governments in then East Africa, politicians, business acquaintance and institutions of then. Our then Australia or South African important connections and friendship - big and small business.

The list of those Seychellois families who could/would have got involved in an eventual Seychelles Stock Market under the 1st Republic.  The Parcou family - merchants, Mr Merlin ex East Africa, Captain Michel ex Seychelles Police, Mr Hurbert Jubb - he was a strong advocate of Seychellois Small business, Mr Conrad Grele Chartered Accountant, Mr Raymond Mathiot of Ray's Music, The Ernestine Family ex East Africa, the Frichot Family - Mr Robert Frichot clan, Mrs Mimi Lablache of Sun Set Hotel a formidable advocate of Small business, Jivan Jetha Family and company, Mr Ben Choppy of Aro Bingo then and close friend of then Mr JR Mancham, Adam Moosa and Co,. the two Albert Families - South Mahe - Praslin, Chaka Brothers again their support for small business, Kim Koon merchants - extended family in Mauritius, Mr Deltel of Anse Royal, Minister Phillippe Jumeau and Families for and against - politic, Mr Clement de Commarmond, Editor le Seychellois another formidable advocate of small Seychellois business, Mr Sadec Rasool Auctioneer, Mr Guy Lionnet ex Agriculture Dept, Mr Laustau de Lalland, the Bedier Family of St Louis and Seychelles Brewries, the Lefevre Family of St Louis and Beau Vallon, Mr Corgat - Auctioneer, Mr Marzzochi and Family ship repairs, the Robert Family - business and important member of Seychelles Club, Old man Poponeau - property, the Roullion Family - Le Niol left Seychelles early, Mr John Mascaranas of East Africa radio then a good friend of Mr JR Mancham, Mr Beaufond of Port and Marine, Mr Norrman Mancienne of Stevedore, the Head of Seychelles Tax and Revenue - chartered accountant,  the Desaubin family - custom, Chartered Accountant Mr Bill Jackson, the Laxmambhai Builders then, ex East Africa, the Larue Family Cascade, the Valabjhi family - their business was relatively small then.The Lau Tee Family of Anse Royal, transport, traders, exporters, restaurant. Captain Tregarden former Zamzibar his great conversation and his Sister House St Louis across the Delpech House - the husband worked in the Treasury - what they talked and discussed. Mr Gilbert Palmier Garage/mechanist - great place to chat about those issues. Mr Dolfus Delorier and his Family. Mr Yacent Payet - Waterloo Soft drink producer/supplier.

Two very colorful individuals we left our Mr Soleil from Sir Lanka, his wife - later the Trianon Restaurant, Serette Str, children today, he worked in then Treasury and would have know of such issues and indeed his native country, we used to compare note between East Africa working and Seychelles then, events and approaching independence - what may and may not happen. Then we have/had the father of the two girls then, today Mrs Sara Rene former first Lady Father and Founder of the Baha'i Faith in Sechelles Seychelles. We used to converse a good deal on many issues and their support in our youth and young adult family life. Including Mr Norman Gardner the Founder of the Jehovah Witness in Seychelles, he was from East Africa and we talked about a great deal of things, business, and economy then, colonial system.   Mr Dawson Horeau - married to the sister of then Minister Chammery Chetty, what we talked about - his view of life and society, business.

What would have been the Market/Exchange Capitalisation 1975/6/7

The Seychelles Rs was worth Rs 10.  - £1

Land value in those days Rs 2 -5,000.  per acre.

From available then  Economic statistic - can be retrieved for the archives ,  particularly export. Given the names, families and individuals  we have mentioned above and their business, commercial interests then. We can get some information on the web, it is not good enough to state the Capitalisation.

Banking was done via Barclays, Standard Charter, Post Office, Temoolghi, Jivan Jetha, L'union Cretien Credit set up by Dr Maxim Ferrari. 

Issuing of Government Bills and Bonds then

Again - Statistic is/ought to be available as to the volume of Government Bill and Bond being issues and available for the greater public then - its commercialisation. Those who were trained to sell, promote and Trade.  Under President J R Mancham and FA Rene Government - the need to raise public money and badly needed Capital for the economy.  Those who have began to Trade and work with such issues -mainly for the Treasury Department.  The Cricumstance they were used and issued, maturity and yield.

Then Market working - mechanism, history 1975/6/7

We have added information form Wikipedia which is reasonably accurate. 

Bombay Stock Exchange
India -1991/2 driven and set in place by that SIROP historic program and USSR, COMECON changes
Hong Kong
Kenya,  Nairobi Stock Exchange
Australia Stock Exchange - equally impacted by that SIROP program -as did a great many important issues in the region - the corrupted media and politicians,  Australian Stock Exchange Limited (ASX) was formed on 1 April 1987
South Africa, Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Belgium Congo   They had some form of Trading then
Irish Stock Exchange - {We are adding five other Stock Exchange info/issues which is related to Sechelles Seychelles Stock Market issues, development. Please read what we have written and address about President FA Rene and the greater working with the Irish Nation and its communities in Britain, the USA, Australia elsewhere.} The many instance we have impacted economic, Market, important financial working of that country and why.  Study closely events of 1995 the deployment of Window 95, the issues we have address President FA Rene, the Italian Government and fraternal working - how we impacted that OS System and in turn very many other greater economic working - the PM John Major, the USA Intelligences, British and French. The development of Irish Stock Market and the London Exchange and yet again events of 1991 - 1993, events in Ireland. Hence our call and plea for everybody in Seychelles to have some kind of greater with the Irish Nations, communities and how this will greatly enhance our economic workings and other corporate workings.

Borsa Italiana - We have address the issues of  Sechelles Seychelles Italian "archaic, Illuminati, Templar, fraternal high workings", events since President FA Rene came to office, the very many highly complex and important Economic, Market and Financial issues - including development and impact on Italy Stock Exchange and Market - those like Mr GM Ricci and many others who are aware and know. Those in Monaco/Monte Carlo - Prince Rainier - Prince Albert and President Francois Mitterrand.  Those before Berlosconi who knew and certainly know  and countless other important EU related issues. Those who wrote the Italy Wikipedia are refusing to publish the information. ( Those combine impacts on the Economic working on Libya economy, financial working and then President Gaddafi. Everybody choose to forget particularly those form the New rich African Union countries greedy for power who have no clue about serious "archaic, Illuminati, fraternal, Templar workings - but invent their own and the current situation and development.) As well/beside a great deal of very dishonest and highly corrupted individuals. 

