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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, several of the region nation saw/got their respective changes on the back of the Discipline/synergy/dynamic 21 years ago

Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, several of the region nation saw/got their respective changes on the back of the Discipline/synergy/dynamic 21 years ago

We all, those interested with issues which matters in the world read about the Davos WEF forthcoming gatherings in the midst of global economic situation and high uncertainty for others. The many news media covering the events, in fact the Economist write Davos 2011: The World’s grandest focus group? by a former UN Deputy.

Like the car industry, restaurant chain, fashion group our interest lies in monitoring the many relevant and important issues that get presented every year, those so called leading experts, make due note of their statements and forecast to weigh and view them in the light of our own ex Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman IMI Vienna.

There are those in the world working and acting at various functions who know who we are. The need to make it clear - like the Copenhagen Climate Summit, we belong to the other Group who debated then Climate issues then. Equally with regards to World Economic concern we belong to alternative views. We do not make forecast, contribute to developing world economic policy because we have major economic and finance interest, or politic or belong to groups of vested interests.

In as much that Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman died some 15 years ago unlike the former EEF - today WEF who have change their approach to their discipline practice to suit greater economic, political and institutional interests - as results those who have the capacity to weigh and judge the quality of the debate and policy formulated at Davos, to monitor and check their implementation. We believe if one maintain the discipline IMI Vienna developed and applied in 1980's with the added experience, capability to forecast for the past 30 years equally major development and policy of EU, the World, adding to that the fact that those who attend Davos - WEF have lent to taking and applying what they deemed appropriate, necessary when in many instances the policy formulated by Davos WEF have gone very wrong this for the past 30 years.

We have read and studied the media articles of what to expect and demanded from those world leaders attending this 2011 Davos WEF, beside the enlarged Chinese and Indian delegations, the Chinese five folds and the Indian four folds.

We form part of those Small Nation state from/in the Indian Ocean who are excellently well placed and position to judge the Chinese and Indian Impacts on regional Indian Ocean economy, society and life - politic. What is not being said and debated at Davos WEF, namely that when such large international Forum/Group, get together the manner and approach of appraising their respective performance in the face of global working. Because they have a large economy, they have large media control, they can travel with a large delegation and the issues they have influence via the media, their bench mark and highly questionable practice. At such large Group, International Forums they reflects only their achievements, to who are called to the debating platform. They ignore the many instances where in the course of the year, the implementation of their respective government or institution - the qualitative input, contributions made by such Small Nation group and their respective resources. The result - this create a greater an wider gap in the credibility of those coming to Davos WEF to lay down policy, guideline for the world to follow. Indeed those Small Nations.

Further more this situation is further complicated by the armies of social and communication networks each promoting their group views and conviction of such policy and arguments.

There are other complexities which Davos - WEF do not and cannot address. For instance, the refusal to admit that without the application of Professor Dr Micheal discipline originating form IMI Vienna - the mega and historic change in the COMECON, the USSR, Germany, France, the USA, Latin America, Asia and the Gulf region - let alone Africa would not have taken place. Judging by events of Davos WEF over the past 20 years, monitoirng their debate and outcome have long concluded that had the EEF/WEF been involved in these issues and process at the beginning we would
still be having an Iron Curtain or mankind destroyed.

We will select/take current development in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon - for those who know their stuff all those Heads of state and their government, policy formulation and economic plans were formulated 20 - 21 years ago, the kind of society we had, the changes in the world economy, politic, market, society. To be very precise they came to power, formulated their government policy based upon the discipline, one may term dynamic created by the discipline then - like those before them, they had come to tackle, challenge - what cause, led the change - not their government or people on the streets it was a discipline and the dynamic, synergy coming out of that discipline. Only today in the world media relating to Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen the many debate about the lack of Leadership, appropriate dynamic to drive the demand in social and economic change adequately. Twenty one years ago there were other agenda , interests. Very many of the changes which took place were taking place was on the back of the COMECON, USSR, Germany, EU, Latin America and they created their dynamic and synergy which in turn influence national politic of a given nation, people economy and country - their individuals or army.

There is the need to stress that this approach to world policy formulation is not just a Davos WEF deficiency - it can be seen at the heart of EU institutional funcitoning and policy formulation and the worse bit taken /picked up by those leading African Union.

Aspects of the discipline which we monitor and watch closely, those individuals, personalities who have made due contributions and input in formulating some of the ex COMECON, USSR, Latin America, Gulf region, EU, African Union, Asia, today's Russia, Ukraine, China and India - as they get older, have left/given up their respective responsibilities or dies - what ensue to the dynamic and synergy they helped to create - the impacts of those synergy in term of the respective nation, region and its institutions.

Given the unique position Ireland play and played in the English speaking institutions, media and politic how Ireland got driven into the European institutions, how Ireland got driven into the single currency - the politicians and their parties involved. However for the past three years another phenomena began to develop - the adoption of benchmark practice in Ireland which resembles that of Balkan, ex COMECON the application of such benchmark will inevitable lead to the mega financial and economic mess these countries have been fighting so hard to get rid of or out.

Our wise advice to the Irish high parties attending Davos WEF 2011, to retrace, refer back to events of the past 5 - 10 years importantly. To study and appraise the different dynamic, synergy - for those who can the respective discipline in greater world economic working was being applied them. So much said the global IT and Communication impacts on world economic, financial and society working - the day when mankind let them be driven purely by IT and Communication factors - that will be the doom of the world.

We noted some article calling for a radical thinking, change to world working along the line which took place in the COMECON, USSR, Germany, France, EU etc. What has been said for the most part leading up to the global mega crash - all those with vested interests, who knew and judge otherwise, instead of joining and calling for the change or changes which would have addressed the situation we are now in they wanted to make - amass more money. They do not have to worry because the political class that rule the Western world when it all goes wrong will run to bail them out at the expenses of the poor working people, the have nots. At the same the point that need to be made clear - the COMECON, USSR, EU, Germany Reunification, France change were not made by such politicians, they were unique individuals specially selected to lead this process and help implement them.

The danger for the world and EU in particular that the populace who are driven by the media, the discipline which those meeting at Davos represent, the grave danger is that it is of such poor quality, unable to respond and cope with the demand the complication/complex challenges and problematic it is, will be expected to solve and help over come. Like the Copenhagen Climate Summit what ensued and have ensued since then - however we are not dealing with climate we are dealing with deadlier issues, mankind politic right across history those who have been responsible when they got it wrong the heavy price mankind, civilization made to pay.

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