SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Friday, 28 January 2011

A very nasty situation is developing itself likely to cause a great deal of mess

South Window od Angers Cathedral - were we took the three suit cases, the oldest from the Epstine Beloff Family, containing hand written details of the many attempted coup d'etat, UKSCA and the SIROP combined exile return program, $500 - $800 milions and many important aspect of the COMECON, USSR, Africa and Gulf Region changes, we left in Angers- Loire

The Monument in Mells St Andrew Church - where Lord oxfrod and Asquith resided and resting place.

Polish funeral of the 93 killed in the plane accident last year

We are one, rather some of those who grew up in Colonial Sechelles Seychelles, East Africa with the strong notion, manning, warning you do not talk about everything, issues of high importance. In Britain, Austria, France, Italy and Germany in spite of the strong temptation, pressured by/for money and revenge, those over the past 35 years we have associated in EU and the world, who are aware and know what we do know i term of greater world, global and religious - archaic issues.

It took the Blair government some 10 years to begin to understand, his followers, supporters that these are values, education process long lost and certainly not respected by 90% of the world inhabitants. Added to that the phenomena which has been in place where those who hunt for stardom, fame and importance will betray and even sell their "grand mothers", politely put and close relatives dead bodies.

Prime minister Gordon Brown for all those who recall, the police, the intelligence service - made it a point to draw a complete line, when he caught and became aware of those provocating situation, creating situation for racist, hate, criminal, plain bloody minded and the kind of positiver relation existed between our self and the greater British society, people and the village we work.

We have written at many forums, blogs our concern that when the Conservative come to power the "mentality - unless you are White and support Conservative crap/dogmas" you are to be targeted, destroyed or killed/terminated. We have addressed, the Canterbury County Court on these issues, the Royal Court of Justice, the House of Lords, the EU Judiciary and UN institutions in relation to past incidents.

The moment the Conservative coalition came to power - "we had been warned by the Office of Prime minister Gordon Brown to watch out, be careful - better still migrate - be prepared to go away" all those from the Conservative who will be hell bent on revenge, to apply their particular band of democracy and justice to our person and work. Irrelevant of events, our contribution to this country, EU and the world - better open the flood gate of sleaze, unleash their armies of nasties on our person, target us like the political practise is in the third world - then lie, threaten us with police etc. We do believe the Office of Prime Minster Cameron, Number 11 and the Liberal Party Office are aware of these issues - particularly the Officials of Islington.

We will not go into the scientific issues of why the "CJD phenomena, infestation struck over 10 - 100, millions cattle, the so call scientific explanation - like the issues of Climate, those who for their own excuse refused to acknowledge that CJD phenomena jumped from Human to cattle and not cattle to human". There is the need to underline the importance that Blair, Brown government laid on antisocial issues, racial hate/harassment and neighbour from hell attitude mentality".

The evil and problematic is that those group of individuals, politicians, officials, police who deployed the practice of using bluntly put "satanic rave, rage such mechanism to control, communicate or so call tom educate a given group of individual, community, family, institutions the list is very long. What really ensued whole sale abuse - the mechanism used/applied was a combination of demoniac discipline certainly in existence some 1000 years ago in recent British history middle of the 1980's their objective - then Lady Tacther government. Those who argued that this was a British culture phenomena, normal thinking - English speaking practise. We have lived in Africa, the Indian Ocean, Europe and the State until 1980's that phenomena was seldom demonstrated in public - if/should those use/apply such mechanism they were immediately set upon and targeted by the government and other institution's - however with the arrival of Tony Blair and the mechanism the media used to con/crap, spin, lie to the public was this "satanic mechanism, of rave/rage, etc - the French public called it La Vache folle phenomena".

Lady Tacther used to fight against the loonies and later the term raving loonie's - it is typical of conservative and indeed those large political parties, they start a crap, to cover their track they throw much at their opponents, again the long list of evil practices.

We wrote at the SIROP Blog last night about the Davos 2011 gatherings. The church has been in existence for the past 2000 years and Davos only 30 years, Christianity made western civilisation possible just like Islam made the Muslim nation what they are today. Yet at Davos - the attitude and policy, benchmark practice which is debated, trashed out to be selected as the world and industrial nation bench mark and best practice.

The world and governments, families spent a quarter of their life being educated, acquiring knowledge - what for - so that when they come to work serve in the public they are confronted with this absurd and totally abnormal practise and phenomena - every idiot from the peasant to the professor - they rave-rage using that satanic/ demoniac mechanism. From a scientific, academic and religious stand point those who make it a point and objective to study and observe this phenomena, the debate, the religious and academic challenge. Equally the politicians, be it in Africa, Latin America, the Arab world, China, India, Europe, Russia who not for politic wisdom - but lack the human ability have all adopted that this mechanism and the communication practice which come along with it, it bench mark ought to be used and apply as universal practise.

