SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

One Year In: What is the TRNUC?


European Council on Refugees and Exiles 

European Court of Human Rights solicitors in London and ...

One Year In: What is the TRNUC?

[Justin M. Loveland is a freelance legal consultant in public international law, transitional justice, and international human rights, currently working as Senior Legal Consultant to the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission of Seychelles.]


Dear Mr Justin Loveland, 

Had wanted to review the last Truth Commission sitting hence discovered below the Hearings detail  your article dated 23/11/20 at the,  In association with the International Commission of Jurists.

They are one of the many International Institution we address/copied our emails to, not to confuse with the ICJ International Court of Justice which is a UN organ office in the Netherlands regarding the Truth Commission in Seychelles. 

We had began to address them, the many European, , International Human rights, expert advice, relevant bodies. The African Union and South Africa Justice, Court and institutions,  including those in the USA  in 2017 when it was announced that the National Assembly was going to set up a National Assembly Truth Committee, given what many had hoped, would be a major break through in the long battle for some form of accountability, Justice and Reconciliation eventually. A copy of the emails would be on  the file SIROP Program Mitchel J Edmond Plaint at the Truth Commission. Since they said, wrote all the files were/would be transfer to the Truth Commission. 

About the same time the announcement that a  young lawyer from the UN with knowledge and experience in Human Rights abuses etc.,  would be appointed to assist the National Assembly Truth Committees, along with a former South African Truth Commission person, who would have eventually Chaired the Seychelles Truth Commission  and what we address the National Assembly,  public Blogs,  forums  and impact - consequence. 

We have read your article, we had read your LinkedIn information articles and Facebook. 

Instead of wasting time and writing who we are  will at the bottom link our various social media,  websites and Blogs. Given that you are from the USA request, emphasis that you research our publication on the  US high involvements and impute  in that SIROP program 1986/87 Cold War, the US embassy in London, the US Tracking Station facilities then 1986/87 Seychelles and then White House occupant President Ronald Reagan, his Cabinet, the Senate, the Pentagon, and US Intelligence and NATO. 

Please also research our articles, publication of the past 6 US president impute and involvement in that SIROP program  including the era of President Jimmy Carter. Question have you read any of Sir James Mancham Books and communicated with his Peace Foundation at SeyUni and his Son,  who is a lawyer,  also the UN Representation in Seychelles. Sir James position on that historic SIROP program of 1986/87and subsequent events, important impacts and changing geostrategic development of the Indian ocean as a results or emancipation. Sir James omitted a very great deal of more important thematic, the big why -he remined my person that  I /we were not diplomatic enough in  handling those very burning issues in public. To note after persistent address and publications, request for due report, accountability  and the authorities,  officials refusal to take due note - we became involved in WIKI  Leaks  and others who tried to publish government unpublish information. 

Of importance what we had publish prior to the 2007/8 mega global financial crash, the many high parties in the USA involvement in that Program,  US economy and Financial workings, knowledge, the Major Market Crash involving the IT sector, Climate change issues linked to later VP Al Gore and several other world  Activist. The SIDA Pandemic. Other Collateral Fallouts resulting from  that SIROP program gross mismanagement and abuses. We would like to come back to your article, our plea that the world media corrupted benchmark and abuses, coverup of what was taking place from 1986/87 on ward and that  SIROP program. Then we get, confronted by highly educated person like you self again writing about the beauty of the Seychelles only, completely refusing to study, research the blunt and core argument of the Cold War Indian Ocean opposing Powers, battle, rivalry for Africa control and the Indian Ocean.  The national players and personalities that became involved, catapulted, manipulated,    the  lack of respect for the their education and intellect.  How such thematic get discus in Latin America, North of the USA, Africa, the Gulf region , Asia and Europe. How they engage with us, the Region issues after wards. 

Beside the Wiki Leak and the Wikipedia involvement my person via that SIROP program were the first to advocate setting up of an International Criminal court to bring the International  politicians and high officials to justice,  account not only the African and small ill, poorly  resourced countries after they had been ruthlessly manipulated and abused.  A Fraud Regulated Body. 

