SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Référendum en Catalogne: la tension monte entre la police nationale et les indépendantistes, 38 personnes blessées A coup against Spanish democracy is a coup against Europe

Référendum en Catalogne: la tension monte entre la police nationale et les indépendantistes, 38 personnes blessées

A coup against Spanish democracy is a coup against Europe

Référendum en Catalogne: la tension monte entre la police nationale et les indépendantistes, 38 personnes blessées

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We have been trying to get our head together to formulate an acceptable article for that SIROP program linked, impacting  a range of economic and political issues from 1986/7 onward and since 2012 the Hosting for our portal in Santandar and prior to that the debacle of Santandar coming to London our role and impute using that SIROP program and other associated issues of the Indian Ocean European Fishing accord and Seychelles /Spain. 

We have been given a pair of glass and they are not as good as the one we lost in Vienna - the prescription and how they affect ones ability to read, typing and editing and even thinking of the issues one should write.  Still we thank the person  who have gifted us this pair of glass/spectacle.

Please everybody refer to that SIROP thread titled the past 20 years and Mr Ralph Volcer ex lady friend/partner. We have en devoured to be brief within the lines written or unwritten the USA Clinton politic then, the Bush politic then  and that SIROP program those who judge we ought  not to write and inform the world about that program and its function and workings and connectivity.  The linking USA Spain politic then and the media. 

In Europe, the EU institutions, the Commission and Council of Europe high officials who have know of those issues and how they choose to work them and then what the media would write. Those Spanish officials who got elected on the Commission and the why. 

In Paris the Mitterrand people and he himself knew almost everything and the their Masonic entities and President Chirac and later President Sarkozy his Med Basin Program and politic extracted from that SIROP program workings what we posted using our blog instead that portal and our Forums. Very many will say give us more details - we do not have the head for details this morning and anyway most of the issues we have covered we need a group of person to rewrite them properly covering the many specificity, details and statistics and other relevant information and references. 

Back in 1987 when that program was written, those alive and around we had looked at Spain economy, regional nations very important the Catalan debacles then - unlike the USSR, the COMECON , Yugoslavia, Spain was a democratic nation not a Communist and the battle/war was against the Communist nation and the length those who go to put together ideas and workings to impact and influence their economy politic and military and media. In the case of Spain they had been one of those leading nation and their respective personalities who had supported and as such the dynamic and leverage system mechanism we developed to benefit and gear the Spanish economy  and Finance, Market - at this state we ask those who can remember refer back to pre Spain 1987, the state of its economy  and that of Catalan  and what ensued over the next 10/15 years the role of that SIROP program driving and synergizing a very good deal of Spain Europe and International politic and economy and yet what the media would write and here, we equally need to refer to the many article we have addressed on Benchmark workings of those Nation and their political institutions.  For this Spain have suffered too with the Financial corruption and construction Industry -

There is the need to study President Sarkozy Med Basin Program /project, study the detail of how Spain benefited and would have benefited and how /what was linked to that SIROP program. The Mistakes President Sarkozy made and our reactions and those of Europe and Britain in particular how they were and interpreted it. 

This would take us to the Blair era the impact and affecting issues of the Blair government and Spain be they are European parliament, monetary and greater politic and Spain national politic and it s regional role and the government officials. The positiveness of those issues and era - much more important the attempt endeavor to formulate the Spain - Morocco Tunnel project/European Transport politic by the the Channel Tunnel project/Market and media coverage. How this impacted and benefited Spain Catalan issue and economic workings, media.  Blair politic on migration and refugees.  and those of the European Union then. 

To this day nobody want to listen and take into account - in spite of what we have written here the abuse of that program mechanism, management political and economically links and we were making no progress in Seychelles and the region those real refugees from Seychelles  all those just filing their coffers and building their position on that back of that program including the very big bankers, including those from the US and we wrote,  we warned that this program had built in regulatory mechanism and just as it could help build it could help to dismantle/break,  cause and bring about major negativeness in politic, economic and Finance workings . Those who refused to listen and the meltdown of 2007/8 Spain suffered terribly too  and again what we wrote and Catalan involved. 

PM Blair paid for his position and attitude towards that SIROP program friendship with Seychelles SPPF to our determent and we almost landed in Guantanamo Bay and the Terrorist legislation to gag and shut us not to protest and demand action on behalf of those 25,000 exiles refugees from Seychelles and those who promoted the facts they just did not exist. 

PM Blair government lost the election  and the manner the Conservative who had known a good deal about that program choose to do their election and the mechanism.manner and methods they chose to win. They used and abused their knowledge of that program working to cause and dismantle the economic process of North Africa and the Muslim and destroy some 20 years work to build a Europe African Link just the very nature of Conservative politic -  the reaction and fall outs - like some many small nations they get garbage by their national TV and the Catalan Independence movements. The Fiasco of the European exile/refugees politic because they refused to listen what we had written about the so call North African Spring, those who knew the capacity of that SIROP program and yet - they have chose to abuse and manipulate it to the maximum to their benefits  and the end results the Brexite politic. Britain played a very less important role in the original formulation of that program - it benefited and became influential  because we were not able to export that program to Europe. 

This said Britain European politic it is a politic of fiasco. As such this impacting Spain and the Catalan debacle and politic  - finally the onus is on the Spanish government we have spend a good deal of time trying to encourage and get the Spanish government to become more involved in that SIROP program from a European and African Union prospective and this would have benefited its national and regional workings it chose to refuse  - yet had we to get to Bruxelles or Germany and put together those resource and they start impacting and including Spain politic and economy and Catalan what they those would have said - the terrible bench mark, politic and international bilateral workings is melting down and all the positive aspects of that SIROP program is being undermined and destroyed. 

Just as that SIROP program developed and created new economic dynamic between Britain and France and those who have studied them and other much earlier project how the Sarkozy Med Basin program linked to the Africa Spain European Transport project would have helped to create a different Catalan politic and economic model  the onus is on the European Union, in promoting the European  Union Transport project  the major benefits if they had supported is funding and implementation and in turn its impact on the African Transport politic and the major benefits to the exile and refugees economic workings. 

The Spanish is not the only government being taken to task because of that SIROP program those former government of of former East Europe,  the manner they have used and abused that program and the unholy mess of their politic, Germany, Britain and France - it had to declare a national state of emergency because of that SIROP program and the government of president Holland management /manner he approached that program and now the situation in Spain- the media lies about the coming to office of President Macron  and the meltdown of Europe if intervention  had not been made using mechanism from that program - those at the Council of Europe, Commission and Parliament well aware and their attitude and the mad barking of the European media and the clever commentators. 

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