SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 11 February 2008


We have read some of the pertinent, troubling, false organization coming forward and the most recent about a special group of mercenary in Iraq supposedly fighting under their name.

We do no think it necessary to repeat the origines of the Seychelles Nation - most important our French ancestors. The very rich religious heritage across the centuries. As such we have lived in the Indian Ocean the past 250 years.

We have made it a point to bring to the attention of those who have followed our exile politic and other debacles. The Christian, spiritual values, ethic, we put together, called together to even begin concepting that SIROP exile return program - later the CDU, Alliance, DP/SNP and others.

What we have never stated is how low the christian spiritual values were in/around 1981 - 1987/88 when we officialy put that exile program together. By contrast those, the establishment, the Masonic Establishment in Britain, France, Italy who wanted to stamp our program with their own brand of archaic/fraternal values. The very heavy price we had to pay - the confusion with prevailed at international level and the USA. The very major effort we made to oppose this and the reason we/I was deposed and the Program attemptedly passed on to Sir James Mancham and Executive of the SNP/MPR.

We wish to remind all those interested - including the governments of the Indian Ocean,African Union, the EU institutions - we repeatedly emphasised that we had used and were using the christian, sipritual/arcahic/fraternal values of our French Ancestors. We have stated on our main portal some of the reason for those who wanted to destroy and ransacked that place in Kilburn - Brent, 87a Victoria rd. So that we would not be able to have any proof - legitmate our work and other steal and hijack our work. We have explained for many years we took most of the hand written original document in a suitcase belonging to Mrs Epstine/Lord Beloff sister, other personal belonging - the involvement of President Francois Mitterand and Priminister John Major migrated to France - Angers. We left/compelled to leave that suit case and others in the care of Societe Saint vincent de Paul - Angers, Loire.

We have discussed about the issues with led Tim Brenner Lee and the French Associate to write the WWW Link. We have stated many other important issues which was so to say riding on the back of the program and synergy we were managing.

For the past 30 years because of our training, archaic/fraternal, christian have tried to emphasis that those who are in important position and such responsibility , there exist mechanism, science, discipline to research, manage these issues and topic. We draw the attention of those who will read this thread - what we have menat when we stated we have contributed with that SIROP/CDU, Alliance, DP, SNP exile return program for archaic/fraternal values to expand in the former COMECON, the USSR and indeed important contributions to the Fraternal, Masonic, Archaic institutions which existed then. We had a number of important responsibilities in that field too. combined this led to New appointments being made, restructuring taking place and overall look at the functioning of the institutions, etc. Many cannot imagine the power of the forces involved, which can lead to crowds and people far away reacting and responding> One of those situation was the nomination and election of Fra' Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie, as the 78th Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and Malta and History made.

Among other reasons, because of the debacle in Seychelles, France, Italy, Britain, the USA and Vatican involving Fraternal brethern Giovanni Mario Ricci, after the death of Princess Daina and Mr Al Fayad Son, having been given a place in Islington made it a point to seek their advice and guidance on a number of archaic/fraternal in relation with our Seychelles EU community heraldric/arcahic/fraternal work. Including that Merchandising project( the mega Tsunami of 2004). The have their Head Quater in Islington. One of the original leading Lawy firm for that SIROP, CDU, Alliance, DP, SNP, SNM exile return program is situated next to their Head Quater.

A number of the important issues our Seychelles EU community Archaic/fraternal and other wise had contributed- leading to some of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and Malta involvement in Seychelles. President FA Rene, Mr Guy Morel , Mr Guy Lionnet those who have been great fan would do well to remember.

Magistral Palace, 8 February 2008

The death is announced of HMEH 78th Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and Malta, Fra' Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie, in Rome on 7 February 2008. The Grand Commander of the Order of Malta, Baillif Frà Giacomo dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, has been sworn in as Lieutenant ad interim of the Order, and remains acting head of the Sovereign Order until a new Grand Master is elected.

Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie was the first Englishman to be elected to the post of Grand Master in the Order’s 900-year history. Born 15 May 1929, he was educated at Ampleforth College, Christ Church Oxford and the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. After military service in the Scots Guards, he worked as a financial journalist in the City of London, before taking up the senior post in Modern Languages (French and Spanish) at Worth School, Sussex. Admitted to the Order in 1956, he took solemn religious vows in 1981 and served on the Sovereign Council (the government of the Order) for the following seven years before being elected Grand Master on 8th April 1988.

