SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 13 July 2013

14 July 1990 - Readers Digest, Berkeley Square - Angers, Loire revisited

We cannot get at the original picture we took of Capucin and  the big rock and grandparents workers -  this  the topic picture

Below our Herve Albert and driving instructor

This is a picture of our great Uncle Mr Theodore Didon - he worked, managed and accounted for the Family property at Capucin
French Embassy Sechelles Seychelles 

le Gobelin - the 1st stop before going to Angers  - nearby the famous Coco de Mer Restaurant

14 July 1990 - Readers Digest, Berkeley Square

Berkeley Square

We had lost a child -2 month old January 1990,  at 87a Victoria Rd - Kilburn among other reason to save/salvage that SIROP program which had been hijacked/kidnap - by the USA and Britain/London and handed over/involving former President JR Mancham, Dr Maxime Ferrari the many issues we have written about the past 23 years. We decided to go and Stay in Mortlake . The office and the large flat with basement and those like Mr Christopher Savy, Mr Lewis Betsey and Mr Ralph Volcer who still lend us their support - Mr Philippe Boulle had already left London for Sechelles Seychelles.

That historic April/May 1990 against the will of those from USA who had been involved and London - the very intense pressure - another child was concepted, influenced/impacted by the River and Que Garden, Richmond Town and Park, Hampton Park and Kingston Upon Thames environment - which we visited often. The mother was working for a very private Hotel in Marylebone - the Manager and Irish person who understood what we were going through, the Irish community in London then, politic and my past work and that SIROP program I had concepted in Kilburn - Brent 1987, 87a Victoria Rd. Beside very close Family member in London, SDA, Catholic and Church of England.  The issues of the British Royal Family, the personalities and how this change - was/were influenced when we moved to Mort Lake.

The SDA folks praise, take a great deal of credit for being Biblical educated, highly versed/knowledgeable, they also maintained they were/are  the only True Religion. Then New Gallery on 123 Regent Str, Country Life manage and the SDA Church in Hamstead and the Jewish Synagogue across the street, St John Wood and the new one being build nearby. I/our person had attended and prayed in those place of worship. Beside Catholic, Church of England, Orthodox, Baptist churches we/I visited.

Pastor Laurent Fidelia, Mauritian and Family Headed a Church Hamstead SDA (The French speaking SDA Church at New Gallery London) In Seychelles that year 1990, the SDA Church, Church of England, Catholic, Bahia, Jehova Witness - we were visited frequently by them. Then Muslim Community in Seychelles - in Mauritius similar issues safe the very large percentage of Muslim and Hindu believer of the population.

We will not address the issues of the  Druids, Illuminati, Templar, Mason because that is not the objective/issue here. We made it a point to distinguish and differentiate.

Then Seychelles politic, the Opposition, Priest and former priest involved in politic  - Head of the Catholic Church and Church of England.

To avoid repetition we will/have linked Wikipedia here for 1990, it is reasonably detail - not accurate.

Some six months later confronted with the challenge of where to go for the Child birth - I had taken the decision after what had taken place beside other major incidents, those this child/our child should not be born in Britain/London.

Time and time have underlined that a great deal relating to that SIROP program is untold. The associated issues of Role Royce business, the Saatchi Brother, the Restaurant at the bottom of Berkeley Square and Pub, then Anabelle Club, the two Private Bank across of Readers Digest building, the Irish Consulate/Tourist office round the corner, Mauritius Airline, former Seychelles High Commission the many protests Conduit Str - Coutts, streets back the USA, Canadian and Italian Embassy and Three of the leading Law Firms we had used for that SIROP program were close by, the very expensive Iranian carpet shops, acquainted and the counter spy/intelligence shops. Our favorite Pub when we could afford.  Around such area we developed and worked the issues of that SIROP program - after a difficult meeting would lend in the Pub. Those we would meet/quasi come across in the Pub - the conversations and other Pub comer/goer/eater.

Thus, we find our self when in December 1990, all the mega debacles, raws and bust ups, then PM John Major government and that of France President F Mitterrand, the papers sorted,   ready to go to Angers - Loire. The Irish Manager of the private Hotel in Marylebone,  the expectant mother had work/worked - on behalf of the Hotel gave her/us a 1990 Readers Digest illustrated, for those who do not know colour.  My person have been involved in Interfaith issues from Vienna - 1978, we held other view and belief beside SDA. We had traveled with that  Bible, using the Hover Craft via Folkestone, those Irish entities who had lend us their support to secure our place/Flat in Kilburn - Brent, the luggage, its contents issues, the Police,   in Paris with a pregnant/expectant mother  on to Angers - Loire, by then the 1st Gulf War was just a few days away. We also read a good deal of that Bible in Center Hospitalier and Universitair D'angers whilst the expectant mother was in labour and the Bible was by her bedside Table.  After the Birth against all the arrangements, and arguments not to return to Britain/London we found our self returning with the infant and that Bible, two other suitcase stayed behind with all the many papers, pictures, notes from 1978 Vienna to 1990 in London. Including taped conversation. Most important all the original notes and outline of that SIROP program.

