SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Who was Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky

Should indeed like several of those the/those leading Russian business like the one serving the Jail sentence, like the Owner of Chelsea Football club and Berezovsky be who they have written on Wikipedia and elsewhere what they have done and how they acquired their wealth be correct then - they are not telling the truth.

The whole coming to power of Communist Party General Gorbachev is incorrect, massively distorted. Those who know the other version and refuse to publish. The issues of the Putch. What they/it was all about - having written had we been in France, Germany or Austria that change in the COMECON and USSR would have been different - those Senior KGB operatives who knew of our person in Vienna and Europe 1978 onward - they kept records and the Stasi where are those records. 

The Putch came about in then Russia because we had decided to go against those who had wanted the mega Glasnost change - we knew what the mechanism were involved and the many high parties and their objectives - that was when Yeltsin came into the picture and the account of Nerezovzky in very inaccurate. The British Service must have account of the other version. Certainly Lady Thatcher kept information on this unprecedented Historic events. Including President FA Rene and those elite Russian in then Seychelles. (Since his arrival in Britain and others those in Britain and Europe who have been using and manipulating our issues to bring about change in Russia and former USSR and the former COMECON - this person knew a great deal about/aware and how those around him worked and went about)

What was the real reason for keeping my person from that German Seychelles exile gathering was because I had refused to use my knowledge/expertise and ability for any ruthless crap/con that was put towards our person - irrelevant who the high parties were. We knew a great deal more -particularly the issues of Perestroika and the Russian Privatization and the development of the Italian Sicilian, Milanese and North Italy Family workings - those Russians we had been in working contacts including then Gorbachev and later Yeltsin - what information were shared of our complex Seychelles working be they in the Indian Ocean or Europe. Why in the first place those pushed former President Mancham forward to become heavily involved in the Russian privatization - those working and political connection had been ours. Those form the then White House, The Pentagon and CIA beside very many in Paris, then President Mitterrand and those In Italy and Germany and recently PM Berlosconi Office and his people. 

We contributed importantly who got what bit of the Russian Privatization as /like we contributed to the East German issues/Privatization. Those in Seychelles who know or knew nothing of those issues until we started writing and publishing them suddenly lie/as every criminal they knew better and more than the source. What they have been doing and how they have been working and manipulating the information and knowledge we have addressed in public. 

This said the manner our Italian associates worked - and Seychelles. The many young business person or academicians like in the former COMECON we were involved in pushing forward to take so call Democratic economic responsibilities. As in the former COMECON how they turned out and what they have written since. Had we not got involved and done what we did USSR would never have changed and certainly not the COMECON the way they did . This is the mega corrupted benchmark we have been protesting and writing about - the utter lies an clover up. ( The utter bitterness and disillusion which very many have and feel pone they learnt what really took place and what they West have publish)

Some 13/14 years ago when we had wanted to migrate to France - the police and Conservative involvements, Masonic Fraternity, nongovernmental they destroyed everything we had, to stop us from migrating to the continent so they could control and manipulate our issues and we were forced to come to London and those form the Jewish Care our lawyers who know the real issues - Hopkin , Murrey , Besking Judge/Justice Ben Chataway. Had we migrated to France or Brussels those Russian like the owner of the football club of Chelsea would never have come to London and Berezovsky. Those Russian business entity who came to Islington to set up business in reality the dynamic and issues we were managing and responsible and we wrote and discussed them in public and events and the British media - the filth and muck they churned out daily to make their money. They also know all our important and powerful media connection in Britain and Europe, the USA and Australia. 
Events in Seychelles surrounding President FA Rene. Then President Yeltsin. 

This said those from MPR/SNM who knew the DJ Evans like/as is common in British politic and business impersonating the late brother of Sir James Mancham Mr Frank Mancham , who supported a great deal of our work/issues in Seychelles and Europe, who we were then befriended and the many issue and events those form our exile community who recall and remember the issues. Over the years our indirect connection and workings how he benefited and got into trouble. Most important those Rich Russian go to know and learn all our important Seychelles connection in London and Europe who they manipulated it and slotted in and events, the issues of Godalming - property acqusition - we have known and managed many of the complex issues, courts cases and divorces and other terrible mess and those in Russia who have know and know. 

Those Russian who have tested our capacity and abilities and they know when we write and say their are certain line one just do not cross and when they are cross what ensue. 