Malta Stock Exchange     - Those who miss read, missunderstand the issues of Malta Order in Seychelles and the real Malta as State/Nation entity, those who have the capacity to understand and follow. It was not Malta who/Which impacted - influenced our economic and market working - it was the reverse and Malta is much smaller that Sechelles Seychelles. At the time our views and comment and yet those in Seychelles who allow themselves to get fooled by the donations, associated issues and Gifts from Malta Order> We have appreciated waht they have done for our nation - the need to keep things in prospective. The Local inhabitants one thing and our Old French - British European high workings quite another. { We have spent some two hours editing this section and those who disaproaved and caused a major freeze and we lost everything and is having to write everything form memory}

Cyprus Stock Exchange -  From the days of President J R Mancham and later President FA Rene, those two countries have had an important relation - not just because of President Makarios.  "Our greater French - British archaic, illuminati, fraternal  workings and heritages". What others choose to write about and since 1979 our exile/refugee communities working in Europe with those Nation. There is a large Cyprus community in London and over those years the many things we have done together - particularly in economy and business. Before that SIROP program the issues of the Onasis Family Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis , Christina Onassis  ,Alexander Onassisand Frence- Switzerland.  As such the Small Nation dynamic workings.  What led Cyprus to start its Stock Exchange the greater Greece issues we have address, the Turkish issues we have address and the two Market integration in preparation for their entry into the Euro Zone nobody wants to listen. { Certainly Mr Asil Nadir and several important property Developers and bankers, Chartered accountants and lawyers in London knew and were aware of those issues and yet everybody pretend they never existed the - the highly corrupted bench mark in corporate working.}


Singapore Exchange   {For those who study and monitor such issues all of the ASEAN Market system got some form of impacts, dynamic, synergy Incorporated in their system for that SIROP program - yet what the so call experts, media and politicians write and say.}



Aboriginal people and communities

The Ex COMECON  Stock Market - Until 1991 Sechelles Seychelles acquired its economic Model - upon the COMECON and Warsaw Pact working, the USSR and Global Communist/socialist Block - grouping of Nations. We have tried time and time again to under line that given the changes which took place and those former COMECON nations that joined the EU and Euro club, the need for Seychelles and those that govern it to learn, take pages of their economic example and development  - since 1993, the very many former COMECON  nation issues with Seychelles and their Business interests. Those in Seychelles and around the world who refuse and fail to take due note the important role/part we played in the changes and as such our Economy in seychelles, That Stock Market - the utterly andhighly global corrupted working practice

Latin America Stock Market Development - Those from the USA, Europe who monitor our international workings. Then Latin America politic and Economy. Seychelles government used to take pages, example of their economic workings and integrate into our system - working as such the discipline. Events of 1987/88 until 1991 - the network we had build to help, us change seychelles, they included Latin Amrican Nations. Those who know and recal - it was not just a one way street - we gave, contributed and helped them in a number of their nation economic development - if anybody is interested in details we can make them available.

Importance and impact of then education system - quality on such issues/business/thinking - White Brothers and Cluny nuns

The education quality, standard and system of Seychelles College and earlier White Brothers/Marius St Louis formed and impacted those young Seychelles of the 2nd and 3rd generation in their many approach of thinking, society, business, economy etc., the British Colonial system failed to understand them. In turn the Seychelles they helped build then.

The Regina Mundi convent, ran and managed by the Sisters of Cluny Order, the Old French, Reunion education values they gave, instilled in the young girls, later young adults and future mothers.

It is importantly due to these two education institutions which had formed previous generations, the notion of the world, regional issues and economy, Asia, Africa, Gulf Region, India, Australia and South Africa - Europe functioning.  It was not sheer arrogance as many have written and claim over the years, it was an education system to match,  prepare the young Seychellois against the world - to be competitive and to learn to strive higher and for the best.  This is today reflected in the aspiration in the Seychelles University and the very many who have  been educated across the world of Seychelles. 

That was one of the positive point in the British Colonial legacy - they had wished/wanted to build/in plant  in  then Seychelles to replace the loss they were encountering in East African and Aden, Rhodesia and as such the need to have such Vehicles and Economic workings. They had talked of the Hong Kong of the Indian Ocean and East Africa, then Switzerland Model for the Indian Ocean. belong to those very few who understood such workings Then world economy 1981 - Britain was in the process of letting go its Colonies, Independence process, important/partner source of its cheap raw material, minerals, royalties, tax and agencies, companies and people that did business with then Colonial Britain. The Communist verses the Capitalist working of the Indian Ocean, Africa, Gulf Region and Asia.

What was/were discussed in then Seychelles Rotary Club, then Round Table club, then Seychelles Club and Yatch Club informal, Isolabella and Tobruk Club, Happy Youth Club - even Chez Nous Club at Point Larue/SPUP,  private, arguments over drinks and meals - radio bamboo and Sauve Souri. . Cocktail and Government parties, Young people Dances and parties - family and parents views. We had also ran one of the best and elite night Club - La Giolette for a stretch after we had resigned as the first Seychellois Deputy Manager of a large British Hotel over 125 beds.

There is the important requirement to note and take into account the views of Westminster/London how they had seen and viewed our future development, the serious ones not the cabbage heads and the such. Then Barclays Bank East Africa position,  Standard Charter what their officials, senior executives knew and discussed in private - eventually their Staffs.

Beside Tourism and Property Development - that was to be part/one of the Pillar of then Sechelles Seychelles Economy, the advocacy, debate by the internal and strategist of then DP party/government. The importance/emphasis cannot be enough underline.  As such then laws, international regulations, judiciary mechanism - their experts. We recall the many discussions with Mr Nicolson Stravens and Mr Paul Pillay on how they view and saw a future Seychelles Economy after independence. The Fishing Industry/possibilities was then an unknown entity - in its very early form/stage of setting up - those involved. They had also been banking on Oil/Gas energy exploration. As well as Bunker-age/Transhipment and Servicing large vessels, tankers, liners etc.,

For any Political faction, Groups wishing to change then Seychelles after 1977 be it in Seychelles or in Europe, South Africa, Australia, their challenges - pose how and what economic model they would adopt and set in place. Be it the South African/USA - then British Model or the French model. Particularly those International soldiers taking part had call/ask for a very clear economic Plan supported by the USA, South Africa, the UN or the French speaking entity, government - the very serious ones did not want a mess on their hands, the notion of they just going in and killing, avenging is very wrong - they wanted to take part in serious economic and political, social system change. On that they would make their fortunes and fame.