To note prior to the 2007/8 mega financial and economic crash what we had address the UN, the ICJ regarding the benchmark and ruthless abuse of that SIROP program. We had three leading law firms helping us to address the Regional Judicial review to get Legal Aid  assistance to bring a compensation and damage case to Court before  Judge Wolf at the Royal  court of Justice for £25 million. What ensued. 

Given given this unparalleled dreadful longlist of events, incidents three years ago we made  a monumental effort to address, secure  all the world leading justice and their institutions, Bar association to help us with the due legal support and resource to address the Seychelles Truth commission. We had attempted to address the International court of Justice to hear our case/Plaint , the Human Rights court, the ICC,  the European court, Seychelles court, the French  high court and the African and Mauritius Justice. All along stressing, emphasizing that in doing so the world would discover major Benchmark abnormalities involving  world finance workings, International conflicts, Pandemics and climate change thematic. 

We have noted your deep interests in Musics and conducting. That SIROP program in 1987 in conjunction with Mr Marc  Sabadin later the brothers, promoted the concept of returning classical Music in the Seychelles  and the idea which developed  and later some 6/8 International classical festival how this contributed and help Seychelles democracy process, Investments and positive image of Seychelles building and ever body choose to forget, the development of a National choir as Institution and National school of Music today. That/this is the darker side of Seychelles unfortunately. 

From these issues were born the Building of the first Opera House in the Gulf Region,  the Dubai Opera House. 

The fore most partner for that Program conception, leading Lawyer Phillipe Boule

Our lawyer Pardiwala Towmey Lablach, 

President FA Rene  Lawyer Mr France Bonte

Leading lawyer Ramnijk Valabjhi

Lawyer.Justice Jacque Hodoul

Lawyer Christopher Gill 

Yours Sincerely 


14 Hermitage  House

Gerard Rd


London N18AT

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Polite note we may not have edited this content properly.

The Executive Committee

The current members of the Executive Committee are as follows:

Nicolas Bratza
Sir Nicolas Bratza – United Kingdom

We have endeavoured to think through the ongoing situation in Seychelles between the Truth Commission and that SIROP Plaint hearings, where are the obstacles. Eventually those blocking the process. In Seychelles and elsewhere those who judge we ought not to have shared and forwarded the many email correspondence copy regarding the Plaint  to some of the world leading Justice Body, Government and Institutions.  

This evening studying the website publication of the International Commission of Jurist have come across some info very relevant to the SIROP - Truth commission thematic, the European Court, the Human Rights Court,  the African Court and the International Criminal Court.  We have publish at our blogs and Forum that,  that SIROP program contributed to changes of the justice system functioning from 1986/87 onwards and given that we are not a lawyer to use the legal language. This related to high interdisciplinary management discipline working impacts on Justice, laws and practice, law making , development, management. for the past 32 years in particular the EU, Enlargement , EU post Russia relation. 

We will publish some extracts here. In particular given that PM Blair wife Cheri Booth was Judge,   PM Blair himself a lawyer. Some of the fundamental events and issues surrounding his coming to office and the appointment of high British official to serve in on the European Institutions - in this case  " ( Formerly PM John Major office era again how EU official were nominated and appointed and that SIROP program mechanism) "the UK Member of the European Commission of Human Rights, part of the European Convention on Human Rights system of the Council of Europe. ( PM Blair came to office in 1997) In 1998, the Commission was abolished and replaced by a permanent European Court of Human Rights, and he was elected as the Judge of this Court representing the United Kingdom. In the same year, and again in 2001, he was elected as one of the five section presidents of the court. He was a vice-president of the court from 19 January 2007 to 3 November 2011. In July 2011, he was elected to succeed Jean-Paul Costa as President of the court on 3 November 2011. His term on the court ended on 31 October 2012".

At the same time some of the efforts and visit to the Court in Strasbourg seeking advice and information from the Court how to prepare and present our case. The correspondence. We have also visited Rene Cassin Foundation.The EU , USA  high institution position on publishing the contents of that SIROP program. The decision to develop the portal in 2012. The greater public did not know the detail working of that program and very many world institutions. 

We have also seek the expert advice of Pan European Union office in Strasbourg, one of the oldest law firm in Strasbourg Racine to assist us prepare our case for the Human Rights Court, Maison de Association.