We had been six months in the place/Flat 1991 - the historical announcement in Sechelles Seychelles - return of Multi party politic. We decided   to flee for our lives and safety and that of the Child. They would have killed/or harmed him or our person - what we have addressed the UN/UNHCR, the EU Court of Justice, the French Government, Societe Saint Vincent de Paul and others.  We left that Readers Digest Bible under a door with two heavy padlock beside the main  lock.  Two months later everything had been destroyed, the place ransacked and everything stolen. The sheer Terror that reigned upon our lives from those responsible - their objectives.

We have had between December 1990 to this July 2013 to pray, come to term with our faith, past events, so call world history, development in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, Africa, the Gulf Region - the picture of Religion in 1990 when  Pope John Paul ll was the pastor of Vatican - Pope Benedict and today's Pope Francis.  Events across the world covering the many denominations, the state of the world and society today - most important the impact of the WWW or Internet based Religious, holy Scripture, Holy Koran, Torah and others the impact on religion and world belief. What about the belief in Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion and the Region - Africa.  Most important the society we have and live in today. Most important the Bible society in Seychelles, the translation of the Bible in Creole, the many new church build and refurbished. At Anse aux Pins the new Church rebuild.

In Seychelles, my immediate Family who have turned their backs and treated our person as outcast because of religious belief importantly and politic.  Their respective lives and quality of belief, the children - today all young adults their lives and belief - what they represent of future Seychelles generation and society.

It has not been confirmed - we have been addressing the issues of a home for us in Seychelles, many exile have managed to acquire a home from the Leadership. The many attempts on our part.  Those that have been compensated - most important our/my involvement in that mega Reclamation project and the Housing politic and Development of Seychelles SPPF/PL government.  Over the past 23 years our work and life have impacted very very many, including young relatives or distant ones yet their attitude towards our person.  Those who have fought very hard that we do not and cannot return Home and their reasons and objectives. Particularly our Christian parents and close relatives. Those ancestors who build our family and their values, their properties and lands they acquired with the help of heaven and their toil.  A young member of the Family recently married is in the process of building a House/Home on that part of the property and the issues. All those who choose to ignore and forget events relating to the property the past 35 years and our person involvement. <" This Saturday we are not in any Church as they/those who are - we have this to say. Just as we were given that Readers Digest Bible illustrated and we have been Home - on that property, we had made photocopy form that Bible, with witness of our grand parents former worker stuck with blue tack those pictured on one of the large boulders and took pictures of our person and that of the worker and owner of the property - who was conned/drug and booz   by Seychelles government into selling them his ancestral land which boarders our grand parent's land and they sold to  that Indian Construction Family - their House today. We wish to underline/stress that Readers Bible illustrated was gifted by the Manager of Marylebone Private Hotel, the issues we have addressed above - he was Irish, the Irish community in Kilburn Brent, the issues of the Irish Police in Seychelles police Force - my/our contributions, involvements. This young relative was privilege to be given the opportunity to study marine engineering along with other young Seychellois in Ireland - the Irish values, traditions and culture - society across the world. Just as there are important regulations, training and certification before one acquired an Engineer Diploma/degree. the values and tradition in in our Family. We are very aware of new legal development and process too.  In Christian manner we ask/request all those involved, to take due note of what we have addressed in public - their respective view on that Earth quake  Tsunami of 2004/5, the global meltdown of 2007 and that so call very abnormal weather condition which occurred two months ago.  Just as our ancestors left France some 350 years ago and the braced the elements and nature on their knees - we will go down on our knees, heaven decision  and the outcome - we will not be responsible for. ">

Our great, great grand parents came to Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, South Africa then from France with a Bible under their arms or in their luggage as God's light, unchallenged Holy scripture, the mega blood bath in Europe and the Middle East in past centuries and time that his Holy book come to existence and alive.  They defy all of then nature conditions, death, sickness, lack of food and comfort and uncertain future with the Holy Scripture under their arms, on their Tables  and in their modest Homes.  The sacred, unique and binding Powers of that Holy book.  What about the former COMECON, USSR and China then 1990 and today.  That SIROP program linked with the historic and unique change that took place in the above mention countries was not a man inspired it was people who went/had gone down on their knees and prayed for heavenly guidance and inspiration what took place and events.

Angers - Loire will experience a very historic event this July, 2013,  - related to that SIROP program, South Africa Huguenot, Mauritius, Reunion and Seychelles Heritages, the mighty and great Cathedral of Angers, history and its ancient Castle, Town and region.  Those from Societe Saint Vincent de Paul, those from the Centre Hospitalier and Universitair D'angers, the Palais de Justice and the Municipality - those from the archaic, illuminati, Templar, druid, Agnostic and Fraternal - Masonic entities of France and Angers.