We will not enter the debate of Children and future education, the impacts on Family, village life, communities - the world existence and very working.

It was this bench mark practice that brought about three major economic crash and meltdown. Certainly the last major world economy and financial melt down was due to this phenomena and the mechanism. Because all those employed by the global working force in Banking, the Housing industry and all the associated industries, the media - were using this corrupted, mechanism, benchmark to manage their given and respective responsibilities. In this ruthless world we live, theory, thesis, debate, lecture is not sufficient to make the point make the public listen - acid test must take place by this we mean when the Markets, the big banks , the financial institutions , the media and the political parties have used and applied excessive abnormal mechanism, demoniac rave and rage to manage and control the many given issue which make the world working and it goes very wrong and those who gather at Davos and have been gathering at Davos for the past 15 years knew and foresaw - ought to have foreseen and listen to the minority of the scientific, academician, religious and environmentalist - this conception will lend to mankind destruction. We will not go into the debacle of those who judge that the Masonic fraternal practise ought to be core of that mechanism - those pursuing their world or global order/control objective and politic.

We have written time and time again - the reason we as politician, economist and community activist did refused to put on paper all the details of that SIROP combined exile return program $500 - $800 we have had the elite of Colonial education, we have been educated and told what brought down the Colonial system and the empires, the practises. In mainland Europe had acquired some highly important experience in the working of the UN and EU and their national government working. Beside a great deal of highly important national high finance, economic, politic issue we had been involved, made input form the prospective of Interdisciplinary Management. Most important what those in Europe, irrelevant which country their arrogant attitude towards the third world including those who work in and tat the UN, EU high institutions, the Commonwealth ,, the Francophone, they only pay lip service. Had those maverick Groups, network not driven, made the input in world - the COMECON, USSR, China, Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Gulf region the way they did who the world would have look like today - to prove our point there are issues an information we could have used - remembering what we have dais and written - we belong to one and some of those with a strong education, emphasis you do not divulge some of the highly world issues. Our ancestor went to their graves with ton of secrets and mass of information and knowledge - the view by certain, that if such satanic mechanism, discipline were/was applied - then mankind ability to retrieve such information and knowledge. This include infants, the animal world, the reptiles etc.

That SIROP combined exile return program, along with the global network which lend, supported and help make it possible - were fully aware of this phenomena way back in 1985, their application and possibilities. Those who were using it to drive the change in the COMCON, the USSR, Gulf Region, Asia, China, Latin America and Africa. Those who hijacked, took control of the process and what ensued, the Financial and economic greed, the Wars, the Terrorist Agenda and the World Order project. The Church and Christian faith who allow them self to be coned/driven into the belief.

There were a very highly important group of international, global intellectuals, politicians involved in the SIROP combined exile return program. We were responsible to decide and choose them. We knew most of their associate, Illuminati, Church, academy, corporate, diplomatic and military interests. We also knew their interest to support, come and help , contribute to advice were not free - their would be a price, the price that there would be important economic, financial and political gearing those who went out their armed with the knowledge and information from/coming for that SIROP combine exile return program, those who made their vast fortunes and wealth - never before dreamt of in mankind history.

Today is Friday 28th January 2011 and from Sechelles Seychelles, Zanzibar, East Africa - given the publication in the Nation and Mauritius l'express about Seychelles exporting its expertise in managing economic issues to the CARICOM nation - the issues of the research in 1979, the COI and the IOR. Lord Oxford and Asquith 1st Friday in his resting place, the Church Yard in Mells. He belonged to the few British personalities and individuals we had selected to advice, guide and help implement that SIROP combine exile return program - not the other way round. We had so chosen - again to underline their objective - send in NATO or a group of military rid the Island of the Communists and the region. The greater British public who lack the knowledge and information - using that demoniac, CJD, abnormal communication rave and rage that it was the other way round and the have the guts to write this on Wikipedia and those who run Wikipedia say, dare say nothing.

When we opted to challenge President FA Rene Communist system we knew we were challenging the USSR, the COMECON, China, Latin America, OAU Communist, Asia Communist, Gulf Region Communist. Unless you are either totally mad or capable you do not do such undertake such action. The politicians in Seychelles, the populace, those migrants form East Europe, south Africa and the Arab world.

With not even one week since the 2nd Earl of Oxford and Asquith burial what is ensuing, taking place and in the name of whom and what. There is the need to underline and make it very clear the role we/that SIROP combined exile return program have played to support the Royalty and nobility of Europe not just British. Without that program what would have ensued and the Royalty - their nobility and ancestry in Europe today. What they are publishing - writing about.