Just as events-in Seychelles - we liberated the USSR the Seychelles exile - those Russian who have taken to invest in Seychelles and make it their new Home with their wealth their attitude - they cannot or fail to distinguish between Seychellois and Seychellois. The state of thins now. The bitterness of this relation - what about our help involvement ins the Russian Orthodox Church. 

The above person given their resource had know of the issues of the mega meltdown in 2007/8 we meet and come across several of them in London. Their people. Yet that Court Case - had we wish to become engage the outcome and issue would have been very different. Both personalities their attitude and they were following - have the resource to follow and monitor many of our action and workings.

Most important they knew and were fully aware of our Greek, Cyprus and Italian workings - the Latin American, those Russian entity in the South of France and Monaco who know a very great deal - particularly sine the deployment of that SIROP webs .com site those Russian who have been befitting - what they write and tell the media and public. The British police and Service who monitor and cover those issues daily ought to know better. 

Certainly lawyer Phillippe Boulle knew and was/is aware of a great deal more, Mr Paul Chow, Mr Gabriel Hoareau all of them involved in the Seychelles exile Leadership. 

Most important - they knew of the issues to move the greater workings of SIROP and our community to Bruxelles and France - how they watch and monitor events and cash in/make massive win, fortune on those events and developments. The issues we have been addressing about that light Railway project in Seychelles and that Reclamation project and the Stock exchange of Seychelles. For this/these reason we have drag our feet/moved slowly those so call oppositions in Seychelles and what they write on forums and Blogs. Those 21,000 Seychelles exile/refugee have been taken to the laundry in a historic and unique way - those who have made money, wealth, fortune beyond their imagination and our state and situation - the involvement of the international communities and the large majority of Western governments. Had we been on the continent for the election in Vatican as we had requested and that SIROP program - this person would have been very much alive. Those from the Fraternal establishment who know these facts fairly well and what they churn to the greater public.

The Global media ought to seek, ask lady Thatcher permission and ask her before it is too late who this person like President Gorbachev and President Yeltsin - the charade and strange game which has been played in Britain, Europe, Russia and the USA the past 14 years. The problem as with very many we have worked with and contributed that they get to such very high position when they get there and events. 

Knights Templar

In case many of you prominent did not know - now think very hard yet again and in the USA the new Intelligence Service Chief.

Boris Berezovsky: Fade to Black

Friday, 8 March 2013

We decided to watch the funeral of President Hugo Chavez Frias

  President Hugo Chavez Frias

We decided to watch the funeral of President Hugo Chavez Frias - the People and Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela via internet. Beside the many commentary by the international media -we got to watch is via France 24, then Telegraph live coverage.

Beside the important International Delegations and in instance highly controversial, Heads of States some 32, among then Rev, former USA Presidential  candidate Jesse Jackson and his address and the ovation, in all - the very lengthily Memorial protocol - function. ( Those form the White House, the State Department and the CIA who must have been watching the ceremony very closely - in detail, over the past three days the many international coverage of the USA attempting to turn back the clock in Latin American particularly Venezuela)

Before going further need/require to mention President then statement in 1976, that he wish the Seychellois to develop into a Brazil, Latin American culture not in term of Spanish or Portuguese but our French, English and Creole - taking a page form their Nation workings. Over the 15 years in exile we have noted/overheard him re-stressed this.

Beside our important Indian Ocean Portuguese heritage/connections, Mauritius many of our ancestors came /originated from Mauritius and from France, the Portuguese//Dutch had first colonized Mauritius, abandoned it and migrated in South Africa and elsewhere.  Events in Seychelles 1970's onward and the Opposition - SPUP connections to Latin America Communist and Socialist Leaders, government, Movements and Military, including Cuba. Events of 1977, the coup d'etat and the involvement of Cuban military then base in several OAU state - the Cold War, the two Camps, the East and the West, the COMECON, the Warsaw Pact and USSR, beside China. Those Nations in the Arab Leagues, Gulf Region and Asia.
We have addressed, our first contact in Vienna to European Strategic Research institute, later London and Paris.

As such we acquired a good insight of then Seychelles international relations and workings with the many governments, in Economy, politic, Culture, Military, Scientific and other fields.  Then information by UNIDO, the World Bank or IMF just did not match.

