SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Where is a National Memorial monument to mark, respect all those gave their lives to liberate Sechelles Seychelles from Communist

Where is a National Memorial monument to mark, respect all those who gave their lives to liberate Sechelles Seychelles from Communist

 Soviet War Memorial, Vienna :- Salzburg/Austria, its Castle, Cathedral, Concerts, Festivals - whence  President J R Mancham was toppled whilst attending the Commonwealth Conference in London. Vienna/Austria, the neutral nation between Communist, COMECON, Warsaw Pact and USSR and Europe, NATO, etc. Vienna/Austria the special bridge between Europe then and Terrorist Regime in North Africa, and Gulf Region - including Sechelles Seychelles - where most of its econmic lifeline came form. Vienna the new International Conference Centre UNIDO/UN/World Bank where the first research for joint Indian Ocean body like the CARICOM was undertaken , later the COI, to bridge the Communist and and the West Economic nations, the Failed Mad Mike military operation those in Vienna who knew and why it failed. Most important, that SIROP etc exile/refugee program has/owe a great deal to very many influential high parties in Vienna/Austria.

Beside reading the recent article at Seychelles E-News by Mr Julien Durup seeking light, clarification, public knowledge of the National Liberation Heroes - we have long time and time again come back to this topic since return of Multi party and the 3rd Republic National Holiday 18th June.

Had the exiles been successful with their military option to change Seychelles, beside setting up their own National monuments what can and would have been very certain, the current 5th June Coup d'etat National monument would have been removed.

At the negotiation of the New National Constitution for the 3rd Republic, all its mechanism - those who failed to put their foot down and insist that a National Monument be erected to commemorate, pay respect to all those in Seychelles, in Exile, those who fought to return Multi party, Democracy, Freedom and Justice in Sechelles - Seychelles.

Seychelles and its people has/have a big   problem - the problem originate form the British Colonial era.  They were not allowed and forbidden to erect any monument to mark their Colonial History, ie Founding fathers of Sechelles Seychelles - the French.  Religious one yes, but not political, economic or historic. It gave the various generation an abnormal relation and notion of National Monument.

Under the British Colonial Rule the only Monuments allowed was the Clock Tower and the Exile nearly had it blown up, Queen Victoria Monument by the Court and the War Memorial at Mont Flurie.

In demanding that a Memorial to mark, commemorate those who fought to liberate Sechelles Seychelles from Communist, we have in mind not just Seychellois - time and time again have give a list of Nations who fought by our sides, their citizens, male and female who gave their lives for our freedom during the Cold War - should a proper documentation be made it will cause a scandal. What about the Military engagements which was started because of Seychelles politic, in Afghanistan, some of the hot spots of the Gulf and North Africa region, South America - so call "collateral fall out/spillover" What about the thousands of civilian who perished in the process of our fight to liberate Sechelles Seychelles from the Communist - the "collateral fall out and spillover".  Among them great generals, soldiers, diplomats, scientist, church leaders, statesman, police - the list is very long in term of "collateral spillover". In other word - thought the media and many would like our children, the future generation to believe it was a peaceful change, deep down, at the core of the fight and terrible battle, the immense amount of  blood shed and spilt.  Their close one alive, relatives, friends, parents etc., . In the minds of those Leader ship of the SPPF/PL it meant nothing - only they have blood, only they live/exist only they are human,  it had no meaning to the SPUP/SPPF/PL political faction,  just like the British Colonial Masters. In Britain every corner of the land there  is some kind of Monument and of recent since the Blair government the many new National Monuments they have erected to make the British proud and feel good and great.

Wars and fight for Liberation, freedom is a very highly sensitive topic right across the globe, those who are still writing, discussing, debating analysing events of European history and the great Wars - in this new Sechelles Seychelles with its new University, new Marine Academy (They could have put a monument to our Ancestors who discovered Sechelles Seychelles - the very notion of an Academy, instead of taking their cue from the British, Commonwealth or African Union, or China), new national Norm Institute etc.,  only the History of President JA Michel and the SPPF/PL propaganda matters. This year the 35th anniversary of the 5th June coup d'etat they found it necessary to have a bigger event - their SBC Television stated this.