Given the dimension and enormity of the issues over the past 35 years those who recall and have been involved if not adequately control such issues have and lend to horrendous outcomes. Then the media, the politicians and the police, judiciary lies and cover up. With the involvement of the very many institutions created/set up to combat and prevent such escalation.

We have written and addressed a great deal of issue om manipulative force, those who know and have known about the issue we have written undermentioned here how they have manipulated the media, world, EU and Indian ocean politic - the fact That have written over the past 30 years had we not been in Britain, the world would be a different place - those who are abusing and involved in the criminal manipulation of our person and interests.

We need not need to write what we have about that SIROP combined exile return program the important Italian connections in all its complexities involved. What we wrote that some of the practises which took place and were taking place they blame the outrage of the Italian Fraternal and Family practise - what we have address the EU and other high institutions they were and are not better. The fact that the Soviet from the point of vie objective of scientific took the Italian model and turned it into a super monster 100 times worse than the Italian connection and their institutions, along with the East European nations.

There are those around the late Lord Oxford and Asquith Family who need to know and made aware of the complexities of the SIROP combined exile return program. Do not take us for fools or idiots or imbeciles or morons. The threats, innuendos, the intimidation.

The British Intelligence services pride themselves as some of the best in the world - they were aware of most of the issues we have written here and over the past 21 years. Beside then the French Intelligence, ex USSR, China, India, Israel, German and South African. Not to exclude Poland the past and present - beside the Holy Seat the Vatican.

It is very late and time that the force who support the EU existence come to grip, put their foot down and challenge what is going on - demand alternative approach as we did with the Climate Agenda and their Summits.

Note:We have written equally - that what historians, the international media have written and recorded as history - why and those involved in selecting then Michael Gorbachev to take over as Secretary General of the Communist Party - what ensued vast development with out his control and knowledge - why, the Perestroika agenda. Most important the agenda to bring some sanity back to then USSR involving the left of the army, Soviet intelligence - who were those involved in bringing forward Boris Yeltsin and the putch. The stand off and real negotiation, the management of the incidents. What ensued - the creation of the Russian Commonwealth - the issues, breakaway of Ukraine - why those after big business and big money, some of the military issues to the last major election - parliamentary Putch those involved. Because we judge events had gone too far - followed and monitored by the British Secret Service, the USA and French, Israel - the meeting we had with the Russian official in London. May somebody ought to write the other version. Where as Davos then - what were they doing.

Soviet Union
History of the Soviet Union (1953–1985)
History of the Soviet Union (1985–1991)

Boris Yeltsin


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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, several of the region nation saw/got their respective changes on the back of the Discipline/synergy/dynamic 21 years ago

Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, several of the region nation saw/got their respective changes on the back of the Discipline/synergy/dynamic 21 years ago

We all, those interested with issues which matters in the world read about the Davos WEF forthcoming gatherings in the midst of global economic situation and high uncertainty for others. The many news media covering the events, in fact the Economist write Davos 2011: The World’s grandest focus group? by a former UN Deputy.

Like the car industry, restaurant chain, fashion group our interest lies in monitoring the many relevant and important issues that get presented every year, those so called leading experts, make due note of their statements and forecast to weigh and view them in the light of our own ex Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman IMI Vienna.

There are those in the world working and acting at various functions who know who we are. The need to make it clear - like the Copenhagen Climate Summit, we belong to the other Group who debated then Climate issues then. Equally with regards to World Economic concern we belong to alternative views. We do not make forecast, contribute to developing world economic policy because we have major economic and finance interest, or politic or belong to groups of vested interests.

In as much that Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman died some 15 years ago unlike the former EEF - today WEF who have change their approach to their discipline practice to suit greater economic, political and institutional interests - as results those who have the capacity to weigh and judge the quality of the debate and policy formulated at Davos, to monitor and check their implementation. We believe if one maintain the discipline IMI Vienna developed and applied in 1980's with the added experience, capability to forecast for the past 30 years equally major development and policy of EU, the World, adding to that the fact that those who attend Davos - WEF have lent to taking and applying what they deemed appropriate, necessary when in many instances the policy formulated by Davos WEF have gone very wrong this for the past 30 years.

We have read and studied the media articles of what to expect and demanded from those world leaders attending this 2011 Davos WEF, beside the enlarged Chinese and Indian delegations, the Chinese five folds and the Indian four folds.

We form part of those Small Nation state from/in the Indian Ocean who are excellently well placed and position to judge the Chinese and Indian Impacts on regional Indian Ocean economy, society and life - politic. What is not being said and debated at Davos WEF, namely that when such large international Forum/Group, get together the manner and approach of appraising their respective performance in the face of global working. Because they have a large economy, they have large media control, they can travel with a large delegation and the issues they have influence via the media, their bench mark and highly questionable practice. At such large Group, International Forums they reflects only their achievements, to who are called to the debating platform. They ignore the many instances where in the course of the year, the implementation of their respective government or institution - the qualitative input, contributions made by such Small Nation group and their respective resources. The result - this create a greater an wider gap in the credibility of those coming to Davos WEF to lay down policy, guideline for the world to follow. Indeed those Small Nations.

