SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Former first minister and DUP leader Ian Paisley has died - the North London Sechelles Seychelles community 40 years connections

Ian Paisley before an election

Former first minister and DUP leader Ian Paisley has died 

Former Democratic Unionist Party leader Ian Paisley, has died aged 88. 

In a statement, Baroness Eileen Paisley said her husband died on Friday morning. 

Mr Paisley moved from a political "never man" to Northern Ireland's first minister. 

He ended up leading a power-sharing executive at Stormont - although he had supported the strike to bring one down 30 years earlier. 

In her statement, Baroness Paisley said: "Although ours is the grand hope of reunion, naturally as a family, we are heartbroken," she said. 

"We loved him and he adored us and our earthly lives are forever changed." 

Baroness Paisley said that his funeral would be private. 

Prime Minister David Cameron said Mr Paisley was "one of the most forceful and instantly recognisable characters in British politics for nearly half a century". 

He said he was a controversial politician but his contribution in his later years to stability in Northern Ireland was "huge". 

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Ian Paisley, former DUP leader, dies aged 88 

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Comment - We have read some of the important comments in the process of extending our Seychelles EU Community and Exile condolence wish to add a few issue which have been forgotten and will never get covered by Main stream media or those who write history. 

In the first place Rev Ian Paisley was well aware of my capacity to contribute to the Irish Peace process - the way those write such international events. As a Priest he can and will never be able to deny this. 

During the Peace Process accord debacle involving the many parties had hoped/Trusted given he knew a very great deal about Seychelles workings, the Exile history and the government of FA Rene,his association and working with the IRA and others - he had to know. Those in Seychelles form the church of England who do not know the very many issues Rev Ian Paisley and my person have tired to work/collaborated involving the Church of England in Seychelles - he knew all the personalities including how we Seychellois do our politic and how things get driven, synergized and bulldozed and then what the media writes. 

He knew I have been coached by Bishop Chang Hin and Dr Brian Barbier, before some of these leading European politicians decided to help you or get involved in your issues they do their research/check out your connection and he had chek my connections out.

He knew about my Interfaith connections - working across the broad with a number of churches way back in 1981/onward. 

For instance - all our interfaith/religious issues in Seychelles, the issues President of FA Rene and the SDA Adventist church property and the St Louis property - he was involved and contributed the best he could. 

He knew the Church of England view and position against Seychelles government and one Party system. Which enable him and his Officials when dealing with our issues to have a better understanding. He knew our politic of the Indian Ocean and Region very well. 

He knew of FA Rene priest studies, Mr Gabriel Hoareau, Minister Hodoul, Minister Bonnelam and who else. How we do our politic in Seychelles then. 

He knew a great deal what was going on in Kilburn and the Irish community, that place of ours 87a Victoria Rd Brent, the very many debacles and personalities, lady Thatcher involvements the Establishments. 

He also monitored and knew about our Seychelles Yugoslav, USSR and COMECON politic and our Exile roles and efforts. 

He knew very well the issues of Rev Wavel Wankalawan, the underground issues and the Opposition to FA Rene One party system he was very opposed to Communism - hated them. What Rev Wavel do not know and many in Seychelles how in the process of such collaboration one share issues and info and decided who can get put in what position and get the due support - such was the case of Rev Wavel Wankalawan and then turn round and deny everything. 

He knew a very great deal about that SIROP program, the many motives and all the main parties involved and its financing - the Irish people and politicians role - then afterwards what was written and said. He belong to those if he had his say would have had President FA Rene removed. Working with his as such the fine line and one had to explain and clear out why one was adopting a given or particular line. He took not crap. 

Rev Ian Paisley just could not understand what took place after 1991 in Seychelles the return of former president JR Mancham, the efforts to change the system and those who failed we shared and reviewed the issues and his point of view and he must have shared it with others and those in Ireland. 

We had hope others from our Communities be it in North London, Hounslow, Australia and the USA, South Africa would have joined and expressed their views the Seychellois way. We would like to add these issues. The distinct difference between our Seychelles Community workings in London - those who are Catholic and Church of England. The Catholic are mostly populated, residing in Hounslow Borough and the Church of England in North London and elsewhere. 

During the early days of our exile/refugee politic these were highly important issues - equation, including the former Ministers involved. When it came to actual political support for a given cause or activities or greater national support from London/Britain how they reacted with the Institutions, media, politic and the Royal Family. 

