SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

What Dr deGaft -Johnson have to say, the names of those from Constant Capital (Seychelles) Ltd in relation to our first Stock Exchange

Dr Joseph de Graft-Johnson Vice-President of Ghana
 In office
September 24, 1979 – December 31, 1981

We have been encountering very strange, criminal like and highly corrupted practise from those individuals who head  Constant Capital Ltd and from part, of those providing the expertise for the first Sechelles Seychelles Stock Exchange be they the Ghanaian parties and the Nigerian that we decided to address the issues on this Blog.

Ghana boast itself as the country with Africa best democracy and high values for doing business – given that they have become engage by those who judge they were the best party to bring onboard for the first Seychelles Stock Exchange as such the right of every Seychellois to challenge this and what they do in our name. 

Very important is the notion that Ghana is one of Africa best democracy. 

We became acquainted with the late Dr deGraft -Johnson after the assassination of Mr Gerrard Horeau, the SNM/MPR Leader because and on account of our Colonial Sechelles Seychelles important relation with Ghana – in the form of King Prempe, those we have met in Vienna. ExMinister  - Mr David Joubert connection to the Prempe Family 1979 onward-his exile residence on Great West road. 

Prior to meeting Dr deGraft -Johnson – we had had important indirect working contact with the President of Ghana,  Jerry John Rawlings,  he supported that SIROP program, was informed about it. – he was a good friend of President FA Rene, we will not go into the details, safe to say as an Interdisciplinary Management Executive, the charter for the Indian Ocean we have done some extensive work with Africa, then OAU and some of its Leaders and other Officials. Events unfolding in Africa - the West and East Camp, those who knew/know and have choose to forget as it it never existed or those issues are plain inventions. 

In London he had important connection with/to the Grass Root Workings and as such how we came about such connections. 

Upon those Seychellois families and individuals who had requested we take some form of Leader ship after the assassination of Mr Gerrard Horeau – decided there was the need, requirement to enlist him for his views and knowledge on African Politic, economy, diplomacy and other philantorpic issues concerning Africa. ( I/we discussed the research I had undertaken in Vienna by UNIDO/World Bank to set up an Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Centre after those from the UN/UNIDO had made their view plain that a CARICOM  organisation/body was not on the Table –he was well aware of Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar workings.)

Not many were or are aware he provided/gave us important advice on that SIROP program from his Ghana ex Vice President experience, OAU and British exile experience until  1991, when new left Kilburn – Brent, 87a Victoria Rd where that SIROP $500 -$800 millions program was develop and managed. Equally his many important advices what it take to be a good Leader and Head of State.  Our person is the type, we have met and discuss with so many important personalities we do not believe in taking pictures to impress or secret tapes. 

From 1984/5 was introduced to his many Ex Ministers in London and other close political associates.  Their respective help, support in some of the Seychellois exile Community charity workings and that SIROP program. 

Several of his former Ministers and Officials, as well as exile Ministers and official from Latin American countries in London, exile Polish etc., Vietnamese, had been part of an important Program under then Mrs Tacther government to create jobs, employment and business for the exile/refugee community,  used their expertise and experience to help build Britain – we were an executive on that Program given what we had discussed with Dr deGraft -Johnson and others and our important London Business connections – part of which was to set up the First African in London.  It helped many exile/refugee to start their own business.  These are experiences which we brought and build in that SIROP program 

The reason we are addressing this thread for  several  years  one of the senior executive of NCVO by the Canal where Mr Frank Edmond and Mrs Michelle Gabriel reside  was a former Minister of Dr deGraft Johnson –his name was Dr Kofi, again some of the issues  had address NCVO About that exile/refugees program –and later  they state the Commonwealth change Seychelles from One Part State to Multi Party. 

We/I have address several thread about that Stock Market/Exchange  –the many attempts, as such what we discussed with Dr deGraft -Johnson within the greater context of Seychelles Economy, Regional and International – used him as check/sound Board if we could put a successful government together, those that would be involved.We discussed the Senate – Two Tier Parliament  issues –ex Minister David Joubert supported this approach, his argument and views.  

We discussed the issues of the Economic Zone, the Offshore and that/an eventual stock exchange/market – he judge our person radical for Africa – OAU, over the topic to set up an Indian Ocean entity – he knew of our involvement and greater working with the COMECON, USSR changes, China, Germany Reunification, the Privatisation issues in those former Communist countries.  He just could not understand why we had not been able to make fortune, any money from our work – it made him very unhappy, including his wife.  He also knew many of my working connections too. 

