SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Russia parades military in Victory Day celebrations in Moscow 9th May 2019

Russia Marks WWII Victory Day With Military Parades, Commemorative Marches

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Russia Marks Victory Day With Red Square Military Parade. 21 hours from now. Every year, Russia celebrates May 9 as the day the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany in ... President Vladimir Putingreets guests, followed by Nursultan ..

5 hours ago - Putin on Victory Day: Russian military will be strengthened ... A honour guard takes position during the Victory Day military parade to celebrate 74 years since ... forces, President Vladimir Putin promised Thursday, speaking at the annual military Victory Day parade that flooded Red Square in Moscow with 

9 May 2014 - Russia has begun its 69th Victory Day celebrations with a parade in Moscow's ... Troops marching in Moscow's Red Square .... Vladimir Putin.

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13/5/19, We made call to the UNHCR Headquarter in Geneva, informing them that President D Faure had inaugurated the Truth Commission Etc., that the Chair Person is Jurist former ICC Executive, Mrs McIntyre. Reminding them of the email we sent last years requesting for support to address the Commission. We then called UNHCR London upon their advice and spoke with the Legal Department  and their conclusion to followup . Given this historic Monday do not know how many from our 21/25, 000 exiles feel the same, the disbelief if it can be called we have finally that Truth Commission etc., in place. I have written stating that that SIROP program impacted vast many important development of South Africa, including  Mr Nelson Mandela release from Prison, the associated dynamic, synergy and  linking topics. I am not going to write a long article safe post some info details from Seychelles info and the Truth Commission of South Africa - Seychelles Constitution adoption in 1993, and the same in South Africa, the sequence of events.  - we/I had then move on to  the Caple Court country club caravan site, across  Calais, Bouglone, the Tunnel Project and the Pas de Calais economic Development. How these drove and impacted South @Africa and Seychelles issues. Yet nobody have bothers to keep a close eye and comment, the academic community of Seychelles . It is very strange after Seychelles Constitutions had been adopted the 3rd Republic and the same in South Africa  and the decision to put in place the Truth Commission,  the events and trouble which started brewing at Caple court country club , we wrote to the US, the UNHCR and many other, futile those who stole and destroyed everything, forcing me to return to London not going to France or Belgian and the mega manipulation of that program, grand theft.  All the legal work to apply for Legal Aid and Judicial review for compensation /damages for that SIROP at the Royal court of Justice sabotaged. The Economic meltdown and crash of 1995/1996  How upon my being forces to return to London, the Blair election and PM John Major out of office events and the Royal death. These are issues we believe any half civilize nation when addressing a Truth Commission etc., would take note or study. Beside PM Blair is still alive and many of his former Ministers and Official show events in Britain/London drove development in south Africa and the con/crap the media wrote instead. 


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission is based on the final clause of the Interim Constitution of 1993 and passed in Parliament as the Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act, No 34 of 1995.

Acts of the South African Parliament

  • Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act, No. 34 of 1995 (166 Kb).
    This is the Act that governs the TRC. The following amendments are included in the Act, (Act 34 of 1995):
    * Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Amendment Act 87 of 1995
    * Judicial Matters Amendment Act 104 of 1996
    * Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Amendment Act 18 of 1997

Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles 1993, as amended to 2011 .... (2) An application under clause (1) may, where the Constitutional Court3 is satisfied that ...

Chairperson and Commissioners of the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission Sworn in
President Danny Faure witnessed the swearing-in of the Chairperson and Commissioners of the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission during a ceremony held at State House this afternoon.

Chairperson and Commissioners of the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission Sworn in 10/5/19

