SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 24 April 2017

Seychelles National Assembly Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Seychelles National Assembly Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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Linyon Demokratik Seselwa
NATIONAL ASSEMBLY COMMUNIQUE: The Truth and Reconciliation Committee of the Seychelles National Assembly will be holding a National Symposium on Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity on Sunday, 07th May 2017, at the International Conference Centre Seychelles (ICCS), from 2.00pm to 6.00pm,
This historic event aims to accomplish the following goals: 

• Listen to various presentations from international and local guest speakers with the aim of assisting in the design of a national engagement strategy for developing and implementing a national reconciliation framework, informed by the Truth and Reconciliation Committee recommendations;

• Examine international ‘best practices’ towards achieving a Commission on Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity, suitable for Seychelles, which will have as aim to study and analyse complaints by individuals affected since the Coup D’état; shed light on those events and find solutions and closure for individuals affected, so that the Country can move forward in unity;

• Create a platform for action, to chart a way forward towards achieving truth, reconciliation and national unity, in Seychelles;

• Share the findings of the work of the Committee to the general public; listen to suggestions/queries from the floor and provide sound feedback.

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We just read at Facebook posted by the LDS political party of Sechelles Seychelles that you will be arriving 6/5/17 to speak on the South African Truth and Reconciliation process - then President Nelson Mandela and several others alive including his best Friend in Prison. In the first place we thank Facebook for its platform and functionality -Had it not existed nobody in Seychelles from the Government, the Justice, the NGO, the Opposition would have bothered to write and inform us and the interests we represent and have been promoting the past 30 years. We will be linking a blog we have addressed some of the topic/relates issues covering a number of well known Truth, Reconciliation Commission - In spite of being reasonably informed about South African politic and active some 40 years had not come across your person before - Please accept our excuse -

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President Francois Holland dismissed his government 10/5/17 that SIROP program, President Obama era and President Donald Trump and that monstrous Britexit leading to a world conflict - one of the important reason we were entrusted with this high responsibility was/is our approach to understanding High Interdisciplinary Management disciplines whilst working, imputing in a given thematic the benchmark - There is a very great deal President F Mitterrand impute in that SIROP program we have never shared with the public  and Mrs Danielle Mitterrand was custodian  and privy until her departure/death. What we wrote to Mauritius in 2011 with her gone the decision to publish aspects of the SIROP program - We have noted those five Priests President D Faure have given Seychelles passport - this event was in Cluny and in the picture of Dr/Mrs Hilda Stevenson Delhomme the two sisters of Cluny. My person was/is sitting third row - my/our five years battle to get our Refugee status transferred to France under UNHCR resettlement protocol.


We have addressed a great about the fundamental christian values of the Seychellois - the significant important of those values, belief in conception, working and implementing that SIROP program  and those from South Africa taking part in the Truth Commission and Reconciliation, the USA Adventist General conference, Europe, Africa and Asia impute/involvement - "Yesterday President Emmanuel Macron teacher was interviewed by Franceinfo on what kind of pupil he was as a child and if he thought one day his pupil would become the President of France -  that he is very proud in all humility" we are going to add two photos of the Old #Adventist church in Victoria as children - one of the Mauritius/President Pastor's son Mr Gervais Appave lead one of the world major UN/International Migrant Organization, In Australia Pastor Terry Johnson the Johnson Family - then Sauzier Family, the old Daddy Michel Property and Hunt Deltel, the Berlouis Family next to the church ex Treasury Building, later the Ernestine Garage and Mr Pool Round Tabler, the old Family at today's Barell Club, the Music shop on the corner, the Frichot Family, the Savy Family, the Valabjhi family - they help make/formulate a person character  and the writing of that SIROP program. The old Adventist School at Bel Eau, the elite Franco Seychellois Family and the British Expat Residential Area and the Bel Air Cemetery . Those heritage and ancient illuminate who look after us growing up and guided is in exile. Our Grand parents church at Ans aux Pins today the Basilica and the Church of England St Paul those families and parents related, their faith and belief - For/to that Truth and reconciliation Committee it means nothing safe their own agenda. 

It is not the first time this video is brought to my/our attention again today 13/5/17, those who know/are aware - To Sir James Mancham much more knowledgeable about our Sechelles Seychelles what we have come to term Arcadian/greater Illuminati  workings - and Mr Gerard Hoareau Leading our exile/refugee in exile - the meaning of addressing life, the Powers that be on a bended knees and the person of Princess Diana - and our very many issues.

The image originate from Seventh-day Adventist Church Seychelles

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Talking of the Gresle family the old Adventist church the Barell Restaurant this is where the Round Table Seychelles use to meet  and Mr Gresle was a Round Tabler. ( Later after we had written that research for Indian Industrial Investment and Promotion Center by UNIDO/IMF Vienna, Mr David Rakotopare Head of UNIDO India Ocean Africa division former Director of Madagascar Central Bank and in Law of President Didier  Ratsiraka, the foundation work of the COI - the South African embassy and the Israeli and French, US Embassy in Vienna - he was aware and knew I/we had become an Interdisciplinary management Fellow/Executive of Prof Dr Hofmann IMI - He Headed University of Vienna Faculty of High Interdisciplinary Management. The granting of the Indian Ocean charter to my person - then Mr Guy Morel - SIM, He also knew of Prof Von Hayak the Thatcher and Conservative debacles and British economy, Europe and South African many economic and other debacle relating to Seychelles and our exile/refugee issues )

In London the South Africa Embassy, British government/Intelligence, President Nelson Mandela, ex Wife Mrs Mandela and other knew very who Mr Gresle was to us and later that SIROP program 1986/7

We have stressed very many times that Emblem/coat of Arms of our Seychelles EU Community was undertaken in Folkestone Library and the many aspects, science, Heraldry of South Africa we refereed to beside the similarity in our Flag - the very many impacting thematic to this day and in many years to come . 

Indeed we are talking of the same person and Family - those who would say on such occasion Praise the mighty Lord - Hallelujah -

 This dissertation is dedicated to the memory of my father Conrad Greslé (1937-1993).

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Courtesy call by Pastor Christian Lodewyk


We have been forced/compel to address three major and very significant OAU/AU thematic related to that SIROP program - the attitude of African Union towards Seychelles  and the Person of Minister Alain St Ange. In particular the topic of African link to the Super Highway Broadband submarine cable starting form Portugal in 2002 then PM Blair government - those who reacted and from 12 -13/5/17 100 nations their National Computer System targeted and the very grave situation resulting - we have address the Justice of Seychelles  - yet over the past 15 years the amount of funds, grants, expertise, resources impute by the UN and countless other international bodies to help Seychelles understand and take its responsibility in the greater functioning and understanding such major situation - these should/ought to be included in the process , debacle and scientific approach, benchmark of that Truth Commission. 

We have decided to added a link of Wikiepdia Tsunami of 2004/5 - the two scientific camp on what triggered that Tsunami and some 250,000 were killed in a short time compared to the Traumas of the 40 years of event in Seychelles form 1976 to date. Again the scientific resources,money, training that have been imparted to Seychelles  both form part of greater global functionality dynamic/synergy linked to complex working of that SIROP program those in Europe, the USA, Russia, China well aware of alternative dynamic and science  and its impacts yet in that Seychelles what they have been brainwashed to believe. When nations refuse to listen the next time the outcome and the horrendous calamity they then have to confront. 
US Navy 050102-N-9593M-040 A village near the coast of Sumatra lays in ruin after the Tsunami that struck South East Asia.jpg

Second President D Faure live Press Conference 15/5/17

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