His Highness Fra’ Andrew Bertie, who spoke five languages fluently, oversaw many changes in the Order of Malta, instituting a modern approach to the Order’s humanitarian programmes, increasing the membership and extending the possibilities of aid to the poor and the needy in far-flung regions. He augmented from 49 to 100 the number of the Order’s bilateral diplomatic mission, whose delicate mission it is also to offer assistance to afflicted countries in times of natural disasters or armed conflicts. He set up international conferences where members were invited to contribute to the Order’s humanitarian strategies and encouraged a greater commitment to the spiritual side of the Order’s stated mission to help the sick and the poor and to provide an example of living according to Christian principles. In addition, he modernised the internal structure and administration of the Order.

A man of quiet reflection and wide interests, although of a certain British reserve, Fra' Andrew was much loved by all who worked with him on his many projects. He greatly enjoyed the company of the young, and his former students were often among his visitors to the Magistral Palace in Rome. He always much enjoyed meeting and talking with all those involved in the good works of the Order, many of whom he met on his travels around the world to visit the Order’s charitable activities and consult with the national associations involved. When possible, he spent his holidays at his home in Malta, where he was very involved in organising and teaching judo courses for children as well as tending his farm, whose four different varieties of oranges were a constant source of pride in good weather and anxiety in bad.

That His Most Eminent Highness was held in high regard is evidenced by the many honours bestowed on him:
he was made an honorary citizen of Rapallo (1992), of Veroli (1993), Lourdes (1999), Magione (2002), Birgu (2003) and Santa Severina (2003). In Bolivia in 2002 he was created Huesped Ilustre (La Paz, El Alto and Santa Cruz).

Path to Peace Award 2005, Matteo Ricci Award 2006

Honorary doctorates: Medicine and surgery, University of Bologna (1992); Jurisprudence, University of Malta (1993), Humanities, University of Santo Domingo (1995), Universidad Catolica Boliviana San Pablo, Bolivia (2002); Laws, St. John’s University, Minnesota (2003).

His Highness was also bestowed: Collar of the Order Piano (Holy See), Collar of the Italian Republic, Grand Cross of the Legion d’Honneur, and was holder of more than 50 decorations from other countries.

Solemn Mass de Requie

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Pictures of the Marquettte of the "SIROP" Kitchen & L'etablisement du Rois which have given four previous USA Presidents night mares

We have added/tried to add here two pictures:06/02/08

The first being the Marquette of L'etablisement du Roi - the name given by our ancestors to the first settlement, the capital of Seychelles - Sechelles(The origine of the name, title, they became Kings of the Frank, Britain - William the Norman King, related to Jewish kings of Old, other famous kings their dynasty ) then, later changed to Victoria by the British after France had lost the war to the British (date please) and we becoming British Colonial citizens.

In France, Canada and Quebec there were those whose ancestors, families had started the French Settlement/colony, compelled to leave or migrate, they took on the challenge. It was with those families, their decedents, friends , their organisations that we took contact after the Historic of the 5th June Revolution - coup d'etat in Seychelles. They gave and granted us their support, along with the Pied Noirs communities of former Algeria, former Congo the hope, in instance resources - most important that we can rely on our French ancestral Archaic, Fraternal, Religious, Cultural, historic heritage to battle/challenge those who had wanted to impose their political view, will and dominance over our exile politic and other affairs. This led and resulted to very great misunderstanding, conflicts in instance with the French Nation, their culture, their politic, their media, the politicians, whatever was French - Francophone, including the military and corporate interests.

For those whose responsibility is to record these issues - we go back to the time of Priminister Wilson, Edward Heath, Lady Tacther, John Major and Tony Blair. From the USA side then President Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, President Bush Senior, President Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and President George Bush.

All of them were - have been uninformed - rather ill informed, only their History mattered. We vigorously defended, explained they were insulting, destroying, hurting their own kind, blood and bone, not the Africans, Arabs, Indians or Aliens. Our ancestors, the founders of our Nation - the values we carry, maintained, their traditions, religions, belief we represent and promote first in our home, country and the world/.

