SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
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Thursday, 20 August 2015

First Seychellois female Chief Justice sworn in

First Seychellois female Chief Justice sworn in


Mathilda Twomey, née Butler Payette, was sworn into office as the new and first Seychellois female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Seychelles in a ceremony at State House yesterday morning.

She took the Oaths of Allegiance and the Judicial Oath before President James Michel and in the presence of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Patrick Herminie, the president of the Court of Appeal, Justice Francis MacGregor, judges and justices of appeal, the chairperson and members of the Constitutional Appointments Authority, the deputy Attorney General, senior lawyers, members of her family, as well as senior officials in the Office of the President.

Justice Twomey's appointment as Chief Justice follows the unanimous recommendation made to the President of the Republic by the Constitutional Appointments Authority.

She becomes the first Seychellois female to hold the post of Chief Justice in the country.

In a statement she made at the end of the swearing-in ceremony, Chief Justice Twomey expressed her gratitude for the trust and confidence that the Constitutional Appointments Authority and President Michel have placed in her. She said she would serve Seychelles to the very best of her ability.

“I am honoured to have been appointed Chief Justice by President James Michel on the recommendation of the Constitutional Appointments Authority… It is an office which carries onerous duties and great responsibility. I acknowledge the learned men who have preceded me in this office. The expectations of the bench, bar and the Seychellois people in general are high. I welcome the huge challenge and will do my best to live up to it,” said Chief Justice Twomey.

She added: “I will now sit in the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, and will serve both with equal energy and fervour. It is a unique position to be in and one which I intend to harness to spearhead the constitutional and structural reforms to see our judicial system brought into the 21st century.”

She however noted that cases that she hears in the Supreme Court she will not be able to deal with in the Court of Appeal.

Justice Twomey stressed that the judiciary should refrain from engaging in political arguments and that its officers should deliver according to their official oaths of office.

“It must also rise above modern multimedia influences that reduce our justice system to a case-by-case microcosm that assigns partisan political motives to every court decision and defines the judiciary by the relationships its members have, especially in the tiny community of Seychelles where everyone is interrelated by bonds of kinship or friendship. Its officers must perform their duties serene in the respect of their constitutional oaths of office, and in its mandate of an independent and impartial judiciary. Its greater responsibility is to strive in the maintenance of the rule of law,” she said.

Justice Twomey graduated with a BA in English and French Law from the University of Kent, Canterbury. She holds a degree in French Law from the University of Paris-Sud and was admitted as a member of the Bar at Middle Temple, London in 1987, and as an Attorney-at-Law in Seychelles.

Mrs Twomey has had an illustrious career in the legal profession, serving as a barrister first in the Ocean Gate Law Centre, as pupil to Francis MacGregor, now president of the Court of Appeal. She also served in the Attorney General’s Chambers, and later as an attorney-at-law in private chambers.  She was a member of the Constitutional Commission which drafted the Constitution of the Third Republic.  She moved to Ireland in 1995, where she has been resident until now.

Comment - Those who know the great Tradition of Sechelles Seychelles Justice - their respective connections. We note/have noted that the new appointed Chief Justice in 1987 was admitted to the Bar of Middle Temple etc - it was the same year we/I wrote that SIROP program and very worse as a lawyer the mega buzz in London over/about that program, in Europe, the USA, USSR, East Europe, China and South Africa and Asia - India and Australia. Those three leading law firms we were in contacts for advice and the many leading personalities in Britain. With due respect the Chief Justice need to come forward and clear some of these issues otherwise she will not have any credibility. She has the resources to contact the many Law firs we have mentioned and the chartered accountants and demand a proper report over that SIROP program negotiation in Britain - all those involved.  { Former Minister Pat Pillay have stressed we need not be afraid/frighted - if only he knew what we knew and the many attempts to have my person eliminated - otherwise we will have to battle for many years to prove that there have been a major cover up over that SIROP program involving and including the Seychelles Justice and Judiciary. } 

She can use all the British and Seychelles justice resource to study and inform her person how that SIROP program impacted British Justice system and court procedures and method of delivering Justice and punishments.