"Before we the Seychellois exiles/refugees gave you the World Wide Web your Government or any government could have propagated their lies, distortions, propaganda and dishonesty, own version of History, the less educated, the poorest, less able defenceless have access to the WWW if they cannot read, can listen and look at pictures or Video. School children in Sechelles Seychelles, from the age of 5/6 years can search the WWW for their interested subjects, history, stories, pirates etc.,"

 In other parts of the world a pet, horse, dog, cat, donkey etc.,  die they put a cross and build a Memorial.

Monument Wikipedia

Who are the “Liberation Heroes”?

Friday, 8 June 2012

Whatever became of our Seychellois exile/refugee - migrant families extra large cooking pots

We are adding a collection of cooking spots not just of Seychellois exile/refugee, America, India given our French ancestors migration to those/such lands 450 years ago - including British.(Our forum/Facebook article about Oliver Twist)

We would have wish to list the the Families we use to know that had such extra large cooking pots, and the functions, events as in our Indian Ocean Culture - Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Diego Garcia, Madagascar , East Africa and French - Australia and South Africa. These were cooking pots for 25 person in instances. The good time, happy times and bad times. What was cooked and how they were cooked. ( Everybody has long forgotten or choose to forget)

Those Families and their respective communities:

North London - three families

North west London
Islington - two families
Hounslow - six families
Slough - two families those involved in the Indian Ocean Club
The function of Seynews - the Families involved.
Central London - one family

Church functions

Beside the smaller functions and the families involved

Along with the many issues and memories we have tired to bring back to life in the first place the project of British Refugee history mapping - by Evelyn Old field - funded by Sainsbury Trust of which our Portal project was meant to be part of.

The Seychellois exile/refugee had strange humor and the things they use to associate such large cooking events with.

Political parties        -
In Seychelles/exile

Mercenary soldiers - like Mad Mike
                                Bob Nodyne in Seychelles President FA Rene Belge Body Guard
                                Bob Denard the famous French mercenary
                                Minister Ogilvy Berlouis

Intelligence Services -CIA

                                 Irish Intelligence

Church events/Feast -

Birthday's                -

Western Films          - like the one we watched 11/8/12

Note - There is a page at our Community Portal dedicated to cooking

Apprehensive events, expectation 21 years after Angers - Loire, 1990/91

We address the issues prior to Mr Maurice Didon strange death  - of faith, belief, and practice in Sir Lanka. {When a Buda is created, most important the spiritual requirements when the Buddha eye is painted - when they wrong spiritual procedures is applied - the calamity, sufferings, death on the Village and those partaking, those who work in deep mines in Sir Lanka where they found Princess Diana gem stone - the same one currently worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, those who go about their daily chores, work, the farmers,  the fisherman, the tea pluckers who have to work at such high altitude and dangerous place, its world prominancy, Queen Elizabeth favorite tea – most important those who tap toddy as a profession, the weather condition the aggressive environment, the snakes challenges and how they have been reverting for the past 2/3000 years or more to their faith, belief to solve and overcome this and their country today and Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Comoro and Madagascar in comparison – those with important  Christian values - faith.}
We have chosen and come to Hamstead to write this thread, all those young Seychellois of the FA Rene and JR Mancham era who studied in London and visited Hamstead - it is from hamstead that we go a great deal of our inspiration to write that SIROP exile/refugee program, over the past 500 years those leading individual, personalities who have influenced, contribute to the world in very many spheres and disciplines. (Not to forget and over look the old suitcase of the Epstine/Beloff Family from Hamstead we had used beside our new suit case to carry and store all the SIROP exile documents and other related, associated issues - in Angers, there is an important Jewish community)

St Vincent de Paul

 Mr Maurice Didon, former SDP candidate for Mahe South with Mr Robert Frichot, Important Seychellois Restaurant owner and businessman

