SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Friday, 22 March 2019

Both leading architect of China–Seychelles relations are dead.

Diplomatic relations between China and Seychelles were established on June 30, 1976.[1] China began providing Seychelles with diplomatic aide in 1977, including things such as constructing a poly-technical school and developing housing project in Les Mamelles. In 2002, China exported US$1.48 million worth of goods, while importing only $100,000 from Seychelles. The current Chinese ambassador to Seychelles is Wang Weiguo,[2] who heads the embassy in Saint Louis, on the island of Mahe. The current ambassador to China from Seychelles is Philippe Le Gall.[3] (extract Wikipedia)

From 2000 to 2011, there are approximately 16 Chinese official development finance projects identified 
in Seychelles through various media reports.[5] These projects range from a concessional loan of 300 million RMB in 2007,[6] to a 321 million debt rescheduling in 2011,[7] and a development aid grant worth US$8 million in 2011.[8] 
Not update at Wikipedia the Hospital at Anse Royal, Seychelles University, ex Polytechnic, 
Seychelles Palais de Justice  and Seychelles National Assembly,  other infrastructure Project 
in planning and implementation. 


The first Chinese immigrants to Seychelles arrived from Mauritius in 1886.[2] Until around 1940, it was common for a Sino-Mauritian to bring his relatives over from China to Mauritius for a period of apprenticeship in his business; after they had gained sufficient familiarity with commercial practices and life in a colonial society, he would send them onwards with letters of introduction, lending them his own capital to start up businesses in neighboring regions, including Seychelles.[3]
Like in other overseas Chinese communities, rivalry between Cantonese- and Hakka-speakers was a common feature of their social life. The two separate groups lived in different areas and even refused to marry each other, instead preferring to marry local women of African descent. They started out working on vanilla plantations, but quickly turned to shop keeping, transport, and fishing.[2]

Politicians, priests and photographers: 5 important Seychellois of Chinese descent

From my/our mother's side the Chinese ancestry, grand father, the Li Lam, the Dang Fang, Chang Hing, new family addition, others as children used to visit the Pagoda at the entrance of Victoria Old Market.  

History of China

Sino-Soviet split

Over the past 30 years have addressed the role former President FA Rene played in that SIROP program of 1986/87, the Seychelles political and economic system, the Chinese and Indian merchants in then Seychelles, the many former Africa Communist. Marxist Head of State, particularly Tanzania President Julius Nyerere.  

The statement we have publish the state of USSR, the COMECON, Warsaw Pact  and then China, its economy. The many written and documentary on how Russia changed and China and the COMECON countries. At the White House then President Ronald Reagan. 

It was not Sir James Mancham nor former P:resident FA Rene who wrote that SIROP program, the many references and personalities at the time who contributed to the idea and concept -those who had requested we use/apply the same mechanism to change bring about a Change in China our respond/reply. On account of that Seychelles China relation, the acquisition of the Delhomme /De Charmond former residence linked to that SIROP program. The issues of the Adventist Mission building again a former property of the Delhomme, those form the Adventist Church in Seychelles who knew a very great deal about that SIROP program -Seychelles politic and changes.; the reintroduction of Orthodox and Christianity in former USSR and China...from the former OAU those who knew about that SIROP program and the changing impacts on the USSR and China and former East Europe.Part of that program the arrival and development of the WWW how this gave China a mega boost , mechanism to develop its economy like India  -the Mitterrand debacle, politic of the Indian Ocean, China, Russia, and India - the acquisition of French and German high speed Train Technology the linking issue  that program, Major China infrastructures development its Banking system and Markets system  -Lady Thatcher Hong Kong Issues return to China politic we were involved  and the why. China New Africa economic /Politic, the BRICS issues link to that program. Some of their major global projects. What if that SIROP program had not been written /implemented the way it was done,  Seychelles was changed by military force instead,  the major different to the region and world politic. There are very many other issues we have not mentioned here that Truth Commission and Reconciliation.

We have address a few important thread on the 2004 visit to Seychelles, the Heraldic project the outstanding money we tried to recover. How those in Seychelles from former President Mancham and former President F A Rene  worked with our Heraldic /heraldry, Illuminati and Arcadian issues, The economy of Seychelles,  the Incubator project we en devoured to promote - those Italian community in Seychelles we were doing some stuff together. In Europe, the sudden deployment of the Ning platform headed by that young female Italian and later we endeavored to build a Network platform for the COI -RIM Association using Ning. President FA Rene had been in Office then and the issues of my ex property at Montagne Posse and compensation /that SIROP program then 2004 - his unwritten offer to help purchase a family acquaintance house at the Reef Estate Gro Ida and what ensued, for RS 1,2 million. The Topic of Prof Vadim 1000Ventures. 

Today this China acquiring some 100 Chateau in the Bordeaux region and the large Wine Business. 