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The time is 1.29 am British time - the synergy, buzz, issues coming out/from Sechelles Seychelles on account of this/the Truth Commission and Reconciliation., We are adding the photo of the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace - to stress then 1988, when that SIROP program was presented to the world, Africa in particular - those who battle to take over from the Masonic Fraternity - to stress/emphasis that,  the major forces behind that SIROP program was Illuminati from the church,  the decision to build that basilica duplicate in Africa. - may be we are not explaining our person adequately, then 1988 my person had the capacity if it can be put politely to leverage and gather  the necessary energy,  resource to put such project together among some of the big project/historic  we have been involved and impute in, via that historic program . Then foreseen future,  that was was/is to come in Africa least they say this SIROP program was a masonic concept and driven. Every native African or those from the outside world can look that building is not a Masonic building. President F Mitterrand warning before he left Office and Pope John Paul advice. In Seychelles the Church buildings and renovation projects driven by that SIROP program those who contributed and were involved beside other large church, synagogue and interfaith constructions in the world. In particularly the rebuilding of the Berlin synagogue. In the USA the new Opus Dei HQ. In Russia and East Europe the many new Orthodox Churches, Cathedral
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Library & Museum
Comment -We have read the above - Russian President Vladimir Putin is attending the Victory Day military parade in Moscow’s Red Square to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945. From 1986/87 when that SIROP program was presented to the USA, the USSR, those in then Europe/France/Vatican, the ~~South Africa, the Pan African Congress/ANC , President Nyerere, those from President FA Rene politic and those supporting the US in Africa. The Australia government and Embassy in London and Canada. How Victory Day the 9th of May was celebrated, the German government then, come the change in the USSR, the reunification of German and changes in Seychelles 1991 then President FA Rene government how the Russian celebrated this Day important impacted/influenced by the historic Program. Those form the world Bank and IMF who knew of its past In Secretary General. , It is the first Celebration/commemoration President FA Rene is not with us. Mr Robert Frichot who have led our Australia Seychelles exile/refugees faction for over 30 years his knowledge of those events. By the way we noted that Australian person Chairing the Seychelles Truth commission and Reconciliation my person's role, input and involvement that the ICC was/got set up and what really ensued. Because of our grave concern how that Commission will work, hear the evidence - the major efforts to get the UN EU, Canada, the USA, Australia, south /Africa and Mauritius Justice, lawyers and experts involved. The many communication. So that we can address the Commission in a manner that fits/represent international benchmark

10/5/19 -We have read the /Wiki article information on the person of jurist Gabrielle_Louise_McIntyre, to remind the ICC officials the role an function of that SIROP program that the Wikipedia project and Wiki platform got developed those who have associated and work with us. It is a great shame we are not in Seychelles would have necessitate that we take another person and visit the resting place of former President Mancham and President FA Rene - the historic discovery we have made, the news in the USA about that Wikileaks activist refusal to be question by the US High institutions and Mr Julian Assange however terrible your situation somebody need to get this comment to your person. In the first place, instance the very Wikileaks project how and why it started, the mega political abuse and Justice/police abuse of that SIROP program, benchmark , media lies and the lies at the very world body and institutions supposed to address the truth. The British government then and all those who knew and have know that SIROP program impact on the Yugoslav breakup, and war, the Rwanda Genocide , the Sierra Leone mega mess up other to discover this Jurist have had a leading role m function and that the Court, justice have omitted and left out a great deal of information pertinent to what took place and caused much of those incidents, how the media and official collected information to address the court and build their case. In France we have had the Gilets Jaunes, what have led to this and the media lies - we need something on a world scale to question the Court why they comport the way they do and work the benchmark the way they do - citizen have to revert to Wikileaks type of action , civil disobedience. This Jurist now responsible to Chair the Seychelles Truth commission - this is a very important cause to challenge her in the Seychelles supreme court or relevant court. What would have a president FA Rene or Sir James Mancham or the very person of Lawyer Robert @Frichot or Sir George Souyave who advice us in much of the justice issues of that SIROP program supported with leading Justice person of Britain, Australia, south Africa and Europe and the world. Can/would somebody point this comment to PM Tony Blair and the Conservative oldest Service member MP Ken Clark, these are have been very grave world issues and what would president Donald Trump have to say when he discover it/this situation development, President Bush, President Clinton and Obama. . What about those leading Justice of Mauritius w have ask for help. President Putin will have a fit. If this was south Africa or Europe the dozens of news media who would have been seeking interview or even the copy rights to a book. In Seychelles the media, justice/Bar Association - this is very grave and concerning. What would the European court of Justice and the Human Right court of Justice have to say with this Development We have been lobbying for well over 20 years that beside the implementation of that SIROP program some form of review of that program, its workings and impacts gets undertaken. We never had a response form the National Assembly Truth commission and Reconciliation. Everybody surely must remember the Cold War political, economic and social situation 1977 on ward. Having added a link of Wikipedia
Chief Justice Martin Stephen Egonda-Ntende, how he had en devoured via the Arbitration court/mechanism, which he set up -  to find a solution to a address the burning issues of that SIROP program. Our correspondence to his Office copy to other relevant officials and authorities. . We have just read Nation article of the three months the Commission will be drafting laws on the working and function of the commission. In Europe and other countries in the case of former Yugoslavia, the resources, finance expertise they put at the disposition those who required,  had a duty to address the relevant inquiring Body. What will be the precedent for Seychelles or will they apply - the practice it is small Seychelles,  we have use and abused them now do not let them get access to any form of Justice. The issues and events were, have not been just black and white. There have been vast complexities yet of issues,  the big nations like Australia, Europe, America how they wish that small nation address such issues and topic then when thing boil over like the mega exodus to Europe three year ago  what they say and how they react - how they con the world and EU citizens. . The need to take note the benchmark and practice in Europe or Canada in our case the major efforts to get the financing and legal expertise ad support to address such a Commission.   Now that the name of the individual to serve the Commission have been publish - let alone the leading politicians, media and parties have lied, pilfered, creamed off and the long list of criminal incident,actions against that SIROP program to this day, the 21/25 ,000 it represents. How will these individual have the capacity to understand and grasp the dimension of what really took place and the many why or will they adopt their little Seychelles mentality - shut up what are you talking about.  The need to tell the world and those alive today, the heritage of those from /Europe and rest of the world who helped and engaged the situation,  had such/those  individuals been around, responsible for /to help then Seychelles find a solution then 1986/87 - it would have been impossible. The consequences those who reverted to military action, attempt assassination and other form of overthrowing the government, riding of the individuals and politicians. The fate of that nation and its inhabitants, beside the Region. 