 Point Larue, Anse Déjeuner - Mr Maurice Didon home

Only three weeks ago we/I address at the SIROP blog, circumstance over  the death of Mr Hori Edmond – the issues and association of our Sechelles Seychelles Heraldic. For the past 21 years since the reintroduction of Multi Party in that country, their ancient French – European heritage, including it Heraldic working – all those who either for lack of knowledge, poor understanding, rely on their modest knowledge, that available local to the “Government” then proceed to work with relevant or a given issues. The misunderstanding, lack or poor knowledge of the many disciplines, mechanism, dynamics, ethic, benchmark, practices associated with those who work, get involved and acquired due experiences and expertise, including the fraternal/Christian aspects, military, greater sciences – laws of nature. Not to mention the near 15 years gaps, the exile time, prior to that the mismanagement of this discipline because of the British Colonial attitude and position towards the Old Franco Establishment in Seychelles and the region.  A great deal of this knowledge having disappeared, forgotten, neglected, judge irrelevant and old fashion, insignificant – whilst noting the impacts of such working in more civilised societies, countries and their governments. Time and time again for the past 21 years have been underlining, explaining the dangers for those who mishandle, miss act or abuse the discipline and dynamics involved and associated, as such the accountability and respective responsibilities of those who manage and work with the respective issues.

As a result, having mentioned the three possibilities we/I have been looking at in relation to that ongoing SIROP work – one thing certain, the sudden death of Mr Hori Edmond had not been envisaged, the manner we/I had to integrate this important family tragedy, loss in what we had been planning and working on. For this reason we stated we have wanted/wished to travel to Krakow or Warsaw and take a picture of our person under that big cross set up by Pope John Paul ll – all those with appropriate Christian belief and even for those with no belief the very meaning of taking one’s picture under such cross in our effort to drive home into the concrete and harden mind of the many world leading politicians, their respective establishments and the media. In the end we decided Angers – Loire.

{Form January 2012 to May 2012 we have addressed many issues relating to our situation in Kent - Family, my Son's, the Police are aware and the Government officials, other individuals - then our very precarious working environment in Britain, in spite all the big talk of PM Cameron - working in manner which would be conducive to positiver working particularly the Indian Ocean region - it is a situation of four steps forward and three steps backwards, the very depressive moral of the mega Banking abuses, corrupted bench marks and the media/politicians utter corrupt working - the alternative option short of taking the money we invested in travelling to Paris then Angers - Loire, use it for a holiday to Russia or such places and find a female companion in the process, again we are being polite - the real alternatives who were and have been following our issues would have been to purchase a second container, remove all our belongings from Kent and put it in storage and part of the contents of the London - Islington flat - the results/reaction they we would not have experienced not only a North African Spring but a Global if one can put in in such polite language. We take our past 35 years experiences very seriously, even if right and left there is nothing but utter corruption and mega dishonesty - particularly the issues of the Jewish Mathematicians calculation that a mega global mess is/will be inevitable between 2011 to 2015. Including our important contributions in the issues of CERN and the recent so call discovery of the God Particle - had we taken that money and purchased a contained and put all our belonging in for storage - the impacts on CERN so call discover and countless important  EU ongoing Financial bridges, firewall etc., how they would have been serious impacted - yet all the politicians, media, individuals, Seychelles, Mauritius, Indian Ocean government, Russian, Chinese, African Union - they take it for granted. Including President Francois Holland and all his High Officials}

Having stated our intention to resynergise, dynamise that SIROP exile program – today’s Seychelles government benchmark in all sector of working in comparison to 1987/88, the state of global politic then and most important spiritual state of the world and church, faith and Christian working. We have been equally concern of the dangers for all those involved that they miss act, they neglect, they overlook, ignore the important manner of the then Faith, church, Fraternal and such other very high working and heritage of our ancestors – who build those colonies and by what manner. Including the then politicians, government officials, Ministers of French decent, blood, bone.

We are very certain many of the Opposition of today, the government MNA and indeed regional politicians will not understand, explain they do not understand or want to understand what we are trying to say/explain. Those who will say give the excuse that time has move on, science has exploded and move on, we live in a modern society and world, way of working and doing things. As such we have a responsibility and duty to explain and underline if required. In today’s world working with all its so call modern resources – the church and faith plays a highly important and significant role - it is not about buildings as many many have concluded. Beside the associate values. From conception, birth, growing up, education, working life, family life, getting old, the sick, death and the continuation of life. {Just as the Sir Lanka nation take their faith, Buddhist very seriously}

This said we hold and held the view that the vast majority of those who are working to change Seychelles, rebuilding or implementing their politic including that SIROP program, lack the spiritual drive and faith we all had in 1987, that burring passion for greater spiritual and nobler aspiration – because they and they alone made ethical  miracle, caused and brought about that no armies, guns and killing came about was required to change the COMECON, the Communist system, the Warsaw Pact, the USSR and German Reunification – many will jump and say those guys, people knew nothing about Christian faith and did not know how to pray even, not their fault - the political, economic and social, military  system they had lived in/forced to live in. Yet those from  the West who were fully aware and developed the due dynamic, platform, connectivity to drive and make what happen - happen. Most important because we were importantly involved, at the core and thick of things and have been involved in very many aspects of the changes and development since then – for our person, the need to stay focus in term of faith/interfaith, belief and development in current society and the greater world.