This said at the time those leading Seychellois exile Lawyer we were in indirect contact and their advice on that SIROP program, most important Sir George Souyave. She needs to verify and clear this topic otherwise she will always have question to answer - beside then Judge Sauzier. 

From a political prospective - the above said if/should there be a political change she will be bitterly challenged - why she has chosen to keep quiet about the many important events and changing topics associated with that SIROP program - we Seychellois demand Justice from other Nations and their Institution and yet when we have the capacity and responsibility we refuse and fail to act. 

We have also noted she studied law in France - then President F Mitterrand government and Officials and very important impute in that SIROP program.  Who is/was  telling lies, being dishonest  President F Mitterrand or then newly qualify Towmey. Beside in France a number of great Judges have lost their position over that SIROP program debacles - she will need to study these very closely. 

What about the very many Irish/Ireland North and South/Republic of Ireland  Associated issues - give my person the legal support we will address these in public or the court in Seychelles or Europe. She has a duty to come clean on such important issues. The world and many other who read and monitor our exile forums and blogs topics. 

"For the records how e came about to choose some of he leading law firms in London to advice us on that SIROP program and the Chartered accountants - beside other leading personalities - Sir Geroge Souyave knew who they were and all about, he guided us beside Judge Sauzier the manner we referred issues and topics as they developed and came about- they were both skeptical that Seychelles would every change and that that Program would be implemented By then President FA Rene and his cabinet the total and utter lies the world and Seychelles have been told all those years."

To make it really spicy - all those who knew Prince Rainier was advising us, particularly the British, French, USA and South African Intelligence Services, on many issues specially the big finance/Economic issues, connections, Russian and East Europe of that SIROP program - where President F Mitterrand would not budge or refuse to assist or help - there are/exist ways and means to verify and check these out. The important Irish connections of Princess Grace of Monaco. Most important then Seychelles P2 Lodge Masonic connections. 

Last night we addressed the very unique and important role Sir George Souyave played in that SIROP program to the International community, from a Justice/Judicial discipline/component in that SIROP program. The UN/UNHCR, the IMF/World Bank, the USA, the then  EU, Commonwealth, the Francophone, the OAU, the None Aligned, the Arab Leagues, the Vatican, the Royal workings of Europe, the International Courts, beside Britain and France - the then USSR, then COMECON entity, then NATO, then Warsaw Pact. The International Socialist and Communist workings, those from the Club of Rome, those form the Pan European Union, sister Institutions . In many Instance the very controversial issues/topics that was/were addressed/referred to him those who knew, were informed and remembers. Those who disagreed - the degree and extent we should be allowed freedom within that SIROP program and later its implementation to become involved in greater Justice/Legal complexities even if Sechelles Seychelles was a tiny Nation in the Indian Ocean - they judge,  they had the Power/options to veto a given sets of topics and issue we were workings on/associated or related - beyond our boundaries, grasps and capacities. . The many times he used his past colonial experiences and knowledge to explain/share and dialogue with those parties. In the end he had to pay with his life, they killed him - the so call ill. In Sechelles, Mauritius, Reunion, London, Paris, Australia, the USA, Canada, some of our European connections the Irish, Vatican. The Judges, Chief Justice International workings, the British and French, Australian Bar Association/Fraternity likewise. He had been killed for defending some of the complex/complicated aspects of that SIROP program  and indeed President FA Rene ought to know better what really took place. Much more important the Legal Fraternity in later Seychelles after 1991 who got to know what had taken place - his untimely death. All those getting cold feet so to say/scared/intimidated., thoughtful. Sir Geroge Souyave is not the only person to have lost his life this way involved in that historic Program - had there been a UN/EU/AU Review of that SIROP Program - these burning events, development, impacts and tragedy, incidents will would have had to be addressed, reviewed and recorded. Hence our reluctance to for a very long time publish/share with the greater public/media and world institutions the greater/ very complex and complicated contents of that historic program. Those High Parties involved their respective International and National Institutions and vested Interests.

Justice Mathilda Twomey, née Butler Payette is appointed as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Sechelles Seychelles.