"Then Mr Gerrard Horeau ex Seminarian, future Leader of Opposition in exile, SNM/MPR,  worked in the Town Planning Department under Mr Rene who was a gifted person - as such he must have come into contact with many of the above mention person, as in Old Seychelles how we talked and conversed over issues and possibilities, eventualities."

Brief History of our Stock Market/Exchange

In total there has been some seven historic attempts at setting and getting a Stock Exchange/Market workings in Sechelles Seychelles. Including the present one. 

Many who do not understand such aspiration and economic issues will judge it an obsession on our part for the near crusade we undertook, became involved, engaged in - those who understood the notion of crusade in proper term/definitions. To date beside the issues we have presented above 1970's onward eventually those who know and entertained such ideas/visions,  being the very first and serious attempt/formulation at government and national, regional and international level. It would be interesting for those youth of today, future executives to search the archives, those wishing to study and work in this field to carry due research, discuss, dig around not take up, lap up all the crap, garbage that the Communist/Socialist - SPPF government have harvested and deposited as our national archives information.

In fact if they are diligent and search deep enough they may encounter documents and British Policy formulation as far back as 1950/60 giving hints, indication what those Colonial administrators had in mind and planned for the future. If and when  Independence came to East Africa and Eden.

Though we were young and coy, what discussions we undertook in Austria, Germany France, Belgium 1978 onwards, the view of those who worked and ran such entities. We had kept in mind, endeavoured to remember those issues particularly when addressing government officials, diplomats, the media and important business man. Let alone those involved in the Intelligence Services and such Operation/activities.

Particularly our discussions, debate with then officials of UNIDO and World Bank in old Vienna building on the Ring near the palace and later the International conference Centre itself. Those from East Africa - Kenya, then Economic and political block. Particularly the then Head of the UN/UNIDO/World Bank for the Indian Ocean Mr David Rakotopare - having worked as the Head of the Malagasy Central Bank and related to the President  of Madagascar.

What drove us/driving us to research and present that concept for "Indian Ocean Industrial Investment and Promotion Centre" those form the South African many officials, the USA, French, British, African, Austrian who wondered what was driving us. Those from  Dr Ferrari Ministry, President FA Rene himself, his associated Mr G M Ricci and many others, be they the then USSR, COMECON friends. 

What about those form the then Creditanstalt Vienna, Central Office, the First, the Private banks the efforts we had made  to meet and discuss with them such ideas and possibilities, those from the USA Stock Market in Vienna workings, those we had began out Training with in this field, Austrians and South Africans. Then investment and market regulations - workings and benchmarks. Those form University of  Vienna - High Management Faculty.

As such when we came to London/forced compel to come to London and seek political asylum, the very few form the exile faction we have have shared some of knowledge and what we had learnt. We made it a point to work/share our knowledge with those who worked in the Sector and business - became involved and engaged.

Given that there were at least four strong official political factions in exile, SNM/MPR,  DP, Mr Phillippe Boulle Faction, our Own faction as well as linkage to other  factions what those-they did understand in such greater workings in the Seychelles of pre Independence, in the exile after 1977 and through out our exile until 1991.

Over the past 21 years much of the Policy formulation with regards to SNM/MPR working have been made public - if any notes is available of meeting for serious long term economic formulation for Seychelles changes and eventualities and the serious/hard debate of a proposed Stock Market/Exchange and Offshore Vehicles, Mechanism.

We knew and was very aware that DP, then led by Minister David Joubert and his supporters had such a Plan and objective, later then quasi independent President Mancham own formulation his Mouvement Pour La Democracy - certainly would have kept/held on to the Economic formulation - what was being discussed on the Streets, Hotel lounges, Restaurants, night clubs other clubs and embassy.

Even though we have had very many meetings and discussions with Mr Phillippe Boulle did not get to hear his views on a greater Seychelles Economy in the events of any change - beside what he share with his activist and supporters. Those who were attempting endeavouring to lead such factions and change usually kept such important issues and formulation very closely guarded and tight lips.  Fear that one Faction would get a better advantage and be one step ahead of the game - endeavours.

In our case we had publicised that UN/World Bank and UNIDO research however brief. This in the face of then Communist Block. Seychelles workings, the Military important network, support and resources a big not to be underestimated everywhere one went and worked and whatever one did. Chinese, COMECON Block/Warsaw Resources, that of OAU and the Pan African   workings, the Arab Region, North Africa, Asia and Latin America. Beside Europe.

Since the return of Multiparty in 1991 based upon that SIROP exile/refugee program its economic part/entity - the then formulation of a Stock Market/Exchange, Offshore and Economic Zone. Yet again all those who had met in Germany and had return to Seychelles, the debate, constitutional changes and economic changes they were demanding.

Most important - for the world and we mean world to take due note - though this was part of the SIROP plan/program, president FA Rene was opposed so to very many of those politicians who had accepted and agreed to the return of Multi party politic. It was the very nature of his Political belief, Society, doing business and economy - the formulation of the Socialist thinking and workings.  Individual like Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci was for as he had helped set up the Central bank, Seychelles Development Bank and the Economic Free zone - Seychelles Offshore later. Mr Guy Morel the first historic Governor of Seychelles Central Bank supported the idea.

It took the mega economic meltdown of 1995 to convinced President FA Rene that to make that SIROP program work, "THE CHANGES HE HAD EMBARKED UPON" - and certainly no return, the need to have a Stock Market/Exchange for Seychelles, then Privatisation in ex USSR, in China not even dared discussed, India, Germany former East Germany, North Africa and Arab Countries namely Iraq - the dynamic changing and driving the world and regional Indian Ocean Economy, that of Asia he had partnered with and made Friends.