Why Chinese investors are snapping up Bordeaux vineyards

The Chinese Embassy in London then Cold War we addressed in writing some of the issues of that SIROP program and over the years and Visit. 

China Town in London 1986/87 when we wrote/that SIROP program was written, presented and implemented - then Cold War in Britain, the Chinese Communities. 

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Saturday, 2 March 2019

In 2008 was strongly requested to travel to Seychelles the undertaking we would meet President FA Rene

In 2008 was strongly requested to travel to Seychelles the undertaking we would meet President F A Rene -the luggage problem in the end we had to Travel to Seychelles with just an overnight bag and had to borrow cloth from respective Family members for the one Month.

Several individuals made the efforts, tried to help that we get to meet with President FA Rene to talk foremost  about that SIROP program, Including meeting with his Lawyer and other prominent Justice person. 

Thirteen attempts were made, those who prayed that we will meet him, the global economic melt down of 2007/8 - we had only the SIROP/CDU/Alliance Blog to provide information about that Historic  program of 1986/87. Those we got meet and talk discussed. Our visits to the Maison du Peuple and the photos we took. 

Upon our return to Europe/Britain decided to create a web space, project to address  some of the contents of that program - the process we went through. It was not until 2012 this got done. 

Somebody posted a photo of President  FA Rene last moment in Hospital very late last night, surrounded by his very close family  and the issues we addressed about Salzburg in June 1977, the Pirate Arms Hotel and its owners the Von Oswald Family. The SDP and the SPUP in Seychelles at the Pirate Arms. 


Truth & Reconciliation and National Unity Commission 
6/3/19,  We have telephone the former Seychelles Consul in London with the request to inquire by Seychelles government if they would give us clearance using a refugee/exile typical jargon to come to Seychelles to Attend the State funeral of former President FA Rene, his best advice after explaining to him what had taken place in 2008 and the publication of that SIROP program of 1986/87. 

For the past four hours in spite of our very conservative and polite posting upon the Death and coming State Funeral of former  President FA Rene, those parties, high parties who want - are using this historic moment to rewrite their own version of our national history and politic.  Beside his Priest studies and those in Seychelles who have undertaken such studies, Seychelles being a Catholic in majority /Christian Nation,  the very important role of Vatican, the Pope John Paul in person and High Office and the church in Seychelles  and in Europe who supported and impute, beside our many correspondence to the Archbishop of Canterbury /the church of England.  He was an excellent lawyer, so to was Sir James Mancham and Mr Robert Frichot , the person of Sir George Souyave then exile era of our community and the high responsibility he choose/decided to adopt advising us on many aspects of that SIROP program not just Seychelles Law/legal issues, constitution wise International wise. In Seychelles they boast and praise their African connection, roots, culture, values and heritage do they know how politic is done in Africa. 

In view and since the announcement by the National Assembly of a Truth Commission  and Reconciliation,  we began writing those legal entities who could help us/myself and those 25,000 exiles/refugees from Seychelles address the Commission with their respective issues. Those who may have done, undertaken this exercise separately individually too.  We have written to the leading Mauritius Law firms Sauzier and partners, the law firm representing, Glover and Co,   Dr Navin Ramgoolan and the law firm Despeville,  had we been able to raise the money to pay their fees afford then would they be prepare to address the Truth Commission and Reconciliation on our behalf as in/is the international practice. We have address the respective law societies of Europe and France given that the possibility in  each EU state where our exile/refugees have settled and staying, respective history to get legal Aid support and advice. We have address the European Union Justice Body, the French Justice Department.  We have address the African Union Justice Department, Australia, Canada and the USA - copy of the correspondence to those relevant Justice parties. As far as the EU is concern give their mega legislation, discussion and Budget on refugees and exile issues had requested they provide us with a collective envelop to pay for the resource to address that Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  These were are in writing. 

They talk of Truth and National Reconciliation, over/back five years ago the state of politic in Seychelles, Sir James Mancham alive, the Opposition Leader Mr David Pierre, Mr A St Ange breaking away from SNP, Mr Christopher Gill very important efforts. In Britain the Cameron /Conservative government terrible their politic, the White House of President Obama  - my decision to request the French government to consider transferring my refugee status to France under UNHCR protocol the original application via the French Embassy in Seychelles, those leading law firms involve. At the same time battle with Europe over the meg abuse, corruption  by those regarding that SIROP program, then Uganda Chief Justice efforts to help - First Lady Natalie Michel separation with President  J Michel, the mega pressure on SPPF /PL. The former first lady Sara Rene - in address to the nation at the state funeral 7/3/19, she said how five years ago she decided to embark,  take former President FA Rene on a very different and unique spiritual journey - this is Seychelles

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State funeral of former President Albert Rene

In July, 1976 at our Independence those Spiritual institutions and those representing them then and the state of the nation, this 7th February 2019, all those from the SIFCO who joined the nation to pray for former  President FA Rene Service,  yet the state of the nation and the SONA  issues,  yet we have the WWW major contribution that SIROP program and the mountain,  mines of spiritual knowledge available. In other place of the world when such a  person departs the many spiritual bodies, institutions who take due time to ponder, pray and and process his life to what ends.