In London during the 15 years of exile those who judge we were to complicated, refused to be direct and zig zaging.

We would like to share a small insight - for instance we have stated very many times if we could change Seychelles of then president FA Rene to the Socialist system in France, Austria,  Switzerland and Scandinavia it would have been a very great achievement.  As such our goal and objective. We have been privilege to be educated by some of the elite of British Colonial system  and later the many contacts in Europe to conclude if one is to be involved or lead a change you must know where you are going. Be they to your Mercenary technicians or the Army and those who would pay/fund and contribute to carry out such change. Particularly from the many Western Technicians they all were of the view we ought to be some kind of Person who would allows himself to be directed, our position there.  We have made it very plain to the many Seychelles resources, its people and accounted workings just do not lend that it become an extreme right wing, capitalist system/state where by just a few have fortunes, wealth and the vast majority have little or nothing - be realistic if we can become half the socialist system the France, Scandinavia, Switzerland has we ought to be thank ful that was until 1991.  The Communist system had not completely changed.
At this state we need to underline - what we have addressed, our work indirect with then Lady Thatcher government, Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman and Professor Von Hayak and many others. The economy, politic of Europe, rest of the world until 1987 when we initiated that SIROP program.

Make no mistake during my time in Vienna/Austria had the opportunity to discuss with the most bitter and individuals opposing the Capitalist system and those opposing the communist system.  Had the Seychelles people, politicians had the privileged to have the person of Dr Micheal Hoffman or Professor von Hayak to advice them - what economic and political direction they ought to take what they would have concluded. Over the past 30 years given out training we have very seldom been proved wrong.

Over the past 21 years we have addressed the contributions the Latin American Community in London - based in Kilburn made/contribute to our work, they were from Latin America House, beside those former Officials who lived in exile in London  and their work.

When we decided to draft/put that SIROP program on that make shift table in Kilburn - Brent, then events in London of the Latin America many communities and their country and Seychelles relation/diplomacy.  Beside the Cuban issues, the Noriega issues those from the White House who knew, the USA very complex involvements then the issues of the Iran Contra and Latin America, again those from the then white House. Seychelles very special relation to/wish some of these countries then - particularly Cuba, Columbia, Venezuela.

In today's Europe workings there are Interest Groups and business lobby - their diverse interests  in then Vienna we have acquired the capacity to contribute to OPEC complex issues and the Oil Producing countries, including Venezuela. Those from the USA and other nations who were aware of some of our abilities.  Hence between 1978 to 1987 when we were called to write/put together an option to change Seychelles - beside the many complex and complicated Seychelles issues the Oil/Energy connection. During the Iran/Iraq War, embargo, the role then Seychelles government, South Africa and Venezuela.  With out these information, knowledge we would not have been able to develop an adequate strategy, policy , plan for Seychelles ongoing role, links in the global Oil/Energy issues from the Latin America prospective. Later a change Seychelles, coalition or other wise - most important a changed Seychelles under a multiparty working/government, democracy.  Over the past three years all those who have come from the USA to advise Seychelles government of JA Michel if we do find Oil the best workings and accountability. We have been very amused each time we read and posted such articles on our respective forums.

Given events surrounding the death, killing of President Hugo Chavez, his decision to go to Cuba for treatment  those in Seychelles and rest of the world who judge that Cuba had been able to develop its own science and discipline a curing Cancer - what we have addressed, the medical and scientific corrupted benchmark and practice  their lies and cover up.  The facts that he may have lived longer had he been treated in his own country - the issues of those who wanted to get rid of him.  A great and good deal of this came out this evening.  The high responsibility of any Latin  American Head of State need/requirement to know and be aware of the many facets and aspect of the cause of death and those involved.