Most important for History, those young graduates and future who have been fed with so much lies and crap and propaganda. By 1995 it was like a big orgy of blood drinking and carnivorous feasting all those form former Communist USSR, COMECON who had changed their belief for the sake of acquiring big fortunes and wealth not because they were convinced, they were Communist and face with the situation in the world - no options and those who were in power, they used such individuals to carry, front for them in the so call process of privatisation.  They were the same individuals safe in  the form of so call Capitalist and they wanted to develop their Stock Markets, Exchanges and such national and international mechanism, Finance and banking mechanism.

Over the past 21 years one have talked very little of the Old debts from the USSR and COMECON era - we were and have been part of those who formulated the options if/in the eventual change the Economic and Financial formulation of USSR, Germany those ex COMECON countries their debts be it by the International Credits Establishments, Grantor's, Donors etc.  Those involved then in such big multimillion business and transaction and the Western, Asian and African banks.  All those who had not been involved in such formulation and as such did not know the management mechanism - it had been easy to cash in acquire a state owned business very cheap/net to nothing but to manage them/it was another issue/entity.  That was when the mega global melt down came about.  Seychelles President FA Rene had many such friends Over the past 21 years one have talked very little of the Old debts from the USSR and COMECON era - we were and have been part of those who formulated the options if/in the eventual change the Economic and Financial formulation of USSR, Germany those ex COMECON countries their debts be it by the International Credits Establishments, Grantor's, Donors etc.  Those involved then in such big multimillion business and transaction and the Western, Asian and African banks.  All those who had not been involved in such formulation and as such did not know the management mechanism - it had been easy to cash in acquire a state owned business very cheap/net to nothing but to manage them/it was another issue/entity.  That was when the mega global melt down came about.  Seychelles President FA Rene had many such friends - indeed some of the many Important ex COMECON and  USSR state entity and Party entity that had used Seychelles, President FA Rene to channel, manage some of these multi $billions process, transactions and changes, privatisations.  Hence our address to the world and Seychellois Nation - it is not normal for an individual as our person who/to have played such important role and when we endeavoured to have 13 attempted meetings with him no regrets or remorse. The money President FA Rene and his associate is due to our person in the normal of such working given that we have not only all four of the world/International Chartered Accountant Groups we also the important Mauritius De Chazel du Mee etc   ---- their benchmark and practise.

It was then that those involved formulated the issues of a Seychelles - Mauritius - Palestine - Zambia Stock Market/Exchange, the global media circus by the Palestinian issues and Seychelles what we have written and President FA Rene decision to get then OAU involved - having stated his economic preference that they first do a Study which cost Rs 500,000. Eventually more. The conclusion of that Research and what ensues - that was part of our reason for getting involved that OAU becomes African Union. To change the terrible, highly corrupted workings of the OAU to more then European and international workings - the AU issues.  A good question to ask/pose had the OAU remind what it was would President JA Michel - the SPPF/PL have opted for  a Stock Market/Exchange.

Since the process of change in African, the rapid process, call by many African government for some kind of Vehicle/mechanism such as a Stock Market or Exchange. The purpose and functionality in their economy, building the financial structures, vehicles to raise finance, get its citizens involve, engage in benefiting, the prosperity of the nation  - particularly in the very fast developing many global mechanism and vehicles for managing national economy, Central banks, national development banks, resources, energy, local and international markets - financial options. As such how Africa/AU is and have develop its own unique such vehicles and mechanism that we know and aware of - when we say very unique, as the Russian, the ex COMECON, the Chinese, the Asian, the Latin American, the Gulf Regions nations and Europe.

Prior to President F A Rene stepping down - we had been pressuring him to adopt important aspect of the Old/our pre independence approach and the very many connections,, issues we threw his way and came about.  Then Minister JA Michel, Heinz coming to Seychelles and Lehman brothers among others.  We had been endeavouring to put together a Team in Seychelles of Seychellois who would take the responsibilities - help set in place the due vehicle/mechanism, they include exile from DP, MPR, SPPF, Boulle faction and SNP using international expertise to back and support them. As the Mauritian/Mauritius had done. They squabble and the inter-fight - President FA Rene got fed up and desperate - that was when he decided to formulate his won options - working with the Anglo Rand Group. We do believe the Russian had offered help too.

We do not wish to enter into the political discussion/arguments - however, the wrong decision by President FA Rene in the face of events to sell/pass on Printect to Dr Ramadoos - what the real issues were and the Gopal Family we had worked a long time with.  That was when events began moving around the NDP Office and the challenges who would take control and Leadership. In their frustration, desperation and fed up - taking due notice of then PM Blair relation with Seychelles, the issues he supported - the decision by President FA Rene to use/accept that Indian multimillionaire offer that they initiate and set up the mechanism/vehicle for the Seychelles Stock Market - we had had discussion with the Offshore and Economic Free zone entity in Seychelles too.  Beside the global economic situation - we/those who joined hands together in Seychelles who spelt/told President FA Rene a blunt no, spillover in the greater public, India greater politic, Africa - Mauritius, USA, Asia and Europe. It is appropriate and important that those Indian entities were not given the monopoly to start that Stock exchange/Market in Seychelles with our having to address the Social politic, the running of Seychelles everyday, the pain, anger and frustration of the inhabitants.

In the case of the South Africa, Anglo Rand, what we have address, our important partnership, friendship and such association over the past 30 years almost - yet they refused to recognise, take us seriously - we had supported that development plan Phase lll - we wrote, address, explained, used many other channel to communicate and try and convinced them who we were. Their belief that because you are big, you are strong and capable of managing and controlling smaller partners and associates. We had to put our foot down, we came to Seychelles and tried to explain and address many - including indirectly those from today's Tropi -X (Seychelles) the owners of that building and those form MCB. The former CEO of Barclays Mr F Horeau and others.  We address the existence of past workings and that program - some of the mismanagement issues. In our communication to the Anglo Rand had stated that if they failed to grasp our important role in the political and economic change of Seychelles, beside important issues of south Africa, East Africa, the Indian ocean, Gulf Region - they were heading into very serious trouble as far as that Stock Market/Exchange. President JA Michel had already taken Office as President - what we talked about with very many in Seychelles in 2009.