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Have our exile/refugees got together to send a wreath to the Nation upon the state funeral of former President FA Rene

We would have like to pay respect to very many important entities in Kilburn Brent, the very large Irish and Jewish communities who helped and did whatever they did at the time of Writing that SIROP program 1986/87 -former President FA Rene , Sir James Mancham and his ministers knowledge of working and exile in Britain. Instead added the photo of the Doomsday tapestry in Angers, where we took that SIROP program for safe keeping and again all those from  the Indian Ocean of Arcadian and french ancestry knowledge of Angers. For over 30 years their issues with Seychelles and the Indian ocean and President FA Rene government and people. President F Mitterrand government, Chirac, Sarkozy, Holland and Macron and Europe.  The Vatican  workings/Rome. Other Church Institutions. The announcement of Multiparty Return in 1990. 

The above thread about the Anger Tapestry, the first Gulf War and several other world issues linked to that SIROP program 1989/90. We began watching the funeral Service of former President FA Rene 3 AM UK time and devoted the whole day to watching and following and listening to every part of it.  To the somewhat strange burial ritual at the Seychelles Central Cemetery. Just may be in front  of the last hour somebody/someone may talk. 

We will be adding a couple of photos of the day compliment State House. The need to state there are/were important disparity between what was said.statement made on this Historic  Day by the very many parties.  Which lend me in the first place to add the photo of the Domesday Tapestry in Angers and the following comment. It is one thing to spin for the local politic and another for/to the international community, the Intelligence community and diplomacy.  The flowers were appreciated however to the educate and knowledge this hides nothing. Our Black brothers and sisters really believe that is the way it happened. The splitting of the SPPF by those Ministers were they imbeciles and unlearn. 

We found our self watching the Wind of War, thinking of this historic funeral service, former President FA Rene life and Sir James Mancham, the Cold War and events of the region and the world, how other wish to portray this. The sate of things in the Region and the world that SIROP - NEOM 

Today Seychelles Nation image of former President FA Rene state funeral - why we/I had to leave Seychelles in 1976, second Seychellois to go in exile after Dr Hossen. The Salzburg issues and in Vienna - Seychelles government and President FA Rene Bilateral connections/representation, the UNIDO/World Bank, the OPEC and others, The Hon Consul, the /Austrian government then Cold War , USA and Russian in Vienna. The South African Embassy and Israel and French. After meeting with UNIDO/World Bank officials requesting that they do something about the political  situation in Seychelles,   their reply and the decision with the support and numerous others to research,  to put in place an "Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Center" - we had been told a CARICOM concept was off the card/Table without the say so of the USA and Britain. The nature of that research, the many parties who knew  and their respective interests, specially the South African, the Israeli and the American some British, what ensued. President  FA Rene took over this idea  and re branded it and promoted it as the Indian ocean Commission. Seychelles government reply to support our 2/3 years Training at the World Bank. We had to find work and joined a syndicate of  Procurement Austrian and multinational companies dealing in steel, oil, big credit, cement  military parts and other large government procurement. Again we found the people of President FA Rene elbowing us, stealing our information and connection for their Business, they were very big entities,  they would not have hesited to remove his government, safe for big business and his person. Come 1981 after some 3 failed. miss attempt at changing the government compelled to seek exile in London. Some of the rich,  affluent and important families from 'East Africa, those who traded in  coffee, Tea and import and reexport of expensive cars and credits. Those large British multinational we had been in contact and then cars, Seychelles Embassy then,  Porsche 938 driven by a close acquaintance they were into selling expensive  cars and other commodity to Nigeria, then 1981 Jaguar model - the big question everybody asked of my person what the devil was I doing in London - why. Our exile, refugee community  and the super soup we landed in,  even after writing that SIROP program, today worth some $4.5 billions, the person of former President FA Rene dead and buried with all the state pomp and what have you. For 30 years we have lived in Kent and from 1991, the issue of Mr Ashford in Seychelles,  those ex British police and Intelligence, events of the past 30 years. President FA Rene final moment and again state funeral and final resting place - the supposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission -today,  after the mega historic funeral we found our self having to park next to a Porsche 911 and parked in front of us a Jaguar both black,  recent model. President FA Rene is no more and we have become old, In spite of those new cars Porsche and Jaguar model,  the complete super mess with the Britexit and state of things in Britain with our community and many other very negative issues.  .