In demanding and asking for a National review over that SIROP program among other reasons – having state our involvement in Stock Markets and Markets across the world that program would have been listed on the Stock Market of 1996/7 as such what it would have meant for the greater economy, the national development and the exile themselves.  The evaluation and appraisal of that SIROP program in term of net value – those like KPMG and others we had discussed some of the issues with and today the so call big Four in Seychelles, how the IMF, the World Bank, other National and International Development banks evaluate and appraise such a program if and when those who judge it can or ought to be listed.  Greater management and accountability requirement. 

We have studied briefly the qualifications of those involved in Constant Capital Ltd, those from South Africa as against Pinnacles Holding their view and approach.  The important question need to be ask of those Executive of Constant Capital Ltd in line with Dr deGraft -Johnson then OAU and later African Union thinking – why have they not done anything, to research the many written issues we have about that SIROP program workings the past 21 years call for Registration in Sechelles Seychelles and in Bruxells. 

We have not taken it upon ourself to address the EU, the relevant UN on their involvement in the Seychelles Stock Exchange and the listing or need to, list that SIROP program on the Seychelles Stock Exchange. For this matter the need to give a fair share of the national economic working to those exile/refugee communities. This needs to reflect in any report submitted to the African Union relevant institutions and the international community. 

We are further surprise that in Seychelles since the announcement of the Stock Market official start – none of the former exile, like Mr Paul chow, Mr Philippe Boulle, Mr Daniel Bell, Mr Paul Stravens, Mr Ralph Volcer, former President Mancham and his former Ministers or those form our exile/refugees communities across the world. 

The greater objective  is to help regear the national economy and regional economic workings.
Equally important we have address the issues of a Seychellois Exile/refugee Bond issues to provide the capital to continue that program - $10 -$25 millions.  Again these are very important and pertinent issues which nobody, the Seychelles many media and politicians have refused to raise and discuss, debate. 

We will be adding a link to Mauritius Stock Market/Exchanges the information available and the important help that exist is available if one requires to get listed let alone such an important program as that SIROP $500 -$800 millions today worth three time it original worth.  There are those in London, South Africa, France, Germany and Italy from the given advisory institutions who can advice us, guide and help us formulate a proper listing program and its management.
Sooner or later the Seychelles Government will have to given an Account of itself. 

In 2009 with the help and support of a number of individuals we decided to register the first Business incubator in Seychelles under the name SeyBiz Tech and as such the working across the world to raise Venture Capital or as SME – this would have required SeyBiz Tech to be listed. $10-$20 millions.
Managing these issues form London as most exile/refugee will recall/remember is not easy – yet no help has been forthcoming. 

Over the past two day events have been moving fast and President Obama unhappy observation –The Seychellois are not nation of warmongers, gangsters and killers – in comparison to what is going on around the world.  

We want to ask those Directors of Constant Capital Ltd, those who work such issues at African Union level to make the effort and research what we have address about Dr deGraft -Johnson, our person and that SIROP program and had we a Stock Market it would have been listed.  We will be very blunt shortly after we came to London in 1997 and events which led to the death of Princess Diana and Mr AlFayad Son – those from Africa who bombarded our person with very many offers from financial stewardship to plain scam – our reply and position.  We are being watched very closely cannot get involved in such issues – those who judge us fools and idiots. 

We also touched the issues of corruption in Africa and the gravity of Africa debt. Had we gone to Seychelles with the returning exiles/refugees, we would not have been able to contribute and helped as we did - then PM  Blair. Question were were those individuals from  Constant Capital Ltd and how much  of those funds they handled. He was very unhappy, upset that we had not been able to return home.

There is a great deal regarding that SIROP program and the coming to office of Dr Kofi Anan we have never address and may never address - we ask those who know the issue to treat what we have presented here for once with seriousness.

 Should anybody wish to see or challenge some of those correspondences we still have copies. This said the second reason for this thread – there are those who judge they had become better that the Italian Mafias, the Russian and deploy their own brand of such workings in Africa.  It is very nasty, evil and those on the streets of London know exactly what we are talking about and the spillover in Africa – unlike Italy and Russia or former COMECON who have the resources to manage such important spillovers when it take place. It will make Africa poorer as we have seen and witnessed in the Norther African Spring. 

There is the important need for those in Seychelles involved in that Stock Exchange to note the 25 years near of the Advent Centre/ex Jewish synagogue, from where the Ghanaian SDA Church started -every body forgets. Where they got their dynamics from - not just prayers and studying the Bible.  What we talk, discuss over bible study about Christian workings across the world. The SDA General Conference and the British Conference.