The constellation as to who would be involved in running that Stock Market./Exchange is crucial and very important - for instance those South African, Anglo Rand laid emphasis upon their South African performance and over all in Africa and the region - what they were up to and getting cheap money to do the Development in Seychelles. Then controlling our economy, politic and many , many important issues in Seychelles, the Indian ocean and regional Africa.  The Blogs have made some very strong points an comments. Yet the South African have been our friends for a very long time.  They would have impacted our Central bank workings, Development banks along the line of the South African current ANC politic and policy.

The Parastatal  - Government-owned corporation of Seychelles and frustration to set up that Exchange/Market 

Given events Historic events after 1977, the One Party State, Central Economic Planning - the setting up of the Parastatal Corporate/Socialist economic model. As/like in many former Communist/Socialist countries how they work and their purpose and structure of finance.

One of the big issue we had with President FA Rene - was in accepting, taking on board that SIROP program the need to balance and have a mix so to say - events of 1991, the failed negotiation with the Oppositions, the nature of the 3rd Republic, President FA Rene, his government became very reluctant to change the System - because given his experience the Capitalist system had failed, the system they were introducing was just madness.

The question everybody ask/on their mind in that proposed Stock Exchange of 1995 how, the nature of its relation with the greater Stock Exchange, investors and the public. We tried to dig out from Government source how they would proceed - in the report of 1995, for those who can get a copy the issues would have been amply address.

With the new corporate code President JA Michel have tried to introduce, the relation of Anglo Rand who had been favoured to manage the Stock Exchange how they would have managed and developed relation with investors and the public.

Meanwhile - some form of Privatisation has started - changing the ownership of the Parastatal to public ownership and the government role/share. { One of those entities we were and are still very concern about Printec Holding which the Gopal Family acquired and events} { Another important issues typical of such government System and workings - we spent some 25 years Helping Seychelles government develop, set up some of the Parastatal under the then Cold War and Socialist system - the IOIMF, Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman issues, Professor Dr Von Hayek and Davos European Economic Forum and world Economic Forum issues we have address. The money they owe to our person "for making the input as and when it was required" we have never been paid a cent,  to whom  do we turn to get paid and redress - the Judiciary/Legal issues. Including the implementation of that SIROP program as major economic partner. The question one need to ask, the same reason everything was nationalise and objectives those who benefited, this new exercise those yet again who stand to benefit and those who stand to loose a great deal. We have to date never been offered an offer of compensation either.}

Among some of the very negative issues and impacts of the Parastatals was not just the accountability, the important abuse of power, high corruption, Political party favours and kickbacks involved.  The structures was so designed to keep a particular political party in power with influence and money.

Collateral  Human loss -large scale highly negative issues - spillovers,  lack of accountability - because of the very volatile, democratic, corporate and political system.

We are required to address the important involvement of the Temoolghi Family, business entities through the 30 years we have battle, fought and strived for a Stock Exchange in Seychelles - the earlier role and function of their Community and business. Those who knew the person of Mr Noshi Wadia - in Seychelles he had taken it as a crusade to help set this project and how he lost his life.

Several prominent and important Seychellois personalities who fought over the years, advocated and promoted this Stock Exchange, they lost hope, became down cast with sorrows and died - got killed.

Our ancestors are French   and development related to the Market /Exchange in Reunion Island and Mauritius in comparison with Seychelles. Those who have know our respective responsibilities and used it, used our person to manipulate and thwart any progress, results we have had some seven attempts at setting up a Stock Exchange.  We have address the EU Judiciary, the UN Institutions, the USA, the AU,  Seychelles government Judiciary, government, Politicians and police nobody listens. 

Given the state of things – we are no bothered those who can read what we mean by not bothered.  There are people, families, children and elderly to feed out there.

Just as we have address the Drug, Criminal workings, the money laundering, trafficking - the need to state plainly the important spillover to put in politely the past 36 years. Some and many of those highly unwarranted, nasty spillover have impacted issues regional wise, the COI, Asia, Africa, Europe, France, Britain, the Gulf Region, the USA, Latin America, China, Russia, Canada.

When we talk and address the issues of Piracy, Terrorism, Global Scams; large scale Frauds, the list is long - those from the media, the very system set in place to monitor and bring about accountability into such issues how they do it and the credibility of their work.  It cannot be "one moment the world is global village next we are dislocated - those issues are not interconnected".

Proposed new Management in question

With regard to the Tropi - X ( Seychelles) the emphasis is importantly USA, beside the issues of the Somali Pirate and the Arab investing in Seychelles and the Oil/future energy politic of Seychelles, those USA companies involved, the important national assets of our nation they have got hold of. At this stage is is right to say they recent protocol between Seychelles and Mauritius will help to balance this/bring some sanity - in Mauritius they work completely differently and the Seychelles parties will have to confer with them on some of the more important issues before taking decision.

We have noted the important Nigerian involvements as such Nigeria being and having the most important economy in Africa, their position in the energy sector in Africa and as such politic - those calling for an end to the corruption, all the wealth of Nigeria is being depleted, the few who control Nigeria energy assets and the people suffer. Events fast developing there.

We have noted also the important structures of the AU Market and Exchange mechanism, so call Regulation mechanism being build into our Seychelles Stock Exchange/Market mechanism. The Benchmark. We want to underline President Obama and USA call the need to eradicate the high level of corruption in Africa at all levels and sector.

There is the need to say/state that Seychelles government is and form part of this landscape and situation. They came to power on the back of important economic and financial manipulation. The National media is highly if not utterly corrupted. Most important how they have been bending the rules, blinding the international communities and such - that we do not have an exile/refugee issues the fate of some 21,000 over the past 35 years and those who are come in got take their rightful places - no where in Africa would this be tolerated and allowed.  Then there is the working of our important diaspora community how they work and their contributions to our national economy and world working - Seychelles government of the SPPF/PL refuse to recognise they exist and their national contributions.  This is cause and reason for very serious confrontation.