Saturday/11/5/19, This first Saturday as that Truth Commission and Reconciliation is in place, the nation getting up, the various political leadership, person and their Parties , the Diplomatic Service in Seychelles and many others,  The nation Service, the Indian Community, the Russian and East European Communities. This is a Historic day and moment how other nations have worked, managed and promoted such a  Day and occasion, this Afternoon the Church Service or rather Friday evening - talking of Friday the Muslim Community in Seychelles this morning and the families, supporter of former President Mancham, President FA Rene. The NGO communities of Seychelles , the Region African and Europe - World, instance Sir James Mancham own WANGO, what about our exiles communities and families,  individuals across the world, those representing them in Seychelles, the families, children, relatives and associates of the fallen, victims,  - their reaction and position this morning  - Given the vast experience of the Jurist acting as Chair person of that Commission as per her Bio publish,   the many manner and technique, methods, preferred methods - of those who have brought, cause  death,  been killed and suffered in the many nation's conflicts and genocides,  she has had to impute. Cannot not remember if she has experience of Haiti. Because this requires demand a special attention they practice and apply para science, as they do in Serra Leon and Rwanda, East Timor,  to kill, frighten and eliminate political opponents  which bring me/us to Seychelles.  From the announcement of that Commission by the National Assembly,  the numbers of that SIROP program change supports who have died, beside along with former DP and other opposition parties - rather found their death we prefer to say killed,  eliminated so they cannot and will not be there to testify or give evidence or share what really took place, many aspects and process of that SIROP program from 1986 to date, the 3rd Republic, change from One party system to multiparty what really took place, the media and the world never told/informed - their experience and to what this have been attributed, explanation. These need to be investigated,  look into and study,  duly report, their findings made public. The process of discouraging and intimidating,  causing fear and trepidation to those alive and their children not to come forward to tell the Commission what happened the mechanism , system and institutions involved. The Commission ought to set up due parameter to safeguard, the lives of those who can or wish or need to come forward. With the justice support, and protection. What about media documentation of the process and formalities, events, sittings and deliberations. Again the requirement to safe guard these, other wise if it is done as they do things in Seychelles, what it will turn out to be and they will at the end of the process/day say, proclaim that was delivering Justice, particular those the officials of African Union and the UN or the Commonwealth. We cannot stress enough the efforts, we have done to plead ask and seek European support for all those wishing to come forward and address this Commission to help engage in this process. The very important lesson, information and knowledge they, the EU Commission, parliament and Council of Europe will acquire in the process, benefits to EU workings and its Citizens, interests in the region and world. To note in France one of the nation which have input importantly in that SIROP program from conception in 1986/87 to date the Gilets Jaunes major debacles. Those in contact/monitoring our respective issues in France be it Europe or the Indian Ocean/Africa, the Gulf Region. What about the many high parties and officials of the USA this morning- having stated how that program impacts the US,  Home and International politic - their media, the issues to change the USSR and East Europe the credits they have taken  and presented to the wold as theirs when it has not been the case and very wrong. Because they have Powers and capacity. The credit not attributed given tho those who really deserve.  and those who promote History and the mega mess the world have landed in as a results/account.  What about the conflicts, the Afghanistan, the former Yugoslav, the Somali, Iraq, Syria and Yemen,  North Africa Spring issues, the important Lebanon links, Egypt and Israel the many Palestinian issue linked to/with that SIROP program - the Terrorism development, progress and the many, Services of the USA and media involvement linked to that SIROP program those who have monitored other wise  and yet. Sir James Mancham efforts in his books and lectures en devoured to talk to the world, tell the world  what was going and had been going on contrary to what was being publish and promoted. The very UN Justice and Security Officials have a very important stake in the historic development in Seychelles with the appointment to the Truth Commission, Nations like South Africa, Saudi Arabia Pakistan and India  those past UN Secretary General what they knew and have known and yet what was reported in Public, the Courts. What about Russia and China , the BRICS nation/economic issues. 