The world, the Indian Ocean, Africa went along with the dialogue that Seychelles Multiparty was return by the use of Fax and the Commonwealth say so - order, insistence.  In turn what get written by so call experts media and consultant in their respective fields. That above letter we address those publishing at ICJ portal example.

We have been listening to some of the comments on France info and Social media  - who was President Valerie Giscard D'estaing. From the Indian Ocean geo strategic prospective,  he belonged to those who firmly believe France had a specific role in the Indian Ocean and Gulf region,  made it part of his politic. He was a great friend of Sir James Mancham, Lawyer Maitre Daniel Belle respect for his personality. 

Note - Seychelles  - France politic in 1976 at our Independence. We left for exile 7/8/1976,  the second Seychellois to do so with my Austrian family to Vienna,  then Tirol and Salzburg.  All those who inquire we were mad for leaving Seychelles to come to difficult Europe. Seychelles, First President , Sir James Mancham and  PM, FA  Rene government Diplomatic representation in Europe. The view we/I held and why, Seychelles required a different, alternative representation by its communities and families then living in Europe as do many Ethnic communities and former Pied Noir Colonist, instead of just the Consulate. President Giscard D'estaing politic and the news, France working then. The ideas and discussion from Salzburg and those at Salzburg University, Salzburg Castle in the background. This gave birth to the idea,  Concept of a Federation European de Communaute et Association Body we have been promoting, before the Coup d'etat of 5th June 1977.  Personalities in France from then on supporting this,  among them former President V Giscard D'estaing and impute, contributions, guidance. . 

Au ski, comme ici en 1976, en famille à Courchevel, -(The first Winter 1976 we arrived in Tirol Mayerhofen, the record snow fall. I learnt to ski and came down the Mountain solo. The yearly ski championship what happened. We also got to meet a snow artiste he had a very strong resemblance of then President Mancham)

Note 4/12/20, Last Saturday the decision for newly elected President Wankalawan, Lady Wankalawan, Foreign Minister Radegon and delegation  to make Mauritius the first overseas call upon his successful election, his Mauritius and Indian  ancestral roots. In as much as he spent three years Studying theology at the Anglican Faculty. We endeavoured to stress,  bring it to the world attention that the year he was ordained,  that year Father Ramagoolam died and Mr Gerard the SNM/MPR Leader was assassinated in London. Our then exile/refugee politic without him in Seychelles and in Britain.  His stressing of wanting to meet those Managing the office of the COI and our above explanation that the COI original research attempt had been undertaken during President Giscard d'Estaing office. We visited Paris in 1979 on our way to SGS Head office or eventually seeking an appointment with Veritas, that Research already published, Paris  and the USA, the Soviet  and others knew about it.   The political and geo fallout had started,  certain issues with my person in Paris. To morrow Saturday 5/12/20,  the funeral of former President Giscard d'Estaing in    Loir-et-Cher. How very fast the world can change. We had trusted that he would be alive,  at least one of France old former Head of State who knew a great deal about that SIROP program when we address the Truth Commission. The French Intelligence and Defence who supported impute in that program. The Truth Commission position regarding that SIROP plaint. In 1974, Giscard was elected President of France. We have publish the issues of the 1974 and earlier, those individual in Seychelles who had endeavoured to put together a concept for a Unilateral Independence and then Rhodesia events and upon his coming to office,  his position. Given this,  his government was very well informed of the Geopolitics,  situation not the whims of Mr Albert Rene or Mr James Mancham,  the real Indian ocean Regional  Power play. Those alive today or they may have been told by their parents.  The French took the Seychelles situation reasonably seriously. The issues here for the Seychelles and seeking help from France,  Seychelles Colonial Status  and the defence arrangement it had made/in place  which France could not interfere, in both instance. They had to be content with chagrin  to watch the situation get out of hand and those after  the Revolution who supported the idea of Righting the situation.  