We would have wish to discuss how the Markets and Exchanges of former COMECON, the USSR and China, in instant North Africa and Gulf Region had events taken a different course. This can still be achieved. The world, Europe market and Economic woes.  There are very many in Seychelles who understand and hear our call and cry yet they will do nothing . {"The need to note - state the positiveness of our Stock Exchange depend upon the positive working of current, existing and ongoing Markets - those who understand our French - European ancestral values, mechanism which co relate to much complexor Market workings and if managed  properly the positive benefits it can bring"}

What about the benefits and negative impacts of the Stock Exchange/Market on Seychelles

We have tried to listen via SBC and the available discussion all the participants, actors and would be actors in the future Seychelles Stock Exchange and Market. Firstly there are too many Registered Offshore entities in Seychelles who can and have the capacity to become engage in such eventual workings and the objective of creating wealth, given possibilities and means to the native Seychelles to decided and control their destiny is diminish/eroded. The emphasis like in Mauritius to encourage and make it possible that Seychellois natives are trained and helped to play very active role in such workings.

The vast majority in Seychelles just do  not understand how many of those highly complicated and complex mechanism works - for instance in the Oil and commodity futures example we have not started oil and energy exploration and those involved in such mechanism and financial workings, our fishing industry and tourism/Travel. ( Over the past 10 year in relation to energy, Food availability and pricing, what cause and control price hike/workings) The Black Seychellois mind function different to the White Seychellois mind, one question and the other just follow instructions and their education.  What is taking place in Africa today as a results. Why the Indians /Asians and foreigners are taking over Seychelles, their country completely.

Beside what knowledge we have acquired in Seychelles in then 1970's to understand such issues, our efforts to understand this working at UN/World Bank and IMF or African Union and EU relevant economic and financial functionality. Meaning the real benefits to the citizens and people.  It will inevitable create class and division - by the way we had tackled some of such issues with the Saddam Hussein government, that of Libya, other Gulf  Region state, India and china.

There is and will be the important need requirement to educate, start educating our young people, children and those adults population - certainly not by the government available resource - the NGO's ought and should become involved and seek outside help to formulate and discuss the challenges - but not just any outside help.

The political parties should and ought to encourage greater public debate and discussions - use TV, Radio and written media to address the very uncertain future and such workings. Not that they join those international and regional players at the expense of the people , their supporters and electorate to turn them into milk cows.

Beside the government appointed Boards, the need to study how things have worked in the West Indies, not the best how they have set up national ombudsman and other framework to make those international players accountable - not to wait when something goes wrong and thing fall apart or a mega scandal - we the Seychelles are very unique people as such our workings.

The existing media ought to dedicate quality space to addressing those issues without having to pay favours, influenced by corrupted big money or bullying. Election process.

Most important the need and requirement to note and pay attention to the voice of those 21,000 exile/refugee and their Rights. Along with our Diaspora community which have helped to build that Seychelles we are so proud of. Now that the government of SPPF/PL is committed to this national, regional and international direction - the next big battle and deciding crusade is the "Two tier assembly/parliament/Senate system"  Should President JA Michel be wise and those advising and formulating the era after his departure form Office debate and pass legislation for a "two tier Assembly/parliament/senate"

The current political constellation is very inadequate and ti does not leave any margin/play room for other actors and political opposition - serious political opposition. Most important should they find themselves in opposition - their call for greater participation in any government and national working as they have been used to - if/should this not be available what can and will inevitable ensue, riots, disorder, violence and death - killing.  The Seychelles have so far managed to stay away, avoided this plague which affects West Indian Nation workings and their Stock Markets/Exchanges - Financial functionality.

What will it be like for those companies, entities that get Listed

Our Interests in Mauritius lies in the fact that many Seychelleois have their ancestry coming form Mauritius, the Old French comptoire - East India Company how things were worked, managed and went wrong. Our regional ancestral French and Francophone economic workings - the facts that over the past 35 years out of Seychelles we/I have done, undertaken a very great deal of such workings.

Very little is written about the initiation and start of their Stock Market and exchanges and my views that there ought to have been more written, explained.

For those companies, entities that will get listed, chooses to be listed unlike Mauritius the early challenges, the uncertainty for some and certainty for others, the available experts, lawyers, firm of chartered accountants, auditors, South African, British, French and Australian experts.

In the Mauritius example - it proved beyond expectation for all the companies that got listed and joined the first batch. This provided the capitalisation mechanism for their grown, new money and the fact that where in the past they had rely on their Investors/selected groups and types - they were able to attract investors beyond Mauritius, shareholders and how, the manner they contributed to building/dynamism a given company they had invested in.

We could have made a list of those entities we judge could/will be listed, based upon the 1995 Seychelles government - FA Rene listing criteria, then the development after the failed attempt - what those that went through. That Indian multi billionaire attempts with Seychelles government and Anglo Rand. 

As well as our own evaluation for that SIROP exile program prospective.

To try and avoid the errors made in Mauritius and certainly in Colombo and certain African countries of which Seychelles is drawing its example. The need to give a greater opportunity to small, medium and larger entities - to to set in place and exclusion  system by having an A, B, C share listing. With today's technology like in the USA the small stocks how in many instance very popular with investors and how small company unknown have been able to build, perform and become reasonable good business and the capital it has raised for its owners.

Gearing Mechanism  - Instruments

We/I have addressed some of the issues at the last thread. What the so call experts and the media say, explain by and about gearing mechanism, what one learn at college and in class room and the reality.

Those in Europe, London, Asia, Africa, Gulf region, India in and over the past 21 years have used many criteria to gear, drive their Markets in relation to our issues and such workings, how it is done - what the so call experts and politicians write about - statements they make at the end of the day they drop us like a sack of potato - the ruthless exploitation.

Over the past years from 1991, if one had to write a list of events, culture, music, festivals, arts, fishing competitions, sports, small and great at national, regional and international level which have lend to gear, drive the issues of that Stock Exchange and when it become functionable more so.  To monitor its/their respects impacts would require a great deal of human resource and finance to explain how this work. Yet this are norms not just in Seychelles but around the world in every civilise society with any functioning Financial and monetary institutions. Let alone an exchange or Stock Market. How they deal with it and are prepared for such workings. {"In Seychelles we are supposed to be an exception to that rule/working and we get those for AU Media and USA coming to Seychelles to teach them how to report and address such issues"}

We will be entering a new era of  economic and monetary workings. this is a real situation and in many instance if miss manage those who will lose a great/good deal of money. There exist a great deal of science and discipline to manage, control and fireproof such workings and yet. We have seen and daily witness how some of the most advance and sophisticated with genius in  their heads fails and perform badly.