This historic Saturday morning there is a much more important  and burning thematic/topic we have not mentioned - How after events of 1996/7, our exile community in then Seychelles events in Africa and the Region - those from the Refugees,  exile Networks, NGO and VSC, then development in Russia, East Europe 'Africa, Asia , china and Latin america the mega project to do a Refugees history project of the UK , the manner this was done and reported,  those involved , contributed and financed, the politic - given that the Seychelles exile refugees in the world,  their most dynamic country of exile was/is UK,  our decision to put in place a very unique Refuge History project,  we have been writing about this for the past 15 years,  what this entails, include the mechanism build in to contribute,  bring democratic progress,   freedom, Justice and other important human values back in#Seychelles very uniqueness in Africa and the world via that project and the portal we have build. How it drives major Broad and IT , issue of Europe and the world or the Seychelles and neighboring nations and all those in #Europe who know of this project,  Those from the Vatican who helped, the UN and EU develop the concepts, those from Russia - they prefer just to ripoff, pilfer and abuse , scam, manipulate  us as much as they can because we are a small community in Europe, the horrors of the Conservative government  and the BIOT/Diego Garcia taboo surrounding it , the very ugly and dirty politic and policing, however the European Laws and legislation, Treaties encompassing our Rights,  major linking issue of Britexit. The efforts to build a new portal and how this is impacting and affecting so many issues including Justice and Policing, big media  issues politic. Given the important role argument our exiles undertook to get the EU involved in finding a solution for Seychelles as against the USA or Russia, as had been the politic until that SIROP program - One Party System, the Communist Era,  the manner this project was develop, with wide range support of other European nations where our communities /exiles and families are found , settles and their respective institutions, There are Arcadian mechanism build in to help support us to mange and drive our work - build in are vast many important Europe Royal workings its institutions and our heritage recombined to help us and support development  and progress in Seychelles and the Region. UNESCO officials were involved. How it works and interact with the EU high institutions, those who monitor us and our issues. 