Joseph W.S. deGraft-Johnson

 Jerry John Rawlings

London Ghana SDA Church: londonghsda

Kofi Annan


The Stock Exchange of Mauritius






Footnote – 22/8/12
Beside the SIROP program, issues in London and then OAU, South Africa,  North Africa, the Indian Ocean and the USA in term of greater Interdisciplinary Management working, the application of this discipline was left/the working of only world, global high government, scientific, economic  mechanism and certainly those from that  Constant Capital Ltd never knew or heard of such workings back in those days.  We have studied their qualifications. As against personalities like President FA Rene, Mr Guy Morel and Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci.

One of those issues in then London was Poly Peck – Mr Asil Nadir was a staunch Conservative supporter and so to Dr deGraft – Johnson.  He was aware of the going on.  As is the practise and bench mark you never discuss and address  any or important issues, personality, business  when you are engage/have such responsibility. 

Mr Asil Nadir issues has important Sechelles Seychelles Cyprus connection those who know, then Lady Tacther government and later PM John Major – somewhat like Richard Branson,  the Sachi Brothers what went wrong was going wrong – those around  Poly Peck who knew of our capacity to work, dynamism, manage and make due intervention at given strategic high corporate workings – Dr Professor Micheal Hoffman and Professor Von Hayek – Mrs Tacther Economic guru. .  Some of the innovative corporate high management issues. That was when thing started to go very wrong.  The major misunderstanding by many that because we are not present with  they can do anythings and what usually ensue.  We shared the information then with the personality of Mr Nadir – the new dynamic involved and that “they would throw him to the dogs after wards.” 

That SIROP Program was put together in 1987/88 it impacts, dynamic and synergy  on very many issues and the deployment of the WWW associated – those conservatives politicians, the fraternal/archaic/masonic establishment who  are supposed to know and monitor such issues as they do in France. 

“ By 1989 Polly Peck had become an international player by acquiring a 51% majority stake in Sansui (a Japanese electronics company on hard times).[3] This was one of the first foreign acquisitions of a major Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Also in 1989, Polly Peck bought the former Del Monte fresh fruit division for $875 million from RJR Nabisco, which had previously acquired it.[2] Polly Peck then gained the ultimate accolade of being admitted to the FTSE 100 Share Index in 1989.[2]

By 1990 five firms had emerged as the dominant actors in fresh fruits and vegetables in western Europe and North America. These were the ex-banana giants: Chiquita, Dole, and Del Monte Tropical; and the two new upstarts: Polly Peck International and Albert Fisher[dubious ]. The move was part of a larger planned restructuring under which Polly Peck developed its electronics, foods and leisure businesses into three largely independent companies.

In less than ten years, under this growth-by-acquisition strategy, PPI's market capitalization went from only £300,000 to £1.7 billion at its peak.[4] It became a holding company for a world wide group of over 200 direct and indirect subsidiary companies.

With pre-tax profits of £161.4 million, net assets of £845 million and 17,227 employees, the Polly Peck group was one of Britain's top one hundred quoted companies. Polly Peck and its subsidiaries were the largest employer in northern Cypus”

We understood Mr Asil Nadir position and the issues of his departure from Britain and indeed his return, what has been written in the media.  It was the media coverage of his sentence that compelled us to address the thread about Dr deGraft – Johnson.  This is the corrupted world practise – nobody at the trials mentions those issues and what was going on – yet what caused Poly Peck to work and later the bust up.  Like Princess Diana had the public not insisted none of what the public know today would have ever been made public. 

Those superbly educated Ghanaians and Nigerian from Constance  instead took to sending/evoking all kinds of demons on our person. 

Friedrich Hayek - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Polly Peck

 What really happened in the polly peck scandal, what was the ...

 Tycoon convicted of stealing millions 19 years after fleeing UK

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Beside the situation which has develop at the Sechelles Seychelles Central Bank 2 days ago, over the Stock Exchange/Constant Capital Ltd involvement and what we have addressed.

Yesterday on all the cars on Colebrook road the small notice, anybody need cheap laundry service, ironing etc to contact them and a few individuals we have know residing nearby buzz us that this was not normal.

Beside our own personal attempts, efforts to prepare for some kind of Stock Market/Exchange Structure form London given our 21,000 exile/refugees Rights to be and become involved in any economic entity/functioning of the Republic as written in the Constitutions.