Further more this situation is further complicated by the armies of social and communication networks each promoting their group views and conviction of such policy and arguments.

There are other complexities which Davos - WEF do not and cannot address. For instance, the refusal to admit that without the application of Professor Dr Micheal discipline originating form IMI Vienna - the mega and historic change in the COMECON, the USSR, Germany, France, the USA, Latin America, Asia and the Gulf region - let alone Africa would not have taken place. Judging by events of Davos WEF over the past 20 years, monitoirng their debate and outcome have long concluded that had the EEF/WEF been involved in these issues and process at the beginning we would
still be having an Iron Curtain or mankind destroyed.

We will select/take current development in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon - for those who know their stuff all those Heads of state and their government, policy formulation and economic plans were formulated 20 - 21 years ago, the kind of society we had, the changes in the world economy, politic, market, society. To be very precise they came to power, formulated their government policy based upon the discipline, one may term dynamic created by the discipline then - like those before them, they had come to tackle, challenge - what cause, led the change - not their government or people on the streets it was a discipline and the dynamic, synergy coming out of that discipline. Only today in the world media relating to Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen the many debate about the lack of Leadership, appropriate dynamic to drive the demand in social and economic change adequately. Twenty one years ago there were other agenda , interests. Very many of the changes which took place were taking place was on the back of the COMECON, USSR, Germany, EU, Latin America and they created their dynamic and synergy which in turn influence national politic of a given nation, people economy and country - their individuals or army.

There is the need to stress that this approach to world policy formulation is not just a Davos WEF deficiency - it can be seen at the heart of EU institutional funcitoning and policy formulation and the worse bit taken /picked up by those leading African Union.

Aspects of the discipline which we monitor and watch closely, those individuals, personalities who have made due contributions and input in formulating some of the ex COMECON, USSR, Latin America, Gulf region, EU, African Union, Asia, today's Russia, Ukraine, China and India - as they get older, have left/given up their respective responsibilities or dies - what ensue to the dynamic and synergy they helped to create - the impacts of those synergy in term of the respective nation, region and its institutions.

Given the unique position Ireland play and played in the English speaking institutions, media and politic how Ireland got driven into the European institutions, how Ireland got driven into the single currency - the politicians and their parties involved. However for the past three years another phenomena began to develop - the adoption of benchmark practice in Ireland which resembles that of Balkan, ex COMECON the application of such benchmark will inevitable lead to the mega financial and economic mess these countries have been fighting so hard to get rid of or out.

Our wise advice to the Irish high parties attending Davos WEF 2011, to retrace, refer back to events of the past 5 - 10 years importantly. To study and appraise the different dynamic, synergy - for those who can the respective discipline in greater world economic working was being applied them. So much said the global IT and Communication impacts on world economic, financial and society working - the day when mankind let them be driven purely by IT and Communication factors - that will be the doom of the world.

We noted some article calling for a radical thinking, change to world working along the line which took place in the COMECON, USSR, Germany, France, EU etc. What has been said for the most part leading up to the global mega crash - all those with vested interests, who knew and judge otherwise, instead of joining and calling for the change or changes which would have addressed the situation we are now in they wanted to make - amass more money. They do not have to worry because the political class that rule the Western world when it all goes wrong will run to bail them out at the expenses of the poor working people, the have nots. At the same the point that need to be made clear - the COMECON, USSR, EU, Germany Reunification, France change were not made by such politicians, they were unique individuals specially selected to lead this process and help implement them.

The danger for the world and EU in particular that the populace who are driven by the media, the discipline which those meeting at Davos represent, the grave danger is that it is of such poor quality, unable to respond and cope with the demand the complication/complex challenges and problematic it is, will be expected to solve and help over come. Like the Copenhagen Climate Summit what ensued and have ensued since then - however we are not dealing with climate we are dealing with deadlier issues, mankind politic right across history those who have been responsible when they got it wrong the heavy price mankind, civilization made to pay.

Davos 2011: The World’s grandest focus group?

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jubilaum - 100th year Bruno Kreisky

Bruno Kreisky - der Kommunikator, der Modernisierer, der Medien-, der Sonnenkanzler .Die Nostalgie zum 100. Geburtstag strebt ihrem Höhepunkt zu. Helene Maimann hat Respekt vor der Legende - aber da fehlt was.

Bruno Kreisky - the communicator, the modernizers, the media, the
Sun Chancellor. The nostalgia for the 100th Birthday seeks its peak. Helene Maimann has respect for the legend - but something is missing.

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