The Seychelles government and Seychelles exile relation with Latin America is very complicated - beside Panamanian President Noriega issues, Daniel Ortega  those form President Reagan  Bush and Clinton Administration who know and recall the issues. Yet what the national media of Seychelles writes or the  international media.  The working relations of President FA Rene was much more complicated and complex - those younger politicians know very little or none at all.  How in many instance the dynamic/synergy of our workings affected, drove and dynamism their issues and vise versa.  These would never get in the media.  Hence when we wrote that SIROP program , those form the USA, London and elsewhere who choose to hijack it, like the Somali and others give it to president Mancham, Dr Ferrari and others - our conclusion they knew nothing and they would not be able to implement this program because they have not been involved in the core issues.  Part of that SIROP program was linked /related in changing Latin America, from politic to big business and global/international workings.  Those Heads of state who were involved and one of then then Hugo Chavez Frias then politic of his country, then Seychelles Oil energy working among others with Venezuela. Particularly - our reason and important contributions to develop and help build that Seychelles Tanker Fleet the German Involvements.  The Greece/Cyprus connections. Hence when we write and state we made 13 attempts to meet with President FA Rene, the intentions if this ever goes to Court the outcome.  That Seychelles Tanker fleet was an important part of SIROP economic program. As such the ultimate responsibility/accountability and our call and request for a review.

There is a very great deal we would have liked wish to state. May be those of you inhabitants of this planet earth understand why we worked sop hard/did what we did to have a WWW so that those who judge they had the sole rights to control global workings,information then 1987, events and today, the impacts on Latin America, On India, China, then Lady Thatcher - she made the hasty statement that we had acquired weapon of Mass destruction - wisdom and knowledge works differently and those involves and scientist know how they it works as against the Politicians and media.  We had been on  a Quest.  Today in spite of all the lies and cover up those who can research will have the ability to progress better with the available information and knowledge.

This evening we would like to state this, time and time we have stated that the pendulum of changes swing to Far, had we been living in France, Germany let alone Austria this would never have happen - those like Professor Hoffman, Von Hayak and those form WEF, the world need/requires balance. With the extreme change in the COMECON and USSR workings, the need requirement for some kid of counter balance in proper scientific - Harvard and Yale thinking or L'ena or their equivalent in Britain.  Events in South America - those like President Ronald Reagan and the very many unwritten issues that he took to his grave/resting place - we had exchanged and shared those issues in contemplating the changes that that SIROP program would bring, the mega economic possibilities of the Latin America  and the direction of their respective nation when the changes would come and the role/position of the USA - impacts, the world today.  Time and time again we have stated we are not the lecture type rather those who have made sure we do not go on lecture for fear of what would/may come out.

As the Latin American Nation with all their archaic  fraternal, Illuminati  heritage and such workings mourns and put to rest President Hugo Chavez Frias, just as the SIROP program in the process of the changes caused the downfall of many then important past former COMECON Heads of State and those who followed, those from Asia, those form North Africa and Africa proper, the mega mess EU is in  - he was one of those who became outstanding and the example he has set for Latin America  and the North Africa, Africa and Asia. We have been following and monitoring very closely in term of greater Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary workings his involvements, achievements and mistakes.  Those from other global  Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary management high workings

We read and follow a very great deal the SFP former MSR Blog - we would love you to be on that seat and wearing that pair of shoe, with the note if you get caught out you promise to vacate immediately without any fuss.

Note: There are those in the USA who are peeved with our person. The question who are those small Seychellois or none entity who claim and purport what is being address on the web. Would it be great if somebody like President Ronald Reagan could speak for his  resting place  about certain facts, events and history - unpublished  President Bill Clinton however is very much alive - the very many issues he too have choose not to speak out. What about PM Tony Blair who was highly aware of the vast many unwritten issues about the EU, Russia - President Putin drive for greater economic workings, diplomatic of Russian Commonwealth created by President Yeltsin, China - then OAU and African Union. Most important unwritten issues about what was driving the Latin American states to form the Union of South American Nation. In Term of economic, diplomacy, scientific, culture, global  balance - Sechelles Seychelles relation. This/these highly important issues was little debated by the media at President Obama first election, come his second election equally less - yet the combined economic possibilities and capabilities, the mechanism in the Union to safeguard against political instability  intervention like the EU, African Union. Those who dare question today's media working a great deal is available on archive.  Very important in-spite of the mega mess of the EU the positive progress the Union of South American nations and events in the African Union. We had been very well if not overly aware of the capabilities, the future of the South American Union at the second election of President Obama - the role being played by President Hugo Chavez Frias and Venezuela - global development - yet again the global press/media very little of these were mentioned - the question one need to ask why, Just as President Ghadaffi was highly instrumental in the creation of African Union. To be able to come to such conclusion requires one to know one subject reasonably well.