The Seychelles are devout Christian and their belief, those who have gone on Pilgrim- the event of the appointment of the Leading Jurist ex ICC amount to a great Christian event. Our explanation - The Seychelles of then 1989/90/91, Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy,  in particular events in Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia - our then exile/refugees still in London, the dreadful communist and one party system in then Seychelles and its African  associate partners.  In London the Lady Thatcher government, the establishment and the press, the Masonic Fraternity and the many exile factions from former Yugoslavia who had worked and taken part in some of the SIROP program presentation and promotion, the Refugee Forum and AHRAG, other Networks in London, Solidarnosh, the Pan African Congress. From the Socialist Block the belief and view that was being promote, Yugoslavia was the better model of Socialism  and in Russia then Gorbachev fighting the West and USA for some kind of reform program economic, combine and military. For some 5 years before that SIROP program implementation, Yugoslavia had become for the Seychelles government beside it None Aligned leading Role, a number of African countries former Communist,  of FA Rene a symbol of uniqueness after the major fall out in other East European land and at meetings and rally in London those who had supported this view - what ensued, the mechanism that was deployed, like the North African Spring to cause and bring about a radical change in Yugoslavia. President FA Rene and Sir James Mancham Reaction. Similar mechanism had been applied elsewhere to bring about changes including Iraq- We had been living in Kilburn, had already taken the core of that SIROP program to @Angers, French government , the US and others knowledge in Europe   and our statement had we been allowed to stay in Angers with that Program as Mitterrand had wished the Yugoslav war would not have been triggered,  the breakup, the first Gulf War issues and that SIROP program then President Saddam Hussian and then President FA Rene and that SIROP program.  We wrote to those in France and Vatican explaining the phenomena in London,  the mechanism that was being applied to caused this and the motives. Those political person , military in then Yugoslavia , we had been in contact with because of that SIROP program they were the leading politician and soldiers. They were very aware of that SIROP  program capacity and dynamic. In its implementation NATO role was being redefined to a more very passive role and function -  and the Seychelles Indian ocean Cold war and Russia and Communist Issues. We wrote protesting letters to the UN explaining that we, that SIROP program was being used and abused by the conservative government of Lady Thatcher to caused the break, make war in Yugoslavia . The Irish community then Kilburn and those in Ireland and the NGO and many other who knew and were aware and involved.  The Conservative government held the view that the Yugoslav socialist model, even if it was the better of all evil had to be destroyed and make it impossible , events in the South Africa.  We decided to run away from Kilburn, 87a Victoria Rd because of fear of our life , those who held the view either you play our game or you will be killed /removed. We made a beeline for Belgium or France and landed in Ashford Kent. Those who had done everything that we cannot return to Europe or France so that they could manipulate to the maximum that program,  its dynamic and synergism and cause maximum impacts to Seychelles and the Communist countries and the ensuing bitter wars in Yugoslavia - yet these information and very important issues were never presented to the courts and the respective 'trials some of those individual being held account at the @Trial - they  had known my person well and capacity and role, we impute in their workings and issues and yet the court and media never reported them, In Britain those leading Jurist, Court officials who knew had known of the issues later the Court officials of Europe got to know .  The Bush Junior administration and the new Clinton Administration, the promise and undertakings - which were never kept-We had decided that given the first Gulf War and other terrible issue against that SIROP program  a different Court system in Europe was necessary to try make those western Europe politicians accountable, the many NGO in then London calling,  asking for it -  -what happened, they set up other parties and they were eventuality tried and those politicians who had caused and set them up went free, never had to account for their terrible deeds. In the document for Judicial review,  damage /compensation at the Royal court of Justice address those issues, later the International /court we attended and information we provided the European Court and later the ICC, beside the UN itself. They say Seychelles have mystic nut that /coco de mer and its capacity, it being one of our nation great assets. Those who are educated. So much and many terrible events and issues have taken place President FA Rene approach and President Mancham - the world almost witnessed a third world war two years ago over the refugees invasion and break of Europe importantly linked to that SIROP program all those in Europe then involved to revamp that program  and now the world on the verge of a War between China and the USA,  we have this leading Jurist who have studied, impute , helped manage many of the Court preparation and research,  work much of what cause the start of the war in Yugoslavia and the personalities involved  and after wards their fate, how they were use and abused by the 'west and the USA and NATO   and made to carry the cap, Kan hold the baby as they say. After many years of publishing and trying to explain these, beside Wikileaks the many other who have endevoured to research and explain, information on the Web -  we have this very Jurist in Seychelles  there others from the Court more important for us in Seychelles this is more than sufficient. Yet our media, the Justice our National Assembly, NGO comportment/position. 

The Wikipedia project was planned in 1988 as a world method , approach to monitor and record the information independently as against the then existing source and information control - all those leading persons in Europe who knew, yet how they, was reported and presented/today the role of Wikipedia, is not the best but it is a big help. 

15/5/19 (Today we phone the office of the EU Home Affairs  and External Affairs and the AU office in EU and our email contents to them on that Truth Commission etc., in Seychelles )
Given Mr Jean Marie Le pen, impute/FN and the French far Right in changing Seychelles Communist /One party system, the then Coalition in Europe Cold War against Communism,  this former Jurist ex ICC what took place at the War Trials.   They were privy to inside information and yet. Then come that SIROP program, in France - the intelligence Service who ought to know a very great deal more. Nobody ever thought things would turn out,  the material this Jurist Mrs McIntyre had to work for the respective prosecution and yet the information they never had access/given. We are going to link an academic article stating the 5 major reasons Yugoslavia broke up  the point 5 to be studied, gaps.  -The Impact of International Factors

(PDF) Why did Yugoslavia disintegrate? An overview of contending 

Yugoslav Wars

Collage Yugoslav wars.jpg

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There was a very important reason those backed/supported that SIROP program concept, including NATO officials, Russia , those from East Europe, Italy, Germany, Vatican  - the alternative then Cold War we are going to add a Wikipedia article on the ~Red Brigade, they were linked to Seychelles workings, some of the important incidents they big why. Thank you Wikipedia for being there still very many gaps in the information provided. Including the German Red Army . Then  they talk of how good the CIA and Israeli Intelligence is and the South African  Intelligence Service . 