In as much that in Seychelles  until the last government of the SPPF/PL/US what they have persistently been publishing about facts of Seychelles politic, because they held power. In spite of  President Valerie Giscard D'estaing loosing the election to President Mitterrand in 1981, the year we battle with the decision to come to Britain or stay in /France in exile from Strasbourg. He had been  the President in France when we had researched for that  Indian Ocean Industrial   Investment Promotion Centre the deep implications, nobody, nowhere ever mentioned these - the Pan European people, high person and  politic, French diplomat at the then UNIDO and Vienna. The foundation for the COI and the associated military issues attempts to change Seychelles until he left Office 1981. The marked difference in France Indian Ocean 'geostrategic politic. He represented  a very special and unique value of France to our exile/refugees politic and battle. The former SNM/MPR Leader Mr Gerard Hoareau view and position. He was aware of our collective and individual political endeavours for the Indian Ocean, Seychelles situation -much of this omitted,  not presented to the Truth Commission.  From these prospective when it came to writing that SIROP program we referred equally much of that program  concept to him those alive form our exiles who participated and confer. Its various complicate implemented stages and debacles. Noting and remembering the special achievement of France politic in Europe and the French German relation. He also belonged to those high person in France who knew that the story of the Berlin Wall is not correct,  much have been left out, omitted.  That Truth  Commission have unique powers,  among them to call to witness such personalities in that SIROP  plaint. This is another one great and important person who knew and have known the complex workings of that eventual Marshal Plan and our version of things. 

In as much President Wankalawan address to the nation -  our conclusion that his politic is marriage to certain powers. We strongly advice him to reconsider these. Because we lack the resource and the mean to address the Seychelles nation what have really been  going on the past 30 years and conclusion,  outcome. 

We convey to the French Nation, the Francophone entities he believed so much in, His families and Associates our very sincere Gratitude and Sympathy. 


Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, 94, Is Dead; Struggled to Transform ...


EU treaty is a constitution, says Giscard d'Estaing

We wish to address such high personality in Seychelles like leading Lawyer Phillipe Boulle, Judge Mathilda Towmey, Mr Paul Chow, Judge Hodoul, Leading Lawyer Maitre Daniel Belle,  the official of the Constitution Commission and the Truth Commission. Please read this article content very closely. The privilege we had, able to impute in this very important and historic monumental legislation of EU, how it was done and why, the mechanism of that SIROP program which as President of that Body  he knew very well and our greater EU workings.  What ensued all those who chose to forget, including PM Cameron, Mr Nigel Farage and all those who followed and currently PM Johnson. 


It is some 29 years since the process of multiparty  democratic began returning to Seychelles 1991. The marked contrast in Democratic   working in EU and a country like Seychelles. One of the most important issues, divergence  is the statement that,  It was at the Harare Commonwealth summit that the catalyst, the decision was taken  by President FA Rene to return Multiparty democracy. Those from the Commonwealth apparatchik, institution who would like and never cease to insult the education, intellect  and hard toil of others, the - their propaganda, callous system. The call in 1992 for a Reconciliation process by Sir James Mancham  to help reconciliate.  The grieving  parties must be allowed to bring forward their respective grievances, divergence in a manner that represent international Benchmark. Given the official publication   - somebody is telling big time lies, the nation for the past 30 years have been told lies - is it the Commonwealth or the very many institutions and high  parties of EU those involved, inventing, the former USSR, the USA. Gone are the days when the commonwealth will dictate any small nation or their institutions how to think and what to think. The very grave situation we have in Seychelles all those who never challenged the publication in spite of them knowing otherwise in particular the new government of President Wankalawan. The  economic, political sum and mathematic do not add up, match, they have  ended, resulted  by insulting their own education and intellect.  . The Commonwealth had not led any fierce battle against the Regime,  instead. What we have here is all those who battled and fought bitterly, ceaselessly,  pained away,  they are being denied they ever existed, formed part,  the dynamic role and responsibilities they took had to take.   The Commonwealth coming forward and Claiming big credit,  all the credit in this instance,  this in an International Court would not stand. In EU after the various Treaty was adopted because of the issue of NGO or other such body imputing in the many process of, leading to developing the Treaties - the politician and legal people who started coining the word,  issues of Subsidiarity. Had our process been in Africa proper there would have been uprising, bloodshed and bitter battle to  confront  politician, entities who did absolutely nothing coming forward stating they change Seychelles by Fax or the Commonwealth did. The big  question,  is that the reason why the Truth Commission is paining to hear our Plaint. The onus is also on President FA Rene and his Party,   to save face or again,    the continuity to apply the same very devious method of lies that have, had  been propagated for 42 years, so as  not to give credit  to that SIROP program steal Millions and Billions of dollars, making up that historic program.