Equally important the current view and ours that we have taken part in destroying, bringing down and changing a system – beside the human oppression – yet in comparison to the given current highly uncertain situation and promise of the change to a Western system for the past 10 years, the real situation and human suffering for those countries - in the old system everybody was guaranteed a Job. In the process we have helped and contributed to replace with a system that has turn and is turning society across the world, infants and making them into a global slave machine, prison, mind control environment and the quality of human existence,  society.  All those involved in exploiting, what took place in/during the changes, their lies, cover up and manipulation and all they care is make a great deal of money and the end results, a brutal, heartless and soulless society - controlled by the media.  That was not the objective and purpose of those changes. Hence we trust all those who will read this blog will try to understand – why we keep saying our very great and grave concern before attempting this journey to Angers – Loire after 21 years, our ancestral French important heritage and church workings.

The death of Mr Maurice Didon requires certain explanation and having address the above will endeavour to present certain issues which may have pass and failed the attention of great many.

Until the death of Mr Marc Didon, also known as Ti Marc of Anse aux Pins, our then Italian connection, archaic, fraternal and otherwise, he had represented the family side, aspect in Seychelles who had been importantly responsible and involved with many aspects of that SIROP program which the greater public did not know and will never know, safe for those who have been involved and worked the issues. President FA Rene was fully aware, Seychelles police, the army, the local Party officials, some of his very senior politicians, including his private body guard of President FA Rene,  Mr Bob Nodyne - the Belge. Mr Marc Didon was a very colourful personality and came across a great deal of personalities, people visiting our country and the quality of their exchanges. Most important over the 15 years of One Party State how his responsibilities developed, the family and very many other local issues - which he influenced or was impacted and influenced, driven - by the respective issues he was working, dealing with - including that Reclamation at Anse aux Pins and the proposed development. In turn the science and management, discipline associated. Everybody would like/have us believe it never took place, everything worked, came into place by magic. There were no suffering, pain and oppressive practises.

The events which relate to his illness have been discussed with a great many and why, the nature of his malaise, illness and the very many views. Because of what took place and taken place – then Seychelles One Party State system, working in similar and parallel benchmark as Haiti, Madagascar, Comoro, their own strange benchmark they develop particularly relating. How they  got their enemies - made them suffer, their fate, punishments and demise. We are fully, if not very aware of how countries like Northern Ireland, Sicily, Sardinia, Sir Lanka, Maldives, that French island near France – Corsica, the state of life, society and how things work and their respective benchmark, how they deal and co relate to such issues we have mentioned above. The very distinctive society, culture, human being they have develop into.

 Mr Lewis Didon who had an office at Premier Building for a very long time – having worked for Seychelles government under very many leading personalities, among them Mr Guy Morel – he equally represented important Family affairs, issues relating to that SIROP program, his personal experiences , pain and suffering, those of his children in particular.

Most of you have families in Seychelles and as such know how Seychellois families function and work right across the Board and the Edmond/Didon/Lafortune/Lallande/Gabriel is no exception.

After the death of Mr Marc Didon – this responsibility was not entrusted, fall on his children but to his brother Mr Maurice Didon – as such my personal relationship, growing up, getting married, working at home, divorce and leaving everything and going in exile. Our relationship in exile.

Mr Maurice Didon has also worked for many years for the Old colonial government – most important his political experience, during the pre independence process and thereafter. He had stood as a Candidate with Mr Robert Frichot on one occasion for South Mahe, if we are correct. After Independence events, his many connections, the Coup d’état – he belong to those very few who did not flee in exile and his very rich personal experiences enough to write a colourful book. The kind of individual one need to be to survive during the One Party State era.