There in lies the opportunity for young Seychellois as in Mauritius , Reunion who/to understand why and what make a share perform and build a decent advisory/consultancy business - Service.

The important involvement of our Diaspora in nation building and building our national Exchange/Market

We have address this issues before - there are very many in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands who did not refused to understand our address for linkage, developing modern and new mechanism, methods for small nation to generate wealth.

We would have taken a page from our Old French ancestral workings - meaning, actively encourage those Seychellois who wish and have the capacity to undertake cross boarder, cross country, regional and international investment workings and its management.

For Most African Countries until the 1991 this pose a difficult situation and some Latin American and Asian Economy.

Today this is not a problem - for instance when one look at the development of Sovereign Debt Issues and Management.  What we did not like were those European governments and OAU, Gulf nations, the USA involved that we the Seychellois were to daft/Stupid to get involved and work such mechanism and issues. "We ought to just go and fish and sell our fish" if we do otherwise we are Branded as International Terrorist.

For this Market to work and Seychelles to develop - there need to be and exist the encouragement for those Seychellois in Diaspora to invent and become involved, those exile and refugees to become involved and know their investment is/will be safe.

They can register Companies in Seychelles and other places that can work safely with the/their nation Stock Market/Exchange.

Statistics 1975/6, 1991, 1995, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012

We just do not have the time to research properly in the vast quantity of National statistic from Seychelles Central bank, Barclays, SIBA, Seychelles Development Bank, the Offshore sector, the UNDP, the IMF, African Development Bank, ECOWAS, East Africa economic data/statistics, COI data, RIM Association data, Commonwealth and the Francophone to cite just a few and make prognosis/forecast as other have requested we do. KPMG reports and very many others. What it requires today to run a Small Nation economy, resources to sieve the large amount of information, statistics and present them in manner that is applicable and usable to the simple individuals as well as the advance users.

It would be most appropriate if anybody undertook this exercise, to dig up the Seychelles economic data's for the above mention years.  One thing for certain in comparison to those who would have been able to participate, the important loss, departure of those individuals, families, business entity and the reintroduction of Multi party, abolishing of Central Planning and reintroduction of Democratic - Western, Capitalist market economic working.

From the government source, then President FA Rene the data's, information of those companies and entities that would, could have been eligible for listing when the research/study was undertaken by Zambia and other to set up that Stock Market/Exchange which cost Rs,5000.000. It must be noted that Mr Mario Ricci was very active and involved - also pushing President FA Rene to introduce this project. 

There is an important reminder to underline of the need to work with serious statistics, those who can and have the capacity. In Seychelles we have the National Bureau of Statistics and their functionality. The quality of information and how they are input and managed. Again the opportunity of young Seychellois to develop adequate skills and expertise in this given field with the view of contributing positively and seriously to building the nation and nation role in the region and the world - not false data and corrupted standards as  in the case of many African Countries.

The Orchid Project of Mr Guy Morel

The International Classical Festival of Music  
We have addressed the issues elsewhere and the current situation. How over the years leading and building to the many debacle of our national Stock market/exchange the many events and how they were managed and its/their impacts - then we have somebody coming for the USA to tell us/teach how to report and objectivity.

The Small Enterprise - SeNPA

This Project was initiated by My Guy Morel, President FA Rene among others, Mr Kantilal Jivan Shah,  Mrs Flavi Jackson, Minister Joseph Belmont and the former Minister for Sport Sylvette Pool,  Mr Giovanni M Ricci driven by greater Market issues then in EU, Asia, South Africa, the USA we were working on.  The decision to apply for a European Grant to fund the project and the Belge - who was appointed to set in place the project - the ups and down.

Today the importance and impact on the national industry, employment, job creation, education and culture. 

The Prawn Farm on Coetivy

 The Renovation of Old Seychelles Market/Sir Slywen Clerk  

President FA Rene undertook the important renovation of that Historic Market in preparation to the setting of a Seychelles Stock Exchange - the Opposition views and those from the West and Indian Ocean Region, Europe - they judge it was a wast of money and the difficulty he had to raise the money for the rebuilding.  After its completion the important benefits.

Connectivity - the Fiber Optic as against the Satellite

One of the pre requirement is fast, secure and good connectivity to work with Stock Market information etc. In the Seychelles of 1980's when those of us were working/groping with such issues the need to now the capacity and functionality of then Seychelles communication capabilities. We made it a point to follow and monitor such issues.

Had any successful military option worked, they would have had to rely on Telex old Fashion system and Fax to transmit information, this slow, in instance not safe and frustrating, beside the phone then Seychelles - we had looked at advance Satellite systems.

Now it is interesting and not to forget that President FA Rene had partnered with some Iranian entity just for this purpose beside  -renting Satellite slot, the USAF Dome was still available and up at La Miser.

Things took a very different and fast turn by 1995 when the study for a Seychelles Stock Market was undertaken - requirement was modern telecommunication, Broad band speed which had began to be deploy across Africa and the region. Those who got highly encouraged, inspired and had hope to help build Seychelles - those form Space and Atlast their very hard work in setting up the first broadband system in Seychelles admittedly by Satellite. Cable and Wireless developed their own capacity and so to Airtel arrival helped contributed greatly so that when those around Anglo Rand and indeed our self considered venturing, getting the right people/parties and resources together in 2004 the system available would have been adequate though slow.

Again those who just refuse to grasp and understand such issues - the reason we had joined PM Blair and those in EU to initiate that Pan African undersea cable high speed connection for Portugal so as to give Africa, the Indian Ocean adequate connectivity for this very purpose. However as transpired in Seychelles, EU, the USA those who punished us and we did not get the funding, green light for this project until 2010, negotiation beginning in 2011.  Then /by then the large availability of such undersea connectivity and Seychelles politic/reason to choose the Tanzania connection which supposedly came into function in August 2012.

The regional entities, the government and the media have not inform the greater public of its deployment proper or the Minister for information and IT.

There is the need to underline that Seychelles government of the SPPF/{L have dragged their feet and been very slow in passing and introducing the relevant Laws and regulation for the Central Bank and Securities and Exchange Regulations to suit their politic and interests.  