Until 1991 there use to be many political rallies, gatherings, meetings and functions, dances organised by the respective factions, their supporters and Leadership. There, what would ensue, the talk and debate and as the evening played out the kind of music, ambiance and friendship - very important, the spies and the family feud would surface and the fight. The man and woman would get quasi together and talk discussing the recent scandal, chitchats and development and hence our community politic and workings was formulated, impacted and affected. 

For this reason and it is /was highly important how one could use military options to change Seychelles - from the North London Community they were mostly church of England and several had done the British Army and their view and experience that the job ought to be done in a professional manner/approach - where as those in Hounslow would rely on technicians to advice then and they had a different approach to practicality - implementation. If and when the change had come what kind of government and institutions would/should be put into place. Seychelles government infiltrated all those Community workings. What kind of relation to build with Britain, the USA, Australia, Ireland and the Commonwealth - expertise sector/qualifications. 

In Seychelles the underground movement, the Church of England speaking out, sermons and this came back to Britain and North London. By then 1981 onward the North Ireland Irish Politic in London and rest of the world. The Seychelles Community of North London were avid supporter of Rev Ian Paisley and the SDLP and even as Seychellois if one said something out of the norm the snap back and undertone that would surface. At the same time their caring and sharing/supporting aspects. 

The principal place of meeting was the Queens Head and those Families who had private restaurant. It was colorful and it brought diversity to our exile/refugee politic, it brought a bit and ray of hope in then cold , horrible and sad London. Usually downed or drowned with a few large pint of beer , Guinness and red wine or the odd whiskey. 

The North London Protestant Community supported former President J R Mancham and those in Ireland and elsewhere who knew. Any alternative person or politic used to get/be challenged - their view how a coup/military solution should work out - the formation and constitution of future government, economy of Seychelles, diplomatic relation and government benchmarks, police, academic, hospital, civil service, NGO. They discussed bluntly the fate of those politicians and their leadership what punishment they ought o be given. 

My/our role beside close relatives and good acquaintance was to try and convinced them of the values of long Term Community structures and workings and they had been part of our community longest in Britain, their knowledge and experiences of life and politics. By then had taken over the responsibility of Mr Felix Hoareau and was trying to build UKSCA - was essential to explain and share what we represented and objectives based first in Clapham Junction by the Old Library and the Police Station then Hounslow,  the Weigh Bridge building, the Funding issues - those who kindly stood in our place and shoes and helped, contributed and took our place in some of the fights that broke out often. 

North London is another Bastion for the Irish Community and they got to know and monitor closely those issues and workings and it got back to Ireland and their high politicians, Institutions and their media. 

The respective communities member/individual and families almost spend, sacrifice their last Pound for their belief and adopted cause - the Mauritian just did and could not understand this. The need to say the North London Community were condescending because they judge not only the Church of England the nation church and belief, Colonial era and its many important institutions - the Powers and clout of being associated and part of the greater workings. How politic and so call reality played our daily on the streets of London, Ireland, the USA, Australia and south Africa. The TV and greater media. 

These were part of aspects, decision and issues we/I had to take into consideration as a would be alternative leader or political personality - that was a very important reason why we/I opted for a Voluntary Repatriation Program as a against a military options - it would have been far to messy and the many families and church interests involved. 

The fun and the respective challenges which surfaced and arose after the decision had been taken to go for that SIROP program - again the very many dances, dinner and restaurant issues from 1986/7 to 1991 and after the multiparty change - their important contributions and what ensued and turned out - the betrayals when thing had changed and all their hard work and support forgotten and overlooked, nobody mentioned them and said a word of thank you - that was very bitter and painful - very dishonest. Yet in Seychelles those like Rev Wankalwan and the Opposition pretend they knew nothing , none of these issues had existed and played out - yet they had been paramount and highly important in helping to formulate our exile and National /International politic and the end results - all those from Northern Ireland who knew and watched and shook their head s in disbelief - had this been in Northern Ireland there would have been pretty hell to pay as the Irish would say. Those in Seychelles got away with blood and other horrors when they should have been made accountable.