As a result of those values we have been made custodian of very important and precious values and heritage - which often have opposed the English Speaking many interest, values and heritage. More so in the greater politic and affairs of the world.

With our EU values and very unique set of values in the Indian Ocean, African Union need us, they need us to interpret the jargons, the language with come out of the EU many systems and institutions which is alien to Africa. We form part of Africa - past OAU. We have helped build African Union and the future role - work to build Africa.

Like we encountered much opposition from the English speaking values - their heritage , archaic and other wise - the same we have encountered in the past with Africa - OAU and today's African Union.

The work of discovering our roots in EU have brought very many positive results and development to the world, EU itself, African Union, Regional Nations, South Africa, Australia, India, Pakistan, North Africa. Most important the Gulf Region. Then we look closely at what it has brought to the Seychelles, its people over the past 30 years and the nations of the Indian Ocean, remembering that They were once one entity. First their Portuguese, then Dutch, later French and British. The positive Social, political, cultural benefits.

In the case of Seychelles though during the era of President FA Rene certain aspect of these values was maintained and cultured - this became more evident after the changes of 1991. The third Republic - what led to it. The very many public building institutions which have been reintroduces like in the countries where our French colonial ancestors have fled, gone to live.

It would have been great to see the building of one or two public buildings that one find in other colonies where they have migrated and set up their roots instead of the modern - concrete multi purpose, thing which will not last and have very little values.

However there is still hope: We are pleased that this effort have contributed to a few in Seychelles to start thinking and take thing more seriously. Their overall national values. The concept, inspiration to build a Marquette of the Original first Settlement - L'etablisement du Roi. We hope the future USA President will not forget this as they have done in the past and pretended we came form Africa, Jupiter or Mars - we are aliens. Along with the USA Establishments, the Judiciary, Military, Academics, etc.

{Picture of L'etablisement du Roi}

Another, challenge we hale had on our hands with several past USA Presidents, British, French, EU Heads of State and their governments, institutions involving our politic, diplomatic and corporate affairs - Our Sechelles - Seychellois Kitchen.

Most of those who live in EU, USA, Britain when the worked kitchen is mention they immediately picture something like they know, see on TV, in the papers etc. They cannot and are unable to visualize the kitchen in the colony - the first kitchen, specially that of our ancestors. Be they French, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, British, Dutch, Spanish, Austrian, Belge.

There was a very specific reason we Titled the exile/refugee return program of 1987 SIROP - we were addressing firstly the people, nation of Seychelles, our/their politicians, our parents, ancestors. Their traditional values, their traditional kitchen. Most important just like in Canada the make Molass - in Seychelles how they made SIROP for Festive occasions. Later the word SIROP meaning medicine for children and adults. There are other images and issues which comes to mind at the mention of the word SIROP we will not elaborate here - let those interested in our cultures and values make their own discoveries.

Again, the above mention issues we have presented what have led to those developers from Mauritius, Hotel Group to donate the Marquette of the first/typical Sechelles/Seychelles kitchen. Again we address past former USA Presidents and White House occupants - we have seen many documentary on the Kitchen , also Downing street and the Kitchen of other Heads of State. On our Sechelles/Seychelles traditional kitchen, many conflicts, wars over the past 30 years have started, bloody - the media lies. Those in uniform who understand what we are talking about and the Secret Service who once told us as we were aspiring to become a Leader for our Country - "If you cannot stand the Heat in the Kitchen get out" We know only too well the state and what it take to get a fire going in a traditional Sechelles/Seychelles kitchen, the smoke, when it rains you get rain in you food or the fire nearly goes out, the rats, the centipedes, the spiders, all the vermines and bugs surrounding you/one as you cook.

Below is a Marquette of the Sechelles/Seychelles first/traditional Kitchen donated by Mauritius Hotel Group.

{Sechelles/Seychelles first - traditional Kitchen}

One issues of great importance and relevancy: Those ancestors of ours their Christian or other religious heritage, their Fraternal – Templar, Druides, Freemasons establishment. As they laid the foundation of the first Settlement L'etablisement du Roi and the First Sechelles/Seychelles Kitchen. How they develop and progressed with the passage of times.

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