Finally for those interested to make that Stock exchange and market work the requirement and need to understand why those colonial expats and our French ancestors debated and fought long to formulate this concept and option. We are not very clever we are building on their foundations and experiences. Seychelles, the COI, Mauritius are calling for a more important role/working of those two countries in the future of the Indian Ocean and the region. A great deal of hard work remain to be done and will require due vigilance by everybody, all those who care and share the Seychelles dream - that our Stock market /exchange does not become a mad house and stealing ground for the few.

Only with such firm decision, conviction can and will the Seychellois defend itself for those greedy exploiters, those who because they have vast armies, diplomatic and political clout judge they can dictate and everybody will/must listen. There is the important requirement to prepare and put into place with that Stock exchange.Market development mechanism which will manage the income any income for any energy/oil exploration - the impacts on out citizens, the young people, the elderly, the exiles, the refugee and the diaspora community beside the new influx of migrants and new citizens.

Most important we have all seen for the past 21 years how wars become inevitable, those who judge their right to start wars to disrupt other nations economy, destroy their well or reasonably well good working system, financial and economic past for their own agenda. Particularly the consequences on the North Africa economy, the Trans Spanish Morocco link, the Region Med Basin Greater economic working and future development of African and the Indian Ocean Region.  We have/ought to have learn that with the issues of the Somali pirate and Lehman brother when nation become involve and engage in highly corrupted mechanism and system what will/can inevitable happen end up with. What about the Travel and Tourist Industry reason for another good Blog.

Mechanism for appraising values/worth of the share of those who will be listed and join 1991, 1995, 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2012

Not wishing to side tract or distract anybody. We read and noted that in 1995 we had been offered the possibility to bid/purchase D'Aross involving President FA Rene Office for $10 millions. The L'Oreal Family acquired it for $15 millions. In the news they sold it for $60 millions - this is a 300 % price hike on the original purchase.

Our question to everybody in Seychelles Sechelles today, that SIROP program concept-ed in 1988 was worth between $500 - $800 millions. Then price of property in Seychelles, Value of houses etc, business.  In 1995 the net-worth and value of that Program as we discussed  with KPMG in Kent, three international firm of chartered accountants and lawyers. The Program had been successful in part and as such all the many merchants families, hotels, small business owners who had began to rip the benefits - that Reclamation project had become to be implemented, those who lampooned and ask where it the money going to come from and the net worth of the reclamation then in 1995 - beside other important developments. Infrastructures. Those merchants and business entities in Seychelles who had began to recoup and regain their former business, near bankrupt, their evaluation and banks by the same token that SIROP program net-worth in gross percentage, beside and as well the many highly important regional and international economic, finance and market issues it had driven, the Privatisation in USSR, the COMECON, Asia to add a net-worth of 100% would not be improper - unreasonable.

These are issues we had wished and wanted to discuss with President FA Rene - hear his arguments. We are now in 2012, those who recall the farce/fraud of Pinnacle Holding how shortly after they had acquired that Island for development their shares and portfolio shot up - they have a right to undertake such devious manipulation. manner of workings - we as nation and those 21,000 exile/refugee have not such right - we get threaten with Retention, kidnap and locked up in the USA, untried and threatened and bully with all kinds of Threats and accusations and methods. Just so those can control and rip us of and our nation. Come 2009 when we last visited Seychelles, the issues of Barcalys closing down their operation in Seychelles 2004/5, they had stayed the position of all the Bankers then, the Offshore and the Economic zone what had supported, driven and sustained their growth, workings if not that SIROP program as they revise their working and net worth the National net worth of that SIROP program  to add, seek and demand that a further 100% on its values be added would not be wrong and improper - yet the attitude of the Government, their Officials and all parties concern.

Over the past 21 years have been addressing the net worth, values of that SIROP program to many parties/relevant institutions and personalities in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Bruxelles, Amsterdam, Moscow and Beijing or for that matter in Adis ababa. Their respective reaction and attitude.

Since 2011, we have been calling and seeking got register that Program in Seychelles and Bruxelles, the position of the international institutions the highly corrupted practise - it is ok if we go ahead and shout, write but not demand that there is a review and accountable process. The statement that this program is half completed particularly the exile themselves, their families and children what it will take and cost by today's standard and norm another $500 millions.

There is no excuse in Seychelles today, we have all big four firm of Chartered accountant with office representation in Seychelles - added the representation of De Chazal du Mee the Mauritius African firm and their expertise/capacity.  The net worth of this program today in view of the World bank and IMF reports and no where does anybody mention or dare to mention it  Where in the world have one heard of such a situation safe Seychelles. We have never been paid a cent as thank your, given a salary or paid royalty - yet the threats persist as they do thing in Seychelles - they will have us killed or will be killed using the latest technique "the use and abuse of that infernal Satanic rage, vache folle etc.".

The influence and impact of Drug - Criminal related activities to Funding - participation in Seychelles Stock Exchange

We decided to undertake study in such issues way back in 1978/9, because of what was being discuss and written in several world papers etc. The impact of Drug money on UN, UNIDO, World Bank, IMF Project funding. It was estimated that then 18 - 25% of Project were funded involved such criminal participation.

That did not include Money Laundering or False Currency

We believe there is the need and blunt requirement to address such issues and be very plain about it. Today's society. Seychelles society - where other country they would Traffic in Arms or Piracy and the proceed invest in the national Economy and Markets/Exchange.


Given the progress that Seychelles have made and achieved, the relevancy and importance to raise very Ernst and hard discussion with regard to evaluating and there after pursuing the completion of that Program.

Having explained and stated the impacts on Seychelles economic workings in the 1995 and President FA Rene was more able to manage complexities. Should this program be somehow dismantle or complexes develop that cause the major malfunction of the Seychelles economy, regional and African Union and this include that Stock Market cannot understand the folly of those who are currently engage in running Seychelles politic, business and economy sustaining their argument. Hence our conclusion it is imperative that those involve who understand the greater working of business form the Tropi- X (Seychelles) enter into active discussion with our exile/refugees, find consensus and endeavour to work for the common interest of our nation, the refuges, the region and Africa.

{" We have read of the Minister of Finance and the Central Bank authority about the Economic Program for 2012 - no where can one hear of the impacts advantage or disadvantage of this coming Stock Market/Exchange, or for that matter our diaspora workings, the Offshore industry and the Economic Zone workings/impacts "}