He was also important involve in the Tourist sector and ran/had a very successful Restaurant – the very many individuals over the years he encountered and discussed the many aspects of Seychelles. He was very active in the small business sector of Seychelles and economic issues.

Equally important his role and involvements in the political process, the changes and that SIROP program, the political development as against all those who had left in exile and never came back, his capacity, tenacity and abilities - those who lost their properties, in his case he had resided at Petit Paris for the past 40 years, all the important neighbours and development.  By then he had managed to build and develop a unique working relation with many of the state and opposing system, structures and mechanism – including very difficult individuals.  He also represented the intellectual side of his Didon side of the family. I wish it had been otherwise, the brief occasion we had to discuss the 2004/5 earth quake and tsunami – his personal views. Because he is an ex SDP political/ministerial candidate discussed the corruption in Seychelles,  the important abuse of power, the exploitation, aspects of the properties and money owed to my/our person in private and beside that SIROP program and have done the same with other members of the family, their respective views and position. We have also discussed many of the ethical practice of the government, their officials, from the  “archaic, illuminate, fraternal, heraldic, Masonic, Christian workings and those from the conservation” We discussed in depth all aspect of the Opposition and those involved, the Bench of Seychelles, the Legal Fraternity. Those who have taken the time, had the opportunity to converse and discuss with him over the years. He also enjoyed life to the full as members of the family – safe our person.

We came to Seychelles in 2009 and had made it a point and requirement to take due time and discuss many of the more important and pertinent issues of the family and as such his responsibilities.  We had stated we would have like to return in one year time the latest. Mr Maurice Didon is very well verse in the diplomat, political and other working of the British. What we discussed very frankly and openly. We judge it not necessary to emphasis/underline to none of you – be you from Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica, Northern Ireland, Sir Lanka, Comoro, Madagascar, Maldives – what it means and imply having to take over the responsibility as Head of a Family – the brutal and highly negative side/aspects of it/things. Daily working and confrontations – most important our ancestral “archaic, illuminate, heraldic, fraternal, Masonic, Christian” such working in Seychelles environment. Working with our politicians, it’s NGO, the army, the police, navies etc., as such his responsibilities, involvement in that SIROP redynamising/rebuilding. On our part in spite of all the great talk of the government of improved Human Right benchmark, greater democracy, the new Seychelles and transparency – tolerance we judge it unwise to address and discuss the above mention in public, while he was alive for fear of reprisal - not that he feared, he had made that very plain to us in our last meeting.

We also know his views on those who have requested we return and set up camp in Seychelles.  His efforts to convince us.

There are very many in Britain/London who have question our absent for the many community functions – given that the Didon Family setup/put into place Cafe Society, the many functions. We have not felt at ease. We have not felt ourselves safe.  Where as in the past whatever our circumstance and family position we used and would attend such events and take the time to explain, exchange and share moments and views with those who cared.

Beside the portal we have endeavoured to put in place for the community, our my space, face book, forums and other social connectivity, judge and trusted those who know our person and the issues we are associated and responsible would be able to follow and study given their distinctive understanding of such issues and their workings.

It took some six months to plan, work out our return/visit to Angers – Loire. Many of you who travel and follow greater politic and such working will judge too long. We are taking into consideration, the very negative economic, political and financial situation of EU, events in France prior to Mr Sarkozy getting g into trouble with the French electorate, the aspiration of madam Segolan Royal the fight as to who would lead the French people in an election – finally events of the Family funeral of the Mitterrand and the election results in France. ( President Sarkosy and his government, social and entourages was well informed of our personal, political  situation - equally about our ancestral working - the important issues we have been addressing - the 21st year of the many documents, personal luggage's we had left there , events in London and those who steered issues regarding our greater Seychelles EU Community working to their advantage and political interests - the Treaty between France and Britain, those who know the real issues. Had President Sarkozy still been in  Power we may have not been able to undertake this Historic journey to Angers -Loire, those form the media and France Intelligence Services - as such those who understand what we are saying here something important had to happen, take place, come about.)