Union of South American Nations

Watch live coverage from Caracas as the funeral of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is held in front of supporters and leaders from around the world

Seychelles Tanker Fleet

Saturday, 2 March 2013

This Saturday's comment SFP Blog

This Saturday's comment SFP Blog

We would like to have a cup of bitter black coffee with President FA Rene in SFP Blog. He cannot refuse.

The comment we made late on Friday 1.03.13, the Christian/Catholic & Protestant belief/church workings on the Continent, the Family and society. Particularly Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Spain, Portugal, some of the former COMECON countries and Scandinavia. Certain percentage in France.

We want to ask the High person of President FA Rene - had not Pope John Paul ll come to Office would he have agreed/offered to change Seychelles One party system. Where would Seychelles ongoing change be - position had not Pope Benedict come to Office and existed - the greater and highly important German - Reunification, East German issues, like Seychelels then Communist and One Party System. The close similarity.

{We are going to edit here - to jog President FA Rene memory - his important Church connection and favorite at the 1978 Conclave  particularly strong candidates for the papacy: Giuseppe Siri, the conservative Archbishop of Genoa, and the liberal Giovanni Benelli, the Archbishop of Florence and a close associate of John Paul I. Events in Europe, the Cold War and the Indian Ocean - Africa, Latin America, Asia and Gulf Region. Our decision against the Family wish not to buy a Health Hotel, other advisers - we had other reason to go to Vienna - Trust one Day my/our ex Austrian wife will speak the truth. In Sechelles Seychelles political events and London/Europe. The very complex fraternal etc connections of then President FA Rene. Very few, and from the exile Seychelles community nobody knew of my Polish connections. The Polish Cardinal Karol Józef Wojtyła issues had progressed - we had already been in contacts with Mr David Rakotopare - Indian Ocean Representation for UNIDO - World Bank old UNIDO building and the big question should UNIDO stay in Vienna or move, then events. We had been in contact with certain high parties from the Catholic church in Vienna, other important Political connections, then Chancelor Kreisky Government, then Red Barons of Vienna.  Beside President FA Rene church people we had been in indirect contact, Cardinal Franz König, the influential and widely-respected Archbishop of Vienna, in France then Abbe Pierre - President FA Rene would have wished that his Italian favorite and so too did many in the USA, Britain, France and Europe - what took place. This is why we say the people, the politicians of Seychelles know very little about that SIROP program. There were other important church person and those from the Orthodox Church, those who would not like to believe then Ayatollah Khomeini. There are those from the church and Fraternal/Illuminati in USA, Britain, France, Italy, Russia, certain ex COMECON  countries -Sechelles Seychelles,  Africa who have know of those issues and a great deal more how they have used, abused, manipulated them - the outcome. }

Papal conclave, October 1978

 Abbé Pierre

Franz König

This said - President FA Rene like very many of us is not being honest and sincere to himself and the very cause he believed in. The larger Population who believed in him and followed him.

That SIROP program and the most important military issue then - Global disarmament Nuclear initiative and President FA Rene would have had to take his cue from those then in USSR, China, OAU, Latin America - the global media, the same benchmark Mr Barry Lane wish to set in Sechelles Seychelles and work by, their conclusion the world was on the verge of ending. Those then who did not give two pence to what they thought, including all the great global leaders - the the initiatives for global Nuclear disarmament. The very significant and important role of the Church, belief and faith. It was not the Pentagon, the White House and those sitting in then Moscow who secured, brought about the Treaty - they were humans - some may even say nerds - with all their resources, making their input and that Treaty. Those who control the real agenda, dynamic and synergy.President FA Rene and some of his very close circle and those in Italy and Rome, the USA who were highly informed - were active/involved. ( this is why the UN and refuse to get involve in reviewing that Program - what will have to come out)

The very tragic outcome - most of the church how they work. They are not allow/permitted to follow and continue important world and global issue one the politicians and military become embroiled - the vast majority who pretended they had never existed, they had never been involved and - the total mega mess which ensued and the Taliban and the Al Kaida issues and the super Terrorist issues. The Church stood by and either did not do enough or did too little. Where this has taken us, the world Today.

We trust those watching and monitoring things will inform those who need to know in the Vatican, at least to jog their memory - even if they are all very scared even to listen/hear - pay attention.Because we have tried to get those who were involved and knew the past eight years to contribute and their respective high position. . . 


Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

Nuclear disarmament

1987 | Nuclear Disarmament

1987: Superpowers to reverse arms race