Red Army Faction

16/5/19 - The norm after such very significant working/France bilateral issues with Seychelles and the Indian Ocean then Cold War and After, to travel to Paris and address the Officials of Institute Francois Mitterrand in private,  the historic significance of that Seychelles Truth, Reconciliation etc.,  Chaired by Mr McIntrye ex ICC, Australian National. We were not able to do this hence we telephoned  and explained briefly,  stating that there are issues never presented to the world in term of global security, global economic, banking  workings impacting then Cold ~War, the Communist Block verse the West and France unique position in term of Nuclear and independent,  in then Europe, East Europe/The COMECON Warsaw Pact, Gulf Region, Africa  and world,  how President ~F Mitterrand was able to make major decision based upon those issues and the need to help address this Truth Commission etc., in a manner and benchmark respecting the International Norms - we also said that when it was South Africa all the nations, government sand institutions who came/rushed forward to have a say and impute and the media, in the case of Seychelles their position and yet. Had we/those not put that SIROP program together the fate of mankind and the world. 


17/5/19 -  For many importation reasons those who know how Intelligence Service works and National Security works,  live information on vast many topics and their governments had restriction, pressure, benchmark not to be made public, disclose,  labelled as national security/state secrets or Bank secrets or share after some 15/25 years as such very many  of those  issues related and linked with that SIROP program. Much more important, published,  the scandals, governments, political , major corporate, police, Justice , military right across Europe and beyond which have been  associated with this program, with the right resources, expertise,  most of these incidents can be retrieved, recaptured and then a list made, catalague. ~~This have been one of the major challenges - most government and institutions, leading individuals, politicians  have disliked this. In public what was known.

Bob Hawke death: Former Australia prime minister dies, aged 89 | The ...
This is the manner and way things get work in that Seychelles - PM Mr Bob Hawke, knew a great deal about that SIROP program, the Cold War Indian Ocean and Australia, President FA /Rene position, networks and associates. Our statement to Institute Francois Mitterrand, why those decided on the modality of that historic program and its implementation. His knowledge of the important support of President Ronald Reagan for that SIROP program and the big why. The leading Jurist ex ICC, Mrs McIntrye heading/Chairing that Seychelles Truth , Reconciliation Commission etc., - Mr Robert Frichot a leading Jurist /Lawyer from Seychelles knew many of those issues, the return of the exiles, the 3rd Seychelles Republic and Constitution issues as did former first Seychelles President Mancham, that SIROP program many important contributions, synergistic, dynamics to his government office and changes very significant in Australia and the Region. Had he stayed alive he would have been one of those leading high person we would have requested the Commission seek reference from - His knowledge of British then working/politic, economy and the very important issue of South Africa and its changes and that SIROP program. ( Will somebody point this Comment to Jurist Mrs McIntyre, the Chair person of the Seychelles Truth Commission, etc., Lady Kate Mancham and Sir James Mancham son, Sir James Mancham Peace Foundation at SeyUNI )

Bob Hawke - Wikipedia

This is the kind of article the world , the Establishment and Rule of law abiding officials want to see - the world to read other media to swallow and regurgitate. . 


22/5/19 -The above comment, that truth COMMISSION etc., AUSTRIA played a key role in that program CONCEPTION and MANAGING beSide France - event in AUSTRIA aS thiS Truth COMMISSION etc., iS  Sworn in COMPELLING thoSe politicianS of AUSTRIA to think very hard and thoSe from Europe. The forthcoming EU ELECTION in France iS ANOTHER IMPORTANT event to watch link WITH that Truth COMMISSION etc.,

Austria to move fast to hold elections after coalition collapses

Commission of Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity sworn in

• Australian lawyer Gabrielle Louise McIntyre to chair commission

Gabrielle Louise McIntyre

McIntyre, McEntire, MacIntyre, McAteer, and McIntire is a Scottish surname derived from the Gaelic Mac an t-Saoir literally meaning "Son of the Craftsman or Mason", common in Ulster and the highlands of Scotland, found in Ireland mostly in counties Donegal, Derry, Tyrone and Sligo.