Let alone certain incidents, and events in London whilst planning, making the arrangements, those from the Church, spillover into the British media and media events until we lefts, how and why they are so influenced. In my mind was the important churning, what will impact what, when we go to France, Paris and Angers after such a long time, all the great historic, media, political, scientific, mega events across Europe, the mega climate change, the building of the Link between France and Britain,  social, corporate, arts, military which France had gone through as a result of the changes which had come about after 1989 and those important documents we had left in France in the care of the many officials - how they would react and treat our person - specially the Church - fraternal establishment.  All the major conflicts, wars, killings, the issues of the Taliban and Alkhaida, all the Terrorist issues which had not been there in 1989.

It is the duty and requirement of any individual leading and taking such responsibilities to sum up, do stock check of such events and process – including the French entry into NATO, the many debacle of the Single Treaty, the Current Euro debacles – at the end to pose the question what will transpire expect to transpire after such a historic visit – 21 years on. Angers for one has changes a very great deal – including those from the Mahe de La Bourdonais Association, very many modern building have been constructed, modern tram system, the Castle refurbished, large numbers of high quality residences - their sports, football Team SCO Angers.  Their impact on the ongoing synergies and many complicated dynamics. An individual in spite of their French Ancestral background you just do not go/walk into Angers with the kind of connection we had and do the kind of stuff children would say and forget and go away. For those of you who followed and may have question the furore which developed between His holiness the Pope and his First Cardinal – why and good reasons. The crappy media writing. Equally in our  mind the mega media circus in Britain over/about queen Elizabeth 60 year of Reign - the co relation with Angers - Loire, it had been events surrounding Angers - Loire that had changed Britain, UK, and Europe, the European Monarchy, including Britain. This need to be put in very clear prospective.

At this juncture we believe to explain to those who do not know form our respective communities – the issues of Angers from Old Sechelles, Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Asia, South Africa, East Africa, Gulf Region – in as much we had been properly introduced to the Angers issues in Vienna, those between 1978 to 1985, when we still had important working contacts in Vienna.  Then Austrian what we/I have come to term “archaic, royalty/nobility, illuminate, fraternal, heraldic, Christian and Masonic” such workings. In old Seychelles we had been privileged to have had such families like the D’Offay's, ex Baily/ family side, Jumeau/Gontheir, Albert, Rameau, Nageon D’es Lestemp to have given us, implanted in us the notion of Angers – Anjou – we are talking of the relation to the  Didon/Edmond/Lallande, Lafortune etc side from Anse aux Pins.

Hence upon our recent visit – we took due note, events in Seychelles, that submarine cable connection, political process, Gulf region and the USA new positioning in the region – as to what we discussed and what discussions we entered into. Since our return to London two weeks ago in spite of the importance of the visit have publish very little – on account of the great deal turning/churning in our mind.  “What about such statements if we were not in London the mega change in Britain and London working – we take this statement and issues very seriously - many of those in France we have had the opportunity to talk to converse with”

We had been invited by close Family to come and give an account since we have talk, discuss and converse so much about Angers – Loire the past 21 years in London. We decided instead to visit a stronger and more important Family connection – we are not getting any younger and as such did not carry a great deal of luggage and whatever we could bring back. We decided to get a family present in Earls Court/those who recall madam Butterfly and then Minister David Joubert and Mr Marcel Pothin. We bought the present across the old Restaurant. London being London, all those on the Train who was aware we had presents and they being so nosey knew where we had bought it and the issues.  That morning we had informed several parties we had found a wallet for a young Italian and contacted her university and local GP - telling them bluntly every year because/on account of our Italian archaic, Illuminati etc high working these events take place, then try to sort our lost old umbrella – which we got acquire/give to us some weeks after Lord Oxford passed away - we landed at the Salvation Army one street from the New Seychelles High Commission and purchase a nice old second umbrella, for those who recall the opening of the Seychelles University by Princess Anne, we had come there to get some bits and pieces, old coat to travel to Oxford and events - Mrs Jemaima Goldsmith Khan.  Then spent some two hours by the Institute Francais in south Kensington. We had wanted to greet Mr Didier Comfait – as we try to do when we visit Hounslow – pressed for time we did not.

Some Two weeks has passed since our visit to Angers and Paris and still the important concern on our mind, the emphasis and gravity we/I took in addressing the issues, our experiences, events and recent development.  It was shortly after 8pm the Family in question received the devastating news that Mr Maurice Didon had passed away in Seychelles – at first very confusing.