Each time we have gone about this exercise – those in London, those around the PM Office and the chancellor, the media circus and the Central Bank – like ruddy sharks circling when they smell blood. “Then we have the real sharks in the Sea of south Africa, Australia, Seychelles and Reunion they attack and kill people. “ This is what we term spill over.

We have talk And written about registering that SIROP program in Seychelles and Bruxell3ex, the setup in London we can work this over – the money involved, the market etc., we know of at least 6 group of individuals who have set up shop, rented place to stay nearby to “sweep/cream” information and then use it for their own purpose to make a lot of money.

We know the working in Europe – when it start becoming harassment, elbowing and toe stepping or the such then we do mind like this morning – the neighbour on top of us his going on as if that Stock Exchange is his business and grassing on our person.

Across the road we have this white person who we have address issues in the past public – purporting to be a Freemason, this morning there was a gang of white blokes standing outside his place and ranting – in relating to that Stock market. They are one of those who have set up shop/place to work nearby. Many of the cyclists recognise this pattern of working and acting – behaviour.

This is the same pattern of behaviour which caused/ended with the mega bust up at Lehman Brothers – hence because we are very aware of this/such workings/issues warned the Seychelles government – to be very careful who they get involved in that Stock Exchange. Unlike Mauritius - they have gone in a very serious way to build their Stock Market and the way it works and those involved in London to thwart and make it impossible for us to put together a Stock Market or Exchange. said...

Date 15/10/13

We have been addressing the issues of our greater/larger Seychelles Community attitude to colaborating online - the few that really are helpful and the rest.

EUSAUO - Seyafrique was such a project, linking our past colonial East Africa workings and current generation working together.

We had an issues of dumping, scam and all kinds of crazy posting. I/we realized that some individuals wanted us to get into trouble with the Forum Hosting and ATFREEFORUM.COM Policy.

That portal helped/contributed to our Seychelles exile/refugee issues and its workings/relation with African Union Institutions. COM asking if they can help us retrieve the forum and migrate.

It was an important means of communicating with the many institutions of African Union and those related/involved with African Union workings/functions.

We will post the issues on Facebook and the Seychelles EU Connection portal.

ESAUO-Seyafrique.Org • Index page - - webpage capture said...

Links - Federation Europenne de Communaute et Association

Portal had been linked to/at

This link is also not available. said...

It also provided an Important space/area/possibilities for our Seychelles exile/refugees to interact with the International and regional institutions relating to the Indian Ocean - Somali Pirate issues/challenges and problematic. said...

This project was put together under then PM Tony Blair government and PM Gordon Brown. Particularly the issues of Africa Commission and Africa debt write Off PM Tony Blair Project and No more Hunger.

We/this portal was importantly used by those who know and remember in then OAU - EU, the UN, Francophone, Commonwelath to promote and drive the issues of turning the OAU into African Union.

{I/we supposed given the benchmark of the world all those who know the very important role President Qaddafi played/was ask/call to play after he had done his job in turning the OAU into African Union, the sleaze, lies and propaganda and his death/killing with the African Union institutions doing very little to protest or stop it.}

Commission for Africa

34th G8 summit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Live 8 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia said...


We addressed the above issues in 2008 - events in Kenya. Beside the five threads we added 14/10/13 the need to drum/drive home that this portal had been influential/drove other important issues:

Sechelles Seychelles China - Africa relation, how those in China used, research, followed it to understand our exile/refugee and colonial issues/workings, current African Union and past OAU, Indian Ocean workings and their respective views and conclusion - the benefits to this dreadful and corrupted Seychelles government and the ruling party.

This Applied to those in USA, the Administration, politicians, Intelligence and Seychelles community there to follow, monitor and stay in contacts and for those in America who make policy for the region and Seychelles - how it influenced them and their workings - including President Obama election result/outcome. We had been using it to support that process in the Indian Ocean and the USA.

The Russian were aware/in the know of the process and issues associated - be they China, USA, Indian, Gulf Region related issues it was helping and contributing to - they were aware. Particularly its Intelligence Service, the President Office and those who work with Africa and the Indian of Russian workings.

Those ex COMECON, nations also used, visited this portal to gather information and monitor the issues of their respective interests.

Finally - all those from Ghana, Nigeria and African communication, business and Stock Exchange - African Financial workings - investments - those who had/have been suing this portal to drive their respective interests. The failed Anglo Rand Stock Exchange, the Indian Project and the current Ghana/Nigeria Stock exchange project.

Seychelles Stock Exchange

Anglo Rand

Africa Stock Exchange said...

ESAUO-Seyafrique.Org Portal - 2008

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