Pierre Rosario DOMINGUE [Chief Executive Officer, Law Reform Commission] ... Mr. Speaker Sir, when we compare our Law Reform Commission Act to similar ...
Pierre Rosario DOMINGUE. CEO, LRC Mauritius. (1). Challenges of Law Reform in Small States. Despite their heterogeneity, small States share the constraint of ...

Martin Stephen Egonda-Ntende

12/5/19, Supposed to be Mother's day in some parts of the world. 5 years ago when we began the process of applying, asking the UNHCR , France to consider transferring our Refugee Status, the big issues having lived and gone through very many leading firm of Lawyers in Britain the past 30 years, their respective benchmark -their attitude when handling  a burning or important issues /case concerning Seychelles, where as in France those we have address and seek advice have different approach and benchmark, the same in Germany. We/I have not been informed/advised of the outcome of the efforts, plea we have made to the UNHCR, the Bar Association of Europe, the Bar association of France and the respective government of ~~Europe, legal system where we have individual exile family or families and the need for them to get some form   of support to address that Truth #Commission etc., We/I am extremely concern for my personnel  issues - those in Britain who will manipulate the process to the maximum and then say how great they are and their Justice system and practices. I have tired to contact one or two of our Community or ex community in Britain to share./exchange ideas  with little success. 

International Criminal Court

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History could have taken a different direction in Seychelles in the end we decided to go to Salzburg to become a Dental Technician first our training and apprenticeship by Dental Labor Lukesh, a leading establishment. Then residing at Richenhaller Str by Monchberg Castle, when on the 5th June 1977, we learnt that there had been a coup d'etat in Seychelles and somehow managed to get former Minister D Joubert telephone number in London and spoke with him, inquiring what had happened. (My person had been the second Seychellois to go  in exile, leaving my daughter , family, friends in Seychelles and everything under the first government, Dr Hossen was the first, the Justice, legal and police establishment- Judge Stiven had tried the Guy Pool case, given his position as a judge in Seychelles and his role in the Zanzibar decolonization process, the revolution over throw of the Sultanate, knowledge of Colonial East Africa some 28 years, British intelligence , the USAF officials - the mega debacles of East of Suez and the BIOT,  the revolution/coup d'etat in Seychelles was not if, but when. Those who had attempted to form a Unilateral government, knowledge and other eventualities) Some months before had look into the Diplomatic representation of Seychelles government in Europe, the Sir James Mancham - my Austrian wife worked for the famous Hotel Ostericher Hof, the Von Oswald Family owner of Pirate Arms live in Salzburg Attersea. We had also made friends with those from Salzburg University.

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Beside former President Ronald Reagan the five past US President, leading politicians, their officials and institutions , Services  we have work the issues of that SIROP program and impacts on US economy, military defense, Space defense,   media, world politics 

EU election in UK 23/5/19, - election result in  India, - President D Faure in Mozambique/Blue Economy,- UN vote none binding on UK, BIOT/Mauritius sovereignty, -Austria Government collapse/caretaker government, - 43 years  of Independence, - 33 years since the conception of that SIROP program, - Niki Lauda death 21/5/19, - A catastrophic tornado  Missouri's capital, Jefferson City, - Paris : un diamant d’une valeur de 45 millions d’euros volé grâce à un tour de passe-passe,- former prime minister Bob Hawke died, - Grace Kelly's life evolved from Hollywood star to Princess of Monaco. - PM  Theresa May the Brtiexit PM announce her resignation to take effect on the 7th June 2019,- In Australia,, NASA meteor: A 'hypersonic' fireball just hit Australia with the power of a NUCLEAR bomb, -President Danny Faure attended the inauguration ceremony of the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, in Pretoria, the untold South Africa SIROP issues  and President Mandela . - 
27/5/19 -The Historic announcement, broadcast by President Danny Faure calling for the Constitutional commission to organize a Referendum to allow/if Seychellois living oversea can /is allow to vote in the national election.

The National Assembly of Seychelles is with Neerah Ciseau.
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“The Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission and the National Assembly Committee on Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity officially held a Handing Over Ceremony this afternoon. The Chairperson of the Committee – Honorable Wavel Ramkalawan handed over files containing grievance forms received from different complainants, to the Chairperson of the Commission – Mrs. Gabrielle McIntyre. This symbolic Ceremony officially launches the work mandate of the Commission”.
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