It transpire/came out he had swallowed a “duck bone” On his 65th Birthday, the 35th year of the coup d'etat - 5/6th June 1977 and Queen Elizabeth 60th years of reign, had been near suffocation, the family had reacted, the emergencies had been called, then taken to Central Hospital, there administered oxygen and that things had degenerated/degraded very rapidly – he had lost his life.  After much Family conferring it is believed that very poor practise and very shoddy administration had led to his death. { In as much one need to pay attention to the heading of this thread – the real issues here, for the past 35 years, as we celebrate the coup d’état, the need to underline and certainly we have underlined this the past 35 years, those who believe and judge it necessary that the life, a life is taken, somebody must die, blood must be shed – there after the decrepit benchmark of the government and all its officials, institutions , including the church, their explanation to the media, the world, their lie and deceit.  We are not alone or outside certain norm that practise such system if one may call it this.} Depending upon the prominence and importance of the person and personality, events, the media in Seychelles, gutter media and other banal talks. Those who dare and can challenge and talk about such practises.

In the case of the Didon /Edmond/Lallande/Lafortune Family the question need to be ask who it would serve that he died /his life had to be take – what about the very macabre phenomena of all those just turn 60 years old dying in Seychelles - the threats on their lives and heads, the families talk about, the gutter media talk about - who control , is controlling this phenomena and madness, the very many abnormal death and circumstance, life expectancy.  The what have you, those crooked and utterly corrupted politicians go on to the media, the children and society about Social renovation - the new Seychelles.

Mr Peter Gill son – Mr Christopher Gill, has been endeavouring of recent to address some of these practises. The many comments on the SFP and STAR Blog.  We are aware we have broken certain norms and the manner we have address the issues here. This development is very serious, concerning and grave. Least those of you come back and say why did we not write, explain, make know our concern.

21 years after the multiparty change, the political degradation, those who had become very religious, spiritual,  just to get involved and make mileage on the then 1987 religious and spiritual on going in Europe, the world and former Communist countries. Hence our grave concern before we left for Angers and Paris, made know our concern, about  the ability to redynamise and resinergise that SIROP program. We will not enter into events and process in Africa and the region, and ongoing practise among the current black communities in Britain - it/they are very concerning and sickening.

As a leading individual, personality of that process change – the need to underline and stress “ the wanton use and abuse of that infernal satanic rage/rave, crack vibe, vache folly, neighbour form hell mechanism in every aspects of society is madness, it will destroy humanity and mankind – we are talking from a scientific and spiritual prospective and our infants are being conceived, educated in this system and mechanism, our police, judiciary doctors, nurses, public servants and those responsible to manage the Standards and higher working of our country totally involved in the use and abuse of this corrupted and evil mechanism – where will it end, and the end results.

There are those who study and understand the science and we believe we belong to one of those – the issues of death after life. What the church explains and the reality and the conclusion of the younger generation and their beliefs to the credibility of the church explanations.

That SIROP etc exile program 21 years ago brought about political, social, scientific, economic and financial changes beyond the wildest imagination of scientist, politicians, educators and church leaders, as well a a long list of very grave challenges, demands and strange phenomenas in human existence - our very planet, society and world threaten as it was in 1980's.  Anybody and those interested in contemplating the resinergise of that program and its continuity wish, involvement to envisage the future, events and development of society, in all spheres. Again the very bogus attempts of President J A Michel in presenting his 2020 Vision.  How many of those modern Head of State acquire their wisdom and due information to manage the nation important affairs - what has transpired and is transpiring the quality of this practise and Benchmark.

Finally, given events, those who took part and recall - the need to underline openly and frankly that the vast many leading politicians and their government were not directly involved and we can name those were really involved - their respective Ministers took directive and used their best experience and judgement to work things out. Europe is at this juncture once again - for all the many mega democratic resources and apparatchik set into place. It was not the European mass that brought changes in then 1985 Europe onward, those who understood such working and gave the people and the citizens their due place and respective role. For all the great media development - for the people and by the people obviously events of the past three years from 2008 have displayed they are not capable, not ready to tackle, take their respective responsibilities - at the same what are we to expect of a society, human being that have been program to work and act like slaves - it would be very big demand to expect otherwise.  Sechelles Seychelles is not different.

Seychelles Central hospital where Mr Maurice Didon was taken for emergency treatment and fatal death