The Irish people be they in London and Ireland have shared and contributed a very great deal to our Seychellois politic and community workings from 1978 onward and as such we are not savage to express and explain some of the issues. Even if they/it is appreciated or not. Our community and people have to live and work in London , Britain and across the world where there are important Irish Community they too need to understand we are not writing and painting picture which are irrelevant - they are highly relevant and we the Seychellois are descendants of French mostly and what they know of France workings across the glob, in This Europe and France today. Beside the large and extended French Community in London, their business and diplomatic workings. 

These issues and deep feeling are not new in our community - they existed in Seychelles 150 years ago - safe in Britain, London the sophistication of Britain and Europe who people choose to live and work these issues out in private and public. 

Hence after the mega crash and President JR Mancham inability to push through his agenda - the political collapse in Seychelles and the North London Community did not forget and forgive and more or less took the view let them stew and again in Ireland those who did not fail to notice these comportment and development. I/we think with the few issues added have stoke the fire and the need for other to join/come in and share their knowledge and respective views. This is our History, our life and love - destiny/future and that of our children and future generations. The region and the world - our ancestors love and belief and hard work. 

What about the call from Day one 1981 for a Building for our people and nation in London - those who spoke and, made their view and feeling known are the North London Community, the attempts, the many Irish Centers and function place in Britain and to this day we have nothing - the why and those blasted politician and Oppositions in Seychelles the coconuts in their heads. Others have fought and sacrificed their lived and you only have one life. All the news papers in Seychelles pretend and do as if they just do not exist what they write daily. Taking their benchmark and cue from Africa media and where else. We all/those who strive hard to bring sanity to that/this Seychelles we should have let them go to the dogs. They would have gone to the dogs.

There is the need to note, stress that the Seychelles North London Community had important links to our Old East Africa and British East Africa community workings - London, as against Hounslow, their links to our community workings in South Africa, Australia, the USA and Canada. The armies and loads of billy goats in Seychelles who just choose to ignore and pretend all these mean nothing.The Local politic and the Town Hall politic (There were other Pubs and place of meeting /drinking in North London they used to meet and meet) 

Where is the solidarity - what about those children and future generation - their parents would have done better to invest their daily money spent with /over Seychellois cause in a small saving book today many would have a nice little saving. 

Those who write Wikipedia ought to be made accountable - within, because and associated with our Sechelles Seychelles exile and Seychelles be they the Indian Ocean, Africa, Asia, Gulf Region and elsewhere over the past 35 years the very many lives lost, sacrifices made on our behalf by others, the human cost particularly the Irish equation - then those who choose to deny. We ought to be the ones wearing the Red shirts and Red T shirt to denote the sacrifice and blood split and every body do as if nothing happened - Seychelles politic is all but white fine sand and coconut trees and birds. 

Those issue played out at the United Nations workings - the USA Senates, the Commonwealth and the Streets of Australia - Parliament, then what everybody choose to write and their comportment. This is why they all refuse  an accountability and review,  everybody choosing to interpret events and developments as they choose. The horror and rotten mess we have landed in. 

We know there are those in both Ireland who will been reading our comments - we are not writing a book or scientific article we are writing comment and influenced by many facts and issues and as such gaps and missing issues. 

Needles to say the Church of England knew and monitored those issues, the Police, the Intelligence service, the media and the British establishment - the masonic Fraternity - importantly. 

Most important between 1981 when I took political asylum in London and became engaged - had linked our politician workings to the Irish politic and those who knew and those in Australia, in the USA and elsewhere. The long list of very many events - how they impacted our politic and regional Africa and Indian ocean and in turn the many issues we impacted and drove of Northern Ireland and his party those who ought to know the truth . 

Just as we learned a very great deal during the era of Pope John Paul the ll those in Ireland who knew what we learned and we were taught and how we have applied them. The Vatican was very aware and the Church of England was very aware too. 

Most important something we have written a great deal the need /importance to have Religious impute in political workings and Benchmark, his views and contributions. 

He was a friend of Seychelles Exile and the Seychelles. His view of us must have been shared in the USA, Australia and South Africa. 

He was well aware of the BIOT Diego Garcia debacles 

He was reasonably aware of the capacity of that SIROP program to drive some of Ireland economic and financial issues and the way he managed them. 

On behalf of our exile and Seychelles working thank him , his supporters and collaborators for what he did and likewise what we did and tried to do for the Irish People from our side.


This is the way Britain support Democracy, Justice, Freedom Human Rights   in Sechelles Seychelles  their notion of Democracy, Justice and Freedom for Sechelles Seychelles the past 250 years.