Note: Beside the Saatchi Brother issues we have contributed and impute, the new HQ of the world number one steel producer - the Arcelor - Mittal Group of company.  We have been involved importantly - the acquisition b y that Indian Family of the Dutch Company and other such company then PM Tony Blair - those who know and monitored the issues. They are now address at Berkeley Square. That Indian construction Company in Seychelles who have purchased and build that Castle at Capucin next to our Family property.


«La reprise est là», a déclaré le chef de l'État lors de son interview du 14 Juillet sur France 2 et TF1. Sur fond de chômage record, il a assumé sa politique de l'emploi, qui s'appuie principalement sur les contrats aidés.

Affichant sa confiance sur le front économique, le président François Hollande a affirmé dimanche que la reprise était engagée.
• «La reprise économique, elle est là»

Invité à réagir sur la prévision de contraction de 0,2% del'économie pour 2013 de l'Insee, François Hollande a déclaré: «La reprise économique, elle est là.» Il a indiqué pour étayer ses propos que la production industrielle repartait. «La France est le pays d'Europe où la production industrielle est le plus rapidement repartie», a-t-il souligné. D'après l'Insee, la production a diminué de 0,4% en mai par rapport au mois précédent, après avoir augmenté de 2,2% en avril. Le chef de l'État a par ailleurs souligné que la consommation des ménages, considérée par le gouvernement comme le moteur de la croissance, était en «petite reprise» tandis que les embauches redécollaient «légèrement». Enfin, il a confié qu'il avait «déjà une assurance»: «Le deuxième trimestre sera meilleur que le premier.»

Châteaux de la Loire

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Upon this Historic 14th July 2013 - given that we have had the opportunity to be trained, associate and work with some of the elite and best in France the past 36 years as a Sechelles Seychelles Exile. The values and sense of responsibility build into us.

We state we have been involved in three major global economic crash as such the discipline involved and what the media and very many have covered about that 2007 global economic and economic meltdown. On our part given the need for accountability what we have addressed. At play those who work and develop special high management fiscal, economic and monetary mechanism - we have had over 30 years of experience in this field.

We have addressed the EU High Institutions, the media an our very many forums, blogs there exist other/alternative discipline and mechanism to manage the economy and fiscal issue of EU and the world - those from the World Bank and USA Central Bank we have worked/associated with the past near 30 years. Having said we have been involved in three global melt down - the corrupted benchmark that politicians, media and many have used - when you develop such discipline and high management workings there s little room for terrible benchmark - you will have to be made to account.

We have pleaded with everybody including President Obama who is a former Lawyer to help/assist us to overcome some of the issues and the results. When they refused asked the politicians in Seychelles to help by way of national and international accountability of that SIROP program - the unique discipline and mechanism which had to be developed to make it work.

For Many years we left the situation at just protesting - until somebody would have had enough of the corrupted workings - Because of PM Navin Ramgoolam and President JA Michel Historic Protocol and our own responsibilities decided to create a simple website that would represent some of the important aspect and workings of the SIROP program - we knew and had known that when we took such step, the reapplication of the discipline and management mechanism and what this would lend/leed to in term of big finance, global economy and the such. We put that website in November 2012 and monitored the impacts and benefits as against what the so call corrupted media and experts were saying. This in EU Britain, France, the USA and region Indian Ocean.

Today on this 14th July 2014 what President Francois Holland said in his own words - we are not inventing. With some of the elite fighting forces of France - unless one is very very sick one do not come forward and make or claim/take credit. We address President Francois Holland, Chancellor Merkle - <" particularly a young Mauritian athlete who inspired us/contributed that we overlook the stench/filth and put that web site together - those in Mauritius who know and we will bend/break the rule she is residing by Versailles and the issues of Versailles we have been working for the past 8 years the impacts and benefits and the lies told otherwise"> Had all this work to be in France or Mainland Europe the impact on EU economy and Fiscal workings would be much more important - irrespective of the corrupted media and so call experts.

Facebook is open to anybody to share their view and ask question. We/I could have chose to do otherwise and the global economy and finance would have been very terrible this 14th July 2013. We simply ask everybody to please listen - even very experience individuals have their limitations - there are those in Britain and the USA and Seychelles, Mauritius and Africa, Russia and china who know exactly what we have written here yet their ruthless corrupted workings - it is that and this reason we had those three global meltdown and the big mess. We contributed to the creation of the WWW so that the people, the public can react and ask question - we ask you to ask the question because if after such a total global fiasco, we have come back again and helped and those who think it is the norm what they do - we will shut everything down - then what.

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